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Black Forest (Schwarzwald) Benitz
Emigrants & Non-Emigrants

There are today (year 2010) long established Benitz families living in villages of the Black Forest (Schwarzwald) east of Freiburg-im-Breisgau, in the state (Länder) of Baden-Würtenberg.  It is very likely the Benitz of the Black Forest are distantly related to the Benitz of Endingen — for it appears that the Endingen Benitz are actually an off-shoot of theirs.  Lorenz (Laurentius) Boenitz, apparently the common ancestor to all Endingen Benitz, was born in St.Peter im Schwarzwald, a village east of Freiburg.

We have not researched the Schwarzwald Benitz families.  However, Jochen Bonitz, in his comprehensive Bonitz Forum website, considers Benitz to be derived from Bönitz.  He provides extensive lists of references to Bönitz / Benitz who lived in Europe and the Americas.  Jürgen Sterks has provided us the names of two Benitz who emigrated from the Black Forest to the Americas at about the same time as Benitz did from Endingen:

Andreas Benitz
Born 12 April, 1806, in the village of Ibental, Baden.  He emigrated in 1827, settling first in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), and later in Freeberg (Illinois, east of St. Louis, Missouri).
Josef Benitz
Born 21 July, 1824, in the village of Ibental, Baden.  He emigrated to the U.S.; he died in Chicago (Illinois), c. 1899.

Freiburg area Benitz Families

To dispel any notion that the Benitz surname is special and unique to Endingen (or anywhere else), we include below a list compiled by Jürgen Sterks of Benitz who were born, married, or died in the Black Forest (Schwarzwald) area during the 1600's and 1700's.  For more details (in German) you can visit Jürgen's website.

In the following table, under Date, the abbreviations are:

