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This log is a record of the changes and additions made to the site, in push down sequence with the most recent changes listed first.

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Updates — 2016-2019
Apr'19 Benitz-2020: Reunion Status Created info page with the reunion committee's first detailed e-mail: dates, hotels, activities, etc.
Mar'19 Malcolm & Gertie Bz - Photos Added pictures of Malcolm & Gertie's wedding to the photo page.  Also updated their date line.
Feb'19 Tommy & Elsie Sympson Have begun adding photos of Tommy & Elsie Sympson and their family.
Feb'19 Jack Bell's ancestors Jack's ancestors were from Scotland & not directly connected to the other Bell families in Argentina.
Jan'19 Watt family photos Added a stack of AL WATT & HATTIE BENITZ family photos, to their pages and those of her sisters and her mother (Clara Allyn Bz).
¡¡ Thank you Jane W/B & Michael M-B. !!
Dec'18 Percy & Vera Watt Added 4 pages: Bio. & Event Time-Line, Photos, Documents & Letters, and Drawings.  First of four brothers who became RAF pilots, Percy was also a champion glider pilot, and an artist.
Nov'18 Al Watt & Hattie Bz & family Several pages created and/or updated, in particular theirs & eldest son Percy (Willie) Watt (d.1939, WW-II) & his family
Sep'18 Various Added many photographs to "La California", William O. Bz, & William A. Bz - all early 20th century
Jun'18 La California - 1906 Added the day-book for 1906, in PDF format.  Not yet transcribed. Much more detailed; written almost entirely in Spanish.
May'18 Malcolm Bz - WW-II (8 pages) Updated 4 pages & added 4 new pages (Training, Wounded, Redeployed, & Demobilized): many photos, letters, newspaper cuttings.
Mar'18 Alfred A. Bz - Chronicles Completed its transcription!! (Thank you, René!)
Jan'18 Clara E. Allyn-Bz Page with details re Clara's chacra, which she purchased in 1914 with Mr. E.C. Schiele.
Jan'18 Alfred A. Bz - 1899 Diary Completed Alfred's “Los Palmares” diary of 1899. (Thank you Mike M-B!)
Dec'17 La California - 1905 Added the day-book for 1905, in PDF format.  Not yet transcribed. Entries made in Spanish & English.
Dec'17 La California - 1904 Added the day-book for 1904, in PDF format.  Not yet transcribed. Written in Spanish.
Nov'17 Frend Family tree New page: the family tree of Eileen Frend's ancestors (wife of Willie Benitz).
Nov'17 Al Watt & Hattie Bz Added time-line, and pages for: Photos, Docs/Print - placeholders - INCOMPLETE, H E L P !!
Nov'17 Willie & Eileen Trip 1935 Willie's account of a 3 month trip to the US, June-Aug. 1935.
Nov'17 Willie A. Bz at Rodeo Willie rode bareback at a Texas rodeo, ca.1910
Oct'17 Willie, Flora, & Eileen Added a combined time-line- INCOMPLETE, H E L P !!
Oct'17 Flora King - Chart Added chart of Flora King's (m. Willie A. Bz) direct ancestors, back to Brazil & Azores.
Oct'17 Billy & Ida Roberts Added time-line - INCOMPLETE, H E L P !!
Oct'17 Jimmy & Camucha Roberts Added time-line - INCOMPLETE, H E L P !!
Oct'17 George Roberts - Ancestors Created chart of George's direct ancestors, & family trees of both father & mother (Turnbull).
Oct'17 George Roberts & Marion Bz Added time-line, and pages for: Photos, Docs/Print, Roberts Ancestors - placeholders - INCOMPLETE, H E L P !!
Oct'17 Frank Bell & Marie Simon Added time-line, and pages for: Photos, Docs/Print, WW-II - placeholders - INCOMPLETE, H E L P !!
Oct'17 Jim Bell & Bernice Bz Added time-line, and pages for: Photos, Docs/Print - placeholders - INCOMPLETE, H E L P !!
Oct'17 Jack Bell & Clarita Bz Added time-line, and pages for: Photos - placeholders - INCOMPLETE, H E L P !!
Oct'17 Graham Paul & Nena Bz Added time-line, and pages for: Photos (WW-I) - placeholders - INCOMPLETE, H E L P !!
Oct'17 Stanley Jeans & Katie Bz Added time-line, and pages for: Photos, Docs/Print - placeholders - INCOMPLETE, H E L P !!
Sep'17 Clara E. Allyn/Bz Added time-line - INCOMPLETE, H E L P !!
Sep'17 William O. Bz Added time-line - INCOMPLETE, H E L P !!
Sep'17 Alfred A. Bz (i) Biography: Combined 6 web pages into one page;
(ii) Chronicles: Began its transcription to the web;
(iii) Added "In Print" and "Documents" web pages, currently empty.
Aug'17 Various bits added (i) Frank A. Bz.: photo of Memorial Stadium column; (ii) Fly. Cemetery: List of gravestones; (iii) Malcolm Bz.: E-mail re ditching in the Med.
Aug'17 Alfred A. Bz - Biography (i) Completed chapters 3, 7, & 17: chap.3 (US Civil War ironclad naval battle); chaps.7 & 17: Argentine history.
(ii) Made ready to include the "Chronicles" upon which the biography is based.
Aug'17 Benitz Hnos. - 1897 Articles of Benitz Hermanos, the company created by the brothers Alfred, John, & William on 1 April, 1897.
Jul'17 Alfred A. Bz - 1898 Diary Completed the “Los Palmares” diary of 1898 - Alfred produced 8,930 head of cattle! (Thank you Mike M-B!)
Jun'17 Frank A. Bz WW-I: Added photo of Frank's crashed F2.b "Brisfit" in which he died.
Jun'17 Malcolm Bz - POW WW-II: POW camps P.G. 75 & P.G. 78 in central Italy - letters & photos.
Jun'17 Malcolm Bz - Capture WW-II: Ditched in the Med., 10 days w/o food or water (saved by rain), rescued, & taken prisoner.
Jun'17 Malcolm Bz - 104 Sqdn. WW-II: Pilot with RAF 104 Bomber Squadron (Wellington Mk.II's), based in England, Malta, & Egypt.
May'17 La California - 1903 Added the day-book for 1903, in PDF format.  Not yet transcribed. Written in Spanish.
May'17 La California - 1902 Added the day-book for 1902, in PDF format.  Not yet transcribed. Written in Spanish as of July 1, 1902.
