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“Villa Josefina”
2 Feb., 1922

Howard Webster & Jo (Bijou) Benitz
(1878-1951)     (1895-1987)

This page contains a list of events in the lives of Howard Webster and Jo Benitz.  The events are listed in date sequence beginning with their births.  We do no publish the names of living persons (June 2019).


Event Timeline

Years Ages Event
1876-Dec-5 0 James Howard Webster, Howard (legal name: Diego Howard Webster), was the 3rd child of Dr. David Butler Webster (dentist) and Sarah Jane Kitchin (both from Canada).  Howard was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, almost certainly in his parents’ home in the Belgrano district.  [His parents were married on 9 Dec., 1871, in Buenos Aires, in the house of the US consul.]
1895-Dec-17 0 Josephine Elsie Benitz, Jo (or Bijou to her grandchildren) was born in Rosario, Santa Fé, Arg.  Her parents were John E. Benitz (born at Fort Ross, California, USA) and Marjorie Morris Macintosh (born in Helenburgh, Glasgow, Scotland).  Jo was their second child; she grew up on her father’s estancia (ranch), “Los Algarrobos”, Monte Buey, Córdoba, Arg.  She was tutored at a primary school on the estancia.
1908-Jul-10 12 Jo sailed for England (on the R.M.S. Aragon) with her mother and older sister Elsie.  She and Elsie were placed in school at St. Katherine’s Lodge, St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland.  The following year they were joined by their younger sister Marjory-Daw (she had grown lonely without them).
1915-1919 38-42 Diego Howard Webster volunteered for WW-I, joining the 2nd Cheshire (Earl of Chester's) Yeomanry: he completed training and was promoted to Second Lieutenant on 19-Oct-1915.  Was Adj. & Acting Captain (until 13 July 1918), then Acting Captain until 23 April, 1919, when he no longer commanded a company and reverted to Lieutenant ¿when he ceased service?)
1916-1919 21-23 Jo volunteered for WW-I, serving with the Womens Legion Motor Drivers at Tidworth, Wilthsire (left Argentina 21 October, 1916; joined up 8 March, 1917; passed her driving test 15 May, 1917; & was discharged 3 April, 1919)
1922-Feb-28 46 & 26 Howard & Jo were married at “Villa Josefina”, Cruz Grande (La Cumbre), Córdoba, Arg.
1923-Jan-06 47 & 27 Josephine (Josie) was born; their only child.
abt.1923 47 & 27 During the mid & late 1920s, Jo & Howard apparently (per photos) had a house, probably on land Jo expected to inherit as her ¼ share of “Los Algarrobos”, naming it “La Gloria”.  (Los Algarrobos was managed as a single unit into the early 1930s.)
1932-1933 54 & 35 Half of “Los Algarrobos” was sold to pay debts.  In 1933 the remainder was divided up equally between John E. Benitz’s 4 children.  Apparently Jo & Howard then had to move to a new house on a second “La Gloria” (approx.1,250 has.) & took on its management.
1942?-1944? ages Jo and Josie volunteered for the war, becoming an ambulance driver and general's chauffer respectively.
1-1944 age Josie married Agar Morrison Lockwood (1920-1997) in London, England.  She was given away by the Argentine ambassador to the U.K., Dr. Miguel Angel Carcano.  Josie and Agar had three children.
(15-Dec?) 1951 76 & 56 Howard died.
Qtr3. 1952 56 Jo sold “La Gloria” and bought “Chañar Yacú” at the foot of the Sierras Grandes, in Nono, south of Mina Clavero, Córdoba, Arg.
1957-Jul-07 61 Josie died in Hurlingham, Buenos Aires, Arg.  Jo assumed the role of mother to her grandchildren.
1979 83 Jo sold “Chañar Yacú” and went to live with a granddaughter in Wales, U.K.
1987 91 Jo died in Wales, U.K.

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