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William Benitz

c.1855, age 40
San Francisco
(source: J.C. Benitz)

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Josephine Kolmer

c.1850, age 20
San Francisco
(source: J.C. Benitz)

William & Josephine

All Their Descendants
“The Family”

Counting William & Josephine as the first generation, there are now seven (soon to be eight) generations of their descendants living about the globe (the sun never sets on this family!).

The paragraph titles below and the buttons above provide access across the generations to individual persons, family trees, and collections of photos, diaries, etc.

Please keep in mind, that for reasons of privacy and protection against fraud, we can only provide information on deceased members of our family, i.e. the first three or four generations.  To find your particular family branch, you may need to know the names of your grandparents or great-grandparents.

Person Index
Organised by surname (women are included twice, unmarried & married), the index provides direct access to each person’s page or that of their spouse or closest ancestor.
Descendants Tree
Each tree begins with William & Josephine, or one of their children who in turn had descendants: Josephine, William, Alfred, and John.  The trees are linked to individual family member pages.
Ancestral Trees
Ancestral trees of many spouses traced back to 1800 or earlier.
Benitz ancestors are traced back to the 1590s.
Photo Collections
Central access to collections of family photographs.  Some family members had large interesting collections.
Diaries, Letters, & Poesie Books
 Our early ancestors left a fairly extensive record of their activities in the form of letters, diaries, poesie books, and estancia day-books.
In Print: Books, Magazines, Newspapers, & Court Cases
Many family members are mentioned in print, particularly the early pioneers.
War Veterans
Focuses on the family members who served in the two world wars of the twentieth century.  All were volunteers.
Estancia “La California”
It transcends the generations.  Founded in 1875 by William Benitz; today (2015), 140 years later, the fifth generation of his descendants still owns and operates parts of it, including the original headquarters.
Benitz Hermanos
Artcilces of the the often mentioned company created by Alfred, John, and William Benitz on April 1, 1897.
Reference Pages
Our ancestors used terms and names particular to Argentina and their times that are unfamiliar to us today.  These pages open a Reference tab with access to:
(i) Spanglish Glossary: Argentine Spanish words mangled into English; & descriptions of native wild-life, trees, & vegetation.
(ii) Measures: German, Mexican, U.S., & Argentine terms & equivalencies.
(iii) People & Places: Names mentioned: who, where, & when.
Site Map
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