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1920s 3 Trips Diary

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1925 May-July Pages

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1925 Expenses

Trip to Europe with OB.

May 9 — September 25
(years of age: Alfred 66, Olga 50)

Trip segments:

Transcription notes: Transcribed verbatim without intentional corrections to grammar or spelling; however, we inserted month titles for clarity.  Alfred's handwriting is quite legible, and his spelling of English place names if not accurate is close enough.  However, he wrote in pencil which has faded.  He kept a detailed list of his expenses — which we did not transcribe but you can view by clicking the image to the right, e.g. the entire trip cost £822 3s 11d, the car purchase was an additional £625 8s 6d, and they motored 4,314 miles, consuming 224 gallons of petrol.  (Transcribed by: Renι Benitz)

People & Place names: At the foot of this page, we have included a list of the many people and places mentioned in this diary; with comments.

May 1925

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May  1925

–  9  –

We left Las Rosas 2.50 PM for BAires arriving Rosario 5.30 & leaving again 6 PM with express for BA.  Willie, Doherty, & Roberts were on train to Rosario & we played bridge.  Leave the 3 Lagunas in charge of Flury, & Campbell Orr as bookkeeper.  Gave Croker at the Rosario station all the cheque books & dep.  books for Boardman & Leburn who have my power of attorney, and instructions re payments & receipts.– Arrived in B Aires 10.30 P.M.  & went to Grand Hotel.  Had hot punch going to bed, as both have colds.  – Fine day.  Lots of grass at Las 3 Lagunas & no worry for want of it until our retrun.– Was met at Rosario station by Mr & Mrs Harnden, Middleton & Croker.  – Got our temporary passports from Harnden.

—   10   —    Sunday.–

Grand Hotel.  Cold windy day.  Not much doing.  Went to Natural History Museum which of course was closed today, & took a walk as far as Congress Hall.– Had 3 rubbers Bridge with the Pinwalds tonight coming out even.–

May  11    Monday.

Fine day.– Grand Hotel.– Bought cap shoes & rubber bag [?] at Smarts.  Went to Grimaldi's to thank for his offer of Meteorological instruments for Golf Club.  saw fine picture of club house.

Got our passports vised by British Consul.  Got our tickets from Royal Mail ("Andes") State Room 511-512.  $2180.  altogether for us both.  Saw Higham afterwards bought 10 gold pounds @ 13.35 and £20 paper @ 13.20.  Also at Brazil Bank they gave £100 @ 13.00 paper.–

Callers today were Dina Runnacles, Mr & Mrs Higham, Mrs Land, and also Afra Peard & Katie Jeans who we did not see.  Paid sub to Rural Society to Dec 31/25.–


S.S.  "Andes".  Cold raw day over cast.

Went in forenoon to Palermo to Rural Society show.  Granja (Milch Cows, chickens & etc quite interesting.  Dina Runnacles had lunch with us.  Left after 1 PM for steamer which left promptly at 3 PM.  Great many people on board to see passengers off.  Ucko, Emma, Clarita, Mrs Peard, Afra, Bergdolt, Halahar to say Goodbys.

Got a seat at table with 6 other passengers.


"SS "Andes"

Had arrived at Monte Video & left again at 9 AM.  No time to go on shore.  Very rough rainy weather.  Few passengers at noon had gone about 30 odd miles.–

OB ill, no supper for her.


SS Andes – Thursday – 32° 37΄ S   50° 49΄ W  293 miles 

to Santo 560 miles

Very rough rainy day.  N W wind.  expect raining in 3 Lag.– Had sweepstaks.  3/ bet on no 8.— Had bridge at night with Krabbe & Hughes.  lost 15/

—   15   —

S.S.  Andes Friday 27-3 S  47-43 W  365 miles 

to Santos   200  " [miles]

Sweepstaks bet on No 8 lost 3/.  Very stormy weather with rain.

—   16   —

S.S.  Andes.  arrived at Santos in morning early and left again at 3.30 P.M.  Went on shore and hired an auto and after changing 3 £ for 132 m/n went for a drive along shore.  Santos has improved a lot since 5 years.  Took train at 10.20 for Alta del Mar but found we could not return in time if we went there got off at Passageira.  had an hour & a half there so went through a banana plantation and ferried.  Met Chas Doherty at station.  he is on "Vestries" on way to New York.  She left just before we did.  Had lunch (rather poor) at Bodega.  Spent in day 78.200 r.  Very heavy swell on shore (Playa).

—   17   —   Sunday.

S.S.  Andes.  Rained a bit in morning, but afterwards cloudy but quiet cool for Rio.– Went on shore and hired an auto at 10/ per hour & had it 3½ hours.  Went for a drive through Rio & all along shore, as far as an a church (Santa Catalina?) and then through market where we bought some fruit, and then to Palace Hotel where we had a cocktail & then back to steamer at 12.30.  Had bridge at night 3 ladies.  came out even.–

a passenger (Hughes) evidently missed the steamer.  Left Rio again at 1 P.M.  More rain.  Rio has much improved and is a magnificent city.  Bought box cigars, Spent  £1- 4/7 }

53.800 R } & £2.  for auto.–

Missing image.

RMLS Andes
Built: 1913 (Belfast), 15,620 tons
Renamed: 1939 Atlantis,
scrapped: 1952
WW-I: armed merchant cruiser
WW-II: hospital ship


SS Andes.  Monday.– 19-8 S.  39-11 W  352 miles

to Bahia 391   " [miles]

Muggy, cloudy day with gusts of rain.

Played quoits a good deal today.  plenty of exercise.  Lots of passengers on board & its quite lively.–

—   19   —

S.S.  "Andes"  tuesday.  Lat 13.-25 S  38-38 W

362 miles –  29 to Bahia.

Rainy squally day & arrived out side Bahia at about 2 P.M.  & left again at 5 P.M.  As it was raining most of time no one went on shore as it was some distance away.  Boats along side selling fruit & etc.  Bought 50 cigars Suerdiecks for 12 shillings.  Played bridge afterwards.

—   20   —

SS Andes Wednesday.  Lat 10.8 S  35-37 W.  29–260 miles.  to Lisabon 3300 miles.—

Meeting held for sports.  Quoits & Bridge.– Barbered.  Fine day, not too hot.—


SS.  Andes.  Thursday.  Lat 4-37 S Long 33.17 W.

360 miles.  to Lisbon 2940—

Rainy day.  Played quoits.– at night there were races.  6 horses.  thrown with dice.  made 6 pence.

—   22   —

S.S.  Andes.  Friday.  Lat 0-58 N Long 31.40 W.

349 miles today.  1034 to San Antonio.

Began tournament.  I went in for Quoits mixed & doubles, and shuffle board.  Won the first rounds.  Also name down for Bridge tournament.  Wet & steamy day.–

—   23   —

S.S.  "Andes" Saturday Lat 6-33 N.  Long 29-16 W

365 miles 669 to S Antonio.

Fine day, cool.  good day for tournament.  Lost at Shuffle Board, still in Quoits.– Lost at Bridge through points, Bridge at night Gral Lubbock & wife

—   24   —

S.S.  "Andes".  Sunday, Empire Day.  Lat 11.-50 N 27-12 W.  run 340 miles, 1886 to Lisbon

Head wind – saw first porpoise, a shoal.  celebrating the day.  Service, & other wise gay.  Lost at Quoits mens four to Woods &.

—   25   —

S.S.  "Andes" Monday.  25 de Mayo.

Lat 17-2 N  24-59 W   336 miles run

to Palma 800 miles.  – Fine sunny day.

Passed between St Vincent & San Antonio at noon.  Played quoits.  am in semi final with Miss [blank].  In afternoon sparring over tank.  Night time fancy dress ball.  Very lively.  Had champagne.  Bridge with Mr & Mrs Krabbe.  made 10/

—   26   —

S.S.  Andes.  Tuesday.  Lat 21.-50 N  Long 22-6 S

run 331 mile– 469 to Palma.  Fine day, bracing.  Won finals in mixed couple quoits with Miss Willemen as partner against Gardiol & Miss Oliver Very hard fought game.  Bridge at night Miss McCulloch & Mrs Roberts.  won 5/.— Childrens sports.–


S.S.  Andes, Wednesday.  Lat 26-45 N  19-34 W

run 334 miles – 885 to Lisbon.  In evening saw the light house of Teneriffe.  – Weather getting cooler Derby was won by Manna.  Sweepstakes Derby won by [blank].  Good deal of Quoits played today; Recd a card calling for 30 Shillings as prize for Mixed couple Quoits & OB invested in powder box & pocket knife.–

—   28   —

S.S.  "Andes" Thursday.  Lat 31-33 N  Long 15-51 W.–

run 339 miles.  to Lisbon 546 miles.  Good day.–

Quoits good deal today.  lost mens single 2/ competition to Gardiol.  Bridge at night, won 4/ from Krabbe.

