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Willie, ca.1920
(Source: Stuart B. Pryor)

William Agar Benitz
1888 - 1956

On strike!

Event Timeline

Year Age Event
1888 0 March 18, born, Argentina
1897-99 11-12 Attended school in Winona, Minnesota.
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1901-04 13-16 Attended boarding school at Merchiston Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland.
1907-10 19-22 Studied agriculture at the University of Illinois, where he joined the fraternity Phi Delta Theta. Did not graduate on account of his father’s death.
1910 22 After his fatther’s death he assumed management of estancia “La California”, Las Rosas, Santa Fé.
1912 24 Sept. 4, married Flora King, of estancia “Ńanderoga”, Madariaga, Buenos Aires (prov.)
1913 25 Oct. 27, daughter Corina born.
1915 27 Nov. 13, son Stuart was born (William Stuart Benitz).
1917 29 April 26, son Malcolm born (Frank Malcolm Bz).
1917 29 Sept. 2, Flora died of influenza at "La California".
1919 31 June 26, Stuart died of influenza at "La California".
1919 31 Member of the "Las Rosas" team that won the "Campeonato Argentino Abierto de Polo" (Argentine Open), with David B. Miles, John B. Miles, & Charles N. Land.
1920? 32 His domineering style caused his sisters to sell their shares of "La California".  Uncle Alfred helped buy much of what they were selling in exchange for shares in La California S.A. (i.e. Corp.)
1921 33 Aug. 6, married Eileen Maud Frend, her father was a medical doctor in Rosario, Santa Fé.
1 1 Xxxx, daughter Mxxxx was born.
1925 37 Travelled to England. Put Malcolm in school: Misses Bradnacks, Canford Cliffs, near Poole, Dorset.
1926 38 June 9, son Charles was born.
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1935? 47 Travelled to US, visited friends & relatives in Illinois, Minnesota, Texas, & California. Put Malcolm in at the University of Illinois.
1937 49 Uncle Alfred died leaving his shares in La California S.A. to Willie.
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1953? 66 Travelled to England with Eileen.  Bought a flat in London (Collingham Gardens) for Eileen; she remained in England.
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1956 69 Sept. 20, died at clinic (sanatorio) in Las Rosas, Santa Fé; buried at estancia “La California”.

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