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William Benitz
References in Court Transcripts

William is mentioned or participated in several cases.  The cases are listed in approximate date order.  Click a title to jump to that case or its button in the top menus.

Raid on Fort Ross, 1845, Mexican court transcript
In late July, 1845, while Wilhelm was absent, a group of brutal rancheros raided Fort Ross, raped the women, beat up the men, then abducted men, women, & children to work on their ranchos.  William complained to the Mexican courts in Sonoma and the rancheros were brought into court.  However, not much came of it.
Rancho de German - California Land Claims 199 & 257, court cases filed 1852
Transcripts of the cases in which Charles Meyer, et (included William Benitz) succeeded in retaining possession of Rancho de German.  William also testified, and drew the diseņo.
New Breisgau - California Land Claims, appeal filed 1857
The court transcript of William’s appeal (No.259) that eventually went mostly in his favor - he didn’t lose everything.  He also testified, and drew the diseņo.  John Yates testified that he first met William while travelling to Sacramento in 1843.
The Clark-Reed Homicide, Alameda County, 1875
William Benitz was a grand juror in the extraordinary case of the Clark-Reed Homicide, recounted in the book The centennial year book of Alameda County, California, by William Halley, 1876.
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