—   29   —

S.S.  "Andes".  Friday.  Lat 36-10 N  Long 11-51 W

run 342 miles.  To Lisbon 204 miles.–

Good day.  Quoits– Bridge at night with Krabbe nothing won.  Prizes were given today.  I had received an order for 30/ & bought powder case & pocket knife for Olga.  I had to sit with other vice Presidents & old Mrs Williamson gave the prizes.  Very enthusiastic evening.  Speeches & songs.–

—   30   —

S.S.  "Andes" Saturday.  Arrived at Lisbon about 7 AM & left again at 4 PM.  Went on shore in launch 2/ each.  Walked up to market which was quite interesting lots of flowers & vegetables.  Meat not so good.  Afterwards got an auto & went to see the sights.  Bull ring La Republica, Campo Gde, Panaramo, Church where Kings are buried.  lunch at Livre de Oro.  Not very good.  Warm weather on shore which also looks dry.– Bridge at night with Krabbes.  made 10/.—

—   31   —

SS.  Andes – Sunday.- 42-15 Lat N.  Long 8-53 W

run 240+8 miles– 595 to Cherbourg.-

Arrived about 9.30 at Vigo where lot of silk shawls were brought on board for sale, & pottery in the boats.– Lovely day.  could not be better lost 1/ to Krabbe at Bridge.– Played Quoits.  People seem very animated with idea of leaving.–

June 1925

—   June  1   —

S.S.  "Andes" Monday, Lat 47-13 N Long 6-18 W  run 343 miles  259 to Cherbourg.  Had bet on No 8 whole voyage on Sweepstak run yesterday it came up but I had not put on, so today bet on 3 & 7  3/– seven three came up & won 27/– Lots of ships passing.  Passed Ushant in evening.  Lots of good quoits today.  Bridge at night with Gral Lubbock & wife.  Fine calm day for bay of Biscay.

—   2   —

Arrived at Cherbourg at about 6.30 A.M.  & lots of passengers got off on tender.  left again about 10 & arrived Southampton about 2.30.  got through Customs easily, had tea on docks & arrived London about 6 P.M.  Were met there by Isabel Reid & Chas Horner who had written about a car.  Made appointment Friday 10.30.  Went to Langham where they gave us small room 534 on 5th floor.– Had dinner & went to bed.  tired.

—   3   —

Wednesday.– Langham Hotel.  In morning Mrs Traill (Gertie) called at hotel & invited us to lunch.  In morning went to National City Bank & deposited £500.  to our a/c from letter of Credit in joint names OB & AB with each a cheque book.  Went to Kilgore & had measure taken for over coat, dinner suit & light grey suit £50.– After lunching with J & Audry Traill, Gertie, Joes mother, Mrs Hill & 2 daughters went to at Somerset Hotel Orchard St.  Went then to Military tournament at Olympia.  quite a fine show.  Bought a hat afterwards.  Had room changed to 111 as bed in 534 was very bad & passed a bad night.– Fine sunny day.–

—   4   —

Thursday, Langham Hotel.– Went in morning to Langham, and afterwards lunched with Sykes there.  After lunch went with Sykes to Kew Gardens.  Lovely day for it as every thing was at its best.  Sykes had dinner with us & then we went to the Pavillion ("On with the Dance) Good acting but very low!

—   2 5   —

Langham Hotel.  Friday.  Chas Horner came at 10.30 & then we went down to Peters & Sons 38 Seymour Place, Bryanston Square & treated for to hire a car Wolsealy No.  1950) at £120 a month or 30 guineas a week up to 1400 miles a month, after that 1 shilling a mile.– Was at Vauxhall people who would have left me a car at £12 a week chaufter £4 a week & all expenses to my a/c.  Went to Fortnum & Masons & bought some things to be sent to Pebmarsh, Had lunch at Princess resturant & at night went to Convent Garden Opera "Flying Dutchman".  Very good music & singing.  Walked in Regents Park a bit.

Missing Image.

Pebmarsh, Essex
(source: Mary Sundt)
(photo: Aug.2010 - PBz)

2 6

Mill House, Pebmarsh, Saturday.  Went to Kilgour the tailers & got tried on.  Can go again in 4 or 5 days.– Went afterwards to Burlington Arcade and at Lords got measured on for ½ day shirts @ 22/6 & 33/6 rather dear but seems good stuff.  Left Hotel at 2 P.M.  with auto & arrived at Pebmarsh 4.25 P.M.  Roads beautiful.  Came by Chelmsford, Halstead etc.  Found the old people all right.  Sent for our luggage to Bures by Tindall who is also putting up car & chaufler.  Very hot today 81° in London.–

—   2 7   —

Millhouse Pebmarsh Sunday.  Beautiful day.– Sykes & Nancy Hill were here in morning.– OB & Mrs H.  went to penitenciary with dirty clothes, & afterwards to Mrs Dickenson to get address of nose specialist in London.– Had walk in evening.–


Milhouse Pebmarsh.  Monday.  Mr Horner & I motored in to London with my hired car, by way of Ilford.  Made appointment with Dr Waggott 39 Wimpole St.  by telepone.  for Thursday 12.30 PM.  for nose treatment.  Had lunch at Simpsons, very good mutton.  Mr Horner got truss & we left again by way of Epping & arrived Pebmarsh about 5.30 PM

Fine warm day.

—   9   —

Millhouse, Pebmarsh.  Tuesday.– Very warm day.  In morning went with auto (OB to visit Annie Lawrie at White [blank] and on way back at noon called on Isabel Reid who is living visiting with her mother at Genral Stewarts between Braintree & Halstead.  this side of 4 cross roads.– In afternoon went with OB & Mrs Horner and had tea with the Hills near White Colne Tried his little Vauxhall.  Walk in evening passed the Moat.–


Mill House, Pebmarsh.  Wednesday, Quite warm.  In afternoon went to Frinton on Sea, Tried to get a swim, but not open to Public yet.  Had tea at Queens Hotel & afterwards Bowls with OB there.  Seems nice hotel.  On way back stopped at Colchester to watch a game of bowls being played– At noon today had gone 270 miles in car since we had it.–


Victorio Hotel.  London.  Thursday.– AB & OB came in to London in auto by way of Rumford where there was an agricultural show.  Left Pebmarsh 8.45 & arrived at Victorio Hotel about 12.  Got good room (319) 30/ per day.– Seems a better place than Langham.– At 12.30 went to see Dr Waggott (nose specialist) 39 Wimpole St.  He said nothing the matter xcept too good living & recomended bleeding.– Got mail at Argentine Club.  Went to see Hiawatha at Albert Hall which I thought very good.–

Missing image.
Missing image.
Missing image.

—   12   —

Victorio Hotel.  Friday.  Went to Peters & Sons to see if they would not make a reduction on hire of his car.  taking off 1/ per mile extra after 1400 miles in month.  He wrote later that they could not.  Bought some things at Harrods.  Shirts, etc.  In afternoon went to Wembly.  rather disapointing, few people.  Went through South  & E Africa, B Guiana & few other buildings.  Another fine warm day.–


Victorio Hotel London.  Saturday.  Fine warm day.– Pd Peters & Sons car hire & sent included £2.- for tip to Burbridge the chaufler.- Went to Kilgours & French the tailors to be measured on 2nd time and then to Vauxhall people on So.  Portland St and bought a small 14 car to be delivered end of next week, also went to Brooks for a trunk for car.– After lunch went to Ramlagh to see Golf Polo between Indians & Eton.  which was quite good.  also Tigers against another team.  Met Mr & Mrs Tetly, Sykes & Mrs Davie from Bandurias, had tea on Grounds which were lovely.  Swell tornout.–

—  14  —

Victoria Hotel.  Sunday.  Fine day, cooler.  Walked through Parks to Argentine Club where we had lunch with the Traills who we met there.  In afternoon went to National Gallery rather late.– Evening concert here in hotel after dinner.–

—  15  —

Victoria Hotel Monday.  Another fine day.  Drew £100 from London and S America Bank.  Had eyes examined & spec's bought at Stanleys, High Holborn.  Mr & Mrs J Trail & Gertie had lunch with us here.  Went in afternoon & had Turkish bath "Hamans" Germain St.  At night went to Gayely theater where "Katja" was on.  Met the Gilderdales there.

—  16  —

Victoria Hotel Tuesday.  Fine warm day.– Ascot begins.  Did not go.– In afternoon went to Wembly.  Went through Canada Australia & industries.

