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Laguna Yacaré

Colonia Espín, Santa Fé
1884 & 1885


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On March 31, 1884, Alfred and Johnnie, aged 24 and 22 respectively, set out with a herd of 786 cattle, 8 oxen, and 23 horses from their home at estancia “La California” to establish a new estancia on the shores of Laguna Yacaré, 300-350 kilometers to the north.  Assisted by 7 peones (and 2 visitors), it took them 21 days to make the journey.  Upon arrival they had to build their houses and corrales, all the while caring for the cattle with no fences to keep them from wandering off into the monte (a constant problem). 

Laguna Yacaré is in the Chaco geographic region but well within Santa Fé province.  At that time a land almost devoid of people but full of wild game — off which Alfred and his crew lived.  The laguna was also within the northern border of brother Frank's failed Colonia Espín

In the day-books and his biography, Alfred was the brother in charge at Laguna Yacaré and later Los Palmares.  However, the day-books also show he was not acting alone and these camps were operated in conjunction with Willie and Johnnie at La California.  Herman, the youngest, seems to have floated back and forth, working at both.

Per the day-book entry of June 25, 1885, Alfred (or the  brothers - it is unclear) held or claimed title to a league (pre-metric: 2,700 ha.).  Per his biography, in 1881 he bought a league and a half (4,000 ha.) between Laguna Yacaré and Arroyo Espín.  Yet the day books show that he ran cattle on a much larger area, between the Laguna Dientudo (Arroyo El Toba / Saladillo Dulce) in the east, and the Arroyo Espín in the west and south, i.e. he was making use of the northern third of the failed colonia.  In fact, a year after arriving, two more herds were sent up from La California: 1,179 head arrived in April'85, and another 1,009 in May'85.  Today, good campo natural (native pasture) will support 650kg per hectarea.  The three herds — almost 3,000 head — would have required well over 5,000 hectareas.

  Alfred remained five years at Laguna Yacaré, until December, 1889.  Likely evicted by Iriondo (brother to the governor of the province), he removed all livestock to “El Mistolar”, the area west of the Calchaquí river that later became his estancia “Los Palmares”.  Today the area of Laguna Yacaré is cultivated farmland, the laguna itself has disappeared and any traces of Alfred's estancia buildings — made of mud and straw — are most likely long gone.

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This day book was kept by Alfred, and in his absence by Herman.  It covers the first two years of the camp's existance and is a record of their daily activities, how they built their houses and corrales (using timbers taken from the old colonia), their hunts for wild game, and of their many visitors.  Visitors were constant, often staying the night: neighbors, chasquis (messengers) and soldiers passing through, surveyors, railroad engineers, cattle buyers, fencers, settlers, and native Indians. They were lucky in that the Indians did not bother them until the second year (1885).

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Background:  The photo is from Olga’s album (lent to us by Susan Horner).  It is not labelled but because its type is different from those taken in 1902 by Alftred’s brother John, we speculate the photo was taken by Alfred.  He had his own dark-room for developing photos at Los Palmares.

Reference Pages:  Written in English by Alfred and others, the day-book is full of Spanglish terms and names local to the region.  To assist you, please open and have at hand (in a separate tab / window) the Reference Pages.

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Front Cover & pages  (was not transcribed)
Pages ruled as for ledger, for cash, wages, cattle counts, and horse counts that made up the drive of April, 1884, followed by later counts taken at various times during 1884.  Also included, are cattle and horse counts of a drive in 1888.  (File size: 5.3mb.)
1884 - Quarter 2
Entries for March 31, and April, May, & June, 1884.  (File size: 2.3mb)
1884 - Quarter 3
Entries for July, August, & September, 1884.  (File size: 2.6mb)
1884 - Quarter 4
Entries for October, November, & December, 1884.  (File size: 2.3mb)
1885 - Quarter 1
Entries for January, February, & March, 1885.  (File size: 2.9mb)
1885 - Quarter 2
Entries for April, May, & June, 1885.  (File size: 3.3mb)
1885 - Quarter 3
Entries for July, August, & September, 1885.  (File size: 3.5mb)
1885 - Quarter 4
Entries for October, November, & December, 1885.  (File size: 3.2mb)
Back pages & Cover  (was not transcribed)
Various notes, lists of horses, debts owed/collected, scribbles and signature practice, and a photo of South Hall at the University of California Berkeley.  (File size: 1.8mb)


Transcription Notes: The day-book has been transcribed as written, without corrections to spelling or grammar.  For clarity, we added quarter and month title bars.  Anything we  added or corrected in the text is enclosed within [square brackets, with our comments in italics.]  Newspaper clippings, notes, business cards, and any other items found in the diary we have placed where most relevant.  Items for which we could not determine dates, we placed where we found them.  (Transcribed by: René A. Benitz.)

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1884 - QUARTER 2

March, 1884

1884. - Day Book!

Estancia “La California”

March 31. Put cattle from Farias side on rodeo, and parted out what we thought sufficient cattle al corte with few novillos and old cows and also parted out 20 bulls from Tamberas and 5 milch cows.  Locked in the night at Portenas.  Take 23 horses along: 11 of black tropilla, 2 lobunos, 1 blanco, 1 rosillo, 3 alasans, 1 colorado  , 2 macho and 1 mula. 1 bayo, 1 braunlie

April, 1884

Missing image

April 1.

Marched up to Ventura Suarez and locked in corral Willie came to us in Porteños camp, and we counted the cattle, 786 in all without 8 oxen. among them are 209 orechano calves.  The peones are Heraldo Gomez (capataz) Jose Cerdo, Zalome Sosa, Mercedes, Bauto Ibarra, Eduardo Rio. They gain $B2.00 per day, and $B1.00 for each half night rondaring. The cart man (Dionisio) gets six reales per day. Hugo and Miguel go as far as Suarez and then go back. Suarez gave us a capon. Met Mr. Watt and Wallace at Suarez.

April 2.

Marched to Moya's puesto, and locked in; a very dark and drizzly night.  It rained most all day.  Butchered a guacho calf.  We have 5 young grey hounds along: 3 big ones, 2 small pointers and 4 large ones.  Mr. Walker has one fox terrier along.  Mr. Fredricks and Mr. Walker go along on a paseo (work!)

April 3.

Marched from Moyas puesto to the edge of San Martín colony 4 leagues as it was too late to pass through. Rondared tonight; Fredricks ill.

April 4.

Rondared last night in a corner of a fence; cattle disparared once, but got them together all right.  Hired a vaqueano (Manuel Mansilla) at $2.00 the day up to the Salado.  Passed through San Martin and stopped for the night up against the Quinones Estancia fence.  Butchered an old fat cow. Lost the map of Province.

April 5.

Marched from Quinones fence up to Zarate camp rondared by some lagunas. Oxen abflojando. Dogs caught their first deer.

April 6.

Sunday.  Marched up to edge of Pilar colony colonos want to buy horses

April 7.

Fredricks got sleepy on the ronda, peones also desperado of cattle; found this morning two leagues off.  Marched up to edge of Toriño Nuevo.  Cattle go splendid.  Road goes through excited colonists.  Butchered broken calf.

April 8.

Marched up to north of Colonia Felicia on Orcheta, arroya Prussianas.  Cold.  Full moon.  Susan hot. Not asked for guia yet. Cattle went very badly.

April 9.

Marched up to edge of Colonia Progreso, through fine open camp. Cattle very mañero to drive. Dogs killed a gama. Cold weather.

April 10.

Marched up to between Cululu and Salado in estancia of Crespo. Had no trouble to pass Cululu. Bought sugar and Yerba ($B5.62) in Progresso. Fine camp where we stop tonight. Butchered novillo. Fine weather.

April 11

Passed Salado today. Had some trouble with cattle and cart. Pass is in front of Amelia. Passed cargo of cart over in canoe $B3.00. Hired 7 or 8 men with guia to help pass cattle over. Spent $B16.75 to get them over. Camped on edge of Salado.

April 12.

Went as far as Las Delicias. Dischared Vaqueano and paid 11 nacionales. Lot of trouble with cattle.

April 13.

Marched as far as San Justo. Stopped near town. Wrote letter home.

April 14.

Marched as far as one of the gates of the Santa Rosa estancia 3d. from entrance. locked in the gate protrero over night. Walker and Alfred had breakfast at Estancia Santa Rosa and saw Cram. Drizzly weather. Commandante Jobson and Virasora passed down today. Butchered a calf.

April 15.

Counted cattle this morning 30 short. Dont know where they got away; must have in the desperado near Pilar colony. Marched as far as Crespos alambrado. Rainy weather.

April 16.

Marched as far as Las Obejitas. Locked cattle in corral. rondared horses. Milch cow died.

April 17.

Marched as far as San Pedro Grande. Rondared on south edge of arroya. Butchered a calf. People glad to see us.

April 18.

Marched as far as Rabona. Put four yoke of oxen on cart: hard to go up the hills. Raining very hard. Gave Don Benito a greyhound choriado. He helped us with his men to drive cattle.

April 19.

Rained a lot last night. Marched up to between Espin river and poblacion. Cart stuck in Jacaracita tonight. Raining hard all day.

April 20.

Horses disparared last night. 37 in all. nearly all of our and some of peones. Eduardo went after them and found them along fence of the Rabon. Reached home at last. Got cart out all right, after unloading and breaking lassoes and mañadores. Locked cattle in horses corral and the wired in garden. Johnnie, Fredreks, Walker and Alfred taking turns to rondar out side of corral. Men stop on until corral is made and mark the calves. Have to get posts from old colonists corral east of poblacion. Butchered novillo

April 21 » 30

[No entries.]

May, 1884

Missing image

May 1 » 14

[No entries.]

May 15.

While the men were here we made the corral which took us four days. Heraldo and Jose sanjeared and put the posts while Dionisio carted posts from first colonists house toward east, and in the pila around the house. One of the men pastoreared cattle with their own horses, for six days at $B1.50 per day. The day we finished the corral the troperos of Santa Rosa locked a tropa of novillos in our horses corral on their way to Reconquista. On the 27th of April we marked our calves as Don Benito came the day before with some soldiers, also their cart from Reconquista with a couple of soldiers more. Marked one point in big corral, and when they were marked, put other point in small corral. Heraldo and José on horse back and the rest on foot. Marked 205 calves. Don Benito and the men went back to San Pedro in the afternoon as it was too hot to run with the dogs. Next day counted cattle in corral 751 without the eight oxen. We had butchered 9 on the road up and here So we are just 28 short. All the men left today (Apr. 28) Heraldo looks for lost cattle towards Freires camp near Zarate where we had the desperada. Walker, Fredricks, Johnnie and Alfred were quite alone for 7 days, until Perico Pareira and Anastasio Rose came from Reconquista to work for us. Perico to take care of cattle @ $B15 a month (at the rate of 80¢ nac to the Bolivian dollar) and Anastasio to help build etc at $B18.00 the month. Perico began work May 4. and Anastio May 5. On May 5 we began hauling timbers from a colonists tapera in the Rinconada of the Espin. The tapera is in a good state of preservation and the timbers will reach for our house. Made one trip a day until today. Johnnie and Alfred taking turns to go with the man over there. Had made a contract with a man from San Martín (Pedro Oviedo [or Guido?]) to cut pacha for us at the Espin river near the pass at $B3.00 the 100 bundles. He cut 600 bundles and we received them yesterday. Hauled the first load of pacha today (200 bundes.) We have on hand now the orkonos for the house, tijeras, cumbreras, cañas, and about ½ enough posts for sides. We have not butchered since we marked the calves (Apr 27). Live on gama meat the dogs catch, or Walker, Johnnie or Fredricks shoot. Have already over 40 gama skins, 2 aguara, 2 pig, and a guasuncho. We had put the tent that was over Castilla cart up, and have our goods under shelter. We had a good deal of wet weather later part of last night and the corral is just about getting dry now. Fredricks or Walker generally cook Puchero, Gisado, asado, head cheese, rice, etc. All are enjoying good health and Wishing house was done so we could get under shelter. Cattle are doing first rate and seem to be getting fat already. The black ox died soon after we arrived also 2 very fat vaquillones. Guess the black ox was sick before we left home. We aprovochared the fat from the two vaquillones. The two chasquis from Reconquista to San Pedro passed today. Indications are that we will have more rain soon, as it is cloudy and very hot.

May 16.

Alfred, Johnnie and peon went to pass and got 200 bundles of pacha. Grey hounds caught a deer and an ostrich. Johnnie killed two foxes. Fredricks a deer. South wind nice and cool

May 18

Sunday __ Johnnie and Perico our camp peon, went out shooting and killed an awful fat bogual, and caught a live one, and left him tied up to a tree until tomorrow (wounded). Brought all the fat and the best meat home. Alfred took the dogs out for a run and caught two ostrich and three gamas.

May 17. (the skipped day)

Alfred and the cart went to the pass and brought last load of paja Walker shot a gama

May 19

Alfred, Fredricks, Walker and Perico took our tropilla of horses and went to where we left the bogual tied up yesterday, but found him dead from his wound. Brought the fat home. Looked for some more, but could find none. Let some fat of the first one out; filled one demijohn, and had nothing more to put it into. Nice cool weather. Cattle looking better every day. They scatter out better in the day time and come up to the corral better in the night time. Horses also in good condition and the oxen wild.

May 20

Two chasquis from San Pedro and some colonists (Setut) from the Commandantes passed and had breakfast here on the way to Reconquista. Alfred went with Anastasio and got another load of posts for house. Let out the rest of potro fat.

May 21.

Johnnie went with cart and got another load of timber took shot gun along and shot some martinetes and a ciervo. Laid out plan of house; it is to have two rooms each five yards by six and a veranda 3 yds broad in front.

