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People & Place Names
— Sierras de Córdoba —
La Cumbre, Cruz Grande, Los Cocos

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The people and place names mentioned in various diaries, letters, and other records that refer to the summer homes of the Benitz family during the period 1900-1950.

We will be adding names to the list and maps as we progress with the transcription of the diaries.  Any suggestions and corrections are welcome.

Gone to Paraguay.


No map.

“The Hills”
La Cumbre,
Cruz Grande, Los Cocos

(Source: Google by P. Benitz)

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Cruz Grande Valley
(Source: Google by P. Benitz)



Conventions used:

People are listed by their surnames then their first-name (if both known), followed by their titles (Cacique, Capt., Comandante, Don, , Mr., Sr.).  People may be listed twice for the diary entries don't always provide full names, in particular of those people the writers are familiar with, especially the workmen.  Therefore, when searching for a person, search separately for both the person's first-name and surname.

Places are listed by their proper name, followed by any preposition (El, La, Los) or feature qualifier (Arroyo, Cañada, Colonia, Estero, Fuerte, Isleta, Laguna, Mar, Paso, Rio).

Ñ - we treat as an accented N, not as a separate letter (as it is in the Spanish alphabet). The tilde was often omitted by English writers, as were most accent marks on vowels.

(1918 Jan.) - Many entries are followed by one or more dates in brackets.  The dates indicate the first month in which a name is found in the diary for the year shown.

— Abbreviations —

Alfred – Alfred A. Bz. – 2nd gen.

Arg. – Argentina

BA / B.A. / Bs.As. – Buenos Aires

Bz - Benitz

Cba. – Córdoba (province)

Herman – Herman Bz – 2nd gen.

Johnnie – John E. Bz. – 2nd gen.

Josephine – Josephine Bz-Schrieber – 2nd gen.

LaCal. – Estancia “La California”

Mother - Josephine Kolmer-Bz - 1st gen.

SFé – Santa Fé (province)

TL – Estancia “Las Tres Lagunas”

W&J – William & Josephine Bz – 1st gen.

WBz – Wilhelm Bz – 1st gen.

Willie – William O. Bz. – 2nd gen.

For more about the Benitz 2nd generation, see this family page.

A - M

Alfred / Alfredo / AABz / Uncle Alfred / Don Alfredo
See his bio pages: Alfred Alexander Benitz (1859-1937); 8th child of Wilhelm & Josephine Benitz.
Buenos Aires / Bs.As. / B.A. / BA
Largest city and capital of Argentina, also the name of the largest province (with capital La Plata) that surrounds B.A. the city.
Adjective: People of Buenos Aires city are: porteños - port people.  People from the province: bonaerenses.
Province in central Argentina, bordering Santa Fé province to the west, in which the Sierras Chicas (a.k.a. The Hills) and Sierras Grandes are located.  John E. Benitz's estancia Los Algarrobos is located in its south-eastern quarter, prime agricultural land.  Its capital, Córdoba city, is about 700 km. NW of Buenos Aires.
Adjective: cordobés / cordobeses
Cruz Grande
The name of an arroyo (creek), a locale on that river, and of John E. Bz’s summer home in that locale.  If not qualified, we mean John’s summer home.
(i) Arroyo: Drains from east to west from the Sierras Chicas into the “Valle de Punilla” (Punilla valley). See map above.
(ii) Locale/neighborhood: North of La Cumbre and Cruz Chica, in the valley (quebrada) of the Arroyo Cruz Grande. See map.
(iii) Summer Home: Belonging to John & Marjorie Benitz.  It was the first of the Benitz summer homes built in the Cruz Grande valley, (before 1904?).  It proved fatally unsafe on March 20, 1916, when a major flash flood (creciente) broke through the retaining wall, taking the lives of John & daughter Marjory-Daw.  Sold in: 19xx, it later became part of St. Paul’s School.  See map above, and JEBz's photo albums.
William & Clara Benitz’s summer home in Los Cocos, about 3 km. north of Cruz Grande.  Purchased by Clara in 1903, it was sold by her children in 1944.
Hills, The
Term applied to the summer resort (& retirement) area in the Sierras Chicas favored by the Anglo-Argentine community.  The Sierras Grandes, though also favored, was not considered part of The Hills. The two parallel mountain ranges are in the north-west quarter of Córdoba province, in central Argentina.
(i) Ascochinga – north of Córdoba city, on the eastern slopes of the Sierras Chicas.
(ii) La Cumbre, Cruz Chica, Cruz Grande, & Los Cocos – on the western slopes of the Sierras Chicas, level with Ascochinga.
(iii) Mina Clavero, & Nono – on the western slopes of the southern third of the Sierras Grandes, it is drier, more remote, & more rustic than The Hills.
John / Johnnie / JB / JEBz
See his bio pages: John Edward Benitz (1861-1916); 9th child of Wilhelm Benitz & Josephine Kolmer.
John / Johnnie / JB
See his bio pages: John Benitz (1901-1975); 4th child of John E. Benitz & Marjory M. Macintosh.
Josephine (mother)
a.k.a. Josefa Kolmerer, Josefina Kolmer de Benitz, Mother
See her bio pages: Mrs. Josephine Benitz (1830-1912); wife of Wilhelm Benitz.
a.k.a. Josephine Schreiber – she married Johan Schreiber, 1878
See her bio pages: Josephine Benitz (1852-1911); 5th child of Wilhelm & Josephine Benitz.

