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Josephine’s Diary

79-82 years of age

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Josephine’s diary came to us by way of Robin Benitz (great-grandson).  It was almost certainly maintained at the request of her son John by the ladies he hired to keep her company at her home: “Villa Josefina”, Cruz Grande, Córdoba.  It is mostly a log of her daily activities, pigs killed & cooked, eggs collected, outings, visitors, and weather.

Her scribes were:

Miss Dey — 25 April, 1909 (6½ months)

Clarita Benitz — 13 November, 1909 (family, stand-in)

Mrs. Bischoff — 17 December, 1909 (friend, stand-in)

“Isabel from Capilla” — 4 January, 1910 (4 months)

Miss L. Lyons — 28 April, 1910 (7½ months)

Clarita Benitz — 19 December, 1910 (family, stand-in)

Mr. & Mrs. Coutts — 6 January, 1911 (friends, stand-in)

Mrs. Thome — 28 January, 1911 (1½ months)

John & Alfred (jrs.)? — 12 March, 1911 (family, stand-ins)

Miss Mitchell — 8 April, 1911 (12 months, left to marry)

Miss Dey — 9 April, 1912 (4 months, until Josephine died)

Transcription notes: We have transcribed the diary as written (verbatim), without correcting any errors in grammar and spelling.  However, we did format the text to mimic the diary’s page margins and columns (red lines), standardized the month titles, and standardized the breaks between months.  In the diary, titles and breaks are inconsistent, sometimes missing altogether.  (Transcribed by René A. Benitz)

Diary kept mostley
by Miss Dey from  
San Esteban
for Mrs. Josephine Benitz  

May, 1909
    Arrived in Cruz Grande
   April 25 - 1909.
with all My belongings.
    The Family left for Algarrobos the 27th.
    Mrs Coutts arried May 1st.
May 6 first frost
  7 first winter day.
  8 Cold & heavy rain
  9 Dull drizzly day
  10 Fine day went up to Calistro’s bolicia
  11 Extra fine day, went to Los Cocos, & Called on Goldaurer’s & Rickarts
  12 Fine day packed stores for Algarrobos
  14 Dull day, No visitors. No Eggs.
  15 Rainy day, Juan moved 6 black hens & a grey rooster into his New Chicken house. first pullet’s Egg
  16 Cool day went for a walk in the Evening.
  17 Fine day went to La Cumbre
  18 Fine day Mrs. Reckarts & Miss Burezon Came to tea; set a hen.
  19 Winter day
  20 First Slight Snow, went to Cruz Chica in the Afternoon.
  21 Fine day
  22  - -
  23 Sunday very cold stayed in all day
Mrs. Lewisden left for England.
  24 Fine day. Baking day
  25 Fine day. Reckarts came to tea
  26 Cold dark day. Stayed in all day
  27 Fine day. Mr. & Mrs. Berry came
  28 Fine day. Mrs Cosetts went to the school Los Cocos. telegram that the Boss was coming
  29 Mrs. Stewart & Miss Burezon came to tea. Mr. Benitz came at Night
  30 Fine day
June, 1909
June 31 Fine day Mason’s Started working
·1· laying foundation for my house
  2. Mr. Benitz left. fine day.
  3 Dull damp day.
  4 Damp foggy day. Miss Burezon & Mr. Lumsden came.
  5 Damp foggy day
  6 Clear cold day
  7 First very severe frost. Miss Blair Mr & Mrs Sudfen came.
  8 Cold & clear. Mrs Rickarts called.
  9 Frosty & clear. 12 chickens Hatched. Killed 2 pigs.
  10 Man cut up 2 pigs, Mrs Coulls & I cut up fat
  11 Rendered out the fat– Hams & bacon put in pickle. Weather cold & clear—
  12 Very cold
  13 Very cold. separated Roosters out.
14 Cold & clear
  15 Very cold Killed 4 pigs.
  16 Cold & clear
  17 Dark damp day. pigs put in pickle
  18 Fine day 3 surveyors called.
  19 Fine day 4 Guillement to tea.
  20 Fine day.
  21 Bright clear day Strong wind
  22 Dark bitter cold day
  23 Cold & clear black frost.
  24 St John’s day, sharp cold day, Mr & Mrs Reckarts came to tea.
} Very cold strong wind
  27 Clear & warm.
  28 Very cold & frosty.
  29 S. Peter’s day, clear & sunny.
  30 Sunny. Strong wind. Cold. Elsie & Miss Baker & Marjorie Daw, Sail July 2nd on the Rimulaka from Monte Video.
July, 1909
1st strong wind cold sunny.
  2 Warm & sunny, no fire till evening– Mr Lunsdaine came–
  3 Sunny & clear– Mr & Mrs Sugden came
  4 Fourth of July, Snowing, Very cold–
  5 Snow still lying. Clear sunny hung bacon up.
  6 Snow still lying Cold dull. Reckarts came
  7 Warm Sunny. Mr Lunsdaine came.
  8 Clear Sunny
  9 Loveley day
  10 Cold dark day.
  11 Fine day. Mrs Watt & Mrs Burg came
  12 Fine day– hung hams up to day.
  13 Fine day–
  14 Fine warm day. gave The horses exercise & went to La Cumbre, & got some oranges. Hung up 8 sides bacon & 8 cheeks from last 4 pigs
  15 Very warm day, looks like rain.
  16 rained a little during night.
  17 Beautiful day. Hung up last hams.
  18 Warm sunny day.
  19 Warm sunny day. like spring. 9 chickens hatched.
  20 Warm sunny day
  21   "
  22 Damp warm day
  23 Damp warm day
  24 Very hot & damp. Shick mwat [Thick mat?] at night.
  25 Spring day.
  26 Fresh cool day, Torevier planted out young trees & began gardening.
  27 Fresh day. Sunny.
  28 Cold dark day
  29 Heavy frost. sunny clear day.
  30 Cold day
  31 nice day.
August, 1909
  .1. Began to rain this Evening.
  2 Fine day.
  3 Fine day. Mr Johnnie came
  4 North wind. first day without fire.
  5 Hot Wind– Changed in evening
  6 Cold bright day.
  7 Cold day
  8 Bright clear day, Iwan went to Codoba.
  9 Warm day
  10 Warm sunny day Mr Benitz left
  11 Spring day
  12 Warm day. 7 chickens out. Set here.
  13 Sunny day. Heavy frost
  14 Bright cold day.
  15 Fine day. Mrs W Benitz & Clarita came
  16 Fine day. frost at night Mr W. Benitz came –
  17 Fine day.
  18 North Wind
  19 Fine & windy
  20 Hot windy
  22  "  "  Mr & Mrs Benitz left.
  23 Very cold— windy.
  24 Bright Clear day frost at night.–
  25 Clear day–
  26 Spring day.
  27 Cold windy. frost at night.
  28 Cold windy. Eleven chickens out.
  30 Santa Rosa – fine warm day.
  31 Warm day. 8 chickens
September, 1909
  .1. Warm sunny day.
  2 Thunder Storm & heavy rain 8 chickens out
  3 Hot muggy weather
  4  "  "   "  Carpenter came. hams wrapped up.
  5 Hot muggy day.
  6 Thunder Storm in night. Cold & clear
  7 Frost – Clear bright day——
Mr Johnnie came
  8 Fine day
  9 Fine day Mr & Mrs Goldamer came.
  10  "  "  locusts came.
  11 Hot day. Mr J went away
  12 Fine day– locusts.
  13 North wind
  14 rain & thunder, damp misty day, had Mr & Mrs Rickarts to tea & Goldames & brother in law
  15 Fine day, frost
  16 Fine day frost.
  17 Nice day–
  18 Fine day
  19 Fine day.
  20 Fine day.
  21 rain & thunderstorm
  22 Fine day.
  23 Misty cold day
  24 Fine day
  25 Cloudy day
  26 Misty. Thunderstorm
  27 Cold & misty Set 2 hens.
  28 Raining heavily thunder & rain all night.
  29 Rain in morning. damp heat later
  30 Fine day, rained in early morning feast day.
October, 1909
  .1. Beautiful day.
  2 Fine day went to Capilla.
  3 Fine day
  4 Fine day
  5 Fine day, Mrs Rickarts & Miss Bruzon came to tea
  6 Dull day Strong wind–
  7 Fine day
  8 Fine day
  9 Oppressive day–
  10 Fine day.
  11 Fine day very hot
  12 Damp day. Mr. Johnnie came–
  13 Damp day.
  14 Wet day
  15 damp drizzling
  16 Fine day– Frost. 5 Chickens dead– Mr. J went.
  17 Fine day Mr. Johanson & Escribano came.
  18 Fine day
  19 Fine day Mr. Johanson & Escribano went
  20 Fine day
  21 Fine day.
  22 Fine day
  23 Fine day
  24 Fine day
  25 Hot day. thunder & rain
  26 Hot day thunder
  27 Hot day.
  28 Hot day. thunder & rain
  29 Fresh day. Mrs Coutts came.
  30 rainy day
  31 Heavy rain all night & half the day. Carpenter went to Cordoba.
November, 1909
  1 Fine day
  2 Fine day.
  3 Fine day. Carpenter came back
  4 Fine day. Masons left the Villa Josefina
  5 Cold & misty
  6 Fine day
  7 Fine day
  8 Fine day
  9 Fine day.
  10 Fine day.
  11 Fine day, went for picnic up the Quebrada.
  12 Mr & Mrs Coutts left. Mr. Johnnie & Mr Smith Came.