May 22.

Alfred went with cart and got more timber. Heavy frost this morning, but day nice and warm.

May 23.

Johnnie went with cart. Put up all orkonos for house.

May 24

Alfred went with cart and got last load of timber for house. Set fire to the plowed land so as to begin to plow soon. Also set fire to the cañada on the other side of the laguna, to see if any bichos would come out. Put up the two big cumbreras on house. Chasquis came from Reconquista to San Pedro.

May 25.

Alfred and Anastasio went out to run with the dogs and caught three gamas. Gipsy the bitch over exerted herself and died. A great shame, as we would rather have lost two of our best horses. The colonists came back from Reconquista and brought us two arrobas of corn meal @ 6 r. la ar. also brought us some mercurio to cure animals. Fredricks and Johnnie left at noon to go to the Espin arroya: they are going to camp out all night.

May 26.

Fredricks horse got loose last night, and Johnnie had to come back and get it, Did not shoot any thing. Put up cumbreros on house. Cattle looking splendid.

May 27.

Put the tijeras up. One of the cumbreros broke and had to make another. A bad job as the ax is all broke out and the adze is not worth a damn. Cleaning up around the place, and mended up the trancos and made them lockable. Put posts with iron bars in the gap in the corral. Two Moores and an English boy (Jack Heart) came They were much surprised to find the place occuppied

May 28.

Alfred and the two Moores went out for a run with dogs and caught 2 gamas. Johnnie and peon worked all day and tied canes on roof. The men that cut pacha came back and brought us from San Martin 6 arrobas of flour, some onions, soft corn and zapallos. Very foggy all day, had the man with horses nearly all day.

May 29.

Walker, Alfred and Anastasio began thatching the house today. The Moores left for Pajaro Blanco again today, as the men they expected to meet did not turn up. Johnnie went and shot a gama.

May 30. 1884.

Chasquis passed to Reconquista. Gave our peon Anastasio permission to go with them. Gave him $N10.00 and $N2.00 to buy a new axe with (P.S. which he never got for us). Alfred and Walker thatching. Fredericks went out shooting all day and did not get any thing. Very nice weather: cool south wind.

May 31.

Alfred, Walker and Perico thatching. Johnnie went out before sunrise and caught 2 gama with tigre. Johnnie went to the Espin pass and received 200 bundles of pacha and ordered 400 bundles more. Paid them $N11.30. Mr. Harmon, Ricketts, and two other Englishmen (Cotherington & Stevens) arrived in the evening with a carriage and two horse wagons and three tents and all armed to the teeth. They are going to see the Murrietta camps and try to find a pass to the Parana to build a rail road to. They are going to stop several days here. Sat up with them until nearly midnight, singing to the banjo and drinking Scotch whisky.

June, 1884

Missing image

June 1.

Sunday. Gave Perico permission to go hunting, and he killed an aguara. Had supper with the English fellows, sat till midnight had a bully time. Alfred caught 4 gama with the dogs.

June 2.

Alfred, Walker, and Perico thatching. Alfred went to the pass and brought up a lot of canes for house on horse back. Johnnie taking care of cattle and horses. Chasquis came back from Reconquista, but our peon did not turn up. Very cloudy and sultry.

June 3.

Missing image

F.C. Harmon

3 June '84

Alfred went to Pajaro Blanco for Mr. Harmon to bring Mr Brown. He took one of their peons with him. Tigre caught 2 gamas. The English all went out hunting, but did not shoot any thing. Perico finished all the Paja.

June 4.

Cloudy weather, looks rainy. Johnnie and two Englishmen went out running deer: Tigre caught four.

June 5.

Sold a novillo to the Englishmen for 12 nac cuero vuelto. Alfred came back from Pajaro Blanco bringing Brown, Richard Morgan, Joe Moore and Jack Heart along. Luciano Leiva and another gentleman stop all night on their way to Reconquista.

June 6.

All the people left today for Malabrigo. They hired Jose Moore as vaqueano. Brown and Morgan left for Alexandria

June 7.

The bulls killed a little white milch cow: broke its leg. Only one milch cow left now. San Pedro cart came late in the evening for Reconquista.

June 8.

Johnnie went out hunting this morning early but shot nothing as it began raining. rained hard all afternoon; thought the strong south wind would blow the house down. Very cold in the night. Walker very lame, Madrina jumped on his toe.

June 9.

Alfred and Perico put up some of the walls. Johnnie took care of the cattle. Fredricks went out shooting.

June 10

Alfred went down to pass and received and paid for four hundred bundles of pacha $N7.75. [inserted below: 387 ] Johnnie and Perico putting up the door frames and walls. Benito Ramayon and family called at noon on their way to Reconquista. Took the alasan  along Alfred gave him. Encargared some things. Anastasio came back and brought his wife along. Cold disagreeable day.

June 11.

Johnnie and tigre killed and brought home 3 gama. Perico stopped work today. A male calf marked died today; was sick along time. Hired Anastasio's wife, begins today @ 5.00 pat a month. does washing cooking and maid of all work. Did some work on house and got the cart and cojuntas ready for tomorrow. Fredricks went out shooting and got nothing. South wind, nice and agreeable.

June 12.

Alfred and peon took cart and brought up 300 bundles of pacha and some canes they cut. Fredricks and Perico went off for a couple of days shoot. Johnnie finished cilinder of well. Tigre caught an ostrich.

June 13.

Alfred and peon brought up 300 bundles of pacha and a lot of more canes. The weather cold and south wind. Fredricks and Perico came back: they brought one of Moore's horses back, which they boleared in monte.

June 14.

Perico went out and brought Moore's other horse which he could not catch yesterday. He also killed a big ciervo. Johnnie and peon brought a big load of fire wood. A small calf died, from being apretared the other night when the cattle desperared.

June 15. 1884.

Walker, Johnnie, Perico and Anastasio went bagual hunting but could not find any. Perico killed a big aguara and Anastasio an ant bear.

June 16.

Alfred and Anastasio thatched all day until there was no more dry paja. Soldiers came back from Reconquista with cart and brought us a bag of maiz.

June 17.

Thatched a little this forenoon and then got the mud ready for tomorrow. Got also the walls ready by tying sticks and canes across. Walker shot two gamas. Paid off Perico $N14.40

June 18

Fredricks took care of cattle and horses and all hands revokaring house: finished half south wall. Frost in the morning.

June 19.

Finished other half of south wall. The mornings are cold but the days are nice and warm.

June 20.

Johnnie and Walker began building fire place in east room against middle wall. Anastasio busy thatching. Alfred caught and brought home four gamas. Fredricks sick with bad cold. Don Benito came back from Reconquista he brought us 1 ar. corn flour. 3 empty kerosene cans. some small cigars, and a lot of letter paper.

June 21.

Don Benito and Johnnie took dogs for a run and caught 3 gamas.

June 22.

Don Benito left at noon. Alfred went with him as far as paso, and killed a gama and brought home a very fat carpincho he killed.

June 23. 1884.

Alfred and Anastasio thatching. Johnnie and Walker building fire place. Don Emelio Coupilio Samuel Sager. Lorenzo Duran and Lucas Tortello had breakfast on their way to Jobsons. Alfred caught 3 gamas with dogs. An awful cold black frosty day.

June 24.

The people that came past yesterday passed again today on their way to Malabrigo. Man thatching Walker and Johnnie building fire place.

June 25.

Johnnie took pack mule and shot and killed brought home 8 gamas. Man thatching.

June 26.

Walker and Johnnie finished fire place; we also finished thatching.

June 27.

Frosty this morning and cloudy during after part of day.

June 28.

Walker, Alfred and Anastasio got a big cart load of wood from a tapera on the other side. Dug up pisadero and prepared it for monday. Johnnie chased and caught a big aguara that came by.

June 29.

Sunday. Alfred and peon went out running with dogs and caught 3 gamas and a guasuncho. Johnnie killed a gama and a fox.

June 30.

Chasquis came by bringing a letter recalling one of us home immediately as Herman is sick. also some papers. paid Anastasio 2 pats.

1884 - QUARTER 3

July, 1884

Missing image

Found a small calf dead in the cañada been dead a long while. Embarared the east side of house. Pisared the mud with the saino mare Jose (mala) left here

July 2.

Rebocared the west side of house and prepared mud for tomorrow

July 3.

Finished the west side and did part of the front. Fredricks went out shooting.

July 4.

Raised the flag. Fredricks, Alfred and Walker went out shooting and brought home 4 deer.

July 5.

Johnnie and Anastasio went out hunting and stop the night. Alfreds big revolver bust. Rained this evening hard.

July 6.

Johnnie and Anastasio came back 9 o'clock tonight they were on the other side of the Espin, and brought most of the meat and all the fat of a bagual they killed on the other side. of also a very fat ostrich and 2 tremendous big pig skins: one is 8 quartas long. They report a tremendous lot of boguales on the other side.

July 7.

Fredricks left today for down south by way of Alexandria colony: comes back in a month or so. He rode the two horses Moore lost here. on one of them he put the skins he takes down 4 aguaras, 1 ant bear, and guasuncho. Walker and Alfred saw him as far as Saladillo paso where he got a good ducking and every thing wet. S. H. K. Very damp misty weather. Cook woman busy letting out fat of bogual. 1¼ kerosene can full. Cattle cleared out of corral tonight into camp but did not go far.

July 8

This morning Johnnie started for Estancia La California; on the two mules, as on the 30th we had a letter recalling one of us. Johnnie also took the Commandante a present of a galgo. Walker goes as far as San Pedro on a pasea. Alfred and Anastasio stop all alone. Beautiful cool weather.

July 9. 1884.

A tropa of about 450 novillos from La Rosa to Reconquista passed here this morning. They gave us about an arroba of fat from an animal from an animal they killed last night which let out made 4 doz candles. Filled up between sticks of wall so as to revocar. Johnnie and Walker came back from San Pedro this evening, as there was a letter from home saying that Johnnie should not come down as Herman was much better. Looks rainy. Cattle wont stop in corral any more.

July 10.

Anastasio filled pisadero with mud so as to pisas with old yegua. Chasques passed on way to Reconquista. Alfred went to look for 3 cows Johnnie and Walker had seen on other side of Espin, but could not find them. Put cattle on rodeo in front of corral this evening.

July 11.

Revockared the front of house today. Anastasio and Alfred mudding and Johnnie and Walker carrying mud. Alfred caught a very fat gama with tigre.

July 12.

Finished mudding in front of house today. Tigre caught a gama this morning. Fine weather.

July 13.

Sunday. Johnnie shot 7 martinetes and 8 ducks today. Alfred caught 2 gamas with dogs. Fine day. Troperas from Reconquista stop the night on their way to La Rosa.

July 14.

Began revocaring on partition between the two rooms. Caught 1 gama. Chasques passed to San Pedro. Fine weather.

July 15.

Finished revocaring this morning early. Don Benito in the cart with two peones and his two indian boys came this aforenoon and stops the night. This afternoon we tried to encercar a big macho ñandu on the other side of the laguna unsuccessfully. Getting warm. Anastasio began new month today. been here already two months.

July 16.

Caught 2 gamas today. Fixing up the house. eat off plates today for 1st time for 3½ months. Ox cart from San Pedro to Reconquista stops the night. Lent one of the soldiers the alasan mestizo to go to San Pedro for some thing he had forgotten.

July 17.

Alfred and Anastasio went over to house with gum trees to dig out the corral to bring over to fix ours up with. Killed 3 gamas over there. A very hot day. Cattle give us no trouble now any more. Fixed cart up.

July 18.

Alfred and Anastasio went over to other side and brought over a load of fire wood. left cart stuck in cañada. Also yanked out ½ side of the corral over there, with a yoke of oxen. Cotherington in behalf of Murrietta expedition came back from Reconquista, on the way to Ñanducitas, with carriage and two carts. Stops here all night. Had supper with us, and afterwards had music, accordeon banjo and bottle and spoon. Walker was out hunting today.

July 19.

Johnnie was out hunting today and killed a pig. The expedition left this morning for San Pedro. Got the cart out of the cañada this morning. Anastasio sick rest of day.

July 20.

Johnnie caught 2 gamas with Tigre this morning. Alfred went hunting on Toba and caught killed 4 carpinchos, eat one con cuero this evening. Anastasio was hunting in bañado and saw some strangers hunting in distance. It was a very hot day, north wind.

July 21.

A very strong south wind blew all day; which pretty well prevented all work. Anastasio skinned the carpinchos this morning. Caught the first fish in laguna today: 5 bagre and dientudos. The capataz of troperos of La Rosa stops the night on his way to Reconquista.

July 22.

Alfred and Anastasio went to other side to Leichtes and got a load of 25 posts, and left the cart stuck in cañada. Dogs caught 3 gamas and 1 mulita. It was a coldish day. Johnnie killed some martinetes.

July 23.

There was a very heavy fog this morning. Got the empantanared cart out of cañada this morning. Walker was out hunting today.

July 24.

Alfred campiared the bayo rengo ox and 4 bulls that are missing along the Espin but could not find them. Anastasio spaded ground in one of taperas to make a garden. The tropero from La Rosa passed on his way back from Reconquista. It was a hot windy day.

July 25.

Johnnie campiared the bulls to the westward on the Espin but could not find them; guess they have gone to San Pedro. Walker revockared the chimney. Planted onion, lettuce, cabbage, and tomatoe seed. It was a hot day with north wind.

July 26.

Johnnie campiared the bulls on the other side of the Espin but could not find them. Alfred in trying to catch the wild alasan, broke the lasso and nearly put his eye out. laid up by it. Anastasio ditching for corral. It was a windy day.