N - Z

Nogales, Los
John & Josephine (Benitz) Schreiber’s summer home, down-river next to Cruz Grande, the land was purchased in 1907, they sold it in 19xx.
Rincon, El
Summer home belonging to Alfred & Olga Benitz, it is up-river from John’s Cruz Grande.  Alfred purchased it in 1908 and the valley watershed above it as far as the 70 foot waterfalls (to protect his water supply).  The most beautiful of all, it is still owned by their descendants.  See maps above.
Santa Fé
Argentine province in which La California, Laguna Yacaré, Las Tres Laguans, and Los Palmares are located.  Its capital, Santa Fé city, is 475 km. north of Buenos Aires on the Paraná river (or 150 km. NE of La California).  The province is named after the city which dates from colonial times.  The northern 1/3 of the province lies within the Chaco geographical region; the southern 2/3 are within the pampa humeda - the humid pampas, prime agricultural land - flat and very fertile.
Adjective: santafecino.
Sierras Chicas
Pre-cambrian mountains, highest point: Uritorco, 1,979m. / 6,394ft.(east of Capilla del Monte); in the neighborhood of La Cumbre (1,129m.) the hills are about 1,200-1,500m. high.  Very pleasant climate in summer, can be chilly in winter.  Rainier season is November-March.
Sierras Grandes
Pre-cambrian mountains, highest peak: Champaquí, 2,884m., with several others higher than 2,200m.
Suma Huasi
Jo (Benitz) Webster’s home in Nono, on the west side of the Sierras Grandes, Córdoba.
Terrones, Los
Is a small picturesque valley of red sandstone formations (see photo albums) in the Sierras Chicas a few kilometers north-east of Capilla del Monte.  John E. Benitz bought it in the 1900s.  In the 1960s a squatter would attempt to charge an entrance fee.  John’s descendants neglected to pay the provincial property taxes and title was eventually forfeited.  Today, it is a privately owned park.  [On the web, search for: Parque Los Terrones Cordoba Argentina]
Villa Josefina
It was Josephine Kolmer-Benitz’s last home, built for her by her son John across the Cruz Grande river from his summer home.  She lived there from April 25, 1909, until she died August 20, 1912 (see her diaries).  After John died, Alfred purchased it (twice) from John’s sons.  It was sold out of the family soon after Alfred died in 1937.  It later became part of St. Paul’s School.

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