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Laguna Yacaré

Colonia Espín, Santa Fé
(ages 28 years old)


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This day book, like the others, was kept by Alfred, and in his absence by whoever remained in charge, usually Herman.  It includes all of 1888 — Herman is the first author.  Inserted in the day-book is a list from 1887 of expenses and horses recovered fromthe indians.

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Background:  The photo is from Olga's album (lent us by Susan Horner).  It is not labelled but because its type is different from those taken in 1902 by by Johnnie, we speculate it may have been taken at Los Palmares, possibly by Sir Vincent Barrington in January, 1892.

Reference Pages:  Written in English by Alfred and others, the day-book is full of Spanglish terms and names local to the region.  To assist you, please open and have at hand (in a separate tab / window) the Reference Pages.

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1888 - Quarter 1
Front Cover, inserted note for 1887, and entries for February & March, 1888.  (File size: 3.2mb)
1888 - Quarter 2
Entries for April, May, & June, 1888.  (File size: 4.6mb)
1888 - Quarter 3
Entries for July, August, & September, 1888.  (File size: 2.8mb)
1888 - Quarter 4
Entries for October & November, 1888, cash account, various notes, & Back Cover. (File size: 3.4mb)


1888 - QUARTER 1

February, 1888

[Awaiting Transcription]

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