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Estancia “La California”
1901 Day-Book

This is the 13th diary that has survived the years, however, like the others, it has suffered from damp.  The entries were made by one or more people, William O. Beniz (Willie), his mayordomo, and segundos – alone or jointly.

The entries were written, for the most part, by the mayordomos (deduced by correlating changes in handwriting with the presence or absence of the person on the estancia): Mr. Johansen (January through ...) his handwriting first appears in 1899.  The other person adding notes to Mr. Johansen's entries and who makes the entries when Mr. Johansen is absent (e.g. February) is very likely Willie O. Benitz, Don Guillermo.

Background:  The background image is John Schreiber’s lithograph of “La California”, which he drew in 1878.

Reference Pages:  To aid the reader with Spanglish terminology, unfamiliar names (people & places), and old measures (weights, distances, currencies, etc.) we have provided a set of: Reference Pages.  We recommend you have these available — they will open in a second window or tab.

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PDF files:

Click on a title below to download a PDF file containing images of the actual diary pages.  Many blotter pages have comments, some aligned with dates on the facing diary page.  We transcribed onto the blotter pages comments that are difficult to read (written in faint pencil).

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Excluding format, the day-book has been transcribed as written, verbatim, without correction.  All obvious spelling and grammatical errors have been retained unchanged – we gave the benefit of the doubt to sloppy handwriting.  Anything we added or corrected is enclosed within [square brackets, with our comments in italics.]  For words we could not decipher, we provide our best guess followed by: [#?].  (Transcribed by: Veronica Benitz de Maffei)


1.  The day-book pages are titled with the month and year and have space in which to record 2 days per page, Monday through Saturday.  For the web, we inserted a title bar to separate the months, and reformatted the day titles, e.g. “2 Monday” becomes “January 2, Monday”.  Note: Sunday’s actvivities were recorded per the whims of the author, either appended appropiately titled below Saturday or inserted into Monday and subtitled “Yesterday”; in both cases we created the day bar.

2.  Newspaper clippings, notes, business cards, and any other items found inserted in the diary we placed where most relevant.  Items for which we could not determine dates, we placed where we found them.

3.  Notes on the interleaved blotter pages we placed following the date to which they apply.  We included as notes blotted ink stains we could decipher.

4.  The daily weather conditions were often written each side the printed date: morning left — afternoon right.  We standardised their format, placing them on their own line below the date.

5.  Standard daily subtitles placed in the left margin (e.g. Killed, Died, Yesterday) we changed to hanging (out-dented) paragraphs with their text.

[ The written pages of the 1901 day-book begin with the MEMORANDA.
The preceding printed pages can be seen in the first PDF file above.

MEMORANDA from 1900.

Liguien  4299 Calle St Fé.

JANUARY, 1901.

[— Likely author: Mr. Johansen, mayordomo.
Someone else occasionally adds 1 or 2 lines —]

January 1 Tuesday

Fine day . warm

Killed 8 sheep sn

Died  1 torito N.17.  1 sheep sn  5 id N:7.  1 Ram Nº7.  1 Cow N.7   1 Potrillo N.8.  1 Capon N.8.  1 Cow Nº20

Recorriendo en Las Tijeras

Mr J. Benitz came fron Cruz Grande.
Mr A Benitz came back with the ladies from San Andrés.

January 2 Wednesday

Fine weather   ——   warm  mx: 94+

Killed 5 sheep sn

Died  7 novillos & 1 Cow Nº4.  7 Rams Nº16.  1 Capon N:10 .  1 Mare N.2

Cuello parted: 96 novillos from Nº20
       50 Cows   "  "
       19 Calves  "  "
Passed mares from Nº20 to Nº19  Mensuales recorriendo.  Passed one mule from N.10 to Nº13 = ~~~ = Brought up 1 imported Ram from N.6N to Nº13
Finished digging well in Nº5.  Aurelio Rodriguez took 2 of R Torres mules to town.  Parted 20 Novillos from N:19 for A Larrahona and took same to San Genaro.

January 3 Thursday

Fine weather

Killed 1 Cow N.9

Died  1 Vaquilla Nº8  1 Novillo N.5.   2 Cows N:20

Parared rodeo in Nº15. & cured abichados.   Also in Nº20.   Parted from N:15 – 12 Novillos belonged to N:19    Recorriendo.   Troop from Los Palmares arrived 814 animales & put into Nº5.
Parared rodeo in Nº20 & parted 280 cows “pampas" from 18.   Recorriendo.

January 4 Friday

Fine day   ——    warm

Killed —

Died  3 Novillos Nº 4.

