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Willie & Flora
Photos 1911-1920


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Ea. 'La California', c. Nov. 1914
Standing (l-r): Uncle Alfred Bz, Hattie Bz (m. Al Watt), Willie A. Bz, Ruth King (m. George Lloyd), Al Watt, Chico Herriott (friend), Major George Lloyd
Sitting (l-r): Bernice Bz (m. Jim Bell) with Corina Bz on lap, Flora King (m. Willie Bz), Alpin Watt, Clarita Bz (m. Jack Bell),
Isabel King (Auntie Dolly, m. Oliver Thomas - k.i.a. WW-I), Frank A. Bz (k.i.a. RFC, WW-I)
Ground: Percy Watt

(Source: Alfred's Album, names: S.B. Pryor)


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Bernice Bz holding Corina
Greystone, 1914
(Source: Stuart B. Pryor)


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Flora and Stuart, 1916
(William Stuart Bz, 1915-1919)
(Source: Stuart B. Pryor)


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Flora with Stuart, 1917
(William Stuart Bz, 1915-1919)
(Source: Stuart B. Pryor)


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Flora with Stuart or Malcolm
Buenos Aires, 1915 or 1917
(Source: F.M. Benitz)


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Flora King, 1912(?)
(Source: Stuart B. Pryor)


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Willie & Family in Mourning
Flora died 2 Sept. 1917

La California, 1917
l-r: Carlota King(?), Ruth King(?),
Old Lady, Stanley Jeans, Katie Bz-Jeans,
Clara Allyn-Bz, Willie Bz, Isabel “Dolly” King
children: Corina (chair), Stuart (floor),
Malcolm (lap)

(Source: Stuart B. Pryor)


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Willie, sisters, & friends
La California, c.1920
Standing: Hattie, m?, Katie, f?, f?, m?
Sitting: f?, f?, Willie, f?, f?
Ground: Alpin and Percy Watt
(Source: Stuart B. Pryor)


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Benitz & Watt Children
La California, ca.1919-1920
l-r: Percy W, Corina B, May W,
Malcolm B, John W, Alpin W

(Source: Stuart B. Pryor)


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“Las Rosas” - 1919 Winners
Campeonato Argentino Abierto de Polo
(Argentine or Palermo Open)

l-r: David B. Miles (7), John B. Miles (6),
Charles N. Land (6), William A. Bz.(5)

(Source: P. Benitz)

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