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1937 Diary
(Source: S.B. Pryor)

Las Tres Lagunas & El Rincón
Age: 77/78

This is Alfred's last diary, in which he recorded his daily activities until the day before he died.  The events, except for trips, take place at his main residence, estancia “Las Tres Lagunas” (Las Rosas, SFé), or his summer home “El Rincón” (Cruz Grande, La Cumbre, Cba.).

During May, Alfred & Olga visited “Campo Winter” in the Chaco (north-east of Zapallar, today: Gral. J. de San Martín).  He bought another 3,000 hectareas from Araoz at $30 per hectarea, $90,000 total (see map: “El Picaso”, far right).  Campo Winter grew to a total of 18,390 has.

In June, he visited Dr. Vickerman in B.A. - an analysis showed he was normal.

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To assist you with Spanglish terms and names local to the different regions, please open and have at hand (in a separate tab / window) the Reference Pages.  NOTE: When searching for a name, check both the Las Rosas and La Cumbre lists.

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Quarter 1   January - March, 1937
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Quarter 2   April - June, 1937
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Quarter 3   July - September, 1937
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Transcription notes:  We have transribed Alfred’s diary as written, verbatim, without correcting spelling or grammar.  However, his handwriting suffered as he grew older and some words are hard to decipher.  We gave him the benefit of the doubt when words are obvious (e.g. ending in a vs. o).  For words that are unrecognizable, we have inserted our best guess followed by [?].  Our comments are within [square brackets and italics] or in side-notes.  We translated the printed day-of-the-week titles.  The quarter & month title bars are ours.  (Transcribed by: Michael Mohr-Bell).

1937 - Q1   January — March

January, 1937

— 1 —
at “El Rincón”

Fine day   Warmer
In morning went in car towards Buen Retiro to see land joining Barrancas.  Man with bees occupied Barrancas.
Visitors here today, Harry Bury & son
J Bell & Clarita.  R Traill & Olditch
Mr & Mrs J Pearson.  Bowls & Bridge.
Cars marked - Nash 5185 K - 13 l in tank
    Cabriolet     6736   10 in tank
Old Chevrolet    39596   12 in tank
Joses Chevots  2/1  699

— 2 —

Fine day, lightning to the west tonight.  Doing up books most of day.
Visitors today Mr Bury & son.  Jack Bell & Clarita, R Traill & Westcom & wife.

— Sunday, January 3 —
at “El Rincón”

9 mm rain last night very slow.
Fine fresh day.
Callers today: J Bell & Clarita.  R Traill & wife.  Mr & Mrs Westcamp.  Mr Ryler,  Mr Bury & son.  Mr & Mrs Pinsentt & Joyce.
Kids to Cinema tonight.
OB with some grippe.

— 4 —

Fine day.
To Club meeting in morning.
Doing up books most of day.
Jack Bell took Phillipps radio to Cordoba to put into condition.
Mrs Hill called in afternoon.
Mr & Mrs R Traill to bridge tonight.

— 5 —

Windy day N Cloudy tonight
Mrs Mills here in morning.
Books nearly all day.
After tea went to see broken tank of J.Halahan.
R. Traill here in morning for tennis, and afternoon for bowls, dinner and bridge with Senora.
Bury and son also here f bowls in afternoon

— 6 —

Cool day –
Went to Club in morning & to La Cumbre.
Bazel & wife called in morning.-
After tea with John & Mary & Malcolm to Barrancas to see adjoined land which J.M.Zapatas sun wants to buy.-
Bowls in afternoon, Callers were R Traill & Señora, Clarita & Miss Mathews.

— 7 —

Windy morning stormy, slight shower in evening.
R Traill for tennis & bowls.
Mechanic of Phillipps radio from Cordoba was here to put our radio to rights.  Clarita & Mis Mathews here for dinner & bridge,

— 8 —

Rained yesterday 4 mm  Warm day N.
To La Cumbre in morning, barber and paid Patente on 3 autos $140.
Telegram saying Higham died last night.
Mr & Mrs Pinsent called in evening.
Bo’ from her 6 rafle tickets for tuberculosis to be drawn 30/6.

— 9 —

Rained a bit in morning 8½ mm & was a fine day.
Nothing much doing.
Jean Cowan of Cordoba arrived to stay.
Mr & Mrs R Traill here in afternoon for bowls & bridge.  Jack Bell & Clarita after dinner for bridge.

— Sunday, January 10 —
at “El Rincón”

Warmish day.
Jack Bell & Clarita here in morning
R Traill also for bowls & bridge.
Mr & Mrs Norman called in afternoon bridge & bowls.
Mr & Mrs Traill for bowls dinner & bridge.
Kids in afternoon to Pampa Olain & nights [??] to cinema.

— 11 —

Warm day looking stormy, but only a few drops fell.
To El Tala and Nogales in morning.
Mr & Mrs Hardy--Smith & wife were here in morning, also R Traill for tennis and Bowls.
In afternoon R Traill & Señora and Mrs Pinsent called Tennis.
John burst the tire of his car last night

— 12 —

Stormy looking day, warm.
R Traill here in morning for tennis & bowls.  In afternoon for tea at Molino de Oro, AB OB Clarita & Mrs Pinsent.
The Kids went earlier in their car.

— 13 —

Warm day NE 29°
In morning paid Las 3 Lagunas accounts, etc.
In afternoon Comander Buckly & wife called & R Traill: Bowls
Mrs Mills to dinner & bridge, also Mis Mathews who came after dinner.

— 14 —

Warm day, clear 29°
Went to Club & La Cumbre in morning.  Also went and saw Mrs Riquelme, said she would pay years interest $180 in a few days.  Mr & Mrs Heini Smith came for tennis in morning, also R Traill.
In afternoon Mrs Sanberan and nephew & Mr & Mrs Bazet.  Bowls.
Pinsent & daughter also called.

— 15 —

Warm day 31°
Went to picnic at Rio Pintos.  I in my car with Martin driving.  Jake in his car with Malcolm, Mary, Joan Cowan, and Joyce Pinsent.  Pinsent & Mrs in his car & Farran.  Mrs Runacles, Mrs Hutchinson and daughters & Mrs Buckley.  Left my specs there.
R Traill & Mrs and Clarita here at bridge when we returned.  49 K to Pintos by way of Molino de Oro.

— 16 —

Hot windy day 31°
John & Martin went to Pintos to look for my specs but could not find them.
Mr Pryor & Cutts called in morning & R Traill for bowls.  In afternoon also visitors for bowls & bridge.  Mr Pryor, Mrs Norucan [Conran?], Mrs Mathews, Mr & Mrs Traill.
The latter 2 stopped for dinner & bridge.
Clarita was also here twice.

— Sunday, January 17 —
at “El Rincón”

Another warm day 29° windy.–
Nothing much doing today.
Miss Sheila Jagan arrived.
Callers were Mr & Mrs R Traill, Mr Gilleyat Clarita.  Brideg &bowls.
Kids tonight to cinema.

— 18 —

Had a nice rain of 30 mm in morning early.  Very little else where.  River was quite high.  Nothing much doing in morning.
After tea Mr Cutts & Hume came for bowls.  Also R Traill and a party with Mr & Mrs Sunberan and Baget.
R Traill & Mrs here for bridge tonight.

— 19 —

Fine day.
R Traill here in morning for Bowls.
To tea to Raydon for bridge with Com. Buckly & Mrs Buckly, lost 60.- [??]
For dinner Miss Mathews and Mrs Mills. & bridge.

— 20 —

Warm day N 29° Stormy looking day.
John & Malcolm went to Cordoba after lunch bro’t out Peggy Ross & Querie Talbot to stop here.
In afternoon Mrs Cutts and Mr Hume for bridge, also R Traill in morning & afternoon.

— 21 —

Fine cool day.  Rained last night 13½ m/m
Went to Golf Club, Comittee meeting.
Telegram f 3 Lag 40 m/m rain
R Traill was here in morning, also in afternoon & night for bridge & wife
Also in afternoon Mr Cutts & Hume, & Mr & Mrs Gillyatt and Jim Bury for bowls 3 on a side

— 22 —

Fine day, damp last night
Began doing up income tax accounts & wrote to Campbell Leburn.
- To Villa Josefina.  For bowls in evening R Traill Mr & Mrs Gillyatt and Hume.

— 23 —

Fine day.
Doing up income tax forenoon.
R Traill in morning for bowls.
In afternoon, Pryor, Cutts, Hume, Jack Bell & Clarita for bowls.  4 a side.
Mr & Mrs R Traill for dinner & bridge.
Kids all went to Molino de Oro for bathing & tea.

— Sunday, January 24 —
at “El Rincón”

Rained in morning early 8 mm.
Cool day.  Kids in morning early went to Onglamira grotto and in afternoon to Keenes and back.  In afternoon Jack Bell & Clarita & Mr Hume and R Traill for bowls.  Also Mr Sauberan & Mr Maliera and J Bazet also for bowls.  R Traill & wife for bridge tonight & also a rubber in morning.
Jean Cowan left.

— 25 —

Very fine day.
To El Tala and club, La Cumbre in morning.
Nothing doing much in morning.
In afternoon bowls with Mr Cutts & Pryor & OB.  Mrs Mills here for dinner & bridge also Mr & Mrs R Traill also here for bridge in evening.  I lost every rubber 14700 points.

— 26 —

Fine day.  Cold night.
To barber in morning.
Kids all went to Keenes for picnic.
In afternoon RTraill, Mr & Mrs Gillyatt, Bury, and Hume for bowls.

