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Josephine Benitz- Portrait

John Schreiber & Josephine Benitz
(1842-1932)     (1852-1919)

Born 10 September, 1852. Josephine grew up at Fort Ross and Oakland; she was 15 when the family moved to Oakland, 22 upon arrival in Argentina, 23 when her father died.  Apparently at odds with her mother, she found happiness at 26 when she wed Johannes (John) Schreiber on 12 November, 1878, of Rosario, originally from Hamburg, Germany.  (Known as John within the Benitz family, he signed himself Johannes.)  They had 6 children.  John became a prosperous lithographer and for a time worked for the Argentine mint (in Buenos Aires).  Like her siblings, they established a summer home, “Los Nogales”, in Cruz Grande, Córdoba.  Josephine died on 13 November, 1919, at the age of 67, John lived on until he was 90 years old, dying on 26 September, 1932.


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