—  17  —

Victoria Hotel.  Wednesday.  Fine day cooler.– Got mail at Arg Club, went to Kilgour.  Took umbrella to get price (re-covered) at 55 Strand.  Went to Vauxhall, & was promised car for next Wednesday.– Mrs & Hilda Fea came to lunch, also Winnie Haywood.  Went to Wembly in afternoon.–

—  18  —

Victoria Hotel.  Thurday.  Quite fresh in forenoon.  Went to tailer & put on new suit.  other will get finished in few days.– Went to Bank (London) & drew £50.– In afternoon we went to Tower.– at night to Palace Theater to see "No, No, Nannette".  Had tea at Liverpool St.  Station.

—  19  —

Canford Cliffs Hotel – Friday – Fine sunny day.  no rain since arriving in England yet.  In morning packed up & left on 2.30 train Waterloo Station for Canford Cliffs Hotel near Bournemouth West.  We left a trunk at Victoria hotel & reserved room for our return Monday 22nd.  Lily Garrett met us at Bournemouth W & had reserved rooms at this hotel which seems quite good.– Saw Malkie at his school Misses Bradnacks.  Fine day for travelling.–

—  20  —

Canford Cliffs Hotel– Saturday.  Fine warm day.– I went for a long walk and then hired a Vauxhall car & took a drive thro Bournemouth & beach & about 1½ hours £1.65) tip 5/ In afternoon took Miss Garrett & Corina & Malkie for a drive about 30 miles in a car supplied by hotel to Lynhurst where we had tea, & around thro New Forest.  Saw lots of the Forest ponies – miserable things.  Had swim in morning before breakfast and again before dinner.


Canford Cliffs Hotel.  Sunday.  Another fine warm day.  Had a lazy forenoon, reading & lying on sand.  In afternoon hired a car & went to beach at Bournemouth & had tea at Garden Hotel.– Very nice country where we went thro afterward.– Swim in evening.–

—  22  —

Victoria Hotel London.  Monday.  Over cast cold day in London.  but at Bournemouth until we left at 10.15 was fine & warm.  Arrived at London 1.30 PM Went to tailers, settled bill & called at Club for mail.  Had bridge lost about 50/ at 5/ per 100 My cold not getting better.— Bought & sent a small microscope to Malkie, Canford Cliffs.


Victoria Hotel London Tuesday.  Over cast most of day but quiet a good day.  Went in morning to Vauxhall people who said car would not be ready until Saturday, Promised to lend us a car in meantime.  From there went to Wimbleton underground Picadilly Circus to station this side of Wimbleton & saw the Tennis matches which were on: Hennesey v Dick– Borotro v Turnbull.  Very good play.  Got back late.


Victorio Hotel London.  Wednesday.  Drizzly cold day, Tried to get seats at Hurlingham for Inter.  Polo at Hayes Bond St.  but could not, so went to Flower show at Horticultural hall.  Fine Roses: Sun Star, Richard E Wast (yellow) Fred T Harrison red, Betty Uprichard.

Cant & Sons Colchester had Golden Embabra (yellow pink, Lady Borumdawry & Sovrign yellow

Waltham Cross (Paul) had Lady Sydney (pink),

Was told where to get tree seeds:

Edinburgh: Dubbies Seed Store

Glasgow: Austin & McClestin Mitchell St.

In afternoon went to Olympia horse show where saw competitions hunters (ladies) Coaching 4 in hand, & jumping.—

In evening went to Opera.  "Aida" very good.

—  25  —

Hotel Victoria London.  Thursday.  Fine cool day.– In afternoon went to Vauxhall people & at last they promised we should have the car on Saturday 11 A.M.  A chaufer (C.  Flood) had come sent by Vauxhall.  Hired him £4.– per week.  Afterwards we went to Wembly – saw Canada, Australia, Industries, ec.

—  26  —

Hotel Victorio–London.  Friday.– Not a nice day raw & damp.  In forenoon went to Automobile Assocn & got inscribed as member & got badge for car.  (AA) £2-9/6.  Went to Club afterwards.  In afternoon went to Zoo.– Ordered at Brettels 6 colored shirts 2 pr drawers 2 silk shirts 1 dz collars, for about £30


MillHouse Pebmarch.  Saturday.  Not a nice day raw & damp.– Went to bank in morning (B.A.) and drew £50.  We afterwards received the car 14-40 from Vauhall & paid for it £625-8/ which with £50 pd before make £675-8/ which includes Insurance (£16-17/6) trunk (£24 6/) every thing included.  The A.A.  cost yesterday £2-9/8 so the total cost is £677-17/8.  We left the hotel 3 PM.  Flood driving and had tea at Branbridge, & arrived at Pebmarch about 6 P.M.  Found every thing all right.


MillHouse Pebmarsh Sunday.  Cloudy in forenoon, in afternoon partly sun shine not a bad day.  Pottered about in forenoon.  Mrs Reed & Isabel & Genl.  Stewart were here.  In afternoon motored to Rense Courtholds place where they were playing tennis.  Sykes was there, also Mrs Laurie and Annie.

—  29  —

Pebmarsh– Monday.  Fine day clear.  In morning motored to Bures with Mr Horner and got the trunk, sent off from Victoria Hotel last Saturday.  Sent Badge back to A.A.  to get charged.  In afternoon went to Colchester & visited B.R.  Cant & Sons Rose gardens.  & arranged with him to send out in October 18 different classes of Rosas of 2 each.  1/6 each.  & expenses.  Had tea at Colchester & tried to pay tax on car for next 3 months but have to go to Chelmsford for it.– First strawberries from here.–


Pebmarsh.  Fine sunny day.  Went this morning to Chelmsford to pay tax on car for next 3 months.  Also went to a garage and changed dinamo of car as it did not work.  Tried to register our selves at Halstead but were told had to take our pasports & fotos to Braintree & do it there.  Took along walk in afternoon.  Went to dinner (with OB) to Mrs Emily Dickenson where had bridge with Mrs Hill.  Won 11/.–

July 1925

—  1  —

Pebmarsh.  Wednesday.  Hot sultry day.  Picked straw berries & about.  In afternoon went to Colchester Rose Show with Mrs Horner and ordered from Cant 2 more rose plants (Excelser Rambler) to be sent out with other plants ordered on 29th June.  Walk in evening.–

—  2  —

Pedmarsh.  Thursday.– Hot sultry day.  In afternoon motored to Colchester with Mr & Mrs Horner & OB for Mr Horner to consult the doctor [blank] for Rhematism & had tea.  Walk in evening.–

—  3  —

Pebmarsh.  Friday.  Had a slight rain last night with thunder 1½ m/m.– Went to London (via Bures) 10.14 train & came back 4.12 train to Marks Tey where the Vauxhall was awaiting with OB & Mr & Mrs Horner Got the new AA embelm as the first one did not fit on radiater cap.  Had lunch at Scotts, saw Gorden Davis there, got tool case for car at Dunhills.– Got mail at Argentine Club.– Motored to Hills with OB taking Mrs Emily Dickinson along & had br  after dinner for bridge.  lost 8/.  Met Mrs Hayworth & Miss Eiling.–


Saturday.  Swan Hotel, Bedford.  Sent the car with Mrs Horner to Earls Colne in forenoon.  In afternoon 2.15 PM left with OB in Vauxhall on way to Peter Bells.  passed by Halstead, Haverill, Cambridge, St Neots and arrived here about 6 P.M.  We had tea at Cambridge It was crowded as also here on account of being fair Saturday.  Fine day.–

—  5  —

Sunday.  Lillingster Lovel Manor.  Fine warm afternoon.  Cloudy in forenoon.  Left Swan Hotel about 10 AM & arrived at Peter Bells about 11.30 passing through Buckingham.  Made about 35 miles.  Fine place this with beautiful park of 14 acres.  Whole place about 380 Acres cost about £14000.  About ½ pastoreo & hay & rest in wheat, broad beans, turnips, oats etc.  Had long walk through place.  McLures & a blind nephew & wife & 2 daughters of McLures were here.  Lots of rabbits.—

—  6  —

Monday.  Lord Inn Hotel, Whitchurch.  AB & Bell left at 2.15 for the Royal Show, Chester, in Vauxhall.  OB goes to London tomorrow to go to Lords & meet Annie Laurie & Isabel Reid.– Came by Daventry Coventry out skirts of Birmingham and came here as closer to Chester would have been imposible to find rooms.  Found this place here luckily.  Went to cinema in evening.–

Not a bad day but looks rainy.–

—  7  —

Swan Hotel– Whitechurch.  Tuesday.  Motored with Bell in our car to the Royal Show at Chester about 22 miles off.  10/ entrance.– Where we saw the short horn judging also Percheron.  Not so many in each class as in the Argentine.  A white Bull.  Haseler Clipper Knight owned by Gus Smith was the Champion.  Met Porteous, Whigham and McNiell there.  Very good show of all kinds.– Had left the hotel where we stayed last night to come to this hotel which is a bit superior.  Every where it is crowded.  This small place say that they had turned away over 200 visitors today.