July 27.

Sunday. Walker and Anastasio went hunting on other side of Espin and killed an aguara. Saw plenty of bogual tracks. Cart from San Pedro back from Reconquista stops the night. The bulls we had been campiaring came back for water today. They having been in the strip of monte twixt here and Espin.

July 28.

Walker finished revocaring chimney with Anastasio. Looks rainy; want it badly as it is very dry.

July 29.

Anastasio ditching for corral. Johnnie caught an aguaras this evening.

July 30.

Chasques passed on way to Reconquista. Alfred caught 2 gamas with dogs. his eye very bad yet.

July 31.

Anastasio ditching yet. he speared some savallas this afternoon. Bayo ox died.

August, 1884

Missing image

Aug. 1.

Johnnie caught a gama this morning. Anastasio finished ditch for corral.

August 2.

Anastasio pulled down the old adobe walls back of the house, so as to make room for a garden. A norwegian peon that with the expedition of Murriettas to Nanducitas stops the night on his way to Malabrigo. Johnnie caught a gama this morning. It was a very hot day.

August 3.

Sunday. Johnnie and Anastasio stopping went hunting to the west of the Espin and stop the night. It was a very hot sultry day.

August 4.

Alfred caught a venado setobado this morning. Don Benito and family passed today from Reconquista to San Pedro with family, had breakfast here. They brought an ax, cigars, and a sencerro for Walker. Paid Don Benito's bill $B3.00 Johnnie and Anastasio came back this evening from the west: killed 2 ciervos, 4 charybonos, and 2 fat gamas, and saw some boguales.

August 5.

Nothing doing much except staking skins out and taking the castilla apart so as to make a new axle. Cow died

August 6

Alfred and Anastasio went to the monte and cut a quebracho blanco tree to make a new axle for cart.

August 7.

Johnnie and Anastasio working on axle. Johnnie killed a very fat possum in old rastrojo, and Walker caught a lot of fish. Nice cool weather.

August 8.

Finished the axle today.

August 9.

Put the cart together again today, and collared a big red novillo to an ox to tame. Alfreds eye very bad yet. Strong north wind blowing. Cattle doing well.

August 10.

Walker caught fish. Cattle all right. Very hot.

August 11.

Chasques on way to Reconquista. Four Italians from Pajaro Blanco came this afternoon and stop the night. Want to rent monte to chop posts. Report having seen cattle tracks along Saladilla. Yoked up novillo today around the place: pulls first rate. Dogs caught 2 gamas.

August 12, 1884.

Yoked in novillo again today several times. Very hot weather. Caught 2 gamas today. Basco alambrador from Reconquista to San Pedro stopping the night. Very hot today.

August 13.

Walker went to San Pedro today, on a pasear and to get soap. Hauled some posts left formerly encajada in cañada to the corral.

August 14.

Alfred and Anastasio went to monte and cut some thin quebrachos for trancas. Johnnie and dogs caught a big macho ñandu. A rezero and peon came this evening. wants to buy rezes for Santa Fé. believe his name is Godoy. offers 14½ nac. for fat 3 yr. old novillos and cows. Goes tomorrow to the Quebrachitas.

August 15.

Alfred and Anastasio went and got 8 trancas cut yesterday in monte. Heavy fog this morning. Lent rezero the little picasito to go to the Quebrachitas with. Dogs caught a venado.

August 16.

The rezero came back last night about 10 o'clock from the Quebrachitas. Guess they had nothing to eat all day. Anastasio labrared the trancos today. Chasques passed from Reconquista to San Pedro. Dogs caught 2 gamas. Very hot today.

August 17.

Sunday. Alfred and Anastasio went hunting on Toba and killed a ciervo, carpincho, and a water snake about 3 yds long. Heavy fog this morning, but the weather has got cool again. Walker came back from San Pedro today, bringing Galvan along who stops with Johnnie, while he and Alfred go to Alexandria with ox cart.

August 18.

Anastasio started for Alexandria with ox cart, this morning, with Alfred and Walker. Walker goes to Cañada de Gomez for a month or so. It was a cool day and looks drizzly.

August 19.

Anastasio came back today from the paso, looking for the oxen which escaped him there; left the cart stuck in river. Drizzled some today. Dogs chased some animal last night, a lion or tiger by the tracks we saw today.

August 20.

Cart from San Pedro came today and stops the night on the way to Reconquista. They brought the canoe along from San Pedro and left it in the Espin for us.

August 21.

Caught a gama

August 22.

[No entry.]

August 23.

Cart and Alfred came back from Alexandria today. Brought: 2 boards, a shelf arrangement. a small canoe which was given us by Ruiz. 2 ar. rice. 8 ar. maiz. 4 ar. flour. bag of lime. an empty barrel. 5 chickens and plenty of reading material. Spent $n47.00 over there. Sold 8 hides $m/n21.20 (look in note book) Could not sell gama skins, so we brought them back. Brought a boy named Manuel along. An Italian Correntino. Alfred found a nest of 26 ostrich eggs.

August 24.

Sunday. Anastasio and wife left today for Reconquista on a pasear. Reglared up to date. Paid him $m/n36.00. Lent him the saina mare to go on. Galvan also left again for San Pedro. Paid him $m/n3.00 for stopping with Johnnie, also a good knife Alfred brought from Pajaro Blanco. Manuel cooking. Looks very much like a tormento.

August 25.

Johnnie went hunting and killed an aguaras. Manuel cooking. It was a windy coldish day.

August 26, 1884.

Alfred went hunting in bañado towards Pajaro Blanco and killed a ciervo. A very hot day. A torito died. guess from some cornaso.

August 27.

Johnnie and the boy went hunting and found 3 horses in monte towards north ward. one is a big saino orecho volteado. a dordilla and a coloradito. One had a bosal and mañadorcita The cart from Reconquista to San Pedro stops the night. It was a hot cloudy day.

August 28.

Alfred went hunting on Toba today but shot nothing. Dogs caught 4 gamas today. Hot day.

August 29.

Johnnie and the boy took the canoe Ramayon sent us, from the paso to the Carpincho place. A toro 3 yrs died. guess from some cornasa.

August 30.

Jobson and Agustin came today on a pasear. stop until tomorrow. Ramayon and twelve men also came this afternoon, boleando: they stop the night and capar our bulls tomorrow. Butchered a mocho novillo this afternoon; 1st novillo butchered since marcacion. Apr. 27. It was a very hot day.

August 31.

We tried to lock the cattle into the horse corral this morning to capar the bulls, but as they would not go in, we capared on rodeo. We capared about 30. We mounted the men. about 14. We capared the largest ugly bulls. Jobson and Agustin left after breakfast. Ramayon and his men went boleando in the rinconada, and sleep on the other side of the Espin. Alfred accompañared them as far as the arroya. A commandante Rivas of Belgrano with 3 soldieers came this evening and stops the night. They left a cart stuck in the arroya Espin_

Missing image

Antonio Rivas - Teniente Coronel

September, 1884

Missing image

Sept 1, 1884.

We had a tormento last night and it rained quite hard, much needed as it was very dry. Cattle cleared up north with Tormento, found them near paso Marianne. Lent Commandante Rivas 4 oxen to pull his cart out of the arroya as he only has novillas. He stops the night again.

September 2.

Cte Rivas left at noon for Reconquista. Lent him 4 oxen to go as far as Paso Mariano, also gave him a shoulder of beef. Cacique Mariano José Domingo and another indian passed this afternoon to San Martin: just back from reducing indians near Vermejo. It was a beautiful day. grass growing fast.

September 3.

Johnnie and the boy went hunting up in the bogual monte, and killed an ant bear and caught its young one alive. Cart from San Pedro to Reconquista stops the night. It was a warm day.

September 4.

Alfred went up towards paso Mariano, recorriendo and found 17 ostrich eggs. A storm passed over today, but did not rain.

September 5.

Johnnie making wire netting doors for house. Caught a venado with dogs. 3 soldiers from Reconquista to Belgrano stop the night. Cte Rivas tooke our 4 oxen to Reconquista, instead of to Paso Mariano as we had lent him. It was a hot day, with a strong north wind, and looks as if we were going to have a storm.

September 6.

Alfred went hunting in monte and bañado and killed a pig. The surveyor Bayonne with 2 carts, a dozen men and 45 horses turned up this evening and stop the night. They go out to survey Galvez and Aruffos camp which they attempted some time ago but failed on account of wet weather. Gregorio Torres and Escorchofica are our linderos also

Sept. 7, 1884

Sunday. Bayonne left this morning northward.

September 8

It rained a lot last night, and today it drizzled also. Transplanted lettuce and tomatoe plants. Caught a venado.

September 9.

Cattle a long way off this morning. Caught a venado. Cold and drizzly. The horses this evening as Johnnie was about to lock them in the corral cleared out: too dark to follow them up.

September 10.

Found part of Walkers tropilla close (6) and Braunlie and rest of them (31) cleared over Paso Espin. Alfred followed them up, but has not come back today yet. A very cold morning. The cart from San Pedro and the one from Belgrano, from Reconquista, stop the night; brought our 4 oxen back. Tied up a couple of cows to tame.

September 11.

Alfred came back from San Pedro with the horses. Brought an indian boy from Ramayons along to help drive the horses. Found them in Jobson's rinconada. Dick Morgan and young Moore came this morning and stop the night. Brought a galgo bitch to get lined (whisky) It was a very fine day.

September 12.

Morgan and Moore left again this afternoon, leaving the bitch here. It was a beautiful day.

September 13.

Johnnie went hunting on west of Espin with Manuel and killed 3 fat pigs. Bayonne and his men came back from surveying and passed on to San Pedro. Also 2 San Martin indians were here this afternoon; they are cutting 2500 bundles of paja for the Commandante and Virasoro at the Espin

Sept 14, 1884.

Alfred went to the cañaveral where the indians are camped and then around to the monte. There are about a dozen indians and 7 or 8 women and lots of children. It was a beautiful cool day. We milk two cows now. There are about a dozen calves among the cattle now.

September 15.

Caught a gama. It was a hot day and looks rainy.

September 16.

Johnnie had locked about a dozen bulls in the corral with a vaquillona in heat and we capared them. Johnnie, Alfred and the boy Manuel are alone here as Anastasio does not seem to care about coming back again.

September 17.

Alfred and Manuel took the small canoe in the cart to the Toba today in a good place for carpincho hunting.

September 18.

Johnnie went hunting in the canoe today on the Toba and killed a carpincho. Brought up the overa mocha to tame. It was a very hot day and looks like rain.

September 19.

Cattle went as far as paso Mariano during the night. Johnnie found a point of about 35 there this evening. Galgos caught 2 gamas today

September 20.

Alfred went up to Larguias place to look for a peon and for a pasea. Brought up another wild cow to tame. Cart from San Pedro on the way to Reconquista stops the night. It was a hot day and looks tormentoish.

September 21.

Alfred came back today from Larguias and the Quebrachitas. Whisky who followed him nearly died of the heat. Cacique Valentin and 8 or 10 indians paid us a visit this afternoon. they liked the caña and gave Valter a pointer dog. It was a hot day with a strong north wind.

September 22.

[No entry.]

September 23.

Three soldiers from San Pedro were here today and brought mail; they also brought an order from Ramayon to the indians to cut paja and leave for the costa within 6 days. Valentin and Valter were here also

September 24.

Johnnie and Valentin and 7 or 8 indians went bagual hunting today and stop out 3 or 4 days on other side of Espin. Lent 2 horses to the indians. Drizzly and cold weather.

September 25.

Caught a venado with the dogs. Galvan (Chasqui) from Reconquista to San Pedro came this evening and stops the night: says that soldiers from San Pedro have to leave in order to join a big expedition in the chaco. Alfred and Manuel alone here. Cool weather.

September 26.

Johnnie came back from bagual hunting with one indian. They were unsuccesful. The rest of the indians stop out at the Espin over night.

September 27.

Alfred went carpincho hunting on the Toba and killed 3. Soldiers from San Pedro to Reconquista passed this afternoon with families. They were in search of two of Valentin's indians but could not find them. It was a pleasant day and looks rainy again.

September 28

Sunday. Caught a gama. It was a wet drizzly day. Indians moved their camp from Espin paso to the Caraguatay. Cacique Valentin was here and made us a present of an earthen ware jug of their own manufacture.

Sept 29, 1884.

Alfred and the boy (Manuel) went to the monte and brought a load of firewood, with carretta. Loaded it so trasera that it lifted pertico bullocks in the air. Stick out

Pepe Virasoro stops the night here with a tropa of 200 novillos for the proveduria of Reconquista. Johnnie caught a gama with the dogs. a drizzly morning but the afternoon turned out fine.

September 30

Alfred went to Valentins tolderia on the Caraguaty today and killed a pig. They gave him two young aguara skins. It was a beautiful day. Johnnie caught a gama with dogs.

1884 - QUARTER 4

October, 1884

Missing image

Oct. 1.

Johnnie went on a bagual hunt on other side of Espin and killed a ciervo, an enormous wild pig and a gama. It was a very hot day.


Three carts came from Larguias today to take away bricks for brocaling a well.  Alfred campiared a missing bull along the Toba. The cart of San Pedro from Reconquista stops the night.  Took a pan of sugar as a loan. It was a pleasant day.

— 3. —

Johnnie went bugual hunting on other side of Espin and killed 2 guasunchas, and a venado. Sent Manuel, with the indian boy, who goes with Ramayons cart as the peon that came from Reconquista had to go back from here, to San Pedro.  Also sent our gama skins to Benjamin's in Ramayon's cart.  168 skins.  He pays us 2 rls. bol. a skin. they broke our cart at the paso Espin and so we lent them our castilla.

