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Ea. Los Palmares
Calchaquí, Santa Fé — 1902
(age: 42/43 years old)

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1902 - Diary
(Source: S.B. Pryor)

This day-book begins with January 22, 1902, and ends with January 7, 1903.

Alfred was absent from Los Palmares for extended periods on several occassions during 1902.  He hired a young man to serve almost like a mayordomo: Jordan – first mentioned on March 2nd.  We know little about Jordan, including whether ‘Jordan’ is his given-name or surname.  He was likely young and inexperienced for he had difficulties with the older established peones (e.g. Cafarate, who did the farming and gardening, left soon after Alfred left, yet reappeared when Alfred returned).

Management responsabilities appear to have been split.  Elias Ledesma, as capataz, supervised the cattle operations.  Jordan supervised everything else (ploughmen, foot-peones, well-diggers), he also issued rations, paid bills, and wrote the day-book entries.  At first Jordan wrote the entries only during Alfred’s absences.  However, beginning in June through year-end, he wrote almost all the entries.  He refers to Alfred as ‘Don Alfredo’ or as ‘Mr.Benitz’.  When Alfred was absent, Jordan wrote letters to him, almost daily.

During 1902, Alfred was absent from Los Palmares:

Employees:  Per the lists on the blotter page next to June 9, Alfred had 13-17 full-time employees (mensuales).  At the high-end were Jordan and Elias ($60/month), at the low-end the cooks and laundry lady ($10/month).  Most workmen earned $18-25 per month.  They also received fresh meat and several staples.

Production:  There are no significant sales of livestock mentioned in this day-book – no gathering of the various herds, no selection for sale, no mention of a single significant sale.  In December, Alfred did sell 42 bulls to Livingstone, but no prices are mentioned, and 42 is an insignifcant number vs. the many 1000’s at Los Palmares.

Weather: Los Palmares suffered through a heat wave with temperatures in the 40’s (centigrade) during Feb. 3 – 11.  See notes on the blotter opposite 9-10-11 Feb.

Indians: Did not bother Los Palmares during 1902, though they did drive off horses from neighboring estancias.

New Brand:  ~~~  – As a result of the disolution of “Benitz Hermanos” (on or about April 1, 1902) Alfred could no longer use the ~~~ brand for it was registered to estancia La California which now belonged solely to his brother Willie.  Alfred modeled his brand on a palm tree; first used at Los Palmares on May 30, 1902.

Background: The photo is of Alfred taken by Johnnie at “Los Palmares” on 24 April, 1902.  (From Auntie Olga's album, kindly lent to us by Susan Horner).

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Quarter 1   January - March, 1902
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Transcription notes:  We have transribed Alfred’s diary as written, verbatim, without correcting spelling or grammar.  However, we gave him the benefit of the doubt when his writing is difficult to read and words are obvious (e.g. ending in a vs. o).  For words that are unrecognizable, we have inserted our best guess followed by [?].  (Jordan: often used a colon in place of a period, and emphasized a word by placing a colon before and after it.  We replaced or omitted the colons as appropriate.)  Our comments are within [square brackets and italics] or in side-notes.  The quarter & month title bars are ours.  (Transcribed by: Michael Mohr-Bell)

1902 - Q1   January — March

01-21 January, 1902

—— 01-21 JANUARY, 1902, ARE RECORDED IN THE PRIOR 1899-1902 DAY-BOOK ——

In this daybook, 01-21 January are blank except for two inserts.


— Blotter Page, facing 7-9 January of this daybook —

Page image.

[The first 6 verses of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s poem “A Psalm of Life: What the heart of the young man said to the psalmist.”.  We include here all 9 verses.]

Tell me not, in mournful numbers,
Life is but an empty dream!
For the soul is dead that slumbers,
And things are not what they seem.

Life is real! Life is earnest!
And the grave is not its goal;
Dust thou art, to dust returnest,
Was not spoken of the soul.

Not enjoyment, and not sorrow,
Is our destined end or way;
But to act, that each to-morrow
Find us farther than to-day.

Art is long, and Time is fleeting,
And our hearts, though stout and brave,
Still, like muffled drums, are beating
Funeral marches to the grave.

In the world's broad field of battle,
In the bivouac of Life,
Be not like dumb, driven cattle!
Be a hero in the strife!

Trust no Future, howe'er pleasant!
Let the dead Past bury its dead!
Act,--act in the living Present!
Heart within, and God o’erhead!
(Alfred ends here)

Lives of great men all remind us
We can make our lives sublime,
And, departing, leave behind us
Footprints on the sands of time;--

Footprints, that perhaps another,
Sailing o'er life's solemn main,
A forlorn and shipwrecked brother,
Seeing, shall take heart again.

Let us, then, be up and doing,
With a heart for any fate;
Still achieving, still pursuing,
Learn to labor and to wait.


— 4 January - INSERT —
(Found with January 4, however, per date belongs with February.)

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[From part three of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s poem “Tales of a Waysde Inn”.]

Ships that pass in the night and speak each other in passing;
Only a signal shown and a distant voice in the darkness;
So on the ocean of life we pass and speak one another,
Only a look and a voice; then darkness again and a silence.
- from the "The Theologians Tale"

[4 lines from verses 1 and 3 of the ancient Celtic/Irish song: “Tis the Last Rose of Summer”:]

’Tis the last rose of summer left blooming alone
All her lovely companions are faded and gone
No flower of her kindred, no rosebud is nigh
To reflect back her blushes and give sigh for sigh

I'll not leave thee, thou lone one, to pine on the stem
Since the lovely are sleeping, go sleep thou with them
Thus kindly I scatter thy leaves o'er the bed
Where thy mates of the garden lie scentless and dead

So soon may I follow when friendships decay
And from love's shining circle the gems drop away
When true hearts lie withered and fond ones are flown
Oh who would inhabit this bleak world alone?
This bleak world alone

22-31 January, 1902

—— 01-21 JANUARY, 1902, ARE IN THE PRIOR 1899-1902 DAY-BOOK ——

— January 22 - 1902 —

Hot day.  Cool night  Wind east & N. & S variable barom. low.  Fixing up bebidas in ground for jaguel at Lomo Poi as fast as possible so as to take cattle out of potrero.–  Skinned 3 animals of peste.
Mail came last night.  Well giving enough water for cattle now.–

— 23 —

Hot day same as yesterday.-
Elias & 2 left to part at Dayers with Hartenecks.-  Fixing up bebidas at jaguel Lomo Poi.-  boring of jahuel stopped up so have to rebore again.–
Perez Formoso here for night to see about hides.-
Skinned 4 cows today.-

— 24 —

Hot day E & S wind 37°.-
Cattle drinking hard at jahueles.
Sold hides to Ferres y Perez Formoso made arrangement with him to take hides @ 5.85 but as prices are going down if he cant make to lower the price so he does not loose as far as 5.50 minimum/flete to Calchaqui 15cts  He took 122 hides 1028 K
Caferata took borer to Lomo Poi jahuel.–
Pedro Escobar & Lopez came this morning & stop night.  Signed petition to have Escobar as Comisario General.–
Skinned 5 animals of peste.–
Butchered cow.–

— January 25 —

Hot day and stormy afternoon with a few drops of rain.
Took about 1000 head of cattle to jahuel at Lomo Poi but well dries as lots of sand comes in.-  Teofilo there fixing up.
Elias came back from reculuta at Dayer’s. Only parted one animal
Escobar & Lopez left at madrugado.–
Well at Estancia dried but plenty of water for cattle.-
Skinned 5 toros (small) of peste today.  Lots of horses sick (mancha).

— 26 —

Stormy night but no rain here,  towards Mistolar it had rained some.  Hot day 37° E wind.-
Few cattle at jahueles today.-
Skinned 3 animals (more are dead)
Nothing particular going on.

— 27 —

E & SE wind.  Barometer dry.  Hot 37°. Water in wells getting low. - Put noria on to Salado jahuel, taking down the cilindro.–
10 animals skinned peste (getting serious and am afraid peste won’t stop until get a good won pour.-
Elias down at Lomo Poi seeing how south cattle and jahuel is.-

— January 28 —

Another very hot day 38°. East wind.
Finished putting noria up in morning and seems to give much more water than cilindro & bucket.
Afterwards raised calze of big well at Paso & terraplenared it.
Calchaqui Salado is rising at last and this morning the water was coming near potrero gate, but salty.-  Peste bad.  Skinned 18 (2 agenos) today.

— 29 —

Another very hot day.  East wind 38°
Jahuel here at house gave out and had to take cattle to Salado jahuel where we had to add more buckets as well got very low.-
Elias brought jiguada up to Ensenada jahuel.-  The well at Lomo Poi giving bad result on account of sand coming up in well.-  Cattle at Molles in bad way.-
Brot 2 loads of wood.-
Skinned 11 animals peste.-  Salado had passed jahuel last night.–

— 30 —

Another very hot day 41°.  South wind, thundering in morning early.-
Carpenter,  Caferate & 2 peones went to Lomo Poi to dig sand out of well & rebore.  Elias also went to see about cattle & mares.-  Enough water today.-
A was over at Hartenecks to see whether he could not rent potrero Calchaqui N. for one month.-
Julian sent word that Salado is falling again & cattle wont drink the water.-
Perez came tonight to receive hides.-
Skinned 16 animals peste.–  Lots of delgado San Cristobal come.  Repuntared our animals from potrero Union.

— January 31 —

Matching note on blotter:
Xistencia Cueros plazo
  7 agenos

Another hot °38 east wind strong, and a thirsty day for cattle.  Cattle had enough water and that is all.-
Report jahuel at Lomo Poi has no remedy as sand comes in too strong.  Company’s cattle there in strong force and in a bad way as they get impantanared and die of thirst.  Entregared the hides to Perez 368 hides 3300 kilos – at 5.50 minimum price and 5.85 if he gets that much plus freight etc.  Elias left again to bring cattle up from Lomo Poi to ensenada and puesto Mistolar.–
Skinned 8 of our animals, peste seems to be getting less.

February, 1902

— 1 —

Matching note on blotter:
Hides playa 4 & 1 ageno
  consuma 1

Another very hot day.  E wind - 39° - thirsty day for cattle.- Bored paso Salado jaguel 6½ metres and got an abundant supply of water which gains on noria.–
Skinned 11 animals & 3 of San Cristobal.-
Elias not back yet.-
Dionisio Godoy here for night..-
Cow fell in well (house) & cleaned out well again.

— 2 —

Matching note on blotter:
Hides playa 3   1 ageno

Another very hot day strong NE & E wind 39°.-
Well at paso Salado got plenty of water.-
Skinned 7 animals & 3 agenos.
Gomez skinned 4 animals.
Elias brought some cattle from Costa Calchaqui very Delgado.
D. Godoy here still.-

— February 3 —

Matching note on blotter:
Cueros playa 4 agenos  3 ~~~

Another very hot 40° day with strong N.E. wind.-
A started Chamorro & 4 men to dig jahuel next to jahuel at Paso Calchaqui in bed of river.-  Sent cart down to haul calze to the well.-
Carpenter and Caferata put up bucket arrangement at jahuel Mistolar.  Lots of Company’s cattle dying of thirst around Mistolar and Paso Calchaqui well.  Report they are very badly off for water there in Monte Aguara.   Godoy left.  Bareandura of jahuel Salado closed up but enough water for cattle.  Drove cattle from Estancia jahuel to there.  Skinned 12 and 7 agenos (ours of peste).

— 4 —

Matching note on blotter:
Cueros playa 21

Another very hot day 40½° strong N wind.  Looks stormy tonight.
Bored middle well of the Paso Salado jahuel,  got slightly salt water at about 8 metres, very strong spring put in 4” caña (pipe) 2½ ft over surface of bottom of well as a good deal of sand comes out.-  Drove cattle from Estancia jahuel to Salado jahuel again.-
2 carts of Perez took the last of his hides 261.-
Skinned 19 Estancia & 12 agenos.

— 5 —

Another very hot day 42° with a strong N wind.-  Fearful day for cattle but plenty of water at jahuel Salado.  Simeon brought some cattle from Lomo Poi as well has given out.  Sent carpenter to bore jahuel at paso Calchaqui.  Cart hauling calze for jahuel at paso Calchaqui.  J. Sanchez here for night.  Perez also turned up.– Skinned 18 of Estancia today.-

— 6 February —

Another fearful hot day E wind & variable 42°.-
Lots of cattle at Salado jahuel & not enough room for them to drink as have to keep fixing bebidas.-
Skinned 16 of ours & 9 agenos.-
Elias down at Paso Calchaqui.

— 7 —

Another fearful day 43° storm in afternoon (dust)
Elias, Machengo, Romulo, Rafael, Antonio (boy) Ballaba & Martin (day peon) left for Laguna del Perro to part as Berli sent Word that laguna was drying up and we should part.-  3 peones (Berdinos & comp) began skinning today,  they skinned 26 (10 agenos) and our gente - - —?  Seca awful. – camp completely dried up.  Noviero (Juan Barrios) left suddenly did not pay him!

— 8 —

Cold night and SE wind today, must have rained down south.-  Caferata & 2 peones terraplanared bebidas at jaguel paso Salado.-  A was down at Paso Calchaqui where Chamorro is calzaring 2nd jaguel & Suarez put up 3 more bebidas.  Plenty of water there.-  Mares & cattle doing badly at jaguel Ensenada, gave orders to take them to paso Calchaqui jahuel.–  D Collins here for night, came to see whether any cattle empantanared in Salado.-
Skinned 24 animals today with agenos–

— 9 February —

Blotter page opposite
9-10-11 Feb.

Summer heat!
17 days: 40°c avg.
24 Jan. – 11 Feb.

Page image.

Heat continued
into March.

Another fearful hot day very strong N wind 43° barometer very low.
Collins left in morning.
Filling up around bebidas jahuel Salado.-
Skinned 16 ~~~ and 8 agenos.-  Peste seems getting better.
J. Sanchez sent word & contract of Millar for Guampita camp east of Pareras @ $250, per 1 month.  Told Julian he could keep camp for himself.  Laguna del Perro still has plenty of water.

— 10 —

Another fearful day strong NE wind 44° ! & no signs of rain.
Carts left for Ensenada to bring up bebidas for jahuel Salado.
Caferata fixing around bebidas Salado
Butchered novillo.
Skinned 17 of estancia and 17 agenos.-

— 11 —

Another fearful day with strong E wind in afternoon & stormy.  Camp one mass of dust 43½° Thundering tonight.  Elias had brought about 500 head of cattle from Laguna del Perro to jahuel Paso Calchaqui.-
Suarez came up with news that in boring 2nd well at paso water came up salt.  So sent for caña to put in boring & bored in 1st well again.  Lots of cattle and mares there.  Here also cattle are delgado.-
Skinned 20 Estancia & 14 agenos.-

— 12 February —

Storm all past again & no rain.  Wind E & SE and cool. -  Wind had been very strong last night and drove lots of “liga”” into bebidas at Salado jaguel consequence cattle will hardly drink & very delgado.  Cleared it out today & make preparations to put up wooden bebidas.-
At jaguel paso Calchaqui stopped up hole in big well with pipe but comes through a bit salty in small well boring,-
Chamorro and gente came to work here.-
Skinned 29 & 4 calves.  Bad look out, very ticklish time.-
Some peones sick diarrehoe etc.  Carts bro’t leña, & planks from old Palmar bebidas.

— 13 —

Warmish day East wind 37°-
Chamorro & his 3 peones left as they did not care to work at $2.00 per day.-  A was down at paso Calchaqui to see how jahuel getting on: Water seems all right except it is not enough.  Elias had taken mares to Lomo Poi and brought cattle up to paso.-
Here at jahuel Salado very few cattle drink “Quien sabe” [Who knows] where they have gone to.  Pancho began work.-
Fixing place to put bebidas at jahuel Salado.-  Skinned 11 of our mark.  Peste seems giving way – Arranged hides.-

— 14 —

A hot day NE wind 40° barometer seco.–
All hands working putting up bebidas at jahuel Salado.-  Butchered novillo
Skinned 6 animals peste  . J. Sanchez was here saying Morell was going to move his cattle from his place to costa Toba & was not going to give rodeo to no one.  M. Fraire was here for breakfast.  Has entered as one of the mayor domos of La Verde N of Salado.–

— February 15 —

Another very hot day 41° NE wind.-
All hands fixing up bebidas at jahuel Salado and raising up terreplen of noria.
Skinned 14 ~~~ 3 orechanos 4 agenos.-
Ration day.  No good news from any of the puestos.-

— 16 —

Another very hot day 41° N.E. wind & cloudy.-  Finished putting up malacate to higher place & began pulling water into bebidas.  Cattle seem to drink better.-  Mansanorsco of Land Co gave water to some 350 novillos on way to Laguna del Perro.  J. Wilson was here for breakfast and afternoon. G Martin came & took away borer which sold him, cost price.-  Caferata went to Calchaqui with horse cart for stores also Hip. Suarez.-  Camp looking awful on a/c of sequia.

— 17 —

Had a nice rain slow which lasted nearly to noon from about 7.30 a.m.  Juntared enough water in camp xxxx for 1 day and tonight looks like more rain.  Skinned 6 of our animals.-
Fixed up terreplen of noria until rain came.  Puestero at Palmar sent word tonight that Morell has taken 2 troops of cattle from Laguna del Perro one to alambrado of Inglesas and one to Florencia.  Will await Machengo’s return before deciding what to do . Peones bochinchando.  Case of viruela (or sarampion!) at Lomo Poi.