— 27 —

Another fine day.
Doing income tax all morning.
John & Malcolm took Sheila Jugue to Cordoba & back in evening
John Christie arrived to stop.
Mr Cutts & Pryor here for bowls in afternoon.
Mr & Mrs R Traill here tonight here for bridge.

— 28 —

Fine day, cool.
Kids all went to picnic at Pintos river, with in conjuction with Keen kids.
R Traill here for lunch & bowls.
Mr Hume also here for bowls.
Mr R Traill & Daphne also called in evening.

— 29 —

Stormy looking day.
The 3 girls went with Mr Pryor & Cutts to 70ft water fall & back to lunch with them at Raydon where OB also went.
R Traill & Willans here for bowls and for bridge after dinner.  Selling fruit.

— 30 —

Fine day, warmer.
Sent letter to C.Leburn re income tax.  Doing up accounts in morning.  C Winter.
Went to ‘assambea’ at Golf Club in afternoon.  Was elected again on committee for another 2 years.  Quite a lot of people here in afternoon.  Mr Pryor, Cutts, Jack Bell & Clarita Mr & Mrs Gillyatt, Mrs Bury, Mrs Norman Mrs Runciman, R Traill, & Willans.  Bowls & bridge.  Jack Bell & Clarita here for bridge tonight.-

— Sunday, January 31 —
at “El Rincón”

Fine day warmer, rained 4½ mm at 3 Pm
Heavy atmosphere afterwards.
Kids out riding in afternoon.
A in morning to La Falda & tonight to cinema at La Falda.   Jack Bell & Clarita called in afternoon, also Bury.- Son [??]
Mr Mrs Runciman & Mrs Martinez to dinner & bridge.  Duery [??] Talbot with the Traills to San Bernardo today

February, 1937

— 1 —

Warm day stormy in afternoon but with only 2½ m/m rain.
OB & Mary went to Cordoba in Nash & broght out Phyliss & baby arriving 8.00 pm.
Miss Corbett of Bosque Alegre and Rev. Bruce & wife called in forenoon.
Doing up monthly accounts.

— 2 —

Warm day.  Rain before tea 17 mm
Doing up accounts all morning.
In afternoon R Traill, Daphne, Mrs John Traill & Mrs R Traill were here bridge & bowls.
Malcolm Middleton left after dinner to sleep at Bury’s and then go to Rosario.-
Young Jeffry arrived tonight.

— 3 —

Fine day, warmer.
Doing up Gasparini a/c all morning.
Kermasse at Allan Gardiner Homes in afternoon.  OB had food stall.  All went there.  Afterwards had bowls with Gillyatt & RT Traill.
Bridge at night.

— 4 —

Warmer day.  Little rain fell in afternoon, not enough to measure.
Traill was here in after morning and again in afternoon for bowls & bridge.
Went to Club meeting, am vice-President again for next two years.
Mrs Norman and Miss Mathews here for bridge tonight.  Howard Webster and Clarita also called tonight

— 5 —

Another stormy afternoon, had 28° but only a few drops  Walked to Villa Josefina in morning.  R Traill for bowls in morning.
In afternoon for tea Mr Herie Smith and for tennis & bridge, also Daphne.
Webster & Clarita here after dinner - bridge

— 6 —

Warm day 30° windy tonight.
In morning went to Club and barber.
In afternoon R Traill & Gillyat fo bwls.
Tonight for dinner and bridge Clarita & Webster.
Sr Vasallo and an English lady & 2 children called on horse back.
Tonight for bridg R Traill & wife & Daphne and Mr Hariy Smith.
Jeffry supposed to be coming up but train was delayed.

— Sunday, February 7 (Carnaval) —
at “El Rincón”

Nice rain morning early 26½ mm hot day.
Nothing doing in morning.
In afternoon, R Traill & family, Jack Bell & Clarita, bowls.
Mrs Mills to dinner & bridge.
HWebster & Jack Bell also here for bridge here tonight.

— 8 (Carnaval) —

Cold damp day.  over cat.
Kids all went to picnic at San Miguel.
Accounts to pay came from 3 Lagunas J.Bell, Clarita, Webster & Ordoñez called before lunch, and the two latter came for dinner & bridge.

— 9 (Carnaval) —

Fine day.  Cool.  Barm dropping.
Telegram 3 Lag. rain 23 m/m rain last night.
Paying 3 Lag accounts today.
In afternoon Gillyatt Mr & Mrs R Traill, Oldich (Jun) & wife, Norman & Sra here for tennis & bowls.  Jack Bell, Clarita & Webster here for bridge tonight.

— 10 —

Very strong N. wind all day.—
Selling fruit but most is over now.
Went to Club in morning, & saw the 2 percherones I gave to Club.
OB, John Christie & John left for Serreguela 5.15 PM today.  Miss Mathews and Mrs Bernard called in afternoon.
Jack Bell Clarita & H.Webste to bridge tonight.  R Traill for bowls in afternoon.–

— 11 —

Thunder storm last night 5½ mm
Cool day.
OB, John & J. Christie returned from the salinas of Serreguela 3 PM.  bro’t a turtle along.  Sent reports of some of the income tax to C. Leburn.
R. Traill was here in afternoon for bowls.
Spoke by telefer to 3 Lag in morning
Cook ill in bed.  Dr Hansen called.

— 12 —

Fine day N
In morning went to Nogales & had a look around.  Bowls in afternoon.  R Traill, Norman, & after wards Mr Sauberan, Capdevilla, J.Bager & wife turned and also played bowls.
Afterwards they showed the coloured films of Sauberars place & Mr Milles places in France.
After dinner for bridge R Traill & wife, Mr Herie Smith, Clarita & Webster and Miss Mathews.

— 13 —

Warm day.
John went to Cordoba in morning, returning afternoon taking John Christie & Peggy Ross who went to Rosario, Querie [Lucria ??] went along & returned.
In morning went to Los Nogales, and also called on Dr Hansen.
Tonight for bridge, HWebster and Jack & Clarita Bell.

— Sunday, February 14 —
at “El Rincón”

Quite a good day.  Storm again last night but only rained 3½ mm
To La Cumbre in morning to drug stores
R Traill here to lunch and most of day.
Bowls: Jack Bell and Clarita, Mr Norman (& Sra) & bridge.
Tonight Mrs Mills for bridge.  Won every rubber.

— 15 —

Warm day, strong wind N.
Nothing doing in morning.  Went to Barancas where just sowed the sweet centeno, about a hectaria.
In afternoon R Traill, Daphne, Mr & Mrs Alexander & Webster here for bowls.
John, Mary & Desmond took Querie [??] to Keens where she is going to stop.
Mr & Mrs Norman here for dinner & bridge

— 16 —

Misty in forenoon.  Warm day.  Cloudy at night.
Nothing doing in fornoon.
Mrs Vignolles for tea.
R Traill for bowls.  Mrs Dunn and a Mrs Hines called.
Tonight for bridge: R Traill, Daphne, Clarita and HWebster

— 17 —

Hard storm last night with 27 rain teleg from 3 Lag. 75 & 13 afterwards
Went to La Cumbre & saw man to make bench of cement for $25. put here.-
Bowls in afternoon R Traill
For dinner & bridge, Clarita & HWebster.
for brighe after dinner also R Traill, Daphne & Mr & Mrs Hines from Merel Keets.–.

— 18 —

Rained 8 mm last night & was a heavy day.  Barm low.-
Went to El Tala in forenoon.-
In afternoon R Traill & Mr & Mrs Hines for bowls.  Daphne also
HWebster here for dinner & bridge

— 19 —

Heavy storm in morning early 39 mm.
Fine rain.  Gudes [Guedes ??] arrived at noon.
R Traill for bridge in morning & bowls in afternoon. Also Mr & Mrs Hines, bowls.
After dinner for bridge R Traill & Daphne, H Webster, & Mr & Mrs Hines.
Rest of them went to Cira [cinema??]

— 20 —

Very fine clear day.
In morning went to barber & Club.
In afternoon visitors were Mr Traill Daphne Miss Mathews, Mr & Mrs Hines, Gillyatt, Jack & Clarita Bell.  Bowls & bridge JBell & Clarita

— Sunday, February 21 —
at “El Rincón”

Another fine day.
In morning Jack Bell & Clarita for bowls, also in afternoon.  OB & I & JWebster went to an asado at Raydon.  John took Gerde Phyliss & Mary to Keens for afternoon.
In afternoon J Traill here for bowls.
Mr Saubran & Mr GreenWhite & another called in morning.  Tonight for dinner Mrs Leach, JWebster R Traill & bridge, also f bridge Mr & Mrs Hines.
Elections for Gov. Santa Fe today

— 22 —

Warmer day.
Gerdes & I went to San Jose today, left at 8.30 in Nash with Martín, 14 K to Capela Monte. 97 to Dean Funes, 152 to San Jose.
Saw Figuerco & made arrangement for him to send a wagon load of salt to L Rosas @ $7 per tonelado (30 tons.)  Lunched at Hotel Comercio, Dean Funes.  Came back by Copacabana 3 K longer.  John, Mary & Phyliss had tea at Ascochinga, taking Mr & Mrs Hines.  R Traill for bowls in evening

— 23 —

Fine day & warmer.
Gerdes & I called on at Club in morning.
In afternoon for bowls: R Traill & Gillyatt Mr B. Sauberan, Mr & Mrs Baget also came to fotograph in cobers [colors ??] .
Mrs Cadmus & daughter, Mrs R Traill, Daphne, Mrs Gillyatt. & Clarita also called.

