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People & Place Names
— Alejandra & Calchaquí —
(North Santa Fé – Chaco Santafecino)
Laguna Yacaré & Los Palmares

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The people and place names mentioned in Alfred’s record of his twenty years (1884-1904) in north Santa Fé are a unique set since both his camps were in the same general area, all within 30 km. of Calchaquí.  Alfred and his brothers refer to region as the Chaco.  The Chaco Austral (Southern Chaco) climatic region encompases the entire Chaco province plus north Santa Fé, north-eastern Córdoba, and eastern Santiago del Estero provinces.

The day-books begin in 1884, when he drove the first herd north from La California to Laguna Yacaré.  Evicted in 1889, he moved his herds to Los Palmares, which he first rented from the Santa Fé Land Co. (La Forestal), he later bought it from them in 1904 – the last year for which we have day-books.  Per photos, Johnnie visited in 1902, and again in 1907 with daughters Elsie, Jo, & Marjory-Daw.  Alfred is listed as an estanciero in the Guia Comercial de Calchaquí of 1920.  He still owned it when he died in 1937 – provincial maps of 1938 and 1940’s show it en sucesión (in probate) – yet it was not listed for inheritance with his other properties.

We will be adding names to the list and map as we progress with the transcription of the day-books.  Any suggestions and corrections are welcome.


No map.

Colonia Espín

(source: C.A. Benitz)

Cattle drive

1884 Cattle drive
La California
Laguna Yacaré

(source: P. Benitz)

Map 3

Alfred’s camps
North Santa Fé

( Auto Mapa No.21, 1995
modified by P.Benitz)

No map.

Los Palmares & Calchaquí
Santa Fé Departmental Map ca.1940

(Luis D. Abreu is Calchaquí)

(source: Javier Mafucci-Moore)

  Laguna Yacaré (1884-1889):

In April, 1884, Alfred brought a herd up from La California with which he established his first camp next to the laguna.   The camp occupied the northern 13 of brother Frank’s abandoned Colonia Espín.   However, Alfred’s claim to the land was evidently weak for he was evicted five years later by Agustin Iriondo, in December, 1889.  For more, see the introductions to Alfred’s 1884 and 1889 day-books.

Rodeos/herds: Michelas/Michelle, Middle (Medio), East (Este), West, & Rinconada.

  Los Palmares (1889-1904 and beyond):

East of the town of Calchaquí beyond the Rio Calchaquí and Laguna de las Aves (see maps of north Santa Fé).  Bordered to the north by Laguna del Palmar, on the west by the Rio Salado and on east by the Rio Calchaquí; broad at its north end, it stretched south in a very narrow long wedge between the rivers until the two rivers joined; 8 sq.leagues (20,000 hect.), large enough for 8,000 head of cattle.  Its northern third is an area that on modern maps is labelled “El Palmar”.  Rented from the Santa Fé Land Co. (see Gillingham & July 2, 1892).  The Jewell family (of Ea. Las Petacas) and Boutell are also associated with the rental.  Alfred at first referred to it as the Mistolar (April'89).  He populated it with all the cattle from Laguna Yacaré (Dec.'89).  See the day-books for more details.  Its first rodeos were named: Estancia, Mistolar, Palmar, Salado.

First rodeos/herds (1891): Biscacheras (south end), Estancia, Mistolar (west within loop of the Calchaquí river & laguna), Palmar (NE against laguna del Palmar), & Salado (NW against river Salado?).

Rodeos/herds (1892, '93): Costa, Monte?, Palmar, Puesto, & Salado.

Potreros/Fields (1892): chacra, new chacra, "potrero",

Rodeos/herds (1894-5): Puesto Feliz, Damasio (puesto), Lorenzo (puesto), Mistolar, Palmar, Salado.  See the opening summaries for the day-books of 1894 & 1895.

Rodeos/herds (1896): same as 1895 plus: Guampita, Loma, Tapera

Rodeos/herds 1900-1904): same as before plus:  Loma Poi (likely in south⅓ of camp; Estancia (likely next to HQ), Del Medio (in the middle of the camp), .

Places on the estancia: Albardon (south strip between Salado & Calchaquí rivers), Fortín Union (former fort across the Salado from the NW corner of the estancia), Garzal, Loma Poi (likely a high-ground between the rivers in the south), Mistolar (west within loop of the Calchaquí river & laguna), Rinconada Palmar (NE corner against the laguna del Palmar), Paso crossing of Rio Calchaquí, named crossings: paso Mistolar, paso Zalazar; ensenada is a large enclosure, made in 1896; potrero means field, likely enclosed & larger than ensenada; Tapera (abandoned house, where?), Estero Nutria - likely in the south.


Conventions used:

People are listed by their surnames then their first-name (if both known), followed by their titles (Cacique, Capt., Comandante, Don, , Mr., Sr.).  People may be listed more than once as the diary entries don't always provide full names, in particular of those people the writers are familiar with, especially the workmen.  Therefore, when searching for a person, search separately for both the person’s first-name and surname.
(i) Location of people are per context of the diary entry in which mentioned.
(ii) Alfred often omitted possessive apostrophes e.g. Martin’s became: Martins.  Where we could with certainty, we omitted the appended possesive "s".

Places are listed by their proper name, followed by any preposition (El, La, Los) or feature qualifier: Arroyo (Aº), Cañada, Colonia, Estero, Fortín, Fuerte, Isleta, Laguna, Mar, Paso, Rio).
Estancias: We have identified some on the map. Estancias are particularly difficult to identify on more recent maps (1900-1950): names often change with ownership. & maps often show owner names but not estancia names.

Ñ - we treat as an accented N, not as a separate letter (as it is in the Spanish alphabet). The tilde was usually omitted by English writers, as were most accent marks on vowels.

(1885 Jan.) - Many entries are followed by one or more dates in brackets.  The dates indicate for each year only the first month in which the name is found.  Subsequent references for the year are not listed.

[H] - Some entries have an [H] appended to denote a "Hermanism".  Herman V. Benitz often spelt phonetically, with interesting results. We suspect he was dyslexic.

— Abbreviations —

— Arroyo

Alfred / AABz — Alfred A. Bz.

Arg. — Argentina

BA / B.A. / Bs.As. — Buenos Aires

Bz — Benitz

Cba. — Córdoba (province)

Ea. — Estancia (ranch)

Frank — Frank J. Bz

Herman — Herman V. Bz

Johnnie / JEBz — John E. Bz

Josephine — Josephine Bz (m. Schreiber)

L.California — Ea. “La California”

L.Yacaré — Ea. “Laguna Yacaré”

L.Palmares — Ea. “Los Palmares”

Mother — Josephine Kolmer-Bz

SFé — Santa Fé (province)

Schreiber –John (m: Josephine Bz)

TL — Ea. “Las Tres Lagunas”

WBz — father Wilhelm Bz

Willie / WOBz — William O. Bz

For more about the Benitz 2nd generation, see this family page.


3 Quebrachos
(1892 Mar) Place above L.Palmares on the Salado river
4 Arboles
(1891 Dec) Place in vicinity of or on L.Palmares.
(1892 Jan) ditto
Alfred’s abbreviation when writing about himself.
See: Avalos
Abran, Don
(1889 Apr) see Abran Gomez.
Acosta, José
(1889 July) mentioned
Adler, Juan
(1897 Jan) Mentioned; fired Dec.-drunk
(1889 Apr) Quintero, small farmer? Worked for Levi?
Adrian, Patrick
(1898 Mar) Alfred, in BA, saw him off on “Hornsby”
(1899 Apr) Visits
Agar Cross & Cia.
Well known farm supply company in Arg.
(1896 Apr) Mentioned
Agar, R
(1897 Feb) Mentioned
Aguara, Aguara potrero
(1896 Feb) Area where horses were kept; per context not on L.Palmares, likely to the south, possibly near Aguará Grande - see map.
Aguará, Fortín
Abandoned fort next to L.Palmares, west side - see map.
Aguiar, Anastasio
(1896 Aug) Capataz de tropa to La California
(1897 Feb) ditto
(1900 May) mentioned, from Union
Aguiar, Natividad
(1900 Nov) Overnighted
(1897 Dec) Peón, listed.
(1900 Oct) Capataz of La Verde - overnighted
(1884 Aug) Vistor w/Jobson
Agustin (boy)
(1892 Dec) Peón at L.Palmares
(1893 Jan) Peón, mentioned
(1894 Nov) Chacrero at L.Palmares
(1895 Jul) Temp peón
Ahi, Isleta
(1889 Oct) Campted at, west of Laguna de las Aves.
Airasis, Don / Aeran
(1889 June) Menitoned
Ajido, Juan
(1894 May) Began working at L.Palmares
(1893 Apr) L.Palmares place-name for the narrow southern strip between the Salado & Calchaquí rivers.  Very likely the local name, derived from "albar" (white), for a large white salt flat.
Albarez, Laguna
see Laguna de las Víboras
Alberto / D.
(1900 May) mentioned, indian chase
Alcario (indio)
(1892 Apr) Peón (at L.Palmares)
Aldao, Ricardo
(1889 Apr) Barraca (a dealer in hides) near Santa Fé city?
(1892 Feb) Apartador for Cabal, from “La Blanca”
Colonia and town, was established in the 1870s on the western shores of the San Javier river in the area known as Pájaro Blanco.  The first settlers were Welsh, followed by North Americans from the abandoned Colonia California, and lastly by immigrants from northern Italy.  L.Yacaré is about 35 km west, Calchaquí about 50 km west.  See map.
Alejandra, Estancia
(1896 Feb) Staid the night - could be Pajaro Blanco
(1900 Aug) Peón, taming oxen.
(1895 May) Bought(?) estancia from Agustín Iriondo
(1896 Jun) Mentioned
(1889 Mar) Estancia or area hunted (1 Feb.-5 Mar. 1889)
Colonia Alejandra - see Alejandra.
Alexandria colony
Colonia Alejandra - see Alejandra.
(1885 Jan) Peón (at L.Yacaré)
(1889 Jan) Peón (at L.Yacaré)
Alfred / Alfredo / AABz
Alfred Alexander Benitz (1859-1937) – see his short bio. & much more; 8th child of Wilhelm & Josephine Benitz.
Algarrobal, rodeo / area
Rodeo at L.Palmares
(1896 Dec, 1897 Jan.)
Likely a nearby estancia
(1899 Jan) Mentioned at rodeo
Algarrobos, Los
Estancia located in the S.E. corner of Córdoba, a few kilometers south of Monte Buey; bought in June of 1896 by John E. Benitz (with Benitz Hermanos funds); it comprised 3¾ old sq. leagues, (10,125 has., 4.05 metric sq. leagues).  See the Monte Buey, Córdoba Names page for more detailed information.
(1898 Nov) Member of posse inspecting an indian settlement.
(1898 Mar) Potential segundo?
Almacen Bergamino
Store approx. 15-20 km. SW of Irigoyen, SFé
(1894 May) Overnight stop 15, herd from L.Palmares to L.California
Almagro, Fortín
(1896 May) Cattle found - days south of L.Palmares
(1898 May) Mentioned
Almeida, Alfredo
(1896 Jun & Dec) Owns land to south, east of Rio Calchaquí? See Pereira, Ernesto
(1897 Jan) Mentioned
(1899 Apr) Represents Alfred in dispute
(1894 Oct) Mentioned
Alvarez, Basilio
(1897 Jan) Mentioned re steers
(1898 Apr) Horses stolen
Alvarez, Capitan
(1897 Jan) Jefe in San Cristobal, stayed night.
(1884 Dec) Virasoro’s capataz
Amada, Jose
(1889 Oct) Peón (at L.Yacaré)
(1884 Apr) Town upon southern end of Salado; Drive 12th day crossing.
(1884 May) Peón - see Rose, Anastasio
(1885 Jan) Peón at L.Yacaré
Anazio, Nazaro
(1885 Jan) Peón at L.Yacaré (?)
Anderson, J.
(1892 Mar) English visitor, from San Cristóbal
(1891 Nov) Peón at L.Palmares
(1892 Jan) ditto
Andreas, J. / Juan
Andres, Juan
(1898 Mar) Mentioned
(1900 May) cuts/makes poests
(1889 Mar) Mentioned
Angela, Doña
(1892 Jan) Mentioned, with child.
(1894 May) Cook at L.Palmares
(1897 Jan) Mentioned
(1899 Mar) Mentioned
Angelis, Alferey
(1899 Oct) Mentioned
Angelus, Teniente
Lieutenant in the 6th Cavalry
(1898 Sep) Mentioned, to be based at Inca
Angostura, puesto
Likely SW of L.Palmares
(1899 Mar) Mentioned
Anita, Doña / Donna
(1892 Mar) Arrives, as washerwoman (replacing Doña Juana?), Apr. became cook.
(1889 Jan) Peón (at L.Yacaré) - likely Antonio Jesan
(1897 May) Peón? on hunt, from Monte Aguará
Antonio, Juan / J.
(1894 May) Mentioned, re algarrobo seeds
(1900 Jul) Mentioned
Antonio Lara
(1889 Jan) Visitor
“Antonio & his Indians”
(1891 Dec) Group of Indians? At L.Palmares
(1889 Sep) Mentioned.
Arauz, Col.
Today: “Jacinto L. Arauz” - town 40 km.west of San Justo, SFé
(1894 May) Overnight stop 6, herd from L.Palmares to L.California
Arce, Tomas
(1895 May) Judge in Alejandra
Former Fortín Arenales, town no longer exists.  Per diary, about ½ day’s ride (30 km) NNW of Reconquista.
(1900 Nov/Dec) Alfred bought 500+ steers there.
Argentina, Estación (Stgo. del Estero)
(1892 Sep) Horse thief chase - RR station SE of Malbrán, & SW of Tostado
(1889 Oct) Place, mentioned
Arivani, Domingo
see Domingo Arrivani
Arocena (Alfred: Arozeno)
Town on 3 km west of Rio Paraná, 70 km south of Santa Fé city
(1894 May) Overnight stop 13, herd from L.Palmares to L.California
Arrege, Domingo
See also Domingo
(1896 Feb) Fetched cattle with Santiago Repetto
Arriollo, Pablo
(1892 Jul) Mentioned, estanciero near Tostado
Arrivani, Domingo
See also Domingo
(1897 Aug) Taming bullocks
(1898 May) Took steers to tame
(1899 Apr) Mentioned
(1900 Jan) Fencing estero
Aruffo / Arrufa
Estanciero to the north or west of Laguna Yacaré, 18 leagues of camp.
(1884 Sep) Mentioned
(1885 Nov) Mentioned
(1898 Jun) Indians stole horses
(1900 Jan) mentioned
(1896 Jul) Mentioned
(1897 Apr) ditto
Aso, Juan
Buys hides, from San Cristobal
(1897-1900) Mentioned
(1902 Jan) Bought hair
see Agustin
Augusto, Don
(1898 Aug) Menioned
(1896 Dec) Tropero
Capataz for Hope?
(1898 Apr) Mentioned
(1902 Jan) Rodeo
Avalos, Hilario
(1896 Jul) Neighbor? Likely owns Las Cañas
(1897 Jan) Mentioned
(1897 Mar) Funeral
Avalos, Rafael
(1898 Dec) See Ramon Avalos
Avalos, Ramon
(1895 Nov) Hope's capataz / manager at Pajaro Blanco
(1898 Dec) With brother Rafael, received Hope's herd from AABz
Avalos, Urbano
(1894 May) Landowner, mentioned chasing rustlers
(1900 Jan) re oxen
(1893 Apr) Horse tamer
Aves, Laguna las
(1889 Oct) a.k.a. Laguna Calchaquí - see map
Avispa Chico
(1889 Feb-Mar) Place camped on hunting trip, Feb'89
(1897 Dec) Peón, listed w/tropa
Ayers, Consul
(1899 Nov) US consul in Rosario