Note: [Line above is in the diary. New scribe, likely: Clarita Benitz.]
  13 Rained hard last night, fine this afternoon.
  16 Fine day.
  17. Windy and cloudy, Johnnie went away.
  18. Very hot day, windy in the afternoon.
  19 Big storm last night, lots of rain & a little hail. Misty all day. Painter from Cordoba came.
  20 Rain Piece of big wall at my house came down.
  20 Rain and mist.
  21 Rain.
  22 Lovely day.
  23   "  " . Went up to Greystone with Clarita, it was Clara’s birthday.
  24   "  " , Carpenters left off work.
  25.   "  "  Mrs Bishoff’s furniture came.
  26   "  "  Warm, the two carpenters the painter and the gass man left also William & Clara went down.
  27 Nice day, was in bed all day not feeling well.
  28 lovely day, warm.
  29. Warm.
  30 Warm.
  31 Very Warm.   [31 days in November? Maybe skipped too many days above.]
December, 1909
  1st Warm.
  2 Rainy.
  3 Rained heavyly last night, muggy day today.
Carpenter was expected but did not come.
  4 Rain last night, very cold today have fire in the drawing room tonight. Carpenter came.
  5. Rain all morning Cloudy this afternoon.
Snowed up in the mountains.
  6 Hard frost last night, went to Cruz Chica this afternoon with Clarita to see Mrs Lumsdaine
Lovely day.
  7.   "  " . washed blankets
  8.   "  "  Mrs Dobbs and Miss Skinner. came. washed blankets. Painter came from Cordoba.
  9 Washed blankets   warm day.
  10 Johnnie arrived, rain last night, fine today.
  911 Lovely day, Johnnie put up over mantles & looking glasses in my house.
  12 warm day.
  13. Fine day. looked like rain this morning.
  14 Warm this morning, thunderstorm this afternoon but no rain.
  15th Warm day, first time the water has run in pipes from “Bustos” to the deposit on other side
  16 Rain this morning fine day this afternoon.
  17 Clarita went, Mrs Bischoff came.
Note: [New scribe, likely: Mrs. Bischoff.]
  17. The day is cold and damp: so champaigne is the order for the evening— Dinner party consists of Mrs Josephine Benitz– her son John and their friend and admirer Mrs Bischoff– All able to retire sober to bed!
  18. Weather fresh and cool, thunder storm near by
  19. Lovely day, Johnnie left for Los Algarrobas.
  20 Morning cloudy but the afternoon perfect
The new dique wall collapsed yesterday.
  21 Rained last night, big creciente which did not go down until nine O’clock
We went to La Cumbre yesterday.
  22. Rev. Mr. Craver. The brass bed was put up and furniture moved into Mrs B’s room.
  23 Nothing.
  24 Mr Mrs Dobbs and Miss Skinner called. Letters from John and William. William’s letter contained for Nov. & D. Oct & Nov. I receeved a number of Xmas letters. The painter left today.
  25 A warm Xmas day, We enjoyed a nice Xmas dinner with champagne.
Don Juan gave a dance, and it rained heavily all night. The painter left this morning
  26. Rained all night. Day very cool. Heavy frost last night.
  27. A beautiful day. Many things have been taken to the new house. No mail.
  28. A lovely day. Received several cards with xmas greetings. Busy drying apricots and plums.
  29. One of the hottest days. Telegram that Isabel from Capilla arrives tomorrow.
  30. Very warm day, called on the way from the station and had tea.
Rev. Mr Craver called this afternoon
Note: [New scribe: Isabel from Capilla?]
Jan 4th moved in my new house
"   6th gave a tea party to celebrate my eightieth birthday.
"   5th Alfred arrived.
Feb 6th Josephine & Schreiber arrived.
"   7th Dr Loyd came to see me.
"   10th Alfred left this morning
"   12 Mr Higham & Bertha left Cruz Grande
March 7th & 8th planted vegetable seeds—
"   22 Johnie left for Algarrobos.–
April 9th Mr & Mrs Schreiber returned to Buenos Aires
Note: [New scribe, likely: Miss L. Lyons.]
April 28th L. Lyons arrived, salary $60 month.
May, 1910
  1st Rain, had tea at Cruz Grande. The five girls & a young man from Las Cocos were there. (My Grandchildren)
  2nd Fine day. planted rose trees, along the walk from Cruz Grande to Villa Josephine.
  3rd Fine day. drove with Mrs Johnnie to call upon Mrs Garret.
Mr Garret is building a new Hotel, they are at present living in tents.
  4th Fine day, wind in the morning. Mr Plant (tutor) and the five Garret boys called, I gave them onions and zapallos.
  5 Fine day. Mr & Mrs Sugden called. this afternoon Mr Johnnie arrived.
  6 Fine day. Mr & Mrs Johnnie called this morning.
  7 Fine day.
  8 Fine day. Had lunch & tea at Cruz Grande.
My Grandchildren from Los Cocos came to tea and played Tennis.
  9. Fine this morning, windy & cold this afternoon.
  10 Dark, cold day. Miss Baker & the two boys came to tea. The Los Cocos girls called.
  11 The family left for Algarrobos. Fine day.
  12 Fine day. Heavy frost last night very cold this morning. My box arrived from B. Aires. Miss Lyons went to Los Cocos for tea.
  13 Called on Mrs Fay and had tea, brought rose cuttings back with me. Fine day.
  14th Fine cold day. Mrs William and the girls called.
  15 Very wet day. Louise went to Cordoba.
  16th rain & fog. New cook arrived. Masons laid the water pipes.
  17 Fine cold day. No gas, have lamps.
  18th Fine day. Mason finished laying the pipes.
  19 Dull day. Nothing to be seen of the comet. [Halley’s Comet] Mrs William and the girls from Los Cocos came to tea.
  20 Fog. cold day. Mrs William and family left today for the Estancia.
  21st Fine day. Staked out the holes for 2 doz fruit trees.
  22nd. First heavy frost.
  23rd Fine cold day.
  24th Fine day. Miss Lyons went to Los Cocos.
  25th Fine day. Received a telegram to say Alfred comes on Friday.
  26th Fine day.
  27th Alfred arrived. Mrs Wilson & party. Mrs Sugden & Miss Middleton came to tea. Fine day.
  28th Fine day.
  29th Cold windy day. Alfred left.
  30th Very cold day, frost killed castor oil plants and my ferns.
  31st Very cold indeed. heavy frost.
June, 1910
  1st Cold frost, killed 4 pigs.
  2 Very cold, cut up 4 pigs ready to put in pickle tomorrow. Cut up the fat. Miss Browne Mrs Wilson and her three children and nurse came to tea.
  3rd Received a tin of butter from Algarrobos. cold day, rendered out the fat.
  4th Fine day. finished the fat.
  5th Fine cold day. Miss Lyons went to Church at Los Cocos.
  6th Fine day. Johnie & Marjorie leave to-day for B-Aires.
Miss Lyons went to La Cumbre Mrs Lunsden called.
  7th Cold, dull day. Candida finished transplanting the onions.
  8th Fine, cold day. Mr Sugden came to tea. planted fruit trees.
  9th Fine, cold day.
