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11 June 2019
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Clara E. Allyn & Edward C. Schiele
Chacra near Bell Ville, Cba.

Records show that, in 1914, E.C. (Edward) Schiele and Clara E. Allyn-Benitz jointly purchased a plot of land close to Bell Ville, province of Córdoba.  We (as yet) do not know how long they owned it, to what purpose, nor when they disposed of it.

The record is a legal survey, number 149, 1914, Unión department, Córdoba province.  The property surveyed was the eastern side of suerte D126bis (shaded blue in map below) immediately south-west of Bell Ville; it measured 1,365 ha., a bit more than half a square league (3,372 acres).

Suerte - a tract of land, its size varied by government body (and year) that first auctioned or distributed the land to settlers, speculators, and the connected.  In the map below, the larger square “suertes” are each about 4 square leagues, 10,000 hectares (24,471 acres).

(Thank you Mr. Juan D. Delius for sharing with us your research.)


Suertes around Monte Molina (suerte 29)
numbers official, letter codes temporary
Compiled by Juan D. Delius, 2005


Title of the Survey Map

Propiedad del
Sr. Francisco Tau
a los Sres. E.C. Schiele
y Sra. Clara A. de Benitz
Departamento Union Pedania Bell-Ville
Property of
Mr. Francisco Tau
sold to
Messrs E.C. Schiele
and Mrs. Clara A. de Benitz
Department Union Township Bell-Ville

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