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Alexander Benitz
1813 - 1865

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Alexander Benitz
This portrait hangs in the Colonia Tovar museum in Endingen

Son of Johannes Beniz (master dyer) and Maria Barbara Herb, Alexander Benitz was born 19 November, 1813, in Endingen, Baden, Germany. He trained (apprenticed?) in Freiburg as a surveyor and cartographer.

In 1843-1844, Alexander, with Colonel Agustín Codazzi of Venezuela, recruited and led nearly 400 German emigrants from Endingen and the surrounding villages to establish the “Colonia Tovar” in Venezuela.  Located about 50 km. west of Caracas, it still exists today.  The colony had a rocky start under the leadership of Codazzi.  In 1846 Alexander became its second mayor and though his appointment was controversial he was critical to the colony’s success.   He held that post until he died on 15 November, 1865.

In 1859 Alexander met Josepha Hildebrandt in Endingen, and brought her back to Tovar where they were married.  They had two sons, Alexander Benitz (1862) and Carlos Federico Benitz (1864).  Their second son may have died young as he does not appear in the census of 1870.  We have no further information on their children.

Alexander’s Vital Records:

Missing portrait.

Alexander Beniz
Church baptism records, 1813 - St. Peter Church, Endingen, Baden, Germany
(Source: James Bell, from Mormon BMD records)

On November 19 in the morning at a quarter to eleven o'clock a boy was born at this location.  He was baptised in the St. Peter church the same day in the afternoon at three o'clock.  He was named Alexander Beniz.  Father: Johann Beniz master dyer of colored goods.  Mother: Maria Barbara Herb.  Sponsors: Johann Georg Zingler, soapboiler,  and Theresia Herb, unmarried.  Witness: Michael Löftler (master coppersmith).  The baptism was performed by ----------

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