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Missing John.

John E. Benitz
(Source: J.Lockwood)

Missing John.

John E. Benitz
(Source: J.Lockwood)

John E. Benitz
Photos & Albums

John E. Benitz enjoyed photography; he had his own camera and dark room, and took a great many pictures filling several albums.  Being the photographer he was seldom the subject, consequently there are few photos of him.

We copied his photo albums, which were very kindly made available to us in 2011 by John C. Benitz (John E's grandson).  We are now editing the photos and putting them on the web.  Please enjoy.  We have assigned a reference number to each photo.  PLEASE send us any information correcting or adding to what we have about any of them!

Collections & Albums

Photo Albums:  Almost all the photos in the eight albums were taken and developed by John.  The photos show their age – most have faded, many are now a dark reddish-brown, some have large yellowed patches.  We restored them by removing the more distracting stains, spots, and scratches, and by increasing their density, detail, & contrast.  With a few exceptions, we set their tone to a uniform dark brown & white – chosen for esthetic reasons as we don't know their original tones; they were likely developed in sets, each set a slightly different shade of brown or black.

ĄThank you!

We owe a special thank you to John & Ann Benitz for not only allowing us to copy his grandfather’s photograph albums but to help us as well.  It took us several days during which they housed and fed us — great breakfasts!  Many thanks!

Today John’s camera is in the care of his great-grandson, John P. Benitz, who very kindly provided us these photos of it.  We believe this may be John’s second or third camera – his earliest photos were taken during or before 1902 and the manufacturer of this camera, “W. Watson & Co. Ltd.”, did not become an “Ltd.” (Limited) company until 1908.

Missing camera.   Missing maker.

John’s Camera
in its case

Other Photos

Various loose photos to do with John E. Benitz and his family.

No pic.

John & Marjorie
with Elsie, Jo, & Marjory

Ea. “La California”, ca.1900
(Source: F. Malcolm Benitz
he thought it was William & Clara

No pic.

Gathering the Wheat Harvest
“La California” or “Los Algarrobos”
(see above Album 2, pages 33-38)
(Source: John C. Benitz)


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