(1900 Jul) Peón, mentioned.
(1889 Nov) Peón (at L.Yacaré)
(1900 May) Listed at Los Palmares
Baldomero / Baldomiro / Baldonero
a.k.a.: Baldomero Romero
(1889-1900) At L.Yacaré & Los Palmares: Peón, domador, mensual, puestero, capataz
(1897 Nov) wife Eulalia left
(1889 Dec) Capataz at Mistolar?
Bara Calchaquí
(1898 May) Hotel? Mentioned.
Barazza, Sisto
(1889 Oct) Peón at L.Yacaré
Baretto, Isabelino  (Barreto?)
(1894 May) Landowner, met chasing cattle rustlers.
(1896 Dec) Tropero
(1898 Mar) Puestero?
(1899 Oct) Mentioned re Muelles
(1900 Feb) horses stolen
Barga, Lorenzo
(1889 Oct) Peón at L.Yacaré
Barga, Rafael / Rafa
see Rafael
(1899 Nov) Peón at L.Palmares
Barga / J. Barga / Jorge Barga
(1896 Nov) Offered steers for sale
(1897 Jan) Mentioned
(1900 Jul) parted out his
Bargas (Barga’s ?) brother
(1896 Nov) Began working
(1897 May) Field worker
Barracas del Norte
(1898 Mar) Then fashionable district of B.A., north side of Rio Achuelo.
Barrington, Sir Vincent
(1892 Jan) Took photos at L.Palmares of the casco & cattle (24-25 Jan'92)
Likely a sand-bar that facilitated crossing a river or marsh (near Media Luna) encountered by herds going to L.California on the second day after leaving L.Palmares.
(1897 Jan) Mentioned as a place / camp
Barra, laguna
(1895 Jul) Mentioned re indians
(1892 Sep) Mentioned, peón.
(1889 Sep) Mentioned
(1892 Feb) Mentioned
Basco, Juan
(1897 Nov) Feather hunter, indians stole horse
(1898 Apr) Peón? Mentioned
Peón at L.Palmares
(1898 Oct) Dug cesspit
(1885 Apr) Peón on 2nd. herd from L.California?
(1896 Nov) Listed as on hand, caballeriza
(1884 Sep) Surveyor, visitor
(1897 May) Peón? on hunt, from Monte Aguará
(1884 Aug) Town, fort?
(1885 July) Mentioned
(1894 Jun) Alfred met at Hope's
Bella Vista
River town 100 km. north of Reconquista, across the Paraná river in Corrientes province.
(1889 July) mentioned
(1899 Sep) Mentioned
(1900 May) mentioned, with Michelub
(1895 Jun) Settling (poblando) west of J. Martin – see Porteños & Jose ____
Bellos, F.
(1897 Jan) Joined hunt.
Bellos, Juan
(1896 Feb) Helped count cattle, estanciero?
(1897 Jan) Mentioned
Bellos, puesto (tapera)
(1898 Jul) Mentioned
Beltram, Paso (Rio Dulce)
(1892 Sep) Horse thief chase
(1892 Dec) Mentioned
(1897 Mar) Mentioned
Benavidez, J.
(1900 Apr) sells sandias
Benavides (as / ez), Juan
a.k.a. Old Juan, Old John, Don Juan
(1884 Oct) Peón at L.Yacaré
(1885 Jan) Mentioned
(1889 Jan) Visitor
(1889 Nov) Peón at L.Yacaré
(1891 Oct) Peón at L.Palmares
(1892 Jan) ditto & puestero - see wife, washerwoman: Doña Juana !
(1893 Apr) Mentioned
Benavides, Pedro
(1894 May) Mentioned
(1900 Apr) mentioned
Benites, Camba
see also: Camba
(1897 Nov) Peón, listed at L.Palmares
Benites, Hacintha - aka. Benits
(1892 Aug) Began work, peón.
Benites, Julio
(1895 Aug) Peón at L.Palmares
(1896 Dec) Tropero (Julian)
Benites, Rubio
(1898 Mar) Moved between puestos
(1900 Feb) Mentioned, peon listed May 1900
(1889 May) Mentioned with “Jose the moreno”.
(1894 May) caballeriza (horse-wrangler) at L.Palmares
Benitez, J.
(1889 Nov) Per context, most likely Johnnie Benitz.
Benitez, Pilar
(1894 Dec) Peón at L.Palmares
Benito, Don
(1884 Apr) Mentioned
(1885 Jan) ---
Benjamin, Don
(1885 Nov) mentioned
(1889 Apr) pulpero - owner of a pulperia: bar / store
(1897 Aug) Stopped night
(1902 Jan) Peón at LP
Bergara, Camilo
Also see: Camilo, Vergara
(1897 Apr) Sold horse
(1900 May) mentioned
Bergara, Pilar
see also: Pilar
(1897 Dec) Tropero
Bergara, Tomas
(1894 May) Herder (tropero), paid by the day
(1896 Nov) Listed on hand
(1897 Jan) Peón tropero
(1898 Mar) Fired
Berli, Carlos / C. / Berlie / Berly
Estanciero west of Fortín Chilcas.
(1892 Mar) bull buyer, with Stineman
(1897 Feb) Raided by indians
(1898 Aug) Mentioned
(1900 Mar) mentioned
Berli, Enrique / H. (Henry?) / Berlis, H.
See also H. Berti
(1899 Jul) Población, punta Laguna Palmar (north end of..)
(1900 Aug) Mentioned
Bermejo, Rio
Major river, flows from north-west to south-east between the Chaco and Formosa provinces, empties into the Paraná river.
Bermudas, Baltazar
(1889 Oct) From Corrientes
(1892 Feb) Mentioned
Bernarda, Doña
Miguel Fraire’s keep & cook at L.Palmares
(1896 Dec) Departed, see Doña Isidora
(1897 Jan) Swapped back with Doña Isidora
Bernardo, Don
(1899 Apr) Mentioned with Jose Paz, from BA
Bernesconi - aka: Bernescorn
(1889 Apr) respected Peón?
(1892 May) Puestero? at L.Palmares
Berti, C.
(1899 Sep) Mentioned
Berti, H.
See also Berli
(1899 Sep) Mentioned
From San Cristobal
(1900 Mar) mentioned
(1900 Oct) AABz met at Muellos
(1892 Mar) Passing through with family.
Bidart, Bernardo
(1899 Jul) Met in BA
(1902 Jan) Well digger
Bienavidas, Juan
(1884 Oct) Old man & family came to work at L.Yacaré.  Sent by Ramayon.  Wife served as cook.  Fired Mar'85, however, see Juan Benavidez.
Bienavidas, Teniente / Sargento
(1884 Nov) Passes through regularly.  Rank changes.
(1885 June) ---
Alfred’s nick-name for brother W.O. Benitz, usually: Willie; see William
(1893-1900 Apr), (1997 Apr), (1898 Mar), (1900 Jul)
Alfred’s nick-name for nephew W.A. Benitz.
(1900 Jul)
Name likely derived from vizcacheras, see vizcacha in Glossary
(1891 Nov) Rodeo (at L.Palmares?), camp, or estancia (south of Calchaquí?)
(1898 Apr) Mentioned
(1899 Apr) Mentioned
Biscacheros, Campo
(1898 Dec) Likely an area or estancia south of Los Palmares
(1894 Jul) Visited L.Palmares with Johnnie
(1895 Jul) ditto
Bivalva (indio)
(1892 Apr) Peón (at L.Palmares)
Blanca, Laguna
(1884 Dec) Laguna 40 km. SW of Calchaquí.
Blanca, La
Estancia 40 km. SSW of Calchaquí, east of laguna La Blanca – see map.
Managed/owned by Richards.
(1891 Dec) Mentioned
(1897 Sep) Mentioned
(1898 Mar) Mentioned
Blanca, Paso de la
Ford across Rio Salado NW of Los Palmares.
(1898 Nov) Stray cattle
Blancia [H]
(1885 Dec) ---
(1891 Dec) Peón (at L.Palmares)
(1895 Oct) Workman, plowing
(1885 July) Passed through. “Poor Englishman”
Boustet, Luis
(1893 Feb) Mentioned - see also Boutet, Luis
(1889 Apr) Commission agent? Alfred rented the Mistolar camp (8 Apr 1889) from / through him. Very likely “F.H. Chevallier Boutell, Calle San Martin 36, B.A.” - see the the list of contacts in the La California day-book of 1890.
Boutet, Luis
(1894 May) Met near Curva - see also: Boustet, Luis
(1895 Aug) Met in Vera
(1889 June) Place name.
Braou, David
Comisario de Campo
(1898 Aug) Arrested person at Los Palmares
(1899 Aug) Listed tropero
(1884 Apr) Name of a horse
Bravo, Valentin
(1896 Jul) Bullock trainer
(1897 Aug) Ditto
(1900 Jan) mentioned
Brown, Mr.
(1884 Jun) Mentnioned
(1892 Mar) English visitor, from San Cristóbal
(1894 Jun) Alfred stopped night, south of Robson on route to San Cristobal
Buenos Aires / B.A. / BA
Largest city and capital of Argentina, also the name of the largest province (with capital La Plata) that surrounds B.A. the city
adjective, city: porteño; province: bonaerense
(1900 Feb) Visited from Tucuman
Buli & Huber
(1900 Feb) had población (settlement) at “punta de laguna”
Bulle / Buille, Cesario
(1892 Mar) With Senuels, bought bulls.
(1896 Feb) AABz stayed the night - between Alejandra & Calchaquí
(1897 Feb) AABz visited while in Rosario
Bunge, Ernesto
(1898 Apr) Mentioned re William
Bustamante, Old
(1896 Feb) Neighbor


Cabal, Cabals. Cabales
(1892 Feb) Name mentinoed, possible neighbor at L.Palmares
(1895 Jul) Cattle run off
(1896 Feb) Mentioned - see Ojido, Cabalo
Cabrera, Jefe Politicio
(1894 May) Met near Curva; wrote re rustlers
Cabrera, J.
(1896 Nov) Visited
Cabrera, Juan
(1894 May) Mentioned, town or land owned by (near Vera?)
Cabrera, P.
(1896 Dec) Tropero
(1896 Feb) Helped in rodeo
see Caseros
Cacique, Fortín
One of a string of forts (1869-1884) across north Santa Fé, level with & 160 km. west of Reconquista; 100 km NW from L.Palmares
(1894 Oct) Mentioned re indians
(1899 Nov) Hunting party passed by.
(1900 May) mentioned regularly
(1902 Jan) farming peon
Caferati, Jose
(1900 Feb) peon, made wire varillas (spacers)
Calario, Mr.
(1892 Jan) Mentioned, bucked off.
Town & RR station 50 km. south of Vera (SFé).  The closest town of any importance to L.Yacaré (15-20 km. to its NNE) & Mistolar / L.Palmares (30km. to its west)- see map.  Originally founded in 1889 as “D'Abreu”, it adopted the rail-road station name in 1964. The origin of the station name is unknown.
Part of the Diaguita indians, their territory included NW Argentina (Catamarca, Salta, Tucumán).  Resisting first the Inca then Spanish conquerors, they were decimated.  When the Spanish arrived they had over 400,000 members; in about 1660 the last 11,000 were enslaved and relocated to Quilmes (now a suburb of Buenos Aires) where the tribe disappeared.
Calchaquí, barra / Vara
likely the mouth of Rio Calchaquí where it drains the Laguna Calchaquí.
Calchaquí, Laguna / Mar
Laguna a.k.a.: Laguna de las Aves
(1889 Feb) first metion: camped next to on hunting trip Feb'89
Ea. L.Palmares was on its SW shore
Calchaquí, Rio
River runs south out of Laguna Calchaquí, 20 km. west of the town of Calchaquí. Empties into the Salado river that in turn joins the Paraná river at Santa Fé city. East boundary of Mistolar & L.Palmares.
(1893 Apr) Peón? Mentioned
California, Colonia
Established in 1866 by a group of settlers from California, it failed due to constant harrassment by indians.  Located north of San Javier, on the western shores of the  San Javier river.  Alfred’s uncle Frank X. Bz was one of the original settlers (see Frank’s entry, found in the menus under "Siblings").
California, La
Estancia founded by WBz in 1875 in the province of Santa Fé. 4 sq. leagues, 100 km. north-west of Rosario and 30 km. north of Cañada de Gómez, or 9 km. south of present-day Las Rosas.  It was the family home and headquarters during the years Alfred was in northern Santa Fé at L.Yacaré & L.Palmares (1884-1904).
(1897 Sep) Brand mentioned
See also: Camba Benites
(1894 May) Peón at L.Palmares
(1896 May) Peón listed at L.Palmares
(1897 Nov) ditto, as: Camba Benites
(1898 Aug) Puestero, next to Laguna del Palmar
Camila, La
Neighboring camp east of the southern end of L.Palmares, across the Rio Calchaquí; cattle from L.Palmares continually strayed across the river & had to be parted out & brought back.
(1891 Dec) Colonia/town/camp mentioned.
(1892 Oct) Mentioned
(1893 Jan) Apartes at camp
(1895 May) Mentioned & apartes at camp; AABz may have rented or had cattle there.
(1900 Feb) mentioned, tropero
See Camilo Vergara
(1893 Apr) Temp. peón, marcación
(1897 Dec) Brother mentioned re tropa
(1899 Mar) Mentioned
Campbell, Dr.
Campbell, Llambi
Executive (?) in B.A. of the Santa Fé Land Co.
(1898 Mar) AABz met him in B.A.; agent for rental/buy?
Campo Carancho
(1889 Aug) Place name SW of L.Yacaré.
Cañada de Gómez
Important town 35 km. south of L.California.
(1897 Apr)
Canas / Cañas
(1889 Aug) Place name SW of L.Yacaré
Cañas, Las
Estancia, likely owned by Hilario Avalos
(1896 Jun) near L.Palmares, to S.E.?
(1900 Jan) mentioned
Candia, Primitivo / Candida
(1897 Dec) Peón tropero, listed
(1898 Nov) Tropero, returning from La California
(1899 Mar) Obtained Matricula de Tropero
(1898 Dec) Overnighted
Condia / Candia
(1898 Oct) Capataz de tropa south
Canton Muelle
(1892 Jul) Mentioned, see Robson.
Canton Tuviano
Low area near (west of?) Golondrinas RR station
(1897 Jun) Camped on hunt
Cañuellas, M.
(1892 Aug) Mentioned
Capata, Cappato
(1889 May) Foreman / station-master at Calchaquí?  Later store owner (& banker?).
(1895 May) Paid by Alfred
(1896 Feb) mentioned re Mercedes
Capato, C.
(1892 Mar) Mentioned
(1893 Feb) Mentioned
Capilla del Monte
Town in the Sierras Chicas de Córdoba, north of La Cumbre - see names for “The Hills”.
Train station south of San Cristóbal, Santa Fé.
(1899 Mar) Mentioned, as Capibara.
Cappo, Old Juan / Don Juan
(1898 Aug) Planted vegetables
(1899 Mar) Mentioned, quit end of April
(1900 Mar) took his guachos
Carabaca / Casabaca
(1889 Jan) Neighbour estanciero / store owner?
Caraguatay / Caraguaty
Area & town 10 km. NE of Vera (SFé) (50 km. due north of L.Yacaré
(1884 Sep) Mentioned
(1885 Feb) Arroyo north of & not too distant from L.Yacaré.
Carancho, Campo
(1896 Jun) Estancia or place near L.Palmares
(1897 Mar) Mentioned re indian raid
(1898 Nov) ditto 1896
Cardoso, Lasaro
Of San Cristobal
(1897 Apr) Visited
Carina / Corina
(1889 Apr) Town? Store?
(1896 May) Tropa left cattle
Carles, Juan L.
Of estancia del Monte, at estación Capivara - south of San Cristóbal
(1899 Mar) Mentioned
Carlos, Don
(1897 Dec) Stray cattle
(1898 Nov) horse strayed, see Robo, C
Town 15 km. north of Reconquista (That is 150 km. north of Calchaquí & Alejandra, too far to ride in a single day from either town).
Carmen, El / The
(1894 Jul) Estancia 35 km. NE of Calchaquí, east of the Aº El Toba (see map). Per context, AABz had cattle there – not clear if rented land or cattle on shares; see Pájaro Blanco.
(1895, 1896, etc) AABz often stayed the night there
Carnelli, Cesar
(1892 Mar) Italian (from Reconquista) - led nutria hunters
Caro Atado
(1895 Oct) Peón at L.Palmares
(1899 Mar) AABz visited, likely near Chilecito in La Rioja province.
Carro Volcado
(1892 Jul) Place at L.Palmares, mentioned.
Carrizo, Fabian
(1892 Sep) Horse thief - likely leader
Carrizo, Macario
(1898 Dec) Mentioned
(1892 Dec) Mentioned
(1889 Dec) Neighbor? Capataz?
(1893 Feb) Peón, mentioned.
Caseros, Caceros
(1894 Nov) Herder (tropero), paid by the day
(1895 Apr) Mentioned
(1896 Feb) Peón tropero
(1897 Jan) ditto
(1895-1898) see Gay, Casimiro
Caspar, Don [H]
(1885 Aug) See Gaspar Duran
Casta Concha (Costa Concha ?)
(1894 May) Overnight stop 2, herd from L.Palmares to L.California
Castañas, Las
Estancia nex tor Las Rosas - see that name list for details
(1899 Sep) Mentioned
(1885 Jan) Hired as Peón
(1892 Jan) Mentioned.
Cayetano Capato
(1889 May) Railroad station / town, north SFé prov.
(1893 Apr) Peón / capataz herding horses from L.California to L.Palmares
Ceferino / Zeferino
See Ceferino Trodevat & Froidevano
(1897 Dec) Peón
(1898 May) Plowing
(1885 Nov) Peón? (at L.Yacaré)
Cementerio, rodeo
(1896 Aug) Hope rodeo, at Pájaro Blanco?
(1889 Oct) Peón (at L.Yacaré)
Cerdo, Jose
(1884 Apr) Peón on drive from L.California to L.Yacaré
(1889 Aug) borrowed a horse
Large town in northern Santa Fé, 270 km. NW of Santa Fé city, close to the border with Santiago del Estero (150 km. due west of L.Palmares).
(1894 Jul) Indians reportedly from Ceres
Cermin, Jacinto
(1900 Feb) from La Margarita
(1896 Feb) Peón listed at L.Palmares
In the context of Alfred’s L.Yacaré & L.Palmares diaries and day-books (1884 - 1904), the Chaco is the “Chaco Austral” (southern Chaco) climatic sub-region of the Gran Chaco, a climatic region that includes north central Argentina, south-east Bolivia, all Paraguay, & west Brazil south of the Mato Groso.  The Chaco Austral sub-region is entirely within Argentina and encompases north Santa Fé, north-east Córdoba, eastern Santiago del Estero, and the Chaco (provinces).
NOTE: Laguna Yacaré & Los Palmares were in north Santa Fé province and El Bermejo and Campo Winter were in Chaco province.  All were in the Chaco Austral climatic sub-region.
Chaco chico / santafecino
Alternative names for the north 13 of Santa Fé province that lies within the Chaco climatic region.
Chaco, province
Province bordering Santa Fé to the north, capital: Resistencia.
Adjective: chaqueño
(1891 Nov) Peón (at L.Palmares)
(1896 May) Peón listed at L.Palmares
(1897 Jan) Peón tropero
(1900 Feb) ditto
(1902 Jan) Peón installing jagueles
Place on Rio Salado north-west of Los Palmares, had nutrias
(1898 Oct) Mentioned
Chañares, Isleta
(1889 Mar) Place name
(1898 Nov) Nutrieros there
(1900 May) indian chase
Chancho, cañada
(1895 Jul) Place on Ea. Pajaro Blanco
Chandler, Norman
(1900 Jul) Visited & collected bird skins at Los Palmares, July 26 - September 28, 1900.
Chapate & son
(1885 July) Assisted with yerra.
Chapuis, Don Jorge
(1889 May) estanciero? North of L.Yacaré.
Native indian tribe of Uruguay & Argentina (Entre Rios & south-eastern Santa Fé province).
Charrua, Fortín
One of a string of forts (1869-1884) across north Santa Fé, level with & 100 km. west of Reconquista; 60 km north of L.Palmares - see map.
(1895 Sep) Indian pursuit
(1897 Nov) ditto
(1899 Jul) ditto
(1900 Mar) simply Charrua, various reasons
Chavarria, Antonio
(1895 May) chasque / messenger service?
(1885 Aug) Dog (bitch).
Checho, Chicho
(1895 Sep) mentioned, peón
(1896 May) Peón listed at L.Palmares
(1897 Jan) Mentioned
(1899 Aug) horse stolen
Chiaso, Jose
(1898 Nov) Colonist at Nuevo Torino, mentioned
(1892 May) Place referenced, within L.Palmares
(1894 May) Indians seen
(1900 Jul) (i) Place N.E. of Estero Las Tejas; (ii) Place north of Quebrachal (quebracho tree forest), north of Laguna de los Perros.
Chilcas, Fortín
One of a string of forts (1869-1884) across north Santa Fé, level with & 100 km. west of Reconquista; 60 km north of L.Palmares - see map.
(1885 Feb) Mentioned
(1894 Oct) Mentioned
(1895 Sep) Indian pursuit
(1899 Jul) ditto
City in the Andes foot-hills, province of La Rioja.
(1899 Mar) Trip visit.
Chimaco, Climaco / Clemaco
(1889 Jan) Peón (at L.Yacaré)
Chinapé, Laguna
Laguna between Fortín Chilcas & Laguna de la Cueva del Tigre
(1895 Sep) Indian pursuit: noon stop
Perjurative term for Guaraní indians living in the eastern Andes of Argentina & Bolivia.
(1897 Nov) Peón listed
Chorote / Choroti
Small native indian tribe of north Chaco province, originally located on the shores of the Rio Bermejo, pushed north to the shores of the Rio Pilcomayo & south-central Paraguay.
Clara, La
Likely an estancia
(1898 Apr) Mentioned
(1902 Jan) Mentioned
Clark, Ben
(1889 Sep) RR engineer
(1889 Nov) Peón (at L.Yacaré)
(1894 May) Tropero to L.California
(1894 Jun) Alfred met at San Cristobal
(1897 Mar) Mentioned re sheep
(1900 Jan) mentioned
(1900 Mar) presumably a kink (elbow) in the fence line (check map)
Colatiné (Sur)
Today, suburb south of Santa Fé city (The better known Colastiné Norte is east of Santa Fé city).
(1894 May) Overnight stop 13, herd from L.Palmares to L.California
(1892 Jan) Capataz at San Cristóbal (i.e. employed by Santa Fé Land Co.)
Collins, Dionisio / D.
(1897 Mar) cattle sales agent?
(1898 Nov) Mentioned
(1899 June) Mentioned - of Las Muellas
(1900 Oct) AABz met at Muellos
Collina, J.
(1898 Apr) Mentioned re rodeo general
Collins, Juan
(1899 Jun) Mentioned at Lomo Poi
Collins, Vicente
(1897 Mar) Mentioned
Colman / Coleman / Col?
(1889 June) Visitor from Entre Rios.
(1899 Oct) Mentioned, peón
Conchas, Laguna / Costa
Laguna (or coast of laguna) xxxxxxxx
Conor, Virnos [H?]
(1885 Dec) Visitor
(1897 Mar) Place....
(1885 Apr) Likely a mare
Argentine province to the west of Santa Fé province.  Its capital, Córdoba city, is about 700 km. NW of Buenos Aires.
Adjective: cordobés
Cordobese [cordobés]
Adjective: of the province of Córdoba
see Carina
Corneleio, Cornelio
see also: Fernandez, Cornelio
(1894 Nov) Herder (tropero), paid by the day
(1895 Nov) peón. listed
(1896 Feb) Peón tropero
(1897 Jan) Mentioned, tropero
(1900 Feb) well digger with Norriego
Cornelio (porteño)
(1900 Aug) Overnighted
Large town on the Rio Paraná about mid-way between Rosario & Santa Fé city.
Corralitos, Los
Town on the Rio Paraná, 20 km south of Alejandra, 40+ km SE of Calchaquí
(1895 Mar) Alfred visited
Correntino [correntino]
Adjective: of the province of Corrientes
Province bordering the north half of Santa Fé to the east across the Paraná river.  Its capital is Corrientes city.  The provinces of Misiones, Corrientes, & Entre Rios lie between the Paraná & Uruguay rivers, and form the Argentine mesopotamic climatic region.
Adjective: correntino
(1899 Aug) Listed tropero
(1900 Feb) ditto
Covolan / Corvolan / Corvalan
(1899 Jun) Indians stole horses
(1900 Feb) mentioned w/ Sanchez, Julian
(1892 Oct) rodeo at L.Palmares
Refers to the coast of a river (or laguna), not the sea-coast.  Which river depends on context, at L.Palmares most likely are: Calchaquí, Paraná, or Salado.
(1893 Feb) Probaly Paraná
Costa Paraná
(1893 Feb) Coast of the Paraná river, likely area of Alejandra
Costa Salado
(1898 Nov) Near paso (ford), likely to south: Paso Lucero
(1900 Feb) mentioned.
(1884 May) Visitor
Coupilio, Don Emilio
(1884 June) Visitor
Cowerden, P.H.
(1899 Mar) Mentioned, trip to La Rioja
(1884 Apr) Mentioned
(1884 Apr) Drive 11th night - 16th night - see map
(1889 Apr) estanciero
(1894 May) Mentioned, re algarrobo seeds
Cruz, Ewaldino
see also Ewaldino
(1894 Oct) Mentioned
Cruz del Eje
(1889 Sep) Town in the Sierras Chicas, Córdoba.
Cruz Grande, Cruz Gde
Johnie Bz’s summer home in Cruz Grande (La Cumbre, Córdoba).
Cruz, Juan
(1885 Nov) Peón (at L.Yacaré)
Cruz, Teniente
(1884 Dec) From San Javier.
Cuatro Arboles
(1892 May) Puesto at L.Palmares - see Jose Lorenzo
Cuatro Arboles
Locale or estancia next to Laguna El Dientudo, NW near Alejandra - see map
(1893 Apr) Mentioned
Cuello, Juan
(1892 Sep) Horse thief - likely leader
Cuervos, Los
(1892 Aug) Estancia mid-way between Romang & Alejandra – see map. Possibly misspelt as: Curva.
Cueva del Tigre, Laguna de la
Laguna north of Laguna del Palmar.  It is filled from a series of smaller lagunas to its north-west, and by the Arroyo La Sarnocita to its north-east - see map.
(1892 July) Alfred rode by.
(1895 Aug) Hunted with JEBz et al
(1899 Jul) Indian chase
Town on the shores of the Cululú river, 55 km. NW of Santa Fé city.
Cululú, Arroyo / Rio
Parallel and west of the Salado river, it joins it NW of Santa Fé city.
(1884 Apr) Crossed during 1st. cattle drive
Town on the Aº Cululú, 65 km. NW of Santa Fé city.
(1894 May) Crossed arroyo via bridge (& overnight stop 9), herd from L.Palmares to L.California
Cura, Isletas
Islets likely north of L.Palmares
(1898 Jun) Mentioned
Cura, Lagunas
(1893 Jan) Mentioned, hunted at
(1894 Jun) Mentioned, likely west or north of L.Palmares
(1897 Aug) Hunted at
(1900 Feb) mentioned
(1900 Jul) Mentioned
(1892 Sept) Chase after horse thieves: mentioned, close to L.Palmares
Curuzú Cuatiá
Important town in the SE corner of Corrientes province.  In Guaraní, its name means: “Burning Cross”.
Curvo, Curva
(1892 Aug) Could be “El Cuervo” (see Los Cuervos), estancia mid-way between Romang & Alejandra.
(1893 Jan) Mentioned
(1894 May) Curva mentioned