— February 18 —

Fine growing day – muggy about 31°  Wind variable S & E.  A was over at J Sanchez to see about Morell taking our cattle; he came back until evening -  Machengo not back yet and are awaiting his report.-
Fixed up around bebidas of jaguel Salado.-
Skinned 7 animals today.  Hope peste will stop now.-

— 19 —

Warm day, about 37° damp heat.  E wind.-
Juan Andres & 4 men began to work at Estancia jaghuel to make tunnel.-  Skinned 3 animals.  Cattle pretty well disparamared again.  Enough water in camp for today.-  the Carpenter came back from Calchaqui today also young man Joaquin Menci recomended by CRohr  Machengo went to revisar Morel’s tropas so sent him along also another peon.  Cart also came back from Calchaqui with stores etc.-

— 20 —

Hot day E wind 38°.-
Repuntared jaguel salado today from south & also from Palmar
Made about 1 metre of tunnel in jaguel today.-
Peones looking for work.-

— February 21 —

Hot damp heat with variable winds 38°.
J. Sanchez here for breakfast
Pancho Martinez here for night.-  He offers his jahuel (new one at Estancia for our use).
Skinned 2 animals.
Working on tunnel in jahuel.
Repuntaring cattle to water again.

— 22 —

Hot night damp heat & strong south sprung up at noon.-
A was over at Martins & Paso Calchaqui.  Driving cattle tonight from Mistolar jahuel to Paso as water seems worse.
Skinned 7 animals.  1 horse picaso parma
J. Aso here for night & day with negocio.–

— 23 —

South wind & warm 38°
Nothing extra going on
Skinned 5 animals 1 horse tordillo moguillo
J. Wilson here for night, offers Union camp & jahuel for cattle.– Elias still at paso Calchaqui.–

— February 24 —

Eats wind and hot 38°-
A was down at paso Calchaqui cattle drinking all right.
Cutting some alfa.
Skinned 2 of ours.
Watt here for night, his gente are at jahuel ensenada to begin boring again.-
Butcered novillo.-

— 25 —

Hot day E wind & looks stormy tonight 38°.-
- Watt began work at Ensenada jahuel with 5 men to finish his boring.–
The men at jahuel Estancia have made the tunnel so far 7 metres (6.90).-
Jose Garcia was here; could not tratar with him for fence in Palmar.-
Skinned 3 of ours.

— 26 —

Hot day strong N wind 39° and storm in afternoon with slight rain about 6 millimetres.-
Cattle drank lots of water last night and today.-
Report more rain south & across Salado.-
San Cristobal gente & 5 peones por día came with caballada to part at Laguna del Perro.-
Elias & 3 peones had left in morning early for Morells.

— February 27 —

Fine day S & SE wind: good growing weather for grass.  Seems to have rained in mangas as in potrero and jahuel Salado it has “ juntared” water even in esteros also at rincon near Lomo Poi but in rest of camp very little.-
Gente of San Cristobal & 5 peones por dia left for Laguna del Perro to reculutar.  Juan Andres & Suarez with 3 men and boy left for Lomo Poi to dig jahuel deeper.–
- Skinned 11 animals today.

— 28 —

Fine day SE and S wind & bit cloudy.  Good for camp.  A was down at Lomo Poi where pozeros began digging sand out of well.  Plenty of water in camp for several days.-  Sent Aquino to Laguna del Perro to work with his horses.-  Watt has hard work to bore on a/c of sand.- Skinned 1 of our cattle.
Caferata filling up around pozo.

March, 1902

— 1 —

Warmish day NE wind 35°
Peones recorrered.  Skinned 1 of our cattle.
A. making up accounts.-
Nothng particular new.-

— 2 March —

Warm day 35° NE wind lightning tonight.-
A was down at jahuel Lomo Poi.  The cuadrilla still pulling up sand which comes up less now.-
J Martin was here also Jordon who comes to work here.
J.E.S. Watt also here tonight, boring going on slowly.-
Joaquin _____ came back from Laguna del Perro; Machengo coming with 1st troop.-  Skinned 3 ~~~ animals & butchered novillo.-

— 3 —

Hot day 38° SE wind variable.-
Jordon went across to Martins with trap & brought over his box.  Machengo came with troop of about 700 head of cattle from Laguna del Perro in very good fix and took them over to S.W. corner of Union camp.  Sent Tomas Bergara and Donato over to look after there for a few days.  Plenty of water over there.  Men came up from jahuel Lomo Poi as no use working any more on account of sand coming so strong.-  A recorrered. Plenty of water in potrero Salado.-  Skinned 3 animals ~~~ .-

— 4 —

Hot day 39½° E wind & N,E, lightning tonight.-
Pozeros cleaned out house well also 2 wells at Estancia
Valbueno began work as noviero.-
A & Jordan who began work today, recorrered down as far as paso Calchaqui & jahuel ensenada where Watt is boring in sand.-
Skinned 1 animal ~~~

— 5 March —

Stormy day, but no rain, south wind at night – Jordan recorrered down to Loma Poi.-
Put Juan Andres & 3 peones to poison hides in old canoe.  Poisoned about 200.–
Lots of cattle drinking at jahueles.  Water in Salado improved as boring is stopped up.-
Aguirre began working, camp peon.
Skinned 2 calves & 1 cow.-
Tomas & Nonato came back from pastoreo of catel Union camp say cattle are all right.-

— 6 —

Hot day 39°. S. & E wind variable & stormy clouds.-
A & Jordan recorrered to Puesto Palmar.  F Genin trying to find water there for to move there on the 15th
Poisoning hides still.-
Skinned 1 ~~~ & 7 agenos.-
Cart going tonight to Calchaqui for stores.-
Joaquin ___ came back from Calchaqui.-
Watt writes from ensenada pipe in boring broke and can’t go deeper.-

— 7 —

South wind warmish cloudy in forenoon, set fair in evening.  Machengo and 5 men came from Laguna del Perro with about 11 to 1200 head of cattle about 800 of which were ours.-  Took them over to noria at Union & put 2 mensuales to look after them.-  Machengo & men go tonight to Hartenecks to part tomorrow.–
Elias & gente went towards Gateado to part around there.-  Skinned 2 & 1 calf of ours & 2 agenos peste.-  Finished poisoning hides about 650 2½ days work 4 men

— 8 March —

South wind last night and got cloudy in morning and had a storm 1 P.M and very hard rain over at Hartenecks & here much less but juntared some water in some of the esteros.  At Palmar evidently rained more.-  Put hides out to dry after poisoning & about ½ got caught in rain.-  Went over to Hartenecks NE potrero & parted about 50 animals.  Met Elias there & he is not going to part more at Morels until camps are drier again.  Had bro’t about 65 animals from reculuta at Gabado, gallareta etc. Watt here for night.-

— 9 —

Fine growing day warm & “sol de agua”.
The rest of the aparte cattle came from Harteneccks & took them over to Union camp.-
Drying hides.  Settled a/c’s of the daily peones.–
G Martin here for night.
A goes tomorrow down south.  Jordon in charge.-
Elias goes to part at Morells in a day or two.-

— 10 —
(written by Jordan)

Fine day 34°.  Don Alfredo went south
Caffaty began cutting alfalfa
Watt sent over for cart.  Elias sent Aguire after oxen or horses.  Camba waited for him he has not returned

— 11 March —
(written by Jordan)

Another fine day.  got in hides from noria also from potrero Salado.   Sent Camba to move Watts peones.   Aguire has not returned  Bechun quit work.   Julian Martinez began in his place.   Got in some hay, sent a man to Calchaqui with the Mancha.  The Carpenter got back today  Don Wilson here part of day
Have had to give several vales.  Have asked them wait the Boss’s return, but they don’t like to
  Butchered a novillo

— 12 —
(written by Jordan)

Threatening rain all day.  Lightning north west & south
Elias left for Morels with seven men
Only skinned one cow today.   1 cart load of wood  Cut no hay as wet weather
San Cristobal Peones here tonight will follow Elias in the morn
  Butchered cow

— 13 —
(written by Jordan)

Very good rain last night  the day cloudy & cool
I rode around to see how much water had collected found considerable.   good reports.   Palmar.   Paso de Calchaqui & Lomo de Poi.   Had the corral fixed & got in hides from Puesto in Union Camp
Carpenter got back with rice a bit wet
Caballorizo found the horse that Aguirre rode off

— 14 March —
(written by Jordan)

Very nice day.  not too hot.   Went Loma de Poi are putting the mares in south Potrero
Caffaraty cutting hay.   Francisco (Puestero Palmar) came for cart to move.   will send him one on the morning.   also his rations for rest of month
The cattle have quit dying.   Julian asked for his acct & left.   There seems to be an epidemia of stomachache among the peons.

— 15 —
(written by Jordan)

Another fine day.  But I have suffered with a bad headache all day.   Donato settled his acct today, & leaves in the morning.   It seems as if he does not like to cut wood.   Francisco’ wife was confined last night so the cart had the trip for nothing
have heard nothing from Elias yet

Butchered novillo

— 16 —
(written by Jordan)

The weather does not change 33° to 34°
a very quiet day have stayed at the house all day  Peones report they have seen no dead animals so I suppose the pest is about over
Nothing worth writing

— 17 March —
(written by Jordan)

The thermometer touched 35° today  Wind NE
Sent two men to help put the last of the mares in south Potrero.  Sent carts after wood they have not got back yet.  Still no news from Elias
There is still water in camp.  cattle are drinking at Laguna Dulce.  I can not see or hear of any more dead cattle.  so that much at least is good
  Butchered novillo

— 18 —
(written by Jordan)

Strong north wind to day.  Some clouds about 36°.
Carts empantanado yesterday got them out & made another crossing today so hope to have no more trouble in that way.  P. Machingo got back today with about 250 animals expect Elias soon.  finished parting mares in south Potrero.  Carpenter went to Puesto Palmar to look for wood for mending carts brought back three hides.  Domingo Ledesma brought me 2 orders for capones signed by Watt.  Wrote to Don Alfredo.

— 19 —
(written by Jordan)

Threatening rain all day but only fell a few drops
Elias got back today with 9 animals.
Mrs Collins here tonight, also Mr Trafaga after his hides weighed some of them late this evening will finish tomorrow.  Put reculutar cattle in Potrero Salado.  Caferati went to Calchaqui to day after stores
  Butchered novillo

— 20 March —
(written by Jordan)

Ink stains on blotter facing
20-21-22 March

Juan Benitz
Cruz Grande
  F.C.C y N.C.

Don J**fare Caneta
Vera  F.C.A**q**

Weather cool & pleasant.  Finished weighing & delivered the hides to Trafaga 560 ~~~ weighing 5089 Kilos
had to go to Mistolar & Paso de Calchaqui for a few that had been left there.  Sent a letter to J Martin advising him that will give rodeo  Monday 24th
Gente ‘Cia’ came today with about 35 cattle for here put them in Potrero Salado  got another load of wood

— 21 —
(written by Jordan)

Cool day especialy in the morning
recorrered (Palmar) north part of camp
Elias Loma de Poi no water north, plenty still at Mistolar also Paso de Calchaqui.  Report of Indians in Harteneck camp.  sent more cartridges to Loma & Potrero Salado.  Francisco took horse cart to move to Puesto at north of camp  Carts hauling wood.
Wrote to Don Alfredo
Sick man returned from Calchaqui last night better
  Butchered novillo:

— 22 —
(written by Jordan)

A bit hotter today. 35° went down the Salado some distance & crossed over to Union camp cattle looking fine.  Elias recorrered to the south & put horses in in corral tonight.
Joaquin to the north.  Nothing worth writing.

— 23 March —
(written by Jordan)

Warmish day 36°  Wind N.E.
  Mr Prevost – Wilson – Best -– & Comisario de San Cristobal here for night.  Elias & gente have gone to Lomas de Poi to be ready to round up the cattle in the morning.   began pulling water at Noria Salado.  Very few cattle drinking as there is some water in the camp still.
  Caferati started to the Colony to day

— 24 —
(written by Jordan)

Wind N.E. 37°.
Elias began giving rodeos.  Lomas de Poi first next at his house (or near it)
One of the cart horses died tday (Colorado) ~~~
another lot of peones here tonight. (reculutados)
Carpenter gone to see where he can find timber to mend carts

  Butchered novillo

— 25 —
(written by Jordan)

Day sultry 37°  Threatening rain in the evening
Jorge Aso.  D Collins here for night
gave rodeo at Ensenada & on road to Mistolar more cattle drinking at noria
Nothing of importance

— 26 March —
(written by Jordan)

Rained last night & this evening.  Is raining now with every prospect of continuing all night
Elias gave rodeo at noria & in Potrero Salado
Three of the men here for the night
One bull rosillo Blanco Padre died today.  Balbuena took off the hide.  The carts did not leave the house today

— 27 —
(written by Jordan)

Cloudy all day & cool 20°. Did not rain much last night
Elias attended rodeo in Union camp in forenoon & Marked 28 novillitos & 12 hiefers afternoon
Here is a good deal of water in the camps now
Wrote to Don Alfredo but the peon who was going into town did not start
A good many of the reculuta men here yet
The lasso maker delivered one horse today
  Butchered cow

— 28 —
(written by Jordan)

Cool pleasant day nothing doing
General holiday

— 29 March —
(written by Jordan)

Very cool in early morning 15° Some warmer in the middle of the day wind S & E.
Wrote to Don Alfredo & sent special messenger to Calchaqui.  Elias – Joaquin & mensuals went south to reculutar
  Cart men brought more Palms
  Carpenter finished mending one of the carts
Another horse died today.  Contra mark ~~~ overo Colorado  dont know what disease it is that is killing them

— 30 —
(written by Jordan)

Very fine day.  Clear & cool.  Ration day
Peones asking for maize.

— 31 —
(written by Jordan)

Nice pleasant day.  Correspondence arrived today no letter from Don Alfredo.  Carts hauling Palms.  Reecorredo Part of Union camp
Another horse dead (Redomon) 2 more sick.
Butchered cow.  Hide for Lasso.
South Wind.  Thundering in S.E.

1902 - Q2   April — June

April, 1902

— 1 April —
(written by Jordan)

Light shower in forenoon.  Cleared up in afternoon
Brought more palms
  Elias got back with about 80 cattle
Another horse dead.  Nothing of importance
Carpenter went to Calchaqui for stores.
I wrote to Don Alfredo.

— 2 —
(written by Jordan)

Heavy fog in the morning cleared off about 9 oclock nice afternoon 24° to 25°.  Carts hauling palms
I went to Lomas de Poi & came by Coast of Calchaqui grass looking fine & all the cattle improving
Got letter from Don Alfredo.  Elias parted & delivered 20 head of cattle (his mark) to the Capitaz of Godoy
  Bucheread novillo Marca ~~~

— 3 —
(written by Jordan)

At the Laguna Palmar rained heavy.  the best of the season. .  At Estancia also good rain
I recorrered to Palmar.  Carts hauling palms.
Carpenter got Back with stores.
Cafarati returned from Colony

— 4 April —
(written by Jordan)

Fine growing day “sol de agua”  Heavy lightning in the south tonight.  I went to see Martin’s when he could give rodeo.  Elias went to Harteneck to begin parting in the morning.  Carts hauling Palms.  little cart brought wood for Carpenter
Some strangers here for night with a small lot of cattle sheep & goats Say they are moving to Cacique from near Calchaqui

— 5 —
(written by Jordan)

Fine growing day wind South & East.   rained a little in the night & had very much the appearance of rain this morning.   Carts hauling Palms.   tied in some new oxen half wild, but made the trip without accident.   To my surprise.   I wrote to Don Alfredo & sent Cafarate to Calchaqui with the letter & also for some money to pay day peones (reculutares) who do not like to take vales.
Carpenter made two ox yokes  Butchered novillo
Pancho put in the day looking for some horses that have been missing two or three days.   Joaquin helped him

— 6 —
(written by Jordan)

Cool & cloudy. South wind light.
I went to Hartenecks & came back with the the cattle.  about 200 perhaps more.  ‘Estancia’ not quite so many for Company.  Caferate got back with correspondence & money for Peones
Pancho failed to find those horses again
Machingo got here tonight lame his horse fell on him foot badly swollen.   Got letter from Don Alfred coming in 10 days with his Brothers.

— 7 April —
(written by Jordan)

Nice cool day. South wind.  Sent Veron to notify Don Elias that I have received instructions from Don Alfredo to give rodeos & part cattle only where there are a consideate amount.  Started another cart hauling Palms.  Don Tomas began work again today as Capitaz of the carts.  Cafarate fixing the floor of the porch.  Carpenter working at timber for carts.  Mended the fence in front of the house.  dried & refiled the companys hides as they were getting too many pollisos.  Pancho & Balbueno both looking for the lost horses, cant find them.  got up the dark buggy horses, will tie them in in the morning.  More travelers here for the night with a small lot of cows & sheep from Calchaqui to Don Julian.

