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Alfred D. Benitz
Albums, Photos, News Clippings

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We owe a special thank you to David & Jean Benitz for lending and entrusting us with these 3 albums so that we could copy the photos and newspaper cuttings.   Many thanks!

Various other Photos, Letters, Notes

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“I reckon this bloke must ‘ave caught
‘is face against some of them forts
at Verdun!”

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Card from sister Jo Benitz
30 Oct 1918

(Found loose in Photo Album 1918-1925.
Source: D.J. Benitz

(Stamp) Swinden Station 30 OCT 18

A. Benitz
6 Bullingham Mansions
Pitt Street
Kensington. W.8.


Swinden. Mondy

Dear Alfred.  I thought you would like this
postcard. Tell the Plunk that they won’t let
me go back to London as there are so many
girls away on leave and I have to go to
Netheravon Cavalry school and drive a
Crossley car there, until my car is ready.
Tell her also to send my blouses to Swindon.
348 Coy. MT.ASC. No 2 Wood Street.  Also
The eider down and mackintosh to Lidworth
to Lidworth with Not to be forwarded on it.
They will send xxx xxxx to me from here to

(Top margin)
Hoping this will find you in the pink as it
doesnt last.

(Bottom margin)
Love to All from Jo.
I hope Johnnie is alright

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Nancy with David & Robin
(Source: M. Greaven)


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