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Agar Lockwood & Josie Webster
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This page contains a list of events in the lives of Agar Lockwood and Josie Webster.  The events are listed in date sequence beginning with their births.  We do not publish the names of living persons (June 2019).

Event Timeline

Years Ages Event
1876-Dec-5 0 Josephine Webster, Josie, was the only child of Howard & Jo Webster.  Josie was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1895-Dec-17 0 Agar Morrison Lockwood, Agar, was born in xxxxxxxxxxxx.  His parents were ........... Attended school somewhere....
194x-194x ??-?? Agar volunteered for WW-II, joining the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
194x-194x ??-?? Josie volunteered for WW-II, joining the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
1943? ages Josie married Agar Morrison Lockwood (1920-1997) in London, England.  xx. Carcano,the Argentine ambassador to the U.K., gave her away.  Josie and Agar had three children.
1957-Jul-07 61 Josie died in Hurlingham, Buenos Aires, Arg.  Her mother, Jo Webster, assumed the role of mother to Josie’s children.
19xx 91 Agar remarried...........
19xx 91 Agar died in xxxxxxxxxxx

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