— 8 —
(written by Jordan)

A little warmer South & East wind some clouds about but no rain.  ‘Chasque’ returned from Elias.  Says he will give general rodeos at once beginning at Loma de Poi Thursday 10 [10 circled]  Carts hauling Palms.  Carpenter made another ox yoke & commenced on water cart.  Started a general cleaning up of all the patios.  Tied in the dark trap horses drove to ‘noria Salado’ .  brought back wheel barrow & two shovels.  Barbieri here asking for rodeo in ‘Potrero Salado’ .  Wrote Don Alfredo  Hauling Palms
  Butchered novillo.

— 9 —
(written by Jordan)

Some warmer 29°.  North wind.  Appearance of rain
Went Puesto Palmar.  ‘no hay novedad de nada’ [no news of anything]
Sent Balbuena to Loma with fresh horses for the rodeo.  heard that the lost horses are in Potrero al sud.
A fedling [??] cart here for the night.
Tied in the trap horses again.  Very lively.
Cafarate finished Porch & commenced on floor of Corredor.  Put Veron to help the boys clean up as they seem awful slow:  One of the cart men asked liberty for one day to cure the ‘Mancha’ which has broke out afresh in his hand. Will start Veron in his place.

— 10 April —
(written by Jordan)

Nice day.  fog in the morning, light north wing thermometer reached 30° [38?] in the hottest part of the day
Caferate finished the floors & cut a little hay to use green as am afraid to cut much as the weather does not appear settled.  Veron got run over by one of the oxen & says he can not work.  Carpenter still at work on the water cart
Elias began giving rodeo today.  The Company & Don Julian the principal parters.  Barbier & peon here for night.
Been busy all day cleaning up.
  Butchered novillo

— 11 —
(written by Jordan)

Pleasant weather Barometer still variable.
Parted at Ensenada & Tronchas.  between yesterday & today the Company have parted about 1500 head.
Don Sisto & Don Julian with their Peonada are here for the night.  Also Balbier & Corbalan.
Carpenter has finished his work
It has some appearance of rain: tonight.  Mosquitos are out in full force tonight.  Sent letters to Calchaqui.

— 12 —
(written by Jordan)

Began raining about five oclock this morning rained hard for ½ hour & slower by showers until 10.30 collected more water.  Elias did not give rodeos.  if it does not rain more will continue tomorrow.  Correspondence has not arrived 8 P.M.  Don Julian & Socio with Peonada here for night.  Dispatched Carpenter. Butchered cow.

— 13 April —
(written by Jordan)

Heavy fog in the morning until 10.A.M.  Parted on the road to Mistolar & big rodeo near noria.  Left the Potrero vocha [??] untill later.  Will part in Aguaras Grande tomorrow
Don Alberto Best here for night.  Received correspondence  Plenty of water collected in camp

— 14 —
(written by Jordan)

Warmish day.  Much lightening in the south last night.  Caferata got in some hay.
Zenofia sent his daughter over this morning to advise that he could not recorrer as was sick.  went to see him & recorrered fence myself. . Will send Balbonano in the morning.  hauling palms.  Don Joaquin came back from reculrotas this evening ‘sick’.
Don Tomas Trafaga’s carts are here since Friday evening waiting for Don Tomas to receive Company hides.
  Wrote to Don Alfredo.  Butchered cow.

— 15 —
(written by Jordan)

Warm: no wind to speak of
One of the cart men lay off to day says he is lame  The other two says he is mad at the Capitas
I have at last got enough oxen to satisfy the Capitas
Wrote to Don Alfredo again
It is lightning in the south tonight
Don Julian took his horse off today
Am sending Caferata to Calchaqui tomorrow for stores as we are short of everything in the eating line
Zenobia is worse: will have to have the doctor with him ration day.

— 16 —
(written by Jordan)

Blotter page opposite
16-17-18 April

Puzzling diagrams:

Page image.

Began raining about three oclock this morning rained slowly untill 1030.  looks like more rain tonight
Received telegram from Don Alfredo.  Caferata could not go today.  Heard from Don Elias that his son had been badly hurt at the ‘Molles’ Don Joaquin went over there this evening.  Trafagas cart men still here.  could not get doctor for Zenobia as he had gone to see Elia’s son.  Butchered novillo
Later) There is quite a storm a storm coming up from northwest

— 17 —
(written by Jordan)

Rained heavy today until after 1.P.M. the best rain of the season.  water all over the camp
At two oclock started to meet Don Alfredo.  Could not cross the Calchaqui stopped there all night

— 18 —
(written by Jordan)

Cloudy but warm: sent chasqui to meet D Alfredo Don A & Bro. [John] arrived at arroyo on horse back about 2 P.M.  Elias got back with from 650 to 700.  head of animals  his son is a little better.  A. Best & L. Hughes here for night
Made arrangements with Antonio a cart man from other side of Las Cañas to bring cargo as far as paso for 10.00


— 19 April —
(Alfred writes)

Warm day damp heat and looks like more rain.-
- Report Calchaqui at paso had risen nearly a meter since yesterday and the water nearly up to Barcos house at Aves.-
Took a turn up to Palmar lake with Best.  The top palms of fence are about 6 inches out of water.  Best left in afternoon.  Butchered cow.-  Nothing particular going on.-  Lombardo left for Sanchez again.—

— 20 —

Warm muggy day NE wind variable and looks like rain.  Jordon went to Maferos puesto to see whether sheep are not flooded out,- report things all right and Calchaqui not over flooded yet.-
Sent horse cart to paso Calchaqui and bro’t things which Antonio the cart man brought as far as there.  Report greater part of camp down there below water-, and only top of posts of Dayers gate out of water.-  Doña Angela here for night with Wenceslao who had a bad fall some days ago.-  Joaquin also turned up and also J Suarez

— 21 —

Rained all afternoon still raining tonight.–
J. & A.B. went up to puesto Palmar & were out all day.-
Jordon & 5 men went to Palmar puesto to make rafts of palms to take to Mistolar.–
Butchered novillo on way for F. Genin.-
Elias, Machengo & gente left to part at San Andres etc.-  afraid there will be big creciente.-

— 22 April —

Fine day South wind and weather looks settled.  Butchered a novillo.
Valbueno fixing canoe at paso.
Elias sent word would not part until thursday at San Andres.-
Report water at paso stationary.–

— 23 —

Fine cool day SE wind.-
Caferata cutting old alfalfar.-
A was over to see Sornbly Hughes who is very ill over at Julians.-
Made trade with Antonio to bring another load of necesaries to paso from Calchaqui
Jordon came back from Palmar with cart & 5 palms.  The raft with about 80 palms on the way down.-
Simeon & 3 men por dia parted 35 animals from F & S, Michelud.  Don Jose could not give rodeo.–
JB. Photographing.

— 24 —

J. & A. went down to Mistolar in trap (photos).–
Counted the sheep 237 (including 5 rams Lincoln).
Raking & cutting old alfa.-
Nothing going on particular.
Domador de yeguas not working today.–
Fine day E wind: too good to last.
Somba still very ill.  afraid its inflamation of bowels.–

— 25 April —

Cloudy day N.E. wind which changed to east set fair hope no more rain.
A was over at Lucero where our gente are parting.  Still have to part tomorrow at Lucero.  pastoreo about 700.-
Butchered novillo.-
Told Iribarne to work at corral at puesto. Raft got there this afternoon.- Jordon & some men went to Lomo Poi to recojer yeguada tomorrow.  Lots of water in bañado of salado on other side.–

— 26 —

J. & A went down to Lomo Poi and counted the mares of potrero 522 etc.  mares in good condition.
Fine day E wind.--
Salado south of paso Cruz running into camp  Lots of water as “desplayada” south of Lomo Poi right up.  J. Sanchez passed with his cattle about 1200 head from alse froi guampita & rondar tonight near gate.–

— 27 —

Parted about a dozen animals from Julians pastoreo at the gate. Elias & gente back at the paso Salado with nearly 2000 head of cattle parted from San Andres Lucero and Union potreros.- Tomas Tropaya here to receive San Cristobal hides from Best who is here also.- Weather beautiful but mosquitos awful.-

— 28 April —

Elias passed the reculuta cattle over the Salado and Sanchez parted his out, and then drove them up to Palmar.  Some of our men parted at Sanchez as he is marking about a dozen animals.-  Had on rodeo potrero Salado and took every thing out except 48 oxen 6 senueleros, 5 consuma & Frakes animals.  Afternoon had on rodeo Palmar & counted 3725 with 3697 of ours proportion of ageno calves & 1953 1947 of ours reculuta cattle.
  .  Sisto Martinez & his hente 25 at puesto Palmar helped and a pile of peones por dia.  Sold our hides 31 to T. Tropaya @ 5.80.  Best left after breakfast for Lucero.-

— 29 —

Fine day.  Warmish E wind slight.-
Had recuenta of rest of cattle.  Rodeo del Medio (with rodeo Estancia & Salado together) counted 2779 of ours.  Rodeo Tapera 1886 of ours.  Rodeo Mistolar 752 of ours.  Lomo Poi 102 of ours.  Puesto Mistolar 120 of ours.  Paso Calchaqui 179.  Total 64 oxen without count.-

— 30 —

Regulated peones accounts (daily peones), and dispatched them.-
Elias and mensuales left to help marcacion Hartenecks.
Butchered cow.-
Fine warm day N.E. wind.-
Caferata cutting alfa, raking (in new chacra.-

May, 1902

— 1 —

Warm day N. wind looks stormy.
Trying to get in alfa as soon as possible.–
- Lomba & Julian Sanchez here for breakfast.-
Tomas & cart left for Calchaqui taking J.B.’s things.  Making preparations for A.B. & J.B. to start for down south in morning.

— 2 —
(written by Jordan)

Pleasant day N wind.
Don Alfredo & Bro went south today.  I went as far as arroyo Calchaqui with them in the trap & came back by midday  Found Cafarate very much discontented.  Says he will leave. Don Joaquin is here yet.
Got in all the hay that was ready.
Looked over the guns & cleaned up the white handled revolver.  Made up Caferatas acct.  He says he will finish cutting alfa & then leave.

— 3 —
(written by Jordan)

A bit threatening today.  North wind.  changing to east at times.  Caferata finished cutting alfa.  He also quit work as he says he can’t afford to work for the price
Aurofo has just returned from Calchaqui
Got in more hay & fixed maize box.  Balbuena sick
Recorrered Salado.  Killed wild pig.
Had to go over all of Co acct.  he is very troublesome
Doña Emma also gave notice for end of month

— 4 May —
(written by Jordan)

The day was rather warm reached 32° wind light but from the East
recorrered to Palmar & along Calchaqui lots of cattle in that part of camp.  Butchered novillo.  Balbuena better today.  Hijo de Balbuena left today as also did Don Joaquin.  The cart has not returned yet  .  Caferata got up his horse will leave in the morning.
A Pedler with cart here for night.  Peones did nothing today except Boutcher.  The mosquitos are very bad tonight.  Lots of horses & some cattle here for the night

— 5 —
(written by Jordan)

Warm with east wind untill about 3 oclock P.M. when there came up a sudden shower from N.E. about 15 minutes rain enough to thoroughly drench the men who were coming in with the last load of hay.  Elias & his men got back from Hartenecks today, having done very little.  marked 1 calf & parted nothing
Diego Veron began work today at 25 por mes.
Cafarate helped with the hay today - :sin sueldo.
There is propects of more rain to night thunder & lightning all about.  Still no word of Don Thomas.

— 6 —
(written by Jordan)

Cloudy & threatening rain all day.  Sent three men on horses to Palmar to make a raft.  They made it of about 60 palms & got it off before sundown.  I went J Martins to ask rodeo next Friday found the bañado was desplayado.
Carneado Vaca.  Don Tomas got back today about 10 AM five days & one half to Calchaqui & back.
Got the last load of hay regulated.—

— 7 May —
(written by Jordan)

Rained the greater part of the day but cleared up in the afternoon wind from from the north now. 8 P.M.
Sent a man to see where the raft had got to found it stuck on the bottom near the gate.  Can’t get it off .  work lost.
Antonio Carrero loaded some of the hides today
Elias has not returned from Paso yet.  expecting him.
J Cafarate came back to night has been to Lucero looking for employment.  Have nothing to say am writing for practice.  I think I need it as bad as the next one J.M.Jordan
I wrote to Don Alfredo & sent it by Antonio carrero

— 8 —
(written by Jordan)

Very Warm light N. wind.  I went up to inspect the raft impossible to move it as river has fallen too much
Hauled two loads of wood from Palmar.  Loaded carts with palms here at house for Mistolar.  Elias & Don Sisto here for breakfast.  Elias & gente went over to J Martins to part tomorrow.  Antonio Carrero loaded the rest of the hides today

— 9 —
(written by Jordan)

Hot. Sultry.  Cloudy day, rained in early morning a little hail.  The carts only made one trip to Mistolar
Domingo Veron y El Tuerto working at corral at Mistolar
Zenobice asked Permission for two days to go to Calchaqui
Sent other letter to Don Alfredo per Zenobice

— 10 May —
(written by Jordan)

A stormy night but did not rain till about 7 A.M. hard shower plenty of hail a few very large after rain cooler.  Sent other load of palms to Mistolar.  Told them to bring back wood.  Have not arrived yet. Elias & Peonado with Don Sisto got back from J Martins this afternoon with 8. ~~~   1 Godoy 1 Frakes. 1 Santiago.  Butchered the Godoy. vaca: of the 8. ~~~ one is a calf that J Martins gave in place of one marked by mistake.  Will Mark it :Manana.  Don Sisto here for night
S.E. wind moderate.

— 11 —
(written by Jordan)

Cloudy & light showers all day.  Carts brought one load of wood.  Elias & Don Sisto here for night  Wind still SE light.  Has the appearance of a wet spell.  Very quiet day.

— 12 —
(written by Jordan)

Considerable rain last night.  Cloudy & light showers all day
Could not give rodeo too much water in camp
The Cia de Tierras have sent their
Don Joaquin here for breakfast.
Don Sisto left today.  Zenobio got back with letter from Don Alfredo  Nothing of importance

— 13 May —
(written by Jordan)

Rained in the night & early morning, about 8 A.M. Cleared up.  Wind from the south & cool
Elias with mensuales, carreros & Balbueno commenced work on corral at Estancia.  I with footmen 2 took up the water troughs, & noria buckets at Salado
The Salado is still full.  Companys men went back
Butchered cow

— 14 —
(written by Jordan)

Very cool 12° in early morning: wind south :light: :Clear day
Elias still at corral work.  two men making mud to repair Peones Kitchen.  I & Paulino went up to Palmar & lightened raft & started it again.  Sent other peon this afternoon to assist him.  Don Joaquin here for breakfast also tonight.  Found dead calf up Palmar.  the lake has fallen about 6 inches in the last 3 days.

— 15 —
(written by Jordan)

Still cooler 10° in 8 Morn.  The wind E &S.E. Stronger.
Don Julian here for breakfast.  Don Joaquin left for La Paz today.  the raft got to Mistolar last night
Elias still at corral work.  Sent letter to Don Alfredo
Two men putting envanando mud in peones quarters.
One horse died of Peste.  Plateado ~~~.  Butchered cow Tambera
Wrote to Don Alfredo tonight

— 16 May —
(written by Jordan)

Cool cloudy day Wind S.E. is getting cooler fast after sundown.  Cafarate went to Calchaqui today.  Elias closed in the Corral.  finished xxxxx muding up the peons quarters
Cia de Tierras sent word that they will also give rodeo general Monday.  can think of nothing else.

— 17 —
(written by Jordan)

Lovely day.  South wind.  Finished large corral & hauled two loads of wood for Marcación.  recorrered North, lake falling a little cattle looking fine.  The cool nights seem to have destroyed the greater part of the mosquitos.  grass in esteros specially fine

— 18 —
(written by Jordan)

Lovely weather don’t know how it could be nicer.  South wind
Machengo with 3 peones. left for rodeos del Cia de Tierras
Elias & other Peones have gone to Loma & Paso de Calchaqui to begin rodeos tomorrow.  Cafarate got back from Calchaqui with correspondence.  Letter from Don Alfredo
Two peones looking for work.  Am alone tonight also last night.

— 19 May —
(written by Jordan)

A little warmer today 25° at midday.  South & SE wind very light
Began to give rodeo general.  Tapera & Mistolar
Cart men brought two loads of palms from Noria also the Bebidas.  footmen working at corral
Caferata brought Mercaderia from Calchaqui
Don Sisto – Don Julian & Don Barbie here for night
Shut in reculuta cattle at Estancia.  Two women with a cart eat here at midday or a little after.  Began another letter to Don Alfredo.

— 20 —
(written by Jordan)

Fine day. S.E. wind light.  Gave three small rodeos today
Don Sisto & Don Julian here for night
Carts brought wood.  footmen working at small corral
Butchered Cow.  Parted several cows & steers ‘criolla’ for consumo will put them in Potrero Salado

— 21 —
(written by Jordan)

Light North Wind, fine day.  Gave rodeo Algarrobal 4.000 arriba  Julian Sanchez’s peones arrived this evening with one cow and calf and one novillo Marca ~~~  Don Julian & Don Sisto here for night.  Footmen working at corral.  Sent carts after roofing palms.  They have not returned yet  There is a rumour of 40 indians having been seen somewhere further north

Blotter page opposite
22-23-24 May


Page image.