A Larrahona came and parted 67 novillos from N:19   Parared rodeo in Nº20 & parted 232 cows “pampas" for N:18.  Parared rodeo in N:19 for Larrahona & parted   Novillos  Also in N:15  & N:9  in all 67 anS.
Brought up cilindro & tina from Nº3 & fixed.  took back again.  Digging well in N:4 & finished  Took herramientos to well N:5.
Parared rodeo in N:5 to give chaqueño Novillos water.

January 5 Saturday

Fine day

Killed 8 sheep Nº sn

Died  2 Rams N.16.  1 Borrega N:8.  12 Sheep N:3.  25 id. N.2  1 Novillo Nº9.  1 Nov Nº19.  1 Cow Nº4

Parared rodeo in Nº5 to give chaqueño novillos water.
Morando parted 8 cows from N.7.
Dispatched Larrahonas troop 67 anS.
Digging well in N 5.
Brought up potros Nº 18 to corral
Passed mares Nº19 to Nº20

Don Alfredo went to Rosario.
Mr J Benitz Miss Hattie, Katie, Josephine & Willie Benitz went to Cruz Grande

January 6 Sunday

Fine day

Killed 5 Sheep sn

Died  1 fine Ram N.13  1 Cow N:16  1 id N:18  1 Buey N:20  2 Cows N.18

passed Black Mocha cows from Nº17 to 6.   59. cows 1 Bull.  also novillos from Nº17 to. 9.
Gave water to pampas in N. 18 also Novillos in N.5.  Recorriendo

January 7 Monday

Fine day   ——   warm

Killed 1 Cow N.9

Mensuales recorriendo.  Parared rodeo in Nº 5 & cured abichados.  Also cured 5 fine Rams in Nº6 N.  Digging well in Nº 1 & finished.
  Brought up mares from Nº20 to corral.

Died  2 Cows N.18  1 Horse Nº4

January 8 Tuesday

Rain in the afternoon

Killed —

Died  —

Cleaned well in N:11.  Cilinder fell down in the well & hurt Montoya.  Brought cilinder and tina from N:11 to blacksmith shop to be fixed.  Put new cilinder and tina in N:3.  Mensuales recorriendo.
Parted 8 potros from N:20 & put into N:18  And [#?] 3 abichados from N:11  Sent mares back to N:20

January 9 Wednesday

Rainy day

Killed 1 Novillo Nº 9


Recorriendo in the morning.  Also in the afternoon.
   Dispatched troop of 20 ans. for San Genaro from Nº19.
Cutting abrojos in N:8 & 11

January 10 Thursday

Fine day

Killed —

Died  5 Cows & 9 Novillos N:4  1 Cow Nº 7.  13 Sheep N. 3.  4 Sheep N.7  7 id N: 8

Finished digging well in N.11  Parared rodeo in Nº2  Also moved cattle from Nº2 to Nº4 (746)  Parared rodeo in N.3 & parted 21 cows for Cuello & put into Nº10  Also 25 vaquillonas for N:8.  Recorriendo.  took siñuelo bayo from Monte.

Died  9 Sheep N:1.  25 id N.4.  1 Capon N.6S.  3 Sheep N.7.

Cutting abrojos in N:7

Sr Professor Budin called.

January 11 Friday


Died  1 Capon sn

Killed 1 Novillo N.20  4 Sheep sn

Parared rodeo in N:18 & parted:
80 Calves for Castañeira also dispatched
20 Cows from N.10 for ídem.  Recorriendo.  fixed fence towards S. Clara.  Brought up Mares from Nº15 to corral.  Cured 3 cows abichados in Nº 16  Cured abichado Mares in N.12.  Mensuales recorriendo.
Cutting abrojos in N. 7 & 8 & 11  Open fence in monte at the house to let two novillos get out.  Cuello brought 4 Novillos and 3 Cows recoentados [#?] from Balde’s camp.

January 12 Saturday



Died  1 Sheep N.6S.  2 id sn  9 id N.1.  6 id Nº3.  3 id. N:4  1 Novillo N:7  1 id. N. 15  3 Nov N:4.  1 Cow N: 1

Cured 1 mare abichado from N: 15 & put in N:12.  Took mares back to N.15  Cutting abrojos in N.7.  Brought up mares from N.7 & cured 2 abichados & put into N. 12 & took mares back to potrero.  Recorriendo.
Parared rodeo in Nº8 & cured abichados also cured abichados in N:7  Asked rodeo from S. Clara for Monday.  Also from Las Lomas for Tuesday.  Cured sheep abichado in Nº6S & N also in Nº7.

Mr & Mrs W.O. Benitz went to Rosario & came back

January 13 Sunday

fine morning   ——    rain & storm p.m.