—  8  —

Swan Hotel, Whitchurch.  Wednesday.  Threatening morning but fine day in end.  Motored again to the Royal Show.  Selling Short Horns.  Thought at low prices.– Bought a spraying machine "four oaks" Bottle 25 gallon.  with xtras for £33.– Saw Jumping competitions.  King was there.– Saw forestry (poor).

—  9  —

Swan Hotel, Whitchurch, Thursday.– threatening morning but quite a good day.  Motored to show again.  Saw Machinery part, also day part of the Show.  Paid for Four Oaks sprayer £33.  giving instructions to have sent to B & Leburn.  Also went through xhibit of pigs & sheep.  Thought the Cheviot black face would do well to cross with Criolla sheep.  Also liked the Suffolk Sheep.– Morrison is going to have auction Aug 5 – Basildon Park Goring, Reading – (Hampshire.)

—  10  —

Lillingstone Lovel Manor.  Friday.  Forenoon drizzly but afternoon fine.– Left in auto from Swan Hotel Whitchurch about 9 AM with P.  Bell going by Kidderminster, Worcester, Eysham, to Stratford on Avon (Banbury) where we lunched at Raven Head (?) Hotel and saw Shakespeares old house, and arrived here about 4.30 very good roads & lovely scenery.– Car goes very well.  Lovely wooded country.–

—  11  —

Millhouse Pebmarsh– Saturday.  Fine ideal summer day.  Left Lillingstone Lovel Manor 9.15 and arrived Pebmarsh 12.30.  90 miles.– going through Stony Stratford, Dunstable, St Albans, Hatfield, Hertford, Bishopps Stratford, Braintree.  Mr Horner says he is worse with Rheumatism.  Hands rather swollen.  OB came back this afternoon from Felixstowe where she had been to see the Tennis with Isabel & Annie, Sykes, Capt [blank] & Maj [blank] Seems had good time.– In going to Lillingstone made 95 miles & in coming back 91 miles.– Paid out on trip & back to show £26-8-4

—  12  —

MillHouse.  Pebmarsh, Sunday.  Warm sunny day.  Mr & Mrs Horner, OB, & I motored to Frinton on Sea in afternoon & had tea at Queens Hotel & I had a swim in sea.– Lots of people over there.  Distance travelled so far by us in Vauxhall 938 miles

When bought it marked 693 – making 1631 marked on car..

—  13  —

Millhouse, Pebmarsh.  Monday.  Fine warm day.  mist in morning.  OB & Mrs Horner motored in to London & back.  Mrs H.  to buy herself something for the £20 given her.– Went to see Dr Singh rι bleeding, but she was not at home.  In afternoon walked towards Halstead & met car on way from London.—

—  14  —

MillHouse.  Tuesday.  Fine warm day.– Went again to see Dr Singh & she will come & bleed me on 16th morning.– In afternoon we all went to Engelmans Carnation Nurseries at Seffron Walden, about 30 miles off.  Tremendous glass houses.  Mr Horner seems to be getting worse.–


Wednesday– Millhouse, Warm day.  In forenoon motored to Earls Colne with Mrs Horner & OB shopping.  and in afternoon OB & I motored to Brentwood, where there was a big tennis tournament on.– Saw Sykes & Annie Laurie play.  Very nice people there.

—  16  —

Thursday.  Hotel Victoria– In forenoon Dr Singh came & bled me.  left arm, 3 oz.  of blood.  had to lay up for an hour.  In afternoon motored (OB & I) to London by way of Epping Forest where had tea.  Good deal of oats are being cut.  Went to Court theatre ("Farmers wife") which was quite good.– Mr Horner quite ill yet.  xpect wont live long.–

Missing image.

Neboline & alternative

—  17  —

Hotel Victoria.  Friday.– In morning took my new evening suit back to Kilgours to get altered also new pr of pants to get cleaned & mended.  Then went to Ash the dentist to get new set of teeth made.  Go again Monday 4 P.M.– Got an inhaler & neboline from Oppenheimer as my cold or catarrah still persists.  OB went back with car to Pebmarsh.

Some delay in starting 7 PM.  as the car wanted fixing.– Went to Alhambra at night.–

—  18  —

Hotel Victoria, Saturday.  Drizzly morning, but fine day.  Saw Vauxhall re insurance of car.  They say before taking car to Argentina, get policy endorsed for foreign country.  Saw Brettels rι bill which they promised to send.  Went to Club afterwards, read a bit, lunched at Scotts.  Went to matinee at Comdy theatre & saw "Gentleman in Waiting".

—  19  —

Hotel Victoria, Sunday.  drizzled slightly early but was a beautiful day.– Went to Westminster catheral & to parks.  long walk.– In afternoon went to Tree Tops, St Margarets, to visit Mrs Fea & daughter (Mrs Brooks.)  Nice surroundings & fine trees.–


Hotel Victoria.  Monday.  In forenoon went to A.W.G.P.  golf practice, & put my name for 6 lessons.  for £2.– took first one 10.45 AM.  quite good.  Went to Argentine Club, lunched with Whigham.  J.  Bodney & Sykes.  At 4 PM went to Ash the Dentist, & have to go again thursday 4.30 P.M.  Turkish bath afterwards.  Drizzled a bit in morning but was a fine day.—

—  21  —

Hotel Victoria.  Tuesday, Fine day.– Went to tailer first thing, then to Golf School 10.45 AM & 3.15 P.M.  Had lunch at Pimms.  good place.  Drew £50.– from Bank.– Went to see "Black Cargo" at Fortunes theatre.–

—  22  —

Hotel Victoria.  Wednesday.  Rained during night and this evening quite hard.  Had 2 Golf lessons today & got a set of Clubs (6) and bag £6-15/.  Very close heat today & was simply soaked.  Had Turkish bath.  Was at Club before lunch.  Had lunch at Tony's Shraftesbury Av.  recomended by Todd.

—   23   —

Hotel Victoria.  Thursday.  Cooler day & not much seen, slight rain evening.  Went to tailors in morning for last try on Sports coat.  Then last lesson (6th) at Golf School (Tindall the instructor.) then to Club, lunch at Scotts and at 4.30 went to Ash the dentist.  Have to go again Wednesday 2.30 PM.  At night went to Drury Lane theatre.  (Rosie Maria) quite good.—

—   24   —

Millhouse, Pebmarsh.  Friday.— Fine day, warm.  Left for Marks Tey 10 oclock train & OB was awaiting me with car.  Old Horner looks worse.  Guess its heart and dropsy.– In afternoon took them and OB for a ride as far as Sudbury & Melton?

—   25   —

Millhouse, Pebmarsh, Saturday.  Hot muggy day.  Helped take things to flower show Pebmarsh Hall & also went to see Dr Singh who sent a prescription to London to be made up.  Car took the family to see Dr Cush who orders Mr Horner to bed heart ra in evening went to flower show.  Mrs Horner giving away prizes & herself reciving 3 first.  Tug of war afterwards.–

—   26   —

Felix Hotel — Felixstowe.  Sunday.— Drizzled a bit in forenoon.  Motored to Felixstowe OB & I where we intend to stop a few days.  About 2 hours drive.  Lots of people here and on beach.  Lots of tennis courts.—

—   27   —

Felix Hotel.  Felixstowe.  Monday.  Rained a good deal today.  Went to Golf Links in morning to play but on account of rain only did about 4 holes.  Had a caddie.  Took a walk through town in rain.  Had planned to play bridge but did not come off.  — Dance at night in Hotel.


Felix Hotel.  Felixstowe, Tuesday.  Sunny afternoon.— Golfed in morning – a little better.  In afternoon went OB to Pebmarsh to see how old man was, coming back later.  Had swim in afternoon.—


Hotel Victoria.  London.  Wednesday.  Left Felixstowe 9.15 & arrived at hotel here at 1 P.M.  coming by Ongar & Epping Forest.  about 90 miles.– Stopped at Chelmsford for my car tax receipt to 30/9 but had not come yet.—

Went to dentist at 2.30.  Went to club with OB had tea.  Saw J.  Trail, Brown, J Bradomy.– At night went to His Majesty Theatre where saw Punch Bowl.  Very sleepy.  Didn’t care for show much–

—   30   —

Lillingston Lovell Manor – Thursday.  Fine morning rainy afternoon.  Went to dentist banck in morning - - & then with OB to buy a dog to give to Mary Bell we found one, after going to Sulfrige & Harrods at the Stafford Kennels, Old Bird St.- for £8-8 rbv 2/ Had good lunch at Scotts & left in car to visit the Bells again, stopped on way at Ash the Dentist & got the new plate & paid him.— Had tea at St Albans & arrived at Bells about 7.20 P.M.  Had rained quite a lot in afternoon.– Paid Flood (Chaufter) £ 15.- making £20.  pd so far (5 weeks salary.).  The £5.- pd yesterday was partly for his payment-£1-14/3 so he owes me £3.-5/9

—   July 31   —

Lillingston Lovel Manor.  Friday.  Fine day.  Practised golf in morning in front of house & afternoon at Golf Club, Buckingham with Bell.  Played very badly & lost one ball.– Bridge at night.