— 4 —

Alfred went bogual hunting on other side of Espin, but only succeeded in breaking a cohudos hide leg and he got away. Some more San Martin indians were here who go to nutriar on Caraguaty. It was a pleasant day.

- 5 -

Sunday. Did not do much today. Cattle looking well.


Alfred went hunting on Toba and brought a young ciervo and a young lion the indians gave him.  Herman and Walker arrived today with Pepe Virasoro and his jente from Reconquista from where Virasoro brought them on his horses on his way to his place 'La Sin Nombre'. Walker and Herman came by way of Goya from Rosario. It was a hot day.


Johnnie and Herman went bagual hunting on other side of Espin and stop out all night.  Walker Alfred and the boy are here alone.


Johnnie and Herman came back from bagual hunting this afternoon.  Killed two, and brought all the fat, and the manta of but one. We let out the fat this afternoon 1½ kerosene cans fulls.  It was a warm day.

— 9 —

Two indians came from their camp on Caraguaty and brought us 4 doz nutria skins @ 12 r. the dozen.  They move their camp tomorrow across the Caraguaty. Ramayon sends our cart back with old Bienavidas who we hire.  He comes with his family. He also sent us an arroba of sugar from Benjamins pulperia.


Bienavidas begins work today. He earns 20 bolivianos a month. and his wife has to cook, wash and milk. We put the cattle on rodeo and parted out 27 bulls which we locked in the corral and capared this afternoon. It was a very windy day.

Oct 11. 1884.

We parted out 31 bulls from rodeo and capared them in corral; finished about all the bulls.  Making about 108 bulls capared up here.  Cut up a hide this afternoon and made 6 cojuntas and a dorsal for the pertigo.  It was a cloudy day and this afternoon it drizzled some.

— 13. —

Sunday. Herman and Walker went to San Pedro today on a pasear. and Walker on some monetary business.  Bienavidas sobaring cojuntas and reglaring cart for hauling.  Indian boy of San Pedro passed on way to Reconquista as chasqui  beam

— 12 —

Sunday. Ramayon sent peon with correspondencia today. Herman went hunting in monte.  Caught 2 gamas with dogs.


Hauled a load of posts (25) over from tapera (eucaliptus) to fence in garden back of the house.  It was a pleasant day.


Hauled over a load of 25 posts for corral today, Bienavidas digging post holes for garden.  Johnnie caught 3 gamas with dogs. Camp getting very dry now.


Hauled over another load of 20 posts today.  It was a very hot day and looks like rain, which is needed very much. Man finished digging post holes for garden.  Herman came back from San Pedro leaving Walker there.


This morning we had a storm and it rained nearly day.  Caught 2 gamas with dogs, 2 Chasquis from Reconquista to San Pedro came in the night and left just berfore storm.  It was a

Oct. 18. 1884.

It was a beautiful warm day, just the sort to make grass grow.  Spading round ground back of house to make garden.  Caught a gama with dogs.


Sunday. Dogs caught a very fat gama today. Johnnie left for Estancia “La California” today.  on the two mules which are pig fat.  He will come back in the fall very likely with more cattle.  Alfred, Herman, Manuel, and Bienavidas and familie here now.  The cattle are looking well and getting fat fast. One of the bulls capared the other day died, very likely the effects of the rain.  It was a warm beautiful spring day.

— 20 —

Herman and Juan plowing: began today. 2 Chasques from San Pedro to Reconquista passed today.  Two men and a woman stop the night on the way to Valentins tolderia. Walker came this evening from San Pedro where he had been for last week.  It was a splendid day.


Herman and Juan plowing.  Fine day, and looks like rain.


Herman and the man plowing.  Dogs caught 2 gamas today. Alfred and Walker went along the monte north east from here and killed a pig and a gama.  It was a beautiful day.


Dogs caught 5 gamas today.  Herman went hunting up the Espin.  Man digging around the garden etc.  It was a very hot day.


Man spading round garden.  Two carts came this evening from San Pedro on way to Reconquista.  Our castilla goes along.  Manuel picando.  It was a stormy day but did not rain.

Oct 25, 1884.

The carts left this day break for Reconquista. and Walker and Alfred later on, to lay in stock of provisions and to bring down Herman's and Walkers things up there yet. It was a fine day.

— 26 —

We took the dogs this morning and caught 3 deers. Planted posts around the garden and bored holes to put wire through for fence.

— 27—

This morning it was fine morning for the dogs to run. Caught 3 deers and 2 venado. Herman owes Walker $n8.72.

Oct. 28 » 29

[No entries.]


3 carts from Larguia's came yesterday to take away bricks for brocaling a well, but told them to wait until Alfred comes back. Alfred and Walker came back from Reconquista today; the carts come tomorrow. Alfred bought goods borrowing 30 nac. from Walker, and buy 4 quintals of no. 7 $21.00. wire on credit from Palacios. Sold 4 hides @ $n3.70 la pesada. = $n11.33. Bought kerosene $n1.70. vinagre .60¢ aceite 50¢ maiz 2.14 pava .50 encargoes from peon 7.85 alpergatas 2.00 cigar 1.25 caña 1.70 flour 5.00 asucar 5.40 arroz 4.80 (alambre 21.00 credit) coffee 1.80 Barber, cig. drinks .60¢. ariador & bolas .90¢ Manuel 2.50 2 brooms .60 certificate hides .40 boots mended 1.70 2 rubber tits & pills .60¢ canes .20¢ ax mended .40¢ hotel bill 6.60.  He had taken $n12.00 from here.


Caught 2 gamas this morning with dogs. Juan and Herman cut canes today to put around garden fence back of house.  Cart came back from Reconquista today in company of San Pedro carts.  Lost an ox at arroya Malabrigo.

November, 1884

Missing image

Nov 1 1884.

Unpacked carts this morning and arranged load in house.  Caught 2 gamas.  Arreglared cart this afternoon. Windy dry day.

— 2 —

Sunday.  Caught a gama this morning.  Two men passing from Reconquista to San Martin were here today. (afterwards found to be deserters)  Herman shot a venado today and killed a wild cat in monte.  Walker went to San Pedro this afternoon.  A very strong north wind blowing and camp looking very dry.

— 3 —

Juan left to look for the ox, Manuel lost at the arroya Malabrigo. Got the load of canes from caña veral; Manuel driving cart. It was a very hot day and this evening a storm came up but rained very little. One of the nutrieros was here gave 2 venado skins so far.  Whisky in heat. Tigre has her.

— 4 —

Dogs caught 3 gamas and a ñandu.  Preparing canes for garden fence.  Valentin and Sanches of the nutrieros were here today. gave them a venado skin and a bottle of caña. It was a cloudy day and looks rainy yet.


It rained some today in a drizzly manner. Caught a gama this morning near house. Juan came back this afernoon having found the ox on other side of the Malabrigo. Began tying on canes onto garden fence with potro hide.

— 6 —

Alfred, Manuel and Pedrito went to Valentin's tolderia near big laguna on Caraguata and were shown paso to Pajaro Blanco at northern point of ceibos. Were given 3 young lobos by San Javier indians also encamped at big laguna, also an aguara skin. Juan tying on canes on garden fence. It was a very hot day.

Nov. 7. 1884.

It rained some this morning, and this afternoon a very strong south wind came up.  A tropa of 200 novillos of Santa Rosa came this afternoon and lock in here tonight on way to Reconquista.  They brought the news that 30 horses were stolen from Jobson by indians.  They butchered a calf and gave us the bones.

— 8 —

Alfred killed an aguaras.  Juan and Herman went to other side and brought a load of fire wood.  Planted an arroba of potatoes in little garden (afterwards dried up with heat) and continued tying canes on.  An indian and wife from nutrieros were here this afternoon. It was a beautiful day.

— 9. —

Sunday.  Caught 2 gamas this morning. Herman and Manuel went hunting this morning in monte. Valentin and 2 other nutrieros were here today.  Walker came back from San Pedro today: brought letters and papers from home.  It was a warm day.


Sent Bienavidas to the nutrieros to see if he could find a peon to help Walker poblar.  Caught 2 gamas an ostrich and a mulita this morning. It was a pleasant day.  Finished tying canes on little garden fence. This evening two indians or boguals scared the cattle and came close to other side of cañada.  Walker, Herman and Alfred immediately saddled up to see what it was, but it got too dark to see anything.

— 11 —

Walker and Alfred went to the coast of the monte to the east to see if they could find out what disturbed the cattle last night, but could see no signs.  Walker shot 3 gamas over there.  Herman plowing.  It was a pleasant day.  The troperos of La Rosa came back from Reconquista today, and stop the night. Gave them 2 fox skins for Luciano Leiva.

Nov. 12.

Caught a gama with dogs.  Herman and Bienavidas plowing.  Sowed pop corn in garden back of the house.  A very hot day and looks stormy.

— 13 —

Herman and Bienavidas finished plowing today, a piece of ground 1½ squares long by 130 yds. broad.  It was a hot day.

— 14 —

Alfred went down to Virasoros today to get Napier to cover Spike with.  Herman caught 2 gamas with dogs.

— 15 —

Alfred came back from San Pedro bringing Napier.  The nutrieros have all come to go bogual running.  It was a cloudy day and looks rainy.  Also a cart came yesterday from San Martín bringing negocio for the paisanos, and is doing a good business in nutria skins.

— 16 —

Sunday.  It began raining this morning and rained nearly all forenoon.  A very good nice warm rain.  Caught 4 gama with dogs; gave two to the indians.  Gaspar Duran came this evening and stops the night.  He comes for 3 horses which Johnnie found in monte Aug 27.  Cow died, nutrieros took all the meat.

Nov. 17

[No entry.]

— 18 —

Start today to run boguales.  Alfred, Manuel (3 horses) Gaspar Duran, and all the indians (25) and 5 or 6 women.  Lent a horse also to Valentin Ramayon and some peones were here today after Alfred had left. wanted to join him in the run.

Nov. 19 » 26

[No entries.]

— 27 —

Came back from bogual running. Been gone 9 days. Brought back 4 boguales. and one horse of Jobsons mark. besides eating one mare and 5 potrillos.  They went as far as Calchaqui.  Herman was alarmed at Alfreds long absence, so he took 3 paisanos and looked for him and luckily found him next day after going out.

(26) When Ramayon came he sent chasqui on to Reconquista, and Herman sent Bienavidas along as far as paso thinking arroya was crecida.  Juan Larguia and Levy were here to survey their camp to fence it in.  Also Teniente Bienavidas was here with 3 soldiers on their way to San Pedro.  The indiado of San Javier 250 of them passed through the camp yesterday giving Walker and the chinaje of the toldos a good scare thinking they were wild indians.  Butchered a mocho novillo and gave half to the indians this morning, so as not to have them run in our camp.  Indians leave here in a day or two to go out to nutriar at monte aguara.  Pulperia cart here yet.  Cut hide to make dorsal with. Indian woman entregared quillapí of 16 nutria skins.  gave her 3 lbs sug 3 lbs. yerba for sobaring the skins and sewing them together. We had some very heavy rains for the last 8 day and both the Espin and Toba are crecida.

Nov. 28.

Teniente Bienavidas and 4 soldiers passed today for Reconquista.  Say that Espin is very crecida yet.  It was a very hot day.

— 29 —

Herman and old man digging out posts at tapera of Eucaliptus trees on other side.  Caught a gama this morning. It was a very hot day.


Sunday.  Alfred was down at Paso Espin and found it very crecida yet.  Indians here yet. Herman hunting in bañada.

December, 1884

Missing image

Dec. 1. 1884.

Herman and Juan digging out posts at tapera on other side.  Indians left today — they say to go to San Martín by the outside way, hunting downwards.  It was a hot day.  Gave them Napier and clums so as to get rid of them.

— 2 —

Ocampo and Pulperia cart left today for San Martín.  Manuel (the Italian boy) also left.  Gave him $10 bal. and his recado.  In running gamas today, Alfreds alasan rodared and then cleared dropping recado except sinch stirrups etc, and then took to the monte eastwards. Alfred and Juan looked for him all day but could find no trace of him. It was a vey hot day.  Fly dropped dead in the patio today from the heat.

— 3 —

Caught a gamita with dogs.  Alfred looked for the alasan all day in monte but in vain. Herman and Bienavidas brought over a load of posts from tapera for corral. Four soldiers passed to San Pedro today. It was a very hot day and looks stormy.

— 4. —

Caught a gama with dogs.  Herman and Juan brought over another load of posts for corral.  It was a very hot day and looks rainy.


Alfred and Walker went hunting on Caraguata for meat but were unsuccessful.  Peon of Larguia brought 2 bayo bitches to get covered by tigre.  It was an awful hot day and the air is full of tormento.


Dogs caught 2 gamas this morning early.  It began raining this morning early and rained a good deal today. Herman and Juan brought over a load of posts in rain.  Alfred making new saddle gear.  2 carts came from San Pedro on way to Reconquista.  Brought maid

Dec. 7. 1884

Sunday. Herman and old man went bagual hunting on other side of Espin.  Saw 3 cuadrillas but could shoot none.  Walker shot 3 gamas on other side of Espin.  Four novillos came today from southwards, very delgado — 2 have P. Virasoros mark  and two have a boot mark  We believe they are from Laguna Blanco and escaped in the storm yesterday.  It was a fine cool day.


Alfred looked for the alasan again all day.  Herman and Juan brought another load of posts over.  It was a warm day.


Alfred and Juan hauled another load of posts over.  A storm came up this morning and it rained a great deal today.  Walker went hunting with pack horse up in monte but got nothing but a wetting.