Recorriendo.  Brought up 6 pigs from N.17 to the house

Killed 2 Sheep sn

Died  1 Cow Nº 6S.  2 Sheep sn  1 Capon Nº 8

January 14 Monday

fine day   ——    Fresh temperature

Killed 1 Cow Nº 18

Died  2 Sheep N:4.  1 Capon N:10

Went to S. Clara for rodeo, no Novillos found.
Brought up flock N.7 to corral.  Brought up capones from N:10, parted 65 messtizos exportacion, caras negras for N.13.  Counted rest 584 & put back.  Brought up 1 potro abichado from N:18 cured & put in N:12.  Cured potrancas abichadas in N:12.  Mensuales recorriendo.
Parared rodeo in Nº20 for Cuello to see Novillos  Parared rodeo in Nº18 & parted 50 Cows for Morando & put into Nº10  Parared rodeo in Nº 15 & parted 28 Novillos ~~~ & 1 red cow ~~~ for Cuello & put in N: 10.

Mr Plant & Gillyatt called

January 15 Tuesday

fine day   ——    Fresh temperature

Killed 8 Sheep sn

Died  1  "  Nº6N  1 Sheep N.6S  2 Novillos & 1 Potrillo Nº4

Count flock N. 7 = 1630
Went for rodeo in Las Lomas & brought back 1 Novillo for N.15  Parted from flock N. 7-118 old sheep (deshechas) for consumo and put into sn.  Recorriendo  Finished cleaning & fixing well in N:1.
Brought up cattle from Nº8 to corral

January 16 Wednesday

fine day   ——    fresh temperature

Killed 1 Lamb N: 6S

Died  3 Sheep N. 3  3 id N: 1  1 Potrillo N: 3

Brought up cattle from Nº 8 to corral  Brought up flocks N:6N & 6S & revised
cutting Abrojos chicos
fixed Soga in well Nº 6.

January 17 Thursday

fine day   ——    fresh temperature

Killed 1 Novillo N:9  3 Sheep & 1 capon sn

Died  1 Capon N:10  1 Potranca N:20  2 Novillos N:4  1 id N:8

Began cutting abrojos on road to lecheria.
Marked cattle from N:8 & parted:
354 Vaquillonas for Nº2
511 Novillitos   "  " 8
Passed 181 Vaquillonas from N:6N to N:2  Parted 13 Vaquillonas from N.16 .. 19 from Nº14 & put into N: 2 after having marked them.  Mensuales recorriendo.  Cutting abrojos chicos.

January 18 Friday

fine day


Died  1 Cow N:6S  2 Rams N.16

Parted 32 Novillos for San Genaro from Nº19 & dispatched same.  Beltrame’s recieving hides.  Recorriendo.  Carted part of hides to Las Rosas.
Brought capones in N: 10 to rodeo.  fixing well in N.16
cutting Abrojos chicos

January 19 Saturday

Rain in the night.

Died  — Died: 1 Capon in N.7  1 Ram N.8  7 Sheep N:1  7 Sheep N.3  8 Sheep N.4

Died Killed 1 Novillo N.9  1 id N.4.  1 Cow N.4.  1 Vaquill N.2  1 Horse N. 11

Recorriendo parado Rodeo in Nº 7 & parted 69 calves (1 year) for Nº10  Brought capones Nº10 to Rodeo.
finished carting hides to Las Rosas.  finished well in Nº 16.
Cutting Abrojos chicos
Mrs Benitz, children & Miss Bell went to the mountains
Station Master from Las Rosas sent 1 cow & 2 Vaquillonas to be served

January 20 Sunday

Rain in the morning

The cows belonging to station master put in N.6

Killed: 2 Sheep sn  1 Cow N.10

Died  1 Sheep sn  1 Ram N.16

January 21 Monday

Rain in the   ——   morning

Killed 1 —

Died  1 Novillo N.7.  1 id N:4.  1 Mule N.4.  7 Sheep N.7  1 id. N.8  1 Sheep N.6S

Recorriendo.  Parted 6 cows from N.7 for Morando.  Parted 12 Terneros from Nº7 – to N.10   20 Novillos from N:5 to N:10  95 Bulls Nº9 – N.6N  1 Cow mocha negra from N:9 – N6S.  Parared rodeo in N:10 for Terneros [#?] to water.  Took out ajeno horses from N:11 to 6S.
Parared rodeo in N: 15 & parted 11 Novillos for N: 10  Brought up potros N.18 & parted 10 for buyer from Tucuman.  Brought up frisones N. 15  Brought up horses & mules from N:9 & gave 12 to mensuales to ride.

January 22 Tuesday

Fine day

Killed 6 Sheep sn

Died  1 Capon sn  1 Novillo N:15  1 Cow N:18  1 Horse N:12

Counted frisones in N: 15 – 28  Also potros N:18 – 78.  & took back to potreros.  Recorriendo  Cured 7 abichado mares in N:12.
Brought up one abichado Mare from Nº20 to Nº 12  Parared rodeo in N: 4 & parted 140 Cows & brought up to Corral.  Bosaled 60 potros for Tucuman.
Put earth round bebidas in Nº 16

January 23 Wednesday

fine day

Killed 1 Cow N:16

Died  1 Mule Nº4  1 Capon N:10  1 Ram N.16

Dispatched 10 potros to S. Genaro for Tucuman.  Marked 140 Cows from Nº 4 & put back.  Digging well & fixing brocal in N: 16  Also passed 1 Cow from N:11 to 14  Recorriendo.