  10th Very cold day. Johnie Marjorie & Alfred sail to-day for England.
  11 Fine day. Miss Lyons went to Los Cocos.
  12 Fine day. Juan left for Algarrobos. Mrs Points and Miss Middleton called.
  13th Fine day. Mrs Garret, 2 children and Mr Plant, had lunch with us. Fruit trees and weeping willows have lost their leaves.
  14 Cold windy day.
  15th Fine day. Miss Lyons had tea at Mrs Blairs.
  16th Cold windy day. The Bishop and Mr Blair came to tea.
  17th Fine day. Locusts passed this aftern.
  18th Warm day. Mrs Garrett and Miss Middleton called.
  19th Fine day.
  20th Fine day.
  21st Summer day. Juan returned from Algarrobos.
  22nd Fine day.
  23rd Fine day. Miss Lyons & I drove to La Cumbre.
  24th Fine day. St Johns day. The men had half a days holiday.
  25th Wind all day. Mr & Mrs Sugden came to tea.
  26th Windy day. Miss Lyons went to Church.
  27th Fine day.
  28th Fine day.
  29 Fine day, wind
  30th Wind. Mrs Blair and Miss Middleton came to tea.
July, 1910
  1st Fine day.
  2nd Very warm.
  3rd Very cold day.
  4th Fine day, killed two pigs, celebrated 4th of July with champagne.
Miss Lyons and I were the guests.
  5th Fine day.
  6th Fine day.
  7th Fine day. Finished fat. Sent to Cruz Grande nine tins of fat.
  8th Fine day. The man put the clocks in the gas house.
  9th Fine day. Put eggs in pickle. Mr Poyntz [Poynitz, Poyintz?] called.
  10th Fine day, cold wind.
  11th Fine day. Mrs Blair called
  12th Fine day, dull.
  13th Dull day, planted grape vines Mr & Mrs Sugden came to tea.
  14th The black pig with white spots, was put into his cottage to-day.
  15th Fine day. Bustos daughter born on the 12th.
  16th Fine day.
  17th Fine day, hard frost last night.
  18th Very cold day. strong wind at night. Good news of William, he is much better.
  19th Very cold day.
  20th Fine day.
  21st Fine day.
  22nd Fine day. Planted the first potatoes.
  23rd Fine day.
  24 Windy day. Mr & Mrs Lumsdains & friend came to tea.
  25th Fine warm day. Miss Middleton came to tea.
  26th Cold windy day.
  27th Cold windy day.
  28th Very cold day.
  29th Very cold day. Miss Lyons drove to Mrs Lumsdains.
  30th Very cold day. coldest day we have had.
  31st Fine day, cold.
August, 1910
  1st Very cold day.
  2nd Fine day. cold.
  3rd Fine day. Mr & Mrs Sugden & Mrs Poyntz [Poynitz, Poyintz?] came to tea.
  4th Fine day. wind.
  5th Fine day. Finished the roof of the chicken house.
  6th Dust storm. North wind.
  7th A slight shower of rain.
  8th Windy day. The willows trees began to come out the last week of July.
  9th Fine day. Planted potatoes. also planted chrysanthemums. & Dahlias along the walk.
  10th Windy day.
  11th Fine day.
  12th Fine day.
  13th Fine day. Mr Garrett & Mrs A Greg came to tea.
  14th Spring day. Feast day, men and servants went to Church.
  15th Spring day. Mrs Juan has a daughter. Feast day.
  16th Dust storm, very cold.
  17th Very cold day.
  18th Very cold day.
  19th Cold day.
  20th Fine day.
  21st Fine day. Juan hung up the hams in the storeroom.
  22nd North wind.
  24th Strong wind.
  25th Fine day.
  26th Very cold day.
  27th Fine day.
  28th Mr Marty arrived
  29th Mr Marty Miss Lyons & I drove to call on Mrs Garrett
  30th Mr Marty left.
  31st Very warm day.
September, 1910
  1st Fine day.
  2nd Fine day.
  3rd Fine day.
  4th Fine day. Mr Sugden came to tea
  5th Very warm day. Mrs Towers and party came to tea.
  6th Fine day. first day without fire.
  7th Fine day.
  8th Fine day. Mrs Coutts arrived.
  9th Fine day.
  10th Thunder storm
Mr & Mrs William Benitz & family left to-day for the States from B.A.
  11th Fine day.
  12th Dull day.
  13th Very cold day.
  14th Very cold day.
  15th Fine day. Mrs Towers and party came to tea.
  16th Fine day.
  17th Fine day.
  18th Fine day. Mrs Lumsdine called
  19th Fine day.
  20th Rain all day.
  21st Fine day.
  22nd Fine day.
  23rd Fine day. Mrs Lumsdaine came.
  24th Fine day.
  25th Fine day. Mr Baxter called.
  26th Fine day.
  27th Fine day.
  28th Mrs Coutts left. Mr & Mrs Blair called.
  29th Fine day.
  30th Fine day.
October, 1910
  1st Fine day. Miss Middleton and friend came to tea.
  2nd Fine day.
  3rd Fine day. Mrs Greg and friend called.
  4th Fine day.
  5th Fine day Mrs Greg & friend came to tea
  6th Very warm day.
  7th Very hot day. Mr & Mrs Schreibler called.
  8th Very hot day.
  9th dull day.
  10th Thunder storm last night.
  11th Fine day. Mrs Caldwell called.
  12th Fine day. Miss Brown and friends came to tea. Had first strawberries
  13th Fine day.
  14th Fine day. Clarita and Frankie arrived
  15th Fine day. Mr Sugden came to tea.
  16th Rain
  17th Fine day.
  18th Fine day.
  19th Rain last night.
  20th Rain
  21st Fine cold day. Mr & Mrs Sugden and boys came to tea.
  22nd Cold day. Frankie left.
  23rd Cold day.
  24th Cold day. Mr & Mrs Maltby called.
  25th Rain.
  26th Fine day.
  27th Fine day. Mr & Mrs Fea called.
  28th Fine day.
  29th Fine day. Mrs Abbott called.
  30th Fine day.
  31st Fine day.
November, 1910
  1st Rain
  2nd Fine day.
  3rd Rain.
  4 Fine day. Mr & Mrs Fea & Mrs Lumsdaine called.
  5th Rain.
  6th Fine day.
  7th Rain
  8th Fine day.
  9th Fine day.
  10th Very hot day.
  11th Very hot day.
  12th Very hot. New cook came.
  13th hot day. Mr Wigg called.
  14th Fine day.
  15th Fine day.
  16 Fine day. cold.
  17 Fine day. cold.
  18th Cold day.
  19th Fine day. Mr & Mrs Wigg & Mr Weston called.
  20th Very hot day.
  21st North wind
  22nd Very hot day. North wind.
  23rd Very hot day.
  24th Hot day. Thunderstorm.
  25th Rain.
  26th Fine day. Mr Johnie arrived
  27th Fine day.
  28th Fine day.
  29th Hot day.
  30th Hot day.
December, 1910
  1st Mr Johnie left for Algorrobos
Thunder storm
  2nd Rain.
  3rd Rain
  4th Rain all day. Clarita left for Los Cocos.
  5th Fine cold day.
  6th Fine day. Mr & Mrs Watt & family called.
  7th Fine day. Mr & Mrs Fea called.
  8th Hot day.
  9th Hot day.
  10th Hot day.
  11th Hot day.
  12th Hot day.
  13th Hot day.
  14th Fine day.
  15th Fine day.
  16th Fine day.
  17th Fine day
  18th Fine day.
Note: [New scribe, likely: Clarita Benitz.]
  19th Warm day, working up for storm. Miss Lyons left for good. Clarita came.
  20th Hot oppressive day. drying apricots.
  21st Hail storm at 12·30 no damage done. Hattie and the children came this afternoon.
  22d Warm day, Mr Lumsdaine and Mr Lambert called this morning.
  23d Warm weather rained a little at midday.