Apr'17 La California - 1901 Added the day-book for 1901, in PDF format.  Not yet transcribed.
Apr'17 Alfred D. Bz - Photos His first photo album, 1918-1925: Los Algarrobos, Malvern, Fort Ross, trips, polo, & many family.
Feb'17 John's Photo Album 6 The Hills ca.1905-1910: Completed!! Finally!! Still need names to some people.
Feb'17 Alfred A. Bz - 1891 Diary Added list & cost of troperos (Dec 13); a loose insert to the diary.
Feb'17 Alfred A. Bz - 1898 Diary “Los Palmares” 1898, first ½ - rough yet.
Feb'17  Xref of Names - Chaco Added contemporary map (1916) of east ½ of the Chaco Territory (later province).
Feb'17 Queries Removed page because of concern for privacy (was last updated in 2004).
Feb'17 SEARCH Added Google's Search engine - free, so comes with adverts (sorry folks).
Jan'17 William Bz  b.1815 A new page for a new chapter: He arrived in New York, Dec. 2, 1833. Other pages modified.
Jan'17 Alfred A. Bz - 1897 Diary Transcribed! Alfred's “Los Palmares” 1897 day-book.
Jan'17 Johann E. Bz  b.1812 Emigration - added his arrival in New York, Dec. 2, 1833
Jan'17 La California - 1891 Diary The 1891 day-book has been transcribed & published with PDF files.
Dec'16 Family Cemetery Photos of ALL the headstones in the family cemetery at Ea. “La California”.
Oct'16 Charles A. Bz Created title and photo pages for Charles - to be filled in.
Oct'16 John's Photo Album 6 The Hills ca.1905-1910: 60+ of approx. 90 photos are up - under constrcution.
Sep'16 John's Photo Album 8 Re-edited the photos - 1890's to 1912. Includes trip July 1907 by John & 3 daugters to Los Palmares.
Sep'16 John's Photo Album 5 Camp photos ca.1905-1910: 96 large photos, all of Los Algarrobos was first getting started.
Aug'16 Malcolm Bz - Youth Several pages with photos, docs, etc. of his years before WW2.
Jul'16 Alfred A. Bz - 1896 Diary Transcribed! Alfred's “Los Palmares” 1896 day-book, increases production, more indian troubles.
Jul'16 Josephine Bz-Schreiber Her Poesie Book, begun in 1867, includes many poignant cards & messages.
Jul'16 Alfred A. Bz Photos Added portraits of Alfred & Olga, likely taken soon after they married, Sept.1915.
Jul'16 John's Photo Album 4 Camp photos of 1900-1908, when Los Algarrobos was first getting started.
Jun'16 Alfred A. Bz - Diaries Transcribed! Alfred's “Los Palmares” day-book for 1895, rents more land, has indian troubles.
Jun'16 Elisa Bichsel Elisa Bichsel, Frank's widow, has been found! Many thanks to Jorge Cáceres.
May'16 John's Photo Album 3 Loaded John's album (#3): family members 1900-1910, most in Cruz Grande, dress-up party.
Apr'16 Aphra Peard - Ancestors Aphra Aileen Peard’s ancestors from Ireland & Canada - NEW
Apr'16 John's Photo Album 2 Loaded John's album (#2): family & activities at Los Algarrobos & Cruz Grande.
Apr'16 Marjorie Macintosh Created pages for Marjorie (wife of John E. Bz, b.1861) and her family - to be filled.
Apr'16 Nena Bz-Paul - Photos Added page & some photos.
Apr'16 William & Clara - Docs Added many interesting documents, certificates, and some photos.
Mar'16 La California - 1900 Added the day-book for 1900, in PDF format.  Not yet transcribed.
Mar'16 Willie A. Bz - Photos Added photos of Willie's wives: Flora King and Eileen Frend.
Mar'16 Allyn Ancestors Added wills, newspaper cuttings, etc. to Clara E. Allyn’s (wife of WOBz) ancestors.
Jan'16 Willie O. Bz & Clara Allyn Created time lines for both - PLEASE CONTRIBUTE!
Jan'16 Willie O. Bz - Documents New page - family documents and references in print.
Jan'16 Eileen M. Frend Eileen (Willie Agar Bz's 2nd wife) now has a page - we need the FREND fly tree & history!
Jan'16 King Fly Trees Added Flora's (Willie Agar Bz 1st wife) KING famliy ancestor tree
Jan'16 Allyn Fly Trees Expanded Clara E. Allyn’s family tree; her ancestors arrived in Massachusetts, 1623-1640.
Jan'16 Frank A. Bz Added: his 1912 tour of Europe on motorcycle; & his 1917 Pilot Aviator certification
Table of updates continues below "Some notes".

Some notes:

Date By Pages Current concentration of Effort
ASAP Alfred D. Bz - photos Albums received from Robin & David Benitz need to be published.
ASAP Wm.Bz. b.1815 Pages in need of completion: Fort Ross lifestyle, Argentina.
Ongoing Ea. La California In progress: – transcriptions added when received: Veronica Benitz (1901), Jorge Cáceres (1893)
Ongoing Alfred A. Bz - Diaries In progress: – transcriptions added when received: Michael Mohr-Bell (1899)
Page In need of attention
Anton Bz Much material to add - which we have had for quite some time.
B2K Fly. Reunion Most images of the first family reunion (Argentina 2000) need to be recreated larger.
Maria Bz / Erichson Much to add regarding sons
Date Page
(Blue are linked)
Updates — 2009-2015
Dec'15 Wilhelm Bz's death Copied Alfred's account of WBz's death from his 1873 diary to his 1876 diary & to William's vital records
Dec'15 Site Map To help navigate the site, we are adding a Site Map, a list of all available pages.
Nov'15 Wm.Bz - Fort Ross The history of his acquisition of Rancho de Muniz & Fort Ross.
Oct'15 Alfred A. Bz - Diaries Newly transcribed, Alfred's “Los Palmares” day-book for 1894
Sep'15 2015 Fly. Reunion Completed the pages for the Benitz Family reunion held at Fort Ross, 13-15 July 2015.
Jun'15 Clara E. Allyn-Bz (Wife of William O. Bz) Added a brief family tree of her ancestors & siblings.
Jun'15 Alfred A. Bz - Diaries Newly transcribed, Alfred's diary of a hunt in 1902 in north Santa Fé, S. del Estero, & Chaco
April'15 Current Events The Current Events pages are reactivated (& secured) on the new web hosting service.
