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People & Place Names
— Las Rosas, Santa Fé —
La California, Las Tijeras, Las Tres Lagunas, El Ombú

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We will be continually updating the maps and list of names while we transcribe the Benitz family records of the activities that took place at estancia La California, Santa Fé, Argentina.  These include Alfred's diaries prior to 1884, and all the surviving La California day-books.  We welcome corrections, further information, or suggestions; so please e-mail or call us.  Our addresses can be found at foot of the opening page.

Missing map.

Cities, towns, and rail-roads in the vicinity of  Ea. “La California”

(source: Expedia/MS, modified by P.Benitz)

Missing map.

“Campo de Los Esteros”

today: distrito Las Rosas

bottom row: ‘Cárlos Vernet’
became “La California”

(source: C.A. Benitz, 2010)

Missing map.

Area surrounding “Los Esteros”
Sketched c. 1875

‘Vernet’ row above ‘Armstrong’
became “La California”

(source: C.A. Benitz, 2010)

Missing map.

Plano de la Provincia
de Santa Fé

In 1875 “La California” comprised
‘Benitz Hs’ (center, 2 leagues) +
the 2 league block to the west (left)

(map source: J. Delius, historian, 2010)

  Missing map.

Estancia “La California”, ca.1910
Reproduction of the wall map
that hung in the office.
Redrawn from photos of the original.
(source of original: C.A. Benitz, 2013)

Missing map.

Estancia “La California”
Casco, ca.1910

Map recovered from photos.
(source of original: C.A. Benitz, 2013)

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Alfred’s lists of:
Estancias & Brands


   Las Rosas – town

The town is in Santa Fé province, 130 km. NW of Rosario & 35 km. north of Cañada de Gómez.  It is the seat of the Belgrano department (county) of Santa Fé, and has a population of more than 13,000 (2010). See maps above.  Its website is listed on our Relevant Links page.

It was first platted as Las Lomas, in 1888, by the Dickinson brothers, with the name of their estancia.  However, the railroad was built just east of their proposed town, its station named (as was often the case) for the estancia on which it was located: Las Rosas, owned by William (Guillermo) Kemmis.  In 1889 Kemmis platted a town surrounding the station.  Las Rosas town surpassed and incorporated Las Lomas in 1892.  The Dickinson brothers donated the land for a plaza, church, school, municipal offices, and police station; that is why today the center of town is in the original Las Lomas plat.  The plats of the original two towns can be discerned by the streets: those of the original Las Lomas are aligned N-S with the provincial plat / roads, those from the original Las Rosas are aligned with the railroad.

For much more, please search the web (Wikipedia in particular) for: "Las Rosas Santa Fe".

  Estancia La California:

a.k.a. “The Cali”.  The first property in Argentina owned by the Benitz family.  The land was purchased by Wilhelm (William) Benitz in early 1875 from Carlos Vernet for 16,000 pesos fuertes.  It was an east-west strip of 1 x 4 old leagues (6,000 x 24,000 varas, 10,800 has., 26,687 acres).  It is in the province of Santa Fé, 30 km. north of Cañada de Gomez and 6 km. south-east of Las Rosas.  The land is flat, slightly undulating with very fertile deep loess soils (Mollisol).  It is some of the best farm land in Argentina for maize, soybeans, & wheat.

Wilhelm died the following year (1876), however, his sons continued its operation.  The Cali has shrunk with each generation of Wilhelm's descendants.  In 2010, about 1,250 has. was still owned and farmed by some of his great-great-grandchildren.  The original casco (headquarters) continues in the family but much modified, the family house was replaced in the 1960s.

For much more, please see:

  Estancia Las Tijeras:

Third league / section (counted east to west) of La California - see maps above.  Per diaries, it was populated with colonos (tenant farmers) during the 1880’s.  Alfred received it in 1898 when he and his brothers divided up their jointly held properties (see Benitz Hermanos).  About a quarter of it has since been sold.  For more detail, please see Las Tres Lagunas next.

  Estancia Las Tres Lagunas:

(aka: the TL, 3L, 3 Lag) Today (2020), the estancia headquarters is bordered to the north by Las Rosas town (founded in 1888).



Conventions used:

People are listed by their surnames then their first-name (if both known), followed by their titles (Cacique, Capt., Comandante, Don, Mr., Sr.).  People may be listed twice for the diary entries don't always provide full names, in particular of those people the writers are very familiar with, especially the workmen.  Therefore, when searching for a person, search separately for both the person's first-name and surname.

Places are listed by their proper name, followed by any preposition (El, La, Los) or feature qualifier (Arroyo, Cañada, Colonia, Estero, Fuerte, Isleta, Laguna, Mar, Paso, Rio).

Ñ - we treat as an accented N, not as a separate letter (as it is in the Spanish alphabet). The tilde was usually omitted by English writers, as were most accent marks on vowels.

(1888 Feb) - Many entries are followed by one or more dates in brackets. These dates indicate the first month in which a name is found in a La California day-book of the year shown; and, if the year is prefixed with an "A:", it indicates an Alfred diary, e.g. (A:1877 June); and, if prefixed with an "F:", it indicates a Frank diary, e.g. (F:1876 July).

[H] - Some entries have an [H] appended to denote a "Hermanism".  Herman V. Benitz often spelt phonetically, with interesting results. We suspect he was dyslexic.

— Abbreviations —
Alfred / AAB – Alfred A. Bz. – 2nd gen.
Arg. – Argentina
BA / B.A. / Bs.As. – Buenos Aires
Bz - Benitz
Cba. – Córdoba (province)
Herman – Herman Bz – 2nd gen.
Johnnie / JEB – John E. Bz. – 2nd gen.
John / John & Mary - John & Mary Horner
Josephine – Josephine Bz-Schrieber – 2nd gen.
LaCal. – Estancia “La California”
Mother – Josephine Kolmer-Bz - 1st gen.
OB – Olga Horner / Benitz
SFé – Santa Fé (province)
TL / 3L – Estancia “Las Tres Lagunas”
W&J – William & Josephine Bz – 1st gen.
WBz – Wilhelm Bz – 1st gen.
Willie / WOB – William O. Bz. – 2nd gen.
Willie / WAB – William A. Bz – 3rd gen.
For more about the Benitz 2nd generation, see this family page.


3 Lag
See Las Tres Lagunas above & below.
51, La / Cincuenta y Uno, La
51, The / Fiftyone, The
Estancia once owned by Thomas Thomas (on the above map of 1889: area labelled Colonia Tomas in top-left corner).  Management overseen for the Thomas family by Alison Hall.
(1891 Mar) mentioned.
See Alfred A. Benitz.  Often used by Alfred in his diaries.  OB denoted Olga, his wife (Olga Blanche Horner).
(1899 Dec) Stallion.
(1888 July) Mentioned
Adams, Mr & Mrs
(1890 Oct) Visited for tea
(1891 Jun) Herd overnighted at La California
(A:1877 June) Workmand at LaCal., mentioned often.
Adrian, Mr. Pat
(1899 Mar) Visited.
Advien, Pat
(1899 Memoranda) Address listed, Ireland.
Agar, Mr.
(1891 May) Visited w/Mr Cross
Agar, Don Ricardo
(1899 Aug) was sent hay.
Agar, Mr. & Mrs.
(1899 Oct) Visited.
Agar Cross y Cia.
Respected agricultural implement supply company in Argentina.  Founded in 1884 by T.F. Agar, Malcolm Cross, and others.  The company distributed many leading brands, their best known was the “Aermotor” windmill for pumping water, made in Chicago (search the web for: "aermotor windmill" or "farm windmill").  Agar Cross sold over a millon of them in Argentina; many are still running on estancias today (2010).
Agar Cross reorganised in 1967 as a supplier of agricultural chemicals and fertilizers.
(1890, 1891 Memoranda) Listed, BA address.
Agilera, Maximo
see Aguilera, Maximo
(1899 Jan) Peón, capataz? a.k.a.: Igenio?
Aguilera, Maximo
(1890 Jan) cattle & sheep buyer
(1899 Nov) Horse dealer?
Alchuron, Don Pedro
(1899 Feb) Visited.
Aleman, Mr. J.
(F:1876 July) Condolences, in association with “Deutsche La Plata Zeitung”.
(1888 Mar) Likely Colonia Alejandra settled by British, east of Espín and north-east of Los Palmares
Alfred / Alfredo / AAB / AB
see Benitz, Alfred A.
Alfredo, Don
See Benitz, Alfred A.
Algarrobos, Los
Estancia located south of Monte Buey in the SE quarter of Córdoba province.  Bought by Benitz Hermanos for Johnnie in 1896, it was 3½ (old) leagues in size (10,125 has. or 4.05 metric leagues).
Allyn, Clara E.
See her bio pages: Clara Electa Allyn (1858-1930); wife of William O. Benitz.
(A:1876 Oct) Place visited
(1888 May, 1890 Jun, 1891 Jan) Worker at La California.
(1890 Jan) Pulpero (publican) on or near to La Cal.  He was supplied beef for his store, several head a week.  Replaced Peter Mar. 23, 1890.
Andel, Antonio
see Andel
(1891 Jan) Paid rent
Anderson, Mr.
(1899 Feb) Bought stallion.
(1891 Apr) Peón at La California
(A:1877 May) puestero at LaCal.
Anton, Old
(1891 Aug) Gardner, sick
(1890 Feb) Colono? at La California.
Antonio Saralegui y Cia.
Also see: Saralegui
(1890, 1891 Memoranda) Listed, BA address.
(A:1937 Jul) a camp, mentioned
Araya, Rafael - vice-governor
(A:1937) Mentioned
Apthorp, Mr.
(1899 Aug) Visited.
Argentina, La
Estancia next to & north of Las Rosas town, 4 leagues, bought by David Gómez from Vernet ca.1874; still exists (2010).
(1891 Feb) Herd overnighted at La California
Town in Santa Fé, west of Cañada de Gómez on the F.C.A. railroad between Rosario & Córdoba cities.
Arroyo Seco
see Seco, Arroyo
(1890 Feb) Workman at La California.
Auntie Olga
see Olga B. Horner.
(1901 Feb) Mentioned, probably Aurelio Rodriguez
Aurora, Enrique
(A:1937) His birthday: 12 Sep.
(1899 Aug) Stallion.
Avelino / Avilenno [H]
also see: Garcea, Avilleno
(1888 Jan) Trusted workman at La California.  Killed opponent in knife fight during a workmen’s baile (dance) at La California.
(1890 May) Travelled to Neuquen
(1891 Jan) peón at La California