  26th Left for the “Greystone” on the evening of the 24th, spent Christmas up there and came back this afternoon.
  27th Drizzly weather.
  28th Cloudy in the morning, fine this afternoon, had the first “Chokolos” (Maize).
  29th Cool day, painted the stove, transplanted cabbage. Hattie, Al, Katie & Percy came this afternoon, mist coming down very thickly.
  30th Warm day. Johnnie’s Cook arrived.
  31. Johnnie & family arrived.
January, 1911
  1st Cloudy day, Clarita left for Greystone.
Note: [New scribe: Mrs. Coutts?]
  6. Very hot day, Mr & Mrs Coutts arrived.
  8 Soft warm rain– we are all alone
  10 Thunder Storm & heavy rain. Put up sala Curtains
  11 Slight Earthquake, Mr & Mrs Schreiber Arrived
  15 Thunder Storm & heavy rain. Much colder
  26 Received a telegram from Alfred through Mr Marty saying that he had arrived in London & was leaving for Texas.
Note: [New scribe: Mrs. Thome?]
  28 Mr & Mrs Coutts returned to Rosario
  28th It rained for two hours this afternoon.
  29th –fine day, Mrs Lumsdain called.
  30th sent a pair of shoes to Malberto in Cañada de Gomez, to be mended.
February, 1911
  1st Mrs Fergusen & her youngest son came to see me with Mrs Shearer & Marjory.
  " Katie & Clarita also came with Bertha.
  3rd It rained for one hour this forenoon. A parcel arrived this afternoon from the Roma, with sheats and towels that Mrs Coutts bought.–
  5th rained a little during the day.
  7th Mr & Mrs Douglas called, also Mr Marty.
  8th A nice heavy rain fell to-day, Mr & Mrs Guy & Dr Hallahan called.
  9th lovely weather,
  10th The seeds came from Peluffo to-day.
Johny gave a magic lantern show at Cruz Grande & we went to see it. fine cool day. Clarita Schreiber came to see us, she is staying at the Cocos
  11th Lovely day.
  13th Very warm.
  14th Very warm, I took a walk over to Johnies.
  15th Thunderstorm & heavy rain, Mr & Mrs Shearer came over to say “goodbye” as they are leaving Cruz Grande to-morrow for Buenos Aires.
  16th Cold day– Mrs Thome arrived; Mrs Fergusen called to say “goodbye”; (she is staying at the Garretts)
  17th Mr & Mrs Schreiber went to a concert given at Garrett’s hotel– for the orphan’s school.
  18th Mrs Thome & I took a drive with Johnie & Miss McNab to Capilla del Monte.
  19th Fine day, after tea Johnie & Marjory came over to see me with Mrs Paul and Miss McNab.–
I went to Bustos & got peaches ~~~~~~
Commenced drying peaches —.
Mrs Douglas & Mrs Fisher called and also the girls from the Grey Stone.
  21st Lovely cool day. Mr & Mrs Fea called.
  22nd We had a splendid rain this afternoon.
Mrs Blair called this forenoon.
  23rd We celebrated Washington’s birth-day last night by drinking a bottle of champaigne. Mr & Mrs Schreiber & Mrs Thome walked to the Cocos, Clarita Schreiber walked back with them & had lunch with us.—
  24th Mrs Thome, Mrs Schreiber & I drove to the Feas & had tea there, & then drove to La Cumbre.– Nice day.—
  25th Heavy thunderstorm at midnight last night, damp day & another thunderstorm with hail at three O’clock, & big creciente of the streams, We made quince jam to-day, & apple jelly
  26th Willy Agar & Mr King called to see me.
  27th Hard rain & hail storm at half past five this morning, rained during the forenoon & hailed againe at 10 O’clock a.m. Fine in the afternoon. Willy & Mr Sansinena came.
  28th Cool day.
March, 1911
  1st Franky Benitz came to see me and had lunch here, then left for La Cumbre to return to the Estancia, as he leaves for the States on the 8th.
  " Mr Schreiber bought a place near here to day.
  2nd Marjory & Johny gave a dance & I went over to it & stayed the night; but I went to bed at eleve half past ten; it was very nice,
  3rd Josephine & Schreiber leave for Buenos Aires, early to-morrow morning.
  4 A fine day without wind. Willy was here to breakfast and goes back to “La California” tomorrow.
  5 Fine day
  6 Rained a little. Mrs W. Agar and Clarita called. Busy drying peaches and making peach jam.
  7 Fine day. Mrs Thome and I crossed the river to Cruz Grande this afternoon.
  8 Fine day. Staid at home and made pumpkin pie and began drying figs. Hattie and Miss Bell called.
  9 Fine day. Dried my last figs.
  10 Beautiful day.
  11 Picnic at Johnnie’s under the trees. All were there from Los Cocos. Had a fine day. Mrs Thome leaves tomorrow. Received my three pairs of shoes from Cañada de Gomez.
Note: [New scribe/s: John & Alfred (jrs)?]
  12 Opened bag of sugar.
Mrs Thome left
  13 Fine day, Johnie & Alfred Jun were here for lunch tea & dinner & stayed all night.
  14       "   "   "
  15 Johnie & Alfred stayed all night
  16   "   "   "   "
  17 Rained a lot. "   "   "
  18         "   "   "
  19 Johnie & Alfred stayed all night
  20   "   "   "   "
  21   "   "   "   "
  22   "   "   "   "
  23   "   "   "   "
  24   "   "   "   "
  25 Finished drying fruit.
  " Johnie & Alfred stayed all night.
  26   "
  27   "   "   "   "
  28 Heavy rain and hail.
  29 Johnie & Alfred stayed the night
  30   "   "   "   "
April, 1911
  1st   "   "   "   "
  2   "   "   "   "
  3   "   "   "   "
  4   "   "   "   "
  5 Heavy rain     "   "
  6 First frost very cold, "   "
Note: [New scribe: Miss Mitchell]
  8 Miss Mitchell & Miss Myddech came for tea. A very fine day & heavy frost at night
  9th Fine bright day.
  12 very warm
Miss Mitchell arrived
Mrs. Paul & son said ‘good Bye’
  13 Still very warm
  14 Very fine day
  " Little Johnie’s birthday. Spent his birthday at Cruz Chica.
  " Willie arrived
Note: [son William died April 1]
  " Letter of condolence from Mrs. Mable Bury
      "   "    "    "  Mrs Feá
      "   "    "    "  Mrs. Coutts
      "   "    "    "  Miss Dawney
      "   "    "    "  Mrs Borges
      "   "    "    "  Dr. & Mrs Greaven
      "   "    "    "  Mrs Towers
      "   "    "    "  Mr. & Mrs. A. Wilson
      "   "    "    "  Mr. & Mrs T. Sandersons
      "   "    "    "  Mr & Mrs. R. Shearers
      "   "    "    "  Mrs Robert Land
      "   "    "    "  Mrs. Fisher
      "   "    "    "  Mrs. Lumsdaine
      "   "    "    "  Mr. Lish Runsman
Note: [blank page]
  15 Very fine day. Willie came
Katie Willie & Clarita going to-morrow
  16 Easter Sunday cold & windy. Had lunch at Cruz Grande & saw Willie Katy & Clarita off.
  17 Dull cold day.
  18 Bright but very cold. Visitors from “Cruz Chica” Mr. Lumsdaine, Mr. & Mrs. Seaman & family from “Los Leones”
  " Letters from Alfred & Nena. Johny & family went to “Terrones.” Miss McNab came here to stay.