Mar'15   ENTIRE SITE Migrated to a different Web Hosting service (DreamHost): better tech assistance & faster site.
Feb'15 Alfred A. Bz - Diaries Newly available, the transcribed diary of 9 Trips to Campo Winter - 1927 through 1934
Feb'15 Alfred A. Bz - Diaries ALL his diaries are now available as PDF files of page images.
We still need to transcribe the majority. Volunteers??
Feb'15   W&J FAMILY MENUS Made them simpler - at René's insistance!!
Jan'15 Alfred A. Bz - Photos New page with photos from Auntie Olga's album of Uncle Alfred's photos.
Nov'14 All FAMILY TREES Linking family trees to each other & to information pages. About 50% completed.
Nov'14 WW-I Vets Added Elsie Bz., ambulance driver.
Nov'14 Wm.Bz. Vitals Added translation into English of Wilhelm's baptismal record (Endingen, Baden).
Oct'14 Wm.Bz. Newspapers Added several news clips from the California Digital Newspaper Collection.
Oct'14 Herman Bz. Added notice of his birth in the Daily Alta California.
Sep'14   ENTIRE SITE Changed service with our Web Hosting company (Verio).
Sep'14 Alfred Bz Diary 1904 Corrected preface to indicate this was his second foreign trip, not first.
Sep'14 John E. Bz Photos Added 2 photos of John taking photographs.
Sep'14 Alfred Bz Diary 1892 Added Alfred's map of fence along Los Palmares' northern border.
Sep'14 Roots & Branches Reformatted most of these pages, attempting to make navigating them easier.
Aug.'14 Wm.Bz.- Calif. Ranchos Added diseño presented by Mauel Torres to Mex.Gov. in his petition for Rancho Muniz, 1844.
Aug.'14 Anton Bz. Fly.Tree New page of Anton’s descendants tree (w/o living members).  He was a brewer.
July'14 Wm. & Jos. Fly.Tree Added links from tree to family member pages.
July'14 John Todd Added information about John Todd. Reformatted the page.
July'14 Alfred A. Bz: 1901 Hunt Transcribed Alfred's diary of his hunt with John Todd to Cañada del Rey (north of Reconquista), June 1901.
July'14 Family Trees Updated the family trees per e-mails received before July, 2014.
May'14 La California - 1899 Transcribed! The “Cali” day book of 1899 has been transcribed.
May'14 Josephine’s Photos Photos identified by Matt Thompson: Album of CDV’s & Trip to California (Rancho Olompali).
Jan'14 Malcolm Bz - Wounded New! Telegrams & photos of when he was wounded during WW2.
Jan'14 William O. Bz - Photos Added family photos (ca.1895-1925) provided by Michael Mohr-Bell.
Jan'14 Barbara Bz (b.1815) New! Barbara emigrated to Texas 1830's, married Gustave Erichson. He & sons were well-known gunsmiths.
Jan'14 Adolphus Bz (b.1829) New! Adolphus Bz was a Gold Rush miner (California) & a prize winning Angora goat breeder (Nevada).
Dec'13 Wm.Bz - Docs Added Fort Ross census of 8 January, 1848, to WBz's "Docs›Civil" page.
Dec'13 ALL PAGES Behind the scenes code changes: simplified HTML references (easier to maintain), standardised more CSS (ditto), standardised menu bar format, replaced FrontPage date-stamp with own Java script ('page last "updated"' becomes "modified").
Nov'13 Wm.Bz - Fort Ross New page: Court testimony of "Raid of 1845" with Spanish transcription, our translation; raw language, not for tender eyes.
Oct'13 Malcolm Bz - POW WW-II, escape from POW camp: Added maps, photos, & narrative.
Sep'13 Wilhelm Bz, etc Standardised menu nesting; new page: "Generations" provides access to topics & issues best addressed across all generations.
May'13 John E. Bz Photos - loaded the photos from smallest of his albums, the first of 8-10 albums.
May'13 Wilhelm Bz Documents - loaded his: Vital, Citizenship (Mexican & US), & Civic records (census, taxes, etc.).
May'13 Wilhelm Bz In Print - loaded references to WBz in books, newspapers, & court cases. Yet to add modern references (i.e. web pages).
May'13 Entire — Removed Page-Frames —
Apr'13 La California - Diaries Added years 1897-1899 (more...); with diary page images in PDF files. Transcriptions to follow.
Apr'13 Josephine Kolmer/Bz Diary: Transcription completed - 1909 through 1912
Mar'13 La California - Diaries Added years 1891-1896; with diary page images in PDF files. Transcriptions to follow.
Mar'13 WBz - Rancher NEW: Maps of all his ranchos in California: New Breisgau, Hermann, & Muniz (Ft.Ross).
Mar'13 W&J Person Index NEW: Index of W&J family members; linked from Home & Children pages.
Mar'13 Poro Sympson Added his account (written to his grandchilddren) of his adventures during WW-II.
Mar'13 War Vets Added photos from Moira Greaven of Sympsons in uniform during WW-II.
Mar'13 John E. Bz New portrait photo; also added links & pages for each of his children.
Feb'13 Josephine KBz. Added time-line to her summary bio.
Feb'13 Wilhelm Bz Converted & updated his time-line & pages on real-estate & ranchos.
Jan'13 Frank A. Bz (b.1893) Added info re Univ. of Illinois Memorial Stadium (from La California).
Dec'12 John E. Bz (b.1861) NEW page: scraps of a "diary" for 1911 & 1912: Los Algarrrobos & Cruz Grande.
Dec'12 Herman Bz (b.1863) NEW page; brief bio w/photos of his youth & death in Mar del Plata (1893).
Dec'12 Thaddaeus Bz (b.1805) Gave him his own page, included the letters he received from sibs in America 1850-1870.
Nov'12 Jos.&Fly. Photo 1866 Added family photo taken at Fort Ross ca.1866 to various pages where appropriate.
Oct'12 Josephine Kolmer/Bz New page: Transcription (in progress) of a diary kept for her at Cruz Grande, 1909-1912.
Sep'12 Prussian Bz (Heinrich) Added Brandon Bz's study "Not by Bread Alone" re Bz in Wathena, Kansas
Aug'12 Current Events New page re restoration ceremony for Frank A. Bz' grave (kia 1918) in Gainsborough, UK.