— 22 May —
(written by Jordan)

Warm day 28° at midday very light north wind
Don Sisto left today with 120 animals
 "  Julian "  "  "   91  "
Cia de Tierras   "   "   396  "
We capado 107 toros Marca ~~~ & 7 agenos
Marked & branded 8 calves for Frakes
All hands helped.  Machingo returned from Cia of Tierras this evening too late to count.  will do so in the morning.
Butchered novillo ~~~.  Put 30 animals consumo in Potrero Salado
Cartmen returned late last night say they could not find but very few Techas.  Brought some Palms to finish load

— 23 —
(written by Jordan)
(Very different handwriting)

A heavy fog this morning.  Cleared off about 9.30 light north wind
Counted recoluta cattle 282 all told.  Marked and branded 40 calves & castrated 15 bulls.  Afterwards went to Potrero Salado & marked & branded 13 calves for Frakes  Also branded 1 colt & 2 fillys ~~~ this afternoon made calf pen.  Sent cartmen to Loma with word for marcacion.  Sent Machingo to part at Hartenecks 4 men

— 24 —
(written by Jordan)
(First 3-4 sentences same as day before, then Jordon again.)

Nice pleasant day.  Light north winds.  Carts came back from Loma by way of ensanada.  say could not load bore brought other things.  Elias went to Mistolar & castrated the lambs there.  Machingo got back from Hartenecks with 50 ~~~ & 3 orejanos. Received 24 cabesas vacuno de Loma.  Cafarate began to plow for alfalfa.
Cut up one hide for use of estancia
Balbueno working at boat.  Finished letter to Don Alfredo

— 25 —
(written by Jordan)

Pleasant day.  Light north wind. Butchered cow ~~~.
All hands have caught horses ready to make early start tomorrow Marcacion.  Machingo left for Morrels to ask rodeo.

— 26 —
(written by Jordan)

Warm day.  Threatening rain.  Marked & Branded 370 calves ~~~ part only of rodeo Algorobal.  Don Sisto & his father with thier peones helping, are here for the night also Don Julian.  Butchered cow.

— 27 —
(written by Jordan)

Warm day has every appearance of rain.  Wind N & E & W light
Marked 222 calves rodeo Algorobal.  have the rest of the rodeo shut in tonight.  Don Pancho Martinez left this evening.  Machingo got back from Morrels this morn.  Morrel will give rodeo on 30th of this month
I despatched Cafarate tonight.  Was compelled to do so as I had borne all I could from him

Blotter page facing
28-29-30 May

Cattle counts

Page image.

— 28 May —
(written by Jordan)

Cold windy day.  South wind.  Received two letters from Don Alfredo.  Sent Chasque to Calchaqui to get new mark.  Marked & branded 249 calves.  The last of rodeo Algorobal.  Worked½ day only.  Except foot peones.  Sent letter to Don Alfredo.  Don Sisto went home this afternoon, Don Julian here still.  Butchered Vaca ~~~

— 29 —
(written by Jordan)

Not quite so cold today but still cloudy with south wind
Marked & Branded 80-calves & castrated 44 bulls
Received new marks from Calchaqui.  Marcación rodeo Estancia.  Butchered cow ~~~   Brought noria buckets to Estancia.  It seems that with all the hurry & bustle we get very little done

— 30 —
(written by Jordan)

Cold 4°  S. Wind.  Marked & branded 350 calves ~~~ rodeo de los Tronchas.  Butchered cow ~~~   Ration day.

— 31 May —
(written by Jordan)

Pleasant day.  Rodeo Ensenada.  Parted over 500 calves shut them in at Mistolar.  But did not brand as it was late when we got ready.  Butchered cow ~~~   Sent Veron to to calchaqui for caña.
Passed the night at Mistolar
Sent letter to Don Alfredo.

June, 1902


— 1 —
(written by Jordan)

Looks like a little rain.  Marked & Branded 510 calves ~~  8 ~~  2 E.  fixed up the carts to start for Calchaqui in the morning.  Doña Viviana gave up the kitchen today.  Caferate passed in the monthly account for Peones.

— 2 —
(written by Jordan)

Pleasant day.  Shut in the rodeo Tapera at Mistolar & branded 109 calves ~~~ also castrated 14 bulls & dehorned 2
  Machingo got back from Morrels this afternoon
J Bergara started for Calchaqui with three carts
Butchered novillo ~~~   Elias will mark at his house tomorrow.  Sent letter to don Alfredo

— 3 June —
(written by Jordan)

Cool cloudy day south wind.  Counted the reculuta cattle 98 ~~~ y 9 orejanos 5 J Martin’s: y 2 Mitchelet.  Marked & branded the orejanos & castrated 4 bulls.  accidentally killed one calf.  did not go to Elias’s will take his count tomorrow
regulated with Balbueno to begin plowing in the morning.

— 4 —
(written by Jordan)

Rather cold this morning . Went to Loma de Poi.  Met Elias he says he marked & branded 24 tamberos & 4 others
We shut about ½ the mares & Branded 20 colts machos and 18 Hembras also cut off the manes & tails of the mares  broke the leg of one colt machas.  Butchered novillo ~~~

— 5 —
(written by Jordan)

Light frost this morning  Shut in the rest of the mares branded 20 colts Machos. and 34 Hembras, and took off the rest of the manes and tails.  Injued another colt macho

— 6 June —
(written by Jordan)

White frost this morning.  Marked & branded 18 calves. wild and 18 tame.  Returned to Estancia with one potro and 5 redomones. .  Butchered cow ~~~   Saddled the potro & one redomone.  wrote to Don Alfredo.  Balbueno has plowed about ½ of the land.  Don Julian went home

— 7 —
(written by Jordan)

Nice Pleasant day.  The carts got back from Calchaqui with 55 bags of maiz.  Left two of them at Elias’s puesto.  also brought several boxes and bundles.  But no letter from Don Alfredo
Spent the day taming the new horses and doing odd chores about the house.  Juan Martin arrived about midday & passed the night here
Balbueno still plowing.

— 8 —
(written by Jordan)

Light frost.  Went to Mistolar & Branded 15 calves wild and 5 tame.  Don Alfredo came home today.  J Martin still here nothing of importance

— 9 June —
(Alfred writes)

Blotter page facing
9-10-11 June

List of employees
& their wages

Page image.

Blotter page, side 2

Page image.

Fine day East wind and a bit cloudy.-
- Stick at point of lake is 2 ft 4 inches out of water.
Tomas took the 3 carts to Calchaqui to bring out maiz etc.-  The two men Morro and Veron working at odd jobs & raising calze of small well.-
Nothing articular going on, recorriendo.–
Butchered cow ~~~.-
- Machengo went to Calchaqui & Vera to get guia for tropa & matricula etc.-
Caferata went to Calchaqui to get stores for sale.-
Valbueno finished plowing for alfa.  SE end of chacra.

— 10 —

Cool morning, warm day cloudy looks like rain with east wind.-
Jordan marked 9 tambera calves at Palmar puesto & 2 potrillos machos.-
Schickenitz [written over] from Hartenecks here today on a visit; took him up Palmares with trap.–
Working around place, filling up etc.-

— 11 —

Warm day, in afternoon wind changed SE. cooler.  Put up pluviometre.   Demorra & D. Veron still filling up around jaguel (pozo).  Men (most all) went to Calchaqui to get out papeletas.-
- Butchered cow.-
Valbueno harrowing for alfa.-

— 12 June —

Fine day east wind.-
A recorrered down to Lomo Poi,  Silvano Michelot brought 200 of his novillos over to put into south potrero $200 for 6 months or fraction.-   he gave ‘conforme’
Jordon recorrered fence etc as Seristro has gone to Calchaqui.-   Cattle looking very well and camp first rate,  Salado has gone down some and gives paso.—
Sun set 5 to 5 P.M.

— 13 —

Another fine warm day NE wind & looks as if might rain.  Jordan left for Maderos with 2 peones to señalar sheep and then to recojer yeguada mark cerdear etc and on Monday begin to part novillada.-  Elias goes direct down from Calchaqui where they have been taking out papeletas.  Julian Sanchez was here this afternoon.  The 3 carts came back from Calchaqui bringing 66 bags of maiz.-  Camp & cattle flourishing.-
Caferata began cross plowing for alfa.  Demorra piling up around jahuel estancia and Delfino cleaned up grass in plowed land.  Valbueno harrowing.–

— 14 —

Warm day E wind.  Cloudy a bit.-
Plowing & harrowing, & two men juntaring grass in land for alfa.-
One cart went down to Maderos to bring up wool (took 16 lienzos) Nothing new.
Butchered cow.-

— 15 June —

Warm muggy day 85°  N. wind & looks rainy.-
A went down to Lomo Poi but men had mares up yesterday & marked the few remaining colts (12).-   Some novillos of Silvio Michelots had got out of south potrero: sent word to him.  Here nothing going on.  Machengo took senueleros to puesto Mistolar to begin making troop tomorrow.

— 16 —

Warm day strong NE wind & looks rainy barometre very low.-
Began making troop of novillos for La California.  Machengo & 5 men worked. Parted 1st from Rodeo Tapera 1800 105 novillos good ones and 142 afterwards from Rodeo Mistolar 2500.  Silvano Michelud also parted his novillos which had escaped from south rodeo, and we also parted all agenos & orechano calves.-  Plowing & working in chacra all the same.  2 carts hauled wood from Palmar.

— 17 —

Strong N wind sprung up in night and very warm muggy day N wind & cloudy tonight.-  Had on rodeo del Medio 1800 and parted 99 novillos & 64 novillos from rodeo Estancia 1000 and a lot of agenos & orechano calves which we have on a separate señuela.  Gregorio & Ocampo from Las Rosas began work on tropa. (9 por dia).  Felis from Cacique was here on way to Calchaqui, gave vale for $200. % Godoy.

— 18 June —

Had on rodeo Palmar about 1800 head and parted out 120 novillos & finished tropa & agenos & orechano calves.
Strong south wind came up last night & was a cool day cloudy & looked mistish.-
J. Sanchez & Alberto Huber & S. Morell here today. the latter two stop the night to take away their cattle tomorrow.  Sent Cipriano to Calchaqui for guia horses (pass).
Mercachifles & Eduardo Weibell stop the night.

— 19 —

Looked like rain or temporal but cleared off today and cool, & wind changed to east again.-
Dispatched troop 500 novillos & 7 vaquillas for consumo.
Machengo takes 7 men & $100.-  brings back bulls on return.-
Huber left with his animals Morells etc 31 animals.-
Marked afterwards 117 calves & turned them out into camp.  Put rest into south Put into Salado potrero 75 of agenos? 58 of Frakes.  Into South potrero put tomorrow 67 of Robsons 80 agenos – 64 Michelots novillos, 13 Senueleros, 25 Consuma.
Nothing new. J.Sanchez was here on way to Calchaqui.

— 20 —

Slight frost, E wind.  Fine day.-
Weighed & loaded up the wool).  (the wool from Maderos 835 k) not quite 1 kilo per sheep shorn (850 sheep).
Elias & mensuales took Robsons & ageno cattle to south potrero.  Working on land to sow alfa.-  Caferata took machined as he started to cut old alfa field.–

— 21 June —

The 3 carts left this morning with nearly 2000 K wool.-  bring out maiz etc.-
N.E. wind slight frost cloudy sort of day.
Butchered cow.-
Working in chacra preparing for alfa.-
Nothing particular going on.-

— 22 —
(written by Jordan)

Fine day.  East wind.  Elias & the Peones came home with 4 new young horses rode them.  Don Alfredo went over to Lucero

— 23 —
(written by Jordan)

Cool morning warmer afternoon.  rode the Colts & Butchered.  cow.  recorrered.  Don Ernesto Farrara passed with troop passes the night at Salado.  J Martin here for night
Don Alfredo returned tonight

— 24 June —
(written by Jordan)

Nice Pleasant day, wind E & N.E.  recorrered as far as Laguna Dulce  Elias & the boys riding the colts.
Sent chasque to Molles to find out where Don Dionicio is going to part.  Still working at chacra
J Martin left in the morning.  Don Ernesto’ cartman lost his oxen.  Elias found them & shut them in at Estancia late this evening

— 25 —
(written by Jordan)

Warm day touched 80° at midday.  Had some appearance of rain in early morning.  Cleared up with northeast wind in afternoon.  Butchered cow ~~~.  Recorrered camp north and south
Rode the colts  Still working at chacra.
  Don Alfredo went over to Harteneck’s returned in afternoon

— 26 —
(written by Jordan)

Nice warm day 85° at midday.  Wind a little east of north
Carts got back from Calchaqui with etc maize supplies etc.
Sent Zenobio to ask rodeo of Barbier.
Sent one Peon to attend rodeo at J. Sanchez.  he got nothing
Still working at chacra.  rode colts.  recorrered camp.  found three dead animals C.P.
Branded the Estancia tame calves today 11 [circled].

— 27 June —
(written by Jordan)

Blotter page facing
27-28-29 June

Blotted ink stain:
..prospects and am sure you only need a chance to get along like a house on fire.  We have be..

Page image.

Another very warm day.  Very little doing.  Recorrered camp north & south.  Carts hauling wood.  Balbueno working at boat.  Received notice that there will be a rodeo at Biscachera, for mares, tomorrow.  also in Balbier camp for cattle:
Juan Andres. passed with small troop of butcher cattle from J Sanchez for Calchaqui

— 28 —
(written by Jordan)

Warm pleasant day very little wind.  Attended rodeo at Barbier’s got 12 ~~~  – 2 Harteneck - 2 Mitchelat – 1 Frakes.
Carts hauling ‘techas’ & wood.  Balbueno working at boat
Caferata and two Peones working at chacra
Butchered cow ~~~

— 29 —
(written by Jordan)

Very pleasant day 75° at Midday light N.E. wind
Some of the Puesteros in for rations.
  J Martin here for the night on his way to see Paraguay.-  Nothing of importance–

— 30 June —
(written by Jordan)

Warm balmy sort of day and NE wind blowing.-
Jordan took J. Martin to Calchaqui in trap on way to Paraguay.-
Two carts went to Palmar for tejas.
One cart went to Mistolar & brought up Piedr bueno family as the wife is going to enter as cook (peones) as Camba’s wife is too dirty.  The 2 foot peones fixed up fence of both chacras.-
Elias delivered the sheep belonging to J. Vargas who took them up to Palmar puesto. 64 sheep 46 lambs.-
Elias at Calchaqui.  Butchered cow

1902 - Q3   July — September

July, 1902

— 1 July —
(written by Jordan)

Warm cloudy day N.E. wind.  Cartmen came back from palmar last night with 80 téjas & 8 palms.  Spent today regulating the carts.  Demorro cleaning up back patio  Veron fixing orchones for meat house.  Other boys recorrered the camp.  Elias & Jordan got back from Calchaqui this evening.  Balbueno working at set of shelves for carpenter shop.  loaded up the boat & fixtures to take to the lake in the morning

— 2 —
(written by Jordan)

Cool with strong south wind.  Rained last night 8 millimetres, & during the day 74 more.
Very little doing today.  Laid out the plan for Meat house.  Mended pesebre corral & done a little hide work.  Still windy & cool -

— 3 July —
(written by Jordan)

Cool clear day south wind.  rained again last night four milimetres.  The carts went to Palmar for palms taking the boat as far as the lake
Don Alfredo went over the north end of camp today
Foot Peones working at meat house  Cafarate began cutting alfa in the old alfalfar.  Butchered cow recorrered camp.  & Killed one of the pigs.
Balbueno working at set of shelves in carpenter shop
looks very much like frost tonight

— 4 —
(written by Jordan)

Cold with considerable frost in early morning.  Afterwards clear & pleasant with E & NE wind.  Carts came back with palms.  Elias making ready to go to Biscacheras & neighboring camps for Mares.  Foot Peones working at meat house  Caferata & Balbueno making sauages [sausages].  One man dug a few sweet potatoes.  recorrered camp & killed a wild pig.
Zenobio did not recorrer the fences as his horse got loose in the night.  Carts loaded 4 more palms at Estancia to take to the Loma

— 5 —
(written by Jordan)

Cold with some frost this morning  Cool but clear afternoon
Carts went to Lomo Poi with 28 palms
Don Alfredo went over south part of camp.
Elias & three peones started to Biscachera camp to look for Mares.  Recorrered north.  Shut in novillo to Butcher.  Worked at Meat house.  Balbueno Making set of shelves.  Cafarate raked hay.  Baldomeros wife here to ask Don Alfredo to get out mark for her

— 6 July —
(written by Jordan)

Nice Pleasant day.  Puesteros here for rations, etc –
Butchered novillo ~~~ repiled the hides.  Carts came back from Loma with one cart broken & one cartman slightly injured.  Don Alfredo launched his boat & took a short sail in it.  Received 7 cow hides & one horse hide. & ½ bag of hair from Loma de Poi.

— 7 —
(written by Jordan)

Slightly cloudy in morning.  rained a few drops in the night   two carts went after palms.  footmen (3) hauling hay.  Don Alfredo sowed some alfalfa & Cafarate harrowed it in.  Tied a new horse in the light cart to try him   recorrered camp-

— 8 —
(written by Jordan)

Cloudy but warm with wind N.E. y N. falling Barometer
Don Alfredo left early this morning for Calchaqui
The two carts came back this evening with18 palms & loaded other three for Loma Poi.  Tied the new horse in the buggy he went well.  fixed up the light cart to tie in four Mules.  Hauled the rest of the hay.  dug up the rest of the part from old corral.  cut sprouts out of the chacra & sent the boys to meet Elias-
F Suarez here for night on his way to start almacen in J Sanchez’s camp

— 9 July —
(written by Jordan)

Notes on
Blotter page facing
9-10-11 July.

