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Photograph Album

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Page 20

Missing image.

TL: "Tiny McGuire"   TR: "Dick Clowes"
BL: ??   BC: "Johnnie"   BR: ??

Page 21

Missing image.

TL: "Ormonde Boy"   TR: "Mogotes"
ML: "Charbonier"   MR: "San Cristobal"
MC: "Mother"
1920 – Marjorie Bz with Rodney & Marjory Sympson
BL: "Nora Frend" (married Lewis Lacey)
BC: "Vultures at Cruz Grande"   BR: ??

Page 22

Missing image.

Polo teams at Los Algarrobos
(presumed per landscape)

Page 23

Missing image.

1918 & 1919
TL: "Bloods"   TC: shield   TR: House "Nº 9"
"Sapiens qui Prospicit"
MC: "Wilson"
BL: "Watching House Match"
BR: "Engineering Shop" - Alfred & John?

Page 24

Missing image.

TL-L: Jo & Josie   TL-R: Howard & Josie Webster
TC & TR: Jo & Josie
BL: Elsie with: Marjory, Poro, & Rod Sympson
BR: Marjorie Bz & grandchildren:
Marjory, Poro, Josie, & Rod


Page 25

Missing image.

TC: "Elsie"
Alfred, Elsie, & John
Women's Legion Motor Drivers, R.A.S.C.
ML: "Jo"   MC: "Leewin McIntosh"
Leeuwin Macdonald Macintosh, 1888-1932, was a 1st cousin.
BR: Jo & ambulance

Page 26

Missing image.

Cricket in Argentina

Page 27

Missing image.

"The Hermitage”

Page 28

Missing image.

Polo in Argentina

Page 29

Missing image.

TL: "The Hermitage"   TR: "Stonehenge"
MC: "Southampton"
??, Alfred, John, ??
BL: John, Mother?, Alfred   BR: John & Alfred

Page 30

Missing image.

TC: Alfred
BC: ??, John, ??, Tommy Sympson?, ??

Page 31

Missing image.

TC: "Leaving Southampton for B.A. 1920"
"HMS Almanzora en route Brazil..."
BL: "Lyme Regis"   BR: "Isle of Wight"

Page 32

Missing image.

Polo at Los Algarrobos or Venado Tuerto?
No helmet, hot day?

Page 33

Missing image.

"June 16th 1922"
(NOTE: 1922 is likely a mistake. Pages 39 & 47 date trip as 1921.)
TL: "La Quiaca"   TR: "Villazon"
Jujuy, Argentina
BL: "Nazareno"   BR: "Rio Tupiza"

Page 34

Missing image.

TC: Polo at Los Algarrobos or Venado Tuerto?
BC: ??

Page 35

Missing image.


Page 36

Missing image.

TC & MC: Alfred

Page 37

Missing image.

TL: "Tupiza"   TR: "Hotel “Nuevo Europa” Tupiza."
BC: "Atocha.
(11.888 ft)"

southern Bolivia

Page 38

Missing image.


Page 39

Missing image.

"July 19. 1921"
TL: "Llamas"   TR: "Quichua Indians"
southern Bolivia

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