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Deloraine Court
Lincoln, England – 1917

Tommy Sympson & Elsie Benitz
     (1889-1966)     (1893-1965)

Event Timeline

Year Age Event
1889-07-13 0 Thomas Mansel Sympson, Tommy, was born at Deloraine Court, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England.  Son of Dr. Edward Mansel Sympson & Florence Mabel Knight (m.1888).
1901-1903 12-13 Tommy attended Bigshotte Rayles School (Wokingham, East Berkshire).
1903-1908 14-18 Tommy attended: Charterhouse School (Godalming, Surrey).
1908-1910 19-20 Tommy attended Cambridge Univ., Trinity College,
1910-10-14 21 Tommy left England with John E. Benitz: "...goes out to Los Algarrobos"; where Tommy worked as an apprentice manager (segundo).
1914-12-12 25 Tommy arrived London by ship from River Plate (accompanied by George Roberts, John Raymond, & others)
1915-01-18 25 Tommy volunteered for WWI.  Trained to be an army officer at the Inns of Court Officers Training Corps. London & Berkhamsted Common, Hertfordshire.  (Only about one in ten candidates for training at Inns of Court were selected.)
1915-03-02 25 Tommy graduated & was promoted Second Lieutenant, 1st. East Riding of Yorkshire, Yeomanry (mounted), Territorial Forces.  He served in Egypt & Palestine; promoted Lieutenant: 1917-07-01.  Participated in the charge on Damascus.
1893-11-03 0 Elspeth Josephine Benitz, Elsie, was born at estancia "La California", Las Rosas, Santa Fé, Arg.  Daughter of John Edward Benitz & Marjorie Morris Macintosh (m.1892).
1899, June 6 John Benitz moved his family to estancia  "Los Algarrobos", south of present day Monte Buey, Córdoba, Arg.
1904 11 John took Elsie & her sisters to visit their Uncle Alfred at estancia "Los Palmares" (near Calchaquí in north Santa Fé prov.)
1908-07-07 14 Elsie & Jo (sister) were taken to England, and put in school at St. Katherine's Lodge, St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland.  Marjory Daw (sister) joined them there a year later.
1917 – 1918 23-24 Elsie volunteered for WWI & served as an ambulance driver.
1917-08-20 28 / 23 Tommy & Elsie were married in Kensington, London, England.
1918-04-03 28 Tommy was "seconded" (i.e. transferred) with many others from East Riding to "D" MG (Machine Gun) Battalion (later redesignated 102nd Bn MGC).
1918-06-?? 28 Tommy was sent to the Western Front (northern France); where he likely led a section of 2 or more machine gun crews.
1918-06-10 28 / 24 First child: Rodney, born in Lincoln, England..
1919? - Returned to Argentina & set up home at Estancia “El Venado” (½ sq.league, 1250 has.), Elsie's quarter share of Ea. “Los Algarrobos”, inherited from her father.  (See brother John’s time line for more details.)
1919-11-25 30 / 26 Marjory, born in Buenos Aires (city), Arg.
1922-06-09 32 / 28 Hilary "Poro", born at "Villa Josefina", Cruz Grande (La Cumbre), Córdoba, Arg.
1924-12-01 35 / 30 Rosemary "Rosa", born at "Villa Josefina", Cruz Grande (La Cumbre), Córdoba, Arg.
1925 36 / 31 Nancy, born at Ea. "El Venado", Monte Buey, Córdoba, Arg.
1927-11-14 38 / 33 Twins born, Peter & Michael, born at Ea. "El Venado", Monte Buey, Córdoba, Arg.
1940-1945 - All their children, except the twins Mickey & Peter (too young), served in different capacities with British forces during WW-II.  All survived.
1952? ? Sold "El Venado", moved to Nono, Córdoba; bought house next to Elsie's sister Jo (Benitz/Webster).
1965-05-17 71 Elsie died in Nono, Córdoba, Arg., and was buried in Mina Clavero, Córdoba, Arg.
1966-06-13 76 Tommy died at estancia "Paso Limay", Pilcaniyeu, Rio Negro, Arg.  He was buried next to Elsie in Mina Clavero, Córdoba, Arg.

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