August 1925

—   Aug 1   —

Lillingston Lovel Manor.- Saturday.  Rained a lot today but not much here at house.  In morning motored with Bell to Northampton to the weekly fair Quite a big affair but rain was too much.  Bought a pair of shoes in a factory store as they are made here.  In afternoon went along walk with Bell & McLaren all over the farm.  Rained.– Bridge at night.

—   2   —

Lillingston Lovell Manor.  Sunday.  Fine day.  Practised golf on lawn.  In afternoon OB & I motored to Cosgrove Hall & visited Mrs R.  Agar.  Met the Shearers, Lockwoods & Miss [?] Cowan & Ferguson there.– They have a nice place.


Lillingston Lovell Manor.  Monday.  Bank Holiday.  Fine day bar a few drizzles.  Practically practised Golf all day.  Taking it quietly.  Swimming bath cleaned out.  waiting water to run in.—

Aug 4– 1925

Tuesday.  Lillingston Lovell Manor.  Rained from about 12 to 4.  Motored AB, OB, & Mrs Bell to New Port Pagnell & rumaged among antique shops.  In afternoon all motored to Mrs McLaren’s place at Alynhoe to tea and stopped for dinner & indge [?].  Went also to park Sir Cartwright Alyhnoe Park.  Lovely Lime avenue & Park.  Huge trees.  some very nice Red Wood trees.– Got back here about 11.30 P.M.

—   5   —

Wednesday.  Lillingston Lovel Manor.  Fine day.- Motored with Bell.  & called for McLaren at Aynho & went together to Maj.  Morrison’s sale at Basildon Park (on Thames).  Bought 5 rams there.  at the auction: No 54 - £14-14/  No 56 £17-17/ No 59 £14-14/  no 61 -£25-4/  no 68 £21.- total £93-9/.  Paid with chq 47 Bk.Lond [?] Told them I would write to Crook of Liverpool to ship them, and the shephard said he would look after them a few days.— The 70 rams sold averaged £41-15/ the 1st one let for season made 230 guineas.  Afterwards had a look at their Polled Angus.  Saw 2 magnificent fat steers and a fat heifer- per showing purposes.- Got here at about 8.30 P.M.- Played Bridge.—

—   6   —

Thursday.  Lillingston Lovel Manor.  Rained a bit in morning & again in afternoon harder.  We motored in my car.  AB OB Mr & Mrs Bell to Banbury where there was the weekly fair going on.  Quite a lively & nice town.  Bell bought 20 yearling short horns at £14-10/.  Fat steers were sold at auction £30 15 36.  7

—   7   —

Friday.  Lillingston Lovel Manor.  Fine day.  first time has not rained for a long time.  Practised Golf & had a swim in tank in evening.  OB went to Towcester & bought an antique corner cupboard from Dennis for £17-5/ packed.—

—   8   —

Millhouse Pebmarsh Saturday.  Rained a good shower in night but was a fine day.  Left the Bells at 10 AM & reached Cambridge at 12 oclock & had lunch at the Bull Hotel.  Poked around the place as it was fair day.  We passed by Stony Stratford [today, suburb of Milton Keynes], Bedford, Cambridge, Haverhill & Halstead.  Lot of vegetable gardens this side of Bedford.  Wheat being cut as also oats..  Found Mr Horner a good deal better but in bed.- Left pair of shoes to get mended at Co operative Stores to be ready tuesday.

—   9   —

Pebmarsh.  Sunday.  Warm & slight rain.– In afternoon motored AB & Mrs Horner to Sugbury [i.e. Sudbury], Melford & Lavenham.  At latter place there is a fine church.  Very pleasant drive.–

—   10   —

Pebmarsh.  Monday.  Rained last night and again this afternoon hard.  Motored with Mrs Horner to Colchester.  she shopping in afternoon.  Settled auto accounts with Trendells.-

—   11   —

Salisbury– White Hart Hotel.  Rained at noon a sharp shower but was a fine day for motoring.— Left at nine thirty AM.  (OB & I) in auto arriving in London at Vauxhall service place near Nat.  History museum & consulted them about the petrol using 20 M.P.G.  and said could not examine the car until next Tuesday.  So we lunched at the Princess grill room & then went to Royal Mail S.S.  offices & paid £50 deposit our passage out (I on Arlanza 4/9 cabin 651-2 & OB on Andes 16/10 cabin 587.  She is afraid to leave with me as Mr Horner is still so ill.  Left London again  about 3 P.M.  passing by Basingstoke where we had tea, & then to Salisbury – which seems to be a thriving busy place.-

—   12   —

Dr Traill House, Ottery St.  Mary.  Wednesday.— Rained practically hard all day & very windy– Went in morning first to a sheep sale about a mile south of Salisbury.  Lot of sheep.  Ewes selling 65 to 70/ saw 2 rams sold one at 95 guineas & next at 25– All Hampshires.

Then we went to Stone Henge, but did not stop long, as too windy & raining.  drove over the downs in the rain & had lunch at a small place at Mere and arrived at this place about 4.30 & had tea.  Bridge at night, made 11/6.  Ralph & Gladys, Bob Traill, Mr & Mrs Sidebothem, Joe Traill & Audry, Joan Parry were here.–

—   13   —

Dr Traill House.  Ottery St Mary.  Thursday.  Very fine sunny day..  Walked down town with OB & Bob Traill & called on the Sidebottoms.  Motored to Mrs Edmund Traills at Fir Grove for lunch and then motored, taking Miss Lawson up Cherry Hill & to Sidmouth & to tea at Exmouth & back by Exeter.– At Exmouth the chaufler Flood parked at wrong place & was summoned but got off by seeing the inspector who said dont do it again.  .

Bridge here at night & lost 8/—

—   14   —

Dr Traill House.  Ottery St Mary– Friday.– Mostly fine day– Went in morning early OB & I to Chagford on edge of Exmoor [correction: Dartmoor ?] Had lunch at 3 Crowns Hotel while Flood visited his mother & sister who he had not seen for 17 years.  then motored through to Teignmouth by way of small roads Chagford, Manaton Bovey Tracy, Newton Abbot, Teignmouth Dawlish, Exeter & home.– Moors looked fine with gorse & heather & Teignmouth very crowded & gay.


Traill House.  Ottery St Mary.  Saturday.– Fine warm day.– Today we all went to a picnic to the Gorge at Cheddar.  I, OB & Bob Traill in our car.– Mrs Edmund Traill, Gertie, Tony, Miss Lace & Miss Lawson in their car,— and Agnes Sidebotton & [blank] in her car, & met another car with 2 gents & 2 ladies, connections of hers up there.  Made a fire cooked sausages & had a picnic near the Gorge.  Going through Chard Illminster [Ilminster], Langport, Somertong [Somerton], Gastonberry [Glastonbury] & Wells.  At Gostenberry was a fine old Abbey which we visited.  On way back we passed the beautiful Gorge & caves Axbridge High Bridge, Bridgewater Taunton, Uppotery [Upottery] & Honiton.  Lots of sight seers at the caves.  Had bridge & Poker at night.  Lost 10/ Bridge and £2-7 Poker.  Audrey Traill & Joe were here for cards.–

Aug 16  –  1925   Very fine day.

Poulteney Hotel, Bath.  Sunday.– Left the Traills at 2.30 PM.  motoring by Illminster, Ilchester Shepton

Very pretty country and arrived at Bath 4.45 Nice hotel.  Walked about to see the old place.

—   17   —

Victoria Hotel London, Monday.  Fine warm day.- Visited the old Roman baths this morning & left Bath at about 11 Am & lunched in Reading at the Caversham Bridge Hotel.  Stopped at Windsor Castle on way to town & arrived at hotel 4.45.  had tea & afterwards a Turkish bath.–

—   18   —

Victoria Hotel.  London.  Tuesday.  Fine day.– In morning went to Vauxhall people on Gt.  Portland St.  to get them to hurry the service station up in testing the Vauxhall to make it use less petrol.– There to Argentine Club, & break lunch with OB at Pimms after having gone to London & South American Bank to draw £50.— At night went to Aldwych theatre, “Cuckoo in the Nest.”– quite good.–

—   19   —

Pebmarsh, Wednesday.  Overcast disagreeable day.  Left London 9.45 & arrived Pebmarsh about 12.30 as we lost the road between Dunrow & Braintree.