(1900 Jan) Mentioned
(1900 Jan) Mentioned
Däller, G. / Däller, Jorge / DalyerJ.
See also Däyer.
Estanciero east of L.Palmares; between the rio Calchaquí & the town of Calchaquí, see map.
Owned land on his own & with Micheloud.
(1897 Sep) Rodeo
(1898 Apr) Rodeo
(1899 Apr) Telegram re indians
Däller, Nicolas
(1898 May) Mentioned
(1899 Mar) Mentioned
(1900 Jan) Mentioned often, usually re rodeos
see also: Damasio
(1898 May) Puestero, mentioned
Damasia, Fidel
(1889 Apr) Peón (at L.Yacaré)
Damasio / Damasia / Demesio
Also see: Damasio Ojido, Damacio.
(1889 Aug) Peón (at L.Yacaré)
(1892 Apr) Temp peón during marcacón.
(1894 Apr) Puestero at Paso Mistolar
(1896 Mar) Puestero, on rented camp: Guampita
(1897-1900) Mentioned
Dancilla / Dansillas
(1897 May) Estancia/estanciero? Mentioned
Davies, Tom
(1896 Feb) AABz stayed the night, near Alejandra?
Däyer, Jorge
also see: Däller, & map
(1897 Apr) Visited
(1898 Aug) Alfred went to his rodeo
(1900 Jul) Mentioned
Däyer, Nicolas
see: Däller, & map
(1897 Mar) Newly arrived estanciero
(1900 May) indian chase, lent rifles
(1895 Apr) Estanciero west & south of the Rio Salado; see Frenchman & Casimiro Gay
(1897 Jan) Mentioned
(1899 Mar) Mentioned
Defagot, Luis
Estanciero (with C. Gay near L.Palmares, west & south of Rio Salado
(1896 May) Visited with Casimiro Gay
(1897 Apr) Family picnic at L.Palmares.
Deirel / Decipel ?
(1897 Nov) Mentioned
Delicias, Las
(1884 Apr) Town? Drive 13th night.
(1900 Jan) Mentioned
Indian tribe of north Chile and NW Argentina, they resisted the Incas & Spanish conquerors, particularly those in Argentina (the Calchaquí).  From the Incas they adopted techniques in pottery, agriculture, and metalworking.  Today there are appox. 67,000 self-identified Diaguitas in Argentina.
Diaquita is incorrect
Diaz, Don Vicente / Bicente
(1889 Apr) Tropero
(1892 May) Mentioned, 2 brothers owned estancia “Las Lomas”, neighbours north of L.California.  Thirteen years later (1915), Alfred married their first cousin, Olga B. Horner.
(1893 Apr) Mentioned
(1895 Apr) Had poor quality cattle at Robson’s (Muelle?)
(1897 Dec) Sent him bull, at Las Lomas
Dickinson, Mifs Tattie
(1897 Aug) Sent her a puma.
(1884 Apr) Cart-man on drive from L.California to Laguna Yacaré
(1895 Jul) Visited w/Robson
Dogherty, C.
(1899 Sep) Visitor at L.Palmares
Dolores, rubio
(1899 Aug) Listed tropero
Also see: Domingo Ledesma & Domingo Arrivani
(1891 Dec) Brother to Jacinto Roja? (25 Dec'91)
(1892 Jan) Peón/puestero at L.Palmares
(1895 Apr) Peón/puestero at L.Palmares
(1896 May) Helped find cattle
(1897 Apr) Peón at marcación / puestero
(1899 Mar) Mentioned
(1896 Feb) See Domingo Arrege
"Doming & Cruz Iguano"
(1891 Dec) "Paisanos"- hunting nutria.
Domingo, Cacique Mariano José
(1884 Sep) Passed by (at L.Yacaré)
Domselaar, Miss Helen
(1894 Jul) Alfred met at Hope's
Donkin, Arthur
(1889 Mar) Visitor / hunting companion / assistant / stand-in manager / eventually estanciero? (Apr'89)  See also L.California diaries.
(1892 Jan) Managed L.Palmares in Alfred’s absence.
(1893 Jan) Mentioned as owning cattle
Dos Chañares
(1889 Feb-Mar) Hunting trip campsite.
Dos Mercedes
(1891 Dec) Estancia SW of Calchaquí, east of rio Calchaquí.
Dos Palmitas
(1895 May) Place/puesto at L.Palmares, see Peicho
(1900 Jan) Sold coach to AABz
Duarte, Luciano
(1896 Dec) Tropero
(1897 Jan & Dec) Peón tropero
Dulce, Rio
Crosses the length of Santiago del Estero (from NW to SE), ending in Laguna Mar Chiquita.
(1892 Sep) End of the Horse thief chase
Dulce/s, Laguna/s
(1892 Oct) Lagunas north of L. del Palmar
(1897 Jan) Mentioned
(1898 July) Mentioned
(1899 Sep) Mentioned
Dunlop, Mr.
(1889 Mar) Visitor
Duran, Gaspar
(1884/5) Visiting back & forth.  See Don Caspar.
Duran, Lorenzo / Lorengo
(1884/5) Visiting back & forth.
Duran, Miguel
(1884/5) Visiting back & forth.
(1889 Mar) Visitor
(1892 July) Retrieved horses from indians (1897 May) Mentioned re indians


East rodeo
(1889 Mar) Herd at L.Yacaré
(1884 Apr) Peón - see Rio, Eduardo
Eduardo & wife - aka: Entre Rios?
(1892 May) Began work at L.Palmares - see Eduardo Rubio
(1894 May) chacrero (farm-hand) at L.Palmares
(1895 April) Peón at L.Palmares
(1896 Feb) Peón tropero
(1897 Apr) Peón at marcación
“Eduardo of Iturraspe”
(1889 Oct) Peón of Iturraspe’s
(1897 Oct) Bargaining for hides
Ejes, Monte de los
Stop on the route south taken by herds sent to L.California
(1895 Jul) Menioned
(1884 Dec) Chasqui (messenger)
Elias, Elia (Ledesma)
Most often, see: Ledesma, Elias (he is not: Elias Salteno)
(1889 July) Indian boy, son of Cacique Valentin
Elias Salteno (i.e. salteño - from Salta)
(1892 Apr) Peón, L.Palmares
(1893 Apr) Horse tamer / wrangler at Yacaré.
(1896 Aug) Looking for work
Ella, Colonia
Colonia founded in 1897 next to the train station Malabrigo (built 1889), on the rail-road line between Vera and Reconquista.  In 1964, now a town, it changed its name to Malabrigo.  See Malabrigo vs Malabrigo for more confusion.
(1892 Sep) Mentioned - crew of paisano workers
Entre Rios
Province east of Santa Fé’s southern half across the Paraná river.  It’s capital, Paraná, is directly east of Santa Fé city.  The provinces of Misiones, Corrientes, & Entre Rios lie between the Paraná & Uruguay rivers, and form the Argentine mesopotamic region.
Adjective: entreriano
Entrekiano, Eubio - (Entreriano, Eusebio ?)
(1892 Apr) Temp peón at L.Palmares
Entre Riano (Entreriano)
(1894 Apr) Nick name for Ponce, someone from Entre Rios
Erzilia, Est.
see Hersilia
(1889 May) Train station, 120 km. north of Santa Fé, 90 km. south of L.Yacaré.
(1895 June) from estancia La Sinnombre
(1900 Jan) Mentioned, Police?; July: new Comisario de Campo.
Escobar, Commisario de Campo
Chief of rural police
(1898 Nov) Member of posse inspecting an indian settlement.
(1899 Apr) Mentioned re horses stolen
Escobar, Jose
(1899 Nov) Puesto Lomo Poi at L.Palmares
Escobar, Patricio
(1889 Mar) Cattle buyer.
(1884 Sep) Mentioned - as lindero/neighbor to L.Yacaré
Town/train station in northern Santa Fé province, 6 km. south of Vera, 45+ km. north of Calchaquí (see map); 40+ km. north-north-west of L.Yacaré
Espín, Arroyo (Aº)
River begins north of Margarita (mid-way between Calchaquí & Vera; see map).  It flows south 20± km, NE of Calchaquí it bends east for 15-20 kilometers. Alfred’s Laguna Yacaré camp was inside the bend, east & north of the arroyo. The small laguna is drained by the Arroyo Yacaré which flows south into the Aº Espín, which then turns south again to emty into Laguna del Cristal. (See Saladillo Amargo and map.)
“Espin camp”
(1895 Apr 22) Camp possibly rented by Alfred
Espín, Colonia
(1884 May) Abandoned colonia immediately south of Laguna Yacaré, it extentended north & south of the west-to-east zig in the Espín river, however only the north part was ever developed.  Frank bought the concession in 1878 and went bust in 1881.  In 1884, Alfred took posts and beams from the deserted colony to build the first houses at L.Yacaré  See Frank’s bio. for map & details.
Espín, El
(1890s) Name given by Agustín Iriondo to estancia he created from Colonia Espín & Laguna Yacaré; sold to Aleman - see map. (A later map names it: Los Galpones.)
(1885 May) Name of a puppy.
(1894 May) Lavandera (laundry) at L.Palmares - likely Eulogio Espinoso’s wife
Espinosa, Elias
(1900 May) Peón at Lomo Poi
Espinoso, Eulogio
(1894 May) Peón at L.Palmares
(1896 Nov) Listed, peón de galpón
Estacas, estancia
(1900 Jul) Rented by Robson
Estañe, Domingo
(1900 Jul) Mentioned
Estancia, rodeo
(1895 Nov) Hope rodeo at Pájaro Blanco
(1896 Apr) ditto
Estero Grande
(1900 Feb) Marsh north of Los Palmares
Estevan’s 2 boys
(1885 Mar) Visitors
Estribo Hondo
(1899 Jul) Place 10km west of Fortín Charrua
(1889 Oct) Mentioned
Eugenio, Jose
(1894 Oct) Peón at L.Palmares
(1894 May) Cook #2 at L.Palmares
(1897 Nov) Baldomero’s wife, left
(1900 May) Very pregnant
Eulogio, Eulojio
(1892 Feb) see Eulogio Sanches
(1895 Jul) Peón
(1900 Sep) Peón
Eulogio boy
(1894 Oct) mentioned
Eustacio (indio)
(1894 Nov) Full time peón at L.Palmares
(1898 Mar) tracked indians, puestero in rodeo Potrero
(1900 Feb) Mentioned
Evaldina/o ; Ewaldino (indio)
See also Ewaldino Cruz, Ewaldino Gonzalez
(1885 Mar) Peón.  Hired 15 June'85. at L.Yacaré
(1892-1900) Mentioned often at L.Palmares: peón, palm-cutter, puestero
(1898: v.sick, dropsy)
(1896 Apr) Tropero
see Evaldino
Ezekiel - aka: Zequiel
(1892 Mar) Hired w/family at L.Palmares, put in “charge of camp work”


(1894 Jun) Stopped at L.Palmares, from Las Rosas
Fareira, E.
(1898 Apr) Rodeo general
Farat, Julio
Fargot, Julio
(1892 Dec) Nutriero, mentioned.
(1893 Jan) Mentioned
(1884 Apr) Puestero / Peón at L.California
(1894 May) Puestero (for Alfred?) near La Guampita
Felicia, Colonia
(1884 Apr) Drive 9th night - see map.
(1900 Jan) Mentioned
Felis / Felix / Feliz / Felis (paisano)
also see: Roman, Felis
(1892-1900) Mentioned regularly: peón puestero (south end of L.Palmares
Fellon, J.
(1897 Mar) Visited
Ferguson, Wm.
(1899 Mar) Mentioned, trip to La Rioja
Fernandez, Com.
Comandante at Fortín Inca
(1899 Oct) Mentioned
Fernandez, Cornelio
also see: Cornelio
(1896 Jun) By train to L.California
(1896 Dec) Visited with C. Gay
Figueroa, Nicolas
(1892 Mar) Visited, from Las Jacanitas
(1893 Feb) Visited
Fillian, Juan
(1897 Jan) Sold cattle to AABz
Fillen, J.
(1897 Apr) Paid for cattle
(1899 May) peón of J. Martin
Flores & wife
(1885 May) Peón, couple replacing Valdino
(1897 Nov) Peón, listed
(1898 Mar) Mentioned
(1899 Mar) Mentioned - June: died
Flores, Nicanor
(1899 Jun) came re brother's death
(1884 Dec) Name of dog.
(1897 Jan) Gente helped in rodeo, see Godoy, Dionisio
Forestal, La
See Santa Fé Land Co.
Forrester, Mr.
(1900 Apr) Visitor from Bs.As.
(1889 Apr) Peón (at L.Yacaré)
Foster, R.
Cattle buyer
(1897 May) Mentioned w/C. Hay.
Fraire, Miguel
Mayordomo at L.Palmares, wife: Bernarda
(1893 Mar) Hired March, during Alfred’s US trip: April'93 to April'94.
(1895-1900) Mentioned often as: Miguel & Mike
(1897 Mar) AABz told him to quit at year-end, then kept him on
(1899 Jun) Resigned, but returned later - from El Olvido
(1892 June) Visitor, mentioned.
Frake/s & wife
(1894-1900) Mentioned regularly, enterprising fellow
(1894 Apr) First met in Calchaquí; later assoc. with J. Martin.
(1896 Feb) Nearby neighbor, had permition to hunt
(1897 Jan) To B.A. to sell feathers; mentioned re various enterprises
(1898 Mar) Left for B.A. & N.America, Nov. 12, 1898.
(1900 Nov) Referenced
(1885 Sep) Pedro Racine’s capataz
(1889 Sep) Peón, at L.Yacaré
(1900 May) Peón, cartman at L.Palmares)
Francisco the Paraguayan
(1892 Jan) Peón / odd job man at L.Palmares
Frank Joseph Benitz (1850-1881) – see his bio. pages; 4th child of Wilhelm & Josephine Benitz; drowned Tobá / Saladillo Dulce river west of Alejandra, 1881).  In 1884, Alfred established his first estancia, Laguna Yacaré, on the northern ¹⁄3 of Frank’s failed Colonia Espín – see maps above.
Frederico, Don
(1900 Oct) Leon Melba's father-in-law
(1884 Apr) Visitor, joined the drive to L.Yacaré
(1885 May) --
(1884 May) Camp near Zarate (BA prov.)
French, Frenchmen
(1895 Apr) see Casimiro Gay
(1885 July) Mentioned
Young man, vasco (from Spain)
(1900 Feb) Indian chase
(1889 Aug) Visitor (w/Williams)
From “Point of Lake” (Punta Laguna)
(1900 Sep) Helped in rodeo
Froidevano / Frodevano
See also: Ceferino & Ceferino Trodevat
Hired as farm worker, $60.- per month; married.
(1897 Apr) Mentioned often
Froncoso, Escocio
(1898 Nov) Member of posse inspecting an indian settlement.
Frutes, Agustín
(1892 Sep) Mentioned, young boy, peón - from Ramirez (person or place?).
Funes, Adolfo
132 Calle San Martin, Buenos Aires
(1896 Nov) Hides & hair consigned to him


