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Ea. Los Palmares
Calchaquí, Santa Fé — 1902
(age: 42/43 years old)

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1902 - Diary
(Source: S.B. Pryor)

This day-book begins with January 22, 1902, and ends with January 6, 1903.

Alfred was away March, April, and May, and on many short trips nearby.  When absent, he left Mr. Jordan in charge.  The day-book was maintained by both, including when Alfred was present.

Background: The photo is of Alfred taken by Johnnie at “Los Palmares” on 24 April, 1902.  (From Auntie Olga's album, kindly lent to us by Susan Horner).

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Front cover & pages.
Book cover, advertisements & tables - no entries.
PDF file (7.2 mb)
Quarter 1   January - March, 1902
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Quarter 2   April - June, 1902
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Quarter 3   July - September, 1902
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Quarter 4   October - December, 1902
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Back cover, & January 1903
Entries for 1903, to January 6th; 1902 rainfall, blank pages, & book cover.
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Transcription notes:  We have transribed Alfred’s diary as written, verbatim, without correcting spelling or grammar.  However, we gave him the benefit of the doubt when his writing is difficult to read and words are obvious (e.g. ending in a vs. o).  For words that are unrecognizable, we have inserted our best guess followed by [?].  Our comments are within [square brackets and italics] or in side-notes.  The quarter & month title bars are ours.  (Transcribed by: Would you like to volunteer?)

Missing ñoqui in San Rafael.
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1902 - Q1   January — March

January, 1902


February, 1902


March, 1902


1902 - Q2   April — June

April, 1902


May, 1902


June, 1902


1902 - Q3   July — September

July, 1902


August, 1902


September, 1902


1902 - Q4   October — December

October, 1902


November, 1902


December, 1902


1903 (January) & Other Notes

January, 1903


Notes & Rainfall



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