Aug'12 Home Page Migration about 2/3 done. Moved contents of the home page to the new menu format. Home Page format changed - similar layout to The Economist.
Jul'12 Louis W. Bz (b.1819) Family history, etc. updated with info provided by a Woerner descendent.
Jun'12 Alfred A. Bz - Diaries 1904 trip Europe & UK - completed.
Jul'11 Alfred A. Bz - Diaries 1877 - done.
Jun'11 Alfred A. Bz - Diaries Done: 1873, '74, ('76 not), '77, '84-85, '89-90
& trips: 1908 (Yukon), 1910 (Africa), 1920 (UK), 1922 (Pulmari), 1925 (UK)
Apr'11 Pages & menus Changes to simplify HTML code.
Mar'11 Alfred A. Bz -DIARIES 1873 - begun; 1884 & 1888 - in progress; 1910 (safari)
Jan'11 Los Palmares Created page of People & Place names specific to Laguna Yacare & Los Palmares day-books (1884-1902)
Jan'11 Glossary Merged BzJE, La Calif., & BzAA glossaries of camp terms into one Glossary, added it to the "Other Pages" menu.
Jan'11 Bz-2010 Added Simon Bell's movies to reunion pages.
Dec'10 Alfred A. Bz 1889 Began adding the transcription by Micheal Mohr-Bell.
Dec'10 WBzFly Tree Moved tree to the secured "Events" menu; further pruned the public tree - reduced to counts of living descendants, no details.
Dec'10 Alfred A. Bz 1904 Began page re trip to Europe, US, and western coast of South America
Dec'10 Alfred A. Bz Yukon 1908 Began page covering his hunting trip to the Yukon w/Todd July-Oct 1908.  Added PDF of diary.
Nov'10 John Todd Diary Added photo of him
Nov'10 Alfred A. Bz Safari 1910 Began page covering his safari in British East Africa (Kenya) Oct-Dec 1910.  Added PDFs of pamphlet & "diary".
Oct'10 Kolmer, Michael Added US Census info.
Oct'10 WB Vital Records Added Calif., US census and tax info. Reformatted.
Oct'10 WB children Added photos, including pic of the 3 brothers: William/Alfred/John
Oct'10 WB children Added ages at key dates: 1867 (sold Ft.Ross), 1894 (emigrate to Arg.), 1876 (WB death).
Oct'10 Frank J. Bz - Bio. Added complete bio (1850-1881) with all the information we have about him: diaries, letters, documents, etc.
Apr'10 Obits Added Billy Roberts' obit.
Apr'10 Bz-2010 Creating and pages of pix. etc.
Oct'09 Bz-2010 Posted Newsleter No.1 (others followed, in Dec.)
Oct'09 Menus Began creating informational pages for each menu (on-going enhancement)
June'09 Photos 1880 Added photo of the Benitz home at Ft.Ross when operated as a hotel.
June'09 Rancho New Breisgau Corrected map, added WBz diseño, added more info that has come available.
May'09 WBz & JKBz Vitals Created new page for their vital records.  Added WBz passport application, 1874.
May'09 WBz Mexican Refs Removed "Ft.Ross Raid" from "Published Refs" to new page "Mexican Calif. Refs."
May'09 JKBz Letters Removed 1898 newspaper interview to "Published References"
May'09 WBz Pub.References Split between: "Calif.State agencies" vs: "Books & Newspapers"
May'09 WBz Fly Photo Archive Split into 2 menus at 1874: California vs:  Argentina
May'09 Alfred Bz Trips 1920s Added map & photos to 1922 ride to Pulamri & over Andes
May'09 WBz Summary Bio Added paragraph on Gold ventures, & Republican Party membership
May'09 WBz Fly Tree Updated tree
May'09 Francis X. Bz Expanded tree & added more info on family in Ohio.
April'09 MENUS ReDoing format and organization - continuing.
Mar'09 Alfred Bz Trips 1920s New page(s) from a diary of 3 trips during 1920's
Feb'09 La California 1888 Pics Created new page and began adding pictures. Completed.
Jan'09 La California 1890 Diary Diary of daily activities on Ea. "La California", 1890 - new pages
Updated lists of names & glossary to include 1890
Jan'09 Jos. Bz-Schreiber Diary Diary of her tour of Europe, 1900
Date By Fly. Pages Updates — 1999-2008
6 Jun'08 WB in Texas Added section listing likely wrecks upon Texas coast during 1830-1835.
16 Feb'08 Karl Bz (Venezuela) Added information about his children & descendants in Venezuela & USA.
23 Nov'07 La California 1888 Diary Diary of daily activities on Ea. "La California", 1888 - new pages
23 Nov'07 Diary Menu Created a menu to provide access to all diaries
23 Nov'07 Alfred Bz 1874 Diary Diary of trip Oakland to Rosario, 1874 - new page
23 Nov'07 Site Map Totally revamped the page to make searching the website easier.
7 July'07 Max Bz New Page for his trip Clacutta to London June-Aug'07
29 Aug'06 Kolmer Photos Completed re-org. & deleted olde photogallery over which had little control
21 Sep'05 John E Bz - Algarrobos Added pictures from Carlos Peretti (& e-mail to querries)
25 Aug'05 Kolmer Wagon Train Updated with info from J.A. Sutter's New Helvetia Diary (Sutter's Fort)
31 Jul'05 BQ05 Revised the pages.  Began adding pictures, etc. of the event
19 May'05 WB - Veterans Added list of WW-I vets - incomplete but a beginning
19 May'05 Photos - 1930 Added Graham Paul's obit.
19 May'05 Photos -1950 Added George Roberts obit.
12 May'05 Photos-1940 Added Jimmy Roberts (2).
11 May'05 WB - Summary Added diagram of Ft. Ross c.1866
10 May'05 Frank A. Bz (1893) Added record of his pilot's certificate received in Arg. - from C. Meunier.
3 May'05 Comings & Goings Added eulogy to May Mohr-Bell.
1 May'05 BQ05 Added 4th Newsletter & placed old newsletters in a separate page
19 Feb'05 WB - Rancho RE Added page listing WOB's rancho real estate deals, 1845-1867.
19 Feb'05 WB - Oakland RE Added page listing WOB's real-estate transactions in Oakland, 1867-1874.
16 Feb'05 WB in Texas Reorganised into 2 sections, WB chronolical history, search for the facts.
14 Feb'05 Bz Origins - Venezuela Added newspaper clipping on Wilhelm Bz(1833) disappearance, & Ellis Island info. on Karl's wife, Emilia Brecht.
