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William Benitz
References in Print

William is mentioned in histories of early California, Sonoma County, and Fort Ross in particular.  We include here quotes from contemporary news articles and the more significant works.  Please search the web for other mentions — & please notify us of anything significant that we have missed.

Each of these subject groups includes a list of its contents, available by clicking the title or matching button in the above menu.

Books — William is mentioned or listed in several books, in particular Bancroft’s History of California (1886), The California Register of Pioneers, Finley’s History of Sonoma County (1937), and Rudy’s The Old Salt Point Township, 2 volumes (2009 & 2015).

Newspapers — Contemporary articles that appeared in the newspapers of Sacramento, Petaluma, Sonoma, Oakland, San Francisco, New York, and Buenos Aires.

Josephine’s News-Cuttings — Contemporary articles in which Josephine is mentioned.

Court Cases — The court records of cases in which William participated: the raid on Fort Ross in 1845, and the US Supreme Court Land Claims court in 1850’s regarding Rancho New Breisgau & Rancho Hermann.  We are missing some records, including the Muldrew suit.

Modern — Lecture notes, and quotes from websites, particularly the Fort Ross California State Park site.  We quote the sites because every so often they are reorganised breaking our links to the subjects that interest us.

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