Missing image

German recipe
for salting beef

(note: charqui
is dried meat)

Butchered a novillo this morning and charquiared the b**idat [illegible] this afternoon.  Juan finished the lasso dorsida began some time ago.  Some of the San Javier indians were here today on their way in from outside.  Matia.  Teniente Cruz, Paolo and 2 more.  Gave them a shoulder of meat.  They told Alfred where there was a nice pair of ciervo horns on the Espin and this afternoon he went and got them.  It was a pleasant warm day.


Began pounding posts on corral; finished nearly a side. It was a very hot day.


Alfred and Juan brought over another load of posts this afternoon and set them up this afternoon.  The capataz (Amada) of Virasoro is here looking for work from Walker.  Alfreds picaso threw him off today, loosing stirrups and breaking reindas in desperando.  It was a very hot day.

Dec. 13. 1884.

Herman and Juan brought over another load of posts for corral.  Carts from San Pedro passed on way from Reconquista.  Brought us the yerba.  I sent $n5.00 to Palacios for — 43 lbs he sent.  Set posts in corral this afternoon.  It was a warm day.


Sunday.  A very hot day. Nothing particular going on.


Herman and Juan brought another over another load of posts.  It was a very hot day.


Juan digging out ditch for corral.  Walker shot 4 deer this morning.  Alfred went up to monte and saw cuadrillo of boguales. It was a very hot day and looks as if we were going to have a tormento.

— 17. —

It began raining this morning and continued until noon.  A surveyor named Mr. Wiggin came this morning from their camp on other side of Espin and stops the night.  He goes out to survey the Murrietta lands.  He has 1 horse and 2 ox carts and 12 men.

Missing image

Francisco Wiggin — business card


Sold Wiggin a novillo to butcher; (price not settled yet.) Alfred and Wiggin went to find the San Javier indians in bañada but could not find them.  Wiggin wanted to hire one as vaqueano.  Planted posts on corral today.  It was a pleasant day.


Sold Wiggin a fat old cow this morning (cuero vuelto) price not settled yet.  Planted posts this morning on corral.  Herman and Juan brought over a load of posts and firewood this afternoon.  It was a pleasant day.


Finished corral this morning. Chasqui came from Pajaro Blanco from Wallace to Walker inviting us over to Christmas.  So Walker left with Chasqui to Pajaro Blanco this afternoon.  Wiggin measured up to east (north)  mojon of Espin camp. It was a sultry day.


Sunday.  Herman went hunting and killed a gama.  Rec'd 33 nac. from Wiggin for novillo and old cow (cuero vuelto)

— 22. —

Wiggin and party left westward today leaving 20 oxen, 4 horses, 2 carts and a lot of stores until he comes back again.  It rained some this morning.  Alfred took a turn round south of arroya Espin and found a lechiguano.  Juan found 4 of surveyors horses lost yesterday.

— 23 —

Herman and Juan brought over a load of firewood today; afterwards Herman found another one of Wiggins horses along the arroya.  It was a warm day.

— 24 —

Alfred and Juan went to monte and began chopping timber for peon house.  Alfred shot a deer and Herman killed an aguara.  It was a hot day.

— 25. —

Christmas day.  Didnot know it was Christmas day until this afternoon.  Herman and Juan went to monte today and chopped some more timber for peon house.  It was a hot day.  Wrote letter to Johnnie.

— 26 —

Cured some animals today embechared, by cutting out track of Hoof.  (Juans remedio) Chasqui (Elario) from Reconquista to San Pedro passed today: lent him a horse as his mule was pretty tired.  Herman went hunting this afternoon (unsuccessful). Palenkeared a big colorado novillo this afternoon to tame in for an ox.  Alfred shot a gama today.  It was a windy day.


Alfred and Juan rodeared the timber in monte today with old mare.  Afterwards each shot a gama.  Alfred also chased 2 baguales unsuccessfully.  The troperas from La Rosa came today and lock in tonight 300 novillos. They butchered a vaquillona and gave us a lot of meat.  It was a warm day


Sunday. Charquiared the meat the troperos gave us. It was an awful hot day.


Herman and Juan went over to monte in two of Wiggins carts and brought over some of the timber for house.  Chasqui (Elaria) passed on way to Reconquista.  Walker came back from Pajaro Blanco: had a grand baile etc, but did not find a peon.  Had a dust storm today.

— 30. —

Alfred went to San Pedro to visit Jobson and Ramayon. 3 peones ofrom Wiggins came back from Wampita (Calchaqui) with horse cart as they cannot go on with cart.  Indians stole 5 of their horses from estaca.


Rained last night and nearly all day very hard.

1885 - QUARTER 1

January, 1885

Missing image

January 1 1885.

Peones of Wiggins left again this morning. Herman and Juan caught 4 gamas with dogs. Dug posts out at tapera on other side. It was a warm day.

— 2 —

Alfred came back from San Pedro today: had to swim both San Pedro and Espin rivers. Drew $n 50 nac. from Jobson. Arreglared with Benjamín the pulpero for 164 gama skins $B41.00 (vale Manuel $10.00. Johnnie $n5.00 Alexandro $B4.50 sugar $n6.25, and now bought 3 pr. bombatchos & soap $B7.12½ and he owes me yet $B5.18¾ Also paid Setut $B2.12½ on a/c of Jose Maria. and 50 bol bread and paid peon 37½ for passing saddle over San Pedro river. Cash on hand $81. nac. The troperos from Reconquista to La Rosa passed today. It was a warm sultry day.


Whisky got 7 young ones last night. killed two hembras. Alfred went to arroya Espin and killed ciervo macho. Bienavidas pelaring Tijeras. Walker began cutting down trees to make rama corral. It was a cloudy day and looks like more rain.


Sunday. Alfred went hunting in monte eastward and killed a guasuncho, a gama and an ostrich. Had a terrific storm this afternoon and rained an awful lot.

— 5 —

Juan pelaring tijeras today. Alfred caught a gama with dogs. Arroya Espin very crecida. Fine warm day.

— 6 —

Laguna Jacaré and arroyita very crecida. Walker cutting rama for his corral. Herman and Juan digging out posts at tapera. Alfred shot two gamas. It was a warm day.

— 7. —

Tying Tijeras on corral to secure posts better. It was a hot windy day.

— 8. —

Arreglared gate of corral for cattle. Herman and Walker chopping rama for his corral. It was a hot day.

— 9. —

Gave Juan permission to go to San Martin for a few days. Paid him $n15.00. Alfred shot 3 gamas. Very hot and looks stormy.

— 10 —

Had an awful storm last night, and rained a great deal. The Jacaracita is a regular arroya. Herman and Walker chopping rama for his corral. Sargento Bienavidas on way from Reconquista to San Pedro stops here the night. Reports the Toba very crecida.

— 11 —

Sunday. Caught a gama with dogs. Warm day.

— 12. —

Juan came back from San Martin. Brought mail. Alfred shot a gamita and Herman caught one with dogs. Two men and a woman came this evening looking for work. It was a very hot day.

— 13. —

Hired the two men (Castañero and Anazario) who came last night @ 18 bol. a month. Juan and the two went over to Walkers place with 3 yoke of oxen to pull the rama in place for corral. Dogs caught a gama and Walker shot 3. Chasqui came from Malabrigo looking for surveyor. Says he saw 4 indians twixt here and Paso Marianno. It was a pleasant day.

— 14 —

Walker and our 3 peones working at his rama corral. Alfred shot a venado. 3 peones of Wiggins came in today; going to take out more provisiones. Report everything under water outside. It was a hot day.

— 15 —

Castanero helped Walker finish his corral today. Butchered an ugly black novillo today, and gave Wiggins peones a costillar and about an arroba of charqueared meat. They left again this afternoon. Herman has gone with them to come back with Wiggin in a few days. Arreglared carts to go to monte tomorrow. It was a very hot day.

— 16 —

The 3 carts went to monte today and brought all the timber we had chopped for peon house. Pedro went along with all of Wiggin's oxen. It was a very hot day.

— 17 —

Sent the 3 carts over to tapera of Eucaliptus trees and brought 90 posts. Alfred went to Espin paso this afternoon found it very crecida. It was a hot sultry day. Had all the skins out today. stock is 90 gama skins of which 14 are Walkers. Wiggin and a peon came tonight very late from outside, leaving rest of peones come on tomorrow. The left the Wampita this afternoon two oclock. They are pretty well starved out.

— 18 —

Sunday. Herman came back at noon with rest of Wiggins men. They had killed a macho mule (white). and report the country full of water outside yet Ramayon sent us two men with correspondencia. It was a hot sultry day. Sold Wiggin a big bayo novillo crespo 18 nac.

— 19 —

Walker left today for down south over land. He taks two horses and comes back with his cattle in about 2 months. Alfred went with him as far as the paso which is very crecida yet. Brought over two loads of posts from other side and this afternoon laid out peon house with Wiggins aid, and arreglared the orkonos and cumbreros.


Set the orkonos for peon house today 10 yds by 5. 2 Chasquis came from Malabrigo for Wiggins. stop the night. Sold Wiggins another novillo this morning (bayo over) 14 nac. cuero vuelto. It began raining very hard this afternoon.


Put the cumbereros and tijeras on house. It was a very hot and sultry day. Wiggins and company here yet.

22 - January 1885

Rec'd 32 nacionales from Wiggins for the 2 novillas sold him. Took over from him 2 arrobas farinha 2 ar of rice. 1 ar. salt and 1½ ar. sugar and an iron olla. He is to send me the prices from Santa Fe. Planting costaneros on house. Very hot weather. Valentin and Jose Maria and 3 women and lot of children came from San Martin today looking for work.

— 23 —

Wiggins and party left again for their survey to the north westward. They go 3 leagues west of west mojon of Espin. and then 3 leagues northward, and then to the Wampita and then back again east ward to their mojon and then northwards beyond Reconquista. Alfred went with Wiggin as the Espin which is swimming yet. Finished setting costanero posts on house and then put the 3 peons digging post holes on chacra. Sent 2 horses to 2 of Wiggins peones (Ruiz and José) who leave him to go to San Pedro with (The blanco and old alasan) Alfred shot a gama this afternoon. It was a hot murky day.

— 24 —

Valentin says an indian tried to drive off the horses that were left out side last night. (don't believe him) Gregorio who is fencing Levy's camp was here today. Wants to butcher on halves. offered to let him have half of meat of small novillo for $6 nac. Paid Anazario 2 nac. and Castañero 5 nac. and Castañero one of Walkers horses to go to San Pedro with. comes back again tomorrow. It was a hot murky day. Herman and Valentin went on a hunt today. unsuccessfully. Juan and Anazio digging post holes for fence.

— 25 —

Sunday. Alfred shot a venado this morning. Butchered a little black novillo this afternoon. Herman went to let Gregorio know and he sent a man back to take his half of meat away. The Sargento from San Pedro stops the night on his way to Reconquista. He says the delijincia of Safor came as far as the Espin and finding it crecida went back again. Gave him $n21.00 to pay Palacios for the wire bought of him. It was a tormentoish day but it cleared off again this evening.

— 26 —

Juan and Anazario chasquiared this morning. Castañero came at noon from San Pedro bringing my alasan malo along. They dug holes this afternoon. It was a pleasant day.

— 27 —

Men digging post holes all day for chacra fence. It was a hot day.

— 28 —

Herman went to San Pedro this morning on a pasea. Alfred and Valentin went as far as the paso which is still swimming. Alfred shot a venado on way back. The men this forenoon took the posts down the field and scattered them and this afternoon we began setting them. A chasqui came this afternoon from Pajaro Blanco from Wallace to Walker. It was a stormy day.

— 29 —

Sent the 3. carts over to tapera at rinconado and brought over 90 posts to finish the chacra with. It was a hot day. The Sargento came again this evening from Reconquista to San Pedro.


Butchered a black novillo this afornoon and Juan and Nazario charquiared the meat. Began cutting paja this forenoon. Valentin and José Maria help cut on other side of paso of Espin.


Men cut paja again today. It was a very pleasant day. Miguel Duran and a peon of Gregorio came this evening and stop the night.

February, 1885

Missing image

February 1. Sunday.

Butchered a pampa novillo for Gregorio and Duran; they took all the meat except a shoulder loma, and part of back bone. Worth 12 nac. Went out with men this afternoon and ran en cerco toward rinconada. Boleared a couple of gamas. It was a windy day.

February 2.

Men cut paja again today, which goes very slowly as only cut 70 bundles today. The cart from San Pedro which came last night left for Reconquista. I encargared 2 ar galletas. 1 ar. soap. 1 demijohn caña. It was a hot day.

— 3. —

Men cut paja again today: goes very slowly as there is so much dry paja mixed with it. Alfred all alone as Herman is down at San Pedro yet. Two Chasques from Malabrigo looking for Wiggin stop the night. It was a hot day.

— 4

Men cutting paja again today: Juan, Anazario, Castañero, Valentin and Jose Maria. A Correntino and boy from Virasoros passed on way to Reconquista. Alfred went to see Levys alambrado, and also saw Miguel and Gaspar Duran. It was a hot day.

— 5 —

Juan and Pedrito went to San Pedro with cart to get the frutas Jobson offered us. Also took 300 well bricks for Don Benito. and a dozen gamita skins for Mrs. Ramayon, and a guasuncho skin for Jobson. Men finished cutting the 400 bundles of paja. Gave Pedrito $n1.00. It was a hot day.

— 6 —

Men went this forenoon and brought the paja on this side of the arroya in 2 carts, and this afternoon went with one cart and brought the paja on other side of the arroya. also brought the canes Alfred and Jose Maria cut this afternoon. It was a pleasant day.