B & Leburn
see Boardman & Leburn
B.A. / BA
abbreviation for Buenos Aires
B. Dancer
see Bony Dancer
B'Ville, B. Ville
see Bell Ville
Baiz, Don Geronimo
(1890 Oct) Fetched herd
(1901 Jan) Has camp (north of La California?)
(1899 July) see Minella & Banagli
Banco de Londres
See London Bank
Bantle, O.
(1888 Mar) Grain buyer.  Bantle family owned / owns a large tract of land directly west of Las Rosas, against the provincial border with Córdoba, it surrounds the town of Bouquet.
see Bantle
Barraco Marmol, Dr. Oscar J.
Escribano & lawyer in Las Rosas
(A:1937 Jul) Mentioned w/card
Barreres, E.
(1899 Dec) Called.
Bartlett, Roberto O.
(1899 Oct) Bought horses (Of Rosario, see card).
(1899 Nov) Colono - see Bertala
Builder / mason in Las Rosas
(A:1937) To fix a bathroom
(A:1876 Nov) Mentioned
Bautista, Tirante
(1888 Apr) – Colono? at Las Tijeras
Ferrero, Checo
(A:1937 Jul) Mentioned
Bautista, Delfino
(1890 Mar) Visitor.
Becasini/o, J.
(1899 May) Of Cañada de Gómez; bought horses.
Begg, Mr.
(1890 June) Hunted at La California.
Beitz, Mr.
(1888 Feb.- Mar) German photographer, took pictures of La California.
(1888 Jan. ) Colono at Las Tijeras
Originaly a northern suburb of Buenos Aires, it was incorporated into the city as a neighborhood when Bs.As. was federalized in 1880.
Belgrano, Department of
The department (county), in Santa Fé, of which Las Rosas is its seat.
(A:1937 Jul 12) Visited TL, per context: Frank Bell, son of Jim Bell.
Bell, Jim
Jim managed the TL after AABz died.  Married to Bernice Benitz - see Bernice.
Bell, Mr.
(1888 July) Mentioned
Bell, Jack / J.
Married to Clarita Benitz.
(A:1937 Jul) AAB gave power to purchase land
Bell Ville
(1890 May) Town in Córdoba, west of Cañada de Gomez on railroad line between Rosario and Córdoba city.  See Johnie’s diaries for more details.
(1891 Oct) Workman at La California
(1901 Jan) Dealer in hides
Benitz, Alfred A. – Alfred, Alfredo, A, AAB, AB
See his bio. pages: Alfred Alexander Benitz (1859-1937).  He was the 8th child of Wilhelm & Josephine Benitz.
Benitz, Charles A.
Son of William A. Benitz
(A:1937) as Chas B
Benitz, Frank Malcolm / Malcolm
See his bio. pages. See also Malcolm
Benitz, Herman V.
See his bio page: Herman Vitalis Benitz (1863-1893); he was the 10th (youngest) child of Wilhelm & Josephine Benitz.
Made entries in the La California day-books (1890-1892) when John was absent, very poor spelling.
Benitz, John – Johnnie, J, JB
Fourth child of JEB, born (1901) after his parents moved to Los Algarrobos (1899).
See his bio pages: John Benitz (1901-1975).  He had no middle name.
Benitz, John E. – John, Johnie, Juan, Mr. J, JEB
See his bio pages: John Edward Benitz (1861-1916).; 9th child of Wilhelm & Josephine Benitz.  He married Marjorie M. Macitosh.
Mentioned regularly in the day-books of La California, which he managed from 1884 to 1899.  He wrote most of the entries during those years; he always refered to himself in the third person as: Johnie.
Benitz, Mrs. J. - Marjorie
See also: Macintosh, Miss M.
See her bio pages: Marjorie Morris Macintosh (1858-1945); wife of John E. Benitz.
(1899 Jun) Mentioned
Benitz, Moira - Moira
Child of William A. & Eileen Benitz
See also Moira
Benitz, William A. – William, Willie, WAB
Son of William O. Benitz.  See his bio pages: William Agar Benitz (1888-1956).
(1899 Oct) Mentioned.
(1937 Jul) Visited TL
Benitz, William O. – G, Guillermo, William, Willie, WOB
See his bio pages: William Otto Benitz (1854-1911), he was the 6th child of Wilhelm & Josephine Benitz.  He married Clara E. Allyn.
(1890s) Listed in the Memoranda of the La California Day-Books as: “Benitz, G” with a Gualeguaychú address.
(1890s) Mentioned regularly as William.
Benitz Hermanos
The company formed between the brothers Alfred, John, and William (AAB, JEB, WOB) in which they pooled all their property (land & livestock).  Per Alfred’s biography, it was founded 8 March, 1897, after their mother and sister had taken their shares in the form of cash.  The company likely existed a very short time, at most a year.  However, we are not sure when it was dissolved; per its constitution, it was to exist for 5 years, i.e. until March, 1902.  When it was split up, Alfred received Las Tijeras, the western league (13) of La California, and all the livestock (more than 15,000 head) held on the rented camps in north Santa Fé (Los Palmares & others), John received Los Algarrobos (4 leagues), and William received the two eastern leagues (23) of La California, including its casco (headquarters).
Bernice Benitz, married Jim Bell
(A:1937) Mentioned
Bertala (aka: Bartola, Bertola)
(1899 Sep) Colono.
Bertling, Bertlingks
Common misspelling in English of Bohtlingk, particularly by Herman Bz.
(1901 Feb) Mentioned, re Victoriano, see Victoriana, La
Bias, Geronimo
(1890 Nov) cattle buyer
Biersteker's boy
(A:1877 July) Stayed overnight.
Birmingham, Juan
(1890 May) Sold alfalfa seed
Birmingham, Mr.
(1899 Feb) Visited.
black peon
(A:1877 June) Mentioned.  See negra /o.
Black, Mr.
(1899 Feb) Buys sheep.
Blyth, Mr.
(F:1876) Mentioned, in Rosario. See Mr. Davies.
Boardman & Leburn
Accountants in Rosario
(A:1937 Jul) AAB visited
Family had a flour mill in San Jorge.
(A:1937) Mentioned
Boero Hnos. y Franchini
(1899 Apr) Bought horses
Böhtlingk, Jr.
(1899 June) Called.
Bohtlingk, Mr. (Edmundo)
(1888, 1890, 1891 - often) Owner of estancias Las Chilcas (NW of LaCal.) and Santa Clara (east neighbor to LaCal. that until 1886 was part of La Germania).  Apparently a great friend of the Benitz family for they visited each other frequently.  In 1874, the Böhtlingk family (from Germany) arrived in Arg. on the same ship (S.S. Boyne) with the Benitz and Schiele families.
Böhtlingk, Mrs.
(1899 June) Visited.
Bohtlingk brother
(1890 Apr) Bought horse.
Bohtlingk cousin
(1890 Mar) Visited.
Bolino, C.
(1890 Aug) Colono?
(1899 Jan) Mentioned.
(1899 Nov) Pozero (wellman).
“Bony Dancer”
(1899 Feb) Stallion.
(A:1877 May) Visited
Road / bridge builder? in Las Rosas
(A:1937) Mentioned
(1890, 1891 Memoranda) Listed, BA address.
Borges, Mrs.
(1888 Aug. ) Mentioned
Bosso, Frederico
(1891 Feb) Colono
Bothlink, Böthlingk
(1899 Mar) see Bohtlingk
(1890) Town on the rail-road spur west out of Las Rosas about 20 km., beyond Iturraspe, close to the border with Córdoba.  See maps at top.
Bouquet, C.
(1891 Mar) JEBz visits, near Tortugas - see maps above.
Bradney, Mr.
(1888 Mar) Visited.
(1890 Feb) Workman at La California. – “Pulled water”
Brenil, Cristian de
(1899 July) In an address, Córdoba.
Bridger, Mr & Mrs & Miss Weigne (sp?)
(A:1937) Visited TL
Brossetti, Dr.
(1899 Feb) Visited, veterinarian?
(A:1877 May) Segundo/peón at LaCal.
(1899 Sep) Visited.
Brown, German
(A:1876 Sept) Peón at LaCal.
Brown, Miss
(1888 Feb) Visited. with Mr. Kemmis
Bruce, Mr.
(1899 Nov) Called.
Budin, Profesor
(1901 Jan) Visited
Buenos Aires (city)
Largest, most important city and capital of Argentina.  Most political and business activity is centered on BA; with few exceptions all major roads and railroads (and flights today) radiate out from it.  It is the predominant port of entry to Argentina, the reason why its people are known as porteños. (Usually abbreviated: Bs.As., B.A., BA)
Founded twice, 1536-1542 (Pedro de Mendoza), then 1580 (Juan de Garay).  It was federalized & expanded in 1880, incorporating the towns of Belgrano & Flores, today neighborhoods of the city.  In 1994 it was made an autonomous city: Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires (abbreviated: CABA) with an elected mayor (previously appointed by the president).
Buenos Aires (province)
The largest & richest province of Argentina, it surrounds the city of BA.  La Plata is its provincial capital, on the coast about 55 km. south of BA city.
Bulrich [Bullrich]
Important auction house, based in Buenos Aires.  Established mid-1800's, they (have & still do) auction livestock, land, & much more.  Today, the “Patio Bullrich” shopping centre in BA was once their auction house, built in 1867.
Bunge, Ernesto
(1890, 1891 Memoranda) Listed, BA address.
Bustof [H]
(1890: Often) See Gustof
abbreviation of: Benitz


C de G
See Cañada de Gómez
Cabrero, Pedro
(1899 Apr) Mason?
Caffia, B.
(1891 Aug) 2 sons killed by collapsing house
Caledonia, La
(1890 July) – Estancia 30-35km. NW of Las Rosas (or 7km. east of Piamonte), at the time owned by David Carmichael Munro.  See maps at top.
California, La / LaCal.
a.k.a. “The Cali
Estancia founded by Wilhelm Benitz in 1875.  It was an east-west strip of 1 x 4 old leagues (10,800 has.), in the province of Santa Fé, 30 km. north of Cañada de Gomez and 9 km. south-east of Las Rosas.  See its description, history, and maps at the top of this page.
California, La
Train station, often referred to as “the station”.  The railroad was built in 1888-1889.
(1888 Apr; 1890 Aug) Peón at La California. Jailed 20 Oct’90.
(1891 Mar) Horse tamer at La California. Brother to Manuel
(A:1937) AABz met with in BA
(1888 May) Stayed the night, with another person
Campo, El
(A:1937) Likely a magazine, sued.
C. de Gomez, C. de G.
see Cañada de Gómez
Abbreviation for Cañada de Gómez.
Cañada de Gómez
Important town (department seat) 30 km. south and a little east of La California, approx. 70 km. west of Rosario on the F.C.A. railroad to Córdoba city.  Until 1889 when the raidroad through La California & Las Rosas was laid, Cañada was the closest train station where goods & mail could be received & shipped.  See maps at top.
Store in Calchaquí – see names for North Santa Fé.
(1891 Dec) Paid their bill
(1891 Sep) Peón at La California
Carani, Viuda
(1899 May) Bought hay.
Carboni, Emilio
(1899 May) Bought horses.
(1890 May) Town 45 km. west of Rosario on the F.C.A. rail-road to Córdoba; where the railroad crosses the river by the same name.  See maps at top.
Cardos, Los
aka: The Cardo.  Estancia Los Cardos (the thistles) is about 20 km. north of Las Rosas where a RR station was built by the same name.  The town was founded in 1928.   See maps above.
(1891 Feb) Mentioned.
(1899 Feb) Peón?
Carlos Pellegrini
The town, see Pellegrini, Carlos
Carpenter, Mr.&Mrs.
(1890 Mar) Visited, from Los Hermanos
Carr, Dr.
(1890 July) Passed through.
Carrania [H]
(1891 Jan) see Carcarañá
Casa, Don Nazario
(1890 Memoranda) Listed, Córdoba address, butcher
(1890 May) Butcher
Casares, M.
(A;1937) Agent for AABz
Town 120+km south of Las Rosas, 15 km east of Melincué.
(A: 1937) Mentioned.
Town in Santa Fé prov. (pop.35,000 2010), 70km SSE of Las Rosas (see map).
(A:1937) Mentioned
(1901 Feb) Received rams, Rosario.
Castañas, Las
(A:1877 May) Estancia, owned by the Dickinson brothers, 1880's & 1890's.  Home of Alfred Dickinson & some of his sisters in the 1890's;  possibly owned at one time by Tregarthen.  See maps at top.
(1890 Feb) Estancia
Castañeira / Castaneira, P.J.
(1899 May) Bought cattle.
(1901 Jan) ditto
Castelli, J (or F?)
(1899 Sep) Mentioned.
Castnias [H]
see Las Castañas
Castros place
(A:1877 June) Baile, Alfred did not attend.
Cataneous, Las
see Las Castañas
(1888 Feb) Bought cattle
Ceareaca [H]
(1891 Jan) peón at La California
(1888 Mar) Worker at La California.  (Nov. 8) “Dropped dead.”
(1891 Apr) Horse tamer, arrived
Town about 30 km. NNE of La California on the main rail-road to NW Argentina - see maps above.
Cequinera, Jose S.
also see Sequiera
(1890 Nov; 1891 Jun) Cattle buyer / butcher.
Cequiera, Santos
(1890 Dec) Visited, paid debt
(1891 Jul) Bought cattle.
In the context of the diaries, refers to the Gran Chaco climatic / geographic region that encompasses north Santa Fé, north-east Santiago del Estero, and all of the Chaco and Formosa provinces.  Ea. Los Palmares was in the Chaco region of north Santa Fé.
Chandler / Chandles, Mr
(1899 May) Provides firewood; visits.
(1901 Feb) Mentioned
Chandler, Mrs.
(1899 Jan) Visited w/family.
Chapman, Mr.
(1888 June) Visited with surveyors, for the rail-road? (1888 Oct) Visited with Mr. Fea.
Charles Theodore Benitz (1856-1877) – see his bio. page; 7th child of Wilhelm & Josephine Benitz
Chas B
See Benitz, Charles A.
Chavarri, Colonia
Located 30km. NE of LaCal.  See maps at top.
(A:1876 Nov) Mentioned.
(A:1877 July) Mentioned.
Chevelier Boutell, F.H.
(1890, 1891 Memoranda) Listed, BA address.
Cheviro / Chevirro / Chevero
see Chivero, and Panta
(1890 Sep) Could also be Eusebio
(1891 Apr) Peón, listed as Panta Chevirro
(1899 Jan) Peón?
Chicalnie, Chicaline
(A:1876 Sept) Unclear mention, at LaCal. Later: horse tamer.
Chiesa, Enrique
(1901 Feb) Mentioned
Chilcas, Las
Estancia established by Bohtlingk, its south-east corner met the north-west corner of the original La California.  Lies east of the town of Iturraspe, about 5-10 km. west of current town of Las Rosas and much of it is still owned by members of the Bohtlingk family descendants. (Split up July, 2011)  See maps at top.
Mentioned: (A:1877 June); (1888 Often)
Chille, Mr.
(1890 Jan) – Visited, see Schiele.
Edmund Traill's estancia (named for an indian chief killed during a raid) is 100 km. north of La California, about 20 km. east of San Jorge town; (see maps at top).  It was Edmund's share (2 leagues, 5,200 has) of what remained of estancia Las Limpias – see Traill brothers – Robert & Edmund.  When he died (bef.1920), 1,800 has. were sold to pay debts, leaving his 4 children with: 3,374 has.  Son Joe Traill managed it for the family (who all lived in England) from about 1918 until he died, 1955.
(A:1937) OB visited
Chivero / Chiverro [H]
see Cheviro
(1891 Jan) peón at La California
(1890 Apr) Town at the foot of the Andes, northern Neuquen province.
Chute, Miss
(1890 Jan) – Stayed on several times.
Chupinas, Las
Estancia south of La California, originally belonging to Armstrong?  See maps at top.
(A:1876 Nov) Held rodeo to part out their cattle.
(A:1877 July) Held rodeo for them.
(1888 Dec., 1890 Jan, 1891 Jan) Mentioned
(1888 Oct) Mentioned
Chupinas / Chupinos, the
See Las Chupinas
Chupinos colony
Likely an area of colonos (sharecroppers) on Las Chupinas.
(1891 Mar) Herman recorrered
see Chosmalal
Churipeesose Churipiso's ?? [-?-]
(A:1877 June) Person or estancia, 2 leagues north.
Chute, Mrs
(1891 Jun) Short visit
Cincuenta y Uno, La
see La 51 at very top
(1890 May) Workman at La California – “pulled water”.
(1890 Mar) – see Clara Electa Allyn
Clark, Mr.
(A:1877 May) Mayordomo at Las Castañas
Coasta, Don Pedro
(1890 Oct) Stayed the night, bought cattle from Nash
Colegio Sagrado
(A:1937) Donation
(1888 Apr) Alternative spelling for Calistro?
(1891 Jun) Supplied wood from Córdoba.
Coombs, Mr.
(A:1876 Sept) Stopped by going to Las Rosas.
Town on the NE border of Entre Rios prov., Arg.
(A:1937) Mentioned
(A:1877 June) Mentioned.  Lives within ½ day’s ride of LaCal.
Continental, Hotel
(A:1937) Stayed with OB
Argentine province bordering the southern 23 of Santa Fé province on the west.  Its capital, Córdoba city, is about 700 km. NW of Buenos Aires.  The province is named after the city which dates from colonial times.  It’s western half is dry and mountainous, the east half flat.  The SE quarter lies within the pampa humeda – the agriculturally rich humid pampas.
Cordobese [cordobés]
Adjective of Córdoba
Córdoba, Antonina E.
(1899 Nov) Headmistress, Las Rosas school for girls - invitation to graduation.
Cornish, Mr., Mrs., & family
(1888 Jan; 1890 Jan; 1891 Jun) Visited Jan. 6 – 27, 1888. 1 son, 1 daughter.  Several later visits, friends of the Macintosh’s.
Cornish, Miss Maggie
(1890 Mar) Visited on several occasions
(A:1877 June) Important town on the Paraná river, midway between Rosario and Santa Fé city, 90km. NE of LaCal.  See maps at top.
Corta, Pedro
(1890: Sep.30) Cattle buyer from Rosario; w/ Ricardo Frontera ?
Costa, Juan
(1901 Feb) Mentioned
Craig, Mr.
(1891 Jun) New RR manager? Visited
Crocker, Mrs
(A:1937) Met on train
Cross, Mr.
(1891 May) Visited w/Mr. Agar
(1888 Jan) Founder of Agar Cross, & Co. – important farm/ranch supply company in Arg.  He married Bernice Avery (from Rochester, Minnesota, USA) at La California on 19 January, 1886.  Bernice was a good friend of Clara E. Allyn (wife of WOBz) and like her was one of the school-teachers invited to Argentina by President Sarmiento.
Cruz Grande
The name of an arroyo (creek), a locale on that river, and of John E. Bz’s summer home in that locale, in the Sierras Chicas north of La Cumbre, Córdoba.  When not qualified, most likely John's summer home.  For more details & maps, see "The Hills" People & Place Names.
(1901 Jan) Mentioned
(1901 Feb) Person, likely an abbreviation
(1888 Mar) With Gonzalez.
Cuello, José / J.
Capataz de tropas between Los Palmares & La California;
(See a photo of him: JEBz Album: 8, photo: 01.)
(1890 May) Brings & takes cattle for Kemmis.
(1891 Feb) saw cattle
(1899 May) Mentioned; bought cattle.
(1901 Jan) Selecting tropa
Cuffia, B.
(1890 July) Settled accounts
(1891 Feb) ditto
Culaso, Batista
(1888 Feb) Bought livestock from La California.
Cumbre, La
Principal town of "The Hills" - see the reference page.
(A:1937) Mentioned,