Parared rodeo in Nº20 & parted 7 Novillos for Consumo & put in Nº16  Also 6 cows from Nº18 & put in N.16  Brought up Rams Nº16 & parted 12 for N: 13  Parared rodeo in N: 10 to give Terneros [#?] Water.

January 24 Thursday

Fine day

(Killed) Died 7 Sheep N.7  2 id N.6S, 5 id N.4, 6 id N.3, 3 id N.1, 1 Ram N:16

 Died  2 Cows N.18  2 Novillos N:15  1 Novillo N.19  3 Cows N.2  2 Novillos N.4

Brought up Rams N.13 & sent 14 to Nº1  2 to N. 6S.  1 to Nº 6N.  Parared rodeo in Nº7 for Cuello to see  Parared rodeo in Nº 10 & 9 for Cuello to see
Mule Cart gathering skins in Nº7  Brought skins from Las Tijeras & osamentos  Cured abichados in N:16  Cured riding horses in Nº18  Fixed soga N: 5 well  Recorriendo  Gathered Capones in N:10 to rodeo
Brought up horses from N.17 belonging to Aurelio Rodriguez who parted some for N. 9 & N17
Fixed brocal in Nº 17

January 25 Friday

fine day

Killed 1 Cow N.16   3 Sheep sn

Passed Novillos from Nº9 to Nº10

Castañeira  Parared rodeo in Nº10 & parted 34 Novillos ~~~ to N.9.  Parared rodeo in N: 20 & parted 6 Novillos & 15 Cows & put into N. 9 for Castañeira  Parared rodeo in N. 18 & revised cattle.  Mensuales recorriendo
Fixing well in Nº17  Brought up capones in N: 10 to rodeo
Burning osamentos in Las Tijeras

Died  2 Novillos N:19

Pontalis mayordomo came.  (Mr Lockhart)

January 26 Saturday

fine day

Killed 5 sheep sn

Died  ——

Recorriendo  Parared rodeo in N. 7 & parted 27 terneros de 1 año for N.10  Brought up mules [#?] from N: 4 & Curared in brete & took back.  Parared rodeo in Nº5 & cured abichados.   Brought up mares Nº7 to corral.
V. Morando parted 40 Rams from N.16

January 27 Sunday

fine day

Parared rodeo in N.7 & parted 22 terneros & 3 Vaquillonas for Castañeira & taken away  Larrahona parted 17 Oxen from Nº 20 to 19  Parared rodeo in N.9 & 10 and took 1 Novillo out belonging to N. 19.

Died  11 Sheep N.4  3 Novillos Nº4  1 Cow Nº2  1 Cow Nº7

Mr W Benitz drove to Armstrong bound to Victoriana.

January 28 Monday

fine day

Killed 1 Cow Nº 16

Died  1 Mare N. 7

Larrahonas troop despatched composed of 16 Oxen & 13 Novillos.  (from Nº19 3 Novillos ~~~ & 8 others [inserted below: from N.10. 2 Novillos ]
Fixing sheep-pens and cleaning sheep dip  Brought up flock Nº7 to corral.  C Morando parted 8 Cows from N: 10.  Filled dip with water  Cured abichados in N.12.  Recorriendo & put 6 barrels of dip in the water

January 29 Tuesday

fine day

Killed 3 Sheep N.7

Died  3 Sheep N.7.  1 Novillo N:7.  1 Cow N:18.  1 Novillo N.9.  1 Cow N:18.  5 Cows N.4.  6 Novillos N:4

Began parting capons from flock Nº7:  390 for Nº 8.  Also 43 black faced sheep in N.8  329 borregas forn N.7  Dipped same.
Dipped the rest 877 & passed to Nº 2.  Brought up Capones N. 8 to corral  Also mares from Nº20 & parted 72 Potros belonging to Nº18 & taken back to the respective potreros.  Filled dip with more wáter.  Put one barrel dip in the mezcla.  Changed cilinder in Nº 2 well bringing back old cilynder

January 30 Wednesday

fine day

Killed 1 Cow N.16

Died  1 Cow N:2,  2 Cows N.18.  1 Novillo N.15.

