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11 February 2019

George Roberts & Marion Benitz
   (1891-1954)     (1897-1986)

Ingerto vs Injerto:  Apparently, the name of the Roberts’ estancia was meant to be the translation of “The Graft” but was mispelled with a “G” as: “El Ingerto” – “The Ingestion”.

Event Timeline

Years Ages Event
1891-09-21 0 George Roberts was born at his parents’ estancia "El Ingerto" south of San Jorge (Santa Fé, Arg.) & immediately west of the Traill estancia “Las Limpias”.  His parents were James Henry Roberts (b. 15 May, 1849, London, England) and Helen Turnbull.  (James had established "El Ingerto" in 1875.)
1897-08-11 0 Marion Winona Benitz was born in Winona, Minnesota, USA.  The 8th and youngest child of William Otto Benitz and Clara Electa Allyn.  In 1899, her mother returned to Argentina, making their home at the Benitz family estancia, "La California", near Las Rosas, Santa Fé.  (Established by Marion's grandfather, William Benitz, in 1875.)
ca.1900 9-18 George was sent to preparatory (primary) school in England, then attended Merchiston Castle school (in Edinburgh, Scotland) where he represented the school in rugger, cricket, boxing, and gymnastics.
ca.1910 19 George returned to Argentina and went to work for the Northern Santa Fe Land Co. (La Forestal).
1911-1919 14-21 Per Marion's passport application (filed in London, Jan. 1919), she had been in England since 1911 (presumably in school) & had visited the USA once (in 1911).
1914-1919 24-28 George volunteered early & was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant, 30 Dec. 1914, in the British Army.  He served in France with the 123rd. Brigade, Royal Field Artillery.  Wounded four times, he was awarded the D.S.O. and M.C. (with 2 bars) for leadership & bravery.  He attained the rank of Major.
- - -
1921-02-18 29 & 23 George & Marion were married at her parents’ summer home, "Greystone", in Los Cocos, Córdoba, Arg.
- - -
1921-12-21 30 & 24 Jimmy (James Richard Bannerman Roberts) was born in Hurlingham, Buenos Aires, Arg.
- - -
1925-10-15 34 & 28 Billy (William Bannerman Roberts) was born at "El Ingerto", Carlos Pellegrini, Santa Fé, Arg.
- - -
1954-06-03 62 George died at "El Ingerto", Carlos Pellegrini, Santa Fé, Arg.; he was buried in the British Cemetery (Chacarita), Buenos Aires (city).
- - -
?? - Marion sold estancia "El Ingerto".
1967 70 Son Jimmy was killed in a car accident in Bangkok, Malaysia (today Thailand).
?? - Marion moved to The Hills (the British retirement community in the vicinity of La Cumbre, Córdoba, Arg.) where she bought a house and named it "El Ingerto".
1980s 80s Marion moved into BABS (British-American Benevolent Society) retirement home in Buenos Aires (city), Arg.
1986-07-27 88 Marion died in Buenos Aires and was buried in the British Cemetery (Chacarita), Buenos Aires, Arg.

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