Dall Orso, José
(1891 Sep) Mentioned, partner of Salvatierra
Dancer, B.
(see Bony Dancer)
Danills, Mr & Mrs.
(1888 Aug) Visited.
Daniel, Mr.
(A:1877 June) Mentioned.
(1888 Oct) Very ill – typhoid? See Dr Frend.  (Oct. 30) Died at La California.
Daniels, Mrs.
(1891 May) Visited.
Danilson, Mr
(1891 Aug) Cattle buyer
See Daphne Traill
(A:1937) Visited TL
Davidson, Mr.
(1890 Nov, 1891 Sep) collected cattle. Mayordomo at the Rafango.
Davies, Mr.
(F:1876) Mentioned, in Rosario.  See Blyth.
Day, Mr.
(1899 Dec) Called.
Delgado, Don Julio
(1899 Feb) Visited.
Dennison, Mr & Mrs
(A:1937) Visited TL
(A:1937 Jul) Collected for Las Rosas celebration of 9 de Julio
(A:1937 Aug) Likely Dianna Gerdes
Town approx. 45 km. west of LaCal., on railroad trunk line from Rosario to NW Arg.  See maps at top.
(1890 Jul, 1901 Feb)
(A:1937) Mentioned
see Dickinson
Dickers, Mr.
(1890 Jan) Visited.
(1891 Mar) Bought oxen
Dickinson, baby
(1891 Aug) probably Henry A. Dickinson, b. Aug. 1889.
Dickinson, H. & sisters
(1890 July) Saw them off to England (not to return?)
Dickinson, Tattey / Tattie
(1890 Jan) Visited on several occasions.
Dickinson, Herbert & Alfred D.
From England, they owned estancia Las Lomas. They also founded the town of Las Lomas (1888) which was later incorporated into Las Rosas (1892). Their niece, Olga B. Horner, married Alfred, 1915; their sister Gertrude married Edmund Traill.
(A:1876 Nov) Mentioned re cattle
(1891 Aug) A. Dickinson mentioned
Dickinson, Mrs. A.
(A:1876 Sept) She visited w/Mrs. Smythies
(1888 Mar; 1890 Oct; 1891 Apr) Visited.
Dickinsons, Miss / Misses
(1890 Feb) Visits, ride over from Ea. Las Rosas
(1899 July) Called; Sep.: Miss H. Dickinson called (married: 21 Oct.'99)
Dickson, Mr
Likely Dickinson
(1888 Oct. ) To dinner at La California with Wilson
(1891 Jun) Visited
Dix, Mr. R.
Government R.R. inspector
(1891 Jun) Visited
(A:1937) Mentioned
Dolfina, Bautista
(1888 Mar) Colono at Las Tijeras?
Dolores, Doña
(1888 Jan) Cook at La California became ill.
Domineco, Frandrino
(1888 Feb) Bought cattle from La California.
Per context, Donald Macintosh, younger brother of Marjory M. Macintosh, the wife of John E. Bz
(1890 Aug) Mentioned
(1891 Jan) Mentioned, 1891 Apr. working as segundo
(1899 Oct) Mentioned.
Donkin, Dr.
(1890 July) Might be humorous reference to Donkin.
Donkin, Mr. Arthur
(1888 all year, 1890 Jan) First Visited, Feb.23 1888; moved there on Mar. 16, worked there sporadically (segundo?). Comes & goes.  See Los Palmares day books.
Leading British business family of Argentina, begun by George Drabble (?) mid-19th century.
(A:1937) AABz buys bull from Drabole.
See Drabble
Dos Hermanos
(1899 Jan) Estanica, mentioned.
Dresser, Mr
(1901 Jan) Visited
Drysdale, Mr.
(1899 Sep) Visited.
see Donkin
(1899 Sep) see Dürst
Dürst, J. or S. / Dünst
(1899 May) Colono? Bought pigs.


Ehlert, Mr.
(1899 Nov) Called w/Mrs. Böhtlingk - bought horses.
Eileen Frend, married Willie A. Benitz
(A:1937) Mentioned often
Elisa / Eliza
(F:1876 July) Mentioned, see Mr. Kinkelin.
(A:1876 Sept) Servant at LaCal, helps Alfred milk cows, do chores (& a bit more).
(A:1877 June) House-maid, mentioned.
Elske, Mr. & Mrs.
(A:1937 Jul) Visited TL
Elliot, Mr.
(A:1877 May) Met at estancia Las Rosas.
(1888 Oct., 1890 Jan, 1891 Feb) Visitor at La California.
Elogio Sagrado
(A:1937 Jul) Mentioned
A:1937 Jul) mentioned
Elsie, Miss
(1890 Jan) Unwell.  Macintosh?
Emilia, La
Local estancia
(A:1937) Mentions
England, Mr.
(1888 Feb) Visited.
Entre Rios
Province east of Santa Fé across the Paraná river.  It’s capital, Paraná, is directly east of Santa Fé city.
(1891 Dec) Peón at La California
Esidro [H]
(1890 Jan) see Isidro.
Esperanza, La
(1890 Sep) Large estancia east of Cañada de Gómez. Herman & Johnnie attended horse races there.
Town and river in northern Santa Fé province. See Alexandra, Los Palmares, and Frank (F.J. Benitz), & Alfred.
Estacas, Las
(1901 Feb) Mentioned
Estación Diaz
(1888 Jan) See Diaz.
Eusebio / Eusebi
(1888 Jan; 1890 Jun; 1891 May) Worker at La California.
(1899 Jan) Died.
Evans, Mr.
(1890 Jan) Visited, brought tennis balls!


see Ferrocarril Central Argentino
(1888 Jan) Temporary replacement cook at La California.
Facundo, Don
See Larguia, Don Facundo
(1901 Feb) Mentioned
Fair, Mr.
(1890 Dec) Mayordomo of Colonia vieja, reviewed fields for pasture.
(1891 Jan) Visited to review novillos
Fallenstein, Mr. R.
Represented the company Bunge & Born in Rosario.
(1888 Nov) Mentioned
(1890, 1891 Memoranda) Listed, Rosario address
(1890 Oct; 1891 Sep) Mentioned. Banker?
Faria, Juan
(F:1876 July) Capataz at LaCal.
Faria, Old
(A:1877 May) Capataz, mentioned often.
(1888 Dec) Died at La California. Likely Farias, the family worked many years at La California.
(1899 Aug) Called.
(1888 June) – see Fea (young)
Faulkner, Mr.
(1899 May) Visited.
Fea, Mr. and Mrs.
(1888 June) Visited.
Fea, (young)
(1888 Mar) Visited from Las Parejas.  By mid-May, 1888, was working at La California..  Bucked off and badly hurt, May 26.
Fea, H.
(1891 Aug) Engaged to Miss A. Macintosh
Fea, John
(1888 June) – see Fea (young)
Fea, Mr.
(1888 Oct) Visited with Chapman.
(1890 Dec) Visited for Christmas
(1891 Jan) mentioned in Rosario
Fenel, Mr
(1888 Oct) Visited.
Ferera, Jose
(1890 Apr) Workman at La California.
Ferguson, Mrs.
(1899 Dec) Visited w/children.
Ferrocarril Central Argentino
Wide gauge railroad built 1863 - 1870 by William Wheelwright (North-American with British capital), it joined Rosario with Córdoba city, passing through Carcarañá, Cañada de Gómez, Armstrong, Tortugas, Bell Ville, and Villa Maria. In 1908 the company absorbed the BA to Rosario line.  Nationalized in 1949, it became part of the Ferrocarril Nacional General Bartolomé Mitre (F.C.N.G.B.M).  Privatised during the 1990's, it became part of the Nuevo Central Argentino S.A. (N.C.A) — for more, see Wikipedia or search for other cites.
Fillips, Mr
(1891 Oct) Visited
Fisher, Miss
(1888 Feb) Visited with Mr. Kemmis
Fisher, Mr.
(1891 Jun) RR manager? Visited
(1899 Feb) Visited.
Fiftyone, The fivettyone [H]
See La 51, at very top
Flemming, Mr.
(1888 Jan) Visited.
(1899 Mar) Visited.
Mayordomo at TL.
(A:1937 Jul) Mentioned
Originaly a suburb west of Buenos Aires, it was incorporated into the city as a neighborhood when Bs.As. was federalized in 1880.  In the late 1800’s, several family members were born there.
(1901 Jan) Colono (at Las Tijeras?)
(1899 June) Sold alpacas to LaCal.
Fothergill, Mrs.
(1899 June) Visited.
Fraile Muerto
(A:1877 May) Town in Córdoba province, (Translation: “Dead Friar”). Later renamed Bell Ville in honor of the Bell brothers who fought off the indians.
Fraire, Miguel
Became mayodomo for AAB at Los Palmares, March 1893.
See also: Miguel Freire, Miguel Freyre
(1890, 1891 Memoranda) Listed, Estación Serodino, F.C.A. Sunchales
(1890 Jun; 1891 Nov) Visited.
Fraire, Ignacio
(1890 July) Resero from Córdoba.
Fran…, Audassio
(1888 Apr) Colono at Las Tijeras?
Frank Joseph Benitz (1850-1881) – see his bio. pages; 4th child of Wilhelm & Josephine Benitz, brought near ruin to the family.
Frank, Uncle
Franz Xaver Benitz (1816-1880) – see his bio. pages; younger brother of Wilhelm Benitz.
Frank Allyn Benitz (1893-1918) – see his bio. pages; son of William & Clara Benitz
(1899 Nov) Broke arm.
Frayle Muerte
see Fraile Muerto.
Freire, Miguel
See Fraire, Miguel
French pulpero
(1890 July) Mentioned.
Frend, Dr.
(1888 Oct) Visited.  Apparently Mr. Daniels was the patient.
(1899 Sep) Visited.
see Frontera
Frentera, Don Ricardo
See curious note Dec.25, 1890.
Freyre, Mr. (young)
(1888 May) Visited.
Freyre, Miguel
See also: Freire, Miguel
(1888 Dec) Mentioned
Friend, Dr.
see Dr. Frend
Frigarthen, Mrs.
See Tregarthen
Frontera, Ricardo
Frontierro, Ricardo [H]
Frontrera, Ricardo
(1890 Sep) Cattle buyer w/ Pedro Corta.  Stayed the night.
(1891 Jan) Took cattle
Fuente, Lariana
(A:1877 June) Peón at LaCal.  (see Lariana)
(1888 Apr) Colono at Las Tijeras or supplier