(1898 Aug) Puestero at La Guampita
(1899-1900) Mentioned
see also Gallat
(1896 Apr) Agent for Obligado?
(1897 Mar) Mentioned
(1898 Dec) Peón?
Gaillat, José or J.
(1897 May) Prevented parting at Dancillas (see Morcilla).
(1898 July) mentioned
Gaitan, Jose
(1899 Apr) Mentioned re horses, with Christian Wilner
Gallareta, Laguna
Town & laguna NE of L.Palmares, half-way to Vera. (First mentioned: Jan.'93).
(1898 Jun) Searched towards it for stray cattle.
see also Gaillat
(1896 Mar) AABz bought 1,000 head, near Calchaquí
(1897 Mar) Mentioned
Gallay, viuda
(1889 Oct) Mentioned
(1894 May) Chacrero (farm-hand) on halves at L.Palmares
Gallegos, Nicolas
(1897 Apr) Hired to fetch mares
Gallerate, Laguna
see Gallareta, Laguna
(1884 Aug) one of the chasquis (messengers)
(1884 Sep) Mentioned - estanciero to the north
Galvez, Manuel
Town of Manuel Galvez? Estanciero?
(1897 Sep) Mentioned re locusts
Today a town 60 km north of Vera, in Santa Fé.  Presumably, the Laguna del Garabato is in its vicinity.
(1894 Oct) Indians passed by
(1885 July) Mentioned
(1900 Jul) Mentioned
Garcia, Jose
(1900 Mar) Alambrador (fencer)
Garcia, Martin
(1897 Jun) Passed by on hunt
Garcia, Prudencio (aka: Pamaga)
(1894 May) Denied rustling
Garcia, Victor
(1894 May) Estanciero? met near Guampita; & chasing rustlers.
Garcia, Victoriano (aka: Zanariago)
(1894 May) Denied rustling
(1889 July) borrowed cart
Place name on L.Palmares (First mentioned: Jan.'93), a heron (garza) rookery.
Gaspar, Don
(1885 Oct) see Gaspar Duran
(1894 Jun) Alfred met at San Cristobal
(1899 Jun) Alfred wrote re renting fraction XIII
Gaunini, Juan
(1898 July) Took Frakes pigs
Gay, Mr.
(1897 Apr) Visited with family, picnic at laguna.
Gay, Alfonso
(1897 Jan) Sold steers to AABz
Gay, Casimiro (aka: the Frenchman)
Estanciero (with Defagot near L.Palmares, west & south of Rio Salado
(1895-1900) Mentioned regularly
Gay, Fernando
(1897 Mar) Fencer at Guampita camp
(1898 Aug) Mentioned
Gedes, Pedro
(1892 July) Mentioned
see Francisco Genin
(1897 Mar) see General Obligado
Genin, Francisco
(1899 Nov) New chacrero at L.Palmares
(1900 May) Mentioned often, once as: Gerún.
Genna / Gensia
(1900 Jul) Peón, sowed alfalfa
(1897 Jan) Mentioned at Martin’s
(1896 Aug) Peón, mentioned
(1892 Jan) Manager for Santa Fé Land Co., based at San Cristóbal.  It was with him that Alfred negotiated the rental of L.Palmares for five years (see 2 Feb'92, & May'92).
(1895 Apr) Alfred met with re buying L.Palmares
Gily, Capt.;  Grily
(1889 May) Visitor / accompanies Robson
(1894 Nov) Alfred visited him in Guampita
(1895 Apr) Mentioned re Guampita camp (also see Don Julian)
(1884 Aug) Visited
(1889 -1900) Mentioned often, from Fortin Cacique?
Godoy, Dionisio / D.
(1897 Jan) Mentioned, re Fontana
(1899 Jun) Mentioned re rodeo
(1900 Mar) Mentioned re mares
Golondrinas, Arroyo
Drains Laguna Cueva del Tigre south into Laguna del Palmar - see map
(1895 Aug) Hunted area with JEBz, et al
Golondrinas, monte
(1895 Sep) Indian pursuit: Most likely a monte west of the Golondrinas RR station.
Golondrinas, RR station
About 100 km north of Vera; see maps.
(1897 Jun) Passed near on hunt
Gomez, Abran
(1889 Jan) Visitor
Gomez, Avisaro
(1889 May) Visitor
Gómez, Cañada de
(1884 Aug) Town 35km. south of L.California, on the rail-road between Rosario and Córdoba city.
Gomez, Chrisoto
(1889 Mar) Visitor? Peón?
Gomez, Francisco
(1900 Oct) With Jose Prete - troublemaker - see diary: 10 Oct 1900.
Gomez, Heraldo
(1884 Apr) Capataz on drive from L.California to Laguna Yacaré.
(1889 Sep) Herded cattle, Arazar - La Sin Nombre.
Gomez, José
(1885 Apr) Passed through
Gomez, Juan
(1889 Mar) Cattle buyer?
(1894 Nov) Peón at L.Palmares?
(1895 Apr) Puestero (L.Palmares); moved puesto next to fence at Laguna del Palmar
( "  May) left to become capataz at Aleman estancia. But still peón in July?
(1896 Feb) Peón listed at L.Palmares; & capataz de tropa
(1897 Mar) Capataz de tropa
Gomez, of Lucille
(1898 Dec) Mentioned
Gomez, M.
(1900 Feb) Peon at Lomo Poi
Gomez, Manuel
(1889 Oct) Lent him horses
Gomez, Miguel J.
(1895 Oct) Peón at L.Palmares
Gomez, Pedro
(1897 Feb) Peón, hired
Gomez, Ursisindo / U.
(1894 Jul) Passed through L.Palmares, later peón
(1900 May) In charge at Lomo Poi
Gomez, Victorino
(1889 Mar) Peón (at L.Yacaré)
Gonzalez, Ewaldino
Also see: Ewaldino
(1899 Nov) Puesto Palma at L.Palmares
Gonzalez, Juan / indio
(1892 Sep) Joined chase after horse thieves
(1896 Nov) Mentioned
(1897 Nov) Listed
(1899 Nov) Puestero Costa Laguna at L.Palmares
Gonzalez, Paulo / Paolo
(1900 Apr) Ox-cart freighter
Gordon, Mr. S. / Stuart
Santa Fé Land Co. representative or agent
(1899 Oct) Mentioned, hunting party
(1900 Jan) Mentioned
(1884 Oct) River town on the Paraná, in Corrientes 40+ km. east of Reconquista.
(1896 Jun) Old Paz’s peón de confianza
Gran Hotel Central
Built for British railroad executives in downtown Rosario, it was the place to stay until the early 1960s.  Though refurbished, it has been surpassed by newer hotels.
(1897 Feb) AABz stayed
Grand, Don Pedro (aka: Gran, Grans)
(1891 Dec) Visited
(1892 Mar) Visited
(1893 Jan) Apartes at his camp
(1902 Jan) Rodeo
Grebe, Fernando
(1889 July) --
(1889 Sep) Visitor.
Green, Wm.
(1892 Sep) Horse thief chase - helped (of Estación Argentina?)
Gregorcar, Juan
(1889 June) Mentioned
Gregorio, Don
(1885 Jan) Fencer
Gregorio, Juan
(1896 May) Peón listed at L.Palmares
Willie Bz’s summer home in Los Cocos, Cba.
Griffiths, Dick
(1889 Apr) Visitor
(1889 July) See Gily, Capt..
(1900 Apr) Marries Tilly Schreiber, AABz’s niece.
Griswold, Frank
(1899 Mar) Mentioned, trip to La Rioja
(1897 May) Joined hunt
City on the Uruguay river in the SE corner of the province of Entre Rios; near which Willie Bz (WOB) managed estancias for the Hope and Bunge families.
Guampita, La — train station, Arroyo, Bañado, Cañada, estancia
Mentioned often, translates as “Little Horn”; Alfred consistently mispelled it as: Wampita or Gwampa
(i) Arroyo / Cañada / Bañado drains SW from near the train station to join the Arroyo de los Perros that empties into Laguna Calchaquí from the north (see map).
(ii) Train station 15km. south of Vera, & 35 km. north of Calchaquí.
(iii) Estancia east of the Espín & Guampita train stations; it extended from the railroad to Arroyo El Toba (owned? by Gimenez; a.k.a.: "Espin camp"?)
Alfred often misspelt it as: Wampita
Name by which AABz references the camp he rented from Harteneck y Cia – see map.
(1895 Aug 31) rented 3 leagues (7,500 hectares) "twixt Calchaqui & Wampita" rivers at $2,000 per year for 5 years; returned early on 4 January, 1899.
(1896-1899) Fenced, Damasio puestero.  Rodeos: la Loma & Tapera.
Guampita, puesto
Puesto on the Guampita camp.
Native people (indios/indians) of north-eastern Argentina, southern Brazil, and all of Paraguay.  Their language is still spoken widely in that area today.  Guaraní and Spanish (castellano) are the official languages of Paraguay.
Estancia north of Los Palmares
(1902 Jan) Rodeo
Estancia north? of Los Palmares
(1902 Jan) Rodeo
Guibert, Pedro / Pedrito
(1889 July) cattle buyer
(1897 Feb) Mentioned re horses, cattle
(1900 Feb) Indians steal his horses
Guillermo / Guil, Don
Don Guillermo, see William (William O. Benitz).
(1899 Mar) Mentioned in margin
Güller, Lorenzo
Worked for La Forestal.  Swiss, he married Elisa Bichsel (Frank Bz’s widow) in 1887 – they had 6 children.  See Frank’s pages for more about them.
(1895 Mar) Met them in Reconquista., on business.  Possibly again in 1896.
(1901 Jun 15) During hunt, Alfred visited Mrs. Güller in Reconquista.
Gutierrez, Abel
Judge in Calchaquí
(1900 Oct) Alfred sent him a foal.
See Guampita, La


Hacintha, Hacinto
See: Jacinto, Roja, Jacinto, Benites, Hacinta
(1891 Nov) Peón, L.Palmares.
(1892 Mar) Peón, L.Palmares
(1893 Jan) Peón, L.Palmares, wife mentioned
Hall, Alason
(1893 Feb) Received hides.
(1895 May) Sent hides to in Rosario
Hamann, Mrs.
(1900 Sep) Alfred gave her skins.
Hang, Conrado
(1898 Mar) Naturalist? Visited
(1895 Aug) With w/A. Harteneck
Harmon, Mr
(1884 May) Visitor
Harrison, Guil.
(1892 July) Cattle for sale, “Marion” Soler
Harteneck, A.
(1895 Aug) Visited, w/Harder offered camp to rent
Harteneck, Carlos
(1897 Aug) Visited with others
Harteneck y Cia.
The Harteneck family (Alberto, Carlos, Federico, Guillermo) were early producers of quebracho products (lumber & tanin) with plants in northern Santa Fé, including Calchaquí (est.1895).  Their company was later incorporated into La Forestal – see Santa Fé Land Co.
They owned a block of land bordered on the west by the Rio Calchaquí, about 15 km. wide from just below Laguna Calchaquí north about 30 km. to Laguna La Gallareta - see map (approx 18 leagues).
(1895 Aug)  - AABz rented 3 leagues of camp from them, next to Los Palmares - see map & Guampita.
(1896-1900) Harteneck is mentioned fairly often
Hauser, Houser
(1891 Nov) Visited to hunt
(1892 Jul) Working at L.Palmares, as chacarero
(1893 Jan) Chacarero, L.Palmares
Hay, C.
Cattle buyer.
(1897 May) Mentioned with R. Foster
Heart, Jack
(1884 May) Visitor (with Moores)
Henrique, son of José of San Pedro
(1885 Nov) Visitor
see Hope
(1884 May) See Gomez, Heraldo.
Herman Vitalis Benitz (1863-1893) – see his bio. page; 10th (youngest) child of Wilhelm & Josephine Benitz.
Hernan Cortez
(1889 Mar) Town or locale
Train station, colony, & town (founded 1892) in Santa Fé on the trunc railroad to NW Argentina, 15 km. south-east of Ceres. See also: Erzilia, Est.
See Ezequiel
(1892 Mar) Peón at L.Palmares, or Hilario?
Hijinio, Jose
(1894 Nov) Herder (tropero), paid by the day
(1895 Apr) Peón at L.Palmares; left end of June
(1892 Feb) See Hilario Saavedra - butcher in Calchaquí
(1896 Jun) Visitor
(1895 Dec) Tropero
(1896 Aug) Mentioned
Hipolito, Don (Hipóllito)
(1889 Mar) Neighbor (at L.Yacaré)? Store owner?
(1889 Oct) --
Hongas, Teófilo
(1892 Jul) Mayor (of Calchaquí ?), passed by L.Palmares w/soldiers
(1892 Aug) Mentioned w/Robson
Hope, Mr. & Mrs. / W.
William (Don Guillermo) & Katharine (Catalina Grant de) Hope; he managed estancia Pajaro Blanco & more (ca. 1895) for Zubelzú & Arbide, the company that bought the remains of the Alejandra Colony from Thomson & Bonnar in 1885.  Katherine (Kate) Grant was one of the school teachers brought to Argentina by President Sarmiento; she became head of the normal school in Paraná, Entre Rios (after Franc Allyn, see Clara Allyn).
(1894 Jul) Alfred attended their house party in Alejandra.
(1895 Mar) Alfred visited/stayed with them.
(1896 Feb) Alfred all year: visited & traded cattle
(1897 Dec) Xmas with them; in Alejandra
(1898 Apr) Mentioned, later re cattle
(1899 Mar) Mentioned
Hope, Mrs.
(1885 Aug) Mentioned.  Fellow school-teacher of Clara Allyn, Willie’s wife.
(1897 Oct) AABz met at Robson's.
Huber, Alberto / Albert
(1900 Feb) see Buli & Huber
(1902 Jan) visited L.Palmares.
Hughes, Mr.
(1895 Apr) looking for camp to rent - with Price & others
(1896 Feb) May have worked for AABz at rented camp near La Guampita
Hughes, Lumley
(1900 Oct) Passed by
(1884 Apr) Peón on drive from L.California to L.Yacaré


Ibarra, Bauto
(1884 Apr) Peón on drive from L.California to L.Yacaré
(1889 Jan) Peón. (at L.Yacaré)
Inca, Fortín
Fort NW of L.Palmares, on the provincial border Santa Fé / Santiago del Estero.
(1889 Mar) Town or estancia ? north of L.Yacaré
Indios, Paso de los
River crossing across Rio Salado on estancia Monte Aguará
(1898 Jun) Indians stole horses
Iribarne, Domingo
(1900 Apr) Contract fencer, see June 8.  Later: Stayed on, tropero.
Town (& RR station) 75 km NW of Rosario & 20 km inland from Rio Paraná.
(1894 May) Overnight stop 14, herd from L.Palmares to L.California
Irionda -o, Agustín
(1885 Mar) Mentioned.  Estanciero, former governor’s brother.  Took possession of Frank’s Colonia Espín for debts owed, eventually including Alfred’s L.Yacaré.
(1889 Apr) --
(1895 May) Alfred met in Calchaquí, had lost/sold his estancia (to Aleman)- see map.
(1897 Feb) Mentioned
Isidora, Doña
(1889 June) Arrived.  Cook at L.Yacaré?  See Perez, Patricio
(1895 Apr) Visited L.Palmares
(1896 Dec) Became cook at L.Palmares, replacing Doña Bernarda
(1897 Jan) Swapped back
Isleta / Isletas / Isleta Larga
Generic place name: Islet, Islets, Long Islet
(1889 Feb-Mar) Place camped on hunting trip Feb'89, likely Isleta Chañares.
(1895 Sep) Per context, area NNW of Laguna Cueva del Tigre (see map)
(1899 Jul) Vicinity of Fortín Charrua
“Italian sailor hunter”
(1897 Jan) Visited
(1889 Apr) neighboring estanciero?
Near west of Santa Fé city (have not located it)
(1894 May) Overnight stop 10, herd from L.Palmares to L.California


see Johnie Benitz, brother
(1897 Nov) telegram
Jacanitas, Las
(1892 Mar) Mentioned
(1892 Oct) Place name - river? laguna? estancia? (not town)
(1894 Jul) Alfred delivered calf for Livinston
(1884 Apr) Small arroyo. Drive'84 - 20th night
(1885 Jan) --
(1897 Jan) Mentioned at Martin’s
See: Hacinto - Roja, Jacinto - Benites, Hacinta
(1891 Dec) Peón (at L.Palmares).
(1892 Jul) Capataz of fencers, put in north fence at L.Palmares.
(1893 Jan) Peón, L.Palmares
Jäller, Nicolas
(1897 Jan) Helped rodeo
Jarra, Martin
(1896 Dec.) Looking for work
Jesan, Antonio
(1889 Mar) Peón (at L.Yacaré)
Jesús Maria, Colonia
Today the town of Timbúes, established in 1868 as a colonia on the Paraná river, 35km. north of Rosario.
(1898 Apr) Mentioned
Jewell, Charles / C.
Owner of estancia Las Petacas & shareholder in the Santa Fé Land Co.
(1897 Oct) Alfred met with inSan Cristobal.
Jobson, Comandante
(1884 Apr) Mentioned, estanciero close by, to the south
John / Johnie / Johnnie / JEBz / J.B.
John Edward Benitz (1861-1916) – see a short bio. & much more.; 9th child of Wilhelm & Josephine Benitz.
John, Old
(1892 Jan) Familiar reference to Juan Benavidez
“José the moreno”
(1889 May) Ramayon’s Peón
(1884 May) Peón - see Cerdo, José.
(1885 Jan) Wiggins Peón.
(1889 Mar) Tropero?
José - aka: Mance, Jose
(1891 Nov) Peón at L.Palmares
Jose _____
(1895 May) One of the Porteños poblaring west of J. Martin – see Bellocq
José _____, Don
(1895 Jun) Visited, recorred
José Manuel
See also: Manuel, Jose
(1892 Feb) Mentioned
(1893 Jan) Indian chief
(1896 Nov) Hunter?
a.k.a. Josephine Schreiber – she married Johan Schreiber, 1878
Josephine Benitz (1852-1911) – see her bio. pages; 5th child of Wilhelm & Josephine Benitz.
(1889 Mar) Peón - most likely Juan Benavidez
(1892 May) Mentioned
(1894 Apr) Mentioned, peón?
(1896 May) Peón listed at L.Palmares
(1897 Aug) Mentioned
(1898 May) Mentioned
Juan (Benavidas?)
see Juan Benavidez
Juan, Don
By year & context: Juan Benavidez, Cappo, or Gomez
(1889 Mar) Neighbor (at L.Yacaré)?
(1895 May) either Juan Benavidez or Juan Gomez (the puestero)
Juan, Old   (a.k.a. Old John)
either Juan Benavidez or Juan Gomez (the puestero)
(1898 Aug) See Old Juan Cappo
Juan Antonio
(1889 Jan) Peón at L.Yacaré
(1892 Feb) (indio) boy hired as peón at L.Palmares
Juan (indio), Juan the indio
(1891 Nov) Peón hired by Sim (at L.Palmares)
(1892 Apr) Peón at L.Palmares - see Juan Zappato
(1894-1900) Mentioned regularly at L.Palmares
Juan the paisano,  Juan the Chacrero
(1895 Apr) Puestero (potrero Laguna?) at L.Palmares
(1897 Jan) Puestero, likely this Juan
(1898 Apr) Mentioned as Juan the Chacrero
Juana, Doña
(1891 Dec) Washerwoman at L.Palmares, wife of Old Juan Benavidez.
(1892 Jan) Siesta with Peicho caused ruckus
(1895 Jul) Visited w/ Meca
Juarez, Roque
(1897 Dec) Peón tropero
(1899 Mar) Mentioned, trip to La Rioja.
Julian / Julian S.
(1893 Jan) Indian, mentioned
(1895-1900) Peon/puestero, see Sanchez, Julian
Julian, Don
(1895 May) Visited (is he Gimenez of Guampita?)
(1892 Sep) Horse thief chase - person mentioned
Junco, Eugenio
(1893 Feb) Mentioned - policeman?
(1889 June) Puestero (at L.Yacaré)?
Kalbermatter / Kalbumatter
(1899 Oct) Bought bulls, from Portugalita
(1900 Feb) Looking for camp
(1899 Dec 2) Very likely Katie Bz, daughter of WOBz, b.1885.
Kennel, Fritz
(1889 Oct) Visited L.Palmares
King, Mr.
(1892 Mar) English visitor, from San Cristóbal
(1896 Dec) Visited
(1897 Jan) Ditto, at L.Palmares for several months
Kroeger, Mr. / Mrs.
(1892 May) Alfred visited.  Owner? of estancia “La Pelada”
(1896 Aug) Brought horses