14 Feb'05 WB - Summary Added cattle brand (from Lynn Rudy)
14 Feb'05 WB - References Added New York Times reports of the family's arrival & departure, Aug.1874
7 Feb'05 John E. Bz. Diary Completed entering the diary thru 1911.  Updated glossary & map.
15 Jan'05 John E. Bz. Diary Created 3 new pages: 1904, 1905, and glossary.
15 Jan'05 WB - Letters Added letter from their translator, J.L. Grimmé (8 Mar., 1973).
8 Jan'05 BQ05 Added addendum re hotel reservations.
2 Jan'05 BQ05 Added December2004  Newsletter
29 Oct'04 Franz X. Bz (Frank) Added 1886 map of Santa Fé colonies (source: Javier Mafucci-Moore)
Added 1868 painting by Franz (source: Peter Bz, Ucko Collection)
23 Oct'04 WB - Veterans Added info from Susan Stead & Ruth Waller regarding Frank A. Bz
11 Oct'04 Benitz Origins Freiburg: Added list of Black Forest Benitz born 1600/1700's from J. Sterks
30 Sep'04 WB Ft.Ross, etc. Re-organised, added photo from JKBz collection.
30 Sep'04 WB References Updated Fort Ross State Park info, added ref. to recent book Images of America: Fort Ross and the Sonoma Coast.
30 Sep'04 WB References Added Mexican court records of raid by rancheros on Fort Ross, July 1845.
10 Sep'04 JKBz - Letters Added images of her letters to Mrs. Call, writen in 1899.
9 Sep'04 WB References Added articles from the BsAs Standard of his arrival in Arg. Oct. 1874
9 Sep'04 Franz X. Bz. Added his death record at the Methodist Church in Rosario, S.Fé.
6 Sep'04 Various Corrected links to Fort Ross
25 Aug'04 Kolmer Added images of Josepha's will.
9 Aug'04 Franz X. Bz (Frank) Moved Colonia Espín to his nephew Franz J. Bz (Wilhelm's son).
25 July'04 Photos-1890 Corrected names on 2 photos & moved them to 1910 (per Angie Garat)
20 July'04 WB Children Added info on their first years & an article about them: LOS BENITZ, 1955.
30 Jun'04 WB Children Added photos & reorganized - still needs much more work
29 June'04 JKBz - Letters Added text of letters she wrote to Mrs. Call.  Still need to add pics.
22 Jun'04 Kolmer Wagon Train Began adding information from "The Brazen Overlanders of 1845" by Donna Wojcik - slow process.
2 Jun'04 WB Children Created new page - to include summaries or complete bios of each ofl their  children.
1 Jun'04 WB Re-corrected Arg. values & land measures, also added paragraph re econ/political situation in Arg. when he arrived in 1875.
27 May'04 Measures & $$ Completed all except Arg. currency exchange rates.
26 Apr'04 E-Mail Queries Javier Mafucci Moore has sent us the announcements published in The Standard in Bs.As. of the arrival of Wilhelm Benitz & fly., 1874
26 Apr'04 Events - BQ05 Added April Newsletter (#2)
19 April'04 New Breisgau Updated its location & bounaries with quote from Kraft & Woodrum.
1 April'04 Site Map/Index New Page: After several (living) relatives complained of getting lost, have created a site index & added navigation icons to the menus.
15 Mar'04 Measures & $$ New Page: One page to decipher the varius measures & currencies.
11 Mar'04 WB - Veterans New Page: WB Veterans, WW-I & WW-II: F.A. Benitz & J.S. Watt
23 Jan'04 WB - New Breisgau Updated page with info. from Barbara Woodrum
8 Jan'04 BzAncestors: Tex/Cal. Updated Barbara Bz with info from Chris Hirsch.
16 Dec.'03 Indeces Began adding icons for actions
16 Dec.'03 Caroline K. Howard Added posie from Josephine Bz's (daughter) album
16 Dec.'03 Franz X. Bz (Frank) Completed creation of these pages - added to index.
16 Dec.'03 WB Bio. Corrected valuation of land purchased in Arg.
8 Dec'03 WOBjr Transcribed Sesenta y Cinco Valientes so that readers do no have to download images of the pages.
4 Dec'03 Search The Bull Added SEARCH utility to the web-site
3 dec'03 Kolmer Wagon Train Added photos by Shann Rupp of OCTA, the Oregon-California Trails Association, California-Nevada chapter.
17 Nov'03 WB - Endingen Added photos from John C. Benitz's collection from Josephine K Bz.
11 Nov'03 Kolmer Wagon Train Completed their overland trip by wagon-train, 1845.
8 Nov''03 JKBz - Letters New page:  Josephine Kolmer Benitz correspondence
8 Nov''03 Kolmer Photos New page:  Photo-Gallery of them & farm in Timber Cove
8 Nov''03 WB - Fort Ross Corrected land measures & related content.
8 Nov'03 WB Corrected dates and other facts with more recent info
8 Nov'03 Kolmer Wagon Train New page:  Overland emigration of 1845 - still under construction.
8 Nov'03 Caroline K Howard Added family tree, descendants list, article on son "Spud" Howard
8 Nov'03 Kolmer Made major changes to content
8 Nov'03 Heinrich Bz Cleaned up references to Prussian-Kansas Bz (wait on interest by them)
14 Oct'03 Benitz Origins Converted maps to thumb-nails (quicker load)
14 Oct'03 WB in Texas Converted images of service docs  to thumb-nails (quicker load)
5 Oct'03 Guest Book Added (for now)
4 Oct.'03 JKBz Photos Completed adding Fort Ross photos - for now.
21 Sep.'03 JKBz Photos New page:  Josephine Bz (née Kolmer) photo collection.
16 Aug.'03 Desc. Tree - Jos./Juan Corrected full name: Elsa Clausen, Nelida & Cora Schreiber.
14 Aug.'03 Benitz-2005 Added Benitz Quinquennial 2005 announcement.
7 Aug.'03 WOB in Texas Modified text slightly.  WOB does not show in Texas censuses.
7 Aug.'03 Endingen Ancients Updated Barabara Benitz (1815) and moved her bio to the West-US page.
15 June'03 WB Created section on children (incorp. info from Endingen Ancients) +  added entry to  menu (in prep. to expand upon members).