(1888 Mar) Colono
Gansto, N.
(1899 May) Bought horse.
Garcea, Avilleno
see also: Avelino
(1891 Apr) Worker at La California
(1888 Dec) Worker hired at La California.
(1891 Apr) Peón at La California
Garié, Juan
(1891 Jan) Herd overnighted at La California
Gavosto, Miguel
(1899 May) Bought horse.
Geenwood [H]
(1890 Feb) See Greenwood.
George …
(1888 Aug) Mentioned (no last name, in context with Mrs. Borges)
Gerdes fly
Rented “El Ombú” from Alfred A. Bz.
(A:1937) Mentioned often.
(1888 Mar) Worked at La California, handyman & coachman. See Jerman.  [Confusingly, during Feb.1888 Herman’s name is spelt this way as well.]
German, a young
(1901 Feb) Mentioned
Germania, La
(1888: Often) Large estancia (15,000 ha) bordering La California to the east, bought by Federico Nordenholz in 1864.  In 1886 he sold the southern 2(?) leagues to Edmundo Bohtlink; it became Bohtlingk's Santa Clara.  In 1938, El Orión came into being when the next 2(?) leagues were split off by Nordenholz's 2 daughters - his son kept the original casco (HQ) and the 2(?) northern leagues.
(1891 Mar) Mentioned
(1891 Jan) peón at La California
Accountant at La California
(A:1937 Jul) Visited TL
(1901 Jan) Called.
Gillyatt, Mr. C.
See Charles G. Gillyatt
Gillyatt, Charles George Jr. (1871-1934)
(1897 Sep) Became mayordomo at La California, $100 per month.  Previously at estancia “Chirú” (see Mr. Traill); later at Las Lomas.
(1899 Jan) Departed suddenly.
(1890 May) sold wagon
Glimmann, Mrs. A.
(F:1876 July) Letter of condolence.  Husband ill, owner of Restaurant Hamburgo, Rosario.
Gmo, Don
Don Guillermo - see Willie O. Bz.
(1888 Nov) Worker at La California
(1891 Apr) Peón
Gomez, Fausto
(1890 Sep) Mentioned as “finado”- the late…
(1888 Mar) Owner of cattle that stayed the night.
Gonzalez, Miguel
(1890 Feb) Cattle buyer.
Gorenino, Mr.
(1899 Oct) Bought pigs.
Gorosito, Jose
(1890 Mar) Workman? Left for Santiago.
(1901 Feb) Draft horse tamer
Greenwood, Mr.
(1888 Mar) Visited., from Las Petacas
(1899 June) Send maize to grind.
Willie’s (WOBz) summer home in Los Cocos, Cba.
Grimmé, Jorge
Grandson of Josephine Benitz (m. Schreiber)
(A:1937) called
City on the Uruguay river in the SE corner of the province of Entre Rios; south of which Willie (WOBz) managed an estancia for the Hope family and /or the Bunge family.
(1888 Mar) Worked at La California.
Guarnero, Juan
(1890 Sep) Renter / tenant farmer at La California.
Guillermo, Don
(1899 Jan, 1901 Feb) see Benitz, William O.
Güngerich, Mrs.
(1899 July) Departed.
(1890 Jan) Builder / handyman at La California. Mentioned often.
(1891 Jan) ditto; fired 22 Sep., drunk.
see Gustaf


Haden, Mr & Mrs
(A:1937) Visited TL
(1888 Apr, 1891 Mar) businessman in Rosario, hides?
Hall, A.
(1890 Sep) Mentioned
(1891 May) Visited to hunt.
Hall, Alison
(1890, 1891 Memoranda) Listed, Rosario address.
Hall, C.P.
(1890 Apr) letter received from; visited in Nov’90
(1891 Oct) Visited
Hall, Mr
(1891 Jan) visited
Hall, Mr. Latham
(1890 Aug) Visited
(1891 May) Visited to hunt.
Hall, Norman J.
Estanciero, from the U.S., with 18,000 has. near Arias, Córdoba.
(1890 Jul; 1891 Jun) Visited, stayed the night.
Hall, young
1890 June) Stuck in cañada, shooting.
Halls, Mr.’s
(1890 Sep; 1891 Mar) Visited - from 51 & Arroyo Seco.
Hamburgo, Restaurant (Rosario)
(F:1876 July) Owned by Glimmann; Frank stayed night.
Hamilton, Mr
Manager fro AAB at Campo Winter, began abt.1930.
(A:1937) Mentioned
Hammilton, Mr.
(1888 Oct) Stayed overnight.
(1891 Sep) Stayed, from San Andres
Hansa, Colonia
(F:1876 July) Mentioned.  Colonia SE of LaCal. (near today's Bustinza), on Ea. “La Hansa”, both owned by the Engelberto & Woltje Tietjen., German consuls in Rosario.  See maps at top.  Also owners of saladeros and responsible for introducing hares into Argentina!
Hansen, Mr.
(F:1876 July) Lunched with in G.
(A:1876 Oct) Lunched at in G.
English department store, BA
(A:1937) Had tee
(A:1937) AABz visited in BA - see North Santa Fé list of names
Hattie – Hattie Benitz
See her bio page: Hattie B. Benitz-Watt; eldest child of Willie & Clara Benitz.
(1890 Mar) Mentioned; (Sep) Traded ponies with Kemmis.
(1899 Nov) Travels to B.Aires
(1901 Jan) Travels to Cruz Grande
(1890 June) Visited, polo player?  Goes to C. de G. for tournaments.
(1891 Jan) From Rosario, visited
see Hayward.
see Heiland
(1890 Aug) Sold barley. Payment made to Heiland.
Heiland, Mr.
Owned a distillery west of Cañada de Gómez (ruins of the old chimney visible north side of Ruta 9) & bred pigs.
(1888 June) Mentioned – paid for pigs?
(1890: Mar) Visited.
(A:1876 Oct) Young German working for his board
Heitz, Mr.
(1890 Oct) breeder of boars / pigs near Los Leones
Heitz, Mrs.
(1888 Mar) Visited.
Henderson, Mr.
(1899 Feb) Visited - horse breeder?
Hendley, Mr.
(1891 Apr) Mentioned
Herera, Cecelio
(1890 Sep) Workman, for Kemmis ?
See Benitz, Herman
(1888) Peón, German misspelt.
Hermanos, Los
Estancia?, likely managed or owned by Carpenter
(1890 July; 1891 Feb)
Hickethier, Mr.
also: Hickatier, Hickitier – Mayordomo (nanager) for E. Bohtlingk at estancia Santa Clara.
(1888 July) Stayed the night.
(1890 Apr) Visited
(1891 Mar) ditto - of La Germania
Higham, Mr.
(1890 Mar) Passed through with herd of cattle; stayed the night.
(1899 July) Visited.
Hill, Mr.
likely the co-owner with Thomas Thomas of the Hill & Thomas flour mill in Carcaraña.
(1891 Jan) Mentioned, in Carcaraña
(1899 Feb) Visited
Hill, Mr.
likely William (Guillermo) Hill, once manager for the Greenwood family (1895)
(1896 Sept) Became mayordomo at La California, $150 per month.
(1897 Jan) Mayordomo at La California, until Sept.'97. Returned to England.
(1891 Mar) Hired, capataz at Las Tijeras
Hoors, Mr.
(1888 Mar) Visited.
(1888 Jan) Possibly refers to the Hope family for whom Willie (WOBz) managed an estancia near Gualeguaychú.  Mrs. Hope came to Argentina from the U.S. as a school-teacher, invited by President Sarmiento, same as Clara E. Allyn, Willie’s wife.
Hope, Robert
(1890 Memoranda) Listed, Rosario address.
(1899 June, 1901 Feb) Stallion.
Horner, “Chumps”
Brother of Olga Horner, lived near Aluminé, Neuquen, Arg.  See AAB diary 1922.
Horner, Humphry
Brother of Olga Horner, lived near Aluminé, Neuquen, Arg.  See AAB diary 1922.
Horner, John
John (1920-2005) Child of Humphry Horner.  Fostered by Olga B. Horner & Alfred A. Bz, adopted by Olga after Alfred died.
(A:1937) Mentioned often
Horner, Mary
Mary (1922-2014) Child of Humphry Horner.  Fostered by Olga B. Horner & Alfred A. Bz, adopted by Olga after Alfred died.
(A:1937) Mentioned often
Horner, Willie
Willie (192x-199x) Child of Humphry Horner.  Fostered by Olga B. Horner & Alfred A. Bz, adopted by Olga after Alfred died.
Horner, Olga B.
a.k.a. “Auntie Olga”, “Chitti”. Married Alfred, 1915. First cousin of the Dickinsons (Ea. Las Lomas) and Traills (Ea. Chirú).
Houston, Miss
(1890 Mar) Visited.
Breeder of bulls
(A:1937) Bid failed - show in Rosario
Hughs, Mr.
(1890 Apr) Visited w/Nash.
Hunt, Miss
(1891 Jan) Visited, from Rosario
(1890 Apr) Brought herd of cattle.


(1899 Sep) see Jallé
(1899 July) Bought horses.
Independencia, La
West league of the original La California, beyond Las Tijeras.  Its NW corner met the SE corner of estancia Las Chilcas.  Populated with colonos, it was sold in 1881? to Smythies to pay debts incurred by Frank (Frank J. Benitz).
Mentioned: 1888 June 26; 1890 Nov 15; 1891 Feb; 1899 Aug
(1899 Jan) Los Algarrobos peón, capataz?  a.k.a.: Aginio?
Ingerto, El
Estancia west of Carlos Pellegrini & south of San Jorge (approx. 4 old leagues, 10,800 has., per map of 1888).  Established by James H. Roberts in 1875; passed to his son George Roberts.  The correct spelling should have been “El Injerto” (The Graft), but was mispelled with a "G" as “El Ingerto” (The Ingestion).  Estancia Las Limpias was its neighbor to the east.
Infante, Dr.
(1899 May) Visited.
(1890 Apr) – see Ingerto, El above.
Injerto, El
See above: Ingerto, El.  This spelling was used on maps.
Iriondo, governor
(A:1937) Mentioned
Irionda, A.
(1890 Nov.18) Owned cattle (on pastaje at La California.?)
Isherwood, Mr
(1891 Oct) Visited
Ishwood, Mr.
(1890 June) Pig buyer, w/Robinson
(1888 Feb., 1890 Mar) Worked at La California.  (see also Isidro Sosa).
Village and rail-road station on spur 10+ km. west of Las Rosas


Jacksens [H]
(1890 Jan) At Ea. Las Lomas.  See Jackson
Jackson, Mr.
(1888 Jan) Visited. on business
(1891 Mar) ditto
Jackson, Juan
(1890, 1891 Memoranda) Listed, Rosario address.
(1899 June) Stallion.
Jallé. Sr.
(1899 Sep) Called.
James, Mr.
(A:1877 June) Postmaster? at C. de Gómez.
James, Mr. & Mrs.
(1890 May; 1891 Jun) Visited
James, Mr.
(1890 Jun; 1891 Jul) From Carcaraña, pig buyer?
James, Mr. O.C.
(1899 Oct) Called.
Jappert, Mrs.
(1888 May) Mentioned.
Jara, Ventura
(1891 Feb) Fired as capataz at Las Tijeras
JB / J.B.
See Benitz, John - father or son per context.
Jeemi, Miss [H]
(1891 Jan) Mentioned
Jeneser, Miss
(1891 Jan) Visited, from Rosario
(1890 Sep) Likely German – see Germán.
Johansen / Johanson, Mr.
(1899 Apr) Mayordomo as of 29 April, 1899.
(1901 Feb) Mentioned
“John Bull”
(1899 Apr) Likely a pedigree bull, died.
John / Johnie / JB / JEBz
See Benitz, John E.
John / Johnie / JB
Son of JEBz, born 1901.  See Benitz, John - no middle name.
John & Mary
AAB diaries 1920s/30s: see Horner, John & Horner, Mary
Johnston, May / Mary
(1899 Jan) Visited.
Johnston, Mr.
(1891 Jan) Hunted at La California
Johston, Mrs.
(1899 Feb) Visited (Likely May’s mother)
Jonson [H]
(1891 Jan) See Johnston, Mr.
(1888 Often) Worker at La California.  [Discharged Feb.11,1890 – still there months later.] ; see Jose Gorosito.
(1891 Apr) Mentioned
Jose Rengo
(1891 Sep) Lame José? Mentioned
Josephine (mother)
a.k.a. Josefa Kolmerer, Josefina Kolmer de Benitz, Mother
See her bio pages: Mrs. Josephine Benitz (1830-1912); wife of Wilhelm Benitz.
a.k.a. Josephine Schreiber – she married Johan Schreiber, 1878
See her bio pages: Josephine Benitz (1852-1911); 5th child of Wilhelm & Josephine Benitz.
Josephine - Nena
See her bio pages: Josephine M. Benitz-Paul; 4th child of William & Clara Benitz
(1901 Jan) Travels to Cruz Grande
Joyas, Las
(1899 Apr) Mentioned.  Estancia & colony where the town of Bouquet is today (20 km. east of Las Rosas).  Owned by the Jewell family (joyas is jewels in Spanish) & managed for them by Frank Kinchant (he later managed Las Petacas for them - see both).
(1899 Jan) Peón, mentioned.
Juan, Don
(1899 Feb) see Johnnie Bz.
Juan, Don
(1890 Nov) Puestero ? Well-man? At La California
(1891 Jan) Welman, mentioned
Juan Maria
(1899 Feb) Peón.
Juana, Doña
(1890 Aug) Peons cook, discharged.
(1891 Aug) Dog, died
Johnston, Mr.
(1891 Jan) Hunted at La California
Judson, Dr. / Mr. & Mrs.
(1899 Jan) Visited.
Julio, Don
(1899 Dec) Grain supplier? Possibly Julio Delgado.
Justaf [H]
(1891 Jan) See Gustaf.