— 7 —

Butchered a novillo this forenoon and the men charquiared it this afternoon. This afternoon a strong tormento came up and rained a good deal. Juan came back in ox cart from San Pedro with 57 zaballos, sandias, melones, choclos, cabbages onions, potatoes. The red novillo we were breaking in, got empantanared at San Pedro and got drowned. Herman is at Ramayons yet


Sunday. Lorenzo and Gaspar Duran and a basque who is thinking of fencing in Torres camp, came this morning and stop the night. It was a pleasant day

— 9. —

A tormento came up at noon and it rained a good deal which continues tonight also. Herman came back from San Pedro after a pasea of 12 days. He brings the blanco and alasan I lent Wiggins peones in a very sad state. Cart from Reconquista to San Pedro came this evening. Brought me soap, caña and $n6.98 galletes. Herman had paid $n5.00 at Setut for potatoes and owe them still 10 rl. bolivianos. Put canes on roof of peon house to techar.

— 10 —

Drizzled some this forenoon. Juan and Castañero brought over a load of fire wood. Herman and Nazaro bored posts for passing wire on chacra. It was a hot sultry afternoon

— 11 —

Men began thatching this forenoon but a heavy tormento interrupted them this afternoon. Rained an awful lot. Herman went hunting in quebrachal.


Alfred caught 4 gamas with dogs; it having been nice and soft to run with dogs after the heavy storm. It was drizzling and wet all day long, preventing all work

— 13 —

Same weather again as yesterday, drizzling and slushy all day long, and getting cold. Alfred went out with boy and caught 3 gamas and a macho ñandu with dogs. Anazario and Castañeras month was up yesterday, so discharged but they are here yet. Paid Anazario $m/n9.52 and Castañero $m/n7.24

February 14. 1885.

Anazario and Castanero left this morning for San Pedro. Paid Valentin and Jose Maria $n5.00 for helping cut paja and the 7 rls. bol. I owed Jose Maria yet for the nutria skins. Herman and Juan bored holes on fence this afternoon. Alfred and Pedrito went running with dogs and caught a little aguara and a little macho ñandu. This morning it drizzled and a little also this afternoon. Havn't seen the sun for 3 days now.

— 15 —

Sunday. Carnaval. It was a misty drizzly day and the sun only appeared a few minutes. Ran with dogs again this morning and caught 4 gamas and a fox. Espin is very crecida. We are here now — Alfred, Herman, Bienavidas and family, and Valentin and Jose Maria and families. A great deal too many as it is hard to feed them all. but the work, thatching revocaring house, fencing and planting chacra will soon be finished.

— 16 —

Alfred caught an ostrich and a gama with the dogs. Juan and Jose Maria thatching Warm day. Had all the skins out today and gave a good beating

— 17 —

Herman and Valentin went bogual hunting and stop out the night. Juan and Jose Maria thatching; cut off 2 brazadas of Walkers felastico. had used 1 rolls of his zinc wire for tying canes on. Alfred was down at Espin paso this afternoon and on way back boleared a charybon. 3 Correntino peones from Malabrigo stop here the night to take away the 3 carts and things Wiggins left here —


Dispatched Wiggin's carts and things this morning Also send 9 hides to Dr. Romang to sell. I also sent Fredricks box with his things to Malabrigo to Wallace's charge. A milch cow (a black one) died in the corral last night, guess from eating some poisonous weed or snake bite. Juan and José Maria thatching. Herman and Valentin back from other side of Espin: report seeing about 40 boguales, but could not shoot any. It was a very pleasant day.

— 19 —

Butchered an ugly black novillo petizo as we are out of meat and dont want to stop work to go hunting. Herman began crop plowing the chacra. Juan and Jose Maria charquiared this forenoon, and this afternoon thatched. It was a beautiful day.


Herman plowing. Juan and Jose Maria thatching. Leon died today of a swollen neck. don't know whether eat dead cows meat, as some of dogs also have swollen necks. It was a hot day. Alfred hoed round ground in garden for potatoes.


Finished thatching this morning. Afterwards turned over ground for pisadero, Put paja under shelter as there are about 100 bundles are left. and cleared place up a bit. It began raining this afternoon and looks as if it is going to continue. Herman plowed this forenoon and Alfred planted a basket ful of potatoes in garden.

— 22. —

Sunday. Alfred went into monte north west from here on Espin and shot an ostrich. Herman while hunting ducks in laguna killed a rattle snake of 14 rattles. It was a foggy cloudy morning and the afternoon was hot. J

— 23 —

Juan and Jose Maria got pisadero ready and cut grass for tomorrow. A heavy tormento came up last night and rained an awful lot, and this forenoon some also. Alfred caught 4 gamas with dogs this morning. Weather got quite cool again this afternoon

— 24 —

Alfred caught 2 gamas with dogs this morning. Herman went hunting on Caraguata and went to where Gregorio was fencing. Juan, José Maria and Valentin began revocaring peon house. Did south east, south and ¼ of south of west walls.

— 25. —

Alfred caught a venado this morning with dogs. and this afternoon boleared a ñandu with wild alasan in rinconado. Men made another pisadero today to revocar the peon house. Herman plowing. Wallace sent chasqui from Pajaro Blanco for Fredricks rifle, and Whisky and her pup. It was a fine day.

— 26 —

Sent Fredricks rifle with chasqui (Ramoncito) to Wallace. Whisky would not follow him. Men finished pisadero and revocared house. Alfred went down to Benito Ramayon's this forenoon after the correspondencia, and came back this afternoon with Benito and Domingo Ramayon. who stop the night. The latter was lost in camp in going from Chilcas to San Pedro was without food for 4½ days. It was a pleasant day.

— 27 —

Lent Domingo Ramayon Walkers malacara to go to Reconquista. A lot of Correntinos and families came in the night on the way to Sarreleguis estancia (San Antonio) Some one stoles Alfreds new rebenque guess it was Domingo's Correntino peon. Don Benito stopped until after siesta. This afternoon Alfred went to run boguales on other side of the Espin with Juan, Pedrito, Jose Maria, Valentin and wife and 2 children, and stop out until Sunday.


Herman home all alone with women. Nothing going on.

March, 1885

Missing image

March. 1.

Sunday. Alambradores sent boy to let us know they can't come to run boguales with us. (anyhow too late) Don Benito came this morning with a tropa of about 40 novillos for Reconquista. They butchered an awful fat calf carne con cuero. Alfred and men came back at noon from running baguales. Juan only caught a little potrillo. Report having seen 4 cuadrillas. Put the cattle on rodeo and parted out the 4 novillos of Virasoros mark and entregared them to Ramayon. One of their novillos died here over heated, and Valentin aprovechared of the meat. It was a very pleasant day. Herman shot 6 ducks in tacurusal.

— 2 —

Don Benito went running en cerco towards rinconada.. Herman and Pedrito went also: report Don Benito having a bad collision with tree. Sent Juan with tropa as far as Paso Marianno. Paid Jose Maria $n4.00 to thatch and revocar (to help rather) 10 days work). Beat out skins this afternoon. Jo and Geo Moore came this evening and stop the night on way to Nanducitas. It was a hot sultry day and looks as if we were going to have some rain.

— 3 —

The 2 Moores left this morning south wards. leaving a lame horse. Don Benito sent indian boy with mail. It rained nearly all day. Caught 3 venados with dogs this afternoon and a fat mulita.


Caught a little venado with dogs. Arreglared the rinconero posts of alambrado this afternoon. Hot day and looks like more rain.


Butchered a little overo negro crespo and charquiared the meat. Had row with Juan's wife, and they leave tomorrow. She is too mantenido by half. Was a hot sultry day.

— 6 —

Arreglared with Juan. Gave him $m/n9.35 cash and a vale for $m/n30 on Jobson. Gave Pedrito $n5.00 for the work he done here. They left this morning. also Valentin and José Maria and families. Paid Valentin $n 1.00. The troperos who took Ramayons tropa to Reconquista passed on way back to San Pedro this morning. Brought us the 6 lbs sugar and packet of envelopes Don Benito encargared for us. Herman and Alfred are all alone here now. The last few nights we have been very much troubled with mosquitos. Hot day.


[No entry.]


Sunday. Began raining this morning and drizzled most all day. The two Moores were here for breakfast on way back from Nanducitas. Gave Geo. Moore 3 gama skins. Report that Agustin Iriondo is at San Pedro.


Alfred killed an aguara with dogs. It drizzled some this morning early. Alfred went down to paso Espin this afternoon where José Lorenzo and Ovido are going to cut paja for Ramayon.


Old mocho cow died empantanared in cañada. José Lorenzo was here today; gave him some yerba and tobacco. It was a pleasant day.


A peon of Wiggins came in the night and stopped until this afternoon on way to Santa Fé. It was a pleasant day. Poisoned some of best hides. Nothing going on.


Ovido sent us about a dozen hard shell zaballos, from paso Espin. They left today as they could not find any decent paja. Herman shot some ducks. Valdina and wife came today to work until we get another peon. Alfred went to west of Espin this morning. It was a very pleasant day.

13. —

Herman began harrowing the ground before plowing it for last time. Alfred and Valdina stamped posts, on chacra fence today. Valinas 1st days work. Pleasant day.

— 14 —

A cow died; hooked on hind quarter. We stamped posts on fence this afternoon. Very pleasant day.

Marzo 15. 1885.

Sunday. Alfred and Valdina started to go hunting this morning. but had to come back on account of the mosquitos and also began drizzling and rained quite a lot this afternoon. Geo Moore and two boys of Estevans, and a native named Zamurrio (who is looking for work) came this afternoon.

— 16. —

Foggy morning. Could not arreglar with Zamurrio difficulty about getting over here. Arreglared with Valdino @ 18½ bolivianos per month. Fixed up around peons house today. Alfred went on a hunt towards the rinconada unsuccessfully. Moore and other fellows left this forenoon for Pajaro Blanco.

— 17. —

Herman and Evaldina brought a cart load of wood from nearest tapera. Beat skins out today, and this afternoon planted posts on chacra fence. Warm pleasant day.

— 18 —

Valdina cleaning out holes to set posts on chacra fence. Alfred went on a hunt on Caraguata, did not get anything. Herman boring posts. Warm day.


Finished setting posts on chacra fence. Don Benito sent indian boy with mail. Brought news that someone is poblaring on other side of the Espin. Wrote letter home. It was a very pleasant day.

20. —

Valdina rastreared the plowed ground with two yoke of oxen on a big rama. Alfred boring posts. Herman went on a hunt. Warm day.


Butchered an ugly lanky novillo and chaquiared all the meat. Was a warm day.

— 22. —  Sunday.

Alfred went up to Gregorios tent and then on a hunt in monte. Killed a venado. Nothing going on. Hot day.

Marzo 23.

Herman plowed this forenoon for alfa. Finished boring posts this afternoon and began pulling wire. Cloudy hot day and looks like rain.

— 24 —

Stretched wire all day. bored holes also for 3d wire. Cured redomon ox of beaches. It was a coolish sort of cloudy day.

— 25 —

Finished fence around field this forenoon. Herman plowed all day. Valdina this afternoon driving oxen. Three men from Ramayons past on way to Reconquista with oxen bringing mail, and Herman gateado which they sent from home with Jobson. Report that Jobson got hurt by one of his fine bulls and taken down to Santa Fé. Sent $n7.00 to Palacios to pay bill and ordered some more things. It was a very pleasant day with a cool morning.

— 26 —

Herman and Valdina plowing. Alfred this morning to see the new pobladores on other side of Espin but could not find them. Warm day but very cool morning and evening _____

— 27. —

Cured several animals that were imbechared in corral this morning. Herman and Valdina plowing all day. Two carts of Ovido of San Martin came this afternoon with maiz for sale. Bought 11 fanegas of yellow and 1 fanego of soft blanco @ $m/n2.88 ($B4.50) in cob. Rather dear but we have not time to send cart to Reconquista to buy. It was a windy (north) day. Gave vale on Agustín (Jobson) for the $m/n34.56

— 28. —

Cured half a dozen animals of imbecharing, in corral this morning. Also palenkeared an overo toruno for ox. Herman finished plowing. Alfred went down to see new poblador; other side of rinconada. Pedro Razini. Hot day. cool morning.

March 29. 1885.

Sunday. Herman went on a hunt today, unsuccess. 3 paisanos from Pepe Virasoros were here today on way to aclambradores. Gregorio the alambrador and a Carrentino were here for breakfast on a paseo. It was a triste north windy day

— 30 —

Yoked up the overo toruno today. pulled like an old ox Valdino harrowed chacra with rama to sow alfa. Cattle a long ways off this morning. Tropa of Santa Rosa (300 novillos) stops the night on way to Reconquista. Also 3 men on way to Pepe Virasoros stop the night. Alfred went on a hunt on other side of the Espin and killed a venado. It was a very hot day.

— 31. —

Herman went on a hunt today (no success.) Valdino finished harrowing ground this forenoon. Alfred sowed alfa today. Cured an little bull of maggots. The sargento and two peones of San Pedro came back from Reconquista without carts. Brought me 2 lbs coffee 90¢. 1 lb. pepper 35¢, ½ gross matches 1.80 total 3.05 unpaid. Paid 40¢ for tab. for Valdino. It was a very hot day.

1885 - QUARTER 2

April, 1885

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— April -1 —

Alfred finished sowing alfa this morning early. Sowed about 2½ ar. in a piece of ground about 100 yds by 150. Valdina finished harrowing it also. Beat the skins out this afternoon. It was a hot day and looks tormento like.

— April – 2 —

[Likely author: Herman – see notes in glossary.]