— 24 —

Fine clear day.
To Dr Hansen in morning, got recept Piperzine & Yodo genal.
In afternoon R Traill, Mr & Mrs Hines for bowls.
The latter are leaving for BA tomorrow.
After dinner for bridge, Mr & Mrs R Traill, Daphne & Miss Mathews.
I won ten pat 15.
Wrote to Bco Provincial SFe to pay C Directa

— 25 —

Warm day 29°
In morning R Traill for bowls.
 "  afternoon  "  Gillyatt & Sra for bowls.
Rec’d from CLeburn income tax returns.
Cement bench rec’d $25.

— 26 —

Another warm day. 29° Sent off cheque for income tax.
Doing up Campo Winter books.
In afternoon bowls.  R Traill & Clarita.

— 27 —

Hot stuffy day 28°  Stormy tonight.
To Club in morning with Gerdes.
In afternoon for bowls, Gillyatt& Sra, R Traill.  Jack Bell & Clarita.  For dinner & bridge Jack Bell & Clarita.  After dinner: R Traill & Sra and Miss Mathews.
Mrs Peard, & Afra & child called.
Juan Aurora, hijo, arrived from 3 Lagunas.

— Sunday, February 28 —
at “El Rincón”

Rained 32 mm last night.  Fine day
Bridge & bowls today: R Traill JBell & Clarita, Mrs Mills.
John Mary Mr & Mrs Gerdes to cinema tonight

March, 1937

— 1 —

Rained 15 mm in morning. & looks like more rain.
Doing up books all forenoon & part of afternoon.
Mary & John to Cordoba with Martin in Nash on way to school.
John Aurora hijo also left with Alfredito & Enrique.  After tea went with Gerdes to Barancas.  Bowls: R Traill & Clarita.  Callers were Mrs Cadmus & daughter & Mrs Traill & Daphne.

— 2 —

Fine day.  Barm low.
In morning went to Fomento Serrano, but there was no meeting at 10 am so came back.  Writing up & paid Gasparini account.
Bowls in afternoon Gillyatt & R Traill.
Some men of Ferreros here on camping out trip.  Mrs Mills here tonight for bridge & dinner   Also Mr & Mrs R Traill and Daphne after dinner for bridge.  Martín came back at dinnertime from Cordoba.-

— 3 —

On train Cordoba to Rosario.
Fine day, stormy looking.
Left with Martín with my Cabriolet 3 P.M. arrives at Jack Bells office 5.05. 106 Kil.
Bot a garden umbrella at Gath & Chaves.
Martin goes back tomorrow leaving my car to get fixed up.
Left 7.20 in train.

— 4 —
At “Las Tres Lagunas”

Las 3 Lagunas.  Rained most night on tren.
Cool day.  In morning went to barber, Etam, Banco Nat City, B & Leburn, & Geo Middleton & Shelhaus for specs.  Left for here at 1.07.  on tren were: Marron, Clarita Schreiber, Geo Bothlingh & Sra and a friend & wife.
Had rained here this fornoon.
Went to 15N & 15 with Henry.  Grimme not back yet.
telg f OB 16 mm rain.

— 5 —

Warmer day, but fine.
In morning did some office work and recorred the Ombu camp.
After tea went to La California, bowls etc.
The new Jefe Politico called but I was away at La California.
My Pontiac measured in afternoon 21746 Kil with 30 litros in tank.  When I left for El Rincon in Dec had 21686 K
19/4/37 Pontiac measured 21863 Kil

— 6 —

Warmer day.
In morning in car to No 30-36-35-28-25 camp & cattle looking very well.-
Office work rest of day xcpt after tea went to monte and no 16.  Vaquillonas looking very well.

— Sunday, March 7 —
at “Las Tres Lagunas”

Warm day cool night N Barm low.
In morning went to no 12-13-14.  Cattle looking well.  Willie, Gufford & Denison came for a game of bowls in morning.
In afternoon Willie Eileen & I went to Las Chilcas for bridge & dinner.

— 8 —

Hot clammy day.  N.
Went to Las Ross in morning to Bco Provincia & Bco Nacion.
After siesta went to see thrashing Sudan Grass in no 25.  19 q today.
Office work also.-

— 9 —

Vey hot day 39° with bad north wind dust storm came up about 6 PM and then rain.
In afternoon went through west part of camp.

— 10 —
at “El Rincón”

El Rincon
Rained last night at 3 Lag with a great thunder storm.  19 mm  Muggy day.
Geo Grimme in office again after his trip to Mar del Ajo.  Left for Cordoba on 9.50 train by via del Rosario, arriving Cordoba 620 P.M.  Went to Chevrolet Agency & Jack gave me a man to drive me out in my Cabriolet which had been over hauled.  Got here at 9. 30.
Jean Jagoc had arrived here today.
mm rain Labunlos [??]

— 11 —

Warm day 28° looking stormy tonight.
Office work in forenoon.
Callers today were, Mrs Cadmus & Elsie  Mr & Mrs R Traill.  Mr & Mrs Gillyatt here for bowls in afternoon.

— 12 —

Strong N wind blowing Barm low 748.-
Went to Club in morning.-
Traill here for bowls in morning & afternoon.-
Mr Gillyatt & Mrs also here for bowls in afternoon.
Clarita & Marian called in afternoon.
R Traill & Mrs E Traill for dinner & bridge.
Mr & Mrs Gerdes & kid left in Johns car for Las Rosas via J.Craig.  Car marked 6139 K when he left.

— 13 —

Cool day.  Storm evidently south.– Went to El Tala in morning.-
In morning R Traill & G. Roberts for bowls.-
In afternoon R Traill & later Jack Bell & Clarita Marion & GRoberts for dinner & bridge.
Mrs Gifford arrived to stay at noon.
Tonight Campbell Leburn & wife also to stay.
Elsie Cadmus here most of day.

— Sunday, March 14 —
at “El Rincón”

Cold day S
Telg from 3 Lag. of 48 mm rain.
C. Leburn & I went to Club in morning.
In afternoon Bowls, Jack Bell, R Traill & house.  Bridge also.

— 15 —

Cold day.  Mostly over cast.-
Not much doing in forenoon
Campbell Leburn galfing morning and afternoon.
Bowls in afternoon.  R Traill & Gillyat.
Tonight for dinner Mr & Mrs J Pearson & bridge.
Also for bridge Mr & Mrs R Traill tonight.
Mrs Cadmus & Mrs Walf here on way from picnic up river.
Gerdes brother & nephew called & had lunch.

— 16 —

Coldish day, but fine
Played 9 holes Golf with Jimmy Roberts in morning,  Leach & Sra and Nogales people in morning.  In afternoon R Traill for lunch and bowls.  Alfredo Schreiber & family & a sister in law called.
Mrs Miles for dinner and bridge.-

— 17 —

Fine day.
Jean Jagoe went for the day to San Bernardo with Traills, Roberts etc.
Miss Elsie Cadmus stops the night or a few days as her mother left for BA as Mr Cadmus ill.  Went after tea to Greystone with C Leburn.
Bowls. Mr & Mrs Bauer called in afternoon.  Bridge tonight.
Office work in morning.

— 18 —

Another cool day.
In morning revised the toma and acequia of Villa Josefina, which wants cleaning out.
R Traill & Gillyat here in afternoon for bowls.
Nina Roberts called.

— 19 —

Very windy morning, but fine afternoon.
Went to Los Nogales in morning to see about moving gate.
Geo Middleton arrived on noon train.
Bowls in afternoon R Traill & house party & Gillyatt.
Mr & Mrs Guy called and Mrs Nisbet.
After dinner Mr & Mrs Halway, Mr & Mrs R Traill, Mrs Van Wyk sister of Mrs Gifford

— 20 —

Coldish day.  Mostly over cast & damp.
R Traill here morning & afternoon for bowls.
In afternoon also Mr & Mrs Guy & Mrs    for bowls & bridge & Mrs R Traill
Flaceng [J Caseng ??] had lunch.
Jean Jague left for BAirs in evening.
Jack Bell & Clarita here for bridge tonight.
The 40 calves sent to BAirs fetched net 76.19 (gastos were 10. a piece total-) (flete 5.- a piece.)

— Sunday, March 21 —
at “El Rincón”

Cool day.  Wind
Bowls in morning & afternoon.  R Traill Gillyat, Jack Bell
Callers were Kathleen Lockwood, Mrs Waldner & Mrs Gilderdale.  Also Pincent & son.
Tonight for bridge Mr & Mrs R Traill & Mr Bauer.

— 22 —

Fine day.
In morning went with G.Middleton to call on Resembergs.
Bowls in afternoon JBell Gillyat R Traill, CLeburn Middleton & I.
R Traill here all day & night.
J. Bell & Clarita tonight for bridge.–

— 23 —

Windy in morning early, but a fine day.
Went to barber in morning.
Varius here today for bowls, Jack Bell, Gillyatt.  The ladies of Burucugle who also called last Sunday
Mr & Mrs Bauer here for dinner & bridge. Mrs Mills also for bridge.
Contracted with Pinto to put new gate at Los Nogales for $585 every thing incluso.
Letter from G. Grimme resigning.

— 24 —

Fine day.
Went to Club meeting in morning.
Bob Traill left for his home in evening as Mrs Traill had come back again f Cordoba
Bowls in afternoon R Traill, Middleton JBell, C Leburn, OB & I.
Also bridge
J.Bell had gone on a picnic with the Burricages women & Elsie Cadmus to Ascochingo way

— 25 —

Fine day.
Good Thursday.
In morning went to Barancas to see the land young JM Zapata wants to sell.  He is aking 3000 pesos for a part.joining
Vargos the carpenter of Las Rosas arrived.
Mr Daly & Aney stop the night.
Big party came this afternoon for tennis: the Burrucugle people (7) Mr & Mrs Kennard (Joeglus) Miss Black, Mr Pinsent Mr Huece Sillyatten & wife Murray etc.–
Murray Stalad, Jagleo & Kennard Nathe & Suca. Scott Badli

— 26 —

Beautiful day.  Big party most of day Bowls tennis bridge baño
Same as yesterday more or less.
All the young people to moon light picnics Purego [??] way. Mr & Mrs Bauer tonight for bridge.  G Middleton OB & I.