Person Date Village
Benitz, Agatha  
Benitz, Agathag.1754Hinterzarten
Benitz, Agnesg.1630Schildwende
Benitz, Andreasg.1702Hinterzarten
Benitz, Andreasg.1759Hinterzarten
Benitz, Andreasg.1684Breitnau
Benitz, Annag.1763St. Peter
Benitz, Annag.1669St. Peter
Benitz, Annag.1700Neustadt
Benitz, Annag.1711St. Peter
Benitz, Annag.1633Schildwende
Benitz, Anna  
Benitz, Annag.1748Hinterzarten
Benitz, Annag.1713Hinterzarten
Benitz, Annag.1726Breitnau
Benitz, Anna (Agatha)g.1717St. Peter
Benitz, Anna Mariag.1714St. Peter
Benitz, Antoniusg.1766St. Peter
Benitz, Antoniusg.1750 
Benitz, Antoniusg.1734Breitnau
Benitz, Bartholomaeusg.1669Breitnau
Benitz, Bartholomaeusg.1718Breitnau
Benitz, Bartleg.1705St. Peter
Benitz, Bartleg.1714Neustadt
Benitz, Bartleg.1660St. Peter
Benitz, Bartle  
Benitz, Casparusg.1728Breitnau
Benitz, Catharinag.1745Hinterzarten
Benitz, Catharinag.1709Hinterzarten
Benitz, Catharina  
Benitz, Catharinag.1668Breitnau
Benitz, Catharinag.1722Breitnau
Benitz, Christent.1693Hinterzarten
Benitz, Christiang.1699St. Peter
Benitz, Christianh.1710Neustadt
Benitz, Christian  
Benitz, Christiang.1620 
Benitz, Christiant.1726Hinterzarten
Benitz, Christiang.1669Hinterzarten
Benitz, Christiang.1688Hinterzarten/ Bruderhalden
Benitz, Christian  
Benitz, Christinag.1659Hinterzarten
Benitz, Clemensg.1769St. Peter
Benitz, Davidg.1687 
Benitz, Fidesg.1729Breitnau
Benitz, Franziskag.1761Hinterzarten
Benitz, Franziskusg.1723Breitnau
Benitz, Georgg.1721St. Peter
Benitz, Georgg.1667St. Peter
Benitz, Georgg.1686St. Peter
Benitz, Georgg.1704Hinterzarten
Benitz, Georgiusg.1683Breitnau
Benitz, Gertrudg.1752St Peter
Benitz, Hans  
Benitz, Hansg.1675St. Peter
Benitz, Hans Peterg.1674St. Peter
Benitz, Jacobg.1664Hinterzarten
Benitz, Jacobg.1650 
Benitz, Jacobg.1757Hinterzarten
Benitz, Jacobg.1720Hinterzarten
Benitz, Jacobg.1622Hinterzarten
Benitz, Jakobg.1658St. Peter
Benitz, Jakobh.1755Jostal
Benitz, Joannesg.1734Breitnau
Benitz, Johanng.1768St. Peter
Benitz, Johanng.1725St. Peter
Benitz, Johanng.1754St. Peter
Benitz, Johanng.1626 
Benitz, Johann Georgh.1804Buchenbach
Benitz, Johannesg.1749St. Peter
Benitz, Johannesg.1708 
Benitz, Johannesg.1662 
Benitz, Johannesg.1724Hinterzarten
Benitz, Johannesg.1663Hinterzarten
Benitz, Josefg.1771St. Peter
Benitz, Josefg.1760St. Peter
Benitz, Josefg.1711St. Peter
Benitz, Josephh.1753Hinterzarten
Benitz, Katharinag.1677 
Benitz, Lorenzg.1708St. Peter
Benitz, Lorenzg.1689St. Peter
Benitz, Lorenz  
Benitz, Lorenzh.1792 
Benitz, Madleng.1705Hinterzarten
Benitz, Magdalenag.1756St. Peter
Benitz, Magdalenag.1753Breitnau
Benitz, Magdalenag.1722Altglashütten
Benitz, Magdalenag.1625 
Benitz, Magdalenag.1744Hinterzarten
Benitz, Magdalenag.1665 
Benitz, Magdalenag.1731Breitnau
Benitz, Margaretha  
Benitz, Mariag.1663St. Peter
Benitz, Mariag.1663St. Peter
Benitz, Maria  
Benitz, Mariag.1694St. Peter
Benitz, Mariag.1721 
Benitz, Maria  
Benitz, Mariag.1746St. Peter
Benitz, Mariah.1740Hinterzarten
Benitz, Mariag.1743Hinterzarten
Benitz, Mariag.1726Hinterzarten
Benitz, Mariag.1697Hinterzarten
Benitz, Mariag.1656Hinterzarten
Benitz, Mariag.1660Hinterzarten
Benitz, Mariag.1667Breitnau
Benitz, Mariag.1768Breitnau ex Schollach
Benitz, Maria Annag.1750St. Peter
Benitz, Maria Catharinah.1703St. Peter
Benitz, Maria Genovevag.17 
Benitz, Marting.1671St. Peter
Benitz, Marting.1750Hinterzarten
Benitz, Martinh.1636 
Benitz, Marting.1657Hinterzarten
Benitz, Martinyg.1664Breitnau
Benitz, Mathiasg.1807St. Peter
Benitz, Mathiasg.1757St. Peter
Benitz, Mathiasg.1752Hinterzarten
Benitz, Mathiasg.1673Hinterzarten
Benitz, Mathiasg.1725Breitnau
Benitz, Mathisg.1687St. Peter
Benitz, Mathish.1612Hinterzarten
Benitz, Michaelg.1720Breitnau
Benitz, Michelg.1717Hinterzarten
Benitz, Ottiliag.1749Hinterzarten
Benitz, Petrusg.1761St. Peter
Benitz, Reginag.1681Breitnau
Benitz, Rosinag.1707Hinterzarten
Benitz, Theresiag.1705 
Benitz, Thomasg.1662St. Peter
Benitz, Thomasg.1598 
Benitz, Ursulag.1753St. Peter
Benitz, Ursula  
Benitz, Veronikag.1677Breitnau

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