15 June'03 Endingen Ancients Reorganized - split out emigrants to pages East-US, West-US, & Venezuela (in prep. to expand upon members).
15 June'03 Caroline Kolmer Rearranged and added dates.
26 May'03 WB in Texas Redid WB's possible activities; added ref. to Barbara Bz (married Harris County, 1840).
11 Feb.'03 Photos-2000 Created & moved Xmas pictures from front page.
5 Jan.'03 Anton Bz Added part of his will.
30 Dec.'02 Anton Bz Began to flesh out the page with photos from K. James & B. Paullo.
26 Dec.'02 Comings & Goings Added page for birth, marriage, and death notices & obits.
26 Dec. Photos 1940 Added pic of Frankie Bell & Ken Hale in their Dakota.
22 Oct.'02 Desc. Tree - WB,Jr/Wm/Corina Added marriage location.
22 Oct.'02 Desc. Tree - WB,Jr/Hattie/Charles Corrected spelling: Mary Lawrence, Parkstone.
22 Oct.'02 Desc. Tree - WB, Jr./Marion/Wm. Roberts Added Richard Roberts' death; corrected Wm.'s burial.
5 Oct.'02 Bz2005 Added John's e-mail of 25 Sep.'02
31 July'02 Bz2005 Revamped the page - updated with e-mail & much more
17 July'02 Alfred Bz - Bio. Completed all chapters, etc.
7 July'02 Alfred Bz - Bio. Added Chapter 16
6 May'02 Bz Queries Added e-mail from Javier Maffucci Moore showning Franz Benitz involvement in  the Colonia Espin (1865-1867).
27 April'02 Menus Split the menus into sub-menus for easier (?) navigation.
21 April'02 Endingen Ancients Updated info on Franz Bz and Anton Bz per e-mails received (see Bz Queries).
21 April'02 Bz Queries Added e-mail from Javier Maffucci Moore regarding Franz Benitz and the Colonia California, San Javier (1865-1867).
21 April'02 Bz Queries Added e-mail from Kamala James and James Bell regarding Anton Benitz (1803-1852).
28 Mar'02 Alfred Bz - Bio. Added Chapters 13,  14, & 15.
10 Mar'02 WB - 1842 Added articles from the Petaluma Argus, 1861.
7 Mar'02 Wilhelm Benitz Added marriage record, 23 Feb. 1847.
6 Jan'02 Welcome/Initial Changed its format to approx. that of a newspaper.
22 Nov'01 Alfred Bz - Bio. Added Chapter 12.
2 Nov'01 Michael Kolmer 1951 Newspaper article re history of Kolmer home in Timber Cove, CA.
10 Oct'01 Alfred Bz - Bio. Added Chapter 11.
29-30 Sep'01 Alfred Bz - Bio. Added Chapters 5 trough 10.
29 Sep'01 WB Photo Album Reformatted.
27 Sep'01 Alfred Bz - Bio. Added Chapter 4.
23 Sep'01 Wilhelm Benitz Added date of Mexican naturalization, 15 June, 1844.
22 Sep'01 Alfred Bz - Bio. Added Chapters 1, 2, & 3
2 Sep'01 Alfred Bz - Biography Added new page (will be pages) for Uncle Alfred's published biography
1 Sep'01 WB Descendants Tree Added initials & years back to tree for living persons.
27 Aug'01 WB Descendants Tree Pruned tree - removed reference to all living members. Privacy issues.
25 Aug'01 Desc. Tree: John Bz Added birth dates for Jos. Freedberg, Charlotte Bz, Vanessa Bz.
22 Aug'01 Benitz Origins Changed text, moved text from WOB re pronunciation
18 Aug'01 Endingen Ancients Added many vital records from James Bell, plus other interesting stuff
18 Aug'01 Wilhelm Benitz Added vital records for both WB & Josephine Kolmer
12 Aug'01 Alexander Bz Added vital records: birth in Endingen, Germany.
12 Aug'01 Benitz Queries Added query from Carol Oligschlaeger re Heinrich Benitz (1824), Prussia & Wathena, Kansas
20 July'01 WB Jr. Corrected spelling of Julyana Peard - it's Julyan Peard & added reference to her g-grandmother Mary Gorman in Clara Allyn bio.
15 July'01 Benitz Queries Added query from Dianna Bz re Heinrich Bz (1824-1900), Prussia & Wathena, Kansas
23 June'01 WB Jr. Credited Special Collections at Duke Universty Libraries for material compiled by Alice H. Luggi when writing about Clara & Franc Allyn in "65 Valiants".
23 June'01 B2K Participants Entered names for  'GateKeeper': Enrique & Maria Elena Lopez Zamora - thank you Veronica Maffei
12 June'01 Desc. Tree: WOBjr Added death dates, locations for Gertie Bz., Marie Bell.
9 June'01 Photos-1910 Added pics. of (1) Josephine Komer & 4 generations, (2) Frank A. Benitz, RFC
3 June'01 Wilhelm Benitz Added excerpt from Alfred Bz biography re how first 3 kids died
3 June'01 Michael Kolmer Added page on Michael Kolmer & Josephine Wagner, parents of Caroline Kolmer (1838) & Josephine Kolmer (1830). Info. collated from various sources.
28 May'01 WB: Rancho Herman Added source of court proceedings, per Robert Douglass
28 May'01 WB at F.Ross, etc. Added articles in Sonoma County Democrat (newspaper) 1863-64 + added ref. to Sonoma County tax assessment 1864 - both provided by Robert Douglass.
28 May'01 Caroline Kolmer Added section in INDEX:  '3. Kolmer Ancestors'.   Plus added new page: Caroline Kolmer (1838-1882) & William Howard(1823-??) (info. thanks to Robert Douglass)
28 May'01 Benitz Queries Added Robert Douglass correspondence - researcher investigating Salt Point & Timber Cove saw-mill, 1860-1880. Good info. re Fort Ross.
