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After William sold Fort Ross....

Photos - 1870 & later

  Missing image of hotel.

Fort Ross Hotel, ca. 1880
The Benitz family home 1846 - 1867, unchanged except for the added hotel sign and picket fence (see JKBz’s photos).
It was operated as a hotel 1878 - 1906, mostly by “Uncle Billy” Morgan (see JKBz’s letters).
The original house built by the Russians was single story.  William added the porch and the 2-story sections at back.  Today it has been restored to its original design and is known as the “Rotchev House”.
(Source: Silvia Ucko)

  Missing image of hotel.

Fort Ross - Home & Hotel, ca. 1875
On the left is the back of the Benitz family home.  At the time of this photo it was the Call family home, it later became the Fort Ross Hotel in 1878.  The Officers Quarters, on the right, appear freshly painted.
(The photo is from a colored version.)
(Source: Lynn Rudy)


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