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Photograph Album

Pages: 80 – 99

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Page 80

Missing image.

Alfred is in all the photos

Pages 74–80 all seem to be at the same estancia.
The alamos are a distinctive feature of southern Arg.

Page 81

Missing image.

TL: Avenue to cemetery at La California ?
TR: John (Bombachas, recado saddle - going somewhere?)
BL: Alfred, Marjorie, Nancy (baby)?, Elsie
    Rod, Rosa, Marjory, Poro

BR: Alfred (Bombachas & recado saddle - going somewhere?)

Page 82

Missing image.

TC: Poro & Marjory, Rodney
BC: Rodney, Poro, Marjory

Page 83

Missing image.

TC: Jo & Josie
BC: Marjorie & Marjory

Page 84

Missing image.

TC: Marjory Sympson
BC: Andes crossing, from train?

Page 85

Missing image.

TC: ??, Willie & Eileen Bz, ??, ??, ??
BC: Polo ponies at the palenques - Venado Tuerto?

Page 86

Missing image.

At Los Algarrobos

Page 87

Missing image.

at Los Algarrobos or Venado Tuerto

Page 88

Missing image.

Polo ponies, in front of Los Algarrobos

Page 89

Missing image.

TL: Alfred   TR: Asado (on a harrow), Los Algarrobos
BL: Alfred   BR: Workmen at Los Algarrobos

Page 90

Missing image.

Sympson children
TC: Rodney & ??
MR: Rodney

Page 91

Missing image.

TL: Marjorie & Marjory
TR: Who? At Los Algarrobos
BL: Marjorie & grandchildren - holding Mickey & Peter?
BR: Marjorie, at Los Algarrobos

Page 92

Missing image.

Alfred, second from left

Page 93

Missing image.

TL: "E.L. Fisher, July 1918."   TC: nn
TR: "G.L. Oliver, 1919"
BL: "Ys ever. G.D. Roper?, 1919"
BC: "G.Drmeif??, 1919"
BR: "T.T. Blechly, 1919"

Page 94

Missing image.

TC: nn   TR: "yrs C.P.J."
BL: "Ys ever CN Parkes 1919"
BC: Alfred Bz
BR: "R.N. Lockwood 1919"

Page 95

Missing image.

TL: "J.H. Ashton 1920"
TR: "Yrs ever RWSarham. 1919"
MC: "yrs M.P.Banow"
BL: "WF Warner 1919"
BR: "yrs ever A.F.M. Tower. 1918"

Page 96

Missing image.

TL: "Yrs. C. F. Anderton. 1919"
TC: "yrs. G. B. Fisher. July '20"
TR: "yrs ever, B. T. Rowe, 1920"
BL: "yrs ever.  J. G. Hill 1920"
BC: "H. N. Lyver?, 1920."
BR: "Yrs P Mayner Smith"

Page 97

Missing image.

Page 98

Missing image.

Nancy & Alfred

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