Found Mr Horner much better.– Car took Mrs Horner to Colchester & back.–


Kendal County Hotel.  Thursday.  Overcast & rained in afternoon quite hard.  OB & I left with Chaufler Flood on our trip to Scotland.  left at 8.45 & came as far as Kendal 249? miles.  lunched at Newark.  We came by Haverhill, Cambridge Doncaster, Bradford & Settle.  We passed through the Black country by the 2 latter places.  Very dark & smoky & raining or trying to at same time.  Lots of motor cars about.

—   21   —

Grange Bank, Wigton, We came by Windermere Ambleside Thilmere [Thirlmere] & had lunch at Keswick Hotel.  Very nice Hotel, & looked around town which was very crowded.  Came on by Bothel & arrived here at 330 PM.  Went out for a walk with Todd afterwards, Rained good deal in forenoon & had to use our umbrellas in car.—

—   22   —

St Enochs Hotel Glasgow—Saturday.  Rained some in forenoon & also in afternoon.— Left Todds at 1.30 & stopped a moment in Carlisle to look at antiques.— He and Annie came in their car that far.  Had tea at a small place near Hamilton.  Tremendous crowds of workers from Hamilton right into Glasgow.  Streets crowded.  Good Hotel this.  Had to have the hood up from Carlisle but then it had stopped raining.–


Pilochery.  Hotel Athal Palace   Sunday.  Rained quite a lot today.- Left Glasgow about 10 AM.  & motored up by Loch Lomond Glen Falloch Glen Dochart, Loch Tay, & to Pilochery [Pitlochry].  Lunched at Killin at head of Loch Tay.  Beautiful country fine trees, Rain spoilt a bit as we had to have hood up, & when we took it down it rained.  This is a fine Hotel, & had a concert at night given by the guests.

—   24   —

Royal Hotel.  Edinburgh – Monday.  Rained all day.  Left Pilochery 10 AM & lunched at Stirling at Lion Hotel (very poor) & arrived at Glasgow Edinburgh at 3.30 PM.  Very wet day.  Went to see Dicksons Seed Shop.  Trying to find Chalmers.- Bought pr of fur gloves 2£.  for present for Harding.– Fine looking shops.–

—   25   —

Royal Hotel, Edinburg.  Tuesday.  Fine lovely day.  Took a taxi & called on Mrs Macdonald who was not at home.  Tried to find Chalmers but he is up in Inverness.  Went to the Castle where we shown around & then to Holyrood where we saw Queen Mary driving up.  In afternoon went to Dicksons Nurseries where the head of the firm showed us around at Craigmillar.– Ordered seeds of the following coniferos & gave him £10- for them & he promised I would have them by April.  Abies Concolor 2 or 300.  id Grandis} id Nobilis} Picea Engelmanni} Pinus Insignis} id Strobus 2 or 300– Wellingtonia 2 or 300 Semper virens 2 or 300.  Scots Fir} Larch} Norway Spruce} Douglas Fir} Sitka fir} Austrian Pine}      Meaning of  }  is for 10000 seeds to make 10000 trees.

At night  went to Cinemo along side which was very laughable.–

—   26   —

Danum Hotel.  Doncaster, Wednesday,- Rained off & on all afternoon.  Left Edinburg at 9 AM & Arrived here at 7.  P.M.  coming by Dunbar, Berwick on Tweed.  Alnwick, Morepeth [Morpeth] (where we lunched) New Castle, Durham Darlington, Northallerton Thirsk, York, Selby & here.  We tried to get a room at York but as racing was on, all Hotels were full.  Only got last room in this hotel.  Had tea at York in front of Cathedral.  Made 236 miles today.

—   27   —

Pebmarsh Bures, Thursday.  Left Doncaster 10 AM and lunched at Old Bridge Hotel Nottingham after 1 P.M Very nice Hotel & came by Cambridge & Haverhill.  Rained a good deal in forenoon.  Bought meat and fruit at Halstead.  Mr Horner about the same but looks better.–


Mill House Pebmarsh.  Very fine day.  In afternoon motored with Mrs Horner to Colchester & on way back stopped at Dr Singh & paid her fees 2 guineas.—

Began packing up for departure to BA.

—   29   —

Pebmarsh- Saturday.  Another fine day.- Recd letter from London & River Plate Bank London with £30.  in notes in answer to my letter after 25th from Doncaster.- Took a drive in car with Mrs Horner to Bures, Lavenham, Hadleigh, Nayland Bures & home.  lots of by lanes.  Practised golf with fluff ball.


Pebmarsh.  Sunday.  Fine day.- Drove in car with Mrs Horner to New Market via Bury St Mary  [Not on map.  Perhaps: Bury St Edmunds] & back by Six Mile Bottom to Haverhill road by Halstead 73 miles–


Hotel Victoria London.  Fine day.  In the morning Trendell took my 2 trucks [trunks] to despatch to Victoria Hotel.  In the afternoon I left for my return journey to Argentina.  OB & I left in the car 1.15 PM going by Epping Forest & arrived at the Vauxhall agency Great Portland St.  where I left the car to be shipped to Argentina, as they advised me not to sell it..  Had made 4314 miles in her since we took possesion June 27th with a total consumption of  [blank] gallons of Petrol.  After tea went to Club Argentine.– Saw Tetly there.  Sykes had dinner with us & afterwards we went to Music Hall.  (Victoria Palace).  Hear that Arlanza sailors are on strike.–

September 1925

—   Sept  1   —   —

Hotel Victoria.  Tuesday.  Raw day rained in afternoon.  Settled up with the Chaufler.  G E Flood & gave him a bonus of about £5.– Says he is deliring [delivering] the car to the Vauxhall Service place.  Went with OB to Royal Mail Office.  & I found there was no single cabins so had to take the double one which had engaged before for us both.  But as OB is not going yet on a/c of Mr Horners illness, She will go on Andes Oct 16th.  I paid for her and my passages.  £118 on mine & £61 on OB besides the £25 on each before.  Total £229.—

From there we went to Argentine Consul 7 Gower St.  We found dificulty there in not bringing from Argentina certificate of safe conduct.  He told us to cable to BA for one.  So we went to London-River Plate Bank and got them to cable to BA or Rosario for a certificate.  When we went back to Consulate the Consul said if we bring a letter from Agar Cross and the London –River Plate Bank he would make it all right! Dirty dog! for making us cable in first place.– Went to Liverpool & Globe Ins.  Co in afternoon to get insurance on Vauhall endorsed for Argentina.  Said would have to pay Marine Insurance, so I said would take it back to Vauxhall & get them to do it.– At night we went to Drury Lane theatre to see Rose Marie.  Very good.

—   2   —

Hotel Victoria – Wednesday – Fine day.- Went to Vauxhall people re Insurance.  Have to fix it up with the Insc.  co in BA.  so as to make it valid in Argentina.  Then to Agar Cross where I got a paper to the Arg.  consul about my residence in Argentina.  Did odd shopping today.  Mr & Mrs Tuckey came to tea & left a parcel for me to take out to Argentina.—

Went to Wembly with OB & had dinner there and saw the military tattoo.

—   3   —

Hotel Victoria London.  Thursday.- Rained in morning early but was fine day.- In morning went to London & River Plate Bank and got a letter of recomendation to Arg.  Consul, which in end was not necesary as a cable had been sent to Arg Consul to despatch the Passport which he did this afternoon & excused himself for not having it done before when we went there.– Llobet I think was his name– Went to Club afterwards where met Frank Bradny & Tetty.— In afternoon packed, & had tea at the dance tea at Princess resturant.  Finished shopping.—

Sept – 4 – 1925

S.S.  Arlanza– Left hotel at 8.25 AM & took the Stamer train at Waterloo for Southampton where we arrived at 12 oclock & had to go on a tender to the steamer which was laying out on roads, so that the striking seamen could not interfere.  OB (who is stopping over to sail on Andes Oct 16) saw me off at station, also Mrs Green & John Peard, McNeil & Manson families, & Lindsell & family, & Consul Bira, & Harvey are on board.  A steamer at Cherbourg Belgenland nearly cut across our bow.  Have cabin 651/2 all to my self.– Rained slightly at noon but was a fine afternoon.—

Missing image.

RMLS Arlanza
Built: 1912 (Belfast) 15,040 tons
Scrapped: 1938
WW-I: armed merchant cruiser


S.S.  Arlanza.  run to Cherbourg from Southampton 29 y 217 de Cherbourg.- total 246 – a Curuna 306.  milas.  [y=and; de=from; a=to; milas=miles] Fine fresh day, Nothing going on.  Read.


S.S.  Arlanza.  Sunday.  43 N 20 lat – 8.59 long.  Run 306 + 34 = 340 miles.  Reached Curuna about 8 & left again 11.  no time to go ashore, medium quality of fruit was offered for sale along side.  Reached Vigo in afternoon & only stopped a few hours.  As usual a lot of Spanish Shawls were brought on board to sell.  Had first game of Quoits in afternoon, also first exercises in Gymnasium – Very fine day.–

Avoir passed close between Curuna & Vigo & had a wireless Cheerio from Isabel Reed, & “answered her that OB had stopped in England on account of illness of her father but that she was much better & hoped She had a good trip” Had some chess.