La Rioja
Province in NW Argentina against Chile; arid, mountainous, good wines.
(1899 Mar) Trip visit.
Laco Puneo (Stgo. del Estero)
(1892 Sep) Horse thief chase
Lagar, Gabino
(1892 Sep) Horse thief chase - someone’s place?
Lagunas Dulce
(1892 May) Beyond Laguna Palmar, far point of L.Palmares
Laguna, potrero
(1895 Apr) Field at L.Palmares
Lamazon, J.
(1900 Jun) Sent oxen to
(1900 Mar) Mentioned
“Lame Pancho”
(1892 Oct) Visited L.Palmares
(1895 May) Rincon de Landa, estancia in Entre Rios where WOBz was mayordomo
(1898 Apr) Telegram from Johnnie re William
Lara, Antonio
(1892 Sep) Horse thief - likely leader
Larguia, Larguias
Note: Larguia is also mentioned in L.California diaries.
(1892 Oct) Mentioned
(1898 May) Mentioned
Larguia, Constancio
(1900 Oct) Sent rams from La California
Larguia, Jonas
(1889 Sep) From SFé city? Met at Calchaquí.
Larguia, Juan
(1884 Sep) Mentioned - estanciero to the north, near Quebrachita.
Larguia, Lorenzo
(1885 June) Estanciero
(1894 May) Met near Curva
Larngro / Sangro [-?-]
(1892 Oct.19) Place name, ??
Lassarin, Santiago
(1896 May) Tropa left cattle there
(1892 May) Mentioned, at San Cristóbal
Lausn, Pedro
(1889 Apr) cart owner
(1885 Dec) see Leiva's
Lazar, Comisario Gabino
(1892 Sep) Horse thief chase; Laco Puneo chief of police
Lazaro, Don (Lazarus)
(1889 Jan) Buyer
Ledesma, Braulio
(1897 Jan) Tropero
Ledesma, Domingo / D.
Also see: Domingo
(1894 May) Tropero to L.California
(1895 Apr) Mentioned with wife
(1899 Nov) Puesto Mistolar at L.Palmares
(1900 Sep) Mentioned
Ledesma, Elias
See also: Elias
Mentioned often, e.g. as capataz de tropa.  See John E. Bz photos.
(1892-1900) Peón, made capataz (1892 Dec) at L.Palmares;
(1892 Oct) Nephew mentioned
(1896 Apr) Quit, worked for J. Martin, returned.
(1898 Apr) Temp. mayordomo
(1899 Mar) Obtained Matricula de Tropero
(1900 Feb) Took herd down to La California
(1902 Jan) Capataz?, leadership roles
Lee, Guy E.
Managing director for the Santa Fe Land Co. at San Cristobal
(1894 Jun) Alfred met at San Cristobal
(1897 Nov) Negociated rent, needed telegramed OK from UK.
(1898 Jul) Had orders to sell (not rent); see also Prevost
Lee, Pedro
(1885 July) Peón of Walkers.
(1884July) Mentioned
(1897 Aug) Visited with Carlos Harteneck
(1889 Nov) Capataz of Irionda's?
Leiva, Armando
(1885 Dec) Visitor
Leiva, Luciano
(1884 Jun) Visitor
Leiva, Mariano
(1892 May) Seeking contributions for expedition vs. indians
(1898 Dec) Recommended Nicanor Lllanos
(1900 Jan) Mentioned
Leiva, Salvador
(1885 Sep) Visitor
Lema, Manuel
(1892 Dec) mayordomo at ea. La Camila
(1889 Dec) Peón - began.
Leno, Estacio
(1889 Nov) Mentioned
(1885 Feb) Dog (died)
Lesener, A. (Leseuer ?)
(1896 Dec) Mentioned
(1900 Nov) Mentioned
Levi / Levy / Livi
(1885 May) Owner of estancia Paso Mariano, close to L.Yacaré.
(1889 Apr) --
(1892 Jan) Mentioned
(1898 Nov) Member of posse inspecting an indian settlement.
Lijas, Las
(1902 Jan) Mentioned
(1891 Nov) Visited to hunt
(1892 Oct) Visited
Livingston, Wm. / G. (Guillermo)
Likely owner of Ea. "Lambaré", west of Espín train station, 6 km. south of Vera.
(1894 May) Alfred met near Curva.
(1895 Aug) AABz bought fence posts
(1899 Jul) Met in Santa Fé city
(1900 Dec) Alfred met
Llanos, Nicanor
(1898 Dec) Looking for work, recommended by M. Leiva
Dentist in Rosario
(1897 Feb) AABz visited
Loca, Laguna La / Laguna Loco
(1895 Sep) Indian pursuit: 80 km north of Vera
(1900 Aug) Mentioned
Loma, rodeo
(1895 Nov) Hope rodeo at Pájaro Blanco
(1896 Apr) ditto
Loma camp / rodeo
Highground at Guampita camp, rented from Harteneck, very likely what AABz calls: Lomo Poi.
(1896-1900) Mentioned regularly.
Lomas, Las
(1892 May) Estancia east of & next to Las Rosas, borders L.California to the north, owned by the Dickinson brothers.
Lomo Poi
(1899 Mar) Land area (& puesto) associated with or part of L.Palmares.  Could be:
 (i) Neigbouring land rented from Harteneck, see Loma camp,
 (ii) Southern tip of Los Palmares, a knoll (lomo) of high ground between the rivers Calchaquí & Salado.
(1900-1901) Continually mentioned in the daily activities.
Lopez, Mauricio
(1892 Sep) Horse thief chase
Lopez, Ramon
(1898 Jun) Chased indians
Lorenzo, José
(1885 Mar) Straw cutter.
(1892 Apr) Temp peón during marcacón; returned with wife, L.Palmares puestero at Cuatro Arboles.
(1893 Jan) Peón, mentioned
(1894 Apr) Puestero south, L.Palmares.
(1900 Sep) Brand mentioned
Lozas bros.
(1892 Sep) Horse thieves?
(1894 May) Tropero to L.California
(1896 Feb) Peón tropero
(1897 Aug) Mentioned
Lucero, Paso
River crossing (ford) on the Rio Salado
(1898 Oct) Herd going south crossed
(1895 Jul) Represented at rodeo at L.Palmares, first mention
Lucero, El
Estancia south-west of L.Palmares, across the rio Salado; first stop for herds to L.California; its south fence goes west from south end of L.Palmares
(1895-1900) Mentioned regularly
(1897 Dec) Place, mentioned
(1898 Dec) ditto
(1899 Aug) ditto
Luis, Don
(1885 Oct) Iriondo’s capataz
(1895 Jul) Visited w/Robson
(1896 Sep) Visitor from south
Lynch, Martin
(1892 July) Cattle for sale, of Ea. Margarita, Estación Soler, F.C. Pacifico


(1898 Dec) Chasqui (messenger).
Machengo, Machingo
(1889 Nov) Peón (at L.Yacaré)
(1898-1900) Mentioned, with brother: Pancho
(1899 Aug) Mentioned often, tropero
(1902 Jan) Mentioned
Town 120 km south of Santa Fé city, 5 km west of Rio Paraná
(1894 May) Mistaken overnight stop 12, herd from L.Palmares to L.California
(1899 Mar) Mentioned
Macintosh, Robert
Johnnie Bz's brother-in-law
(1898 Sep) Visited Palermo show with Alfred & Johnnie
Macintosh, H.
(1900 May) Hides sent to
Mack, Mr
(1897 Dec) Visited
(1891 Dec) Peón (tropero with Perico?)
See also McIrish
(1893 Apr) Temp. peón, marcación
(1899-1902) Mentioned, sheep, puestero
Magrane, Mrs.
(1898 Mar) Of Las Rosas, Alfred sent her wild animal hides
(1884 Dec) Arrived 6 Dec'84 at Laguna Yacaré. See 1887 census.
Malabrigo vs. Malabrigo
Dr. Romang founded the Malabrigo (sometimes: Mal Abrigo) colony in 1873 on the San Javier river, in 1885 it changed its name to Romang; much later, in 1964, Colonia Ella adopted the name Malabrigo.  See Colonia Ella and Romang for more details.
NOTE: During Alfred’s time, Malabrigo (today: Romang) was the colony on the San Javier river and Colonia Ella (today: Malabrigo) was the inland colony to the north between Vera and Reconquista.
Malbrán (Stgo. del Estero)
(1892 Sep) Horse thief chase (Malbram) - RR station
(1900 Jan) Place, mentioned
Mance, José - aka: José
(1892 July) Mentioned
(1896 May) Tropa left cattle there
Mansilla, Manuel
(1884 Apr) Vaqueano on drive to L.Yacaré
see also José Manuel
(1884 Aug) Peón? Italian correntino.
(1892 Jul) Mentioned, foot peón at L.Palmares
(1895 Nov) peón. listed
(1896 Aug) Mentioned
Manuel / Mañuel, José
See also: Manuel, José Manuel
(1900 Jun) Making tejas
(1896 Feb) AABz stayed the night - a.k.a. Mazerotti ?
Marca Rueda
“Wheel Brand”
(1899 Aug) Mentioned
(1889 Oct) Peón at L.Yacaré
(1896 Dec) Peón at L.Palmares - Italian paisano
(1889 Oct) Peón (at L.Yacaré)
Margarita, La
Town/train station midway between Vera & Calchaquí - see map. (25 km. NW of L.Yacaré)
(1889, 1900) Mentioned
(1895 Jul) Place-name mentioned, likely within 30 km north of Calchaquí
Maria Luisa, RR station
(1892 May) Stop over, ride L.Palmares to/from San Cristóbal
(1885 Dec) Member of a hunt
(1893 Jan) Peón, mentioned
(1895 Apr) Peón, mentioned, tropero
Mariano, Cacique
(1892 Dec) Nutriero, mentioned
(1893 Jan) Mentioned
(1898 Mar) Set up camp near paso Salado; Alfred ejected them.
(1900 May) Mentioned
Mariano, Paso
(1885 Mar) On way to Ramayon’s camp?
Mariano, Paso
River crossing on road to Reconquista (north of L.Yacaré)
(1884 Sep) Mentioned
Mariano, Paso
(1885 May) Levy’s new estancia.
Wife of John (JEBz)
(1897 Feb) AABz met in Rosario
Martignac / Martineac / Martiñac
(1885 Sep) Surveyor, with Wiggins.
Martin, Martins (Martin’s), Martin bros., Mrs., mother, sister
From Texas, settled north? of L.Palmares next to Rio Salado, 1892;
also see G. Martin & J. Martin.
(1892-1899) Mentioned often
(1897 Dec) moved cattle across R. Salado, leaving? Evicted?
(1898 Jun) Mentioned, at tapera & Monte Aguará (their new estancia?)
(1900 Jul) Mrs. visited
Martin, G.
Older brother.
(1892-1900) Mentioned separately
(1902 Jan) Visits
Martin, J. / Juan
First bro. to appear, July, 1892; Mentioned more often than G. Martin
(1892-1900) Mentioned separately
Martinez, Hilario / H.
(1900 Apr) Mentioned
(1902 Jan) Mentioned
Martinez, P. / Pancho / Don Pancho
See also: Pancho
(1899-1900) Visits
(1902 Jan) Mentioned
Martinez, Cisto / Sisto / Don Sisto
(1899-1900) Visits
Marty, Mr.
Business &/or legal councel to Benitz family, lives in Rosario
mentioned often at L.California & L.Palmares
(1895 Mar) Accompanied Alfred to see Güllers.
(1896-1900) Mentioned
Native indian tribe of north central Argentina, prefer the name Wichí, located in: NW Chaco, west Formosa, Salta, & Jujuy provinces - and southern Bolivia.
recado brand or store where bought
(1884 Dec) Indian (from San Javier)
Maturan’s puesto
(1900 Feb) Mentioned
Maydana (porteño)
(1896 Feb) Peón listed at L.Palmares, porteño
(1894 Oct) Landowner?
(1896 Feb) a.k.a. Manzeratti ?
See also Mac____
(1897 Oct) Visited, with Martin fly.
McIntosh, Donald
(1892 Jul) Was ill at Progreso, returned to L.California, died days later of appendicitis.
(1889 Jan) Visitor / assistant / hunting companion.   Possibly originally of Colonia California.  See Frank J. Bz & L.California diaries.
(1895 Jul) Visited w/ Doña Juana
Media Luna
Neighbouring estancia SW of L.Palmares, first night’s stop for herd going to L.California
(1894-1900) Mentioned regularly, re: horses, rodeos, etc.
Medio, rodeo del
(1896 Dec) Rodeo at L.Palmares
Melba / Don Leon
(1900 Apr) Mentioned
(1891 Dec) People of Mendoza province (wine!!)
(1884 Apr) Peón on drive from L.California to L.Yacaré
(1885 Aug) Repeated.
(1892 Oct) Mentioned, likely estancia south of L.Palmares
(1896 Feb) Shot herself (attended by Miguel at Cappata’s?) Died Feb.8.
Mercedito, Mercadito
(1891 Dec) Camp / estancia in vicinity of L.Palmares.
(1893 Jan) Apartes at camp
(1896 Dec) Tropero
Michelle rodeo
(1889 Mar) Herd at L.Yacaré
Michelo, Antonio (Michelo's)
(1891 Dec) Estanciero to the south of L.Palmares
(1892 May) Stop over, ride L.Palmares to/from San Cristóbal
(1893 Feb) Apartes
(1894 Jun) Alfred rode north of it.
(1895 Apr) Branding mentioned
(1896 Feb) Mentioned; (Dec) see Almeida, Tailler
Michela / Michelats / Michelato / Michelot / Michelos
Likely misspellings of Antonio Michelo
(1897 Mar) Mentioned re cattle
(1898 Apr) Mentioned re rodeo general
Micheloud, Jose & Silvano / Michelub
Neighboring land owner, with Dällers, between L.Palmares (i.e. east of the rio Calchaquí) & Calchaquí town.
(1897-1900)  partakes in rodeos
Middle rodeo
(1889 Jan) Herd at L.Yacaré
Migotes estero
(1900 May) Mentioned, inidan chase
(1884 Apr) Peón on drive from L.California to L.Yacaré
(1885 Apr) Wiggin’s capataz
Beginning in 1894: almost certainly Miguel Fraire
(1894 Apr) Thin. Capataz of herd to L.California, May'94.
(1895 Apr) Capataz de tropa
(1896-1900) Mayordomo, mentioned often
Miguel (Correntino)
(1885 Aug) Peón?
(1897 Jan) see Miguel & Miguel Fraire
Mistolar, El
Camp within loop of the Rio Calchaquí, south-west of Laguna las Aves (today Laguna Calchaquí); Alfred camped there on hunting trip (Feb'89); later rented it via Boutell (8 April 1889) from Santa Fé Land Co., became part of Los Palmares – see maps.
Mistolar, Paso
River crossing, most likely across the Calchaquí river just south of Laguna Calchaquí (Las Aves).  Mentioned: 1892, 1898
Mistolar, Puesto
Puesto of L.Palmares, located within El Mistolar.
(1895-1902) Mentioned
Mistolar, school
(1900 Jul-Aug) School built next to Puesto Mistolar
Mogotal / Migotes
Area of Mogotes (see glossary)
(1899 Jul) Mentioned, north of Laguna Palmar, south of Fortín Charrua
Molina, Silveiro
(1899 Apr) Represents Harteneck in fence dispute
Molino, Jose
(1885 May) Capataz of 3rd herd from L.California to Laguna Yacaré.
(1895 Jul) Place visited by Robson et al
Molles, Los
(1897 Jan) AAB visited
(1899 Dec) Fence line
Train station (SW of San Cristóbal) on the RR between Rosario & Tucumán.
(1899 Jun) Miguel Fraire bought/rented a camp near there
(1895 Nov) peón. listed
(1896 Apr) Place for herd - vicinity of Calchaquí
Monte, del
Estancia owned (rented?) by Carles, Juan L., near station Capivara, south of San Cristóbal
(1899 Mar) Mentioned
Monte Aguará
Estancia? SW of L.Palmares, on trail/road to San Cristóbal
(1889 Feb-Mar) Camped at hunting trip (Feb'89)
(1892 - 1900) Mentioned, fairly often
Monte de los Ejes
(1895 Jul) Place name, mentioned
(1894 May) Suspected of rustling, chased.
Estancia in Córdoba supervised by JEBz for others - see names for Monte Buey (Cba).
(1899 Mar) Alfred visited.
Moore, Geo
(1885 Mar) Visited
Moore, Joe / Jose
(1884 Jun) Visitor
(1885 Mar) --
Moores (2)
(1884 May) Visitors
(1885 July) Visitors
Moore, young
(1884 Sep) Visitor
Moore, Geo / G.
(1885 July) Assisted with yerra.
(1894 Oct) Mentioned re missing horse
Moore, Joe
(1885 July) Assisted with yerra.
Morre, Tom
(1900 Mar) Selling cattle
Morcilla / Morsilla
(1892 Mar) Mentioned
(1897 Mar) Mentioned
Moreiro/a, Antonio
(1895 Jul) Capataz, tropa to L.California
Moreiro, Leandro / L.
(1896 Feb) Sold cows to Elias
(1900 Nov) cattle gather
Moreira, S.
(1900 Sep) Mentioned
Morell / Morel / Morel, J.
Estanciero, located north of Laguna de la Cueva del Tigre & south of Fortín Chilcas, likely located east of Laguna del Toro at or in vicinity of La Sarnosa - see maps
(1885-1900) Estanciero, cattle owner, cattle often stolen by indians
(1902 Jan) Rodeo
(1897 Jan) Brand mentioned (possibly of Cañada de Gómez)
(1898 Oct) Brand mentioned
Morgan, Davy
(1885 July) Lent money to Herman Bz.
(1894 Jul) Alfred met at Hope's
Morgan, J.
(1889 Jan) Near-by estanciero.
Morgan, Richard / Dick / Ricardo
(1884 Jun) Visitor
(1885 Nov) Visitor
(1889 Apr) Visitor
(1894 Jul) Alfred met at Hope's
see Morcilla
(1896 Apr) Sold cattle to AABz?
Josephine Kolmer (de) Benitz, wife of Wilhelm Benitz
(1897 Apr)
(1896 Apr) Sold cattle to AABz?
Moya’s puesto
(1884 Apr) Drive 3rd night - see map.
Muelles, Los
aka: Muelle - not Muellos
Estancia SW next to L.Palmares, likely managed &/or owned by Robson
(1895 Apr; 1896 Apr; 1897 Aug) Mentioned regularly,  Alfred stays there travelling to/from San Cristóbal
(1898 Nov) Mentioned
(1899 Jun) Mentioned re Dionisio Collins
(1900 May) Mentioned, as once being owned by Michelub & Bello.
Muello’s / Muellos
somewhere north of Reconquista/SF
(1900 Oct) AABz slept night there, met several people
(1900 Oct) AABz met at Muellos
(1896 Apr) Tropero
Murieta, Murrietta
(1884 May) Camps mentioned, surveyed late 1884. See Santa Fe Land Co..