— 27 —

Strong N wind.  Barm dropping.
Carpenter Bargas began working.
In morning some bowls & bridge.
In afternoon big crowd here for bowls & bridge, Mr & Mrs Guy [Grey ??], Mr Pinsent bringing American who is fixing up limits Paraguay & Bolivia; Mr & Mrs Haden
Went to cocktail party at Burucuga [Bunceya ??].
Young son of Mr Zapata wanting to sell land joining Barancas, offered 3000 for whole lot.

— Sunday, March 28 —
at “El Rincón”

Fine day.  In morning bowls & some bridge.
Callers today were Douglas Kennard, Erick & old Mrs Kinnard.
Went this evening to Club for giving prizes with C Leburn & wife, Mr Daly who all left for Cordoba also Mrs Guiffora & Elsie Daly went with us.
Tonight for dinner & bridge Traill & wife, Mrs Mills and Mr & Mrs Bauer.

— 29 —

Stormy looking day but cleared up.-
Amy & Elsie left for BAires in afternoon with the Douglas Kennard for B Aires.
All alone here now OB, I. GMiddleton & Mrs Gifford.
Gillyatt was here in afternoon for bowls
Mr & Mrs Haydon here for dinner & bridge.
Telegram f 3 Lagunas: 8 mm rain.

— 30 —

Cool day, Stormy looking in afternoon.
Office work all forenoon.-
Gillyatt here for bowls after tea.
Mr & Mrs Jack Pearson for dinner & bridge.

— 31 —

Cold clear fine day.
Office work in morning.
Gillyatt here in afternoon for bowls.
Mrs Mills here for dinner & bridge.
Telegram f 3 Lagunas 26 mm more rain.

1937 - Q2   April — June

April, 1937

— 1 —

Fine cool day.
To Los Nogales in morning with GMiddleton to see making new gate way.
Doing up cash account.
Changed baker on a/c of over charging.
Mr & Mrs R. Traill here in afternoon for bowls & bridge
Clara Bell here for dinner & bridge.
Anderson of San Andres hotel died.

   Nash 7644  kil 26 l nafta in car.
Cabriolet  7571  " 40    "  "  "
Chevrolet 41167  " 18    "  "  "

— 2 —

Fine cool day.
Office work most of day.
Mr & Mrs Heydon Haden called for a swim.
George Roberts Middleton left for Rosario by car with Gillyatt.
R Traill & wife for dinner & bridge.

— 3 —

Fine cool day. Fresh.
Doing up books.
Mr & Mrs Haydon called in morning for a swim.
Jack Bell & Clarita here in afternoon & also for dinner & bridge.
Mr & Mrs R Traill in morning & afternoon for bowls.

— Sunday, April 4 —
at “El Rincón”

Fine day.
Jack Bell & family left for Cordoba from Los Nogales.
Went to Los Nogales & Club in morning.
Went to tea OB, I, Mrs Gifford to the Haydens Haden for tea & bridge at Rayon.
Raydens were here for swim but she sprained her ancle below tennis court.

— 5 —

Fine cool day again.
Doing up books again.
Mr & Mrs Haydon here for a swim in forenoon.
OB revising Los Nogales in morning.
R Traill here for bowls in afternoon & for dinner & bridge with Mrs Traill.
Plessen wrote about a job.-

— 6 —

Another fine day damp.
Went to Los Nogales in morning
Mr & Mrs Haydon in morning for swim left in afternoon for Baires:
Am. Embassy, 116 Quintana B.A.
R Traill in afternoon for bowls
Cocktail party in honor of Mrs Runacles on eve her departure to Europe.-

— 7 —

Another fine day.
Went to Los Nogales with carpenter Vargas to see about doing mending.
Went to long walk up river after tea.
OB to Mills for bridge.
Mrs Mills to dinner & bridge.
Mr & Mrs R Traill for bridge tonight.

— 8 —

Another fine day.
In morning went to La Cumbrecita barber & paid various accounts, also to Los Nogales.
Dina Mrs Richard Brown called tonight (. afternoon)
Auroras wife got a girl baby.

— 9 —

Hot day.
OB, I, Mrs Gifford left in Nash to the Salinas Gdes to San Jose.  Saw girl Holsworth who is in charge of Ballester & Molina S A (Salinera Espanol) who promised to send a car load of salt & one car load of salt blocks to Las Rosas.  Went to see the salt & on to Mansilla;  Had infeest at Dean Funes.  Did altogether 367 K coming back by Sauce which is 15 Kil more than by the other road.  Lunched below a tree this side of Mansilla.

— 10 —

Coldish overcast day.–
Went with young JM Zapata to see mojon of boundary of his west boundary of the land he wants to sell me.
R Traill here for bowls in afternoon.
Mr & Mrs R Traill here for dinner & bridge

— Sunday, April 11 —
at “El Rincón”

Cold over cast day.
In afternoon Mr & Mrs Traill & Mrs Mills for tea & dinner bridge & bowls.

— 12 —

Better day, not so cold.
Went in morning to Los Nogales.
R Traill was here in morning & again in afternoon for bowls.
Men busy packing up boxes of jam & nuts for down south

— 13 —

Better day with 2½ mm rain at noon.
Was at Los Nogales in morning to see about the new gate.
Mrs Mills here in morning.
Jack Pearson and Dina here for dinner & bridge.

— 14 —

Fine day, & clear.
Packing up cargo for 3 Lagunas, telefoned to Estancia to send camion to take cargo down 33 bultos or so eqiubaje of servant & us.
Servant left for LRosas, in tren. .
Mrs Gifford left for La California.
Began getting levels for bowling green.
Mr & Mrs R Traill for dinner bridge and Mrs Mills.

— 15 —

Fine day.  Went to Los Nogales & traded with Pinto to continue the wall to SW end of Los Nogales for 750. 50 cm x 1.20
J. Aurora of 3 Lag came with camion in morning early & took away the cases 8 fruit etc. 33 cases besides other luggage left again 2.45 PM.
R Traill & wife & Mrs Mills called to say good bye.

— 16 —
Travel from “El Rincón” to “Las Tres Lagunas”

Las 3 Lagunas
Warm day.  J. Aurora with camion arrived about 2.30 PM
OB & I left with Martin in Nash car.  Got to Cordoba in less than 2 hours, saw Onortequin abush ts [the] bit of land young JM Zapata wants to sell.  guess the titles are not good enough.  Lunched at Villa Maria & got to 3 Laguns befor 5 P M coming by Tortugas partly on new road 443 K losing about 2600 M in turns.
Willie called before dinner.

— 17 —

West wind.  Dry.
Paid monthly accounts, & gelling [??]
Took a walk through monte with OB after tea.

— Sunday, April 18 —
at “Las Tres Lagunas”

Warm day.
Nothing much going on.
For tea this afternoon Willie, Dennison, Mrs Gifford for bowls, also Gerdes & brother & Mrs Gerdes & kid.

— 19 —

Warm day.  No wind.
Arranged letters etc all forenoon.
After tea recorrered brete 11-9-7-8-10
Plenty of grass but very dry
Mrs Raymond, Violet and Mrs Leburn had tea.

— 20 —

Warm day E.
In morning with car to No 16-27-28 35 36-23 & throgh maiz.  Maiz is not so good as expected.
Office work in afternoon & bowls with OB.

— 21 —

Warm dry N wind.
OB to Rasairo for the day, via auto to C.Gomez.
In morning recorrered El Ombu.
Willie here after tea & together we recorrered west side of camp.
Jefe Policia (Grau) called in evening.

— 22 —

Warm day.  N wind.
Doing up statistics of crop yields.–
Gerdes & Phyliss here for lunch, & latter left in evening.  In monte to see about cutting paraiso trees.  Willie & Gifford here for tea.

— 23 —

Warm day NNE 35° looks stormy in evening.
Went to Las Rosas in morning to Bank & Gerdes.  Began watering strip of bowling green.
After tea with OB to Farres No 3 where they are desgraining.  Very good maiz.

— 24 —

Still N and hot.  Storm about.
Bartoluzzi came & made contract for making new bathroom complete for $1868 including sumidero, piping etc Xcept artefactos for electricity.
Antonio Plessen came in afternoon to take up his job as book keeper.
Willie here for bowls. & to talk of going to North of Santa Fe Markonia
Gerdes & Phyliss came in morning for week end.

— Sunday, April 25 —
at “Las Tres Lagunas”

Had strong dry dust storm about 2 am. but dampish day
After tea Gifford & Dennison here for bowls.–

— 26 —

Rained altogether 5 mm and about double at Las Tijeras.  Cooler day.
Mr & Mrs An. Gerdes left for Ombu.
Romulo Piedrabuena left died in Sanatorio last night.-
After tea with OB went to Las Tijeras to see trying of machine to sow alfa & cebadilla, & then called on at La California.  Willie called in evening.  Had revised the Markonia yesterday, but did not like it.

— 27 —

Fine day SE
In morning with OB to Rosario in train & back by 5.10 PM train from Rosario N.
Had lunch at Palace Hotel.
Bought a set of bathroom fittings from Angeleri Jacuzzi & Cia for 875.-
Went to B & Leburns and to Club.-
Bartoluzzi men began working on bath room out side

— 28 —

Fine day E
To Las Rosas in morning to bank.
Willie & Eileen here after tea for bowls.
Bayers sales man came to sell Vets remedies

— 29 —

Fine day E
Writing letters etc in morning.
After tea in car to no 21-22-24 & saw sowing of alfa & cebadilla.
Phyliss was here in afternoon.