Katie, Katy
See her bio pages: Katie Benitz-Jeans (1884-1963); second child of Willie & Clara Benitz.
(1890 Mar) Mentioned
(1901 Jan) Travels to Cruz Grande
Kemmis, William & (brother)
From Xxxx, England, owned neighboring estancia Las Rosas (186x-1899), north of La California and west of Las Lomas. In 1890 he founded the town of Las Rosas. He is mentioned often in Alfred's 1876 & 1877 diary, and in the early LaCal. day-books: 1888-1890.  May have gone bust, sold out in 1899.  See maps at top.
(1891 Feb) Visited
see Kemmis
Kinchant, Mr
(1890 Mar) Stayed the night.  His horses come & go with polo.  Manager for the Jewell family at estancias Las Joyas & Las Petacas. [See Las Petacas for more about him.]
(1891 Memoranda) Listed, Las Petacas, San Jorge/SFé
(1899 Feb) Visited.
King, Mr.
(1891 Dec) Visited
Kingsland, G.
(1899 Nov) Visited.
(1901 Feb) Mentioned
Kinkelin, Mr.
(F:1876) Carpenter at LaCal. Travelled with Elisa.
(A:1876 Oct) Visiting w/Kuns
Kladt, Mr.
(1899 Nov) Insurance co. man, called.
Knight, Captain
(i) Very likely Captian Morley Knight, who sold Las Tres Lagunas to Alfred A. Benitz in 1908.
(ii) Very likely Captain C. Morley Knight, R.A. (Royal Artillery?), author of "Hints on Driving", first published in 1894.
(1899 Feb) Visited.
(A:1876 Oct) Visited.
(A:1877 June) Visited.
Kretzman, Mrs.
(A:1876 Sep) Visited
(1888 Mar) A business entity?
Kublank, Voss y Cia
(1890 Oct) Mentioned
Kuhblank, Mr.
(1890 Mar) Visited.  Died June 10.
Kublank, Mr.
see Kuhblank
Kunz, Kuns
(A:1876 Oct) Visiting w/Kinkelin
(A:1877 May) German living/working at La California.


Lewis Lacey’s saddlery & polo store, Buenos Aires.
(A:1937) Visited
(1899 Feb) see Larguia, mispelt by Ogilvy
(A:1037) Mentioned, in Rosario.
Lamuniere, Mr
(1891 Feb) Visited
Lammiere’s / Lamunier’s
see Piquet Lamuniere y Cia
(1899 July) Seed vendor?
P. Lamuniere y Cia
see Piquet Lamuniere y Cia
Rincon de Landa, estancia managed by William O. Benitz for the Bunge family, south of Gualegaychú, Entre Rios; approx. 1884-1898.
(1891 Aug) Mentioned.
Lang Sager y Cia.
(1890 Apr) Company in Cañada de Gomez.
Larden, Mr.
(1888 Apr) Visited.
Largeias gairls [H]
(1891 Apr) visited, see Larguia, Miss / Misses
Larguia (Station)
(1890 May) Town 50 km. east of La California, on main railroad from Rosario to NW Arg.
(A:1876 Nov) Name mentioned
Larguia, Don Facundo
(A:1877 May) Neighbor, "bossed" the first marcación at La California.  Owner of a large estancia to east of La Germania and Scharff.  See maps at top.
Larguia, Don Lorenzo
(1899 Feb) Visited.
Larguia, Dr.
(1899 Feb) Visited
Larguia, Miss / Misses (2)
(1888 Feb) Visited.
(1891 Apr) Visited, see Largeias gairls
(1899 Feb) Visited.
Larguia, Mrs.
(1890 May) Sent peon for flowers
Larguias (family?)
(1888 May) Referenced.   (1890: Mar) – Josephine & 2 Miss Macintosh visited them.  (1890 Nov; 1891 Apr) Visited.
(A:1876 Sept) Peón - mentioned
(A:1877 June) Peón at LaCal. See Fuente, Lari
Larrahona, A.
(1901 Jan) Mentioned often
Larrechea, Sr.
(1899 Mar) Visited.
(1901 Feb) Mentioned
Lattman, Mr.
(F:1876) Condolence letter.
Lavaye, Sr.
(1899 Nov) Called. (Lavalle?)
(1899 Aug) Called.
Leburn, Campbell & Nora
Accountant in Rosario
(A:1937) Visited TL with baby.
Lee, Tomas
(1890, 1891 Memoranda) Listed, BA address.
Leones, Los
(A:1877 July) Estancia.
Leones, Los
(1890 July) Town, in Córdoba, approx. 80 km. west of Cañada de Gómez on the railroad.  See maps at top.
Lett, Mr.
(A:1877 May) Clergyman, visited.
Likely Ligniers
(1901 Memoranda) Address
Lignier / Ligniere, Professor
(1899 Apr) Inspected sick animals. Vet from BA?
(1901 Feb) Brother visited LaCal
Limpias, Las
(i) The original estancia established in 1866 by the Traill brothers was approx. 51,000 has.  Approx.: Today's Carlos Pellegrini is mid-way across its southern border, & San Jorge is 2⁄3 up its west border– see maps above.  For more, see: Traill - brothers Robert & Edmund
(ii) Robert Traill’s share of the original (2 sq.leagues, 5,200 has.), 15 km. east of San Jorge (town).  “La Esterlina” was later split off from it.
(A:1877 May) house-maid at LaCal.
Lirias, Las
(A:1877 June) Mentioned
Livingston, Mr.
(1899 Jan) Visited.
Loader, Mr.
(1890 May) Visited to hunt w/Mr.Mallet
(1891 Apr) Mentioned
Lloveras, Sr. M.
(1899 Dec) Visited, bought for stallions.
Lockhart, Mr.
(1901 Jan) Pontali's mayordomo, visited
Lomas, Las
(1890 Jan) Mentioned as “new town”, founded by the Dickinson brothers, it was incorporated into Las Rosas in 1892.
Lomas, Las
Neighboring estancia to the north, east of estancia and town of Las Rosas, bought from the Munro family in 1874 by the Dickinson brothers, Henry & Alfred. The estancia no longer exists (2010), its house is derelict (about 5km. east of Las Rosas town, on the north side of the paved road to San Genaro), and its cemetery has been ploughed over. First mentioned by Frank (July, 1876), often by Alfred (1877), and LaCal. day-books: 1888, 1890, 1891, 1901.  Beginning in 1888, Johnnie played polo there on many weekends.  See maps at top.
London and River Plate Bank
London Bank
a.k.a. Banco de Londres
Founded in 1862 as a subsiduary of Lloyds Bank.  In 1923, Lloyds merged it and the London and Brazilian Bank into the Bank of London and South America (BOLSA), one of the few banks to survive the crash in the 1930’s.  In 1986, BOLSA was merged into Lloyds Bank.
(1891 Sep) Mentioned
A. Lopez y Cia
(A:1937 Jul) Mentioned
Lopez Lecube, Ramon A.
(1890 May) Visited.
Ludueño, José
(A:1937) Mentioned, husband of maid.
Luis, Don
(1890 Jan) Visited in the company of Bohtlingk
(1891 Jan) ditto
Lyrias, Las
(A:1877 June) see Las Lirias


Maas, Mr (& Mrs)
(A:1877 June) Visited, stayed overnight.
(1888 Mar) Tallow man in Cañada?  Visited.
MacDonald, Mr. & Mrs.
(1891 Oct) Visited
MacInnes, Dr
(1891 Sep) Visited
Macintosh, Mr. (father or Robert)
(1888 May, 1890 often, 1891 Jan) Visited. on several occasions; by May, 1888, he was working there as an assistant (segundo). Mentioned often, may have authored the occassional diary entry.  Brother visited.  Daughters and son mentioned, often without initial or name.
(1891 Mar) Robert became manager for Halls near Arroyo Seca.
Macintosh, Donald
See also Donald
(1891 Jan) Mentioned as brother of Miss
Macintosh, Miss
(1891 Jan) (Marjory) Mentioned often
(1899 Jun) (Agnes?) Mentioned.
Macintosh, Miss A, (Agnes)
(1891 Aug) Engaged to Mr. H. Fea (she never married)
Macintosh, Miss E. (Elsie)
(1890 Jan) Visited., several times.
(1891 Aug) Visited
Macintosh, Hugo
(1890 Oct) Visited.
Macintosh, Miss M.
See also: Benitz, Mrs. J.
See her bio pages: Marjorie Morris Macintosh (1858-1945).  She later married John E. Benitz, in 1892.
(1890 June) Visited, several times.
Macintosh, Marty
(1899 Apr) bought sheep?
Macintosh, R. / Robert
see Macintosh, Mr
(1891 Aug) Visited, played polo
(1899 July) Visited.
MacIver, R.
(1899 Memoranda) Address listed, visited.
Maclean, Mr.
(1888 Apr., 1890 Nov) Visited. – working there by the end of Apr’88.
see Marengo
(A:1937 Jul) Mentioned, a camp?
(1891 Jun 25) Out for a ride
See Benitz, Frank Malcolm
(A:1937 Jul) Visited TL
Mallet, Mr.
(1890 May) Visited to hunt w/Mr.Loader
see Josephine (mother).
(1888 Dec) Hired at La California.
(1890 Jan) Horse tamer
(1891 Jan) peón & tamer at La California. (brother to Calistro)
(1901 Feb) See Morando
Marco, San
(1899 Feb) Mentioned, town? estancia?
Marcos Juarez
Town in Córdoba province, on the railroad west of Cañada de Gómez (SFé), about half way to Bell Ville (Cba); approx. 60 km SW of La California.  See maps above.
“Marengo” / Marengo's
(1890 Aug; 1891 Feb) a stallion at La California.
(1899 Feb) Stallion; sold Sep.
Margrain, Mr.
(1899 Feb) Mentioned.
(A:1937 Jul) Escribano, AAB visited
Maria, Doña
(1890 Oct) Hired as cook for workmen
see below, various Marul
(1891 Apr) Visited
(1888 Mar. ) Visited?
(A:1937 Jul) Driver TL to Córdoba hills
Martinez de Hoz
Wealthy family of Argentina, breeders of Polled Shorthorn cattle.
(A:1937) Bid on a bull.
Maryott, Mr. and Mrs.
(1888 June 2) Stayed the night.
Marshall (young)
(1888 Jan) Visited several times thereafter w/Watt.
Martin, Miguel
(1888 Apr) Colono at Las Tijeras?
(1888 Jan) Colono at Las Tijeras
Martinez, F.
(1890 Mar) Mentioned.
Marty, Mr.
(1899 Feb) Accountant for the Bz family; lived in Rosario; mentioned regularly.
Marul, Don Mariano
(1899 Feb) Buys pedigree sheep.
(F:1876 July) Estanciero, east of LaCal., near Totoras.
Marull, Marrul
See also: Marrul
(1890 May) Owner of herds that stayed the night.
AAB diaries 1920s/30s: see Horner, Mary
Mash [H]
(1890 Feb) See Nash
Mass family
see Maas
(1888 May) Bought steers.
(A:1876 Sep) Servant at LaCal., helps Alfred milk cows, do chores - see Elisa
(1890 Jan) Workman at La California.
(A:1877 June) Worker at LaCal. Fired June 24.
(1888 Mar) Worked at La California?
(1891 Feb; 1899 Aug) Stallion at La California.
McGrain, Mr.
(1899 Feb) Visited.
Melville, Mr.
(1888 Nov; 1891 Dec) Visited.
Melville boys
(A:1937 Jul) Visited TL
Person of Mendoza province
(1901 Feb) Mentioned
Western Argentine province famous for its wine, capital by the same name.
(1888 Often, 1890: Aug) Worker at La California
(1891 Feb) Made capataz at Las Tijeras, died 12 Mar. 1891
Merlin, Merlin’s
(1899 Feb) Stallion.
Meyer, Mr.
(F:1876 July) Lunched with in G.
F. Meyer y Cia.
(1891 Sep) Mentioned re taxes
(A:1877 May) Mayordomo at Las Turbias.
(1888 Oct) Mentioned, buyer of hides
Middleton, E.
(1890, 1891 Memoranda) Listed, Rosario address.
Middleton, Malcolm
Son of George M. of Fisherton (Rosario), SFé.
(A:1937 Jul) Visited TL
(1899 Jan) Mentioned
Middleton, George
(A:1937 Jul) Visited TL
Miles, Mr. E. E.
(1899 Aug) Visited.
Miller (Mr.?)
(1888 June) Mentioned
Mills, Mrs
(A:1937) Called
Minattis, Pastore - young
(A:1937) Bought TL stallions
Minella & Banagli/io
(1899 June) Bought cattle.
Miro, Dr
(A:1937) Collected for Las Rosas celebration of 9 de julio.
See Benitz, Moira
(A:1937 Jul) Visited TL
Town ½ way between Rosario & Santa Fé city.
(A:1937) Mentioned
(A:1877 June) Mentioned. See: Munroe
Monte Buey
town in SE Córdoba province, north of estancia Los Algarrobos.
Monte Cristo
(1890 Apr; 1891 Feb) a stallion at La California.
Monterey, Monte Rey
Estancia Monterey (near Monte Maiz, Córdoba) belonged to Malcolm Cross; its management was overseen by JEBz - see JEBz’s diaries.
(1899 Feb) Mentioned
Montes de Oca
Town (in Santa Fé) about 20 km west and a little south La California.  See maps at top.
(1888 Aug; 1891 Mar) Mentioned
montey yoko [H]
(1891 Mar) see Montes de Oca
Montoya / Montoye / Montoyo, José
(1891 May) Peón at La California
(1901 Jan) Injured
Moore y Tudor
(1890, 1891 Memoranda) Listed, Rosario address.
(A:1877 June) Returning to the US. See Colonia California.
Morando / Morande
(1901 Jan) Mentioned
(1937 Sep) Remate / auction
Morando, Cesar (Caeser, etc) / C.
(1899 Feb) Buys cattle - mentioned often
(1901 Jan) Mentioned
Morando, Victorio / V.
(1899 Oct) Buys horses (in Sep: mentioned as brother to Cesar Morando).
(1901 Jan) Mentioned
(1899 Jan) Mentioned.
Moreno, Juan
(1890 Jan) Visited, took Rosa.
Mora, Lindor
(1890 Mar) Butcher in Las Rosas.  Bought cattle.
Morstadt, Mr.
(1899 Jan) Called.
see Josephine (mother)
Mouncton, Mr.
(A:1877 May) Visitor from Fraile Muerto, Cba.
(A:1877 June) Returning to the US.
Mouricio [H]
see Mauricio
Moyanes, B.
(1888 Nov) Likely misspelling of B. Moyano.
Moyano, Belso & son
(1888 Apr) Cattle & horse buyers.
(1891 Mar) a stallion at La California.
Munroe, Mr. & family
(1888 May) Visited, recently arrived from England
(1891 Oct) Mrs. mentioned
Munroes cousin
(1890 July) Visited from the Caledonia.