Page image.

Back, facing
12-13-14 July.

Page image.

Warm and a little fog in morning.  Afternoon wind from south cloudy and cool.  Went down to Loma and met Elias and peones with yeguada.  Branded two horse colts and two mares colts  On way back met carts.  seemed to be too heavily loaded.  Took one palm off each cart.  footmen with Cafarate tied in the mules and hauled two loads of palms from Noria Salado
Balbueno sick in bed all day.  Elias left Loma for Vara as there is to be a rodeo there tomorrow.  Took Romolo and Vensa with him  Butchered cow ~~~

— 10 —
(written by Jordan)

Wind from North this morning.  Afternoon from south again The Barometer very low.  Carts came back from Loma  footmen cleaning back patio.  Balbueno working at shelves  Cafarate took 4 mules in cart to Calchaqui
Nothing of importance except that the weather puzzles me.  This constant change of wind and no rain

— 11 —
(written by Jordan)

Cool with strong south wind all day.  The three carts went after palms.  footmen working at meathouse  Balbueno making the door for it
Worked all day at the met house.  Made very little show

— 12 July —
(written by Jordan)

Very disagreeable day cloudy & threatening rain with cold south wind.  Carts brought 24 palms the capitaz says there is only a few more dry ones.  footmen working at meat house  Caferate got back tonight from Calchaqui with stores etc  Don Alfredo also got back.  Bringing a man – Don Minio Cernesa Minio to do hide work  Butchered cow ~~~

— 13 —
(written by Jordan)

Cloudy day with a little rain drizzle mist (1½ milimeter) and cool
Elias returned with 32 animals vacuno of which 7 had been countermarked by Cia de Tierras, also 14 ajenos which we put in potrero Salado.  he also brought 63 mares from Aguaras Grande – Molles y Plaza Grande.  The vacuno were from the same potreros.  we branded 11 calves and tied a bull up overo Colorado in the pesebre.  Shut the mares in at Estancia
Elias also parted 4 vacunas from Vara & Morinos and put them into south potrero.

— 14 —
(written by Jordan)

Warm cloudy day.  Marked 5 horse colts also 5 mare colts and cut off manes and tails of 42 Mares and 2 stallions
Sent three carts to palmar for tejas and palms
The footmen worked at meat house in afternoon
Balbueno arranging things in carpenter shop
Elias and boys rode the colts and Butchered novillo ~~~ in afternoon.  Shut the mares in at Estancia again
Don Alfredo sent correspondence into Calchaqui.
Z Ponce got drunk yesterday and had a row with his woman who came to Estancia in the night for safty.  He is not working today

— 15 July —
(Alfred writes)

Looked like clearing up but in afternoon got over cast and looks like drizzling with south wind.–
Elias took mares to Lomo Poi and stops there for the recuenta tomorrow.  Jordan went over to see Wilson about rodeos not got back.-
Dispatched Zenobio Ponce from puesto Potrero and received from him 4 horses, 7 tame mares, 2 potrancas (2 años) 1 potrito, & 1 pala, 1 hacha, 1 piedra vuelta, 2 rondana, 1 senzerro, 1 paba, 3 llabe torniquetes, 1 California, 1 lima, 1 azada, 1 lasso, 1 dorsal, 1 bosal, 1 balde, 1 Remington, 1 tijera.
Caferata began plowing chacra;  Working at carniceria. Bro’t 106 tejas & 6 palmas.  Nothing new.  J Fillon & cart stop the night on way to Pozo Marcana.

— 16 —
(written by Jordan)

Cold cloudy with SE wind.  Jordan came back last night with Don Dionicio Callins who passed the night here on his way to Gateado looking for stray mares.  Don Alfredo and Jordan went to Loma to count the mares.  There are 650 in south potrero including 163 machos de año arribba.
Cafarate moved Balbueno to Puesto Salado in forenoon and plowed chacra afterwards.  footmen working at carneceria making mud for it
Carts gone after Palms.  Elias and gente went over to Aguaras Grande to attend rodeo there tomorrow.
Smashed the trap up very badly at Estancia today
Received correspondence.

— 17 —
(written by Jordan)

Rained or drizzled a little last night (2 milimetres)  Cold with south wind today.  Carts brought 20 palms.
Cafarate plowed in forenoon and cut alfa in afternoon
Footmen making mural and doing odd jobs about the place.  Simeon brought out of parting 31 animals in Aguaras chico Michelot and Media Luna-  he put them in potreo al sud.  Don Julian has just arrived on his return to his estancia-  The horse tameres arrived today-

— 18 July —
(written by Jordan)

Cleared off last night.  cool bright day with east and north east wind.  Don Alfredo went over to the Lucero today he has not returned.  The carts brought two loads of wood today.  one of the cartmen being sick (Gamba)
Caferata cutting hay all day finished old chacra and commenced on the new.  Butchered novillo ~~~   Morro cleaned the entrails for sausages.  Veron working at the mud
Counted the animals consumo in Potrero Salado – 5 vacas and 4 novillos.  Enrique Borga with his family are here waiting to see Don Alfredo.  Don Miguel Fraire is here for the night.  also three troperos on their way to J Sanchez’s

— 19 —
(written by Jordan)

Hard frost last night.  clear morning.  Cloudy and cool afterwards with E and N.E. wind.  Carts brought two loads of wood.  (Gamba sick)   Working at carniceria.  Cutting alfalfa.  Elias got back from Cia de Tierras with 5 mares and 29 vacas from Aguaras Grande Molles, San Andres, and Lucero.  Shut them in at Estancia
Don Alfredo returned at midday.  M. Fraire still here-
One horse and one cow found dead in camp C.P.

— 20 —
(written by Jordan)

Another frost day clear and cool with light S and S.E. wind
Jordan went over to Martins (pasear)   Marked the calves that Elias brought yesterday – 4 with countermark Cia de Tierras  1 orejano also marked 1 for Frakes and put cow and calf Frakes in potrero Salado.  also one animal (vacuno) for Robson
Sent mares to Potrero al Sud.  Geronimo Perrera (visitor) here for night

— 21 July —
(written by Jordan)

Fine bright day very the heaviest frost of the season.  very little wind, changing to all points during the day.  Hauled some hay (3 loads) Butchered last pig.  Butchered cow ~~~.
Don Lombardo passed with troop of novillo.  going to camp of G Perrera: (on Wampita)  One of Machengo’s troperos (Cornilia) returned today.  Reports losing 3 novillos.  Says that he left Machingo six days ago,  on his return to Estancia with Bulls (150)

— 22 —
(written by Jordan)

Cold frosty morning warmer with slight north wind afternoon.  Cutting and hauling hay with cartmen and footmen  Caferata and Balbueno cutting up the pig and making sausages.  Sent tropilla to Loma to meet Elias and stop rodeo tomorrow.  Gente from the Varele camp here tonight.  looking for cattle. J Sanchez passed with his flock of sheep from Elias’ puesto  Butchered cow ~~~
Received correspondence – no papers-

— 23 —
(written by Jordan)

Light frost.  Cool strong north wind in the morning light in afternoon.  Don Alfredo attended rodeos at Topasa and Mistolar parted 26 animals consumo and put them as well as 5 agenos in Potrero Salado.  also parted about 80 orejanos and shut them in at Estancia  Cartmen and footmen hauling hay (6 loads)  Caferata raking hay.  Balbueno working at carniceria.  J Suarez and cart here on his way to Calchaqui gave him letters to mail.

— 24 —
(written by Jordan)

Nice warm day.  Very little wind S and E  Got in the rest of the hay.  worked at carniceria.  Marked 31 calves from rodeo Tapera and Mistolar  Gente from J Martin’s here for rodeo (tomorrow)
Regulated Veron’s account: Recorrered camp.

— 25 —
(written by Jordan)

Foggy morning.  Very warm day.  Light N and NE wind
Gave rodeo in Potrero Salado to J Sanchez and Martin.
Butchered cow ~~~.  Made Chasca to take on trip outside.  Balbueno Painting Buggy.  Morro cleaning Patio.  Cafarate Plowing. .  Elias and gente went to Mistolar to Senalar corderos.  afterwards goes to Loma to entregar Potros to Domador and Senalar more corderos
Recorrered camp

— 26 —
(written by Jordan)

Warm day.  Strong N and N.W. wind in morning very light wind afternoon  Elias reports Senalado 25 corderos Hembras 16 caponcitos 6 carneritos at Mistolar did not Senalar at J Maderas.  The domadors came back this evening with their potros to tame them see tomorrow in here
Carts brought two load of timber and one of wood.
Morro doing odd jobs  Cafarate plowed in forenoon and caught mules and regulated cart to go to Calchaqui in afternoon.

— 27 July —
(written by Jordan)

Disagreeable day.  Strong S and S.W. wind  Butchered cow ~~~
Don Sisto and Julian here for night
Gave rodeo in Potrero Salado to Don Sisto
Got up the oxen for carts.  Cafarate went to Calchaqui with mules taking Doña Maria and family

— 28 —
(written by Jordan)

Cold and stormy with 48½ milimeters of rain last night and a regular temporal blowing from south with 19 milimeters of rain today.  No work going on today.  Don Sisto left with his cattle and J Sanchez went home (9.P.M.)  Strong wind still blowing and raining at spells  Several light showers of hail fell today

— 29 —
(written by Jordan)

Cold cloudy day wind changeable mostly from the south
Machengo arrived from California after 16 days trip with 154 toritos (left one bull at Laucilla[?])
Very little work done today.  (hung a gate) worked a little at carniceria.  (Basted some orchones) and such little work
Rained 8¾ millimetres last night.  Still cold and cloudy.  Sent horses to meet Cafarate.

— 30 July —
(written by Jordan)

Cold north wind all day cloudy morning.  Some sunshine afternoon.
Took the bulls up to Palmar left one sick near estancia tied one up (a young one)  Ration day.  Don Alfredo settled accts of troperos.  Cafarate got back from Calchaqui with supplies correspondence. &C. &C. (four days trip)
Elias sold 11 novillos and 3 vacas (his mark).
two carts went to Palmar.  Butchered novillo ~~~ and gave the hide to horse tamers for sogas and bosales.

— 31 —
(written by Jordan)

Good frost this morning.  pleasant day with light N and N.W. wind
Carts bought 12 palms.  footmen working at Carniceria and Cafarate Muding up his room and the kitchen
Elias and gente recorrered camp and hunted for some horses
One dead horse (redomone) and one of the new fine bulls also
Don Alfredo went over to Harteneck’s and J Sanchez came here and took the little alazan Pesebro back with him
Butchered cow ~~~.

August, 1902

— 1 August —
(written by Jordan)

Pleasant morning.  about 10 A.M. wind came up from south cool and kept getting cooler all day is still (8 PM) blowing hard  footmen working at carniceria.  Peon fixing up pack saddles.  Elias and gente recorrered camp.  Clemente began riding new horses.  Mr Mitcham here for night  J Martin passed on his way home from Paraguay.  Tomas and 2 peones went to Loma to fix up corral

— 2 —
(written by Jordan)

Cool pleasant day.  South wind.  Working at carniceria and pesebre
Elias found the missing horses in Lucero camp
Martin sent back the horse that he borrowed
Meacham still here (nothing of importance)
Mr Benitz found one young calf and Elias another (the first of the season)

— 3 —
(written by Jordan)

Much the biggest frost of the season.  Bright sunny day with light north wind.  Tomas and gente came back from Loma and he (Tomas) left with permission for two days.  Nothing doing.  Butchered cow ~~~
Meacham left: for Martins.

— 4 —
(written by Jordan)

Very cold morning thermometer one degree above zero cool but clear day.  Received correspondence.  (great frost)
J Sanchez sent the (Alazan) back
Meacham came back prepared to go outside with Mr Benitz.  Carts brought two loads of wood
Working at fence in old chacra (division fence)
Cafarate plowing.  Balbueno working at carniceria

— 5 August —
(written by Jordan)

Another cold night with considerable frost beautiful day working potrero (Estancia)  Don Alfredo packing up in readiness to leave tomorrow.  received correspondence.  Tomas and family came back.  Two carts went after palms.
Butchered cow ~~~  Cafarate plowing.

— 6 —
(written by Jordan)

Light frost pleasant day.  No wind to speak of.
Don Alfredo left for outside today taking Elias with him also one peon.  Mr Meacham and Julian Sanchez with one peon are the rest of the party
One dead bull near rodeo Tapara and one novillito near Estero grande C.P. (los dos)
Carts brought 12 palms.  finished Potrero Estancia  Cafarate plowing: recorrered camp by Salado.
Man from Conchas looking for Don Cervera

— 7 —
(written by Jordan)

Nice warm day.  went down to Puesto J Madero and marked and castrated 198 Machos (Corderos) also marked 213 Hembras
Passed the night there.  Don Cervera left tho here this morning.  Sent Cafarate and Surdo to grind maiz at Harteneck’s
(J Parton left this morning)

— 8 August —
(written by Jordan)

Another nice day  Cafarate plowing  Morro and Surdo doing odd jobs
Gathered up the mares at potrero al sud and delivered one potro to Paulino
Don Tomas yesterday and today moved E Bosgar’s family up to Palmar
I employed new cartman at 1500 [18 ?]
  Butchered cow ~~~

Ink stain on blotter facing
8-9-10 Aug.

Mary Peil [?]
San Cristobal

Page image.

— 9 —
(written by Jordan)

Wind came up from south at day break bringing a fog that lasted three or four hours.
Went down to Ensenada viejo and brought up box also brought cilinder and rawhide ropes, barrel. etc. from Mistolar.  Cafarate plowed in forenoon and made a new pig pen in afternoon.  I tied in Malacara to Buggy and drove him for exercise.  Doña Angela here for night.  Simeon returned cart today also brought correspondence (no wire)

— 10 —
(written by Jordan)

A very thick fog this morning lasting untill about 10 oclock
Afterwards warm with very light easterly wind and falling barometer.  Nothing worth writing.
Doña Maria Diez sent some fancy pillow case work to recover 350 also wants hay for fowls.

— 11 August —
(written by Jordan)

A very great change in the weather 74° yesterday at noon and now 52°.  came up very threatening storm about 2 this morning from north much thunder and lightning but failed to rain about daylight wind changed to south and held so all day.  Don Tomas took our cart to town other two went after palms.  Bornal an Verisa went up to palmar.  repor: Bulls allright.
  Butchered cow ~~~.

— 12 —
(written by Jordan)

Rained 11 Millimeters last night cool S wind
This has been a miserable day.  the two carts came back from palmar with 10 palms.  Cafarate plowing footmen painting trough.  Romolo and Vens recored Salado.  I killed a fox in front Patio.
  Butchered cow ~~~.

— 13 —
(written by Jordan)

Good hard frost this morning.  Cool S.E. wind all day
Sent two carts after palms.  Romolo went to Lucero to see about the horses (tropilla oscuras) found them all right.  reports having seen two 2 dead hogs west of Rodeo del Media (Butchered by someone and left)
Domingo brought me two little pigs today but one soon died.  Cafarate plowing: footmen still painting
I and Paulino taming Sorrel horse to drive
S Rodo sent word that he had got the missing bull
Several fires in camp today but have all gone out tonight
Doña Angela and family are still here

— 14 August —
(written by Jordan)

Cold with considerable frost.  Wind S and SE.
Still colder tonight  Don Tomas came back today with correspondence supplies etc.  two carts from palmar also returned.  recorrered camp south found three more dead hogs, incline to the idea of lions killing them.  finished painting troughs and regulated them  Cafarate plowing.  at noon when he turned loose one of the horses walked about 100 yards and fell and died in five minutes

— 15 —
(written by Jordan)

Big frost21 cold cloudy S and SE wind.  Ration day.  Boys recorrered camp.  Cafarate plowing.  Morro and Surdo began work at noria Salado (Terapane)   I set up the disc harrow.  Tomas and two carts went to palmar (Butchered cow ~~~)
Vensa’s horse fell on him late this afternoon

— 16 —
(written by Jordan)

Hard frost Southeast wind and cold all day
Morro and Sordo working at Noria.  Cafarate plowing  Carts brought 12 palms.  Sent Romolo to see about bulls at palmar and he found five dead he and Paulino skinned them this evening  I rode over a great part of the palmar camp and found a great many sick bulls but no more dead ones
F Senin also skinned one of theirs today
Chasque from J Martin with letter to post

— 17 August —
(written by Jordan)

Another very hard frost.  Pleasant day with south wind
Nothing doing except that I recorrered a large part of north camp it appears that the greater part of the new bulls are sick.  Think that some I saw today will be dead in the morning.  can not find any ticks on dead bulls.

