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Other Stuff

The Other Stuff contains reference and general information pages that apply across the web-site.  They include:

A log of additions and changes to the web-site. If you haven't visited the site in a long time, you may wish to see what has changed since your last visit.
More Sites
A table listing some relevant web-sites you may wish be visit regarding the family. The table is organised by country: Argentina, Germany, USA, and Venezuela.
Site MAP
Contains a list of pages in the The Benitz Bull, with direct access to every one of them.

Reference Pages:

This group of pages opens in a separate tab, thereby making them available when perusing the other pages of the web-site.

Spanglish Glossary
Our ancestors in the Argentine spoke Spanglish, a mixture of English interspersed with words and phrases derived from the Spanish they used in their everyday activities.  We attempt to explain the terms.
Our ancestors used the currencies and measures of Argentina, Germany, Mexico, UK, USA, and Venezuela. This page provides conversion tables and explains how we arrive at modern equivalents for past measures and monetary values of the 19th century when each country, state, province, or even city had its own systems.
People & Place Names
Several pages, each contains background material (such as: maps & lists of People and Place Names) relevant to a particular locale and set of diaries, letters, etc.:
(1) Los Algarrobos, et al — John‘s notes & diaries.
(2) La California, et al — Frank & Alfred diaries, and estancia day-books.
(3) North Santa Fé — Frank’s letters, Laguna Yacaré & Los Palmares day-books, Alfred’s notes of his hunts.
(4) North Chaco — John & Alfred’s visits to the camps: El Bermejo & Campo Winter.

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