This morning it was cloudy and a heavy north westerly wind. Alfred went to Pajaro Blanco And Valdena sovared and greesed the rienndas. And then he warked in the garden hilled the putatetoes and cleared up the weads.

— April – 3 —

This morning put the cattle on rodayo and looked for animals that are in beachado but did not find any didn’t work to day for it is good frieday

April 4 —

This morning only repuntared [repuntared] the cattle And then worked all day long in the garden. There was a strange south wind and was very clouday all day. No body came

April — 5 —

Sunday morning was a fine morn the skye was clear and sun shone nicely Alfred was to have come but he did not. Herman was expecting Alfed back and put the landtern out under corador so Alfed could see to find the house. The garque is nearly giveing cut. Cured Tigres sor foot and pecaso is very sick on acount of his foot is in beachado we will cure him in the morning No body came to day. dident put the cattle on rodayo.

— 6 —

[Author: Alfred resumes.]

Alfred came back about midnight from Malabrigo. Received in Malabrigo $n25.50 for the 9 hides sent some time ago. Spent in Pajaro Blanco 50¢. Malabrigo fonda 20¢ Boals ordered $n10.00. slippers 3.00 Mercury 2.00 Bombachas 5.00 etc 50¢ — total $n21.20 Cash on hand $n21.00. Cured some animals imbechared this morning. Valdino cleaned out garden today. Herman was on a hunt. Tropa of 300 novillos of La Rosa came back from Reconquista as Ramayon would not receive tropa – too thin.

April 7. 1885.

Butchered a novillo this morning. very fat. He was just getting lame (a sickness among the cattle now) so we butchered him. and charquiared all the meat. A chasqui from D. Ramayon to San Pedro passed this morning and stopped the night on his way back. Cured 3 animals of the bechos this morning. It was a stormy looking day and a strong south wind sprung up.

— 8. —

Brought a load of fire wood from first tapera this morning. It was a very pleasant day. Nothing much going on.

— 9. —

Herman went to San Pedro this morning to fetch the mail and also to get some yerba and sugar. Built a sort of fire place in the galpon today: something to prevent the dogs getting to the ashes and getting mange. It was a very hot day.

— 10. —

Cleared up the place today, beat out the skins, and made a cojero to collar another novillo. It was a very hot day and looks as if a tormento is coming on.

— 11 —

Palenkeared and cojeared another novillo today: a big colorado. Herman came back at noon from San Pedro. Brought ½ ar. yerba and ¼ ar sugar, and $1.00 he spent, which about egualars our a/c at Benjamins. Also brought letter from Johnnie saying cattle left down there on Apr. 1. for up here. Cleaned place up today. It was a splendid cool day, but had an awful tormento (dry) last night.


Sunday. It was a cold cloudy disagreeable day. Sun not out whole day. Nothing going on.

April 13. 1885.

It was a cold misty day and the sun did not appear at all today. Herman and Valdina brought a load of canes, and caught a gama with dogs.


Herman and Valdina went to tapera at rinconada with cart and got a load of posts, left half of them laying in cañada. José Gomez and two peones of San Pedro passed on way to Reconquista they bring some carts back. Wrote a letter to Palacios for some provisions. It was a misty drizzly day.

April 15.

[Likely author: Herman – see notes in glossary.]

This morning it was clouday and cold. Alfred went down to San Padro to meet our cattle that is a comeing. Herman took the dogs out for a run and caught a vendo the dogs ran well. Valdeno leaned [cleaned?] the kanes. No body has been here today

April. 16.

This morning it clouday and cold Herman and Valdeno went after the posts were left in the canyada in the afternoon fixed the fence around the garden. A Soldado came from Reconquisto down to San Pedro

April 17.

This morning it cleared up and clouded up again. We cleaned up the Place and finished the fence. The Soldier came back from San Padro on his way back stoped the night here he told me that O.A.blegado tuesday on his away is comeing an [illegible]


This morning it was a fine morn. We cleaned up the place We cured big overro bull that was in bechado in the vergs


This morning it was fine weather We cured three young calves and cow. This after noon it rained hard. Herman expected Alfred and cattle to day but they did not come No one has been here today


[Author: Alfred resumes.]

Monday. Carts from Reconquista to San Pedro came this evening and stop the night. The brought our encargoes and the bill ___ bag galletas 66 lb — $n3.96  5@ flour 6.00 — 2 @ rice 3.40.— 132 lb farina 7.39— 2 @ azucar ref. 6.00.— 4 @ yerba 14.00.— 4 @ sal 1.40. 1 can tea 1.20 — 5 bolsas vacias 1.00 == $n44.35. It was a cold day.

— 21. —

Alfred spent 5.00 at Pulperia of Benjamin on peones. 4 of Wiggins peons came this morning early and stop over night. Alfred also came this after- from San Pedro. He met our cattle this side of the Quebrachas. They camp at arroya tonight. It was a coldish day. Butchered a novillo.

— 22 —

Caquillona died guess from snake bite. Very fat. Cattle arrived about 11 oclock. Counted them 1179. Left home with 1193. Butchered 8 on road. rest small calves estrapiadas and a cow left near Parasais. Peones helped take care of cattle rest of day. Locked them in corral tonight which is rather small. 2 of Wiggins peones left. Ramayon sent boy for letter left by mistake.

April 23 —

Valdina pastoreando cattle. Valdino bought horse from capataz (Palavacin) for 16 nac. gave vale on Johnnie. The other 2 of Wiggins peones left today. Cattle peones stop until tomorrow. It was a warm day and looks as if we are going to have a tormento. Put cattle (new) on rodeo tonight and Alfred rondars them.


Cattled amenazered on rodeo after being rondared by Alfred until about midnight, It rained some in the night in a sort of drizzly manner and today also. Cattle peones left for down south this morning. Send down by them to home – 3 aguara skins. 1 lion and 1 young bear skin. and gave 1 aguara skin to Palavacin, and traded 1 to Bauto for talero, and 1 to a peon for yappa for stirrups. Cattle give no trouble at all. Gave $n5.00 to capataz of tropa. as he has no money to go home. Herman rondars tonight.

— 25 —

Pastoreo cattle give very little trouble. Valdino rondars tonight. A fat bayo cow died, don’t know whether from tristesa or from mal-paris. Weather drizzly and misty yet.


Sunday. Cured a little bull imbechared. A little bull of new cattle died; don’t know what from. It was a warm sultry day, and weather has not cleared up yet. Alfred rondars tonight.

— 27. —

Cattle got off the ronda last night and got mixed with the old cattle; parted most of them out again. Young Setut of San Pedro was here on way to Reconquista. brought mail. Herman rondars tonight; keep horses out till midnight. Weather cleared up. clear and cold.

April 28 1885.

Cattle give less work now. Skinned two calves (last years) of new cattle. Miguel (Wiggins capataz) and another peon were here today, on their way to Santa Fe. It was a clear cold day. Valdino rondars tonight.


The cattle went off rodeo before midnight but amenacered less than ½ league off. 2 cows of old cattle died today: don’t know whether from tristesa or what. Butchered a little mocho novillo at noon. A very busy day. Cool weather. Alfred rondars tonight.

— 30 —

It drizzled some at daybreak. Charquiared the meat this forenoon. Weather cleared off this evening.

May, 1885

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May 1.

It was a bit foggy at sun rise. Cattle very close this morning but mixed with old cattle, but they part themselves out. Skinned a little guascho orechano calf. Fine day. Valdino rondars tonight.

— .2. —

It was a pleasant day. Our only work now is to take care of the cattle. Beat out the gama skins today. The cart from San Pedro came this evening on way to Reconquista. Sent 6 hides to Palacios. something towards paying our bill, don’t send the rest because the cart goes heavy. Gave the Sargento 1 nac. for taking the hides. Alfred rondars tonight.

— 3. —

Sunday. Paid 3.00 nac. to Valdino. Alfred went up to Paso Marianno to Gregorios carpa where he is poblando for Levy. Got pair of boots he had ordered in Malabrigo. Gregorio and a peon called Buiterrez were here today. Lot of sick cattle among old cattle. looks like a mild form of tristesa. It was a warm pleasant day.

May 4. 1885

Cattle very close this morning. Cow of old cattle died; guess from tristesa. Warm (north windy) day, and looks as if we are going to have a storm.


Had an indian alarm last night. Valdino who was rondaring the horses with the cattle saw some one galloping past and this morning we saw some barefoot tracks down at the laguna. A fat vaquillona died today. of some peste that is knocking about. It was a hot sultry day and this evening a storm came up but without rain.


Herman was up at Durans this morning. Cattle give no work at all now. Alfred rondars tonight. keep horses out until midnight.

— 7. —

Cold weather. Herman went over to tapera and cut a cart load of wood to bring over tomorrow. Vaquillona died of new cattle. Herman rondars tonight.


young Setut came this morning early from Reconquista. Valdino killed an aguara while recojering. Herman and Valdino brought a load of wood over with castilla. A Correntino from La Rosa passed on way to Reconquista. It was a pleasant day. Valdino rondars the horses tonight.


Cattle very close this morning. Cart from Reconquista to San Pedro stops the night. Brought us small demijohn caña $n1.20. 2 pr. alpergatas 1.00 2 lbs. tob leaf 60¢ 1@ soap 1.80. The 6 hides I sold sent brought @ 144 lbs. @F 45 rls.. $n23.90 We still owe Palacios $n28.10. Boiled the sleeping room out so as to kill pikis and fleas. It was a very pleasant day.

May 10. 1885

Sunday. This morning Lorenzo Duran arrived from Santa Fe with a tropa of 1500 head of cattle for Levys new estancia Paso Marianno. They stop here until morning. It was a very pleasant day. Herman rondars tonight.


Tropa left this morning in the fog. Don Benito had sent word that Racini’s people had seen about 15 of our cattle at the rinconado, so Herman campiared them but could not find them. This evening it got dark before we could huntar the horses and the overo tropilla stopped out with most of the horses. Could not find them. It was a stormy afternoon. Found a cow dead. hide spoilt.


Found the horses this morning along the cañada towards the arroya. Put the old cattle on rodeo and cured 5 or 6 of the maggots. Alfred recoreered the rinconada this afternoon. It was a cold disagreeable day.

— 13. —

Gregorio sent a Correntino peon for a loan of 2 ar of farinha and also brought Alfred a pair of boots in exchange for another pair sent from Malabrigo by mistake. Alfred found 2 bulls at the paso Espin belonging to (Levy) Duran. It was a stormy morning but a clear cold afternoon.

<<<< 14x <<<<

Put old cattle on rodeo. Alfred recorrered the rinconada this afternoon. It was a cold day.

— 15. —

Herman went down to San Pedro this morning to get mail and also look for another peon as Valdino has given warning. Leave the horses out tonight way out by the first tapera.


Peones that went with Durans tropa passed today south ward. Herman came back from San Pedro this evening. No news of Walker or other tropa yet. Leave horses out again. It was a pleasant day

— 17 —

Sunday. Alfred reccorrerd along the Espin westward boleared an ostrich. Cattle giving less trouble. Lock horses in tonight as it looks stormy.

— 18. —

A little vaquillone of new cattle died. also an orechano calf of old cattle was found impantanared in laguna. Hot day and looks stormy.

— 19. —

It was a stormy night and rained some, and today it was misty. getting cold. Nothing going on.


It was a misty day again. A big fat black cow died today. been sick a long time. A new peon (Flores and wife) came to work here. They begin tomorrow and earn 20 bol. A month.


It was another drizzly misty day, and seems to set in for a general rain. Herman caught 2 ostriches with the dogs which comes in very handy as we are out of meat. Flores began work today, his wife seems to be a good cook. Valdino stops on (de valde) for a few days. Alfred looked for the cachorro Espinero which got lost in camp yesterday, but he came back by himself.

— 22. —

Huntared the cattle this morning, which were pretty scattered on account of the 3 days storm we had. It rained nearly the whole of last night but today it cleared up. Herman says the arroya Espin is very crecida, and the laguna is full. Lock the horses in tonight late. Very cold.

— 23. —

Alfred was up at Levy’s estancia this morning to visit Duran. Told him to pay $n8.00 to Valdino on Gregorios a/c as Gregorio owes us money. Paid Valdino $n1.10 for an aguara hide and the 3 rls we still owed him (of $B12.87 = 8.23. Light frost this morning. Had the horses out till late.

— 24 —

Sunday. Valdino and wife left today for Durans. Herman reccorrered the rinconada. Walker and Robson arrived this evening from down south. with Walkers cattle and two carts: they locked in our corral tonight. His two manadas of mares and horses stopped on other side of river (which is crecida) as they would not pass. It was a splendid day. oskito bull died (flaco).

— 25. —

Walker stops today here with his cattle to huntar them and to skin some that died; there is a sort of peste among his cattle and a lot are sick. Some of our new cattle went into the monte east ward but came out again. A little calf died of new cattle. Butchered a novillo.

— 26. —

Walker here yet with his cattle and his peones are busy skinning his cows. Our cattle giving lots of trouble as they walk a lot. It was a fine day, but looks rainy. Calf died

— 27. —

It began raining last night and continued nearly all day. Walker had intended marking today, but as it rained he left with his cattle for his place. He had skinned about 35 animals here. Perico was here this afternoon on way to San Pedro. Leave the horses out tonight.


Walkers peons left for down south today. It was a misty day. Repuntar both cattle morning and evening now. Skinned a vaquillone of new cattle today. Leave horses out again.

— 29. —

Cattle a long ways off today. Walker and peon were here today looking after his hides. Perico was here on his way back to Reconquista; he takes up the alasan  to Domingo Ramayon. He brought news of a tropa of cattle coming for us. It was another beastly misty drizzly day. Leave the horse out nights as it is very dark nights.


