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Estancia “La California”
1896 Day-Book

This is the eigth diary that has survived the years, however it has suffered from damp.  John E. Bz. wrote about 25% of this diary, the early part and the instructions, but most of the daily entries were made by the mayordomos, Mr. Schiele until September 1 and Mr. Hill after that.

Background:  The background image is John Schreiber’s lithograph of “La California”, which he drew in 1878.

Reference Pages:  To aid the reader with Spanglish terminology, unfamiliar names (people & places), and old measures (weights, distances, currencies, etc.) we have provided a set of: Reference Pages.  We recommend you have these available — they will open in a second window or tab.

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PDF files:

Click on a title below to download a PDF file containing images of the actual diary pages.  Many blotter pages have comments, some aligned with dates on the facing diary page.  We transcribed onto the blotter pages comments that are difficult to read (written in faint pencil).

Front & Back - Covers & Pages
Front & Back Covers, pages of advertisements, cash pages (unused), & other blank pages.
Size: 3.7mb.
Daily written entries for January, February, and March.
Size: 7.7mb.
Daily written entries for April, May, and June.
Size: 7.5mb.
Daily written entries for July, August, and September.
Size: 8.3mb.
Daily written entries for October, November, and December.
Size: 8.9mb.



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