19 Nice bright day.
  20 Fine day, No visitors
  21 Very fine day. Johnnie & family return after three days camping out at “Terrones.”
Received my parcel from Mrs Schrieber.
  22 Fine warm day, Mr. & Mrs Blair called & had tea.
  24 Cold day rained at mid day
  25 Fine day. Mrs Lumsdaine called
  26 Dull day.
  27 Fine day, much warmer. Went for drive with Johnnie to the windmill. Miss Mitchell went to “Los Cocos”
  28 Fine warm day.
  29 Fine day. Johnnie & family to tea.
  30 Fine day. Marjory & the two boys f left for Rosario.
May, 1911
May 1. Fine warm day, but cloudy.
  2. Cloudy day. Johnnie lef for “Algarrobas”. Miss Good & Miss Handford came for tea.
  3 Very windy this morning. Fine afternoon Mr. & Mrs Fea called.
  4 Very warm this morning. Looked like a storm this afternoon but did not rain.
  5 Dull cold day. Mrs Dellius & Mrs Teirs came for tea.
  6 Fine day. Mr. Sugden here to tea.
  7. Dull day.
  8 Dull & misty
  9 Dull morning, bright afternoon. Mottini went to Cosquin.
  10 Very bright day
  11 Fine warm day. Mrs Poyntz & Mrs Sugden came to tea. Mason began working at deposit.
  12 Rained very heavily nearly all day.
  13.   "  all night & nearly all day. Miss Middleton & Miss Blackwell came for tea.
  14 Beautiful day. Miss Mitchell & I walked to Mrs Todd’s house. Went by new road & came back by River. Arrived at dark.
  15 Verry fine day.
  16 Fine day.
  17 Fine day. I went over to Johnnie’s to prune Rose trees. Had letter from Alfred. He arrived in B. A. on the 15th.
  18 Fine day.
  19 Cloudy day.
  20 Dull damp day.
  21 Cold, damp day.
  22 Dull foggy morning, pleasant afternoon.
  23 Cold dull morning. Fine afternoon.
  24 Very cold windy day.
  25 Fine day. Went to ¡Villa Schreiber!! after tea Mrs Sugden & Mrs Pointz came.
  26 Fine day. Two visitors from Los Quebrachas.
Miss Mitchell went to La Cumbre.
  27. Fine day. Cooked dinner outside. Finished putting pipis at new deposito
  28 Fine morning. Very cold afternoon.
  29. Fine day. Sowed sweet peas at Cruz Grande
  30 Cold day. Received telegram that Alfred is coming.
  31. Cold day. Alfred arrived.
June, 1911
June 1 Damp day.
  2 Cold damp day.
  3 Cold damp day.
  5 Fine day.
  6 Very cold day.
  7 Cold windy day.
  8 Cold day. Mr Gorton & Mr. Blair called. Paid $6. subscription to Mr. Blair for “Diocesan Magazine”.
  9. Cold day. Mr. Gorton came to tea. Mr. & Mrs. Dobbs & Mrs & Lumsdaine called.
  10 Fine day. Mr. Sugden came to tea. Johnnie came.
  11. Cold day.
  12 Fine day. Alfred & I drove up to Greystone & to Mrs Garretts.
  13 Windy day. The men are busy making holes in front for the chessnut-trees.
  14 Damp day. Celebrated Alfred’s birthday with roast turkey & Champagne Mr. Sugden came to tea.
  15 Fine day. Johnnie went away.
  16 Fine day. Mr. Ardis stayed to lunch. Alfred Went away.
  17. Cold day.
  18 Very Cold. Saturday night froze hard. Snow & frost on Sunday.
  19. Clear cold day. Killed my pig Busto also killed pig.
  20 Clear, cold day. Cut up the pig & comenced frying out fat.
  21 Fine day. Juan killed 5 pigs & a cow. Mr. & Mrs Ardis came from Cruz Chica to tea also Mr. Ferguson & a lady from “Las Quebradas”.
  22 Very fine day. Juan cut up his pigs. Began to fry out fat. Miss Mitchell went to “Cocos” to Coronation service & tea at Mrs. Garretts.
  23 Very high wind all day.
  24 Windy & cold
  25 Clear & cold. Tied down all the fat.
  26 Fine day. Delivered 10 tins of lard at Cruz Grande.
  27 Fine day. Planted two Chess-nut trees in front of house.
  28. Fine day. Fea’s maid came for onion plants.
  29 Very fine day. Miss Good & Miss Hanford came for tea.
  30 Fine day. No news.
July, 1911
July 1. Fine day. Miss Blackwell & Miss Greenslade called. Also Mr. Fergueson.
  2. Dull day.
  3 Very fine day. Planted 12 peach trees.
Received parcel de Johephine.
  4. Fine day. Sent Chiesa Hnos. account to Johnnie
  5 Fine day.
  6 Dull damp morning. Fine afternoon. Pruned the Coco tree in front of house.
  7 Fine day. Miss Mitchell & I took a walk to “Villa Schreiber”.
  8. Fine day. Mrs Constable called this evening.
  9. Fine de. Nueve de Julio fiesta. Not celebrated here.
  10 Fine day.
  11 Very Windy.
  12. Beautiful day. Mrs Poyntz & Mrs Sugden came
  13. Fine day.
  14 Warm day.
  15 Fine day.
  16 Windy day. All Cruz Grande disappointed. Made great preparation for the Governor, but he did not arrive till dark.
  17. Fine day. Spent the morning at Cruz Grande waiting to receive Governor. But were disappointed. He passed through without stopping.
  18. Wet morning. Rained hard in the night
  19. Fine afternoon.
  19 Fine day.
  20 Damp foggy morning. Fine afternoon.
  21 Fine day. Hung up two hams.
  22 Very windy morning. Miss Mitchell & girls from “Los Cocos” Orphanage had tea-party in Alfred’s Quebrada.
  23 Cold day. Froze hard last night. Mr. Lumsdaine called this afternoon.
  24 Very cold day.
  25 Extremely cold day. Alfred's wall fell.
  26 Cold day.
  27 Fine morning. Cloudy afternoon.
  28 Dull cloudy morning. fine afternoon.
  29 Fine day. Mrs. Constable came to tea.
  30 Damp day. Rained last night & is thundering & lightening now.
  31 Rained hard last night & nearly all day to-day. Snowed this evening.
August, 1911
August 1 Fine day. Snowed all night. Ground white with snow all day. Mr. Blair & another gentleman called.
  2 Fine day. Snow not all gone yet.
  3 Fine day.
  4 Very cold day. Ground white with snow again this morning.
  5 Fine & bright, but cold. Mrs. Constable came to tea.
  6 Fine but cold. Mr. Garrett and another gentleman called.
  7 Very cold & windy. Had mason mending tap.
  8 Fine & warmer. Plumber mended leakage in kitchen pipe.
  9 Cold windy day. Stayed in bed all day.
  10 Fine day.
  11 Fine day. Clara Willie, & three girls arrived unexpecdly.
  12 Fine warm day. Mrs Spangler & Miss Greenslade came to tea.
  13 Very fine day. Clara, Willie, Clarita, & two little girls were here for breakfast & tea.
  14 Fine warm day.
  15 Very warm day. Candido & peóns all went to ‘misa’
  16 Dull day. Clara, Willie, & girls went away Clarita came to stay.
  17 Cold foggy day. Received garden syringe
  18 Damp dark morning. fine afternoon.
  19 Another damp dull day.
   " Mattress arrived.
  20 Very fine day.
  21. Fine day.
  22 Cold cloudy day. Venturo left.
  23 Fine day.
  24 Nasty cold day.
  25 Cold dark day.
  26 Fine day.
  27 Fine day. Mrs Kitching & Mr. Fergueson came to tea.
Note: [Scribe: Clarita Benitz, while Miss Mitchell was in Córdoba ]