— 18 —
(written by Jordan)

Very. Very . big frost.  Light North wind today but still cold.  The thermometer was a little below 0 in early morn
Skinned two more bulls today.  F Gavino is here for night he wants to go to Calchaqui with J Cafarate
I was out all day in north camp.  The bulls look very bad am afraid will lose a great many.  Machingo started today to look for those novillos that he lost from tropa  Gave him ten dollars and letters of authority.  Footmen at noria.  Cafarate plowing, and the carts (three) gone after palms
  Butchered cow ~~~

— 19 —
(written by Jordan)

A very little frost cold disagreeable day North wind.  Recorrered camp.  Skinned one bull found anotherdead late this afternoon.  Cafarate finished plowing this morning and went to Calchaqui this afternoon as also did F Genin.  footmen at noria.  Carts came back this evening with 11 palms, one cart empty on account of broken coupling tounge.  Leo Barga has about 50 head of cattle shut in here tonight on his way to palmar
Doña Angela went home today  Butchered cow ~~~

— 20 August —
(written by Jordan)

South wind but not so cold as yesterday.  I wnet over to Martins
The boys skinned two bull. . Carts went after palms  footmen at noria

— 21 —
(written by Jordan)

Slightly warm S and E wind.  Thermometer indicates rain.  came back from Martins.  (J. Martin) who started today with the two McCormacks, Jones (a Texan) and Watt to look at outside camps  Carts brought 19 palms.  Dn Felipe slightly sick  boys skinned two more bulls.  and brought up the big oscura (from tropilla oscuros) to tame into cart work.
up to the present we have found 5 bulls dead C.P. making a total of 20 dead acctd for)   footmen at noria

— 22 —
(written by Jordan)

Cold with strong south wind extra disagreeable day
Cafarate got back today bringing correspondence letter from Don Alfredo at Fortin San Bernardo.
Skinned (3) three more bulls and one cow today and found one bull C.P.   Finished work at Noria Salado today
Carts gone after palms.  Butchered cow ~~~.

— 23 August —
(written by Jordan)

Big frost.  South wind changing to East in afternoon.
Cafarate handling the new horses with one peon to help F Gavino borrowed the horse cart to take his supplies home sent it back by his boys: who are here for the night.  Morro working at Pesebres  Don Pedro gave notice for end of month.  One of the Tambera cows died here last night (cause unknown)   Skinned one bull (Palmar)   Balbueno finished making gate for back patio
Looks like more frost.  the Barometer is very changeable these last few days (Marks Buen tiempo now, yesterday mucha Lluvia) .  Carts brought 20 palms

— 24 —
(written by Jordan)

Ground frost.  Beautiful day S and S.E. wind changing to North of East tonight.  I went down to Demetrio Ledesma today in the buggy taking ‘Block’ for water troughs.  Ursulo Klenge here for night with two carts selling to the peones).

No word of any Indians near here

— 25 —
(written by Jordan)

And still another frost.  S and S.E. wind
Recorrered camp found no more dead bulls
The sick ones look a little better.  Cafarate and el Surdo breaking new horses in to cart.  Morro went to the pass today to paint the water troughs.
Klenge left at midday.  Carts went to palmar
  Butchered cow ~~~

— 26 August —
(written by Jordan)

More frost but not quite so much.  Still cool with S and S.E. wind.  Cafarate and Surdo working with the new horses  Carts brought 20 palms.  Romolo went to Lucero to see about the oscuras (tropilla)  Paulino, Vensa y yo had a good look over north camp found two dead bulls.  The rest are looking better though it is likely that more will die.  Balbueno skinned a cow near his potrero and the boys a heifer near road to Salado.
El Comisario passed here this evening on his way to J Sanchez
Doña Felipe and Don Pedro Pesalves [Pesalva?] both sick in bed

— 27 —
(written by Jordan)

Frost, frost.  S and S.E. wind
recorrered camp and found one dead bull C.P
Escobar had dinner here on way to Calchaqui
Señor Sevedra and Son here for night
Let Doña Angela have horse cart to move into town
Morro got back from the pass, working at pesebre
Burtchered vaca ~~~   Carts gone after palms

— 28 —
(written by Jordan)

Big frost (31). but very pleasant day south wind (light)
Recorrered camp north and south.  Skinned one bull (Fine)   Don Pedro regulated his acct today.  Says he is too sick to work more.  Have finished all the work Don Alfredo left for me to do.  so I regulated Surdo’s acct also and Morro begins at pesebre work in the morning  Carts brought 20palms.  Cafarate preparing land for garden.  Doña Ana Felipe still sick

— 29 —
(written by Jordan)

Frost light north wind.  Recorrered camp N and S.
found one dead cow C.P. and one dead horse C.P. tordillo (tropilla Labunos)   Carts hauling wood.  Cafarate hauling wood with new horses lots of peones here lately looking for work
Have been trying all this month to burn the camp but in spite of all the frosts it seems impossible only burns in small patches.  The peones say that usualy in this month there are plenty of young calves.  But they are not here now.  I doubt if there could be 100 found on the whole camp.  This has been a lovely day.

— 30 —
(written by Jordan)

Strange morning good frost and fog at the same time Light north wind
Carts hauling wood.  Cafarate hauling with new horses  Boys recorrered camp.  Ration day.  J Martin and peones came over at midday are here for the night.
received correspondence.  did not find any more dead bulls.

— 31 —
(written by Jordan)

Nice warm day N and NE wind.  Don Alfredo got back this afternoon  J Martin and peones left this morning.  Some of the Puesteros here for rations.  Meachin here for night.  Don Joaquin passed on his way to Calchaqui.  Cafarate took Don Pedro to J Suarez’s.

September, 1902

— 1 Sept —
(Alfred present, written by Jordan)

Warm day - with north and east wind.  Recorrered camp North. East. and South.  Skinned one new bull and found another, ‘hide lost’   Carts went after palms.  Cafarate working about the house collecting seeds from Paraiso trees etc.  Vensa brought horse cart back from Calchaqui with supplies correspondence etc.  Meacham went over to Martin’s.
Mr Benitz regulating the accts.  Butchered cow ~~~

— 2 —
(written by Jordan)

Another warm day light N and E wind
Recorrered camp.  J Sanchez gave rodeo.  Parted five animals (vacuno)   Carts brought 22 palms.  Took the oxen to potrero getting ready to go and dam the Calchaqui.  Cafarate plowing.  Don Alfredo went over to Hartenecks and back
Sent correspondence to town by Sr Sevaelsa.
Brought one very thin bull up and put him in alfalfa.  (New bull from California)

— 3 —
(Alfred writes)

Warm day.  East wind.  Very pleasant weather but want rain for grass.-
All hands went to make tajamar in Calchaqui near Palmar lake so as to keep water in lake if seca continues.  Jordan, Elias, Romulo, Paulino, Wenceslado. J. Bergara, Braulio, Gabino, Norato, Balala, Surdo, Araujó, Domingo went with sinch cart, wheelbarrows etc.-
No one on place except pesebrero, (Domorra) & Caferata who is sowing paraiso seed south of Tomas’ house.

— 4 Sept —
(Alfred writes)

N. East wind, warm day.-
Alfredo was up where the men are making tajamar near Francisco’s puesto.-
Pedro Escobar the comisario campo here for night on way to boliche in Sanchez camp, expect for carreras on Sunday-
Machengo came back from down south where he had been ‘campiaring’ the lost novillos, reports only to have found 1 a bayo, and too dry to campiar.
Caferata finished planting paraiso seed.-
Butchered a fat cow.–

— 5 —
(Alfred writes)

Began thundering from west & had slight rain .026/10 millimeters & strong N.E. wind blowing.-  Looks like more rain.-
Escobar and party left for Julian Sanchez.  Lent a horse to a peon from 3 Quebrachos (Verde) to go to Calchaqui.-
Albert Huber came with tropilla to take away stallion.  In afternoon put disc harrow through Johnston grass to prepare the ground for mowing machine.–
Nothing new going on.  News that Turk was murdered by Luis Montenegro and pals over at Martin’s camp.–

— 6 —
(Alfred writes)

Very strong North wind and very hot 96°.  Must bring a change in weather.
Went down to Loma Poi with Alberto Huber and delivered him a stallion 2½ yrs old saino tapado, long ears left at last springs capando.  (a present.)   Caferata discing old alfalfa in afternoon.– Huber left.  Mares looking well.

— 7 Sept —
(Alfred writes)

Another very hot day with strong N wind which changed to south in evening.-
Men still working at tajamar Calchaqui near puesto Palmar.  Stopped the water but wants hightening yet.
Nothing going on. xcept caballeriza can’t find percheros.

— 8 —
(written by Jordan)

Strong south wind came up about midnight.  A little rain about daylight.  Considerably cooler.  Elias and gente came back from making tajamar, having finished it.  Machengo brought missing horses back from Loma tonight.  Butchered cow ~~~
Nothing doing.

— 9 —
(written by Jordan)

Cool pleasant day.  Don Alfredo started to Rosario today  I went down to J Maderos to senalar coseleros.  part cattle out of potrero al sud etc.  South wind

— 10 Sept —
(written by Jordan)

Cloudy and looks like rain. East wind
Came back from Madero’s. Senalado 97 corderas  counted the Majada 1558 of which there are 3 ajenos  Marked 6 calves from Potrero al sud.  Received New tropilla from C Vega and paid him:.
Cafarate got back from Calchaqui.
Carts took 58 palms to Mistolar
Got up tropilla Oscuras from Potrero Lucero
F Sanchez came and got his horse

— 11 —
(written by Jordan)

Pleasant day E and N.E. wind  Carts hauling Palms
Cafarate gardening and and working the disc harrow
recorrered camp.  Butchered Novillo ~~~
Wrote to Don Alfredo.

— 12 —
(written by Jordan)

Cool and cloudy wind N.E. threating rain
Elias went to Calchaqui.  Reorrered camp
Carts huling palms.  W Meacham came over this evening, is here for the night
Cafarate working the disc harrow and gardening

— 13 Sept —
(written by Jordan)

Rather cool.  N.E. wind changing to south late in afternoon
Cartmen brought up the wire (from Estero Hondo)
Meacham borrowed a horse and went after his clothes at Martin’s  have promised to send him into town sometime next week.  Cafarate working at garden
It rained very little last night (about ½ millimeter)
Paulino Romolo and Vensa recorrered camp N and E.
Nor more dead bulls to be found

— 14 —
(written by Jordan)

Cloudy most of the day with light easterly wind
Several of the puesteros here for rations
Elias got back from Calchaqui
Butchered cow ~~~.  Received correspondence
Sent Balbuena to J Suarez with letter from commisario
Meacham got back, is here for night

— 15 —
(written by Jordan)

Cloudy morning.  Pleasnt warm day.
Rodeo at Algarobal.  Parted out and took to Estancia 101 toritos, of which we capado 86 and dehorned 5
Also branded 26 calves.  Don Sisto and his bro helping  Don Sisto here for night
J Martin sent peon over here late last night for Medicine for George who it seems is very sick

— 16 Sept —
(written by Jordan)

Warm with southeast wind.  Had rodeo at road to Mistolar  Parted several animals (consumo) also Bulls and calves of which we castrated 29 bulls and branded 13 calves
Don Sisto still helping.  Cafarate working chakra
Butchered cow ~~~  cattle looking very well
Camp getting dry.

— 99 —
(written by Jordan)

Warm day.  Thick fog in early morning.  North wind
Gave rodeo del Medio.  Marked 68 calves and castrated 76 bulls.  dehorned 3.  Don Sisto left this morning with seven (animales vacuno)  Don Tomas left with his family to visit sick motherinlaw
  Cafarate Plowing in chakra
  Wrote to Don Alfredo–

— 18 —
(written by Jordan)

Very warm day.  Just after dark came up very strong south wind.  lots of dust and looks like raining now (930 PM)
I went to Calchaqui this morning with Meacham and came back about eight tonight.  Elias has gone to San Cristobal.  Los mensuales are over at Hartenck’s for rodeos tomorrow.  Cafarate plowed some and worked some in the garden today.  Butchered cow.
Carts went to after techas (Harteneck’s)
Doña Emma makes the statement that the thermometer Marked 38½° at five this evening

Blotter stain opposite
19-20-21 Sept.

Señor Don   
Nestor Delgusbe

Page image.

— 19 Sept —
(written by Jordan)

Rained 17 Millimeters this morning begining about 5 o’clock  cool and stormy day.  with a few light showers
Cafarate setting out onions, and other odd jobs
no peones here, nothing doing, except Pancho and I recorrered and found one dead novillito (de capa) Algorobal C.P.  Carts have not returned.

— 20 —
(written by Jordan)

Rained a little all day (5½ millimetres) .  Gente came back from Harteneck’s having done nothing
Carts got back also with 150 tejas
Elias has not returned.  Neither has J Vergara
A very disagreeable day, though the rain is a godsend as it will make the grass grow
wind has freshened up and is fairly strong from South now appears likely to clear off tonight
  Nothing of importance doing today
I copied into the pencil book that Don Alfredo sent from the South

— 21 —
(written by Jordan)

Cold windy day south wind.  Sun came out shortly before night and is perfectly clear now.  I wrote to Mr Benitz
Butchered cow ~~~.  Rained 2 millimeters last night
Elias got back late last night
   Nothing doing

— 22 Sept —
(written by Jordan)

Sun came out bright and lovely today  E and N wind
I went over to Lucero to see when it would be convenient for them to give rodeo of horses.
Don Jose says he will notify us
Mensuales went over to Hartenecks again and Elias will follow in the morning.  Cartmen working at little gate on road to J Sanchez.  Don Tomas got back tonight with stores correspondence etc.  Cafarate working in chacra.  Elias and gente recorrered camp

— 23 —
(written by Jordan)

Nice bright day light north wind.  Elias went over to Harteneck.  J Sanchez was here for dinner.  Godoy’s Capitaz is here now he is asking for money.  Told him I could not pay anything carlt cartmen and Balbuena finished little gate.  road to Sanchez’s.  Butchered cow and recorrered camp.  found one dead cow south of estero Baldin GP (Pancho) I learned late this evening that Francisco had butchered novillo (Sunday) will see about it tomorrow.  Cafarate Plowing.
   Wrote to Don Alfredo

— 24 —
(written by Jordan)

Cold big frost
Beautiful sunthing day light north wind
Bien frio [really cold].  Cold cloudy day Strong south wind
Carts went after tejas Hartenecks.
Cafarate working in chacra.  Jordan a little sick

— 25 Sept —
(written by Jordan)

A big frost.  Clear day with north wind
  Elias and gente came back with 13 animals ~~~ and 2 orejanos.  Cafarate in chacra.  Don Ensulo here with his cart peddling to peones.

— 26 —
(written by Jordan)

Frost pleasant clear day light north wind.  Carts brought 180 tejas broke small cart.  Ensulo left today gave him vale for peones.  Elias and gente recorrered camp and burnt bones put hides out to air etc.  found 1 novillito dead (de capa) C P and skinned another one.  Cafarate in chakra.
Some of puesteros here for rations.  carts brought 180 tejas

— 27 —
(written by Jordan)

Fine growing day.  Had rodeo Estancia again and branded 7 calves dehorned 8 young bulls and castrated 4.  Butchered cow ~~~ Repiled the hides.  put 12 animales agenos in Potrero Salado
Skinned one novillito (de capa) Jose Wilson here for night
J Sanchez found on his way to Calchaqui
  Nothing of importance and so closes another day

— 28 Sept —
(written by Jordan)

Nice day untill about three o’clock in the afternoon when there came up a strong Pampero and a few drops of rain turning considerable cooler with wind still from the west.
Don Jose Wilson stayed here untill afternoon
  Nothing to write

— 29 —
(written by Jordan)

Lovely cool day for work.  South wind.
Had rodeo Tapara. and castated 63 toritos
Have several novillos Michelot, and some orejanos Estancia shut in at Mistolar.  Will tend to them after having rodeo Mistolar tomorrow.  Joaquin Haise brought me a bag of herba and the correspondence from Calchaqui
Cafarate plowing, sowing melons sandias and squashes
Butchered cow at Mistolar  No word from Don Alfredo

— 30 —
(written by Jordan)

Cold south wind disagreeable day.  Rodeo Mistolar Marked and branded 77 calves cut points of horns 5 toritos castrated 54 more.  part of the gente went to Playa Grande this afternoon as Wilson is to give rodeo (Mares) tomorrow the rest stopped at Mistolar to take ajenas to South potrero tomorrow.  Carts brought 140 tejas
Was surprised on my return to find that there was 38 K of rotten meat in the carniceria. (cant account for it)

1902 - Q4   October — December

October, 1902

— 1 October —
(written by Jordan)

Cold day south wind  Barometer (Bu tiempo fifo)
Received letter from Mr Benitz
Got up mules as Cafarate is going into town tomorrow.  wrote to Don Alfredo.  Elias and gente put 34 novillos (Mitchelot) in potrero al sud and went from there to Playa Grande to attend rodeo (mares)  Cartmen Butchered cow in forenoon and worked on back patio afterwards
J Martin here for dinner

— 2 —
(written by Jordan)

Hard frost.  North wind.  Cafarate went to Calchaqui  Tomas Bergara in bed.  the other cartmen finished cleaning patios and got up the oxen for tomorrow.  Elias and gente came back with (20) Mares &c and put them in potrero al sud.  got up tropilla Marca San pedro and recorrered camp
Branded 1 filly (colorado. orphan. Estancia)
Esteros are drying very fast.  Still plenty of water but looks as if it cant rain.  Weather too cool.
Laguna Palmar is also getting lower.  (Barometer Bu tiempo fijo)

— 3 —
(written by Jordan)