— 30 —

Another fine day.  N Barm dropping.
Finished CWinter books.-
Nothing much going on.

30/4 Kilometraje of cars.
Nash 8948 K
Pontiac Cabriolet 22010
Vauxhall 25850 miles
Camioncito Cabriolet 31450

May, 1937

— 1 —

Murky sort of day N.E. stormy looking
half holiday for the men.
Doing up cash account in forenoon.
Bowls after tea Plessen, OB, I, Gerdes & Gifford & Dennison.

— Sunday, May 2 —
at “Las Tres Lagunas”

Fine day E warm side.–
Doing up books in morning.-
After tea Mr & Mrs Gifford and Dennison for bowls.

— 3 —

Warm day N.W looks as if not going to rain.
Working in office all morning.
Gerdes & Phyliss left for the Ombu.
Bath fittings came from Rosario.
Telegraphed to W. Ward if he would accept 30 pesos hectarea for south league of Aroaz camp. [next to Alfred’s “Campo Winter”]

— 4 —

Warm clear muggy day. N.
Doing up books most of day.
Willie & Eileen called in evening.

— 5 —

Warmer day N
Office work in forenoon.
Palacios the medrinero desgrained, he averaged 52 q per square.
Howard Webster & Jo & Marjery Daw had tea on way from Chru [Ea. “Chirú”] to Los Algarrobas.

— 6 —

Warm day N & NW & E wind getting cloudy.
Recd telg from Ward accept offer of $30. for south league of Campo Aroaz.
Office work most of day.
Called on Phyllis with OB in evening.
Hear by radio that the air ship Hinterberg got burnt at New York

— 7 —

Another warm day.  N.  NW.  NE
Barm 750 bit stormy.
Office work (Gasparinis in morning.
Wrote to Hamilton & Ward
Willie & Eileen after tea for bowls.

— 8 —

Rained last night 14 mm quite a strong wind.  Good for newly sown alfa and Centeno.  Stormy again to night
R T Traill came in afternoon for week, also Sandy Story also. & Mr Mrs Gerdes who is a bit ill.-

— Sunday, May 9 —
at “Las Tres Lagunas”

Rained 29 mm last night and today was damp & over cast, bit stormy again tonight.
Nothing much doing today except bridge & bowls.

— 10 —

Rained another 10 mm last night and cleared off to south in afternoon.
Story & I went to Rosario in morning & came back in evening.  R.Traill also left on way to England.  Went to London Bank & got out my titles for campo Winter, 3 Lagunas and Las coaf 6 Tijeras, to see about measurement of campo Winter and Sembrerito [Sombrerito, next to Campo W.].

— 11 —

Clear day 2° 1st frost.
Sandy called on at La California.
Willie & Eileen for tea & bowls here.
Perico [AAB’s parrot] died last night.-
Paid all accounts today.
Sent letters to Escobar to see about titles of Campo Aroaz.

— 12 —

N Wind Coldish 2° slight frost.-
Listening in morning 6 am to Coronation of King George.
Sandy Storey who left after lunch, went with me to see novillitos in no 24 and the vaquillas in no 27 & 16.
After tea with OB to see plowing by Tunniti in no 9 for wheat, & revised vaquillas in no 70. & plantel in no 11.
Gerdes y Phyliss & baby still here

— 13 —

Fine day 2° wind variable.  Cloudy tonight.  Went on road to end of Las Tijeras & then back by La Calif and town.
Went to tea & bowls to Los Cardos with OB
Mr & Mrs Fisher called.

— 14 —

Fine day 8° N.-
In morning went in car to west part of camp & back by Las Rosas.–
In afternoon before tea see marking of calves from 35.  Willie & Gifford here for bowls after tea.

— 15 —

Misty morning, but fine day N.
Barm low.
Grimme after making monthly balance left his job & Antonio Plessen takes his place as book keeper.
Nothing much doing today.
After tea with OB & Gedes bowls.-

— Sunday, May 16 —
at “Las Tres Lagunas”

Rained this morning 6 mm and in evening began again SE & damp.
Nothing doing today.  Bridge.
Letter from Escobar, Resistencia saying titles of Ward are all right for Aroaz camp.-

— 17 —

Cold day 7 mm rain altogether with yesterday S.SW.
Gerdes with Phyliss left for Ombu, having come on the 8th
Went to see Escribano Barraco Marmal about the conditions of titles for Aroaz Camp.
Nothing much doing as there is much dampness.

— 18 —

Hard frost 2° + Coldish day.
Telegram from Escobar, Resistencia saying titles would be ready Friday.
Getting ready to leave tomorrow with OB for there.
Grimme turned up in afternoon leaving tomorrow for the Sierras.
Willie & Eileen came in evening & had a game of bowls.

— 19 —
Travel T.L. to Campo Winter

On train Rosario to Resistencia left
Cold day 1° + S.W.
Left in morning 8.16 train with OB for Rosario and left in French line at 11.53 PM for Chaco.
In Rosario went with Leburn to Bco Nacion & got a giro for $90000 for Resistencia ($96.cost.)
Sent telg to Savoy Hotel for room, also to Escobar to advise going to Escriturar Araoz camp tomorrow.
Went to cinema at night.

— 20 —
Travel T.L. to Resistencia & Campo Winter

Hotel Savoy, Resistencia.  Quite a good day.  in train & no dust, arrived here about 10.15 PM.
Hamilton met us here.

— 21 —

Fine day clear.
In morning with Hamilton to Bco Nacion and deposited the giro for 90000, & gave a cheque for $10,000. for expenses. (in our joint name to OB, H.W.Hamilton & JMBell.
Then we took OB and showed the Baraqueros port & factory.
Went to cinema after dinner.

— 22 —
at Campo Winter

Campo Winter
Left Cleared up today & was a cool day
Left in morning Hamilton, OB & I in Godoys car 7.40 & arrived at Campo Winter about 1.30
Roads in some place bumpy, camps dont look bad as had some slight rains.
Mr Brownrigg & family called, before dinner.

— Sunday, May 23 —
at Campo Winter

SE. 5° in morning & was a coldish.
People are afraid of frost which may destroy the late cotton. Agriao [Agino ??] was here in morning and said he was getting 2 tons to hectaria of cotton quien sabé.
Went in afternoon with Hamilton and OB for tea at Brownriggs

— 24 —

4° in morning.  East wind warmer.
In morning Hamilton and I went to Sombrerito & to east side of Picaso camp on road & then went into my Aroaz camp.  Aquino told Hamilton that 3500 from south of Aroaz camp comes to guarda ganado on west gate.  Saw the two plantel rodeos about.200.  not in bad condition
In la Rosa Romero oficial Policia is the one at Picaso puesto East side

— 25 —

Cold overcast forenoon.  Afternoon a bit better in afternoon 10°
Nothing much doing.  looking at titles of my camps.

— 26 —

S 11° cloudy in morning, cleared in afternoon.
Had on rodeo of novillos in envernada [ensenada ??] potrero.  animals: novillos & bulls looking well.  Afterwards with Hamilton went with car along Bermejo river from NE corner of puesto Zapallar road & back.
Tonight Mr & Mrs Brownrigg for dinner & bridge.  I won 2.70
Say in places cotton touched by frost.

— 27 —

Fine day E 7°
In morning with Hamilton to Somrerito laguna to see JMK [JMU ??] mojón which is supposed to be 90 odd metres too far west.
Nice laguna.
Hamilton inquired if I would pay him one peso for each calved.  I told him I would next years marking.

— 28 —

Savoy Hotel Resistencia Fine day N.E 5°
Godoys brother-in law drove us to Resistencia OB & I left CWinter 7.40 am & got to Resistencia 12.15 PM.  Road much better, but rough in places.  After siesta went to station to reserve berths, sent telg to 3 Lagunas, Tecchios, Phapl bether, & to cinema where we saw Garden of Allah, & early to bed.
Saw the insurance man Barraguirre about surveyor Ferando Ruiz, & told him to advise him that Hamilton wanted to see him.

— 29 —
Travel Resistencia to Rosario

Fine day.  Left in train 6.49 am for Rosario.  Have berths at very end of train again.
Uneventual day, did not see a soul to speak to.

— Sunday, May 30 —
Travel Rosario to T.L.

Las 3 Lagunas
Cold day S wind.
Caught the morning train to Las Rosas.
Had several frosts while we were away.
Willie, Eileen, Mr & Mrs Gifford here for tea and bowls.-

— 31 —
At “Las Tres Lagunas”

Cloudy day S
Doing up monthly accounts.
After tea to Las Tijeras & no 24,  novillos looking well.  Plowing in no 25 for maiz.  Gerdes & Phyliss & baby came to stop as their servant is ill.

Autos 31/5/.
Pontiac    22164 Kil
Nash     9122 "
Camoncito  31460 "
Vauxhall   25864 miles

June, 1937

— 1 —

Clear day S slight.
Doing up accounts.
Marion & Daphne were here for tea.
Mr & Mrs J Senn called in evening.
Gardners pruning trees.

— 2 —

Warmer day W and N in evening
Finished accounts in forenoon.
After tea with Phyliss to Ombu and back.  Grimme came back from the hills.
Willie called in evening.

— 3 —

NW wind & N warmer.
In morning motored west side of camp.
After tea to Las Tijeras no 33.
Aftosa is no 10 & 36

— 4 —

N.W. dry & warmer.
Nothing much doing.
Men getting finish with new bath room.