  28 Lovely day. Miss Good and Mrs Tallen came to tea. Miss Mitchel left for Cordoba.
  29. Horrid, cold, windy day.
  30 Rained hard last night and all today.
  31 Lovely day, seeds arrived from “Peluffo” and “Ant poison” from Agar Cross & Co.
September, 1911
Sept. 1st New peon arrived. Cold and windy.
  2d. Very warm day, north wind in the morning.
  3d. Warm day, Clarita and I took a walk to Mr Schreiber’s house and found it much improved.
Note: [Scribe, resumed by: Miss Mitchell]
  4 Fine warm day. Miss Mitchell returned from Cordoba.
  5 Fine day.
  6. Fine day.
  7 Fine day.
  8 Fine warm day.
  9 Another fine day.
  10 Fine day. Mottino went to Cordoba to meet Johnnie. Miss Mitchell & I took a walk up to Alfred’s place & then to Mrs Shreiber’s place.
  11 Very cold wet day.
  12 Cold nasty day. Johnnie arrived to-day.
  13. Cold & dull.
  14 Bitterly cold.
  15 Cold drizzly day.
  16 A little warmer, but very dull. Johnnie left this morning. Mrs. Kitching & Mrs Tisdale came to tea.
  17th Fine day. Miss Mitchell & Clarita went to the “Quebradas” for lunch.
  18 Windy day.
  19 Fine warm day.
  20 Cold windy day.
  21 Cold & cloudy. Received books from German library.
  22 Beautiful day.
  23 Fine day. Mrs Kilching, Mr. Gibson & Mr. Nelson came to tea.
  24 Very fine day.
  25 Fine day.
  26 Cold cloudy day.
  27 Dull Cold day. Mrs Kitching, Mr Nelson & Mr. Gibson came to tea.
  28 Dull morning; bright afternoon
  29 Fine day.
  30 Dull cold day. Clarita went to “Las Quebradas” in coach.
October, 1911
Oct. 1st Rainy cold morning. Snow on the Hills
Mrs Kitching, Mr. Nelson & Mr Gibson called with Clarita.
  2nd Cold dull day. Raind a little last night.
  3rd Cold nasty day
  4th Cold misty day
  5„ Fine day. Mrs Kitching, Mr. Nelson & Mr Gibson came to tea
  6. Fine day. Sent horses to “Algarrobos”
  7. Fine day. Clarita went to “Quebradas” to spend night
  8“ Fine day. Rained & hailed this evening. Juan went to Cordoba.
  9. Rained nearly all night. Rained & snowed this morning.
  10„ Fine bright morning, Cloudy afternoon
  11„ Dull day.
  12„ Dull morning. Fine afternoon.
  13 Dull day.
  14 Beautiful day.
  15 Fine day.
  16 Very windy all night & all day.
Mr. & Mrs Blair & the Bishop called
  17. Fine day. Mr. & Mrs La Bass called.
  18 Hot day. First day without fire in house.
Mr. Sugden came to tea. Locusts passed over
  19th Very warm day. North wind.
  20„ Heavy rain & thunder last night: Fine fresh day.
  21„ Fine day.
  22" Fine day.
  23" Fine warm day.
  24" Very hot day.
  25" Very hot. Strong north wind. Juan Mottino returned from Cordoba
  26" Very hot day.
  27" Another very hot day.
  28" Big storm at midnight. Hail & rain but did not do much damage.
Very hot again to-day.
  29. Rained hard again last night.
Is beginning to rain again to-night.
  30" Rained hard all night. Hot sultry day. Raining again this evening.
  31" Rained nearly all day. Raining still this evening
November, 1911
Nov 1st Fine morning. Big storm in afternoon
  2d Fine day, cook is ill.
  3rd Fine day. Storm again last night.
Clara & Nena arrived to-day.
  4th Big storm last night. Mr & Mrs
  5. Lumsdaine called. Storm during night.
New girl began this morning.
  6. Very fine day.
  7" Fine day. Mr. & Mrs Blair came to tea.
  8" Nice shower this morning. Fine day Groceries arrived to-day. Clara, Nena, & Clarita left.
  9 Dull day.
  10" Damp day.
  11" Cloudy day. Threatening a storm to-night.
  12" Beautiful day. Rained last night.
  13" Fine day.
  14 Fine day.
  15" Fine day.
  16" Fine day. Nice rain last night
Recieved two boxes of sugar from Mr Hageman
  17' Very fine day. Men busy stacking Alfalfa
  18" Beautiful day. Mrs Sugden & Mrs Poyntz came to tea. Miss Brown called.
  19" Fine day. Looks like rain.
  20th Hot sultry morning. Big storm to-night. Severe lightening
  21st. Fine day. Nice shower last night. Looks like rain to night
  22nd Cloudy day. May rain to-night.
  23rd Another cloudy day.
  24" Dull foggy day.
  25" Fine day.
  26" Fine day. Slight shower this afternoon.
  27" Fine day.
  28" Fine day. Johnnies family arrived.
I dined at Cruz Grande. Slept at Cruz Grand.
  29. Fine day.
  30th Fine day North wind.
December, 1911
Dec. 1st. North wind all day. Looks like a storm to-night.
  2nd. Very severe thunderstorm last night
Fine day.
  3rd. Fine day.
  4th. Very warm day. Mr. & Mrs Blair called
  5" Hot day. Went to La Cumbre with Marjorie
  6" Very hot day. Had tea party in afternoon.
Present Mr. Agar & two sons, Mr. Sympson, Johnnie & Marjorie, Miss Mitchell & myself.
  7th Hot sultry day. Heavy rain last night
  8" Hot day. Rained a little this afternoon
Hailstorm at “Cocos”. Johnnie & young men gone camping
  9" Showery day. An increas in the population A young daughter born at Candido's.
  10" Hot day. I had tea at Johnnies. Johnnie & thre young men returned from camping out.
  11 Hot day. Thunder last night but no rain
  12 Hot day. Looks like rain.
  13" Damp day. Heavy rain last night
Johnnie left to-day to go to Buenos Aires to fetch little boys
  14 Fine day.
  15  "  "
  16 Heavy rain last night. Fine day.
  " {Received my first ‘Standard’ to-night}
  16th Mrs King, Mrs Shearer & Mrs Johnnie called. also Mr. Blair & Mrs Poyntz
  17" Hot day.
  18„ Very heavy rain last night. Hot day Raining again to-night
  19" Drizzly day.
  20" Cool cloudy day.
  21st Damp day. Johnnie arrived with the little boys.
  22nd Fine day. Marjorie & I took a walk to
  23rd Josephine's house.
Fine day.
  24„ Showery day.
  25„ ⁄ Fine day. Spent Christmas at Johnnies
  26. Rained during night & this morning.
Spent Christmas night at Johnnie’s.
Mr Agar & sons & Mrs Peacock left.
  27. Cold cloudy day. Clear & cold to-night.
  28. Fine cool day. Marjorie & I went to “Cocos”
  29. Fine day.
  30„ Fine day.
  31st Fine day.
January, 1912
Jan. 1st. New years day. Heavy shower this morning. Fine afternoon. Clara and Nena came with Marjorie.
  2nd. Very fine day.
  3rd Very hot day.
  4th Hot day. Very windy to-night.
  5 " Hot morning. Cool windy afternoon. Alfred arrived.
  6 " Beautiful day. Celebrated my eighty second birthday. Mr Blair & Miss Pegram called in the morning. Mr & Mrs Lumsdaine in the evening.
  7 " Very fine day.
  8 „ Damp day.
  9 „ Cloudy day.
  10 „ Fine cool day. Mr. Robinson came to tea with Alfred.
  11 „ Beautiful day. Alfred & company went to “Huerto Malo” for picnic.
  12 „ Fine day. Miss Henrey & little boys had tea here. Alfred left.