Dipped capones from N.8.  747 anS.
Parted 402 borregas from Nº8 to Nº7
 "  77 Ewes   "  6S
Parared rodeo in Nº 10 & parted 15 cows & 3Torrunos for Montes Oca.  for Morando  Brought up flock N. 6S & dipped 410 anS.  Also parted 27 sheep from N. 6S to N. 4.
Brought up flock N. 6N & dipped 424.
 " " " " 4 to corral.
Cuello took 27 Novillos & 22 cows to N.17 from N.9.  Parted 60 Novillitos de 1 año from N.10 for colonist Forchino & put in Nº11  Deshorned [dehorned #?] 1 Novillo & 1 Cow in Nº 10  Cured abichados in N.12 & 16
Castañeiras men came.  Delivered Salvatierras horse to tropero.
Mr Dresser came.

January 31 Thursday


Killed 3 Sheep sn  2 Sheep N. 4

Died  3 Sheep N.4.  7 Novillos y 6 Cows N.4.  1 Cow N.2.  1 cow Nº3.  1 Carf N.7.  1 Cow N.7

Dispatched troop to Rosario 27 novillos & 22 cows & 35 terneros from N.20.  Left 2 Novillos from Castañeiras troop ~~~ in Nº 20 & parted 1 Novillo ~~~ from N.20, former Novillos being lame.  Parted from flock N. 4 588 Borregas for N.7 & 412 Capones for N.8  Dipped flock Nº4 925 anS.  Dispached 55 Novillitos for colonist Forchino.  Recorriendo.

[ Blotter Note, facing January 28 & 29. ]

Mortandad Enero 1901
Vacunos Lanares Caballar
Novillos 63 Sheep 204 Potrillos3
Cows 50 Rams 11 Mares 2
Vaquillas2 Capones2 Horses3
Bueyes1 Borregas1 Mules  2
Terneros   1 Fine Rams   1  10
117 226
Capones1 Cows8
Ovejas67 Novillos  3
Lambs  1  11


[— Likely author: Mr. Johansen, mayordomo.
Someone else occasionally adds 1 or 2 lines —]

February 1, Friday

fine day

Killed: 1 Cow N.16

Died: 1 Novillo N.19.  1 Cow N:14.  1 Novillo N.8.  1 Sheep N.4.  2 id N.3.  2 Sheep N.4.  1 Ram N.4.  3 Sheep N.7.  3 Capones N.8.  1 Sheep N.3

Dipped rest of flock N.4 – 1390 Ewes to N. 4.

Mr Kingsland went to Diaz for Palacios to see Mr Ortiz’s cattle   Sr Larrechea & Torlaseo came

February 2, Saturday

fine day

Killed: 4 Sheep sn  1 Capon N.10

Died: 1 Sheep N.3.  4 id N.2  15 id N.3.  15 id N.4  9 id N.1

Dipped 616 Capones from Nº10 and 377 Sheep from Nº3

Kingsland went to Estacion Palacios from Diaz
Sr Larrechea & Torlaseo went away

February 3, Sunday

fine day   ——   warm

Killed: 4 Sheep sn

Died: 1 Capon N.10.  1 Cow N.6N.  1 Calf N.7  1 Calf N.10

Brought up flock N:1.  Made new canalete for well in N:5.  Brought up 2 Rams from N.6N to cure.  Cured Bull mocho in N.6S

February 4, Monday

Killed: 1 Capon Nº10

Died:  2 Cows N.18  3 Capones N.16

Began dipping flock N.1
Changed tina Nº 19 well
Recorriendo & cured abichados

Prof. Ligniere’s brother and Mr Lockhart came.

February 5, Tuesday

fine day   ——   very warm

Killed: 1 Novillo N.16

Died:  7 Novillos N.4 - 2 Sheep Nº3.  2 capones Nº10  1 Sheep Nº6N  1 id #6S.  4 id. N.7  1 Sheep N.8

finished dipping flock N.1 (2308 anS) and parted 240 + 160 Capones for N:8  225 + 173 Borregas for N:7.  rest 1500 Ewes for N.1.
Cleaned well by puesto in N.7.
Asked for a wagon to load 2 horses for Rosario for tomorrow.  Also asked for waggons for wool
Recorriendo and curing abichados

Kingsland came back from Palacios.
Mr Lignieres & Lockhart went away

February 6, Wednesday


Killed: 1 Sheep N.1.  4 id sn

Died:  1 Sheep N.1  2 id. N:6S  1 id N.6N  3 id Nº8.  1 id. Nº16.  4 id N.6S  1 Cow N.18

Brought up Potros from N.15 & parted two for Rosario, Wilson’s Son’s & C.
Fixing earth round bebida in N.15. (19)
Recorriendo & cured abichados
Shipped 2 Potros to Rosario Wilson Sons & C Ld
Changed Novillos from Nº5.  to Nº19 for want of water

Died:  1 Cow Nº4  2 Novillos N.4  1 Novillo N.8.  1 id N4.  1 Cow N.4

 Id:  1 Cow N.2

February 7, Thursday

fine day

Killed: 1 Cow N.16

Died:  4 Sheep. sn  1 Ram N.17  1 Sheep N.6N  1 id. N:6S  1 Capon N.11  1 Cow N.18

parado Rodeo in Nº 19. & parted 69 cows for Nº20.  Recorriendo.
parted from Nº10 44 Vacunos for Tucuman put in Nº9.  putting earth around troughs in Nº 19.
Renia pastoriando novillos Nº19.