— 5 —

Slight N. wind, warmer.
Fleury went to Rosario for the races for the day.  Went to new road to Armstrong.  35 K to new road which took 32 minutes in Nash, but the caravan did not go untill afterwards so came back and went again after lunch with Gerdes along, & saw the President & about 150 odd cars passing iniagurating the macadamised road from BAires to Cordoba.  Also called on at La California on way back in forenoon.

—Sunday, June 6 —
at Las Tres Lagunas

Fine day.  No wind.
Willie was here in morning for bowls.
Mr & Mrs Gifford in afternoon  "  "

— 7 —
Travel T.L. to B.A.

Continental Hotel. BA
Foggy morning & coldish.
Painter began in Marys room.
Bathroom nearly finished.
AB & OB left for Baires in afternoon tren [train]

— 8 —
in Bs.As.

Fine day.
In morning to barber, Smarts, Muzzis, Rolex watch Co. Mercantile Co. re Drabbles bulls.
In afternoon to Cassels, V.Peluffo, & Ucho.
V.Peluffo affered to get Jaragua seed from Brazil.
Ordered wagon load of posts from Hartenecks.
At night to Broadway cinema to see Ramona

— 9 —

Fine day
In morning went to Cantabrica & bot a small road machine for CWinter $300 -10% - 5%.  Was offered rock salt from Neuquen @ 105 less 5%.-  Tried to find Bridger Aguera 410.  In afternoon called on Miss Rollestere & tea & saw Dr Vickerman 609 Paraguay.  Nena Paul called.

— 10 —

Fine day warmer.
In morning went to Soc. Rural & in afternoon also to inquire about polled Durhams.
Aso saw Ellison ré polled bulls, said would let us know.  Saw Dr Vickerman in afternoon, said the enyliss [analysis] was normal.
Went to Plaza Hotel with OB to see Saberan’s cinema of El Rincon etc and then to dinner & bridge at Bouldins.

— 11 —

Warmer day.
In morning went to Bank & RBead office.  Ellison tefoned that had no polled Durham bulls that could spare.
Jack Douglas & Nena are here and we had lunch & dinner together & bridge tonight.
Went to cinema after siesta.  Also went to market before lunch and also to Lacey’s.

— 12 —
Travel B.A. to T.L.

Las 3 Lagunas.
Warm day
Left BA in 8 am train & got to the house at 3.30 P.M as our car met us at Las Parejas.
Nothing new here getting dry
Finished harrowing in no 25 for maiz in spring.

— Sunday, May 13 —
at Las Tres Lagunas

Fine day warm N NO
Paid monthly a/c in morning.
Willie Eileen Gifford & wife and Dennison & wife for tea and bowls.

— 14 —

Stormy NO wind 31°
In morning inspector of Defensa agri & Agronomia Ruiz Garcia & inspected the trees (fruit)
Nothing much doing.

— 15 —

Warm day NO 30°
Wrote letter to Hamilton and done up Campo Winter accounts.
Mr & Mrs Roberts & Phyliss here for tea.
Tonight Mr Gedes and Roberts for dinner & bridge.

— 16 —

Warm day NNO wind 31°
Wrote letter to Hamilton agreeing to pay him one peso per head of calves he marked, begining next year.  Roberts came over for a ride,  after tea with OB to breta no 11, 10 and back by road.  Send off 200.40 K of sudan grass to Bridger @ $20.per quintal.

— 17 —

Warm day 31° NNO
Office work in morning.
Willie & Eileen here for bowls after tea.
Arthur Roberts & Gerdes here for dinner & bridge

— 18 —

Wind changeable S – NO  NO  hot and at dinner time a few drops of rain came.
After tea to Las Tijeras in car.  28 – 35 – 33 24 etc.  Wants rain as grass very dusty.

— 19 —

Had 1½ mm rain last night and today over cast.
Not much doing.
Brought over the quebracho fire wood 14370 K.- 4 loads – 530 less than the account.
Arthur Roberts and Gerdes for dinner & bridge.

— Sunday, June 20 —
at Las Tres Lagunas

Slight drizzle last night of about ¼mm  Over cast day, S slight.-
Nothing doing in morning.
In afternoon Gerdes & family and Arthur Roberts & family for tea and afterwards Mrs & Mr Gifford for bowls

— 21 —

Over cast day, rained a bit in evening ?
Willie came in morning to see about going to see bulls with me to Drabbles to look at bulls.
Dipping 640 calves which were put in centeno in no 33.
Roberts & family & Phyliss here in afternoon for tea.

— 22 —

Rained yesterday and last night 9mm and was a damp day E.
Went to La California & saw them loading pigs for B.A.  Mr H Roberts & family and Phyliss here in afternoon.
Roberts & Gerdes here for dinner & bridge.  Heard Braddock & Luis fighting thro Radio Luis winning by knock out.

— 23 —

Cleared up in afternoon but very damp & misty tonight.
Nothing much doing in afternoon.
After tea to Las Rosas with OB.
Tonight to dinner & bridge at El Ombu with OB lost $2.-

— 24 —

Over cast day E & NE
OB to Rosario & back today (Fisherton)
Finished sawing hard fire wood 2½ days 4 men.
A Roberts & family & Phyliss & kid for tea & bowls.
Roberts & Gerdes here for dinner & bridge.

— 25 —

Cleared with slight south wind.  Cold tonight.  Office work in forenoon.
Measured red wood tree 10.28 M seed planted in 1914.
Roberts & family & Phyliss here for tea, also Willie & Gifford.  Bowls.

— 26 —

Frost 1°+ but no harm as was damp and over cast E
In office & thro monte in forenoon.
Tonight for dinner & bridge Gerdes and A Roberts.

— Sunday, June 27 —
at Las Tres Lagunas

Bit warmer E mostly clear.
Gerdes & family and Arthur Roberts here most of day, bowls & bridge.
Also for tea & bowls Willie & Mr & Mrs Gifford.  Roberts are leaving the Ombu for BAire tomorrow.

— 28 —

Fine clear day. S.
Doing office work, paying bills etc.
Mrs Talbot arrived on a visit in afternoon from Rosario.

— 29 —

Cold day S slight 1°+
Nothing much doing
Man for frigidaire came and arranged to pay him 400 pesos to put machine in order with garantia for 1 year.
Gerdes & family came to stop a few days.  Bowls with OB after tea.
Bridge at night.

— 30 —

Rafle 30/6 332 634 635 638 636 637
Cold day NW 3°--
To barber in morning to inquire about the census papers which had not arrived until this afternoon.
Bowls after tea OB, I & Gerdes.
Paying up last accounts.

1937 - Q3   July — September

July, 1937

— Thursday July 1 —

Fine day NW 1°+
John & Mary arrived from school bringing Jimmy Roberts who left as Geo Roberts & Marion came & took him to Injerta.
Doing up Agro Pecuario census.–
Jefe Policía, Dr Miro & Dentsona came collecting for 9 de julio, gave 50 & promised an animal.
Doing up yearly accounts.

— Friday July 2 —

Fine day 2°+ SW slight
Gerdes family left for Ombu. Also Mrs Talbot for Rosario.
Geo Middleton & Mr & Mrs Elske & mother from Rosario for week end in car.
Doing up accounts and also census.

— Saturday July 3 —

Quite a fine day 2° N.W.
Had to go to escribania of Marmol to give a poder to Jack Bell to sign purchase of land at Cruz Gde from Justo Zapata.
Visitors went shooting in morning.
Bowls after tea and lots of bridge.

— Sunday July 4 —
at “Las Tres Lagunas”

Warmer day N 4° cloudy in afternoon.
Visitors shooting again in afternoon.  In morning walking in monte & sidas [?].  They left after tea for La California and Rosario.
Have a running cold.
OB & kids also called on a La California.

— Monday July 5 —

Fine day N 5°.
Began recuenta this morning, finishing 3 Lag & Ombu.  Moira and Jimmy Watt of La California helped.
Cattle in good condition for time of year.
Was at Las Rosas & signed poder for J Bell.
Phyliss was here in afternoon.

— Tuesday July 6 —

Fine day, a bit overcast E & NE
Finished recuento in forenoon at Las Tijeras, 3240 vacuna without 246 origanes [? orejanos?} and 685 yeguariza without origanes.

— Wednesday July 7 —

Mostly overcast and looking more like rain.  Nothing much going on.  Working at books.– Went to La California with OB after tea.  Malcom had just come back from the States with a friend Ward Emerson Ward

— Thursday July 8 —

Rawish Mostly over cast day.  E
Nothing much doing, paying monthly accounts etc.  Phyliss & baby were here for tea.

— Friday July 9 —

Warmer day. Misty in morning, E mostly over cast.
We all went (OB, John & Mary & I) to El Ingerto to an asado and then went to see polo at San Jorge.

— Saturday July 10 —

Weather changed to S wind clear cold day
Office work in morning.
John & Mary motored to Rosario in morning for week end.
For tea this afternoon Willie, Malcom & Ward & Jimmy Watt.  Also the two Gerdes brothers, Phylis & baby.  Bowls & bridge.

— Sunday July 11 —
at “Las Tres Lagunas”

Hard frost 4°- cold day, clear
The two Melville boys came in afternoon, 420 – 40 lost = 380 Kil [kilometers] from Elordi, & stopping to see their property in L Rosas.–
Bowls with OB after tea & a walk through the montes with the visitors.
Phyliss & baby also stopping over

No image.

