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Grahame Paul & “Nena” Benitz
(1886-195x)     (1889-1984)

Event Timeline — Grahame Paul & Nena Benitz

Year Age Event
1886-01-06 0 Edward Grahame Paul, Grahame, was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA.  His father was a farmer, from England.
1889-04-15 0 Josephine May Benitz, "Nena", was born in San José de Flores (today a district of Buenos Aires city), Arg.; fourth child of William Otto Benitz and Clara Electa Allyn.
- - -
1904-07-17 18 Grahame arrived at estancia "Los Algarrobos" (Monte Buey, Córdoba), to work for John E. Benitz as a pupil (segundo).
1906-1907 20 Grahame traveled to England for a few months (Nov. 1906 – June 1907).
1908-1910 22-24 Grahame left "Los Algarrobos" to try his luck in the Chaco.  His brother, Santiago (James), who also worked at "Los Algarrobos", joined him in November, 1909, taking two stallions, a gift to Grahame from John E. Benitz.  In 1910, Grahame offered John advice on a manager for estancia "El Bermejo".
- - -
1913-05-16 27 / 24 Grahame and Nena were married in England. (They did not have children.)
1914-1918 28-32
WW-I: Grahame served in the Middle East as a 2nd Lieutenant in the 14th Hussars.
Nena was an ambulance driver with the British Red Cross.
- - -
1950's 60s Grahame and Nena rented a house, "Miriam", in Cruz Grande, Córdoba - across the road from the entrance to "El Rincón", next to the Hotel Zapata.
1954 68 Grahame died in Buenos Aire & was buried in the British Cemetery, Chacarita, Buenos Aires.
1950s-1960s 60s-70s After Grahame's death, Nena continued on at “Miriam”, supported by her nephews & nieces when her savings ran out.
ca.1972 80s Nena moved in with her nephew's family, Malcolm Benitz, at estancia “El Piquete”, Las Rosas, Santa Fé.
1974+ 85+ Nena moved to BABS (British-American Benevolent Society) retirement home in Buenos Aires, joining her sisters Clarita & Marion.
1984-07-25 95 Nena died in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Buried with Grahame in the British Cemetery, Chacarita, Buenos Aires.

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