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Endingen Tower

Stadttor — Village Gate

(Source: P. Benitz)

Ancient Benitz of Endingen

Records of Individuals

Vital records and other details - if any - of our ancient ancestors are included below.  Note that in old German, women's surnames were often given female endings, for example:

   Beniz - Benizin
   Kolmer - Kolmerer
   Wagner - Wagnerin

The following persons are included on this page:

Andreas Böniz, 1783

He was born and baptised Andreas Böniz on 1 December, 1783, in Endingen, the son of Thadae (Thaddäus) Boeniz and Maria Anna Freytag.  The cross beneath his name in the baptism records denotes he likely died very young.


Andreas Böniz   +
Church baptism records, 1783 - Endingen, Baden, Germany
(source: James Bell, fro m: LDS (Mormon) BMD records)

On December 1, Andreas was born and baptized.  Parents: The citizen Thadae [Thaddäus] Boeniz and Maria Ana Freytagin.  Sponsors: The businessman Josephus Sartori and the esteemed lady Maria Rosa Boenizin - both from this parish.

Franz Antonius Böniz, 1773

The son of Judas Thaddeus Beniz and Ana Maria Freytagin, he was born Franz Antonius Böniz on 13 June, 1773, in Endingen, Baden, Germany.  He became a master cooper and married Maria Ana Wagner on 18 February, 1800, in Endingen.  Many of their children emigrated to the Americas, amongst the m: Anton, Franz, Nany, Johan, & Wilhelm.  See their family tree, ancestors and children.

Baptism record

Church baptism records, 1773
Sankt Petri-sankt Martin-katholisch, Endingen, Baden, Germany

(source: Peter Benitz)

Marriage record

Church marriage records, 1800
Sankt Petri-sankt Martin-katholisch, Endingen, Baden, Germany

(source: Peter Benitz)

Franz Jocobus Beniz, 1779

The son of Thadeus Beniz and Ana Maria Freytagin, he was born Franz Jacobus Beniz on 14 July, 1779, in Endingen.   He became a master cooper and married Barbara Koch.  They had two daughters, Josepha (1812) and Appolonia (1815).

Birth record
14 July
Franz Jacobus -?- Thadeus Beniz —?—
Ana Maria Freytagin
—?— Joseph Sartori
—?— M. Rosa Benizin

Birth record book, 1779, Endingen, Baden, Germany
(source: James Bell, fro m: LDS (Mormon) BMD records)

Franz Xaver Böniz, 1781

The son of of Thadeus Boeniz and Ana Maria Freytagin, he was born and baptised Franz Xaverius Böniz on 16 September, 1781, in Endingen, Germany.

Baptism record

Church baptism records, 1781, Endingen, Baden, Germany
(source: James Bell, fro m: LDS (Mormon) BMD records)

Lorenz (Laurentius) Bonitz, 1689

The Endingen Benitz family appear to have originated with Lorenz Bonitz.  He was born 15 July, 1689, in Sankt Peter im Schwarzwald.  He moved to Endingen before his first marriage in 1720.  The following tree of his ancestors was compiled by Ilona Amrein.  She has done extensive research on Lorenz.  It is very likely that he is our common ancestor, making us her distant cousins.



  1. Church records were often written in Latin; e.g. “Laurentius” is the Latin version of “Lorenz”.
  2. St. Peter — We have shortened the name of Sankt Peter im Schwarzwald (Saint Peter in the Black Forest).  The village is about 30 km. (20 miles) east of Freiburg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.
  3. Endingen — We have shortened its name.  In 19th century letters, it was addressed as: Endingen-im-Breisgau (Grand Duchy of Baden); today its full name is: Endingen-am-Kaiserstuhl.  The village is about 40 km. (25 miles) north-west of Freiburg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

Abbreviations: b: born;  d: died;  m: married;  aka: also known as
  Dates:  Abt. About;  Aft. After;  Bef. Before;

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1) Thomas Boenitz
b: ?   d: ?
Notes: Owned a farm (Bauernhof) in Viertäler (today Titisee) - south east of St. Peter.

+ Katharina Ganter
b: ?   d: ?
m: 1616
Notes: Their home Schildwende, Gaisbauerhof, is the first known home of our Benitz ancestors - see photos below.

2) Hans Boenitz
b: ca.1626
d: 24 February 1710, St. Peter
Notes: Hans was a farmer (Bauer) in St. Peter - see photos below.

+ Agatha Hebding
b: 22 October 1656
d: 14 September 1691, St. Peter
m: ??

3) Jacob Bonitz
b: 17 May 1658, St. Peter
d: 1703, Kenzingen, Baden, Germany

+ Magdalena Hummelin (father: P. Mathias Hummel)
b: 14 February 1667 in St. Peter
d: 1706, Kensingen, Baden, Germany
m: 13 May 1685

4) Georg Bonitz
b: 20 March 168, St. Peter

4) Mathias Bonitz
b: 21 February 1687, St. Peter

4) Lorenz Bonitz F
aka: Laurentius Bonitz, - in church records written in Latin.
aka: Lorenz Boenitz, Lorenz Bönitz, Lorenz Benitz
b: 15 July 1689, St.Peter
d: 7 September 1756, Endingen

+ 3 wives & many children - see his descendants tree   F

4) Maria Bonitz
b: 1 April 1694, St. Peter
d: soon after birth

4) Marcus Bonitz
b: St. Peter
d: 1724 ?

4) Josephus Bonitz
b: St. Peter

4) Agatha Bonitz
b: St. Peter
d: 1736, Endingen ?

Missing image.

Jacob Bonitz family
Excerpt from a page of the family
book kept by the priests of St. Peter.
Notice "Ending" next to Lorrentz' name.
(Source: Ilona Amrein)

Missing image.

Lorenz (Laurentius) Benitz
1st. marriage, Endingen 1720

Gives his origin as the Monastery of St. Peter
(Source: Ilona Amrein)


Missing image.

Laurentius Bönitz (widower) &
Anna Catharina Schwobthaler
2nd. Marriage, Endingen, 1734

(Source: Ilona Amrein)

Missing image.

Schildwende Gainsbauerhof
First known home (farm)
of our Benitz-ancestors:
Thomas Boenitz & Katharina Ganter

(Photo by: Ilona Amrein)

Missing image.

“Steighof” farm house
built by Hans in 1673

St. Peter, Baden
(Photo by: Ilona Amrein)

Missing image.

“BHB” on the dark beam stand for:
Bauer (farmer) Hans Boenitz

“Steighof” farm house
St. Peter, Baden
(Photo by: Ilona Amrein)

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