(1899 Dec 2) Probably a friend of Katie Bz.
Ñanducitas, Nanucitas
(1884 July) Town? Mentioned
(1884 Nov) likely an ointment for treating wounds & rashes, possibly from New Zealand.
(1896 Feb) Peón listed at L.Palmares
(1900 Feb) Mentioned, see names for Las Rosas/SFé
Navarro, Lorenzo
Cattle sales agent? in Reconquista
(1900 Dec) Accompanied AABz
(1885 Feb) Peón - likely Anazario.
New Estancia
(1889 June) Estancia SW of Calchaquí - see Estancia Nuevo.
Nicolas, Don
(1900 Jan) see Däller, Nicolas
Nicolas - aka: Paraguay Nicolas
(1891 Oct) Peón at L.Palmares
(1892 Mar) Mentioned; July: Puestero.
(1893 Feb) Peón / puestero, mentioned
(1896 Feb) Peón tropero
(1897 Apr) Peón at marcación (gordo?)
(1899 Aug) Listed tropero
Nogues, A.
(1898 Oct) Mentioned re wild animal hides
(1900 May) tannery
Noriega, Cornelio
(1900 Feb) Posero - well-digger
Nuevo, Estancia
Estancia of Benito Rodroguez, SW of Calchaquí, east of the Rio Calchaquí, south of Laguna las Aves - a.k.a. New Estancia.
(1889 Feb-Mar) Camped at on hunting trip Feb'89
(1898 Nov) Mentioned re Rodriguez
Nuevo Torino, Colonia
Colonia 175 km south of Los Palmares (50 km NW of Santa Fé city).
(1896 Aug) Tropero, mentioned
Nunez, Gabino
(1899 Nov) Puesto Potrero at L.Palmares
Nutria, Estero
(1898 Jul) Likely area of lowland west of Laguna del Palmar.
Nutria, Cañada
(1889 Apr) Place on the Espín river?
Nutria, Laguna
(1889 Aug) Laguna SW of L.Yacaré.
Ny, Remigio
(1899 Nov) pesebrero (stableman) at L.Palmares


Obejitas, Las
(1884 Apr) Drive 17th night.
(1892 Jul) Responsible peón / contractor?
Obligado, General
Inherited estancia San Pedro, see Manuel Obligado
(1895 May) Alfred met in Calchaquí
(1896 Apr) Sold Alfred cattle
Obligado, Adolfo
(1897 Mar) Mentioned
Obligado, Manuel
Estanciero, San Pedro, SE of Calchaquí & SW of Laguna de Cristal; see Colonia Espín map above.
(1897 Feb) Death implied by Testamenteria
(1884 Dec) Pulpero on a cart?
(1892 Dec) Mentioned - estanciero?
Oconnor, O’connor, O’Conar
(1895 Nov) Per context, property owner?
(1896 Apr) Sold cattle to AABz?
O'Connor, J.
(1900 Aug) Overnighted
Ogilby, Ogilvy, Ogil
Full name, likely: C.J. Wedderburn-Ogilvy.
(1889 Feb) Visitor / assistant / hunting companion.  May have had an estancia 15km. north of Vera. See also L.California diaries.
Ojedo, Juan
(1893 Apr) Temp. peón: help Cecelio with horses, marcación
(1896 Jun) Temp help for branding; tropero
Ojedo, Luis
(1896 Dec) Tropero
(1897 Dec) Peón tropero
Ojedo, Victor
(1896 Jun) Temp help for branding
(1900 Apr) ditto
Ojido, Cabalo
(1896 Apr) Peones helped; likely a neighbour - see Cabals
Ojido, Damasio
Also see: Damasio
(1899 Nov) Puesto Calchaqui at L.Palmares
(1900 May) peón?
Ojido, Teofilo
(1899 Nov) Peón at L.Palmares
Ojo de Agua, Villa (Santiago del Estero)
(1892 Sep) Horse thief chase
Olga B. Horner.  Alfred’s wife, married: 29 Sep., 1915. She did not appear in Alfred’s life until long after L.Palmares.  However, many of the photos we have are from her album.
(1897 Jan) Peón tropero
Olivero, Gregorio
(1894 Nov) Peón at L.Palmares
Olivero, the gaucho
(1899 Sep) Mentioned
Olvido, El / Olvida / Olvidas
Estancia (or town?), near Fortín Cacique?
(1899 - 1900) Mentioned w/Miguel Fraire
(1884 Apr) Drive 9th night - see map.  River? Arroyo Prusianas?
Oriental Elias
(1896 Dec) chasqui, messenger
(1884 Apr) Possibly La Oriental, approx. 25 km. SW of Calchaquí, & east of the Rio Salado.
Oro, Rio de
Colorful valley & river in the province of La Rioja; some gold mining.
(1899 Mar) Trip visit.
(1892 Aug) Mentioned, in trouble?
(1895 May) Peón at L.Palmares
(1897 Jan) Mentioned
(1898 Mar) Mentioned, of San Cristobal.
Ortiz, Candelario
(1900 May 31) Replaced U. Gomez at Loma Poi as capataz
Ortiz, Pedro / P.
(1898-1900) Mentioned
Ortiz, Comisario
(1892 Mar) Mentioned, chief of police at Las Jacanitas
(1889 Oct) Spanglish term derived from “afueras”.  Per context of hunting trips from L.Yacaré in the late 1800s, it denoted the area west beyond the rio & Laguna Calchaquí (a.k.a. las Aves), north of the town of San Cristóbal.  Full of esteros, it was likely very wild.  See Mistolar.
Oviedo, Pedro
(1884 May) Straw cutter
(1885 Mar) --
“Ovido of San Martin”
(1885 Mar) Sold corn.


(1896 Feb) Peón tropero
Pacheco, Old
(1895 May) Looking for work, L.Palmares
(1899 Sep) Buys hides
Pag, Jose
(1899 Aug) Mentioned
Pajaro Blanco
(i) Name by which early locals referred to the Alejandra colony and the area surrounding it – see map.
(ii) Estancia north & west of Alejandra, east of the Aº El Toba, between Alejandra & Malabrigo (today Romang).  In 1895, the estancia was managed by Hope (as owner or renter).  From about June, 1894, through about December, 1897, AABz had a large herd of cattle there, likely on shares.  Rodeo names include: Estancia, Loma, Rafael, & Toba; place names include: El Carmen, cañada Chancho, & Teodoro.
(1884 Oct) Almacenero (store owner) in Reconquista.
(1899 Sep) Estancia(?) on herding route to L.California
(1885 Apr) Capataz on 2nd. herd from L.California to Laguna Yacaré.
Palermo show
Exposición Rural – The anual showcase of Argentine agriculture, it is held at the "La Rural" show grounds in Palermo (Buenos Aires), lasting 1-2 weeks.  For more, see exposicion rural in our Glossary.  (Year 2017: July 19-30).
(1885 Nov) See Polinario
An area/growth of palm trees
(1895 Sep) Indian pursuit, Sep.14: pertinent to pursuit
(1899 Aug) Area on L.Palmares
Palmar, Juan
(1897 May) Peón on hunt
Palmar, Laguna del
Filled from Laguna de la Cueva del Tigre by the Arroyo Las Golondrinas at its northern end; it is emptied at its southern end by the Rio Palmar / Calchaquí that flows south into Laguna Calchaquí / de las Aves.  See maps above.
Palmar, Laguna del — puesto
(1895 Apr-May) Juan Gomez built a puesto next to laguna & north boundary fence of L.Palmares
(1895 Jun) Gomez left, replaced by Zalazar; corrales built
Palmar, punta Laguna
North tip of Laguna del Palmar
Palmar, Rio
(1885 Nov) North-east border of the Mistolar / L.Palmares camp.  Today it is known as the Calchaquí river, between the lagunas del Palmar & Calchaquí / de las Aves.
Palmar, rodeo
Herd at L.Palmares, an area full of palm trees, likely at its north end, next to lagunas.
Palmares, Los
Alfred’s best known camp in north Santa Fé, 20km. west of Calchaqui town – see its description & maps at the top of this page.
Palmar del Monte
Monte within ½ day’s ride (35 km.) north or west of L.Palmares.
(1897 Sep) Hunted
(1892 Sep) Horse thief chase (Pamita / Palmitas) - town (west of Tostado?)
Palo Negro (Stgo. del Estero)
(1892 Sep) Horse thief chase - RR station SE of Estación Argentina, NW of Ceres
Palo Pelado
(1891 Dec) A nutria rich (nutriera) place - in the vicinity of Los Palmares.
(1897 Jun) Passed by during hunt
Palo Pelado, Laguna
(1895 Sep) Indian pursuit: laguna 60 km NNW of Vera
Palonio, Polonio
(1892 Oct) Peón, joined L.Palmares
(1893 Feb) Peón, mentioned
(1896 Dec) Tropero
Pamaga, Prudencio
(1894 May) Denied rustling - see Garcia, Prudencio
See also: Pancho Martinez
(1891-1900) Mentioned regularly as: peón, tropero, mensual, ox tamer
Pancho el rengo
See Pancho
(1897 Aug) Taming bullocks
(1899 Mar) Mentioned, tropero
(1884 Dec) Indian (from San Javier)
(1892 Jan) Peón at L.Palmares
(1894 Oct) Peón at L.Palmares, likely one of the chacreros
Paraguay Ñato
(1885 Nov) Bought steer.
Paraira, La
Stop on the route south taken by herds sent to L.California
(1895 Jul) Locale re horse tamer - see Ramon
Paraiso, puesto
1896 Aug) Hope rodeo, at Pájaro Blanco?
Paraná, Ciudad / City
Capital of Entre Rios province, it is directly east across the Paraná river from Santa Fé city.
Paraná, Rio
A major river, its basin includes all of Paraguay, a good part of SW Brazil, and most of northern Argentina.  It drains south, joining the Rio Uruguay to form the Rio de la Plata.  Sea going grain vessels travel up it as far as Santa Fé city.  Before trains (1890s), a ferry service linked Buenos Aires with cities as far north as Asunción, Paraguay.
(1885 Apr) Stop on 2nd. cattle drive from L.California to L.Yacaré
Pareda, Geronimo
(1899 Oct) Mentioned
(1899 Jun) Buys bulls - see Parera & Pereda
Pareira, Ernesto
(1898 Apr) Mentioned, peón ?
Pareira, Perico
(1884 May) Peón - began working at L.Palmares 4 May'84.  See Perico
Pareira, Saa
(1895 Nov) Cattle left with him July, 1894
(1899 Apr) Mentioned - see Pereda & Paredes
(1889 Oct) Visitor, hunter.
Parsons, Mr. A.
(1898 Apr) Visited, cattle broker
(1895 June) Puesto at Paso Mistolar (?)
(1893 Feb) Received rendered fat
(1894 May) Mentioned
(1895 May) Alfred account, in Rosario
(1897 Jan) Mentioned
(1896 Feb) Peón listed at L.Palmares
(1897 Jan) Peón at L.Palmares, mentioned
(1899 Jun) see Patrick Adrian
(1885 Aug) Peón (at L.Yacaré)
(1889 Sep) --
(1892 Dec) Peón hired at L.Palmares
(1894 Jun) Mentioned with J. Martin, later peón
(1895 Mar) Peón Pajaro Blanco, L.Palmares, tropero
(1896 Feb) Peón tropero
(1897 Dec) ditto
(1898 Jul) Mentioned
(1899 Aug) horse stolen
(1896 Jun) Visitor
(1900 Jan) Peón
Paz, José
(1896 Feb) Visited with others
(1897 Jan) Mentioned re steers
(1898 Dec) Mentioned
(1899 Apr) Mentioned, with Don Bernardo ____
Paz, Old
(1896 Jun) AABz loaned him money
Pedro, Don
(1895 Sep) Indian pursuit: peón
Pedrito, Pedro
(1885 Jan) Mentioned
(1889 Apr) Peón, Juan’s son
(1891 Dec) Peón
(1892 Jan) Peón (indio)/ tropero at L.Palmares
“Pedro el tigre”
(1885 Nov) Visited
Pedro Grande
see also: San Pedro Grande & Grand, Pedro
(1892 Oct) Mentioned, likely estancia south of L.Palmares
Pedrotti, Francisco
(1896 Dec) Boat owner, from Hersilia
Peicho / Piecho / Picho
(1885 Aug) Peón at L.Yacaré & L.Palmares
(1889 Jan) ditto
(1892 Jan) ditto - also see Doña Juana
(1895 May) Came to L.Palmares, built puesto next to Dos Palmitas
(1896 Feb) Puestero at L.Palmares
(1897 Apr) Sold steers to AABz
(1899 Aug) horse stolen
Pelado, RR station
Likely today “La Pelada”, on RR between Santa Fé city & San Cristóbal, 50 km. SW of San Justo, SFé
(1889 Mar) Place
(1894 May) Overnight stop 7, herd from L.Palmares to L.California
Pelada, La (estancia)
(1892 May) Owned by Mrs. Kroeger.  Stop over, ride L.Palmares to/from San Cristóbal
(1896 Aug) Mentioned - see Kroeger
Penca, La
South of L.Palmares, where the Rio Calchaquí joins the Rio Salado.
(1899 Jun) Mentioned
(1891 Nov) Place on Rio Salado, 2 days ride from Mistolar.
(1889 Jan) Cartman.
Pengas / Penkas, Isleta
(1889 Oct) Camped at, west of Laguna Aves
Pepito, Pepita
(1891 Nov) Peón at L.Palmares
(1892 Jan) ditto
Peran, Comisario Domingo
(1892 Sep) Horse thief chase; chief of police at Pamita
(1899 Apr) Mentioned, see Parera & Paredes
Pereira, Ernesto
(1896 Jun) Settles far side of Rio Calchaquí (on Almeida land?)
(1898 Mar) Mentioned
Perez, Patricio
(1894 May) Hired, son of Isidora
(1899 Aug) Listed tropero
(1884 May) Peón - see Pareira, Perico.
(1885 May) Mentioned
(1889 Oct) Mentioned
(1891 Dec) Tropero, herd to La California.
(1892 Dec) Mentioned
Perro, Laguna del
see also Laguna de los Perros (next)
Marshy area, north of Ea. L.Palmares & west of Laguna del Palmar - see maps above.
(1897 May) Area hunted.
(1898 Jun) Mentioned
(1900 Jul) Mentioned
Perros, Laguna de los
Small laguna 5 km. east of Laguna del Palmar (north of Laguna Calchaquí) - see map.
(1885 Nov) place recaptured horses from Indians
(1892 Aug) Alfred rode by
(1894 Jul) Alfred, Johnnie, Bischoff camped/hunted.
(1895 Jul) Recorred
(1897 Sep) Indians present
(1898 Jun) Recorrered
(1900 Jul) Hunt for stolen horses
Perros, Arroyo de los
Arroyo that drains the laguna SE to the Laguna Calachaquí, joined by the Aº La Guampita - see map.
(1894 May) Alfred chased cattle rustlers
Petacas, Las
Estancia north of San Jorge, SFé, owned by Charles Jewell (& later by son Charles); lived there when in Arg.  Also where Kinchant first played polo in Arg.; for more, see the Las Rosas list of names.
(1888 Mar) First mentioned
Petrie / Petre, Mr.
(1897 Jan) From Calchaquí. Represents partners of Santa Fé Land Co..
(1889 May) Railroad engineer
Picho / Piecho
see Peicho
Piedrabuena, Romulo
(1899 Nov) Péon at L.Palmares
(1898 Mar) AABz met him in BA
(1895 Apr) Peón at L.Palmares
(1897 Dec) Tropero, listed as: Pilar Bergara
(1893 Apr) Mentioned, likely Colonia Pilar
Pilar, Colonia
(1884 Apr) Drive: 7th night - see map
(1895 Jun) Store? in Calchaquí
(1891 Nov) Visited to hunt; killed by ciclon in Calchaquí (15 Nov'91).
(1895 Apr) New peón at L.Palmares
Pinto/Pintos, Antonio
(1896 Feb) Capataz de tropa: Alejandra to L.California
(1897 Jan) Mentioned re tropa; Dec: L.Palmares to L.California.
(1898 Mar) Capataz de tropa: L.Palmares to L.California.
Pioneer, sailboat
(1897 Jan) First sail
Playa Grande / Plaza Grande
(1892 Feb.) Place between L.Palmares & San Cristóbal
(1895 Jun) Mentioned
Polinario / Polenario / Pollynario / Polly
(1885 Nov) Peón (at L.Yacaré)
Polonio, Palonio
see Palonio
Polvadero / Polvodero
(1897 Apr) Visited
(1900 Feb) Mentioed, had a noria (water wheel)
Ponce, Ponse
(1891 Dec) Peón at L.Palmares
(1892 July) Mentioned
(1895 Apr) Mentioned
(1897 Sep) Tames bullocks
(1898 Apr) Mentioned
(1899 Aug) Listed tropero
Ponce, Aristoble / Aristobulo
(1893 Apr) Temp. peón, marcación
(1894 Apr) Referenced, as Entre Riano
(1897 Dec) Peón, listed
(1892 Sep) Horse thief chase - town? (east of Estación Argentina)
(1900 Dec) Sold 600+ steers to AABz
Porteño / Portena
(1884 Mar) Drive: 1st night - see map
(i) a person from the port, i.e. Buenos Aires. The term is applied to anyone from Buenos Aires and its suburbs. A city person.
(ii) (1895 May) Group poblaring west of J. Martin, see Jose & Bellocq
(iii) (1900 Feb) Well digger, working for Cornelio
(1899 Oct) Place, mentioned
Potrero Aguara
(1895 Apr) Place name? Mentioned re horses
Potrero Sub
(1900 Jun) Likely southern-most field of Los Palmares
Previst / Prevost
Santa Fé Land Co. director in England
(1898 Jul) Mentioned re sale vs rent
(1900 Feb) Mentioned
Price, Mr.
(1895 Apr) looking for camp to rent - with Huges & others
(1896 Apr) AABz looked at his cattle - near Alejandra?
Progreso, Colonia
75 km. NW of Santa Fé city, west bank of Arroyo Cululú
(1884 Apr) Drive 10th night - see map.
(1892 Jul) Mentioned.
(1894 May) Overnight stop 8, herd from L.Palmares to L.California
Potrero Aguara
(1895 Apr) Place south-west of L.Palmares
Prete, Jose
(1900 Oct) With Francisco Gomez - troublemaker - see diary: 10 Oct 1900.
Prevost, Mr.
A director of the Santa Fe Land Co.
(1898 Aug) AABz met with at San Cristobal - see details 18 Aug.'98
(1899 Dec) AABz met with re rental contract
Provincial Bank
(1889 Sep) “Banco Provincial de Santa Fé” - operated by the province with branches in the larger towns.
Prusianas, Arroyo
(1884 Apr) Drive 9th night - see map.
Puerto Novillo (Stgo. del Estero)
(1892 Sep) Horse thief chase (place on the Rio Dulce?)
(1892 Jan) At L.Palmares - where there?
“Puesto Lorenzo”
(1894 Apr) Puesto on L.Palmares
“puesto No3 Torres”
(1889 May) Per name, is a puesto (see Spanglish glossary) belonging to Torres.
“puesto No4”
(1889 May) Per context, is a puesto (see Spanglish glossary) belonging to Torres.
Punta Laguna
Likely the north end of Laguna del Palmar
(1900) Mentioned several times
(1902 Jan) Mentioned
Puyal, Vicente
(1900 May) Tropero