12 Apr'01 Benitz Queries New page: Queries received that can be published with author permission
18 Mar'01 Benitz Ancients Added some details on WOB children.
12 Mar'01 Benitz Origins Added Baden village social strata; mention of Prussian/Kansas Benitz's; pics of cooper & Benitz surname spellings
12 Mar'01 WB in Texas Some minor corrections
6 Jan'01 Endingen Ancients Much work - completely new text
1 Jan'01 Benitz Origins Added info re Religion & Cooperage
31 Dec'00 Endingen Ancients Added tree - still under construction.
30 Dec'00 WB in Texas Corrected Pittsburg's state + other stuff.
30 DEc'00 Benitz Origins Added misc. info. re origins of name - in line with Endingen Ancients
23 Dec'00 WB in Texas Updated per info. re Texas Rangers & San Jacinto
23 Dec'00 Wilhelm Benitz Updated per info. re Texas Rangers & San Jacinto
15 Dec'00 WB in Texas Added WB likely at San Jacinto
9 Dec'00 B2k - Newsletter#7 Added pic. of George Hall
9 Dec'00 Most pages Corrected formatting error (spacing between paragraphs)
1 Dec'00 WBz at F.Ross & Calif. Updated per info. from Texas State Library
29 Nov'00 WB In Texas Created new page documenting WB's presence in Texas, 1836-1837.
28 Nov'00 Photos-1950 Added Jill Hudson's pics of Xmas 1950 at La California
28 Nov'00 Benitz 2005 Moved George's letter from Welcome page.
4 Sept'00 W.O.Benitz (Jr.) Added excerpts from "65 Valiants" re Franc & Clara Allyn; & author's notes.
30 July'00 W.Benitz Replaced photo of "La California" with color lithograph by John Schreiber.  Added 1873 family portrait.
30 July'00 Photos-1870 Added John Schreiber's color lithograph of "La California".  Enjoy, it took me 50 hours on the computer to repair it!
27 July'00 Photos-Unknown Identified persons and dates per info from Frank Watt.   Moved photos to pages for 1890, 1900, 1910, & 1920.
26 July'00 B2k-Scrapbook Corrected spelling of Melodie Watt's name.
26 July'00 New Breisgau Added info from Calif.State Library in Sacramento
26 July'00 WB Calif. State Lib. Added index entry and references to WOB found 1950 at the California State Library in Sacramento - kindly provided by Julyan Peard.
25 July'00 Photos-1900 Added photo of Al and Hattie (Benitz) Watt's wedding party, 1906.
25 July'00 Photos-1870 Added WB & JK family portrait, 1873.
25 July'00 B2k-Scrapbook Dinner night, "Under-30's" - swapped the twins names:  Michael & Martin Garrett
14 July'00 B2k-Participants Corrected name to picture of Chloe Frances Tower.
12 july '00 Descendant Tree Added Stuart Pryor middle name; added Clarita Bell's approx. death date.
12 July'00 B2k-Scrapbook Completed Dinner at the Club Social w/pics from PB/RAB, William Hall, & Cynthia McClory.
12 July'00 B2k-Scrapbook Scrapbook intro, added note of thanks to contributors.
11 July00 B2k-Scrapbook Completed 'El Piquete' w/pics from PB/RAB,  William Hall, & Cynthia McClory.
9 July'00 B2k-Scrapbook Completed nights at 'El Piquete' w/pics from PB/RAB, William Hall, & Nicolas Bell.
8 July'00 B2k-Scrapbook Completed 'Los Algarrobos' w/pics from PB/RAB, & William Hall.
6 July'00 B2k-Scrapbook Completed 'La California' w/pics from PB/RAB, Cynthia McClory, & Jimmy Watt.
1 July'00 Descendant Tree Corrected spelling of Laframboise.
1 July'00 Benitz-2005 Created a new page for the Benitz-2005 (B2K+5) reunion at Fort Ross
29 Jun'00 B2k-Scrapbook Added 8 new pages for ScrapBook -  contributions welcome.
28 Jun'00 B2k-Participants Updated many pics with better scans, included under-30's that were missing.
23 Jun'00 B2k-BsAs Herald Added intro. and copy of the article as published on 9 April, 2000.
22 Jun'00 Wilhelm Benitz (1) Note from Alfred's diary re-Texas; (2) Photo of WB and fly, Oakland, 1874.
18 Jun'00 1852-1863 Letters Renamed and moved page within index (from WOB to Benitz Origins), added Alfred Bz's visit to Endingen, August 1904.
18 Jun'00 Endingen Ancients Added information about Franz Xavier Bz (1867, he obtained land in Arg.); and Alfred Bz's diary entry re descendants of Thadeus Bz in 1904.
6 Jun'00 Desc. Tree - WOBjr /Bernice Bell Corrected birth locations for Bernice Bz Bell, James MacD. Bell, Jean Allyn Bell, and James Frank MacD. Bell.
4 Jun'00 B2k Participant Pics Added pic of Martin Garrett, changed pics of Gertie Bz, Peter Bz.
4 Jun'00 B2K Participant Pics Identified most of the Under-30 Crowd (many thanks to Michael & Chu Mohr-Bell).
3 Jun'00 General format Removed banner frame; altered look of index frame & added link to Endingen.
3 Jun'00 Desc. Tree - WOBjr Added burial location of Frank Bz- died 1918.
31 May'00 WOB Family Tree Reformatted, color-coded generations.
31 May'00 Welcome Page Changed calender; removed Simon Bell announcement.
31 May'00 Desc. Tree - John Edw. Bz Added birthdate to Susan Sympson; added first name to Howard Webster; corrected birthdate of Josephine Bz Hogg, death date of Douglas Hogg, name of Jennifer Hogg; added birth location to Alfred Donald Bz.
31 May'00 Desc. Tree - Alfred A. Bz Corrected Alfred Bz. death location; corrected name of Patsy Keates Horner; added various birthdates, locations to most John Horner desc.; corrected birth year of Susan Horner.
31 May'00 Desc. Tree - Wm. Otto Bz, Jr. Added middle names to Clara Allyn Bz,  Katherine Bz Jeans, Michael LeBas, Nena Bz Paul, Clarita Bz Bell, and James Roberts; corrected birthdates of John Erskine Watt and Marion Bz Roberts; added stillborn son to Hattie Bz Watt; added death date to Nena Bz Paul; added birthdates to Edw. Graham Paul and Jack Bell; corrected birth year of George Roberts; added marriage date to James & Camucha Roberts.
31 May'00 Desc. Tree - Josephine Bz Schreiber Misc. correction, additions to Schreibers: Bertha, Emma, Juan.
28 May'00 Participant Pics Added more pictures.
21 May'00 Benitz 2000 Replaced entire page with table of participant pictures.
21 May'00 NEW PAGES (1) Family tree in chart format (see index to left, several pages).
(2) B2K Newsletter #7.
