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Family Photographs

Family photographs and pictures are scattered across almost all pages of .  We attempt here to provide a central access point to most of them.  Some family members have large collections from albums, these collections are listed below.  Almost all members have photographs particular to them that are on their pages but not in any collection - we have attempted to include these, with miscellaneous other photos, in the collections by decade listed.  We omitted pictures that (i) we added for color, most obtained off the web, (ii) that are part of a diary, e.g. a person's business card, and (iii) documents and letters.

The Family Group - Generations 1 & 2

We have assembled a collection of group photographs taken of the first two generations of the family, approx. 1860 — 1900.

 Family Group Photos  

Family Member Collections

Note: Each of these collections are part of (i.e. belong with) a family member's pages; so, when you visit a collection the above navigation menu will change to that of the family member.  Therefore...

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 Josephine Kolmer-Bz  Kolmer (Josephine’s parents)
— Ea. “La California” —
 Alfred A. Bz.  John E. Bz.
 Josephine Bz-Schreiber  William O. Bz.
— Gen.3 —
 Alfred D. Bz.  

Misc. Photos by Decade

Note: Due to reasons of privacy, there are almost no photos of living persons.  Photos of living persons, e.g. at family reunions, are found in the password protected Current Events pages.

 1860's  1870's  1890's  1900's
 1910's (WW-I)  1920's  1930's  1940's (WW-II)
 1950's  1960's  1970's  1980's
 1990's  2000's    

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