February 8, Friday

Died:  1 Novillo N.15.  1 Cow N.18.  3 sheep sn   3 id N.7.  2 id. N.8.  1 id N.6S

parted N.10 8 vacunos for Tucuman put in Nº9.  cured rodeo (Abichados) NºS 15. 19. 20. 18.  Mensuales recorriendo
Brought up flock 6S to corral
putting earth around bebidas Nº19.
Don Alfredo came back from Cordoba

February 9, Saturday

Missing image.

Blotter page
facing Feb.8-10

Killed: 4 Sheep N.8.  2 id sn  1 capon sn

Died:  1 Sheep N.7.  1 id N:16.  17 id N.4.  9 id N.3.  9 id N.9N  6 id N.1

despatched troop to San Genaro from Nº9.  52 Vacunos also 2 novillos from Nº19.  parted 11 Rams from flock 6S to Nº13.  Brought up capones Nº8 & Revised & parted 53 capones for Nº10
Mensuales recorriendo
Brought up mules from Nº4 & parted 10 for Colonists sent to Nº4 & put rest in Nº9.  Revised flocks Nº1 & 3. in Tijeras
Don Guillermo went to Cordoba from San Genaro.

February 10, Sunday

Killed: 4 Sheep sn


February 11, Monday

fine day   ——   warm

Killed: 4 Sheep sn

Died:  3 Cows Nº18.  1 Sheep N.6N  1 id. N.8  1 Novillo N.4.

Cured abichados in N: 19. 20 & 18.
Began digging well in N:18
Parted 6 Rams from flock N:1 for Castagnino & Embarked for Rosario   Took 10 Mules from N:4 to colonist Bautista Veglia.
Brought up flock N.6 to corral.
Finished division of sheep corral in Las Tijeras.
Started to paint all gates.

February 12, Tuesday

fine day    warm

Killed: 1 Novillo N:16, 8 Sheep N sn

Died: 1 Novillo N:15  1 id N:19.  5 Cows N:18.  1 Cow Nº4.  1 Mare N6S

Digging well in Nº18
Revised flock Nº6N & parted 6 Rams for Nº13.  Brought up Potros from Nº18 and parted 1 abichado for Nº12.  Brought up Potros from Nº15 for buyers from Mendoza to see.  Brought up Mares from N.7 & parted 1 Potrillo abichado for Nº12.  Parted from Nº 14. 128 cows & 3 Bulls for Nº9
Dionisio Perez despatched

February 13, Wednesday

fine day   ——   very warm

Killed: ——

Died: 1 Cow Nº2 (leche lost)  3 Capones Nº16.  2 Sheep N:6S  1 Sheep N.6N  1 Sheep N.7

Digging well in Nº 18  Parted 89 Calves from Nº 20 for Rosario (Castañeira)
Mensuales recorriendo
Cured abichados in Nº12 & 14. – 18.
New Alambrador entrerea [entered #?]. Cured abichados in Nº12

February 14, Thursday

Cloudy   ——   very warm. Tormenta at 4. pm

Killed: —

Died:  4 Cows N.18

Brought back one calf from Casteñeira & put in N: 11.
Brought up cattle from N:19 & parted in brete 91 ~~~ for Nº15.  Marked ½ of rest and put together with unmarked in Nº5.  Brought up Mares from N:15 and parted 8 Potros frisones for Mendocinos, marked & put into Nº10.  Sent same later on to town.
Began putting carth round wooden house in garden.  Sent to town for cargo al [#?]
Finished digging well in Nº18

February 15, Friday

Rainy morning

Killed: 1 Novillo N.16

Died: 2 Cows N.18

Mensuales recorriendo.
Embarked frisones in the station
Delivered 1 pig to pigman
cured two abichados cows in Nº 16

February 16, Saturday

fine day

Killed: 8 Sheep sn

Died:  2 Vaquill Nº2  1 Toro fino N:4  1 Cow N.18  10 Sheep N.3.  14 id N.2.  16 id N.4  7 Sheep N.1

Parared rodeo in Nº15 & parted 300 Novillos for Nº19   Mensuales recorriendo.  Put new cylinder & tina in Nº15.  Putting earth round the bebidas in Nº19.  Put earth round garden house.  Sent to station for cargo.
Don Alfredo rode to Las Estacas
Cu [#?] parted 133 Rams from flock Nº1.2.3.4. in Las Tijeras for Nº9

February 17, Sunday

Killed: —

Died:  2 Cows N:18.