Nash, Mr. John
Owner of estancia El Rafango.  Visits periodically. Had yearling cattle at La California.
(1888 Nov; 1890 Jan; 1891 Jan) Mentioned
(1893 Jan) Went on holiday with Herman Benitz to Mar del Plata.  It was he who notified La California of Herman’s death.  Nash later became ill and travelled to England, followed by his wife and small children.  He died there in 1894.
negra /o
(A:1877 May) Peón?  No name provided.  See black peon.
(A:1876 Nov) Visited [Neel / Niel]
(A:1877 May) Visited; later met at estancia Las Rosas.
"Nena" – Josephine Benitz
See her bio pages: Josephine M. Benitz-Paul; 4th child of William & Clara Benitz
Netherhall, J.
(1891 Apr) Mentioned re boring machine
(A:1877 May) Of estancia Las Castañas.
(1899 Mar) Peón
(A:1877 May) see Neild
Ninella [-?-] & Banagli
(1899 July) See Minella & Banaglio
Noceti, G.
(1899 Dec) Called.
Nogales, Los
Josephine’s (de Schreiber) summer home in Cruz Grande, Cba.
Nordenholz, Federico
(A:1877 June) Mentioned.  German consul in Bs.As., and owner of Ea. La Germania.
Nordenholz, Mrs.
(A:1876 Sep) Visited
(1891 Apr) Mentioned, could be a horse
Norman, Al
(A:1937) AAB visited offices, Santa Fé city
Norton, Mr.
(1888 Feb) Visited, from Las Petacas.
Nuñez, Guillermo
(1899 May) Capataz herding cattle to Los Algarrobos.


Olga Benitz (Olga Blanche Horner) - Alfred Benitz often used initials in his diaries to denote his wife.
Oca, de
(1888 Oct. ) See Montes de Oca.
Ogelvie, Mr.
see Ogilvy
(1888 Mar) Visited., recently arrived in Arg. Still there in Oct’88.
see Ogilvy
(1890 Feb) Mentioned with Robson & Kinchant
Likely a segundo at LaCal., worked & visited there sporadically. See Ogilvy
(1890 Dec 22) Left for Entre Rios.
Full name, likely: C.J. Wedderburn-Ogilvy.  See Ogelsby, Ogilby.
(1899 Jan) Mayordomo Jan-April, mentioned often after.
Ogilvys, Two
(1899 Mar) Brothers, visit from England.
Old Fritz
(1891 Feb) Horse
see Olga B. Horner.
Olmos, Valentin
(1891 Dec) Draft horse tamer at La California
Ombú, El
Land (500 ha.) east of Las Tres Lagunas to the railroad, south of the town of Las Rosas and north of La California.  Bought by Alfred A. Benitz June 2, 1909 (from Knight & Porteous), it was sold in the 1940s.  See maps at top.  It once was the SW corner of estancia Las Rosas, owned by William Kemmis.
Orión, El
Neighbring estancia, its SW corner touched LaCal.'s NE corner.  Created in 1938 from the southern league(s) of La Germania when the 2 daughters of its founder (F. Nordenholz) split off their share.  See La Germania for more details.  During WW-II, sailors from the German battleship “Graf Spee” (scuttled in the River Plate, 17 Dec.1939) were billeted at El Orión.
(1891 Sep) Meeting at his office(?) re locust control
11 Oct., installed as Jefe Politico of Belgrano Department
Ortiz, Mr.
(1901 Feb) Cattle for sale
Ortiz, J.A.
(1899 Nov) Bought rams.
Owen, Mr.
(1891 Oct) Visited

P - Q

P. and Limunieres
see Piguet Lamumiere
(1890 Jan) Workman at La California, first mentioned 6 Jan.1890, discharged on the 23rd. But on 30 Jan. 2 Pachecos are workmen at La California.
Palace Hotel (Rosario)
(A:1937 Jul) Stayed with OB
Palacios, Estacion
(1901 Feb) Mentioned, train station(?) near Diaz, NE of La California
Palermo / Palermo Show
The show-grounds in Buenos Aires where the national agricultural show is held each year, see: Show and Exposición Rural in our Spanglish Glossary of camp terminology.
Palmares, Los
Estancia in the Chaco region of northern Santa Fé between the Calchaquí and Salado rivers, 30 km. west of Calchaquí (town).  Used for breeding cattle, Alfred rented it 1890, bought it 1904 from the Santa Fé Land Co. (a.k.a.: La Forestal).  See Alfred’s diaries & day-books, 1884-1904.
(1890 Oct) Cattle herder left herd for night
see also: Chevirro, Panta
(1891 APr) Mentioned
(A:1876 Oct/Nov) Name of horse (big-belly)
(1888 Mar) Colono at Las Tijeras?
Paraná City
Capital of Entre Rios province, across the Rio Paraná from Santa Fé city.
(A:1937) AAB on way to Concordia
Parejas, Las
Town south of La California, 20 km, about half-way to Cañada de Gómez.  See maps at top.
Park, Mr.
(1888 May) Mentioned
Parker, Mr.
(1888 June) Mason working at La California.
Parry, Mr.
(1888 Apr) Visited on several occasions; (1890 Jan) Visited w/Dickinsons et al.
Pasas, 2 young
(1888 Dec) Mentioned
Patricio, Don
(1899 Apr) Mentioned
Either: (i) the "lady boss" Josephine (Mother), or
(ii) a misspelling of Petrona.
(1890 Jan) Mentioned
Patten, Mr.
(1890 Dec) Sent by Mr. Nash to collect payment.
Paul, Mr.
(1895 Jan) Mayordomo at La California; played polo in BA.
(1896 Jan) Mayordomo at La California, until Sept'96.  Returned to England.
Paz, La
(1888 July) Likely the town of La Paz, north-west corner of Entre Rios province
Pechaco [H]
see Pacheco
Pedro, Don
(1888 June) Mentioned
(1899 Apr) Saralegi’s mayordomo
Pelar / Pelars [H]
(1890) See Pilar
Pellegrini, Carlos
Town 80 km north on the railroad that goes through Las Rosas, it is between El Trebol and San Jorge – see map.
The Traill family estancias (Chirú, Las Limpias, La Esterlina, La Palma) and that of George Roberts (El Ingerto) were north of it and east of San Jorge.
Peluffo, V.
(A:1937) AABz met with in BA
Pepper, Mr.
(1888 Nov) Mentioned, “of Las Tres Lagunas”.
(1890 Jan) Mentioned
Pereira, Don Martin
(A:1877 May) Stayed over-night, became ill. Died in Rosario, June 16, 1877.
Perez, Dionisio
(1891 Sep) Hired, to look after fences at LaCal
(1901 Feb) Fired
Breeder of bulls
(A:1937) Bid failed - show in Rosario
Perosi, Angel
(1890 Memoranda) Listed, Rosario? address, pig butcher
Perosio, Don Felix
(1899 Jan) Buys pigs.
Petacas, Las
Estancia about 120 km. north-north-west of La California, in Santa Fé next to the border with Córdoba province; for many years owned by the family of Charles Jewell.  It is where polo was first played in Argentina by its manager, Frank Kinchant, with his peones - too much so, for which he was fired.  Two of his polo-sticks still exist, one is at Ea. El Piquete, the other at the Los Laureles polo club in El Trebol, SFé.  See maps at top.
(1888 Mar; 1891 Mar) Mentioned
Petras, de
(1888 Apr) Colono at Las Tijeras
Petros, Santiago de
(1890 May) Mentioned
Peter ….
(1888 Aug) Mentioned (last name missing)
Peter ….
(1890 Mar) Per context, is the pulpero “at the gate”, replaced by Andel?
Petty, Mr.
(1899 Aug) Visited.
(1888 Oct) No idea?
(A:1937 Jul) Visited TL
Pietro, Bertaino
(1888 Apr) Colono at Las Tijeras?
Pietro, Bortaino
(1890 Mar) Mentioned
(1891 Sep) Puestero at La California
Piguet Lamuniere, Julián
Piquet Lamuniere y Cia.
P. Lamuniere y Cia.
Home & hardware store (ramos generales) in Las Rosas; from France.  In 1892, he was the first mayor (presidente comunal) of the unified Las LomasLas Rosas towns. (In 1912, Alfred was the first mayor elected by popular vote)
(1890: Sep) Visited
(1891 Jan)
(1888 Aug; 1890 Jan; 1891 Apr) Puestero at La California. Adept at making lasos.
Piquet Lamuniere y Cia.
Pequets Limumeris
 see Piguet Lamumiere
Pinnell, Mr.
(1899 Sep) Mentioned.
(1901 Jan) Called
Plant, Pastor
(1899 Nov) Called.
(1888, Apr. 5) First mentioned!! At Ea. Las Lomas; (1888: July 8+) Tournament in Rosario;  (1888: July 15) Johnnie in tournament.
Pontali, Pontali's
(1901 Jan) Mentioned, see Mr. Lockhart.
Porteous, Major
(1899 Feb) Visited. (see Tres Lagunas)
Posito, Felippo
Colono at Las Tijeras?
“Prince Scott”
(1901 Feb) Stallion
Likely Keith Pryor, married to Corina Benitz.
(A:1937) Mentioned
Puddicomb, Mr
(1888 May) Mentioned.
Estancia north of Aluminé (in Neuquen province, Arg.), between the Aluminé river and Chile.  The Miles family (of polo fame) owned it when expropriated by the army during Peron's first dictatorship.
(A:1922) Alfred & Olga Benitz stopped there (to vist her brothers) during their ride across the Andes.
(1888 Apr., 1890: Mar) Bar / store.  Exact location unknown but “at gate”, likely main gate to La California. – see Peter.  Also see pulperia and pulpero in glossary.
Quallo [H]
(1891 Jan) Watered herd at La California
Quiros, Baldomero
(1899 Nov) Bought cattle.


