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William Benitz
ca.1855, age abt.40

(Source: John C. Benitz)

William Benitz
Real Estate & Mining Investments
California 1845 - 1874
(ages: 30 - 59)

When we researched William’s purchase of Fort Ross & Rancho de Muniz we discovered he had other properties, and that while living in Oakland he traded extensively in real estate.  To date, we have only researched his real estate transactions in Sonoma and Alameda counties.  We know from his letters and court testimony that he had invested in mining companies in California, and probably Nevada.  Except for one short early venture, he was himself never a gold-miner.


Sonoma County Real Estate (1845-1867)
Though William's primary purpose was owning and operating Fort Ross/Rancho de Muniz, to reach that goal he traded real estate (ranches), and when he eventually sold Fort Ross/Rancho de Muniz he did so profitably.
Alameda County Real Estate (1867-1874)
While in Oakland, William was listed as a capitalist; he invested in mines, but he also traded real estate.  In terms of real estate alone, he doubled his capital in 7 years.
Mining Investments (1845-1874)
Wilhelm was a prospector & miner for only a few weeks in 1848 or 1849.  However, he did sell the mining rights to parts of Rancho de Muniz and did invest profitably in mining companies. while at Fort Ross and later in Oakland.

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