Another frost.  North wind.  pleasant day.  Carts (two) went over to Hartenecks after posts.  brought 49 to Mistolar and stayed there for the night to bring wood tomorrow  Recorrered camp found one novillito dead C.P. de capa.  got up the colorados.  They are doing nicely.  Tomas still sick (Rhuematism)

— 4 October —
(written by Jordan)

Warmer.  cloudy.  easterly wind.  & shifting at times to north.
Elias delivered some of J Sanchez’s cattle to his troperos for Butcherd [??] stock, out of Potrero Salado.  Carts brought two loads of wood from Harteneck’s Cafarate got back with stores etc.  Regulated with G Nuñez as I dont need him any longer.  Shut in three cows tamberos  recorrered camp.  Butchered cow ~~~

— Sunday 5 —
(written by Jordan)

Warm day.  yery light wind.  Barometer (variable)
Elias and gente went over to Hartenecks this afternoon for rodeo tomorrow.  I wrote to Don Alfredo.  F Gavin was here today says he will not come here after meat.  However he took 12½ Kilos home with him.  I am all alone again very (triste)
would be glad to see even a dog that could talk english

— 6 —
(written by Jordan)

Began raining fast at daylight and continued very slowly untill 9 a.m. (3½ millimetres)  wind East changing in afternoon to south
Tomas Vergara and two cartmen began work on corral at Mistolar.  Cafarate cut a little hay.  T Vergara has lots of company tonight (all told 16)  There is also one Indian here for the night following one that passed here last week to recover stolen horse (so he says)
Two women five men and one boy passed here on horses this afternoon say they are going to Verde camp

— 7 October —
(written by Jordan)

A very little rain early .023m  Cold South wind. Cloudy
I went down to Mistolar and from there to Hartenecks.  Sent letter to Don Alfredo also sent chasque after twine to Calchaqui.  Peon from Loma here after cart to hawl wood.  F Gevin sent his boy here after meat today.  Surprising what hunger will do.  Butchered cow ~~~

— 8 —
(written by Jordan)

Hard frost.  Clear day.  light easterly wind
Elias and gente got back from Harteneck&rsquos with 12 animals (vacuno) put 1 orejano in potrero Salado also put 14 of J Sanchezs in same potrero.  Recorrered camp
Cafarate harrowed prenoon and raked hay afternoon  Sent Balbuena to advise J Sanchez to come to potrero tomorrow after his cattle.  Barometre (Bn tiempo)
Tomas and gente working at corral at Mistolar

— 9 —
(written by Jordan)

(Midday) Light frost.  North wind. . Chasque got back ‘no twine’ ‘No letters’  Butchered cow ~~~.
I wrote the above before going over to ‘Lucero’
In afternoon Cafarate and mensuales got in 1½ loads of alfa
Took out and repiled the hides

— 10 October —
(written by Jordan)

Nice pleasant morning.  I got back from Lucero and Martin’s  Ted Martin came with me to look for medicine for his mother who is sick abed gave him some quinine and cough mixture  He also asked for $30000 and as I did not have it will send after it in the morning.  Elias and gente recorrered camp. and castrated Godoys colts.  light rain and some hail from 1 to 3.P.M. fell 2 mil - after which cool south wind sprang up
  Tomas and gente still at Mistolar corral.
  Cafarate in chacra.  Wrote to Don Alfredo

— 11 —
(written by Jordan)

Cool south wind all day.  Threatening rain.  Teofilo Suarez brought letter from Don Alfredo.  Elias went into town with letter for Don Alfredo.  Cafarate finished discing the chacra  recorrered camp with out finding anything of importance
Mensuales went down to Loma to give rodeo in South potrero to Company de Tierras tomorrow.  Nothing doing.

— 12 —
(written by Jordan)

Cool clear day. South wind.  Butchered cow ~~~.  Got up the cinuelos and tropilla (colorados) for rodeo tomorrow
Borg here looking for work.  Peon from La Conchas here for night  Elias has not returned.  It is turning cooler tonight

— 13 October —
(written by Jordan)

Light frost.  South wind.  changing to north in afternoon
Had rodeos Tapera and Mistolar.  parting bulls for sale.  Don Dionisio here for Cia de Tierras
Cafarate plowing in old chacra
Received $30000 from Harteneck for J Martin
  Butchered cow
Cia de Tierras are making great changes.  Reducing wages  Dispatching peones, capitaces, and in fin making new regulations

— 14 —
(written by Jordan)

Pleasant day, wind from all directions
Rodeos: de los Tronchas.  Estancia: and Salado.
Put torado in Potrero Salado
Marked 3 orejanos and contramarcado 1 for Cia de Tierras
J Martin and Mr Collins here for night
Butchered cow ~~~   Cafarate planting maiz

— 15 —
(written by Jordan)

Rather warm day.  East and N.E. wind.  Rodeo Algorabal  Martin and Collins left this morning.  also gave rodeo Potrero Salado.  Cia de Tierras left with 43 animals vacuno.
We have 130 torritos in Potrero Salado.  and quite a lot of ajenos
Skinned one novillo Grande (probably the peste)
and wrote to Don Alfredo.  Cafarate Planting maiz
Ration day.  J Madero asked for and got another spade in place of one that he had broken

— 16 October —
(written by Jordan)

Warm day.  North wind.  Elias and gente went down to Loma to recorrer the mares and so forth.  I went over to Hartenecks to see Don Sisto and advise him that we would capar potros Saturday.  Machingo took horse cart to town after twine etc.  Sent letter to Don Alfredo
Cafarate Planting maiz has been at it all the week with one peon to help him.  has very little planted

— 17 —
(written by Jordan)

Very warm day 36°   North wind till 8 PM  South afterwards some cooler.  Cafarate planting maiz
I recorrered camp in forenoon.  Nothing in evening
Machingo got back with twine stores etc. (No letters)

— 18 —
(written by Jordan)

Very warm day 35   North wind
Went down to Loma, where Elias was castrating colts yesterday and today He castrated 67
Also gave rodeo Potrero Sud to Cia de Tierras they took 52 animals vacuno  Cafarate Planting maiz
  Butchered cow ~~~
Wrote to Don Alfredo

— 19 October —
(written by Jordan)

Another very warm day 38°   North wind
I went down to Puesto J Madero in trap taking twine shears and so forth.  passed the night at Loma where we had a good shower of rain  I find they had none at Estancia

— 20 —
(written by Jordan)

Warm.  North wind
I came back from Loma, and went down to Mistolar and started the shearing there.  F Genin came here today with account of Indians having stolen all the horses of A Huber.  Saturday night leaving him only one macarone
Elias and gente put up barrel on jaguel Estancia also a bebida at small well, and butchered cow ~~~
Tomas and one peon working at corral Mistolar
Cafarate planting maiz.
Domingo Irivarne came here last night and kept his bed all day today.  Seems to have a very bad cold

— 21 —
(written by Jordan)

Stormy weather, lightning all around.  no rain.  plenty of wind E.W. and N.
Elias and Tomas mensuales and cartmen working working at corral Mistolar.  Cafarate planting maiz.  Balbueno stopping cracks in bebidas jaguel Estancia.  I went to Mistolar to see how shearing was going on.  J Sanchez here at midday to borrow cart to haul palms.  D Irivarne left today.  another dead yearling ‘Peste’
Barometer falling.  very still and warm.

— 22 October —
(written by Jordan)

Hot sultry day 41°  North and East wind
I went down to Puesto J Madero he is shearing very well  S Rodo says 4 Potros recien capado are dead.  Loaned J Sanchez 1 ox cart to haul palms.  Elias Tomas and gente are working at Mistolar corral.  Cafarate Planting maiz.  J Aso is here with ‘mercaderia.’  Bought 1 bag of Herba from him   Butchered cow ~~~.

— 23 —
(written by Jordan)

Warm day North wind
Elias Tomas and gente working at corral Mistolar
Cafarate and peon planting maiz
Balbueno stopping up clacks in bebidas
I recorrered camp and filled up the bebidas
J Aso left in the morning and Ursulo came in afternoon.  Is here for night

— 24 —
(written by Jordan)

Hot day 38°   wind north.  East and South  recorrered camp and went to Mistolar
gente still at work at mistolar.  Don Ursulo left this morning.  Best. Vestram and their outfit here for the night also J Sanchez.  Sent letter to Don Alfredo
  Butchered cow ~~~

— 25 October —
(written by Jordan)

Rained in the night and during the day altogether 40 mm-
Best. Vestram and J Sanchez went home No work except charqueando the meat and hawld water.  recorrered a little
this rain is good for grass as it fell very slowly  Cool and cloudy

— 26 —
(written by Jordan)

More rain this morning   Coll. South wind
Jose Paz was here last night left today wants to deliver some young rams but will wait till I hear from Don Alfredo
wrote to Mr Benitz and will send it in this morning

— 27 —
(written by Jordan)

Cool.  South wind.  Cafarate cutiing alfa.  Tomas and two carts went to Hartenecks after wood
Elias and gente recorrered camp.  Butchered novillo ~~~ and put the hides out to try to get shut of polillas again
one of the carthorses died yesterday (Malacara)

— 28 October —
(written by Jordan)

Cloudy all day.  Light South wind
I went to Puesto J Madero he is shearing slowly but seems to be doing it well.  Elias and gente repiled the hides and recorrered the camp  Tomas got back with two loads of wood.  Small on account of wet roads
Cafarate cutting alfa lacks about one hours work to finish.  received correspondence. (Two letters from Mr Benitz.)

— 29 —
(written by Jordan)

Cloudy.  S and E wind   I recorrered Algorobal
Carts hauled parts from (Noria Viejo) and some wood afterwards got in two loads of wood alfa and butchered novillo
Cafarate finished cutting hay and began discking old chacra.  getting ready to sow Johnston grass.
also castrated another colt (rosillo) from the tropilla de los Mulos.

— 30 —
(written by Jordan)

A pleasant day, E wind.   all of the Puesteros are here for rations.  Tomas with one cart went to Loma with parts wire etc to fence across the Calchaqui.  The other Peones got in the balance of the alfa.  Cafarate discking old chakra
I sowed some Johnston grass.  Elias went to Paso Calchaqui to see about shearing his sheep.

— 31 —
(written by Jordan)

Pleasant day.  Wind variable.  E. NE. and N.
Rodeos Potrero Salado., and Salado.  Branded 3 large calves.  Castrated one old bull and 23 young ones.  have 122 young bulls shut in at Estancia will take them and a few ajenos to Potrero del Sud in the morning.  Cafarate finished Johnston grass and went back to his planting of maiz.  Geo Basga passed with troop of consumo cattle for the companys works near Vera.

November, 1902

— 1 —
(written by Jordan)

Cloudy.  Threatening rain all day.  Late in afternoon began raining slowly.  Gradualy getting harder untill at dark it was raining hard.  Fell 12½ m.  Elias and mensuales went with young bulls to Potrero del Sud.  with intention to make fence across Calchaqui.  Cafarate planting maiz
Recorrered camp.  Pancho found one dead bull (Fino de California)   Butchered cow ~~~.

— Sunday 2 —
(written by Jordan)

Cool cloudy day   Easterly wind looks like rain tonight.  Cafarate transplanted some cabbage today  J Aso here for night  I wrote to Don Alfredo
J Sanchez cartmen here again

— 3 November —
(written by Jordan)

Did not rain last night   but still looks it might begin at any time.  East wind.  Elias and gente still at Loma.  Cafarate planting maiz.  I recorrered camp and Puesto Mistolar   A Peone looking for work is here tonight and says it rained a great deal more in direction of Calchaqui
I am thinking of going into town tomorrow and then I can see if it is so.  Grass growing fine

— 4 —
(written by Jordan)

Bright Sunshiny day   East wind
I went into Calchaqui horseback changing at El Paso and returned at night.  My horse turned over with me and hurt My shoulder so that I could not write
Elias and gente finished the fence and Tomas came to advise me that Elias would begin rodeos at Lapasa el ‘5’
Cafarate Planting maiz Butchered cow ~~~
Sent telegram to Don Alfredo
Received two letters from Mr Benitz

— 5 —
(written by Jordan)

East wind Several tormentas passed west and north.  no rain here.  rodeo Lafasa capado Toros dos anos. 4  un año 64.  Elias wrote to Don Alfredo as I could not.  Sent Hartenecks acct.  Cafarate Planting maiz
Machingo and Vena both had a fall today not much hurt

— 6 November —
(written by Jordan)

Another day of Tormentas.  Mostly East wind.
Rodeo Mistolar.  castrated 5 two year old bulls and 57 one year old
Cafarate went to town with horse cart
Balbueno finished planting maiz.
Onrate cleaning patios.  Butchered cow ~~~
Balbueno gave acct today of a horse that died last week
Tropilla ‘Manoqui’ Varroso ‘C.P’ (he says Mancha)

— 7 —
(written by Jordan)

Hot day 36° light East wind Barometer Lluvia
Rodeo del Medio: castrated 91 bulls including 12 de 2 años
Onsate cleaning Patios.  contracted the hides to Ursulo Klenze at 580 (sin descuento) to be delivered on or before the 20th of this month.  also gave him an order to capitaz Lucero for the hides that are there asking him to take a receipt of number and kilos.  Cafarate not returned

— 8 —
(written by Jordan)

Heavy shower just at sunrise 25 m. about ten minutes
Stormy threatening all day.  Cafarate got back late last night setting out Potato slips this afternoon.
Elias went over to Hartenecks to see where they want to part the cows.  Don Sisto does not know yet.
Mensuales recorrered camp and butchered cow ~~~

— Sunday 9 November —
(written by Jordan)

Cool south wind rained in night 3 m-
Nothing doing.  Geo Martin here for night.  Asking for $800 on acct.  Wrote to Mr Benitz

— 10 —
(written by Jordan)

Pleasant day.  Easterly wind.  Recorrered camp.
took out cleaned and repiled the hides.  finished cleaning the Patios.  Butchered cow ~~~   Cafarate working in chakra
San Martin here for night.

— 11 —
(written by Jordan)

Pleasant day  East wind.  Went into town with Geo Martin to get his money.  Elias had rodeos Estancia and Salado castrated 51 young bulls.  Marked 11 calves and left 5 for bulls.  also castrated Cafarates pony.
  Cafarate in chacra

— 12 November —
(written by Jordan)

Warm day light east wind.  Came back from Calchaqui
Elias had rodeo Algarobal.  Castrated 74 young bulls left 6 for bulls and marked 6 calves.  Butchered cow ~~~
Don Jose and Gerente Cia de Tierras here for dinner
Troperos for ‘Montaras’ here after bulls
San Martin here for night.  Cafarate in chacra

— 13 —
(written by Jordan)

Another warm day light East wind  Montaras or rather his troperos did not take the bulls said they were not good enough.  Geo Martin went home.  Elias got up the colorados (Tropilla) and trimed their feet and manes also the volanteros.  Cafarate in chacra.
I and Tomas tore down and moved away the shanty from carpenter shop.  Recorrered camp
I and Elias signed petition to make D Srivame Comisario rural.

— 14 —
(written by Jordan)

Rather a stormy day rained 8m-
Cafarate setting out potato slips
Gente recorrered camp afternoon
Nothing of importance

— 15 November —
(written by Jordan)

Good rain this morning 39m cleared off this afternoon and Cafarate set out a few more Potato plants all of the Puesteros after rations
Don Pancho Martinez here for the night he is after the cows for Harteneck.  wind is from the south

— Sunday 16 —
(written by Jordan)

Pleasant day light south wind
Don Sisto and peones came over this evening.  Don Pancho still here Elias and all the Peones with Puesteros at Boliche (horse racing)
Butchered novillo ~~~.  Wrote to Mr Benitz
The young sow farrowed 3 pigs today

— 17 —
(written by Jordan)

Bright day.  South wind changing to east in afternoon.  Gave rodeo about 2000 Salado to Don Pancho,  but he would not part, said there were not enough cattle there
Cafarate cut some hay.  Don Alberto Huber sent a letter to ask if he could buy a young stallion as the Indians stole the one that Mr Benitz gave him

— 18 November —
(written by Jordan)

Bright sunshiny day, rather warm Easterly wind
Gave Rodeo Tapera to Don Pancho, he parted 40 cows and heifers.  Took them to Hartenecks Estancia and counter-Branded them and they put their mark on them and cut off the points of their horns.  I took receipt for them.  Cafarate raked the hay and worked in chacra  Sent three peones to Playa Grande after mares.  Tomas brought a load of wood.  Butchered novillo ~~~
Sent letter to Mr Benitz.  Jose Paz here for night

— 19 —
(written by Jordan)

Rained 8½ m.  wind E and South.
Don Alfredo got back from the south today.
Machingo and gente brought 12 animals yeguarizos from Playa Grande. .  Don Tomas went with one cart after tejas  Cafarate in chacra.  Mr Benitz wrote some letters to send by chasque tomorrow.  Nothing of importance

— 20 —

Rather warm south east wind.  Had rodeo at Paso calchaqui castrated 13 bulls of 2 years and 4 of one year also branded six calves.  Tomas brought fifty tejas from Hartenecks  Cafarate in chacra.  Mr Benitz copying accounts

— Sunday 21 November —

Pleasant day E and SE wind
I went to J Madero’s Puesto to count sheep, etc he has sheared 1040.  Elias and gente cerdiado mares got in hay &c.  Cafarate cut new alfalfa
Chasque got back from Calchaqui with correspondence  Juan Aso and a man with family (moving) here for night  Mr Benitz finished accounts.

