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1937 Diary
(Source: S.B. Pryor)

Las Tres Lagunas & El Rincón
Age: 77/78

This is Alfred's last diary, in which he recorded his daily activities up until the day he died.  The events, except for trips, take place at his main residence, estancia “Las Tres Lagunas” (Las Rosas, SFé), or his summer home “El Rincón” (Cruz Grande, Cba.).  He maintained a separate diary of trips he made to his northern estancia, “Campo Winter” (Gral. J. de San Martín, Chaco).

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To assist you with Spanglish terms and names local to the different regions, please open and have at hand (in a separate tab / window) the Reference Pages.

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Quarter 1   January - March, 1937
PDF file (4.4 mb)
Quarter 2   April - June, 1937
PDF file (3.6 mb)
Quarter 3   July - September, 1937
PDF file (3.9 mb)

Transcription notes:  We have transribed Alfred’s diary as written, verbatim, without correcting spelling or grammar.  However, his handwriting suffered as he grew older and some words are hard to decipher.  We gave him the benefit of the doubt when words are obvious (e.g. ending in a vs. o).  For words that are unrecognizable, we have inserted our best guess followed by [?].  Our comments are within [square brackets and italics] or in side-notes.  The quarter & month title bars are ours.  (Transcribed by: Would you like to volunteer?)

1937 - Q1   January — March

January, 1937


February, 1937


March, 1937


1937 - Q2   April — June

April, 1937


May, 1937


June, 1937


1937 - Q3   July — September

July, 1937


August, 1937


September, 1937


1937 - Q4   October — December

October, 1937


November, 1937


December, 1937


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