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Jack Bell & Clarita Benitz
(1894-1950)   (1891-196x)

We do not know much about them.  In about 1960 Clarita and her daughter Allyn were at the Hotel "Los Molles" in Los Cocos, Córdoba, Arg.

Event Timeline

Year Age Event
1891-07-24 0 Clara Anna “Clarita” Benitz, Keeka, was born in San José de Flores (today a district of the Buenos Aires city), Buenos Aires, Arg.  She was the 5th. child of William Otto Benitz and Clara Electa Allyn.
1894-06-12 0 John Alfred “Jack” Bell was born (no details).
- - -
1924-10-16 30 / 33 Jack and Clarita were married (no details).
- - -
1933-09-07 38 / 41 Their only child, Marion Allyn Bell, Allyn, was born.  She could not take care of herself, never learned to speak, and could not walk, being taken about in a wheelchair.
- - -
12-1950 56 Jack died (most likely in Córdoba hills, Arg.)
bef. 1964 <72 Clarita died (no details, presumably in Arg.).
abt. 1975 42 Allyn died in a hospice run by a religious order of nuns: Hogar San Camilo, Cosquín, Córdoba, Arg.  Presumably she was buried in Cosquín.

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