— 22 —
(written by Jordan)

Pleasant day light East wind.  Falling barometer
Rodeo Algorabal.  Cured a few calves.  castrated two old bulls and fifteen young ones
Tomas plowing maiz.  Cafarate discking old alfafar.  Butchered cow ~~~

— Sunday 23 —
(written by Jordan)

Rained nearly all day 25 mm wind came from all directions. . fine growing day.  Elias and gente at Boliche
Mr Benitz gave correspondence to (Sargento) to take to Calchaqui

— 24 November —
(written by Jordan)

Fine Growing day.  very light wind N.E and N.
Mr Benitz went over to Martins and has not returned  Jose Wilson was here for dinner.  J Sanchez is here for night.  Peones all working around the place at odd jobs.  Recorrered in afternoon.  (No hay novedad de nada) [No news about anything]

— 25 —
(written by Jordan)

Warmish day 32° very light N and NE wind
Marked 1 calf and castrated seven young bulls at Estancia.  Hauled the weeds off new alfalfar  Cafarate Discking and harrowing old alfalfa
Made a pig pen and butchered Novillo ~~~.
Staked out hide for sogas

— 26 —
(written by Jordan)

Rained 2 m-  Storm in the night from the northwest and got very cool.  Wind strong from South all day.
Rodeo Mistolar castrated 12 old bulls and 12 young ones.
Started ox cart (Tomas) to Calchaqui.  Jordan went to see J Paz about some young rams.  Cafarate cleared grass out of old chakra, and tied in the sorrel horse

— 27 November —
(written by Jordan)

Nice cool day.  very light south wind changing to east in afternoon
Rodeo Tapara castrated 8 large bulls and several small ones also parted a troop of consumo animals.
Jose Paz arrived with 16 young rams
Ursulo Klenze came after the hides.  counted and weighed 190 hides 2086 Kilos. at 5.80.  Cafarate plowing maiz
J Paz here for night

— 28 —
(written by Jordan)

Had much the appearance of rain all day with wind from East to North.  Some light showers.  Rodeos del Media and Salado.  cured quite a lot of calves and castrated nine big bulls and marked four calves.  also castrated quite a lot of young bulls.  Cafarate plowing maiz.
Jose Paz and Ursulo Klenze both left this morning
  Butchered cow ~~~

— 29 —
(written by Jordan)

Fine day.  Light E and N.E. wind.  Rodeo Estancia.  Castrated four big bulls.  and put forty five animales consumo in potrero Salado and twelve in potrero al Sud.
Sent the new rams (16) to Mistolar.  Tomas got back from Calchaqui with correspondence stores etc.
Romalo spent the afternoon looking for tropilla colorados and did not find them.  Cafarate plowing maiz

— Sunday 30 November —
(written by Jordan)

Pleasant day.  (light wind variable)
Romolo found the missing tropilla (coloradas)
Elias and Paulino also looked for them
Mr Benitz with Romolo left for San Cristobal
Some Puesteros here for rations

December, 1902

— 1 —
(written by Jordan)

Another lovely fine day light variable winds
Cafarate began cutting alfalfa
Tomas disking weedy land.  Onrate clearing Patios
Elias and gente revised camp and brought up tropilla (Monoqui?) and the colts from Potrero Salado also the mares from tropilla de las Mulas.
I received Puesto Palmar and all that appertains thereto
Butchered cow ~~~.  Elias attended rodeo at J Sanchez and parted 7 animals.  they will bring them tomorrow.  Three carts (Lucero) also camped at the little well with peones.

— 2 —
(written by Jordan)

Warm muggy day.  Very little wind (variable)
Elias and Paulino met Sanchez at Potrero Salado and parted his cattle also castrated a few small bulls.  F Genin and family came this morning and are waiting here for cart to move them to Calchaqui.  J Sanchez passed with small troop Butcher stuff.
Elias went to Paso Calchaqui to deliver some of his novillos.
Cafarate cutting alfalfar.  Tomas and gente hauling. this evening Domingo and Balbueno helping.  Tomas finished disking.

— 3 December —
(written by Jordan)

Rained 2¼ m- light wind (variable)
Began stacking hay but had to stop on account of rain.  (finished cutting)
Martinez (Don Pancho) and D Roller here all day and for the night
Mr Benitz returned from San Cristobal
Cerdeando a few mares  Nothing of importance.
Genin still here as his cart has not come

— 4 —
(written by Jordan)

Cloudy nearly all day.  not any rain.(wind mostly south) got in hay in afternoon 10 loads.  Elias took 7 head of mares and colts to Potrero al Sud
Genin left with his family.  did odd jobs about the house in forenoon.  Mr Benitz went over to Hartenecks and back
Sent correspondence into town.  Fixed up (estacador) for hides and poisoned the first.  Butchered cow ~~~

— 5 —
(written by Jordan)

Fine growing day.  South wind.  Making hay with all hands
Chasque came back without correspondence.
Mr Benitz regulating accounts.  Elias brought 60 capones from J Madero’s Puesto.

— 6 December —
(written by Jordan)

Began raining about ten oclock.  fell 27⅓m–. raining in afternoon
Finished stacking alfalfar. and covered it with tiles
Castrated one big bull. at Estancia. tamberas.-
Received correspondence and two cans of Acovino
Nothing doing in afternoon or at least very little
Mended gate to chacra and set out a little bermuda grass

— Sunday 7 —
(Alfred writes)

Weather cleared up nicely and was a warmish growing day with S and SE wind.-
Capataz and gente left for Lomo Poi to recojer potrero tomorrow.
Jordan went to Calchaqui in afternoon.-
Nothing going on.-

— 8 —
(Alfred writes)

Warm muggy day, but in afternoon slight E wind.  Had on rodeos of yeguas & cattle in south potrero.  Castrated 3 potrillos, & parted all the bulls 111 and cattle not belonging there, & castrated them in corral at Lomo Poi.  Afterwards juntared the cattle at Lomo Poi & castrated 10 big padres & 7 smaller bulls only leaving 5 bulls from down south and 1 tambera bull.1 yr.  Paulino had his horse hooked.  Caferata cut hay in old chacra.  Tomas brought leña in 2 carts.  Jordan came back from Calchaqui with mail.  Pedro Escobar here for night on way to Caciques.  Gave permission to Silvano Michelud to keep his novillos here until new year.

— 9 December —
(written by Jordan)

Warm day East wind.  Had rodeo Tapara and castrated 8 big bulls and 1 smaller one.  Left for service in rodeo 19 bulls from Estancia La California.  and 26 bred here.
Cafarate finished cutting old chacra.  and began planting another piece of maiz.  Tomas patching up the fence anehinel [??] small potrero.  raked what hay was dry.  and butchered 2 capones
Sent chasque with letters into Calchaqui
Andres Anadon here for breakfast on way to La Verde.
Capones lost.
J. Michelud parting his novillos from rodeo today.–

— 10 —
(written by Jordan)

Not so warm.  East and North East wind
Rodeo Mistolar.  castrated 7 toros Grandes.  left for service in rodeo. 19 bulls from (La California) and 15 bred here
Cafarate planting Maiz.
Tomas fixing fence around small potrero
Got in most of the hay from old chacra.
Found most of the missing capons.
Don Pancho (Martinez) here for night
Butchered capon.
Received correspondence.

— 11 —

Pleasant morning.  Warmer in afternoon N.E. wind
Cafarate Planting maiz.  Tomas mending fence and making small pen for capons. in forenoon. and took mule cart to move E Barga.  (whose child died last night) to Estancia in afternoon.  Had rodeos del Medio and Estancia.  Castrated 9 big bulls and left for service in rodeos 41 bulls from California and 42 bred here
Don Guillermo Livingstone and gente here for night to buy bulls.  Butchered cow ~~~

— 12 December —
(written by Jordan)

Hot day.  North wind.  Barometer falling.
Rodeos.  Palmar and Salado.  castrated 12 big bulls  Left for service in rodeos 107 bulls from California
Mr Livingstone Parted 42 bulls. (is buying them)
Tomas started to Calchaqui with mule cart
Cafarate finished planting another piece of maiz
Butchered capones (2)
Dionicio Godoy here for night also Escobar

— 13 —
(written by Jordan)

Came up strong south wind at day break.  Later began to rain and continued untill about noon fell 41 m–
Afternoon Livingstone’s troperos started with the bulls  Escobar left for Calchaqui.  Godoy and Livingstone still here.  Cafarate in garden.  found some of missing capons.  Butchered cow ~~~ also 2 capones.
Nothing of importance.

— Sunday 14 —
(written by Jordan)

Cool and cloudy all day with variable wind mostly East
Rained last night 5m-
Mr Benitz and Livingstone left in trap for Calchaqui
  (Nothing doing)

— 15 December —
(written by Jordan)

Cool cloudy day, east wind, sun set clear.
Paulino and Romolo recorrered camp and hunted for the missing capons.  Ration day.  All the Puesteros represented.
Silvano Michelot here for rodeo tomorrow and paid $15000 on account for pasturage.  (Gave him receipt)
Cafarate and Onrate working in chacra
Elias and his boys not here.  Mended corral fence

— 16 —
(written by Jordan)

Warm day.  very light wind.  varying from E to N and back again
Romolo and Paulino looking for lost sheep (did not find them)
Cafarate and Onrate in chacra.
Tomas got back with supplies correspondence etc
I went down to Loma.  Mitchelot parted 70 novillos of his mark for J Collins.
Light showers all around today but missed the Estancia except a very light drizzle

— 17 —
(written by Jordan)

Warm cloudy day.  Showers all around.  Rained 1½ m-
Tomas started to J. Madero’s after wool
Elias returned this evening.
I went as far as Lomo on way to Maderos
Found Tomas had got no further than the Loma
Cafarate in chacra.  Peones looking for capons
  Butchered two capones

— 18 December —
(written by Jordan)

Rained 7 Millimeters at Estancia, at Maderos it must have rained at least 30.  could not load the wool after waiting all day I returned to Loma at night
Elias and peones looking for lost sheep
Cafarate in chacra.  (Butchered two capones)

— 19 —
(written by Jordan)

Pleasant cloudy morning Hot afternoon wind. light. Variable
Don Alfredo came back this afternoon.
I came back from Maderos
Elias and gente attended rodeos Union and Estancia Nuevo [?] (Cia de Tierras) and parted 36 animales vacuno ~~~ also 4 ajenos.  Cafarate in chacra.
  Carneado 1 capon and 1 novillo contramarca Harteneck

— 20 —
(written by Jordan)

Hot. damp. atmosphere. Oppressive.  Showers all around&.  Wind variable.  Took reculuta animals to mistolar and castrated two bulls (2 años arriba)  Recorrered caf camp went as far as puesto Palmar. and Toquemar [tajamar].
Tomas got back at night with about one half the wool
Cafarate cleaning Potatoes.  Sent letters to Harteneck (Paulino)

— Sunday 21 December —
(written by Jordan)

Hot day. light East wind.
Elias and gente gone to Palmar to recocer [recoger?] in the morning
J Martin here for night
Butcherd cow.  Nothing doing

— 22 —
(written by Jordan)

Very warm day 101° North and North East wind
Rodeos Algorobal and Salado.  curing calves.  castrated one bull
Cut old alfalfar.  Cafarate plowing maiz
J Martin went home this afternoon
Juan Fillon and companion here for supper en route to Silvano Mitchelots. Tomas went to J Machesos after the rest of wool.

— 23 —
(written by Jordan)

Hot day 102° very light north and northeast wind
Rodeo Estancia.  castrated four big bulls.  and cured some calves.  Afterwards got in the hay. (three small loads)
Cafarate plowing maiz.  raking hay.  and cleaning potatoes  E Barga helped clean potatoes
Balbueno and Paulino digging well (at Puesto Potreo) deeper
Ursulo Klenze here tonight

— 24 December —
(written by Jordan)

Very hot day 107°.  Brisk north wind.  Changing by the west to south at about three in the afternoon storm from south with 26 m- rain
Rodeo del Medio about 3000 cured quite a lot of calves and castrated one big bull.  After the rain cleaned peones Patios and did odd jobs.  Ursulo Klenze left taking correspondence into Calchaqui  Tied the hair in lienzas.  Butchered two capones

— 25 —
(written by Jordan)

Cooler.  Pleasant day. wind variable.  Rainfall 12½ m-
No work.  feast day  Christmas tree by Mr Benitz
Three of the Pesebreros missing.
Elias and gente have gone to Puesto Mistolar to (recojer) in the morning.  Butchered novillo ~~~

— 26 —
(written by Jordan)

Warmish day.  Wind light and variable
Rodeo Mistolar1200 cured some calves and castrated a few small bulls
Weighed and loaded wool from Puesto Madero (Godoy) 1444 .K also loaded 250 Ki horse hair. Charqueado the meat
Got Lona from Balbueno.  Don Alfredo writing letters
Cafarate in chacra .  Elias and gente at Puesto Mistolar

— 27 December —
(written by Jordan)

Warmish day. wind light East Southeast and South
Rained about three oclock this morning 4¾ m-
Rodeo Topasa (neither Mr Benitz nor I attended
Set out quite a lot of Bermuda grass
Cafarate in chacra in afternoon
Sent correspondence into town
S Roda [?] sent 21 of the missing capones today
Castrated 5 toros Padres

— Sunday 28 —
(written by Jordan)

Warm day.  East and southeast wind.  Much lightning in Southwest tonight.  Nothing doing.  Elias and gente came back from Puesto.  recorrered camp and started some fires
  Balala brought corresponcence from Calchaqui
   Butchered two capons

— 29 —
(written by Jordan)

Cool day.  Showers all around.  East wind.  Rained 1½ m-
Weighed the wool at Mistolar. and dispatched the carts for town
Machingo got back this morning from California with twenty eight bulls and two novillos that had been lost in troops to the south.  Butchered five capones
Cleaned Patios.  Cafarate in chacra.

— 30 December —
(Alfred writes)

Fine day.  S.E wind weather settled but a bit cloudy.-
Jordan went to dispatch the wool in Calchaqui to Jerves & Morell B.Aires.-
Had on rodeo del medio (in two) about 4000 head disembechared and mixed the new buls from Las Tijeras with them.-  Cattle begin to calve fast.- lots “imbechados”
Julian Sanchez passed siesta here with about 30 head of reculuta cattle from Alemans & Gallareta camps.-
Had on rodeo in potrero Salado and butchered cow.-
Capons lost again.-

— 31 —
(Alfred writes)

Fine day E wind.  New moon weather looks settled.-
All hands looking for capones not found.-
Borrowed 11 K yerba from S.Martinez
Caferata cutting old alfa & Johnson grass. machine working badly.-
Jordan came back from Calchaqui. report lots of rain in Dayers camp on monday.-  Dispatched wool and hair all right.-  Paulino brought the mares from Puesto Palmar and put them in Potrero Salado.  He left the red mare and sorrillo horse up there.

1903 (January) & Other Notes

January, 1903

— 1 —
(written by Jordan)

Nice day. E and S.E. wind.
Cafarate finished cutting old alfalfar. and began on the new.  Balbueno patching up Potrero chico in fore noon and raking hay afterwards
Tomas got back with carts. Supplies. Correspondence etc
Don Sisto here for breakfast.  Looking for help to count cattle.  Elias and gente went back with him.
Mr Benitz went as far as Alberto Huber and back
Boy from Paso Calchaqui brought some of the missing capones

— 2 —
(written by Jordan)

Pleasant day
N.E. and E wind
Finished raking hay in old chacra and began in new
Finished cutting newest alfalfa  Piled up all that was raked
Mr Benitz went over to Hartenecks and back
J Sanchezs ox cart here tonight going after wood
Several fires around this afternoon
Butchered capon.
There are seven capones missing

— 3 —
(Alfred writes)

Nice warm day N.E, wind cool nights.  Gente still over at Harteneck’s helping to “juntar” their cattle for recuenta.  Getting in alfa – Julian Sanchez here for breakfast.-  Water in camp drying up fast.-  Butchered cow in morning.-  Jordan went over to Martins to pass the night.-  Cattle calving very fast now (at last)

— Sunday 4 January, 1903 —
(written by Jordan)

Warmish day NE wind
Geo Barga over today to make arrangements about putting mares in camp
I came back from Martins
Nothing doing
Sent correspondence by Zenobio

— 5 —
(written by Jordan)

Pleasand day N.E. wind
Mr Benitz went over to Hartenecks to attend recuento but as they not begin he returned.
Pancho recorrerd camp
Carts hawling hay
Cafarate cutting new alfalfa for hay Hay rake in very bad shape
J.Fillon passed with his family for Calachaqui

— 6 —
(written by Jordan)

Pleasant day N.E. to S.E. wind
Getting in hay
Butchered capon
Pancho reports dead novillito G.P. at estero N.E. of estancia well.
Don Alfredo left at madrugar for Loma.  has not returned yet.

— Wednesday 7 January, 1903 —
(written by Jordan)

Warmish day N. and N.E. wind
Rodeo Potrero Salado
Parted ajenos: 3 Fillon.  2 Felis  2 Lorenzo.  1 for tres Salitas
Getting in hay.  (finished)
Received correspondence also notice that Harteneck is ready to count tomorrow
Butchered cow ~~~

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