Large town in Santa Fé province, approx. 150 km (90 miles) due north of La California (see maps above).
Rafango, El
Estancia north-west of Las Rosas, owned by John Nash; also known as St. Catalina Rafango (22 May, 1888).  See 1889 map at top, area labelled "Tomkinson Hermanos".
(1888 Jan; 1890 Jan; 1891 Jan) Mentioned often.
Raimundo, Raimunda
see Raymundo
(A:1876 Sept) Peón
Ramonas, Onitackio
(1891 Apr) Brought cattle
Ramos, Eustakio
(1891 Apr) Sold cattle
Ramsay, James
(1890 Nov) commission agent, Mercado de Frutas, B.A.
(1890, 1891 Memoranda) Listed, BA address.
Ravotti, Juan
(1901 Feb) Mentioned (Rovatti ?)
Ray, Mr.
(1890 Dec, 1891 Jan) of estancia Schönberg – sent steers to pasture.
Ray, Mr. B.
(1891 Oct) From Cañada de Gómez, drove 4-in-hand
(1890 Aug; 1891 Jul) Likely a colono at La California.
Reale, Mateo
(1890 Feb) Colono at La California – per context.
“Red Earl”
(1899 Oct) Bull.
Refango [H]
see Rafango
(1901 Feb) Mentioned, peon? at LaCal
Rey, Domingo
(1888 Mar) Mentioned.
Reys, (Lorenzo?)
(1888 Feb) Colono at Las Tijeras?
Rhoads, Bounice
(1890, 1891 Memoranda) Listed, USA address.
Ricobardi y Bianchi
(1899 May)Bought horses.
(1888 Jan) Mentioned.  (Another Rincon, not Alfred’s summer home)
Rincon, El
Alfred’s summer home in Cruz Grande, Cba.
Rios / Rion, Miss
(1891 Jan) Visited (with Alfred?)
Ripley / Riply, Mr
(1891 Mar) Mentioned, from Cañada de Gómez
Ritz Hotel
Santa Fé city
(A:1937) Lunched
Rivearro, Jose [H]
(1891 Jan) Herd overnighted at La California
Roberts, Mr.
Roberts, James Henry
(A:1877 June) Met at C. de G.
(1888 Apr) Mentioned – Mr. is most likely James Henry Roberts from Scotland, founder of Ea. “El Ingerto” near Carlos Pellegrini.
Roberts, George
Son of James H. Roberts, married (1921) Marion Benitz - see their pages on this site.
(A:1937 July) Mentioned
Roberts, Jimmy
Son of George Roberts and Marion Benitz.
(A:1937 July) Arrived TL from school.
Robertson, Mr.
(1899 Dec) Sold cattle to LaCal.
Robinson, Mr
(1888 Dec; 1890 May; 1891 Apr) Visits.
(1891 Sep) Visits, from Cañada de Gómez
(1899 Feb) Mentioned, cattle dealer?
Robson, Mr.
(1888 Jan., 1890 Feb, 1891 Jan) Visited on several occasions; Likely became a segundo, comes & goes.
(1899 Jan) Dealer in hides, wool, etc.
Rodriguez, Aurelio
(1901 Jan) Mentioned
Rodriguez, Juan
(1888 Oct) Butcher from Roldan, town.
(A:1877) Mentioned - possibly Rocca?
(1888 Oct) Town 10 km. directly west of Rosario, before Carcaraña.  See maps at top.
Rosa, Doña
(1890 Jan) Mentioned, see Juan Moreno
(1891 Aug) Hired as washerwoman
Largest city in the province of Santa Fé, on the west bank of the Paraná river, 310 km. north of Buenos Aires and 160 south of Santa Fé city.  It was & is a grain export terminus.  It is the closest city to La California which is 120 km. to its NW.  See maps at top.
Rosario Rural Society show
Exposición de la Sociedad Rural de Rosario
(A:1937) Attended
Rosas, Las — town
See description & maps at top of this page.
Rosas, Las — estancia
Estancia immediately north of the town Las Rosas, owned by William Kemmis,  186x – 1899.  See maps at top.  When Kemmis sold out (due to bankrupcy), Porteus & Knight (see Las Tres Lagunas at top of page) bought the SW corner (south of Las Rosas town), known as El Ombú.  The SE corner was bought by Victorio Morando.
Neighbor of La California & TL, mentioned often in diaries.
(A:1877 May)
(1890 Jan)
(1899 Feb) Closing sale, remate (auction).
Rossi, Diego
(1899 June) Bought horses.
Roth, Miss
(1890 Mar) Visited.
Rubielo, Bartolo
(1888 Apr) mentioned
Rubollo, Pedro [H]
(1891 Jan) Colono, delivered wheat
(1888 Mar. ) Gardener at La California.
(1891 Oct) Workman at La California
Rulinesco, Carlos [H]
(1891 Jan) Colono, delivered wheat
Rural Show
aka: “La Rural”.  See Palermo Show.
(A:1937) Visited


S. Clara
see Santa Clara
Saavedra, Juan
(1890: Dec.9) Died. Long time worker at La California, buried at La California.
(1888 Nov) Worker at La California.
Saint-John, Mrs. & 2 Misses
(1890: May 13) Visited. w/Bohtlingks
Saja [H]
(1890) See Seja
Salvatierra, Don Justo
Salvaterra, Salvatieras
(1890, 1891 Memoranda) Listed, Rosario address, recero.
(1890 Apr) Butcher, bought cattle.  Mentioned often.
(1891 Feb) Saw cattle (partner: Jose Dall Orso)
(1899 Jun) Bought cattle
(1901 Jan) Mentioned
San Andrés
Estancia NNE of Las Rosas near the town of Las Bandurias – see Expedia map above
At one time owned by John A. Watt
(1888 Jan) Managed or owned by Mr. Robson?
(1891 Sep) Mentioned
San Cristóbal
(1888 Nov) Town 180 km. NW of Santa Fé city, seat of the Santa Fé Land Co.
San Genaro
(1899 Apr) Town 20km NNE of La California - see maps above.
(1901...) Mentioned regularly in later years.
(A:1937) Mentioned
San Geronimo
see San Jerónimo
San Jerónimo
(A:1877 May) town/colonia 100+km north of LaCal., directly west of Santa Fé city.  See maps at top.
San Jorge
Town 100 km. north of Las Rosas - see maps.
(A:1937 Jul) Polo
San Juan
(A:1877 July) Peón at LaCal.
San Justo
(i) Neighboring city on the western edge of Buenos Aires (city).
  (A:1937) AABz attended sale of bulls by Bullrich
(ii) City 100 km. north of Santa Fé city (see our list of names for North Santa Fé)
San Marcos
A town in Córdoba prov. on the Rosario to Córdoba city railroad, about ¾ the way from Cañada de Gómez (SFé) to Bell Ville (Cba); approx. 80 km. WSW of La California.
(Not to be confused with: San Marcos Sierra, a town & summer tourist destination, also in Córdoba province but NW of Córdoba city)
San Nicolás
(1899 Oct) Town on the Paraná river, in Buenos Aires province on the border with Santa Fé; today it is a grain exporting port and center for steel plants.
Sandaza, Mr.
(1899 July) Shooting party.
(A:1937 Aug) Met in BA - likely Sandy Storey, see "Names for Monte Buey"
Santa Catalina
(1891 Feb) Per context, likely an estancia
Santa Clara
(1888-1890 often) A Bohtlingk estancia, visited back & forth with LaCal.
Neighbour to the east of LaCal., bought by Edmundo Bohtlingk in 1886, he built his home there in 1888. Once part of La Germania, see La Germania for more details.  See maps at top.
Santa Fé
Province in which La California is located.  Its capital, Santa Fé city, is 475 km. north of Buenos Aires on the Paraná river (or 150 km. NE of La California).  The province is named after the city which dates from colonial times.  The northern 1/3 of the province lies within the Chaco geographical region; the southern 2/3 are within the pampa humeda – the humid pampas, prime agricultural land.  Its largest city is Rosario.
Santa Fé Land Co.
Very large land-holding (2 million hectareas), cattle, timber, and tanin company of foreign ownership in northern Santa Fé province, centered at San Cristóbal.  Later became “La Forestal” - see more about this company on the web.  Alfred rented (1890-1904) then bought (1904) Los Palmares from them.
(1888 Aug; 1891 Dec) Mentioned
Santa Rosa
(1890 Aug) Patron saint of Las Rosas, rain (to end the winter drought) is anticipated on or before her day, Aug.30.  Good luck!
Santa Sofia
(1899 July) estancia / town ? see Siebert
(1891 Jun) Per context, likely Santiago del Estero
Santiago del Estero
Province bordering northern Santa Fé to the west, north of Córdoba province.
(1888 Nov. ) Tamer at La California.
(1888 Mar) Responsible peón at La California.
Saralegi / Sarralegi
Also see: Antonio Saralegui y Cia.
(1899 Feb) Mentioned, cattle dealer?
Sariote, Domingo
(1890 Jan) Likely a colono (tenant-farmer).
see Sariote
(1888 Mar) Colono at Las Tijeras?  See Sariote.
Town about 100 km. (60 miles) north of Las Rosas, in central Santa Fé province. See maps above.
Sauewein, Adolfo
(1891 Jun) Given horse
Saunderson, Mr.
(1899 Jan) Visited.
(1891 Jul) Peón at La California
Savedra, Juan
see Saavedra, Juan
Schen / Scherr
(1891 May) Carpenter, new at La California
(1901 Feb) Mentioned
Schiele, Mr.
In 1874, the Schiele family (from Germany) arrived in Argentina with the Benitz and Böhtlingk families, on the ship S.S. Boyne.  The Schiele family settled near Venado Tuerto, SFé.
(1888 Jun; 1891 Nov) Mentioned
Schiele, W
(A:1937) Met on train
(A:1877 June) Inn (?), Cañada de Gómez.
Estancia near Cañada de Gómez, owned by Paul Krell, son-in-law of William Wheeright, builder of the Ferrocarril Centeral Argentino.  No dates yet of ownership.
(1891 Dec) Sold bulls
Schreiber, J.
(1890, 1891 Memoranda) Listed, BA address.
Schreiber, Mr.
(F:1876) Condolence letter; Josephine's husband (m. 1878).
(1899 Aug) Visited.
Schreiber, Mrs.
(1899 Aug) Mentioned.
Schreiber, Miss
(1899 June) Visited with Governess - likely the youngest, Clara (b.1885).
Schultz, Mr.
(1890 Mar) Visited from La Germania w/Bohtlingk.
(1891 Apr) Visited
Scott, Miss
(1899 July) Called.
Scott, Mr. & Mrs.
(1899 Nov) To dinner.
Seco, Arroyo
Village 30 km. south of Rosario near which N. Hall owned (or oversaw) an estancia that was managed by R. Macintosh 1891-?? (see JEBz’s diaries).
(1891 Mar) Mentioned
Secillo, Secilio
(1891 Apr) Peón at La California
see Cequinera, Jose S.
(1891 Sep) Mentioned
see Seja
(1890 Jan, 1891 Jan) Workman at La California.
Senn, Miss
(1888 Feb) Visited.
(1890 Nov) Colono? At Las Tijeras
Sentenna, viuda
(A:1877 July) LaCal. capataz bought cow from him.
(1888 Mar) Mentioned
see Cequinera, Jose S.
(1891 Jul) Mentioned
(1888 July) Worker at La California.
Owner of estancia east of Nordenholz’s La Germania.  Possibly partner with Nordenholz, both are east of LaCal.  Sharff bought at same time as WBz.  See old maps at top.
(A:1876 Nov) Mentioned
(A:1877 June) Mentioned
(A:1937) AABz visited in BA re pecan trees
Sharf, Mrs.
(A:1876 Sep) Visited
Shiel, Mr.
(1888 June) – See Schiele
Shielle, Mr.
(1888 June) – See Schiele
(A:1876 Sep) Mentioned
Siebert, Mr.
(1899 July) From Santa Sofia; visited.
Siegenthaler Hnos.
(1888 June) Mentioned
Sija [H]
see Seja
(1890 Sep) Butcher from Armstrong
Silva, G.
(1899 July) Came from Entre Rios.
Simbal, Estación
On the F.C.C.N. railroad in Santiago del Estero.
(1891 Apr) JEBz bought fencing posts and varillas
Sinn, Mr
(1891 Dec) Mentioned
Men's clothing store, BA
(A:1937) Mentioned
Smithers, Mr
(A:1877 June) Rented land from LaCal.
Smythies, F.
(1890 Aug) Sold sheep.
Smythies, J. Palmer
Smythies owned an estancia north of Las Rosas, between Los Cardos & San Genaro.  Stabbed to death by dismissed capataz (before Jan., 1894).
Smythies, Mr.
(1888 July) Bought La Independencia (the most western league of La California), from Benitz family.
Smythies, Mrs.
(A:1876 Sept) She visited w/Mrs. Dickenson
(1890 Apr; 1891 Feb) a stallion at La California.
Sosa / Soso
(A:1876 Nov) Held rodeo to part out his cattle
(A:1877 June) Cattle owner
(1891 Apr) Mentioned
(1888 Jan) Worked at La California  – apparently responsible.
Sosa, Alex
(1888 Mar) Worked at La California.
Sosa, Isidro
(1888 Mar) Worked at La California. (see also Isidro)
Sosa/o, Don Manuel
(1899 Apr) Mentioned
Sosa, old
(1890 Aug) Mentioned.
Spangerberg, Spamberg
(A: 1937) Mentioned
Spangler, & family
(1890 Feb) Visitors.
Spencer, Mr.
(A:1877 June) Mentioned, of Las Tres Lagunas.
St. Fe
see Santa Fé
Standard, The
English language daily newspaper printed in Buenos Aires, 18xx-1950's.
station, the
when unqualified, refers to the La California train station – see above.
(1891 Memoranda) Listed, Santa Fé address; commission agent
(1891 Dec) Mentioned
Stiefel, Mr.
(1888 Mar) Visited.
Stiefel, Stiefels, old Stiefel, young Stiefel
(A:1876 Nov) old & young mentioned, workmen. Per context, could be their horses.
(A:1877 May) Mentioned, workman
(1888 Mar) Visited. with Mrs. A. Dickinson.
St. John
(A:1876 Sept) Horse of his mentioned
(A:1876 Oct) Place stopped on rides to/from Cañada de Gómez
Suarez, Mr. Avelino
(F:1876 July) Mentioned.
Swift / Swifts
Swift & Co., a US meat packing company (today based in Greeley, Colorado); it had packing plants in Argentina, about 1900 to about 1990, including in Rosario.
Sympson, Tommy Mr. & Mrs.
He began as a segundo at Los Algarrobos (see its list of names).  Married to Elsie Benitz, eldest daughter of JEBz.
(A: 1937) Visited TL.
Sympson, young
Most likely Rodney Sympson – late 1930's he was a segundo at La California.
(A:1937) Visited TL


