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Benitz interests ca.1880-1950
Northern 23 of Argentina

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People & Place Names

The family records make reference to a great number of people and places in Argentina.  Many of these names are no longer familiar to us.  The following pages contain maps and lists of names that include where they are referenced and information of interest to us about them.  Each page contains names relevant to a particular locale and set of diaries, letters, etc.

We have included some key family members, but only in brief.  Key family members have their own pages with far more information.

Climate: – Argentina is in the southern hemisphere.  A school year is from mid-March to end of November, with a 2 week winter break in July.  The flat-lands (pampas) of southern Santa Fé and Córdoba provinces enjoy a temperate climate, where Winter weather is May through August (frosts but no snow - & it is typically warm in the sun out of the wind) and Summer weather is mid-November through mid-March.  Polo is played in the cooler months.


Monte Buey (Cba) Las Rosas (SFe) Alejandra & Calchaquí
(North Santa Fé)
Los Algarrobos, La Minnesota,
El Victoriano, La Escondida,
La Gloria, & El Venado
La California, Las Tijeras,
Las Tres Lagunas, & El Ombú
Colonia Espín, Laguna Yacaré
& Los Palmares
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Referenced in:
  • John’s diaries (1904-1912)

Livestock brand:

References in:
  • Frank’s diary (1876)
  • Alfred’s diaries (1875-1937)
  • La California diaries (1888-1906)
  • & more to the current day
References in:
  • Frank’s letters (1880-1881)
  • Laguna Yacaré diaries (1884-1889)
  • Los Palmares diaries (1890-1904)
  • Alfred’s hunts (1884-1904)
“The Hills” (Cba)
North Chaco
  Cruz Grande, El Rincon,
Greystone, Los Nogales,
& Villa Josefina
Campo Winter
& El Bermejo
  Hills pic missing Estancia pic missing  
  References in many diaries, letters, photo albums, etc. from 1900 to the current day. References in:
  • Alfred’s diaries (1920-1937)
  • John’s diaries (1904-1912)

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