14 Apr'00 Desc. Tree - John/John/Josephine Misc. corrections, addition to various Hoggs.
12 Apr'00 Desc. Tree - John/Elsie Misc. corrections, additions to various Sympsons, excluding Hilary (Poro) & Rosemary.
11 Apr'00 Desc. Tree - Josephine Bz Schreiber Misc. corrections, additions to entire Schreiber line.
11 Apr'00 Desc. Tree - John/Alfred/David Misc. corrections, additions to David Bz. family.
09 Apr'00 BA Herald New page: Contains article to appear in BsAs Herald describing B2K.
09 Apr'00 Welcome Added description & link to BA Herald article.
09 Apr'00 Desc. Tree - Josephine Corrected Leuthner spelling from Leothner, Corita's first name.
06 Apr'00 Desc. Tree - John/John/Bryan Corrected Loraine Hutchinson name & marriage date, John Bz death date, Aphra Peard death loc.
06 Apr'00 Desc. Tree - Wm/Hattie/May/ Jean Corrected Michael & Martin Garrett birth loc.
04 Apr'00 Desc. Tree Corrected Sylvia Ucko death date.
04 Apr'00 Desc. Tree - John/John Corrected John Bz. birthdate, death date, Aphra Peard middle name, death date; added Aphra P. birth loc., K. McClory birth loc., Lorraine Hutchinson birthdate & loc.
04 Apr'00 Desc. Tree - Wm/Wm/Chas. Added marriage info Charles Bz & family.
04 Apr'00 B2K Participants Updated list.
28 Mar'00 Desc. Tree - Wm/Marion Added George Roberts birth loc., Virginia Martin birth loc., Peter Martin birthdate & loc., Valerie Somweber marriage info.
28 Mar'00 Desc. Tree - Willie Horner Added most data on Willie Horner & his descendants.
28 Mar'00 B2K Participants Updated list.
28 Mar'00 Desc. Tree - Chas. Alpin Watt Added specific locations to Charles Alpin Watt & descendants.
26 Mar'00 Welcome, etc. Reorganized Table of Contents, Welcome, adding Bz Origens, Endingen Ancients.
26 Mar'00 Photos - 1950 Fixed link.
25 Mar'00 Desc. Tree Changed various punctuations, spellings, standards, etc. throughout.
23 Mar'00 Desc. Tree - Wm/Wm Added: Malcolm Bz marriage loc., George & Olga Hall marriage date.
23 Mar'00 Desc. Tree - Wm/Marion Corrected/added: Marion Bz death date, George Roberts birthdate, death info, Wm Roberts death date, Ida Codrington birth info, Virginia Roberts marriage date, Veronica Roberts death location, Andrea Betancourt surname, birth & marriage info.
22 Mar'00 Desc. Tree - Wm/Wm/Corina /Stuart Added Sandra Netri info, Julieta Pryor birth loc., Florencia Casiraghi birthdate.
22 Mar'00 Desc. Tree - Wm/Wm Added: Eileen Frend birth info, loc.'s for Charles Bz and family, Marcos Maffei birth, Julieta Cardetti birth.
22 Mar'00 Desc. Tree - John/John/Bryan Corrected Chryssi Goulandris birth loc., added marriage info.
22 Mar'00 Desc. Tree - Wm/Hattie/Chas. Added: Charles Watt & Mary Tawney death dates, all dates & loc.'s for Anita-May Watt, spouse, & kids.
21 Mar'00 Desc. Tree - Wm/Wm/Corina Added Annette Hudson birthdate & loc., Andrew Couling birth loc., marriage info, & kids' birth loc.'s.
21 Mar'00 Desc. Tree -  Wm/ Wm Added Moyra LeBas birth loc., marriage info, Michael LeBas birth & death info, Chris LeBas birth loc. & marriage date, Richard & Alice LeBas birth loc., Marilyn LeBas birthdate.
21 Mar'00 Desc. Tree - Wm/Hattie/Char. Corrected Mary Tawney name (from Dawney), added: Mary Tawney birth, death, marriage loc., Simon Watt birthdate & loc., all info for Sandra Nokes
10 Mar'00 Desc. Tree Added: Silvia Ucko death, Sedley Amelia Benitz birth, Julieta Pryor birth; corrected: Corina Benitz birth month, Alexander Pryor birth year.
14 Feb'00 William O. Bz(jr) Added text and 9 pages from book re Clara Allyn.
14 Feb'00 Photos'50 Created and added photo of Tony and Peter Bz at grade school.
13 Feb'00 Photos'10 Added photo of Josephine Kolmer in old age.
13 Feb'00 Photos'20 Created and added pics.
13 Feb'00 PhotosUnknown Created and added photos from Stuart B. Pryor.
13 Feb'00 Photos'40 Updated caption to bomber pilots.
13 Feb'00 Photos'30 Created and inserted Keith & Corina Pryor, circa '35.
13 Feb'00 Photos'60 Added photo of La California, circa 1965.
13 Feb'00 WOBz Added picture of longhorn with JB brand; moved paragraphs.
11 Feb'00 Desc. Tree Corrected Willie Horner death date; added Malcolm Hudson's middle name.
17 Jan'00 Desc. Tree Corrected: WOB, Jean Bell's husband order, Frank Bell's children order.
16 Jan'00 Welcome Inserted blank lines between lists of children - some users experienced over-printing.
09 Jan'00 Photos'40 Correctly identified Frank Bell.
26 Dec'99 Photos Added the first set of photos, etc. to the archive.
26 Dec'99 WB Replaced WB & JK portrait pictures with better copies.
26 Dec'99 MANY Organised photos into a numbering system.
25 Dec'99 NEW PAGES Photo Archive and Photos 1910.
25 Dec'99 1874 Album Intro paragraph & caption to Elisa Benitz's card, wife of Franz (1850).
25 Dec'99 WOB Fly Tree Changes to Josephine (1852), Franz Joseph (1850).
25 Dec'99 NEW PAGE Added this Update Log.
19 Dec'99 Intro/Welcome Renamed 'Introduction' to 'Welcome', and changed its content, added maps of Germany, origin of Benitz, description of site, and short bio of WB and ABz family branches.
19 Dec'99 Benitz-2000 Updated fee schedule and participants list.
19 Dec'99 NEW PAGES Added new place holder pages for each of  WB's children. To be expanded with each generation.  Added place holder pages for AB and "El Tovar".

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