Barraco Marmol’s Card

— Monday July 12 —

Over cast NM cold 2°-
Went with the two Melvilles to see their 57000 odd metres, & saw Barraca Marmol about it & Checo Ferrero.
Doing up books in afternoon-
John & Mary returned from Rosario bringing Malcolm Middleton and    Bell.

— Tuesday July 13 —

Another cold day N slight 1°+ few drops of rain in Fxx morning
The two Melvilles left for home.
Fijared price of maiz with A. Lopez & Cia. today $6.52½   Willie Gifford & Ward for bowls after tea  Won $1.

— Wednesday July 14 —

Warmer day 1°+ N slight Barm [barometer] dropping.
Dipping bulls & marked calves. –
Boys riding & shooting
Transplanted big pecan tree.
Colegio Sagrado here for subscriptions. promised $100.

— Thursday July 15 —

Mostly over cast 5°+  Barm low N
Testing bulls for tuberculosis 3 out of 60 found with it.
Phyliss & Gerdes here for week end.
Kids went to cinema tonight.

— Friday July 16 —

Turned into S wind, looks dry.
OB went to Rosario & back by auto to C de G. & back
Nothing much doing.
Had long walk in monte.
Bridge tonight
Boys shooting etc.

— Saturday July 17 —

Warmer day 2° partly overcast Barm low.
Nothing much going on.
Boys shootin hares.
Bowls & bridge.

— Sunday July 18 —
at “Las Tres Lagunas”

Cold day S clear 1°-
For tea this afternoon Gifford, young Traill Emerson Ward, Malcolm, Moira, bowls.
John & Bell took Malcom Middleton to C. de Gomez where he takes train for Rosario & home.
Bridge tonight with Gerdes & Phyliss who are still here.

— Monday July 19 —

Cold forenoon 1° S changed to N in afternoon
Nothing much doing.
Sawing wood.
Dipped vaquillonas of no 2

— Tuesday July 20 —

Windy cold day S 2°+
To Rosario with OB by car left here 7.40 & arrived at Palace Hotel before 10 and came back by 4.20 having left there at 2.20  131 K to Palace Hotel.  Went to Vernettis, Artes Graficas, barber, NCBank, B & Leburn, Vizzi for 6 bulbs, to Club & lunch at Hotel with OB. Also to Waeff & Schorr.
Willie Gifford & Ward here for bowls in evening.
Kids to cinema tonight.

— Wednesday July 21 —

Cold day windy S & SSE 2°+
Nothing much doing in forenoon.
After tea with Fleury to see the 700 calves in No 33 in centeno.  decided to send a car load to B Aires.
Willie & Ward here in evening after seeing W camp of Araya along side of Magallanes.

— Thursday July 22 —

Cold day S 2°-
Getting ready to motor to El Rincon tomorrow.
Carpenter Vargas fixed my desk today.
Began cutting ombus down.

No image.

Kilometers & Litres

— Friday July 23 —
travel to “El Rincón”

Cold day ?
OB & I left in Nash car, Martín driving, 7.03am arriving in Cordoba 11.05 at Market, just 4 hours to hotel.
32 minutes from 3 Lagunas to Paved road about 3 K west of Armstrong.  35 K
total to Cordoba 335 K
Jack Bell & Clarita had lunch at Plaza Hotel.
Left again 1.40 & arrived at El Rincon in 2 hours.  Walked to Villa Zulema and Nogales after tea.  Snow on mountains.

— Saturday July 24 —

Cold sharp wind 1°- Snow still visible on mountains.
In morning went with Martin to Club, San Geronimo, Gasparini & Raydon.
After tea walked to Villa Josefina.

— Sunday July 25 —
at “El Rincón”

Cold day, windy last night 2°+
Jack Bell & Clarita from Cordoba for lunch tea & bridge and left about 6 PM.
Mrs Mills also called in morning.
Jack Bell said he signed per poder for mee for property joinying Barancas from Justo Zapata.

— Monday July 26 —

Fine day N.W. 2°+
Went with Martin & Aurora to see land along side of Barancas purchased from Justo Zapata, told Aurora to get 3 mt road[?] of west[?] boundary made at $30 per contract.
After tea went to El Tala.
Tonight for dinner & bridge Mrs Mills and Norman Kennard.

— Tuesday July 27 —

Warmer day 3°+ strong N wind in morning.
Getting ready to leave tomorrow for Las Rosas.
Mrs Mills called before dinner.
Aurora twice to La Cumbre today.

Las Tres Lagunas      30°+ max
— Wednesday July 28 —

Left El Rincon 7.05 am, in less than 2 hours 102 K. fixed horn in Cordoba 9.27 arrived at Belville 201 K & to 3 Lag 140 Kil
Strong N wind from Villa Maria.
Altogether travelled 935 & 4.6 Kil to litre.
Very dry every wheres.  Saw J Bell in Cordona.  Gerdes & Phyliss here.

— Thursday July 29 —

Another strong N wind very dusty 31° max
OB Mary & John spent the day at Chiru childrens party bringing back Nora Traill for a day or two.
Doing up books etc.

— Friday July 30 —

N.N.W wind looks awfully dry.
Doing up books,
Parted out 30 calves to send to market BA on Sunday

— Saturday July 31 —

Coldish day S wind.  2°
Marys birthday (15) Willie & family of La California came for dinner & bridge.
Went through Las Tijeras camp with Gerdes in afternoon.

August, 1937

— Sunday August 1 —
at “Las Tres Lagunas”

Fine day.
Willie & family Mr & Mrs Gifford here for bowls.  Nora Traill left for San Jorge.
Kids to cinema tonight.
Kids shooting etc.

— Monday August 2 —

Fine day E 2°
Doing up monthly accounts in morning.  After tea with OB in monte.
Tractor began plowing in afternoon in No 25.
Willie & Gifford called before dinner.

— Tuesday August 3 —

Fine day 1°+ SE getting cloudy.
Went with Willie 8 am in his car to see the Araya camp.  John & Chas B went along 66 K to edge of camp WB seemed pleased with 2000 hect at 110.  I calculate 10% espartilla etc.  Also went to Magallanes 88 K from here, did altogether 157 K in 3½ hours.
Telg [telegram] from Grimme asking for money as he had rented house at Tanti Viejo.  Not much going on.

— Wednesday August 4 —

Fine day SE.
Into town in morning to barber and sent a giro for 1800 pesos to Grimme in Bco Nacion in Cordoba.  Doing up Chaco accounts.
Malcolm B & Chas here in evening to shoot.
After tea went to see motor plowing in 25 and recorrered No 21.  Phyliss called.  Motor plow did a vuelta [round] 2000 + 2000 mt in 25 minutes = 8000 mt in 25 minutes or 19200 sq in hour.

— Thursday August 5 —

Warmer day 7°+ N wind more cloudy.
John & Mary left for school.  OB to Rosario for the night.  Went to La California after tea to see Willie about going Saturday to Concordia for sale of cattle.  Wrote to Hamilton there for in case can not go.

— Friday August 6 —

Wind again S & SE
OB came back in afternoon by omnibus.
Willie here after tea for bowls.
Nothing much doing.  Getting ready to start for Concordia in morning.

— Saturday August 7 —
from TL to Concordia

Hotel Colon
Villaguay.  Left home 7.30am motored to Santa Fe with Willie & Malcolm, and Martin driving Nash.  10.38  [above in pencil: 169] 174 k by San Fabiano.
Had a puncture & called on Al Norman in their office.  Lunched at Ritz Hotel  Passed over by the balsa 2 hours and reached Villaguay 6.25 Pm  162 K from Parana.  Road quite good.  Heard here that it had rained very hard towards Concordia & roads impasable.  Talked by telefon with Hamilton, Colon Hotel Concordia.
Over cast cool day N

— Sunday August 8 —<
back to “Las Tres Lagunas”

Las 3 Lagunas.
On account of reports of bad road to Concordia we left on our return journey left 8.15 arriving 11 Am Parana, crossed over 11.20 lunched at Ritz, left at about 2.15 came by paved road to Monges & to Diaz & San Genero, 96 K Santa Fe to Monje & 83 to 3 Lagunas where we arrived about 5.30  Road bad from Monjes and it had rained some. Phyliss & baby here.
Made on trip 677 Kil

— Monday August 9 —

Not a bad day S.  In morning paying accounts.  At lunch time went with Willie in his car with Malcolm & 2 others to Rosario Rural Society show.  Not bad.
Tried to buy a Perkins bull at 4000, but did not get him.  Told Lamas to bid 4000 for no 34 a Hughes bull but he telephoned here that it was sold for 4200.  Got back here at 7.30 pm.
Had tea at Palace Hotel.

— Tuesday August 10 —

E wind, bit over cast Barm high.
Trying to finish balance.
Men cutting road through montes.
Phyliss & baby left

— Wednesday August 11 —

Warmer day E  over cast.
Phyliss left.
Campbell Leburn, Nora & baby arrived by car to do up balance of year books. Helped him most of time
Walked through the new roads through monte with OB & Nora L.

— Thursday August 12 —

1° NE wind all [?] day.
Dipping novillos.
Campbell Leburn doing up books.
Willie & Eileen here for bowls.
Phyliss had tea here.

— Friday August 13 —

Warmer day N Barm dropping too fast.
Campbell Leburn finished the books in morning early and with wife and Nora left for Rosario in their car.–
Bowls after tea with OB.

— Saturday August 14 —

Variable winds Barm low.
Mr & Mrs Gerdes here for week end.
Not much doing.
Dipping cattle.  Teleg saying reviser of novillos comes Monday.

— Sunday August 15 —
at “Las Tres Lagunas”

Warm day.  N wind looks more stormy.
OB & I went to Las Rosas to salute new governer Iriondo, & vice Rafael Araya to inaugurate new school.
After tea Willie Eileen, Malcolm Mr & Mrs Tommy Sympson daughter & Miss Traill.  bowls.

