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Josefa Kollmerer

Josephine was born Josefa Kollmerer)xxxx.  She was a three year old child when her parents emigrated from Endingen (in the Grand Duchy of Baden) to North Carolina in the States.  Etc...

Parents, Childhood, Wagon Train

Josephine Benitz

Marriage & Kids: FRoss, Oakland, Arg.

Josefina Kolmer de Benitz

Life after William

Camisa vieja

Event Timeline

Years Ages Event
1830 - Born Josefa Kollmerer, 6 January, Endingen, Baden; parents: Michael Kolmer & Josefa Wagner.
’33 3 Family emigrates to U.S.
’36 6 Brother John Kolmer is born in North Carolina.
’38 8 Sister Caroline Kolmer is born in North Carolina.
ca.’40 7 Family moves to St. Louis, Missouri.
’45 15 Family emigrates by wagon train from St. Joseph, Missouri, to New Helvetia, California (amongst first ever to do so).
’46 16 At Ft.Ross, marries 31 year-old William Benitz (marriage registered Feb.’47).
’46-50 16-20 At Ft.Ross, first 3 children die, 2 tragically (names & dates unknown).
’50-63 20-33 At Ft.Ross, 7 more children born: Frank’50, Josephine’52, William’54, Charles’56, Alfred’59, John’61, Herman’63.  They all reach adulthood.
’55 25 Sister Caroline marrries William “Dutch Bill” Howard.
’58 28 Father dies (Michael Kolmer), buried in Timber Cove.
’65 35 Mother dies (Josephine Wagner/Kolmer), buried in Timber Cove.
’65-67 35-37 Family moves from Fort Ross to new home in Oakland, at 320 Webster.
’74 44 Entire family emigrates to Argentina.
’75 45 Sets up home at estancia La California, 30km. north of Cañada de Gómez, Santa Fé.
’76 46 June: Husband, William Benitz, dies.  She assumes leadership of the family.
’76 46 Sep.: Eldest son Frank abandons the family to make his own way.
’77 47 Apr.: Son Charlie dies, Cañada de Gómez, Santa Fé.
’78 48 July: She co-signs first note for son Frank, unwisely backing his risky ventures.
’78 48 Nov.: Daughter Josephine finds happiness when she marries John Schreiber, of Hamburg.  They marry at La California.  They go to live in Rosario then B.A.
’80 50 May: She must settle a note son Frank is unable to pay.
’80 50 Oct.: Brother-in-law Franz X. Benitz (Uncle Frank) dies, at La California.
’81 51 Feb.: La Independencia, ¼ of La California, is sold to cover son Frank’s notes.
’81 51 Feb.: Son Willie marries Clara E. Allyn in Corsicana, Texas.
’81 51 Aug.: Son Frank marries Elisa Bichsel at La California.
’81 51 Nov.: Son Frank drowns fording Rio Toba west of Alejandra, Santa Fé.  His widow, Elisa Bichsel, goes to live at La California.
’81-82 51-52 Sons Willie, Alfred, & Johnnie assume control of the family enterprise.
’82 52 June: Sister Caroline Kolmer / Howard dies, at Occidental, California.
’82 52 Son Willie leaves La California, becomes an estancia manager in Entre Rios.
’84 54 Son Alfred leaves La California to establish a second estancia for the family, at Laguna Yacaré, on Frank's failed Colonia Espín, west of Alejandra, Santa Fé.
’84 54 Elisa, Frank’s widow, leaves complaining of mistreatment.  (Note: Elisa was the third young woman glad to leave La California.  Josephine’s daughter (Josephine) found happiness leaving via marriage; & daughter-in-law Clara Allyn left with husband William O. Benitz after only a very short while at La California though, as the eldest son, William would almost certainly have been its manager.)
’90 60 Brother John Kolmer is murdered, Timber Cove, California.
’92 62 Son Johnnie marries Marjorie M. Macintosh.
’93 63 Youngest son, Herman, dies tragically while on holiday at Mar del Plata, Bs.As.
’98-99 68-69 18 March ‘98: Travels to England & U.S.; in California visits: Oakland, San Francisco, Fort Ross, Timber Cove, & Olompali. Returns: June 1899.
’99 69 Johnnie & Marjorie go to live at Los Algarrobos; Willie & Clara return to La California.
’09 79 Moves into Villa Josefina, her home in Cruz Grande, Córdoba.
’10 80 Celebrates her 80th birthday.
’11 81 Son Willie dies in Corsicana, Texas.
’12 82 Dies 20 Aug. at Villa Josefina; is buried at La California, Las Rosas, Santa Fé.

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