  13. Hot day. Mrs Rickards & Mr. Baxters came to tea
  14 Very hot day. Had tea at Johnnies
  15 Fine day. Mrs Kitching called with her two girls & Clarita & Mr Ferguson & Mr Russle.
  16th Hot day.
  17 „ Very hot. Uneventful
  18 „ Very hot day.
  19 „ Hot day. Raining to-night. Johnnie left for “Algarrobos”
  20 „ Very hot day. Storm last night
  21st. Fine morning. Cold drizzly afternoon. I spent the day at Graystone.
  22nd. Fine day. Mr & Mrs Shearer & Mrs Nealand called
  23rd. Fine day. Josephine arrived.
  24th Very hot day. Mrs Pearson & Mrs Clark called
  25 „ Very hot. Mr. & Mrs Larden called.
  26 „ Fine day. Clara & Clarita came.
  27 „ Fine day.
  28 „  "  "
  29 „ Hot day. Mr & Mrs Hancock & Mrs Begg called.
  30 „ Heavy shower this afternoon.
  31st. Fine day. Mrs Pearce & Mr. Robinson called this morning.
February, 1912
Feb. 1st. Hot day. Johnnie arrived in his motor-car.
  2nd. Very hot day. Very heavy rain last night & this morning. Hot afternoon.
Mrs. Blair & Mrs Gillbee came to tea Mrs Rosemburg & Mrs Gibson called Also Mrs Benitz & Clarita
  3rd. Josephine moved into her new house after being here ten days. Mrs Paul arrived to-day.
  4th Very fine day. Had tea at Johnnies & visited Josephine after tea.
  5 Fine day. Mrs. Wilson, her sister & Mrs Pearce called
  6 „ Fine day
  7 „ Mrs Henrey & Miss Mcckintosh came to tea
  8 „ Fine day. M
  9 „ Hot day. Miss Mitchell went to confirmation service.
  10 „ Fine day.
  11 „ Very Hot day. Had tea at Johnnies
  12 „ Cloudy day. Rained this afternoon
Mrs Miller & Miss Cousins came to say Good bye.
  13 " Showery day. All Josephine’s family called also Mr & Mrs Rosenberg & Mr Lumsdaine
  14 " Fine day. Went for motor drive to Capilla
  15 " Mr & Mrs Wigg called.
  15 „ Fine day.
  16 „  "  "
  17 „  "  "
  18 „ Very hot.
  19 „ Rained this afternoon. River swollen. little boys left.
  20 "   "   "  morning  Very cold this afternoon
  22nd. Cool day. Mr & Mrs Rosenberg came to say Good bye.
  23rd Fine day. Alfred arrived.
  25th Hot Morning. Heavy rain in afternoon
  26 „ Fine day. Dance at Johnnies to-night.
  27 „ Very hot day.
  28 „ Another very hot day.
  29 „ Rained all morning. Fine afternoon.
March, 1912
Mar 1st. Fine day. Alfred left. Hattie & the Misses King called.
  2nd. Fine day.
  3rd Fine day. Had tea at Josephine's
  4th Fine day. Miss Dawney called
  5 " Fine day.
  6 „ Hot day. Miss Dawney & children came to tea.
  7 „ Hot day
  8 " Much cooler. received Miss Baker’s invitation. To be married on the 16th.
  9 „ Fine day.
  10 „ Very hot. Johnnie & Elsie MacKintosh left
  11 „ Hot morning. Slight shower in afternoon.
  12 „ Cloudy day. Plenty of callers in afternoon.
  13 „ Thunder shower last night. Much cooler.
  14th Nice cool day. Berth left.
  15 " Fine day.
  16 „ Fine day. Mr. & Mrs Schreiber arrived from Cordoba.
  17 „ Hot day. Had tea at Johnnie’s
  18 „ Fine day. Spent day at “Graystone”
  19. „ Fine day.
  20 „ Nasty north wind
  21st North wind again
  22nd Hot day. North wind.
  23rd. Very warm. Clara & family & visitors
  24th. called.
Went to Josephines after tea.
  25 „ Hot day Had tea at Johnnies
  26 „  " "  Made saurkraut
  27 „ Fine day. Clara’s family all came to tea to say good bye & to celebrate Willie’s engagement
  28 „ Fine day.
  29 „ Fine "   picnic at Johnnies. Clara’s family left.
  30 „ Damp misty day. Mr & Mrs Sugden
  31st came to tea & to say good bye
  31 " Cloudy day. Josephine & Mr. Schreiber came to breakfast. Miss Dey came to apply.
April, 1912
April 1st Fine bright day. Nurse smith came to tea.
  2nd. Fine day.
  3rd. Fine day. Heavy rain last night Mr. Tipping came to tea.
  4 „ Fine day.
  5 „ Fine day. Got news that Mrs Coutts is coming on Sunday.
  7. Mrs coutts came on a flying visit rain & hail in night
  8: Miss Mitchell is leaving to-day.
Very cold. First fire in Sala—
Note: [New scribe, likely: Ms. Dey.]
  9 Very cold, a little snow fell–
  10 Left for Rosario
  21st Returned Home.
  24 Miss Dey arrived.
  24 Dull windy
  25 Damp & windy.
  26 Fine
  27 Uncertain
  28 Damp and uncertain. –Mrs Coutts left.
  29 Cold - hail storm this morning.
  30 Weather more settled - fine day - sunshine.
May, 1912
May 1 Paid all accounts — beautiful day. The Misses Brown called.
  2 Beautiful weather. Family left for Algarrobos
Mr Balloch came for meals today for first time. - Mrs & Miss Garrett came for tea
  3 Very windy day.
  4. Nice weather
  5 Beautiful day. Walked up to Alfred’s place.
  6 Nice sunny day.
  7 Very windy day
  8 Fine day. Set first hen. No visitors
  9 Nice quiet day. Miss Mitchell called this morning and received her wedding - present - a tea-set. Miss Smith called with the Lumsdaine’s baby. Stayed for tea.
  10 Dull foggy day. Planted out rose-trees.
  11 Very rainy last night but cleared up in the morning and remained sunny through the day.
  12 Nice weather.
  13 Nice weather. The Misses Brown were here for tea. School for native children opened at Cruz Grande.
  14 Good weather
  15 Nice sunny day. Gardening in the afternoon.
  16 Nice weather.   Do     Do
  17 Nice weather. Johnnie arrived
  18 Bitterly cold - snowed hard all day — tops of houses white. Mr Balloch’s son and daughter arrived.
  19 This morning snow covered the ground - 4 or 5 inches in depth. Was very cold all day. Johnnie, and Messrs Gorton & Wells from Miss Brown’s came for tea.
  20 Very cold day – snow still lying. Johnnie and Mr Wells lunched here. Nurse Smith had all her meals with me.
  21 Very cold day – Johnnie and Nurse Smith left today. Mr Wells had lunch, and tea with us. He has taken over Mr Balloch’s work until the latter’s recovery.
  22 Still very cold but bright and sunny.
  23 Weather still continues very cold. Mr Wells came for tea.
  24 Snow fell nearly all day but did not lie. Mr & Mrs Wells & son had lunch and tea.
  25 Weather still continues cold. Miss Dey and I walked along the drive and home by Cruz Grande. We visited the new school and spoke to the teacher. We are invited to a fiesta on 9th July.
  26 Weather cold but sunny. Spent a quiet day at home.
  27 Weather cold but bright.
  28 Weather somewhat warmer.
  29 Weather cold. Busy rendering down fat from five pigs.
  30 Very windy today. Still busy rendering down fat.
  31 Very windy last night — oppressive during the day.
June, 1912
June 1 Nice weather.
  2 Nice weather. Went for a walk in the afternoon.
  3 Nice weather. Making preparations for killing my pig.