Mensuales recorriendo & curing abichados in Nº12.  Permitted troop of cattle for Las Lomas drink water in N:4.

February 18, Monday

fine weather   ——   warm

Killed: —

Died:  2 Sheep Nº6S  1 Sheep sn

Began deepining] well N:11.
Betuco came from Victoriano with 2 black horses for Mr W. Benitz.
Brought Cargo from station
passed Ajeno horses from Nº11 to 6S
Cured Abichados in Rodeos Nº 15. 19. 20.
parado Rodeo in Nº5 & parted 140 novillos Took to corral.  Mensuales recorriendo  Revised Bulls Nº6N

February 19, Tuesday

fine day

Killed: 1 Cow N.16  2 Sheep sn

Died:  1 Novillo Nº15  1 id Nº18  4 Cows Nº18  1 Novillo Nº1 1 Cow Nº3  11 Cows N.2  2 Sheep N.7

Marked 101 novillos in Brete from N 5 put back in Nº5.  leaving 39. ~~~ mark for Nº15.  Digging well in Nº11
Mensuales recorriendo
cured Abichados Nº12.
peste (Tristeza) began in Nº 2. ( 11 died)
Don Alfred left for Rosario

Johanson went to dance at S. Clara

February 20, Wednesday

Fine morning   ——   Rain at 1pm–5pm

Killed: 1 Cow N.16

Died:  —

Peste in N:2 (9 died.)
parado Rodeo in Nº10 & Revised also Tropero came to see vaquillonas criollas Nº10 recently from Nº7.
Revised Rodeos & cured Nº 9. 5. 7. 8. 14.
Mensuales recorriendo
Went to colonists about dogs brought skins from Las Tijeras
Gathering up osamentas in the camp
heavy rain in the Afternoon
Cured Rams Nº13.  cured Abichados Nº12.  finished well Nº11.

Mr Johanson went to S. Clara for dance.

February 21, Thursday

fine day   ——   Warm

Killed: 5 Sheep s/n  Died  1 Capon N.9  6 Sheep N.2  1 Sheep N.6N

Died:  17 Cows Nº2  1 Capon Nº10  1 Ram N.13  4 Sheep N.7  3 Capones N.8  2 Sheep N.6S

parado Rodeo Nº15 & parted 10 novillos for Nº19.  also parted Nº19. 37 Novillos for Nº15.  Counted Novillos Nº19 (300)
Killed 1 dog Nº8.  Recorriendo
Cured Rams Nº13.
four sheep killed by dogs Nº8.
fixed Windmill Nº5

a young German came searching work & stopped over night

February 22, Friday

Very strong   ——   south wind & little rain

Killed: 3 Sheep sn

Died:  2 Novillos N.15  22 Cows N.2  1 Potrillo N.8  1 Sheep N.16

C Morando parted 25 cowsN.18 for M. de Oca
cured Rodeos Nº18 & 20.  Mensuales recorriendo
Parted 15 pigs from Nº17 & sent to Las Rosas for B. Ville.  Finished deepening well in Nº5.  Sent breagus [breagn/breaque #?] to Las Tijeras to fetch hides & brought 22 from Nº2

Mr Chandles came to lunch.

February 23, Saturday

Cold morning    fine day flies beguining to get less

Killed: 8 sheep sn   Died  13 Sheep N.3  7 Sheep N.4

Died:  1 Mare N.7.  15 Cows N:2  1 Sheep N.6S  1 Capon N.8  4 Sheep N.2  7 Sheep N.1

Sent Scheniedlin & equipment to town & brought back 3 bags salt.
Juan Costa bought 1 pig also Fagliaso 1 pig.
Cleaned out earth represa in Nº20

[— From here, likely author: NOT Mr. Johansen. —]

Enrique Chiesa took 1 pig.  $ 25
Parado Rodeo in Nº14 & parted 17 Bulls also 15 from Nº16 & 14 from Nº9 marked in corral & put in Nº6N 46 in all.  Cleaning represa in Nº20  fixing sheep Corral  Mensuales recorriendo  Brought up mares Nº6N & caught prince Scot (stallion)
Began painting Brete  Gathering Osamentas in the camp, peste still in Las Tijeras, brought skins from Nº 2. 1. 3 & 4

February 24, Sunday

Don Guillermo came back
Parted 40 Terneros Nº10 for. C. Gomez.  Brought up flock Nº8

February 25, Monday

Fine Weather   ——   Cool

Killed: 1 Cow N.16  2 Capones N.8  1 Capon & 1 Sheep sn   Died 1 Capon N.8

Died:  3 Cows N.18  1 Horse N.11.  19 Cows N.2  2 Rams N.16.  1 Cow N.10.  14 Cows N.2  1 Sheep N6S

