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Ea. Los Palmares
Calchaquí, Santa Fé — 1902 (January)
(age: 42 years old)

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1902 - First Entry
(Source: S.B. Pryor)

This day-book includes only January of 1902.

Transcription Notes: The day-book has been transcribed as written, verbatim, without corrections to spelling or grammar.  Anything we have added is enclosed within [square brackets, with our comments in italics.]  (Transcribed by: Any volunteers? How about you?)

Reference pages

Written in English by Alfred & others, the day-book is full of Spanglish terms as well as many other terms unfamiliar to us today.  To assist with names (people & places), maps, measures, currencies, and Spanglish terminology, we have created a set of Reference pages.  The reference pages open in a separate tab / window making them available in parallel to the diary (i.e. this window).

Missing ñoqui in San Rafael.
[Transcription in progress by Michael Mohr-Bell.]

January, 1902

[Most likely author: Alfred]

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