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“Benitz Hermanos”
Alfred, John, & William
1897 - 1902

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The Partners: William, Alfred, & John
ca. 1900, Buenos Aires
(source: Fort Ross archives)

This was the often mentioned partnership formed by the three surviving Benitz brothers in which they pooled their enterprises while they reorganised.

They drew up the articles of their company on April 1, 1897, in Rosario, Santa Fé.  The contract itself was not recorded until April 28, 1897.  The partnership was supposed to last five years.  It dissolved sooner than that.

As noted in the contract, the brothers had, earlier on April 1, 1897, bought out their mother (Josephine Kolmer-Benitz) and their sister (Josephine Benitz-Schreiber).

This copy of the contract is from John E. Benitz’s papers which his grandson, John C. Benitz, graciously allowed us to scan in 2003.  Per the note on the envelope, John Benitz (son of John E. Bz) had obtained it from his Uncle Alfred, 22nd November, 1931.

Missing envelope

Copy of contract of
Benitz Hermanos.
Johnie got from
Uncle Alfred
22nd Nov 1931

(source: John C. Benitz)

Missing contract

Benitz Hnos. Contract
1 April, 1897, Rosario, Santa Fé
(source: John C. Benitz)

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Benitz Hnos. Contract
Typed version

A rough transcription,
some of the writing is
hard to read.

Translated Summary:

This is our translation.  We simplified terms and omitted most of the verbose legalese.  (In 1897: Peso gold = 26.34 USD-2015, i.e. 1/5 of a Pound Sterling that = 131.67 USD-2015 per the historical conversions of Eric Nye.)

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