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Olga Blanche Horner
(1875 - 1963)

Event Timeline

Year Age Event
1875 0 Born 19 May 1875, at Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, England
The second child of Edward Horner (1844-1933) and Blanche Mary Dickinson (1851-1929); she and 5 brothers reached adulthood, another 2 siblings died as infants (see the Horner family tree).
1 1 Attended what schools?
c.1900? 25 Emigrated to Argentina...
1 1 ??
1913 38 Visited her brothers Chumps (John), Babs (Henry), & Humfrey, at estancia “Pulmarí”, north of Aluminé town, Neuquen, Arg.  Owned by the Miles family, Humfrey was likely its manager.
1915 40 Married Alfred A. Benitz, 29 September; in Buenos Aires.
Honeymooned in the US for six months, visiting California and Alfred’s former homes.
1915-1937 1 Olga and Alfred spent most of their time either at “Las Tres Lagunas” (Las Rosas, SFé) or “El Rincón” (Cruz Grande/La Cumbre, Cba).  Though she did not enjoy the Chaco, she accompanied Alfred on some of his yearly visits to his estancia “Campo Winter” (against the Bermejo river, north-east of General José de San Martin, Chaco prov.).
1920 1 Olga visited her family at Mells Park & Mill House in Pebmarsh, in Xxxxx, England1
1 1 1
1927 Dec. 52 Her brother Humfrey died, 6 December, 1927; at Quilla Chanquil, north of Aluminé, Neuquen prov.
1928 Jan. 52 Olga & Alfred travelled to Zapala (Neuquen prov.) by train, then by car to Quilla Chanquil (near estancia Pulmarí, north of Aluminé) to visit Humphrey’s widow, Inéz Gomez.  After ensuring Inéz was OK financially, Olga took the 2 eldest of 4 children (John & Mary - see Alfred’s diary for January, 1928).
1928 Aug. 53 Mary was baptised, 13 Aug., 1928.
1928, Dec. 53 John & Mary began school at xxxxx in Los Cocos (Córdoba prov.).
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1937 62 Alfred died
ca.1938 63 1. Olga legally adopted her brother Humfrey’s 3 eldest children: John, Mary, & Willie Horner.
2. Olga sold “Campo Winter”, “Los Palmares”, and some lesser properties, and distributed the proceeds to Alfred’s many nephews & nieces.
1938-1963 1 Olga split her time between estancia “Las Tres Lagunas” (Las Rosas, Santa Fé prov.) and “El Rincón” (Cruz Grande/La Cumbre, Córdoba prov.)
1946 70 On Jan.1, 1946, Olga was awarded the Order of the British Empire (OBE), Civil Division; for her support of the war effort.
1950s 1 John Horner managed estancia “Las Tres Lagunas” with the assistance of mayordomo Fule.  Estancia “Las Tijeras” (Alfred’s share of the original “La California”) was rented out to Ralph Welsh, and chacareros (share-cropers, e.g. Racca).
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1963 87 Olga died on 4 February, 1963; at “El Rincón”, Cruz Grande, La Cumbre, Córdoba, Argentina.  She was buried next to Alfred, in the Benitz family cemetery at estancia "La California", Las Rosas, Santa Fé.
John Horner inherited most of “Las Tres Lagunas”, Willie most of “Las Tijeras”, and Mary received parts of both estancias (creating estancia “Don Alfredo”), and “El Rincón”.

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