Began Palinkiaring potrillos from Horatius’s manada.  Nº8.
Cleaned capones Nº8. & Revised  Brought up Rams Nº9 & Revised & cleaned also Capones & Rams(fine) Nº13.  Brought up Borregas Nº7.
Skining in Las Tijeras (Still Peste) Nº2.  Mensuales recorriendo
Pedro Torres tusando Don Guillermo’s petizos
passed mares from N.15 to 18 Troperos had permision to put their troop in Ensenada for the night.  Blacksmith fixing Windmill in Nº5 (also making new Cilindro)  Buyer from Tucuman left without buying anything.  Sent one peon to Las Tijeras to help skin in Nº2.
Mr Johanson left for the Mountains of Cordoba.
Opened fence for Troperos to get novillo out of monte

February 26, Tuesday

Fine weather.   ——   Warm.

Missing image.

Insert to Feb. 26

Killed: 3 Capones Nº8    Died  1 Sheep sn  1 Capon N.8

Died:  2 Cows N.18  1 Novillo Nº7.  1 Cow N.1.  1 id N.4.  15 id. N.2  2 Sheep N.7

Cleaned Borregas Nº7 & revised
Brought up Rams Nº16 & Revised put into S/N.  Cured 3 Abichado Cows N.16.  parado Rodeo in Nº18 & parted .9. pampa cows & 1 overa for Nº10.  Brought up capones Nº10 to corral.  Mensuales recorriendo
Cured 7 Abichado sheep in Nº 6S.  skining in Las Tijeras.  passed Ajeno horses from Nº11 to 6S.  Gould taming potrillos from Manada Nº8.  keeping Manada Nº8 in Nº15.
Cured Abichado mares Nº12.  shut up fence opened for Troperos to get Novillo out.  Troperos left.  leaving novillo in monte.  Blacksmith making new cilindro, (nearly finished it.)
Parted 39 capones from Nº8 to Nº10

February 27, Wednesday

fine day.   ——   Cloudy Afternoon

Killed: 5 Sheep sn

Died:  9 Cows N:2  1 Novillo N.7  1 Sheep N.6S

Brought up mules Nº9. to corral & parted 4 for Nº18.  Maranda [Morando] parted 8 cows from Nº10 for Las Rosas  Cured Rodeos Abichados Nº9. 10.19.20. also cured 1 novillo abichado in Nº15
passed 1 potranca frizona from 19. to 15.
Cleaned & Revised capones Nº10 & counted 707.  parted 34 Rams from Nº10 belonging to Nº9.
Brought up mares Nº20 & parted 8 potros for Nº18.  also 1 Abichado mare Nº 12.  parted 3 mules from Nº9 to Nº12.  also 2 tame ones for carting use in Tijeras
loading hides (Vacunos) loaded 2 carts (283 hides)  Mensuales recorriendo  Blacksmith fixed gate leading into Nº9. to Nº10 also board in Nº15 well.  Gould taming potrillos Nº8. manada (Horatius).

February 28, Thursday

Cloudy   ——   Very hot.

Killed: 3 Sheep sn

Died:  1 Novillo Nº19.  15 Cows N:2  2 Rams Nº13.  3 Sheep N.7  1 id N.6S  1 Capon N:8

Recieved 7. Bueyes 3 cows & 1 novillo from Aurelio for Nº10.  Revised flock Nº4 & parted 97 White faced Sheep for Nº2.  also Revised flock Nº3 & parted 168 White faced sheep for Nº2.
Mensuales recorriendo  Loaded sheep skins & grease to Las Rosas.  Also depatched two Cartloads of hides.  Brought skins from Las Tijeras.  Passed cows from Nº9 to Nº14 (127 cows & 3 Bulls).  Cured Abichados Mares in Nº12.  Gould taming potrillos in (Horatius’s) Manada.  Buyer of skins left for Santa Clara.  Put flock Nº1 in Corral in Las Tijeras.  Cleaning up. Graseria a bit.  Juan Ravotti’s peon brought 1 Black mare & foal put in Nº12.  Blacksmith finished new Cilindro  Passed Rams from Nº9 to Nº16. Troperos came to part calves tomorrow

[ Blotter Note, facing February 27 & 28. ]

Mortandad Febrero
Vacunos 25Novillos Lanares 245Sheep Caballar 1Horse
179 Cows 7 Rams 1 Potrillo
2Calves  21Capones   2Mares
2Vaquillas 273    4 
  1Toro fine      
Vacunos 3Novillos Lanares 70Sheep
 5Cows   9Capones
  8   79

MARCH, 1901.

[— Likely author: NOT Mr. Johansen, mayordomo. —]

Paro general
[ Comming along nicely, about a month per month ]

© Peter Benitz (Benitz Family)