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Stanley Roger Jeans
1 July, 1939
Rio de Janeiro(?), Brazil
(Source: Michael Mohr-Bell)

Stanley Jeans & Katie Benitz
(1882-1943)     (1884-1963)

Event Timeline

Year Age Event
1882-04-14 0 Stanley Roger Jeans was born in Norton-Bavant, Wiltshire, England.  His parents were Henry William Jeans (agriculturalist) and Mary Katherine Brown.
1884-04-06 0 Katherine Stuart Benitz, Katie, was born at Ea. "La California", Las Rosas, Santa Fé, Arg.  The daughter (and second child) of William Otto Benitz and Clara Electa Allyn.
1897-1899 16-17 Katie travelled with her parents & family to the UK and the US.  She & sister Hattie accompanied their grandmother, Josephine Kolmer-Benitz, to California before rejoining their mother in Winona, Minnesota.
ca.1900s - Stanley began his business activities in Argentina.
1904 22 Katie and sister Hattie travelled to the US on the SS Byron, arriving New York, June 1904, continuing to Winona, Minnesota.
1914-1918 - Stanley obtained a commission in the The Wiltshire regiment.  He was badly wounded & recovered in England.
ca.1920s - Stanley returned to Argentina.
1920-04-24 38 / 36 Stanley & Katie were married.
1930 - Stanley joined his brother in Brazil.  After his brother died, he took over the management of Wilson, Jeans & Co.
1943-02-15 60 Stanley died of a heart attack, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  He was buried in the Cemiterio dos Ingleses, Gamboa Cemetery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
1963-07-30 -0 Katie died at the Hurlingham Club (where she lived), Hurlingham, Buenos Aires (prov.), Arg.  She was buried in the Benitz family cemetery, Estancia "La California", Las Rosas, Santa Fé, Arg.

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