(1884 Aug) Town? Mentioned
(1885 Apr) Town 10-15 km? south of L.Yacaré
Quebracho Blanco
(1889 Feb-Mar) Place camped on hunting trip
Quebracho Solo
(1894 Oct) Place hunted, likely north or NW of L.Palmares
Language of the Inca people, the most advanced pre-Colombian civilization of South America; their area included north-western Argentina, Bolivia, Perú, and Ecuador.
(1893 Jan) Greyhound at L.Palmares, died
Quinones (estancia)
(1884 Apr) Drive 5th night
(1900 Aug) Carpenter, making doors, windows, etc. for school


name of a horse, see Glossary for color & markings
(1897 Apr) Mentioned
Rabona / Rabon
(1884 Apr) Drive 19th night.
Rabona / Rabon
(1885 Aug) --
Racini / Racine, Pedro
(1885 May) Estanciero?  See Razini.
Racine, Telmo
(1885 Oct) At Walker’s yerra.
Racine, young
(1885 Sep) Visited.
(1898 Dec) see Rafael Avalos, of Pajaro Blanco.
Rafael, rodeo
see Barga, Rafael
(1895 Nov) Hope rodeo at Pájaro Blanco
(1896 Apr) ditto
(1896 Feb) Helped in rodeo
(1895 Mar) Alfred visited socially, near Reconquista
(1896 Aug) Wrote to re indians
(1897 Jan) Mentioned
Ramayon, Benito
(1884/5) Visit back & forth.  Cattle buyer for market?
(1889 May) --
Ramayon, Domingo
(1885 Feb) Visited w/Benito Ramayon.
Ramayon, Mrs.
(1885 Jan) Mentioned.
Ramirez, Feliciano
(1900 Dec) Mayordomo for Portalis, selling steers to AABz
(1894 May) Peón at L.Palmares
(1895 Jul) Mentioned
Capataz for Harteneck
(1897 May) Mentioned
Peón from Martin bros.
(1897 Sep) Mentioned
(1885 Feb) Chasqui
(1889 Apr) Visitor
(1889 May) Railroad engineer.
(1894 Nov) Herder (tropero), paid by the day
Razini, Pedro
(1885 Mar) Poblador south of the Espín river.  See Racine
River town founded in 1872 on the Paraná river in northern Santa Fé province.  It is 330 km. north of Santa Fé city & about 130 km NE of Calchaquí – see map.
rengo / Rengo
(1896 Jul) a peón with a limp - name?
(1898 Aug) Mentioned
(1900 Jun) Visitor
Repetto, Santiago
(1896 Feb) Collected bulls & steers
Capital of the Chaco province, it is a port on the Paraná river.  See maps.
(1900s) See Alfred’s diaries (1927-1934), and John’s photos (1902-1910).
(1895 May) Peón working for Martins
(1897 Feb) Mentioned
Rhodes, Mr.
(1885 Aug) Brought 11 horses from L.California to L.Yacaré.
(1885 Dec) mentioned, in Santa Fé city
(1894 Jun) Alfred met at San Cristobal
(1895 Mar) Alfred met on train to Santa Fé
(1897 Sep) Visited, possibly owner or manager of Ea. La Blanca.
(1898 Apr) Mentioned
(1899 Mar) Mentioned
(1897 Dec) Bought a bull
Ricketts, Falkland
(1894 Jul) Alfred met at Hope's
Rickets, J.
(1899 Jul) Met in Santa Fé city
Ricketts , Mr. / Teofilo
(1884 May) Visitor
(1894 Jul) Alfred met at Hope's
(1895 Mar) Alfred met on train to Santa Fé
(1900 Dec) Alfred met
Rincon, El
Alfred Bz’s summer home in Cruz Grande, Cba.
(1884 May) Field and herd at L.Yacaré against the Arroyo Espín, in the area enclosed by the arroyo where it turns east from its southerly course.
(1884 Sep) Jobson’s & Irionda’s rinconadas are other places.
(1889 Jan) --
Rinconada Palmar
(1892 May) Place referenced, at L.Palmares
(1893 Mar) Mentioned
Rio, Eduardo
(1884 Apr) Peón on drive from L.California to L.Yacaré
Rivas, Comandante
(1884 Aug) Visited, from Belgrano
Roberson [H]
(1889 Feb) Visitor / assistant / hunting companion.  See also La California diaries.
Robo, C / Don Carlos
(1898 Nov) horse strayed
(1900 Jul) Rented “Estacas” estancia
Robson, A.
(1900 Jan) Mentioned
Robson, J.
(1897 Apr) Visited
Robson, R
(1885 May) Companion to Walker.
(1892 May) Visited from Las Rosas area;
(1892 July) Settled at Canton Muelle ?, south of L.Palmares
(1893 Jan) Cattle mentioned
(1894 Jun) Alfred visited en route to San Cristobal
(1895 Apr) ditto, & vice versa. From town/estancia Muelle?
(1896 Feb) Traded cattle with AABz
(1897 Apr) Alfred visited en route to San Cristobal; Nov: broke wrists
(1898 Apr) Rodeo general
(1899 Mar) ditto
(1900 Aug) Overnighted
Roces, Ramon
Boticario (apothecary) in Calchaquí
(1899 Mar) Attended Trodevat
(1897 Dec) Peón, listed.
(1885 Aug) Visited.
Rodriguez, Alcalde
(1892 Sep) Horse thief chase; mayor of Laco Puneo
Rodriguez, Don Benito
Estanciero at Estancia Nuevo
(1896 Nov) Offered cattle for sale
(1898 Nov) Parted out cattle
Rodriguez, Fortunato
Estanciero near Fortín Almagro.
(1898 May) Alfred stayed night
Rodriguez, Lautero V.
aka: Pelado Rodriguez
(1896 Dec) Visited
(1900 Jan) trading oxen, commission agent
Rodriguez, Pancho
(1899 Mar) Mentioned
(1895 Nov) peón. listed
(1897, 1899, 1900) Mentioned
Rohr, Carlos
Store owner or businessman in Calchaquí
(1895 Aug) Visited with A. Harteneck
(1895-1899) Mentioned, often in assoc. with Harteneck.
Roja, Jacinto - aka: Rojas, Hacintha
See: Hacinto & Jacinto
(1891 Dec) Peón (at L.Palmares).
(1894 May) Tropero to L.California
(1895 Jul) Temp peón, tropero
Domador, famous!!
(1899 Sep) Arrives
(1900 Feb) horse stolen
Roman, Felis
see Felis for entries 1892-1898
(1899 Nov) Puesto Lomo Poi at L.Palmares
(1900 May) Mentioned
Romana (indio)
(1892 Apr) Temp peón (at L.Palmares)
Romang, Dr.
(1885 Feb) Businessman & store owner in Malabrigo (see Romang (colony/town) for more).  Both Frank and Alfred did business with him.
Romang (colony/town)
Founded in 1873 by Dr. Romang as Malabrigo, a colony of French, Italians, Germans, & Swiss; located directly east of Vera on the San Javier river, it is north of Aljendra, a British / American colony.  In 1885 the town changed its name to Romang in his honor.  See Malabrigo for more confusion.
Alfred continued to refer to it as Malabrigo; it was 80km. NE of L.Yacaré.
Romero, B.
(1894 Nov) Peón at L.Palmares
(1900 Mar) Mentioned
Romero, Baldomero
a.k.a.: Baldomero
(1899 Nov) Capataz at L.Palmares
(1899 Jan) Peón
(1900 Jan) Mentioned
(1900 Oct) AABz met at Muellos
Rosa, La
(1884 Jul) mentioned - estancia south of L.Palmares
Largest city in the province of Santa Fé, on the west bank of the Paraná river, 310 km. north of Buenos Aires and 160 south of Santa Fé city.  An important agricultural export terminus (grain mostly).
Rosas, Las
Closest town to (9 km. north of) L.California.  Founded in 1888 (by the Dickinson brothers) as Las Lomas, in 1892 it was incorporated into the adjoining town of Las Rosas (founded in 1889 by William Kemmis). 130 km. NW of Rosario & 35 km. north of Cañada de Gómez, it is today the seat of the department of Belgrano, Santa Fé. 
Rose, Anastasio
(1884 May) Peón - began working at L.Palmares 5 May'84. Quit Sep.'84
F. Roth & Co
(1899 Oct) Wool buyer.
Rubio / Rubio, Ernesto ?
(1885 July) Mentioned, peón at L.Palmares
(1896 Feb) Peón listed at L.Palmares, puestero?
(1897 Jan) Mentioned, puestero near Paso Mistolar?
(1899 Aug) Mentioned
Rubio, Eduardo
(1892-1900) Peón & puestero at L.Palmares - see Eduardo & wife<
Ruiz Diaz, Andres, Comisario Rural
Chief of Rural Police
(1898 Mar) Stayed night
(1884 Aug) Mentioned, in Alejandra
(1885 Jan) Wiggins peón.
(1899 Mar) Mentioned, trip to La Rioja


S., Julian
see Julian Sanches
(1896 May) Passed by
Saavedra, Eusebio
(1889 May) Butcher, bought cattle
(1892 Feb) Selecting cows for Hilario
(1894 Jun) Looking for camp with Urbano Avalos
(1898 Jun) Overnighted.
Saavedra, Hilario
Cattle buyer
(1892 Apr; 1893 Jan; 1897 Apr)
(1885 Jan) mentioned
Sager, Samuel
(1884 June) Visitor
(1898 May) Mentioned.  Estancia?
Saladillo, Rio
River north of Sante Fé city, parallel to and east of the Salado river - see map.
Saladillo Dulce, Rio
Eastern tributary of the Rio Saladillo, empties out of the Laguna Dientudo (filled by the Arroyo El Tóba). Referred to locally as the: Salado.  See map.
Saladillo Amargo, Rio
Western tributary of the Rio Saladillo, empties out of Laguna del Cristal (filled by the Arroyo Espín). See map.
Salado, costa
Banks of the rio Salado - likely near the paso
(1899 Mar) referenced re herds sent south
Salado, paso
Ford across the Rio Salado, likely at the NW corner of L.Palmares
Salado, rinconada
Likely area enclosed by the S-bend in the Rio Salado at the NW corner of L.Palmares
(1892 Sep) Mentioned
Salado, Rio
River north of Sante Fé city - its upper reaches turn NW to Tostado.  The Calchaquí river empties into it - see map.  Alfred’s Mistolar / L.Palmares was between the two rivers, bordered by them south of Laguna del Palmar.
Salado, Rio - Bañado / Estero
(1892 July) Mentioned, close to fence line
Salado rodeo
(1891 Oct) Rodeo (herd) at L.Palmares
see Zalazar
Salgado, Ricardo
(1889 Apr) lives in Carina?
Salteno, Elias
see: Elias Salteno (i.e. salteño - from Salta province). Is not Elias Ledesma.
see Elias Salteno
(1900 Mar) With Rodriguez, Pelado
San Agustin
(1891 Dec) Camp, or estancia (south of Calchaquí?)
San Agustín
Town 30 km SW of Santa Fé city
(1894 May) Overnight stop 11, herd from L.Palmares to L.California
San Antonio
(1885 Feb) town or estancia
San Bernardo
(1898 May) Mentioned near Saladero. Estancia?
(1900 May) Mentioned
San Cristóbal
Estancia & company town, headquarters of the Santa Fé Land Company. 165 km. NW of Santa Fé city, 80 km. SW of L.Palmares. Alfred visited the company HQ in San Cristobal several times a year (1890-1904), on business (e.g. pay the rent for L.Palmares) as well as on social ocassions (e.g. Christmas).  San C. also participated in some rodeos.
San Gregorio
(1889 Aug) Potrero (field) at Torres' estancia.
San Javier
(1884 Dec) Indian settlement / reducción & town 150 km. NNE of Santa Fé city, on the San Javier river.  See map.
San José, Campo
1898 Apr) To rent or buy? agents: Shaw & Llambi Campbell
San José de Larguia
(1898 May) Mentioned. Alfred to rent or buy?
San Juan
Estancia belonging to Zeballos near San Martin.
(1900 Feb) Mentioned
San Justo
(1884 Apr) Drive 14th night. Town, 100 km. north of Santa Fé city, 140 km SSW of L.Yacaré
(1889 May) --
San Lorenzo
(1889 Aug) Name of a puesto - on Torres' estancia?
(1898 Jun) Mentioned
San Martin
(1885 Jan) a day’s ride from L.Yacaré - where?
(1892 May) Mentioned
(1895 May) Re Wenceslao
San Martin, Colonia
(1884 Apr) Drive 4th night - see map. 70 km. north of Las Rosas / L.California. a.k.a. “San Martín de las Escobas”.
San Pedro
(1889 Feb-Mar) Camped at on hunting trip
(1892 Sep) Horse thief chase - place name on Rio Salado, east of Tostado
San Pedro
Estancia south of L.Yacaré, SE of Calchaquí, SW of Laguan de Cristal (see map of Colonia Espín above).  Owned by Manuel Obligado, inherited by General Obligado.
(1884 May) Mentioned
(1896 Apr) AABz bought cattle
(1897 Feb-Apr) AABz bought half of all livestock; cattle sent to L.California (4,228).
(1898 Mar) Mentioned
San Pedro Grande
Place name, but also see: Grand, Don Pedro
(1884 Apr) First cattle drive, 18th night.
(1897 Feb) Mentioned
Sanches, Eulogio
(1892 Feb) Hired as cartman at L.Palmares
(1885 June) Lorenzo Larguia’s capataz.
(1897 Dec) Hope’s capataz.
(1900 Oct) AABz met at Muellos
Sanchez, Domingo
(1899-1900) Peón at L.Palmares
Sanchez, F
Neighbouring estanciero?
(1900 Sep) Alfred attended rodeo.
Sanchez/s, Julian / J.
See also Julian
(1896-1902) Estanciero?, mentioned often
Sanchez, Nic
(1897 Jan) Peón tropero
(1897 Jan) Peón tropero
(1885 Dec) see San Javier
Santa Catalina
Probably an estancia of the Santa Fe Land Co., located?
(1898 Oct) Met Lee there, sold him 4,000 head
Santa Cruz
(1889 Sep) Town in Córdoba prov.?
Santa Fé
Adjective: santafecino.
Argentine province in which L.California, Laguna Yacaré, and Los Palmares are located.  Its capital, Santa Fé city, is 475 km. north of Buenos Aires on the Paraná river (or 150 km. NE of La California).  The province is named after the city which dates from colonial times.  The northern 13 of the province, known as the “Chaco Chico”, lies within the Chaco geographical region; the southern 23 are within the pampa humeda - the humid pampas, prime farm land - flat and fertile.
Adjective: santafecino
Santa Fé Land Co.
(1888 Aug) Alfred rented L.Palmares from this English land holding company headquartered at San Cristóbal, SFé.  In 1881, the Santa Fé provincial government ceded virtually all of its quebracho forests in the Chaco santafecino, 668 sq.leagues (over 1½ millon hectares, 12% of Santa Fé), to Cristóbal de Murieta y Cia. (bankers in London) in payment for a loan made in 1874 (180,187 pounds sterling – value 2016 June: more than 2,000 millon USD).  In 1884, Murieta transfered title to the Santa Fe Land Co.; in 1913 it was later reorganised as La Forestal Land, Timber, and Railway Co., usually shortened to La Forestal.  Its main products were: quebracho tanin extract, posts, & RR sleepers, and beef cattle.  Cheaper sources of tanin and depleted forests led the company to sell out and leave Argentina in 1966.  [La Forestal had a dreadful labor & environmental history; search the web for more about it.]
(1888 Aug) AABz rented L.Palmares
(1897 Nov) Set rent at xxxxxx
(1901 Nov) Paid rent: “Los Palmares”: $4,193.57, “Los Moyes”: $306.40   (U$D-2020: 60,136 & 4,394)
Santa Fé Rural Society
see Sociedad Rural de Santa Fé
Santa Rosa
August 30th – supposed to always rain on this her day, ending the winter drought season.
Santa Rosa, estancia
(1884 Apr) Drive 15th night. South of L.Yacaré.
(1892 Mar) Mentioned - peón?
(1893 Feb) Mentioned, likely Santiago del Estero city, capital of province by same name.
Santiago del Estero
Province west of northern 1/2 of Santa Fé province, i.e. west of L.Palmares.
Adjective: santiagueño
Santiagena’s puesto
(1889 Mar) Place north of L.Yacaré
(1885 Oct) Helped in yerra - Laguna Yacaré.
(1893 Feb) Peón, mentioned - L.Palmares
(1895 Jul) Menioned, peón?
Sarita, La
Village 36km. north-west of Reconquista, Santa Fé.
(1900 Dec) AABz stayed overnight, aka: Zarita
Sarnocita / Sarnosa, La
Today a village, may have been Morell’s estancia
Sarnocita, Arroyo La
Arroyo that empties into the north-east end of Laguna de la Cueva del Tigre - see map.
(1892 July) Alfred rode by.
(1895 Aug) Hunted with JEBz & Bischoff.
Sarnocita, Laguna la
Laguna almost certainly on the Arroyo la Sarnocita
(1897 Aug) Hunted
(1885 Feb) estanciero, owner of San Antonio?
(1898 Mar) AABz met him in BA
see Zarza
Sasa, Zinfo
1893 Apr) Peón, horse herder
Satus [H]
(1885 Dec) see Setut
(1885 Nov) Mentioned, estanciero to north?
Train station just inside the Chaco province, due north of Vera, Santa Fe - see a provincial map
(1899 Jul) Indian fight
(1902 hunt) Mentioned
Schreiber, John
Married Josephine Bz, 1878.
(1897 Apr) Family meetings in Rosario
Sciladonia [H]
(1885 Dec) see Celedonio
(1889 June) Met at a station in north SFé
(1889 Mar) Peón of Morgans
Seballos, J.M.
See also Zeballos
(1900 Jan) Mentioned
(1899 Jun) Leaves w/wife
Segunda/o, Pedro
(1892 May) Mentioned
(1896 Jul) Fired, drunk
(1897 Mar) Returned? Sep.: Puestero, left to chase after wife.
Seiva, Mariano
(1894 May) Met near Curva
Senuels / Sinueles
(1892 Mar) With C. Bulle, bought bulls.
(1889 Oct) ??
Serafina & wife / Serfarino
(1897 Dec) Go to Calcahquí.
Serapio, Serapis, Zerapio, Zerabio
(1885 Aug) Peón of Ramayon.
(1892 Mar) Hired as peón at L.Palmares
(1893 Jan) Peón, mentioned
(1902 Jan) Mentioned
(1898 Dec) Mentioned, likely Serafina
(1884 May) Colono, mentioned
(1885 Jan) --
(1900 Jan) Mentioned
Agent of the Santa Fé Land Co.
(1898 Apr) Alfred met re purchase of L.Palmares; and Campo San José to rent/buy?.
see Schreiber
Sinn, Mr. / Sim, Mr.
from Landa
(1891 Nov) Visited to hunt; stayed on at L.Palmares
(1892 June) Visited, sick
Sin Nombre, La
(1884 Sep) Estancia owned by Pepe Virasoro.
(1889 Sep) South of Calchaquí.
(1891 Dec) --
(1895 Jun) Mentioned
Sisto (Sixto?)
(1885 July) Assisted with yerra.
Smith, F.H.
(1899 Mar) Mentioned, trip to La Rioja
Smith, Sam
(1889 Sep) RR engineer
Smithers, F.
(1885 June) 25 June'85: Alfred gave F. Smithers title deeds to a league of camp (see L.California day-books).
Sociedad Rural de Santa Fé
(1895 Mar) Alfred attended society’s first meeting in Rosario
Town 50 km. NW of San Justo, SFé
(1894 May) Overnight stop 5, herd from L.Palmares to L.California
(1889 Aug) Visitor. Butcher from Reconquista.
(1896 Apr) Peón at L.Palmares
Sosa, Zalome
(1884 Apr) Peón on drive from L.California to L.Yacaré
(1891 Oct) Peón (at Mistolar/L.Palmares)
Spence, George
(1895 Mar) Alfred met with
Spike / Speke
(1884 Nov) a dog, probably greyhound.
(1884 May) Visitor
(1895 Aug) Visited his mill
(1900 Mar) Mentioned
Stevens, Wm.
(1894 May) Met near Curva
(1897 Jun) Mentioned
(1892 Mar) bull buyer.
Suarez, Daniel
Comisario in San Cristobal
(1898 Nov) Mentioned, ill.
Suarez, Ernesto
(1898 Nov) Mentioned
(1897 Nov) Peón listed, name unclear
(1899 Aug) horse stolen
(1900 Feb) Peón, tropero
South of Palo Pelado, north of paso Cueva del Tigre
(1897 Jun) Camped at on hunt
aka: Sykey  In 1920s had estancia or business in/near Tortugas, Córdoba.  Is also menioned in John E. Bz diaries & photos; Traill family records.
(1894 Jun) Alfred met him at Robson's; a Brit of north SFé, early 1900s.
(1895 Sep) Turned up to hunt, w/young Watt
(1897 Dec) Visitt, w/young Watt
(1897 Dec) Visited, came from Carmen
(1920s) Continual visitor at Las Tres Lagunas


