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Tommy & Elsie – Photos

The photos have been very kindly provided to us by various members of the Benitz and Sympson families.  We do not know who took most of the photos.

There are many photos of Elsie as a child, most of them taken by her father, John E. Benitz (see his early photo albums).  The earliest photos of her were taken at estancia "La California" (see the photos of "La California" taken in the 1890s).


Missing image.

Elsie & Tommy
Marjory & Rodney

"El Venado" – ca. July, 1920
(Source: D. Benitz)


Missing image.

Elsie & Children
"El Venado" – ca. January, 1928
(Source: M. Greaven)


Missing image.

Rodney, Marjory, Poro,
Rosemary, Nancy, Mickey, Peter

Bell Ville, Córdoba – 1934
(Source: M. Greaven)


Missing image.

Mickey, Peter, Nancy, Rosemary,
Poro, Marjory, Rodney

"El Venado" – 1936
(Source: M. Greaven)

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