  4 Nice weather. Pig killed to-day.
  5 Rather damp and sultry. Mr & Mrs Wells came for tea.
  6 Nice dry, cold, weather. Finished rendering down fat today and put two hams in pickle. Received two young pigs to-day
  7 Nice weather. Mr Balloch got up for first time today for one hour. Mr Wells had lunch and tea with us.
  8 Nice weather. Mr Balloch died early this morning.
  9 Nice clear weather. Mr Balloch buried to-day.
  10 Nice bright weather. Mr Wells had lunch here to-day.
  11 Nice bright weather. Mr & Mrs Wells had lunch here. The Garrett boys came to fetch a bag of nuts and took one along also to the Homes for the orphans Mr Balloch’s son & daughter left today.
  12 Nice bright weather. Mrs Wells called. Mr Gorton called to say goodbye before leaving for New Zealand.
  13 Nice bright weather.
  14 Dull weather – cold. Mr Wells had tea with us.
  15 Weather very cold – The Misses Brown came for tea.
  16 Weather windy and cold.
  17 Weather cold, but sunny in the afternoon. Doña Aguila delivered all the washing, and was paid therefor. Mr Wells came for tea and lunch.
  18 Weather – dull in the morning but sunny in the afternoon. Mr Wells came for tea.
  19 Weather somewhat dull today. Mr Wells came for lunch and tea. On 20th - child to Juan
  20 Dull depressing day. Mr Wells had tea here.
  21 Depressing weather — rainy and foggy. Mr Wells had tea to-day.
  22 Nice, bright, sunny day.
  23 Weather bright, but felt the day dreary and depressing.
  24 St John’s Day - weather bright – dull and stormy towards evening. Mr Wells came for lunch and tea.
  25 Dull weather – north wind – stormy, disagreeable.
  26 Dull weather. – Received box of oranges from Willie, La California, and a parcel of oranges from Mrs Schreiber. Mr Wells came for tea.
  27 Dull weather — much colder again. Sent for vegetable seeds today to B. Aires.
  28 Weather brighter this afternoon but very cold. Cut up oranges for marmalade — those sent by Willie, La California. — Mr Wells had lunch and tea here today.
  29 Weather very cold. Mr Wells had lunch and tea. Mrs Constable called and had tea. Cut up second lot of oranges for marmalade.
  30 Weather very cold. Spent a quiet Sunday.
July, 1912
July 1 Weather still cold but sunny. Finished making marmalade. Candido pruning
  2 Weather very, very cold. Mr Lumsdaine and Mr Wells had tea here.
  3 An “immensely” cold day and cutting wind.
  4 Much warmer to-day and sunny. Began to prune the raspberry bushes. Mr Wells had lunch and tea here. Candido pruning the fruit trees these last days.
  5 Weather warmer. Mr Wells had tea here.
  6 Weather warmer and sunny. Too few visitors to make exciting entries.
  7 Weather nice. Took a long walk to “Villa Schreiber”, round the Cruz and home by Cruz Grande. Hung up the bacon to-day.
  8 Weather good but cold wind blowing. Mr Wells had lunch and tea here.
  9 Very nice weather – warm and sunny. — Independence Day of the country.
  10 Favourable weather, but trying North wind. Mr Wells called this morning.
  11 Weather warm but oppressive – North wind. Mr Wells had tea here. Johnnie arrived from “Los Algarrobos”.
  12 Weather warm – Mr Wells had lunch here. New housemaid entered.
  13 Dull weather - Mr Wells had lunch & tea.
  14 Rained a little this morning and fog hung low on the hills all day.
  15 Dull weather – cold and damp. Mr Wells had lunch and tea.
  16 Dull weather – rained a little in afternoon. Government engineer came to survey new road.
  17 Weather brighter but cold. Hung up the hams in smoke and wrapped up the bacon. Mr Wells had tea here.
  18 This morning heavy frost but warm and bright in the afternoon. Johnnie left this morning for B. A. The road gang left Lumsdaine’s and went up to work at Alfred’s place.
  19 Heavy frost this morning – bright and sunny in the afternoon.
  20 Frosty morning – sunny in afternoon. Mr Wells had tea here.
  21 Cold and windy day— wind piercingly cold
  22 Much warmer to-day. Miss Dey and I drove to La Cumbre and called at Cruz Chica on the way back. Had tea with Mrs Lumsdaine. Mr Tippinge called this morning and had lunch. He is staying at Cruz Chica.
  23 Nasty dull day.
  24 Weather brighter but cold in the afternoon. Mr Wells came for tea. He leaves tomorrow for B. Aires.
  25 Weather cold and windy. No visitors.
  26 Weather bright but cold. Walked through Josephine’s place to Zapata’s almacen, then through the Cruz and home by Cruz Grande.
  27 Very cold, nasty weather.
  28 Rather a fine day. Twenty-seven chicks hatched today.
  29 Bright sunny day.
  30 Bright in the morning – windy in the evening. Mr Marty arrived tonight.
  31 Fair weather but cold. Mr Marty left this morning
August, 1912
Aug 1 Nice weather. Alfred arrived today and brought lots of good things.
  2 Nice warm weather. Miss Dey walked to La Esperanza.
  3 Foggy morning - bright afternoon.
  4 Nice day - looks like rain this evening. Mr Tippinge called this morning, also Mr Stewart, San Miguel. Mr Tippinge stayed for lunch and tea.
  5 Dull day.
  6 Dull, cold, foggy day. Groceries arrived from Rosario
  7 Cold, foggy day. Unpacked groceries
  8 Cold, foggy, miserable day. Thick fog to the door.
  9 Horrid weather – cold – drizzly – South wind
  10 Rained 20 mm during the night and continued raining steadily till 4 pm in the afternoon, after which it cleared up. In all 37 mm rain fell.
  11 Beautiful day like Spring. Mr Lumsdaine and Mr Tippinge called this afternoon. Mr Lumsdaine brought me a present of two pots of flowers which he took from Cordoba.—
Missing booz. 12 Beautiful day. Men (4) went to the woods to cut firewood. Have got a tent and are camping out.
13 Fine weather. Stayed in doors all day with bad cold and cough.
14 Beautiful, sunny day. Stayed in bed all day The doctor from Capilla came and pronounced it bronchitis.
15. Beautiful day with smell of Spring in the air. — Stayed in bed – Dr came.
16 Fine day though somewhat foggy. Mr Spooner & Mr Blair and Mrs Poyntz called to ask for me. - Capilla Dr came again this morning. Two cases of Sanatogen arrived.
17 Nice bright day. Dr came again today.
18 Dull morning, bright afternoon. Dr came and pronounced me a little better. Mr Johnnie arrived today
19 Nice day. Still in bed.


Please see the PDF file for the last pages of notes.  There are many blank pages, but amongst them are notes and lists of jams made, flowers and vegetables planted, bills paid, maids’ & cooks’ wages, etc.

© Peter Benitz (Benitz Family)