— Monday August 16 —

Hot day. Strong south wind 37°!
Swifts reviser Malcolm revised the novillos says only car load were fat enough.  Says could take car load of torunos.  Separating male from female calves.

— Tuesday August 17 —

Cooler day, over cast & S.E. wind.
Fleury left in car to Casilda and Spangerberg to revise seed maiz taking young Tibau with him.
In morning revised No 10-8-7-1.
The Gerdes family left for Ombu.

— Wednesday August 18 —
travel from T.L. to B.A.

Hotel Continental BAires
Another over cast day SE wind slight.
Fleury came back after lunch from Careras [Carreras] where he bought seed maiz from Spamberg.
Left with OB for B Aires in afternoon.  Here 10.30 pm  Stood dinner in tren [train] to Mrs Crocker and W Schiele.

— Thursday August 19 —
in Buenos Aires

Hotel Continental B Aires.
Cold damp over cast day.
In morning went to Rural Show and saw the Percherones judged.
After siesta went to Camona, V Peluffo, Laceys & Usshers.  saw the monument Calle Corrientes.
In evening to cinema Broadway & at night with OB to cinema Astorio to see come to Dance!

Jose Ludueños wife (the mucama) to Rosario to lay [? big ink-blot] up for baby.

— Friday August 20 —

Hotel Continental BAires
Another over cast cold day.
In morning went to Shepherds about Pecan trees to be imported, Hartenecks, Smarts etc.
In afternoon with OB to see judging of champion bulls. & saw the Polled Durham.  Also saw Willie, Eileen, Bernice, Pryor etc
Had tea at Harrods.

— Thursday August 21 —

Cold day, but sun was out.–
In morning shopping.
Went to inauguration of Cattle Show.
Great crowd & had to take a chair seat.
Had tea at Pavillion.
Saw the Polled Durham No 389 of Martinez de Hoz.  Rosillio 5/8/35
Met Sandy here tonight as his wife is to be operated on.  Went to cinema tonight with OB & Sandy.  “Capt Courageous”.) Quite good.

— Sunday August 22 —
in Buenos Aires

Coldish day E over cast.
OB to bring [?] Mary & took her back again about 5 P.M  Had lunch with us & John and to Palermo Show & tea.  Jumping competition at Palermo quite good

— Monday August 23 &mdash
travel from B.A. to T.L.

Cleared up in morning, clear. Barm high
OB & I went to Show and saw the champion sold for 35000 pesos to Boero.
Went again in afternoon and told M. Casares to buy for me the Polled Short Horne of Martinez de Hoz for $5000 if he could.  Had tea at the Boston with Sandy & wife. Getting ready to leave.

— Tuesday August 24 —

Las 3 Lagunas.  Clear day.
Left B Aires 8 Am and had car to meet us in Las Parejas, & got home about 3.30 PM.
Getting dry here.

— Wednesday August 25 —

North wind & warmer.
Fleury went to show at Palermo in morning & telefoned in evening that Casares bought me the Polled Durham of Martinez de Hoz No 389 at $3500.
Paid accounts in morning etc.  In afternoon through monte.
Malcolm called in afternoon, is leaving tomorrow for BA and U.S.
OB brought Diana here as Phyliss is leaving for BA to get another baby tomorrow.

— Thursday August 26 —

North wind strong 3°+
Went to La California to say good bye to Malcolm.
Edmundo Bothlingk & mayor-domo came in afternoon & bought a young Percheron stallion grey no 3 at $400.—

— Friday August 27 —

[Monday 23 was entered here incorrectly & crossed out.  Differencies: grammar, & they had tea with Mr. & Mrs. Macintosh.]

North wind 13° min over cast.  Went in morning 14–16–27-25 [field numbers].  Dry.
Telegram saying Polled bull coming tonight.  Looks like rain.

— Saturday August 28 —

Rained last night 16 mm.  1st rain since June 21st.  Cool day S.S.O [S.S.W.]
The bull was bro’t in morning from station as was too wet to unload him last night.
“Loval Minstrel 5/8/35  J.H. & Mig Martinez de Hoz.
Nothing much doing.
Gerdes here for week end.

— Sunday August 29 —
at “Las Tres Lagunas”

Fine day E slight.
Gifford here for tea & bowls.  Also in afternoon young Jim Traill, Mr & Mrs Dennison, & Mr & Mrs & Miss Weigne [?] Bridger.  Bowls played.
Fleury returned from B Aires.

— Monday August 30 —

N wind. Men had half holiday.
In morning to Las Tijeras where began sowing maiz, & to No 30-24.
Gifford here after tea for bowls.
Cook to funeral of here cousin.

— Tuesday August 31 —

Warm day NE looking stormy 34°+
Wrote to Percheron Society in U.S & sued [?] “El Campo.-
After tea in car to T & S [?] linseed looking well.  Gerdes still here at night.

September, 1937

— Wednesday September 1 —

Had 5 mm rain last night & a temporal blowing today.
Doing accounts in morning.
In monte and cabaña in afternoon.

— Thursday September 2 —

South wind blowing cold until evening, over cast & then E.
Nothing much doing. After tea to Las Tijeras to see sowing of maiz.
Willie & Eileen called in evening.

— Friday September 3 —

Raw over cast day E misty in evening
Desgrained a troja of maiz Mas of Pab [?] 5 1000 q. 68 K
Camp getting green but want a good rain fall.

— Saturday September 4 —

S.W. Rained last night 4½ mm and today was misty & drizzly in afternoon. Very damp. Will do a world of good.
Nothing much doing.
Gave a cow for carne con cuero for elections Tomorrow.-

— Sunday September 5 —
at “Las Tres Lagunas”

Cleared up today S slight but it rained 23½ mm yesterday & last night nice gently rain which did not run off.  Making 50 mm of 28th & to date,
Elections for President today.  Willie called in morning.  Went thro monte in car & to 15.S.

— Monday September 6 —

Fine clear day E slight.
Put a man to thin cypress trees in Pab C.
After tea to Las Tijeras & to end of road south.
Thinning out Cypress trees

— Tuesday September 7 —

B Aires English club.
Over cast day. SE wind.
Left by car to C de G by car caught the 7.26 train for Rosario, 9 am rapido to BA.  Arriving at 1.  Gerdes met me in BAires & went to sales of Bulrich at San Justo of short horn bulls camp.  bought two Drabole bulls: lote no 12 6518 @ $1300. Lionel Butter Scotch 124 22/3/35 and lote no 39 6709 @ $1400. Primus Amir 16/10/35.  Had dinner a Plaza Hotel with Johnnie & Gerdes & then to cinema Rex.

— Wednesday September 8 —

3 Lagun
Fine day SSE.
Left BA on 8 am rapido, to Rosario, went to B & Leburns & to barber and left in 3.33 train to C de Gomez where car met me and came back by way of Armstrong 55 minutes.
Campbell Leburn had come this morning to do up monthly private accounts.
Transplanted Ombu plants to No 29.

— Thursday September 9 —

Fine day E Barm dropping.
Campbell Leburn finished my books and left in afternoon train f Rosario
Most of morning in monte, ants etc.
Willie & Eileen were here in evening for bowls.
Sowed 2 boxes of Telerecornis Eucaliptus
Ants in orchard of Pab largo.

— Friday September 10 —

Fine day, wind variable E. NO. N
Camp growing.
In morning revised the rechazo vaquillas in No 7, on thin side.
Sent 25 fat cows to Morandes remate prices good.
Rumours of locusts at Santa Clara.
After tea with OB through montes.
Planting big ombus around carrales.
Cows sold 25 for $3071.42  [In pencil:] 122,79 water out con & geste about 3%

— Saturday September 11 —

Wind changed to S.W.  Seca!
A bit over cast in afternoon.
In morning went to Las Tijeras & back West side, & no 8.
Young Minatti, Pastore came and picked out 20 refuga vaq 2 at $100 and 2 Percheron stallions @ 400.–

— Sunday September 12 —
at “Las Tres Lagunas”

Fine day NE slight.  Barm high.
The 2 bulls of Drabble I bought on the 7th arrived today (morning) looking quite well.  After tea from La California, came for bowls: Willie, Eileen, Gifford Willans, Daphne, Jim Traill & young Sympson.–
Enrique Aurora 13th birthday.

— Monday September 13 —

Fine day NE slight.
In morning to LRosas to bank (Provincial) and to Casa Fomenta with Gerdes’ man.
After tea to monte & pot 14 – 13.
Camp improving.

— Tuesday September 14 —

Warm day N strong Barm low.
Cleaning up my office & desk.
In afternoon Mr & Mrs Haden arrived from BA to stop a few days.  Had long walk with them & OB through montes.

— Wednesday September 15 —

Hot strong N wind 37° in evening turned south with few drops of rain at 6 pm.?
Mr & Mrs Haden had a ride in forenoon.
Nothing done in afternoon on a/c of heat.
Bartoluzzi [insert above line: coming next Monday] came to see about renovating old bathroom.  Also Bordo came to see about alcanterillo into paraiso monte.

— Thursday September 16 —

Cleared up in night with strong S wind.  had rained 8½ mm rain.
Looks as if seca is not ended up.
In morning went to Las Tijeras 26 – 28.
Vaccinating calves from no 14.
Mr Haden had telefon message from BA so that they left in afternoon train.
Letters from Doherty re Percheron that wont serve.  Also from La Emilia wanting to buy a stallion.  Gerdes & Phyliss & new baby (John).

— Friday September 17 —
at “Las Tres Lagunas”


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