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Estancia “La California”
1907 Day-Book

This is the 19th and last diary that has survived the years.  Apparently later diaries were not kept.

English-Spanish: The entries in this diary have various authors.  The diary begins with a few short entries in English  (January 1-8 &15-16) then swaps to Spanish (January 29-31).  Beginning January 31, the entries record the daily activities of the workmen, livestock counts, visitors, & the comming & going of family members.  They are written almost entirely in very poor Spanish with the occassional word or sentence in English.  After July 27, very few entries were made: September 17-27 and December 3-5.

Background:  The background image is John Schreiber’s lithograph of “La California”, which he drew in 1878.

Reference Pages:  To aid the reader with Spanglish terminology, unfamiliar names (people & places), and old measures (weights, distances, currencies, etc.) we have provided a set of: Reference Pages.  We recommend you have these available — they will open in a second window or tab.

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