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Flora King
with Malcolm

Buenos Aires, 1917
(Source: F.M. Benitz)

Frank Malcolm Benitz
Malky – Scrappy – Pepe
Ages: 1 – 23
Years: 1917 – 1940

This set of pages covers Malcolm’s youth, from birth until age 23 when he left Argentina to join the RCAF in Canada.  Each page contains photos, letters, documents, etc. relevant to his age:

Infant — ages: 0-2, years: 1917-1918
Photos of him as an infant are included with his parents’ photos.
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Child — ages: 3-7, years: 1919-1924
Photos of him at La California and Greystone.
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School — ages: 8-17, years: 1924-1934
Photos, letters, & diaries when at school in England: Amesbury Prep School (Surrey) and Stowe (Buckinghamshire).  Also, his first photos of horses - his passion.
University ages: 18-21, years: 1935-1938
Photos, etc. & newspaper clippings when in the USA attending the University of Illinois, where he was known as Frank or as Scrappy by his fraternity brothers.
Pre-WW2 — ages: 21-23, years: 1938-1940
Photos, etc. of travels, & other activities (polo) before he went off to war.

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