—   7   —

S.S.  Arlanza.  Monday.  Arrived at Lisbon about 10 AM and left again before mid night, as they were very slow in loading up, poor guincheros [crane operators].– Went to shore in afternoon & tried to buy fruit but markets were practically closed, Took a drive on Avenida which looked very dry.- Had some Quoits & chess.  Not a very hot day.-

—   8   —     Tuesday–

S.S.  Arlanza.  Lat 36.30 N   12-01 W   run 191 miles  342 miles to Madeira.  Very fine day.  Played Quoits & had bridge with Mr & Mrs Hearne and Mrs Wright.—

—   9   —     Wednesday

S.S.  Arlanza.  Madera.  Fine day, cool.  Arrived at Funchal about 9 AM & left again at nearly 12.  Did not go on Shore.  Coolote & Adelaid King came on board & had cocktails & went off again.  They helped me buy some dolies [doilies  ?].  Played quoits.

—   10   —     Thursday

S.S.  Arlanza.  Lat 27-37 N.— long 15-28 W   Run 287 + 35 = 322   2811 to Bahia.- As the Highland Pride had some xplosion of her engine we stopped at Las Palmas to take some of her passengers off.  about 40 we arrived at about 7 AM & left again at 10.  Boats along side selling atractive articles very cheap in comparison with other places.  Such as cigars 10/ per 100 good Havanas, silk shawls etc linnen drawn work carvings etc.  At 11 AM had a meeting for Sports committee which I was named on.  Contributed £2.  Had 5 games quoits in succession in afternoon.  hot work.  Take xercises in morning in Gymnasium class.- Quite a warmish day.–

—   11   —

S.S.  Arlanza – Lat 21.50 N   19-01 W   398 miles   2413 to Bahia.

Warm day winds following.– Sports begun.  Could not find my partners nor oponents in Quoits   Bridge oponent says will play tomorrow night.  Had Bridge with Hearnes (lost).

—   12   —

S.S.  Arlanza– Lat 16-11 N   Long 22.35 W   run 395 miles.  To Bahia 2018 miles.

Hot damp day.  Swimming pool much patronized.  Quoits tournament: got knocked out first round singles by Thomι.  Made 1st round in doubles with Sarmento.— Bridge night time made 1/6 Wright, Greenberger races last night but did not attend.  Won by Sweepstakes No-5 — 17/7 which paid a round of drinks to sport committee & rest as tip to bar room Steward.


S.S.  Arlanza   Lat 10-24 N   25-24 W   run 384 miles–   1634 to Bahia.-

Sunday.  Played 3 rounds of mens doubles Quoits with Sarmento & we are in finals now.  At night played 1st round in Bridge tournament.  My partner being Miss Proctor beating Mrs Hearne & Sorenson.— Breezy day and not too hot.  — Saw porpoises

—   14   —

S.S.  Arlanza   Lat 4.50 N   28-02 W.  369 miles   1265 to Bahia, Not so bad day,

Gymansium in morning.– Won mens double quoits with Sarmento – finals.  Played 2nd round Bridge with Mrs Proctor against Mrs Wright & Mrs Bennett & won.  Had very good hands.— Sports today, Bought 2 raffle tickets no 52- 32- 10/   9 prizes value £25-15/ ship store

—   15   —     Tuesday

S.S.  Arlanza– Lat – 0-29 S – 31-04 W   Run 366 miles.  890 to Bahia.

Quite a breezy cool day.  Which is putting us back.  They say we are a day behind time? Played quoits in forenoon List [lost] in 3d round of Bridge tournament againsed Santos & Mrs Boa.  Fancy dress ball in evening.  Quite gay & some good customs.  Thought that the Andes affair was better got up.– Played bridge at night with Mrs Wright & daughter & Mr [blank]

—   16   —     Wednesday.

S.S.  Arlanza   Lat 6-27 S   Long 33-39 W.  run 390 miles.  509 to Bahia.–

Breezy day.  Had bad attack of colic or dysentry in morning & felt rotten all day.  Wonder whether was crab last night but the stewards say it’s the water, as the crew have it also..  Played Quoits.  In evening the prizes were given.  I received £1.– on store for 1st prize mens double Quoits with Sarmento, prizes given by Lady Plender.  Afterwards had 3 horse races (Pari mutual) & won £4-5/6 net no Bridge today.

—   17   —     Thursday.–

S.S.  Arlanza  Lat 11-58 S   Long 37-15 W   run 390 miles.  to Bahia 113 miles – Not a bad day.- Quoits & Bridge & chess.

Had 5/ sweepstakes 30 nos to what minute anchor would be dropped at Bahia (6.26 P.M.) I lost.  Probably will stop here until after mid-night  Too late to go on shore.  & taking & descharging carga [loading & unloading cargo]

—   18   —     Friday

S.S.  Arlanza.  Lat 14-30 S   38-30 W   run (113 + 71) 204 miles.  656 to Rio.-  Did not leave Bahia until about 6 AM.  Quoits with Bird, McNeil &  [blank].  Played Bridge afternoon & night with Mrs Wright.  Diegton & Greenberg.  Not a bad day.

—   19   —     Saturday

S.S.  Arlanza  lat 20 43’ South   39 52 W   Run 294   to Rio 262,- Nice day, Played Quoits as yesterday morning & afternoon.  Bridge at night, Santos Mrs Wright & a Brzillian.—

20     Sunday..

S.S.  Arlanza.  arrived at Rio very early in morning & were alongside mole at 7.  am.  close to Andes, Voltaire & Van Dycke.– It was a rainy forenoon which was rather a pity as last time we were here on May 17th – it did the same..  Went on shore with Mr Bird & took a car to Cocacampo Hotel on sea coast (which the rascally nigger charged us 20 MR for the 20 minutes drive it took us.  Had lunch at Hotel & waited for Roulette which did not come off as we did not wait long enough.– took another car 15 M/R & had it for 1 hour along shore & to town, & then tea at Alvear place & then to cinema – very good.  Changed £2 to 72 m/rey & some Portugese money I had for about 5 M/R more  Steamer left again at 10 PM for Lisbon.  Santos, Lots of passengers got off here & a lot of footballers got on for Santos.

—   21   —     Monday.

S.S.  Arlanza.  Arrived at Santos about 11.30 AM & left again at 4.30 PM.  Did not go ashore.  Bridge at night – lost 1/   Fine day.  Entrance to Santos looked very nice & green.– Glad that the noisy Brazillians are off ship.-

—   22   —     Tuesday.–

S.S.  Arlanza- Lat 28-20 S Long 48-30 W   run 291 miles.  599 to M Video.  Strong north wind, rain, & later south wind getting cooler weather.– Quoits & Bridge Bird.  McNeil, Hearne quoits) Mr & Mrs Hearns and Mrs Burrows bridge) — lost 5/–

—   23   —     Wednesday

S.S.  Arlanza.  Lat 33-13 S   Long 52-12 W   353 miles run –   to MVideo 246.–  Cold weather fine bracing.– Quoits & Bridge at night won 1/6–

—   24   —     Thursday

Arrived at Monte Video in morning early & left again about 930 for B.Aris.  at noon had) made 284 miles.  90 to BA  Wired (wireless) to Gran Hotel to reserve room for night.  Arrived in BA at 7.30 P.M.  & went on shore with suit case to Hotel & then called on Mrs Peard to give her the packet John Peard had given me to deliver before left London..  It seems Johnnie & Afra had got engaged yesterday.  Had lots of deck quoits today.  Good game.  Persons known most on board.  Bird, Harvey, McNeill & family, Hearnes, Miss Procter.  Mrs Wright, Mr & Mrs Burrows etc.–

—   25   —     Friday.-

Rained some in morning.  Went back to steamer & Custom house & cleared the two trunks, gun for Tuckey, & Golf clubs.  No trouble.  Despatched gun via Mehanovich Steamer to Area y Santos for Tuckey.– Saw Higham & in afternoon went to see the 5 rams I had sent out & which had arrived yesterday by Vasari.  They were in Lazzareta & will be kept there a fortnight at 80.cts per day each.— Saw McGuire of the Vauxhall Co.  to see that my car 14-40 coming out from England should be sent up.  Also saw the Ins.  Co about the Insurance out here.  (Liverpool Globe).  Left BA in Pulman for Rosario 650 PM & arrived Rosario Palace Hotel 11.45 & went to bed.  Boardman Chapman & Bird were on train.  Also met Cochrane & [blank]


List of People & Place Names

People mentioned

Key Places

AB=Alfred A. Benitz

OB=Olga B. Horner de Benitz

BA=Buenos Aires


Afra – see: Peard, Aphra.