Tacanitas, Las
(1899 Mar) Place, mentioned re Harteneck.
(1900 May) Place / town
(1896 Dec) Bought land south of L.Palmares, see Almeida, Michelos
Taller, Nicolas
(1894 May) Overnight stop 3, herd from L.Palmares to L.California
(1898 Mar) Mentioned
(1884 Mar) Field at L.California
tapera Racine
(1889 Dec) Mentioned (a tapera is an abandoned house)
Tapera, rodeo
(1896 Dec) Rodeo at L.Palmares, mentioned; see Guampita
Tapponier / Tapponi, Adolfo
(1894 Jun) Looking for camp with Young Wilkens
Tarura, Rubio
(1898 Apr) Mentioned, tropero?
Teburio, Tebucio, Tiburcio
(1889 June) Puestero in the Rinconada
(1900 Feb) Peón, later domador
Tejas, Estero Las
Marshland near Aº de los Perros, NE of L.Palmares - see map
(1891 Nov) Fetched tejas, hunted area.
(1894 Jul) Hunted with Johnnie & Bischoff
(1895 Aug) ditto
(1898 Aug) Indian horses found
(1900 Feb) Mentioned
(1902 Jan) Mentioned
Tejera / Tejira / Tijeira, Valentín
(1899 May) Fence inspector for Harteneck
(1900 Jan) Commisario de Campo
(1885 June) Passed through
Teoboldo, Don
see Theobold _____
Teodoro, puesto / rodeo
(1895 Nov) Hope rodeo at Pájaro Blanco
(1896 Aug) ditto
Luisa Tetrazzini (29 June 1871 – 28 April 1940) was an Italian coloratura soprano of great international fame. (Wikipedia)
(1898) Alfred saw her sing in Rosario
Theobold ____
Comisario (chief of police) at San Cristobal
(1899 Oct) Visited
(1896 Feb) Stayed the night - see Teodoro
Theodore Johnnie
(1897 Feb) Mentioned
Thomas, O.
(1899 Jul) Met in Santa Fé city
see Teburcio
Tigre / tigre
(1884 May) one of the dogs, good hunter
Tijera, Valentín
Comisario de Campo - Chief of Rural Police
(1899 Oct) Visits
Tijeras, Las
Third league / section (counted east to west) of L.California.  Populated with colonos (tenant farmers) during the 1880’s.   Alfred received it when he and his brothers divided up their joint properties, 1898?  See Alfred’s bio.
AABz’s niece, Tilly Schreiber
(1900 Apr) AABz attended her wedding in BA
Tioti, Vicente
(1899 Nov) horseherdsman at L.Palmares
Native people (indios/indians) inhabiting south-east Bolivia, south-west Paraguay, and norther-central Argentina.  They call themselves Ntokóit or more recently: Qom. The Guaraní named them Tobá, variously translated as “flat heads” or “opposite” i.e. from the opposite (west) bank of the Paraná river.  The Tóba and Mocoví tribes are members of the Guaicurú, the unconquered tribes of the Gran Chaco.  See Alfred’s list of their words included with his 1889 diary.
Tóba, Arroyo El
The arroyo starts NE of Vera, flowing SE into Laguna Dientudo.  The laguna is drained by the Saladillo Dulce (known locally incorrectly as the: Salado), this arroyo flows south to join the Saladillo Amargo to become the Salado.  See map.
Toba, puesto / rodeo
(1895 Nov) Hope rodeo at Pájaro Blanco
(1896 Apr) ditto
Todd, John
Alfred’s hunting companion, in Argentina and later to the Yukon & Africa (see Alfred’s diaries for details of those trips)
(1892 Jan), (1897 Apr)
Tomas, Thomas
(1889 Jan) Peón (at L.Yacaré)
(1892 Apr) Peón (at L.Palmares)
(1893 Apr) Temp. peón, marcación
(1896 May) Peón listed at L.Palmares
(1897 Jan) Mentioned
(1902 Jan) Mentioned
Toriño Nuevo
(1884 Apr) Drive 8th night - see map.
Torres, Gregorio
(1884 Sep) Mentioned - as lindero (bordering neighbour) on the north or east side of L.Yacaré
(1889 Jan) Neighboring estanciero - cattle constantly intermix (see also puesto No3 & puesto No4)
(1892 Mar) Mentioned
Torres, Rodolfo
(1885 July) Encargado, related to Gregorio Torres.
Tortelo, Lucas
(1884 June) Visitor
Town on the Rio Salado, in NW Santa Fé, next to border with Santiago del Estero.
(1899 Jul) Indian fight
Trapaga, Don Tomas
(1899-1900) Buys hides
Tremolliere, Gabriel / Tremollieres, Comisario / Tremolieres
(1889 Mar) Pulpero, store owner. Comisario?
Tremolliere, young
(1892 May) Messenger
Tregathen, Trigathens
(1889 Oct) Mentioned, see LaCal. day-books.
(1892 Apr) Cattle at L.Palmares
(1894 Oct) ditto
(1899 Mar) Mentioned, trip to La Rioja
Tres Lagunas, Las
Estancia next to Ea. La California, owned by (bought): S.C. Munroe (1872); M. Porteus & M. Knight (1894); Alfred A. Bz (1908).  For more details, at top of page, click “People & Places”, select: “Las Rosas/SFé”
Tres Marias
(1892 Jul) Town? Estancia? Some distance south of L.Palmares
Trodero / Trodevot, Ceferino
a.k.a. Ceferino / Froidevano / Trodevano / Trodevato
(1897-1900) Mentioned often, handyman/chacarero, well digger
(1899 Jun) Mentioned, he & chld ill.
Troffer, Mrs. (sp?)
(1897 Oct) Mentioned, re Martin
A very common place name, Tuna is a cactus (Opuntia sp.), in English: “prickly pear”.
(1899 Jul) Isleta Tunas - vicinity of Fortin Charrua
Turbias, Las
Estancia approx. 15 km NW of L.California, in the direction of Irigoyen
(1894 May) Overnight stop 16 (last), herd from L.Palmares to L.California


Unión, Fuerte / Fortín / Fort
Across Rio Salado, opposite NW corner of L.Palmares
(1889 Feb-Mar) Hunting trip Feb'89 - campsite.
(1891-1897) Mentioned re L.Palmares.
Unión, Fte. (Santiago del Estero)
(1892 Sep) Horse thief chase - most likely Villa Unión
Uribe, Angel
(1900 Aug) Overnighted
V. D., Miss
(1898 Mar) AABz visited in Barracas del Norte, B.A.
Valdino & wife
(1885 Mar) Replaced Juan Bienavidas.  a.k.a. Evaldina?
Valdena [H]
Left May'85
Valentin, Cacique
(1889 Apr) Visitor, part-time work?
(1885) Continually mentioned, part timer.
(1892 Apr) Puestero?
(1889 Sep) Capataz of Ituraspe.
Valentin, Don
(1899 May) Per contect, likely Valentin Tejira
(1897 Apr) Peón at marcación
(1884 Sep) Mentioned
Van Gorder, Mrs. & family
(1898 Mar) Met on train.
Estancia NW of Reconquista, Ponce mayordomo
(1900 Dec) AABz visited
Vanguradia Verde
(1889 Feb-Mar) Place camped on hunting trip
Var, La / Vara
(1893 Feb) Apartes, estancia?
(1895 Dec) Place 5 days herding, south of L.Palmares
Likely the exit (mouth) of the Rio Calchaquí from Laguna Palmar.
(1896 - 1900) Mentioned regurlarly
Vargas, H.
(1892 Dec) Mentioned
(1895 Apr) Horse buyer in Potrero Aguara
(1896 Jun) Temp peón, branding
(1897 Mar) Plowing, puestero?
Varga & son
(1897 Dec) Peón, listed w/tropa
Varga, E.
(1902 Jan) Pesebrero, quit
Varga, J.
(1899 Aug) Listed tropero
Varga, Miguel
Of Ea. Los Muelles
(1900 Nov) Overnighted
Varga, R. / Vargas, Rafael
Peón at L.Palmares.
(1899 Oct) Mentioned
(1900 Jun) Fired
Vega, Manuel
Encargado of estancia NW of Reconquista
(1900 Dec) Killed by puestero
Velasques/z, Agustín
(1897 Jan & Dec) Peón tropero
(1896 Dec) Peón at L.Palmares - Italian paisano
Ventura Suarez
(1884 Apr) Drive 2nd night - see map
Large town in north Santa Fé province, west of the Paraná river, 250 km. north of Santa Fé city, 50 km. north of Calchaquí, & 65 km. SW of Reconquista.  (L.Yacaré is 50 km. SSE of Vera.)
Vera, Ramon
(1898 Nov) Searching for horses
(1900 Aug) Overnighted.
Verde, La
(1892 May) Place mentioned, fort?
(1898 Nov) puestito NW of Los Palmares on Rio Salado
(1900 Oct) now estancia?, Aguirre capataz.
Verde (Salado)
Likely laguna or arroyo well north of L.Palmares
(1894 Oct) Indians passed by
Vergara, Camilo
See Camilo, Bergara
(1899-1900) Mentioned
Vermejo, Rio
see Bermejo, Rio.
See Verstrume
Verstrume, R.
  Vestern / Versturn / Vestrume / Verstryne, etc.
In 1910, Alfred hunted on his property in B.E.A. (Kenya).
(1895 Jul) Visited w/Robson
(1897 May) Visited & hunted with E.J.S. Watt & others
Víboras, Laguna de las
(1895 Sep) Indian pursuit: Laguna 20-40 km north of Laguna La Loca, over 100 km. north of Vera; we have not located it on a modern map; per AABz, a.k.a.: Laguna Albarez, also not found
(1899 Oct) Peón, horse-herder
Vicalle, bro. & bro-in-law
(1900 Aug) Overnighted, coming from Monte Aguara
Locale 40km. from Chilecito in the province of La Rioja.
(1899 Mar) Trip visit.
(1899 Oct) Mentioned - related to Trodevat?
Victoriano, El
(1896 Nov) Estancia managed by John. E. Benitz for the Agar family, it was just north of his estancia Los Algarrobos in Córdoba.  See the Monte Buey, Córdoba Names page for more details.
Victorino Gomez
(1889 Mar) Peón - see Gomez, Victorino.
(1885 Nov) Visitor
Villabalba / Villalba, Peicho
Estanciero (?) west of L.Palmares, towards San Cristóbal.
(1892 May) Stop over, ride L.Palmares to/from San Cristóbal
(1896 Dec) Mentioned
(1897 Mar) Sold out, moved to Paraguay; Nov: still had cattle
(1899 Jul) Met in BA
Villalba, Fernando
(1897 Dec) Mentioned
(1899 Aug) Mentioned
Villalba, Florindo / F.
(1900 Oct) Overnighted.
Villalba, Jorge
(1900 May) Died
Villalba, young
(1897 Oct) Visited
Villamea, Juez
Judge who issues guias - permits to move livestock.
(1899 Jun) Mentioned
Villegas, J.
(1900 Jun) making tejas / roofing tiles
(1884 Apr) Continually mentioned, cattle herders, & owners of the estancia “La Sin Nombre” - brand: [PV]
Virasoro, Pepe
(1884 Sep) .
Virasoro, Pedro
(1885 Jun) Pepe & Pedro are brothers or father/son.
(1889 Jan) --
Viuda (Sto. del Estero)
(1892 Sep) Horse thief chase - place name, on Salado river
Viuda of Guampita
see Zanches, viuda
(1896 Aug) sold cattle to AABz
Vivoras, Laguna de las
see Laguna de la Víboras
von Bernard (Washington)
(1899 Jun) Land for sale
(1900 Aug) Scouting for land at Fuerte Union
Vuelle, Cesar
(1892 Dec) Mentioned, poblador?


(1889 Sep) Borrowed horses.
(1892 Mar) English visitor, from San Cristóbal
Wagner, Jorge
(1889 Jan) Visitor
see Evaldino
(1884 Apr) Visitor, joined the drive to L.Yacaré
(1885 Jan) Jan'85 set up his own camp nearby, immediately to the west.
(1884 Apr) Met on drive, 2nd night
(1889 Mar) House burnt down
Wampita, Wampa
Alfred’s mispelling of “La Guampita” - see: Guampita, La
Wasser boys
(1885 Nov) Visited
(1892 Mar) bull buyer.
(1884 Apr) Met on drive, 2nd night
Watt, E. – Erskin
(1895 Oct) see J.E.S. Watt
Watt, H.
(1898 May) Visited, via Robson's
Watt, J.E.S. – John Erskin Stuart
Erskin / “Cito” Watt was born April 10, 1872, at Ea. Las Tres Lagunas, Las Rosas (SFé), & died in the Chaco, Sept. 30, 1904, struck by lightening while riding a white horse.  His younger brother, C.A.M. “Al” Watt, married AABz’s niece Hattie Benitz in 1906.
(1895 Nov) Hunting w/Sykes
(1897 May) Visited with Vestern
Watt, young
(1895 Sep) Turned up w/Sykes – see J.E.S. Watt
(1895 Apr) Alfred met returning from San Cristóbal
Wenceslado (indio)
(1894-1897) Peón at L.Palmares
(1900 Sep) Mentioned
Wendroth / Wentroth
(1896 Jun) Visited from Rosario
(1897 Jan) Mentioned, hunted
(1884 Sep) Female (bitch) dog
(1900 Jul) Visited
Wiggin, Francisco E.
(1884 Dec) Surveyor, visited several times.
Wigens [H]
(1885 Apr) --
Wilkens, Young
(1894 Jun) Looking for camp with Adolfo Tapponi
(1889 Oct) Visitor
William / Willie / Bill
William Otto Benitz (1854-1911) – see his bio. pages; he married Clara E. Allyn & was the 6th child of Wilhelm & Josephine Benitz.
(1898 Apr) Telegram re Bunge & Landa
(1889 Aug) Visitor (w/Frity)
(1892 Dec) Mentioned
Per context, either brother William (W.O. Bz) or nephew William (W.A. Bz).
Wilner, Christian / C.
(1899 Apr) Mentioned re horses, with Jose Gaitan
Wilson, J.
Manager/foreman (?) at Santa Fé Land Co.
(1897 Mar) AABz sent spurs, mentioned again.
(1898 Oct) Built bridge for cattle to cross Salado river
(1900 Aug) Overnighted
(1900 Oct) AABz met at Muellos
Winchester, Black Bill
(1892 Mar) Of Las Jacintas, property embargoed by Comisario Ortiz
(1885 Nov) mentioned


(1893 Jan) Place for horse herd, unsure where, close but not part of L.Palmares
(1894 May) Alfred visited it; had cattle & horses there.
Yacaré, Laguna
(i) (1884 Apr) Laguna next to which Alfred, in April, 1884, established his first camp in northern Santa Fé – see its description and maps at the top of this page.
(ii) The laguna & cañada is drained by the arroyo of the same name that flows south into the Arroyo Espín.
Yacaré, Arroyo / Cañada
Drains Laguna Yacaré, flowing south to join the Espín river.
Yaga, La
Estancia south of Los Palmares, vicinity of Monte Aguará
(1900 Jun) Mentioned
Yates, W. / Yeates, W.
(1900 Aug) Overnighted
(1900 Oct) AABz met at Muellos
Yeates, G.
(1897 May) Visited
Ygeroba, Lieut. Pedro
(1892 May) Stopped the night, en route to La Verde
Zacharia, Paraguay
(1889 Oct) Peón (at L.Yacaré & L.Palmares)
sometimes: Salazar
(1895 June) Replaced Juan Gomez at puesto next to fence at Laguna del Palmar
(1896 Feb) Puestero, L.Palmares; son mentioned
(1897 Jan) Mentioned
(1885 May) Menitoned, tropero 3rd heard?
(1885 Mar) Looking for work
(1896 Sep) Peón, had horses stolen
Zanariago, Victoriano
(1894 May) Denied rustling - see Garica, Victoriano
Zanches, Julian
Likely is neighbour north of Guampita rented camp
(1897 Jan) Mentioned
(1898 Nov) Member of posse inspecting an indian settlement.
Zanches, viuda
see also: Viuda of Guampita
(1896 Sep) sold cattle to AABz
(1889 Nov) Peón - began.
Zapo, Cañada
(1889 Feb-Mar) Place camped at, on or just west of Ao. Espín.
Zappato, Juan
(1892 Apr) Temp peón during marcación, reappears - see Juan (indio)
Zara, La
(1892 Dec) Ea., mentioned
(1894 May) Overnight stop 4, herd from L.Palmares to L.California
Zarate (camp)
(1884 Apr) Drive 6th night
See Sarita, La
Zarnocito / Zarnocita
see Sarnocita, Arroyo La & Sarnosa, La.
(1889 Apr) mangled name of a horse, likely zarcito i.e. little czar.
Zarza / Sarza
(1896 Jul) New peón
(1897 Jan) Mentioned
See also Seballos
(1889 Mar) Tropero
See Ceferino
(1889 Apr) Peón (at L.Yacaré)
Zenobró, Francisco
(1900 Jul) Peón, mentioned
Zequiel - aka: Ezekiel
(1892 Jul) Mentioned. See Ezequiel
(1897 Aug) Peón? Sick to Calchaquí
Zerapio / Zerabio
See Serapio
(1900 Jul) Peón, at Los Palm.
(1889 May) Peón (at L.Yacaré)

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