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Alfred & Nancy
30 Sep., 1927
Hurlingham Club, Bs.As.

(Source: Moira Greaven)

Alfred Benitz & Nancy Jeffries
(1903-1933)    (1906-1988)

Alfred’s Event Timeline

Year Age Event
1903-08-22 0 Alfred Donald Benitz, Alfred, was born at “Cruz Grande”, Cruz Grande, Córdoba, Arg., the son (& 5th child) of John E. Benitz & Marjorie M. Macintosh.
1906-09-13 0 Evelyn Maude Jeffries, Nancy, was born in Casilda, Santa Fé, Arg.
1903-1917 0-14 Alfred spent his childhood at “Los Algarrobos” (his father's estancia near Monte Buey, Córdoba, Arg.), where he also attended primary school, and “Cruz Grande”, the family summer home in Cruz Grande, Córdoba, Arg.
bef.1917 <14 Alfred's left hand was hurt in a shooting accident in remote northern Santa Fé province.  By the time he reached a doctor, it had become gangrenous requiring the amputation of his arm above the wrist.
1917-1920 14-17 Alfred attended Malvern College, Malvern, Worcestershire, England.
1920's 18-30 Alfred played polo with various teams (at Hurlingham, Venado Tuerto, & Los Algarrobos), attaining a 4 goal handicap.
1927-09-30 24 / 21 Alfred and Nancy were married at the Hurlingham Club, Hurlingham, Buenos Aires, Arg.
- - Alfred & Nancy lived... where?  They had two sons (2010: living).
- -  
1933-04-01 30 Alfred died at “Villa Josefina”, Cruz Grande, Córdoba, Arg. (typhoid fever), & was buried at estancia “La California”, Las Rosas, Santa Fé, Arg.
- -  
1936 33 Nancy remarried, to Archdeacon C.A. Guy.  They lived in Fisherton, a suburb of Rosario, Santa Fé, Arg.
- -  
1988 85 Nancy died in Roehampton, England.

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