Agar, Mrs R. – visited by AB & OB.  Likely of Agar Cross & Co. (large farm supply co. in Arg.)

Bell, Mary – OB & AB bought a dog for her

Bell, Peter – visited his farm near Buckingham

Bennett, Mrs – on SS Arlanza to BA.

Bergdolt –  friend in BA.

Bira, Consul – on SS Arlanza to BA.

Bird – on SS Arlanza to BA.

Boa, Mrs – on SS Arlanza to BA.

Boardman – on train: BA to Rosario.

Boardman & Leburn – accounting & management firm in Rosario/SFι

Bodney, J – lunch in London

Bradny, Frank – wife Tetty?  Met in London.

Bradomy, J (sp?) – lunch in London

Brooks, Mrs – daughter of Mrs. Fea.

Burbridge – first chauffer, England

Burrows,Mr &  Mrs – on SS Arlanza to BA.

Chapman – on train BA to Rosario.

Clarita – most likely Clarita Schreiber, else  Clarita Benitz; both nieces of AB.

Cochrane – on train BA to Rosario.

Corina – Corina Benitz (b.1913), daughter of Willie A. Benitz (AB's nephew)

Courthold, Rense – visited England

Cowan – met at Mrs Agar’s

Davie, Mrs – met at polo, England; of Las Bandurias/SFι (north of Las Rosas)

Croker – (Rosario) accountant at Boardman & Leburn?

Dickenson, Mrs – OB’s mother & Joe Traill’s mother were Dickenson.  Mrs Dickenson could be an aunt, cousin, or their grandmother.

Dickenson, Mrs Emily – OB’s cousin , wife of cousin, or aunt (sister to her mother)?  Visited for dinner, England.  If wife of cousin, could be of Estancia “Las Lomas”, Las Rosas/SFι.

Diegton – on SS Arlanza to BA.

Doherty – “Dotty”

Doherty, Charles – met in Santos, on way to London

Eiling, Miss – met in London

Emma – Emma Schreiber, AB's niece.

Fea, Mrs & Hilda – met in London

Ferguson – met at Mrs Agar’s

Flood, G E – second chauffer, England – Vauxhall driver.

Flury – mayordomo at Ea. “Las Tres Lagunas”

Gardiol – on  SS Andes to London.

Garrett, Miss Lily – met in Bournmouth

Gertie – See Traill, Gertie

Gilderdales – met in London

Gordon-Davis - likely from Argentina.

Green, Mrs. – on SS Arlanza to BA.

Greenberg – on SS Arlanza to BA.

H, Mrs – likely Mrs Horner.

Halahar – friend in BA.

Harnden, Mr. & Mrs – likely a consul, US or British

Harvey – on SS Arlanza to BA.

Haywood, Winnie – met in London

Hayworth, Mrs – met in London

Hearne, Mr & Mrs – on SS Arlanza to BA.

Higham – likely Frank Higham, married to Bertha Schreiber, AB’s niece.

Higham, Mr & Mrs – likely Frank & Bertha Higham (Bertha Schreiber, AB's niece)

Hill, Mrs – London friend, visited

Hill, Nancy – visited Pebmarsh with Sykes

Horner, Chas – brother to OB? London

Horner, Mr & Mrs – OB's parents, living at the Milhouse, Pebmarsh

Hughes – on  SS Andes to London;  missed the boat in Rio.

Katie Jeans – AB’s niece, Katie Benitz, married to Stanley Jeans

King, Coolote & Adelaid – visited AB aboard SS Arlanza in Funchal.  Of Krabbe & King?

Krabbe, Mr & Mrs – on SS Andes, likely of Krabbe & King, accounting firm in BA.

Lace, Miss – met at Dr. Traill’s

Land, Mrs – BA friend

Lawrie / Laurie, Annie – visited in England

Laurie, Mrs – met at Courthold’s; later OB met in London

Lawson, Miss – met at Dr Traill’s.  Most likely Muriel, older sister to Audrey Lawson, wife of Joe Traill.

Leburn – of Boardman & Leburn, accounting/management firm in Rosario/SFι

Lindsell family – on SS Arlanza to BA.

Llobet – Argentine Consul in London.  Gave AB trouble.

Lockwood – met at Mrs Agar’s

Lubbock, Gral & wife – on  SS Andes to London.

Malkie – F. Malcolm Benitz (b.1917), son of Willie A. Benitz  (AB's nephew)

Manna – on  SS Andes to London.

Manson family – on SS Arlanza to BA.

McCulloch, Miss – on  SS Andes to London.

McLaren – farm manager for Bell?

McLures – met at Peter Bell’s

McNiell – met at Royal Show, Chester.

McNiel family – on SS Arlanza to BA.

Middleton – likely George Middleton, accountant & great friend in Rosario, associated with Boardman & Leburn.

Morrison, Major – AB bought rams from him at an auction.

Oliver, Miss – on  SS Andes to London; possibly of Ea. “La Oliva”, Cavanagh/Cba. If so, then sister-in-law to Willie A. Benitz.

Orr, Campbell – bookkeeper at Ea. “Las Tres Lagunas”

Parry, Joan – met at Dr. Traill’s

Peard, Aphra – would marry John Benitz in 1926, AB’s nephew.

Peard, Mrs – likely Aphra Peard’s mother

Peard, John – met in London, AB carried his package to BA..

Pinwalds – BA friends

Plender, Lady – on SS Arlanza to BA.

Porteous – AB bought “Las Tres Lagunas” from him and Knight in 1910+.  Met at Royal (farm) Show in Chester.

Procter, Miss – on SS Arlanza to BA.  Bridge partner.

Reid / Reed, Isabel – London friend

Reed, Mrs – met at Courtholds

Roberts – likely George Roberts of Ea. “El Injerto” (Carlos Pellegrini/SFι), married  Marion Benitz, AB’s  niece.

Roberts, Mrs – on SS Andes to London

Runnacles, Dina – friend in BA.

Santos – on SS Arlanza to BA.

Sarmento – on SS Arlanza to BA.  Quoits partner.

Shearers – met at Mrs. Agar’s

Sidebotham, Mr & Mrs – Frank &  Agnes (neι Traill) – OB’s first cousin, see Mrs. Edmund Traill.

Sorenson – on SS Arlanza to BA.  Bridge player.

Stewart, Gral – visited in England

Sykes – London friend, yet familiar name in Arg.

Tetly, Mr & Mrs – met at polo, England

Thomι – passenger on SS Arlanza to BA.  Quoits.

Todd, John – hunting companion.  Wife: Annie?  Visited at Bothel (near Ambleside, Windemere).

Tony – see: Traill, Tony

Traill, Bob – first cousin to Joe & Ralph Traill

Traill, Dr. Ralph (Rafe) & Gladys – Ralph was OB’s first cousin (see Mrs. Edmund Traill).

Traill, Mrs Edmund – (neι Gertrude Dickinson)  OB’s aunt  & mother to Joe, Ralph, Agnes (m. Sidebotham), & Tom.  In 1866 Edmund & Robert Traill founded estancias “Chirϊ” & “Las Limpias”, in Traill/SFι (75 km. north of Las Rosas).

Traill, Gertie – eldest daughter of Joe & Audrey Traill, would marry F. Malcolm Benitz (see: Malkie).

Traill, Gladys – wife of Ralph.

Traill, Joe & Audrey – Joe was OB’s first cousin (see Mrs. Edmund Traill), of Ea. “Chirϊ”, Traill/SFι.  Audrey (neι Lawson) was from Dublin, Ireland, daughter of William Lawson (of Scotch whisky fame).

Traill, Mrs – see Mrs Edmund Traill.

Traill, Tony – only son of Joe & Audrey Traill.

Tuckey, Mr & Mrs – tea in London.  AB took a gun to a relative in Arg.

Ucko, Max – married to Emma Schreiber, AB’s niece

Waggott, Dr – London nose specialist, visited by AB.

Whigman – met at Royal Show, Chester

Whigham – lunch in London

Williamson, Mrs – on  SS Andes to London.

Willimen, Miss – on  SS Andes to London; quoits partner.

Willie – William Agar Benitz (b.1888), AB’s nephew

Woods – on  SS Andes to London.

Wright, Mr, Mrs,  & daughter – on SS Arlanza to BA.

Cosgrove Hall – Home of Mrs R. Agar?

Dr. Traill’s home – Ottery St. Mary, Devon.

Las Rosas – town next to AB's estancia in Santa Fι, Arg.

Lillingston Lovell Manor – Home of Peter & Mary Bell; in Lillingston Lovel, northern Buckinghamshire.

Mereside - Blomfield, Cumberland (Lake District) - Home of John & Annie Todd.

Millhouse, Pebmarsh, Essex – Home of Mr & Mrs Horner, OB’s parents.

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