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William Benitz
Argentina 1874 - 1876
(ages: 59 - 61)

Why go?

The big questions: why did William Benitz leave California and then why did he choose Argentina?  These questions have been asked many times.  They are interrelated and there is no single definitive answer:

Journey to Argentina

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The whole family went, William and Josephine and all seven of their children, including the eldest, Frank, who had already left home.  In New York they were joined by William’s younger brother Frank Xavier Benitz (Uncle Frank) and their sister “Nany” and her husband Urban Mahrer.  (The Mahrers stayed just two months in Argentina, returning to the US from Rosario on December 12, 1874.)

The journey from Oakland to Buenos Aires took 72 days, requiring passage on 4 ocean-going vessels to travel 14,695 miles.  They departed Oakland, California, on July 29, 1874, and arrived in Buenons Aires on October 8, 1874. The following day they travelled up the Rio Paraná to Rosario, Santa Fé.

The journey entailed the following legs:

1. Oakland to Panama July  29 - Aug. 14 SS Arizona - train across the isthmus
2. Panama to New York Aug. 15 - 28 SS Acapulco - Busch’s Hotel, Hoboken
3. New York to Southampton Aug. 29 - Sep. 8 SS Wesser
4. Southampton to Buenos Aires Sep. 9 - Oct. 8 SS Boyne
5. Buenos Aires & Rosario Oct.  9 - Dec. 25 river ferry - hotels & a rented home

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