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Photograph Album

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Page 40

Missing image.

Page 41

Missing image.

TC: "Arica"

BC: "Lima Cathedral"

Page 42

Missing image.

TC: Alfred   BC: Alfred
Per terrain, at Los Algarrobos

Page 43

Missing image.

"Panama Canal C.Z." (Canal Zone, 1921)
TL: "Balboa."   TR: "Tivoli Hotel, Ancon"
BL: "Miraflores Locks"   BR: "Culebra Cutting"

Page 44

Missing image.

TC: Polo field
MC: Polo-pony (stallion?)
BC: Spectators lined up in their cars
Per terrain, at Los Algarrobos

Page 45

Missing image.

TL: "Gatun Locks"   TR: "Gatun Lake"
BL: "Washington Hotel" BR: "Hotel swimming bath"

Page 46

Missing image.

TC: Team at Los Algarrobos (Alfred at left)
BL: ??
BR: Lewsi Lacey meeting dignataries, Palomar, Bs.As.

Page 47

Missing image.

"1921, Grand Canyon, Arizona"
TL: Alfred

Page 48

Missing image.

Polo -ponies (Where? Who?)

Page 49

Missing image.

"Grand Canyon"

Page 50

Missing image.

TC: Spectators (at Los Algarrobos?)
BL & BR: Polo in the hills (Córdoba?)

Page 51

Missing image.

"Hopi Indians at Grand Canyon"

Page 52

Missing image.

L: "Chief Jo"   R: "Alligator Farm - Los Angeles"

Page 53

Missing image.

TL: "Hopi Indians"   TR: "Hopi House"
BL: "Hermit’s Rest." Alfred & Marjorie
BR: "Guide"

Page 54

Missing image.

TR: Elsie with Rod, Marjory, & Poro Sympson
Likely at Villa Josefina per flowers & stones
ML: Howard Webster (Likely at La Gloria)
BR: Josie Webster (Likely at Villa Josefina)

Page 55

Missing image.

TL: "Forest near Flagstaff"   TR: "Rio Colorado"
BL: "Mojave Desert"   BR: "Death Valley"

Page 56

Missing image.

MC: Jo, Josie, & Howard Webster
(Likely at La Gloria, 1924 or 1925)

BC: Josie Webster

Page 57

Missing image.

TL: "Moose River"   TR: "Moose River"
BL: "Breakdown near Casadero"   BR: "Plantation"

Page 58

Missing image.

TC: Alfred, ??, ??, Marjorie, ??, ??, ?? (Where?)
BL &: BR: Alfred

Page 59

Missing image.

"Timber Cove"
TL: Kolmer home & farm
TR: Coast south of Fort Ross
BL: Kolmer farm?   BR: Dairy cows

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