Talbot, Mrs.
(A:1937 Jul) Mentioned.
Tanti Viejo
Locale near La Cumbre, Cba.
(A:1937) re Grimmé
Taperitas, Las / The
(1888 Jan) Estancia at one time owned by the Traill family; immediately north-west of the town of El Trebol (30 km north of Las Rosas).  See maps at top.
(1890 Jan) Mentioned, owner of a thrasher
see Tigre
see Tietjen
see Tijeras, Las
Thome, Mr. & Mrs.
Dr. John Macon Thome, an astronomer from Pennsylvania, was (as of 1885) the director of the Argentine National Observatory in Córdoba. Mrs. Thome (Frances Wall) was one of the U.S. school-teachers brought to Argentina by President Sarmiento; mentioned in “65 Valiants”, by Alice Houston Luiggi, p. 161-164; see also Clara E. Allyn.
(1891 Feb) Visited from Córdoba city.
(1899 Oct) Visited (figures often in John E. Bz later diaries)
Thome, Miss
(1899 Oct) Visited (as “daughter”, figures often in John E. Bz diaries).
Thompson, Chico
(A:1877 May) Visited
(A:1877 July) Tenant of the Dickinson brothers?  Hired Kunz.
(1899 Feb) Bull died.
Tibau, young
(A: 1937) Mentioned
(1899 Jan) Colono?
Tietjens, Mr. Daniel
(F:1876 July) Visited at Colonia Hansa, SE of LaCal.
Tietjen / Tietjin, Mrs.
Estancia east of La California, see old maps above.
(A:1876 Sep) Visited
(1891 Apr) Visited w/children
Tietzin, Miss
(1899 July) Called.
Tijaras. Tijarras, Tijas [H]
see Las Tijeras.
Tijeras, Las
Mentioned often in Ea. La California daybooks and constantly in AABz’s later diaries.  It was the third league / section (counted east to west) of La California.  Fully described at top of this page.
(1890 Jan; 1891 Jan) Populated with colonos (tenant farmers) during the 1880’s & 1890’s.
(1890 Apr) a stallion at La California.
Tippinge, Mr
(1890 June) Visited for several days
Tirante [H]
(1890 Feb) See Tisante
Tisante, B.
(1890 Feb) Colono at La California.
Tiscornio, Bartolo
(1890 Memoranda) Listed, Rosario address, butcher
(1890 May) Butcher
abbreviation for Las Tres Lagunas
Todd, Mr.
(1890 Sep) Stayed the night (probably Alfred’s hunting friend 1908 & 1910)
Toledo, Pedro
(1891 Jul) former capataz at La Argentina
Tomarcito [H]
(1890 Jan) – see Tomasito.
(1888 Jan) Worker at LaCal., mentioned often during 1888
Tome, Mrs. & 2 children
see Thome
(1890 May) – Visited.
(1888 Jan) horse buyer
(1901 Feb) Mentioned
Torres, Pedro
(1901 Feb) Mentioned re horses
Torres, R.
(1901 Jan) Mentioned re mules
(F:1876) town 40km. east of LaCal., on railroad trunk from Rosario to NW Arg.  See maps at top.
Town 30 km. SW of LaCal., on railroad west of Cañada de Gómez, in Santa Fé on the border with Córdoba.  See maps at top.
(1890 Sep; 1891 Mar) Mentioned
Traill, Mr
(1890 Sep) Mentioned. 
Traill - brothers Robert & Edmund
The Traill brothers arrived from Ireland in 1866, intending to make their fortunes then retire to England.  They established estancia Las Limpias, bought blind, off a map: about 51,000 has., 198 sq.miles; a square with today's Carlos Pelegrini on its southern border, & San Jorge on its western border (see maps above).  When the Traill brothers needed funds they sold or mortgaged land.  They lost most of it (80%) during the Baring Crisis of the 1890's – made worse by the devalued peso vs. debts in pounds.  They split what remained into 2 estancias, abt. 2 leagues each, named: Las Limpias (Robert) and Chirú (Edmund).
The brothers liked horse racing, their sons preferred polo becoming world class polo players 1900-1925.
Traill, Daphne
Granddaughter of Robert Traill; married Tom Willans.  Their estancia La Palma was immediately west of La Esterlina.
(A:1937) Visited TL
Traill, Edmund
See Traill - brothers Robert & Edmund, also: Chirú.
Married Gertrude A. Dickinson, younger sister of the Dickinson’s of estancia Las Lomas.
Traill, young (Jim)
Son of Johny, grandson of Robert.
(A:1937) Visited TL
Traill, Joe & Audrey
Son of Edmund Traill & Gertrude Dickinson,  Part owner & manager of estancia Chirú.  Joe was a first cousin of Olga B. Horner (wife of Alfred A. Benitz), their mothers were sisters of the Dickinson brothers, Ea. Las Lomas.
Traill, Miss
(1890 Mar) Visited w/Dickinson
(A: 1937) Likely Nora Traill.
Traill, Nora
Daughter of Joe Traill, Ea. Chirú
(A:1937) Visited TL
Traill, young
Per context, likely Tony Traill, son of Joe, grandson of Edmund.
(A:1937 Jul) Visited TL
Trébol, El
second town on the rail-road north of Las Rosas.  See maps at top.
(1888 Mar) – of El Trebol?
Tregarthen, Mr. & Mrs.
(F:1876 July) Visited, brought mail.
(A:1877 May) visited at estancia Las Castañas
(1890 Apr) Arrived from England.
(1888 Jan)
Tres Lagunas, Las
(aka: the TL, 3L, 3 Lag) Mentioned often in Ea. La California daybooks and constantly in AABz’s diaries – it was his home 1909-1937.  Fully described at top of this page.
Troncas, Las
(1888 Feb) Estancia?
Trumpet, Peter
Married Sarah Brown, 1881, both of Ea. Las Lomas
(1891 Apr) Loaned money to.
Tucuman, Tucoman [Tucumán]
Province in north-west Argentina known for its fruit.
Turbias, Las
(A:1877 May) Estancia, mentioned.
(1890 Jan) Mentioned

U - V

Uncle Alfred
see Alfred (Alfred A. Benitz)
Uncle Frank,
Uncle to Alfred — see Frank (Frank X. Benitz)
(A:1937) AABz visited in BA
V.T. / VT
abbreviation for Venado Tuerto
(1891 Jul) Peón/tamer at LaCal.
(F:1876 July) Peón at LaCal.
Valle, Carmen
(1891 Memoranda) Listed, Estación Las Perdices, F.C.Andino, Córdoba
(1899 July) Mentioned, peón?
(A:1937) Fixed desk
Veglia, Bautista
(1901 Feb) Colono, LaCal
Venado Tuerto
Important town in the south-west (toe) corner of Santa Fé, south of Las Rosas. a.k.a.: VT. Translated, the name means One-Eyed Deer.
Ventrerro [H]
(1891 Jan) Mentioned
(1888 June) Worker at La California
(1891 Mar) Brought ostriches
(1899 July) Came from Entre Rios.
Store? in Rosario.
(A:1937 Jul) AAB Visited
Vernon, Mr.
(1888 May) Visited.
Verolati, Simon
(1888 Jan)
Vesterrne, Mr.
(1899 Nov) Visited.
(A:1876 Oct) Peón at LaCal.
(A:1877 May) Peón at LaCal.
(1888 Mar) Town in Entre Rios on the Paraná river.
Victoria, La
Likely the estancia founded in 1866 by Gerald & Charles Talbot in the vicinity of El Trébol (SFé); sold in 1881 to John B. Flea & Charles S. Treacher.  See maps at top.
(A:1877 June) Mentioned
(1888 Oct., 1890 Jan) Mentioned
(1891 Jan) Herd overnighted at La California
Victoriana, La
For more details, see Monte Buey People & Place Names.
(1899 Feb) Estancia, buys pigs
(1901 Jan) WOBz visits
Videla, Mr.
(1890 Mar) Visited.
Vieja, Colonia
(1891 Jan) mentioned - at estancia Schöenberg.
Villa Constitución
(1899) Town and grain exporting port of Santa Fé province on the Paraná river south of Rosario.  Ca.1900, the Storey family lived there, friends of John & Marjorie Bz.;  see Johnie's diaries for more about the Storey family.
Town in the middle of Entre Rios prov., Arg.
(A:1937) Stayed night (Hotel Colon)
(A:1937 Jul) Mentioned, in Rosario
Viscornia, Bartolo
(1890, 1891 Memoranda) Listed, Rosario address, pork butcher.
Voss, Mr
(1891 Dec) Visited
Voss, Mrs.
(1888 May) Guest? of Josephine (mother) at La California.

W - Z

Waeff & Schorr
(A:1937 Jul) Mentioned, in Rosario
Wagner, Mr.
(1888 Jan) Visited.
Wagner, Hugo
(1890 Sep) Stayed the night at La California
Walker, Mr.
(1888 June) Was paid for cattle held at La California..
Wall, Mrs
(1891 Apr) Visited w/children
Ward, Mr.
(1888 Feb) Visited
(1891 Feb) Butcher, visited
Ward, L. Emmerson
Fraternity brother of F. Malcolm Benitz at Univ. of Illinois.  1937: Visited Malcolm in Argentina; disapproved of Willie's treatment of employees.  1964-1976: CEO of the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, USA. (b:1918, d:2014)
(A:1937 Jul) Visited TL with Malcolm.
Wasey, Mr
(1891 Jan) visited
Watson, Mr.
(1899 Sep) Visited.
Watt, Erskin
(1899 Mar) Visited.
John Erskin Stuart ‘Cito’ Watt (elder brother to Al Watt, Al married Hattie B. Benitz) was killed by lightening in 1904 while riding a white horse in northern Santa Fé or Chaco.
Watt, Henry
(1888 Feb) Visited on various occasions, & stayed the night at La California.
Watt, Mr.
(1888 Oct) Visited.
Watt, Mrs
(1891 Oct) Visited
Watt, James Stanley / Jimmy
See his bio. page.
(A:1937 Jul) Visited TL
Watt, Mr. John Alexander
(F:1876 July) Visited, of estancia Las Tres Lagunas.
(1888 Mar) Visited, stayed the night.
Watt, Mr., Mrs. & Miss
(1888 Mar) Visited, stayed several nights  (recent arrivals in Arg)
(A:1877 June) Mentioned.
Webb, Mr.
(1891 Nov) Mentioned
Whish, Mr. Mat
See Wisk
(1888 Apr) Mentioned;  
(1890 Jan) Visited, of estancia Las Rosas
(1891 Aug) Visited
Wiengreen, Mr.
(1899 Nov) Called w/Mrs. Böhtlingk.
Willans, Tom
Married Daphne Traill (grandaughter of Robert Traill)
(A:1937) Visited TL
William – Willie, WAB
  Willie & Eileen
After 1910, see Benitz, William A.
William – Willie, WOB
Before 1910, see Benitz, William O.
Williams, Miss
(1890 Mar) Visited. w/Dickinsons.
Williams, Mr
(1891 Jan) Visited w/Mr Nash.
(1888 Oct) To dinner at La California., with Mr Dickson
(1899 Aug) Mentioned.
Wilson, Mrs
(1891 May) Visited w/Mrs. Dickinson
Wilson Sons & Co Ltd.
(1901 Feb) Mentioned re horses
Witherngton, Mr.
(1888 Nov) Mentioned
(A:1877 June/July) Mentioned, at Las Rosas, see Mat Whish.
Wolff, Mr.
(1888 Aug) Mentioned, “a german”.
Woods, Mr
(1891 Sep) Visited
L. Woods y Cia
(1891 Memoranda) Listed, Rosario address
Yeend, Antonio
(1890, 1891 Memoranda) Listed, Estancia Fortenzuelas, Veria, F.C. Oeste, BA.

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