Our cattle arrived this morning. Jose Molino broughts them with 11 peones. 1009 we counted. with 44 Larguias are among them (4 had died on road) 7 butchered of ours; 1 left at Paso Espin. and I believe 4 small animals left or died on road. They had left home with 1022 altogether. He also sent me 3 horses. Afterwards we counted the old cattle on other side of cañada 1203. and then butchered a novillo. and then later on counted the other lot of cattle 845 which altogether with the milk (12) and 1 bull makes 3025. Which comes quite close to my calculation and I guess some cows with very small calves are in camp scattered about. Lock new cattle in corral tonight. Walker and (Robson) companion were here this afternoon let him have some flour and farinha. Wiggins capataz came this afternoon in cart and takes some mohones to Malabrigo. It cleared up this afternoon at last, after about 8 days of mist and drizzle.

— 31 —

The men that came with the tropa left again this morning for down south. I bought an old saino from Zalome for 13 nats, (Johnnie to pay for him down south. Also sent the 3 horses of Fredricks down. Herman took care of the new cattle today. The middle lot of cattle were way in monte today. It was another beastly misty day. Wiggins capataz took 32 mohones away today. I also sent the rest of Wiggins things along which had been left here. such as plates, knives etc. bucket, fat etc. I could not send him the $n10.25 I owe him. Also sent an aguara hide down.

June, 1885

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June 1 1885.

Cattle not very far today. Alfred called on at Walkers this morning. Herman taking care of pastoreo. It rained a lot last night, but this afternoon it cleared off nicely. An awful mud in corral. Leave horses out nights on account of mud in corral.


It began raining this morning and rained nearly all day. beastly weather. Middle lot of cattle way in monte this morning. A Correntino and a paisano came looking for work this evening. It cleared off again this evening. Leave the new cattle on rodeo this evening as the corral is too muddy to lock them in. Leave horses out side also. An orechano calf of middle lot of cattle died.

— 3. —

The new cattle amanacered on rodeo this morning. Hired the Correntino who came last. is to come Tuesday at latest. Old cattle very disparramada no time to huntar them. Very heavy fog this morning. Walker here this afternoon and Robson, lent them the pack saddle. Tropa of 100 novillas for Reconquista from Pepe and Pedro Virasoro. It was a pleasant day and I guess at last it has cleared up.

— 4. —

Heavy fog this morning. New cattle don’t give much work now. Middle lot of cattle give most work as they go in monte. Got more work on horse back then can well tend to. Valdino and wife stop the night on way to San Martin from Levy’s place. It was a splendid day. Pigenos [pigeons?] eating alfa up. No time to drive them away.

— 5 —

Very few of middle lot of cattle in monte. Skinned the cow that was impantanared in corral. Also an orechano calf. don’t know whether ours or Walkers. Frost this morning but a pleasant day.

June 6. 1885

Middle lot of cattle way in monte today. Sanchez (capataz of Larguias estancia) came this afternoon and parted out the animals Lorenzo Larguia sent up 43 in all. 4 had died on way up and 1 guacho missing. He locked them in corral and stops all night. It looked rainy this morning. Leave horses outside.


Sunday. Cattle very close today. It was a warm pleasant day. Robson was here this afternoon. Little orechano calf of new cattle dead.


Skinned an old cow of new cattle today. Ramayon sent a cart for the paja we have on hand (about 100 bundles). Valdino stops the night. said he saw a cow killed by tiger at pass, but we could find none. guess a lie. Looks stormy.

— 9. —

Had a tormento last night with a little rain. Cleared up today nicely. The troperos of Virasoro came back from Reconquista, they helped butcher a novillo. Walker and the capataz of Racine was here today. Sent Walker a yoke of oxen.

— 10 —

Mixed some thin cattle of the pastoreo, with the old cattle on other side of cañada. Locked the middle lot of cattle in corral this evening as they walk so much nights, gave a lot of trouble. Teklo passed from Reconquista to San Pedro. It was a splendid day.

— 11 —

3 of last years calfs were dead in corral this morning. squashed and had been very poor. Put old cattle on rodeo this morning. Skinned one of the calves dead in corral this afternoon. It was a pleasant day. Leave cattle out side again.

June 12 1885. —

Skinned an old cow of new cattle this morning. An awful cold south wind came up this morning, dampish and looks as if we are going to have a temporal. The two Setuts and an Italian alambrador, came this morning on their way to Reconquista and stop the night. Sent word to Walker, who came also this evening with Robson to go to Reconquista with his hides.

— 13. —

It was a bitter cold day with an awful heavy frost. Encargared some things with Walker from Reconquista. Skinned the other two last years calves in corral. Cattle were in monte again.

— 14 — Sunday.

Cattle in monte again pretty far. Yesterday I lent horse to boy of Ramayons to go to Levys estancia and he came back today. Alfred repuntared old cattle and was over at Walkers puesto also. Skinned a vaquillona.

— 15. —

Alfreds birthday. Hired Evaldina at $10 nac. a month. began work this morning to help take care of cattle which give us a lot of work as the new cattle have got in the habit of going in monte and the horses are very thin. Skinned 2 cows and an orechano calf of new cattle (flaco). Miguel Duran came with ox cart after bricks. Let him have 330 posso bricks. [below line: 820  800  336] He stops the night.

— 16 —

Alfred repuntared old cattle and reccorrered the monte westward. Trying to accustom the new cattle to go north wards. Leave the horses out nearly every night now. Skinned two fat cows of old cattle (peste) and a cow and calf (orechano) of new cattle (flaco). Another hard frost this morning. [sums in margin: 336 – 118 = 218]

June 17 1885

Cattle were in monte again this morning. Alfred repuntared the old cattle. Pepe Virasoro came with a tropa of about 200 novillas and stopped night on way to Reconquista. Bienavidas sent word that there was a point of our cattle at San Pedro. (falso) It was a cold day.


Alfred went to San Pedro this morning early to see about the cattle, Bienavidas sent word about. Pastoreo cattle were in monte again this morning: left them this evening in camp away up north, so as to see that they don’t walk so much. It was a pleasant day.


Alfred came back from San Pedro this afternoon. found the noticia of our cattle being there falso. Walker and Robson came back from Reconquista this afternoon brought as: demij. Caña $n 3.75  1 @ yerba 4.00  1 @ sug 3.50  1 @ rice 1.70  . 44 lb galleta 2.81  1 lamp 1.00  6 tubos .90  . 6 mechas .25¢  4 pavilla 40  3 empty bags.  encargos peon 5.50  total $n 24.41 which he paid. Walker also lent me $n 49.00 making us in his debt $ 75.00. They stop here all night.

— 20 —

Pastoreo stop very well in open camp this morn. now. Walker left after dinner. It was a fine day. A thin cow died. And another one stuck in laguna hide spoilt.

— 21. — Sunday.

It was a very foggy morning. Cattle begin to go in monte again. Didnot come back from camp until 4 o’clock this afternoon.

— 22 —

Nearly all of the new cattle were in monte this morning so this evening we began locking them in the corral again, after driving a great many thin ones across the cañada. It was a very pleasant day.

June 23 1885

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Don Gregorio’s
Account - Paid

23 June '85

We put the old cattle on rodeo this morning, they were very scattered. Herman and Evaldino brought a load of fire wood from the 1st tapero towards the arroya. Flores took care of the pastoreo and we locked them in a gain. It was a splendid day with heavy frost in morning. An orechano calf of new cattle dead. hide spoilt.

— 24 —

Put old cattle on rodeo this morning. Skinned two cows — 1 encajared in cañada, and one dead in corral. One cow dead in camp hide spoilt. Virasoro came this evening and stops the night on way from Reconquista. Walker and Robson were here for breakfast. It was a pleasant day.

— 25 —

Alfred left this morning for Pajaro Blanco on some business connected with giving title deeds to F. Smithers for league of camp. Herman with the two men — Flores and Evaldino left alone here. It was a pleasant day. Evaldina campiared monte eastwards to see if any cattle had passed but found nothing. Herman put old cattle on rodeo.

— 26 —

Herman put old cattle on rodeo. Setut passed on way to San Pedro. New cattle noth give much work. Very foggy nearly all day.


Put old cattle on rodeo. Alfred came back from Pajaro Blanco. It was a warm day and full of mosquitos. Alfred spent $m/n2.00 power of attorney. $m/n1.00 for fonda etc. Herman paid Flores $m/n10.00. and $m/n1.00 for knife.

28. Sunday.

Mosquitos recojered the old cattle all on rodeo. Alfred was over at Walkers and recorrered the arroya. Tropa of 180 novillas of Ramayons stop the night on way to Reconquista. They butchered a novillo. It was a warm day and plenty of mosquitos.

June 29

Herman left for Pajaro Blanco. Evaldino went along as vaqueano. Walker was here this forenoon. Rondar the pastoreo cattle tonight on rodeo as corral is too small for them. Pay Flores 50¢ to rondar 2nd half. Alfred rondars the 1st half. It was a warm day, and the mosquitos bad.

— 30 —

Had a row with Flores; he does not want to rondar. so locked in all but the flacage. It was a warm day.

1885 - QUARTER 3

July, 1885

Missing image

July 1. —

It began raining about 9 o’clock and rained nearly all day hard. Leave the pastoreo cattle way up north.

July 2.

Alfred repuntared the old cattle from the monte westward and was over at Walkers afterwards. Just reached the pastoreo cattle this afternoon in time to keep them from going in monte. Flores horse tired with him and he came home on foot. It was a misty drizzly day.

July 3.

Flores sick this forenoon. Alfred was out with pastoreo at 3 o’clock this morning. Had no time to repuntar old cattle. Flores skinned a little torito of new cattle. It was another misty day. Herman and Evaldino came back from Pajaro Blanco. Evaldino drew $5.20  Flores 1.00. Herman spent $5.80 in hankerchiefs pipes, etc. Herman also bought a colorado horse for $18.50 harrowing money from Davy Morgan as his horses got tired in going over.

July 4.

Butchered a colorado novillo. Repuntared old cattle this afternoon. very desparramada. Heavy fog all forenoon. Pastoreo cattle up north where cañada turns. don’t give so much work now.

July 5. 1885.     Sunday

Herman and Evaldino put old cattle on rodeo. Alfred helped Flores repuntar pastoreo cattle and then went on to Levy’s estancia and then recorred camp along coast of monte from alambrado south wards. Evaldino skinned two thin cows. and Flores one. one calf also dead orechano. It was another misty day but it looks as if it was going to clear up at last.

July 6. —

Herman and Evaldino put old cattle on rodeo. and Alfred and Flores repuntared pastoreo up where cañada turns. Gaspar Duran came this morning and stops the night. He brought note from Lorenzo asking if we would sell the cattle. Flores skinned a cow. It was a pleasant day.

July 7. —

Put old cattle on rodeo again: we do it every morning if possible. Flores skinned another thin cow. Flores last this evening with horses. We have beastly misty weather again. Old Setut and his son stop the night on way from Reconquista to San Pedro.

July 8.

New cattle pretty desparramada north westward. Skinned 5 thin cows today. Beastly weather yet and no sign of it clearing up. Men work better now.

July 9.

It began raining in the night and about rained all day hard. Beastly weather. the whole country under water. We did not move the old cattle and just repuntared the pastoreo. Two paisanos. parientes of Flores and Evaldino came today and stop the night.

July 10

Repuntared old and new cattle. both very far. Pedro Lee was here, It was a very pleasant warm day and weather seems to have cleared off at last. Ground very soft and horses tire very quickly. Flores and Ewaldino each drew $m/n1.00

July 11.

Skinned one. Very foggy this morning, and the weather turned out again to be ugly misty and cold. Put the old cattle on rodeo and generally recorred the campo.

— 12 —

Sunday. Cleared up today at last. Skinned one animal today (flaco). South wind blowing. Evaldino also skinned one this afternoon.

— 13. —

This morning before day break we found that the indians had stolen all of our horses; they having cut the overo nochero loose just before day break. The only two horses stopped back were the old alasan and tordillo and a cansado horse of Ewaldino. So Alfred and Ewaldino immediately went overo to Walkers with the two horses and got Walker and Robson to help follow the indians up on Walkers horses. Alfred sent Pedro Lee over to help take care of the cattle until he comes back with 8 horses Walker lent him. It was a cold day. Herman could only repuntar the old cattle this afternoon. they being mixed with Walkers. Carneared a thin novillo this morning in an apuro.

— 14 —

Alfred and Ewaldino came back after dinner from the indian raid with some horses they recovered. They report having reached the indians yesterday afternoon before sundown, and by a quick dash taking the horses from them, but with out killing any indians. They brought back (from near the Gwampa) 3 of Walkers. 1 small lobuno. saino maisero, gateado, bayo, yegua & colt, saino Alfreds, rosillo, saino dark (left cansado on other side of the Espin) colorado  . Picaso Garcias, saino Frison, and overo of Gaspar. = 14 without mare. and two strange mules and horses and mares and colts. We found the alasan meztizo and saino trotter lanced dead. and Picasito and oscurito  wounded with lance. The hores that are missing yet are 2 of Walkers, big lobuno, blanco, saino oscuro Bells. Zebruno sent from home, Alasan pasuko, gateado, Herman new Colorado. saino pato morro and a horse of Flores. 12 in all. 7 of which are ours. We will get even with the red skins yet. I guess some more of the horses have been lanced as some were very thin. Pay Ewaldino $n10.00 extra for going as vaqueano and behaving so well. Flores taking care of Pastoreo. and Lee helping Herman with other cattle. It was a coldish windy day. Report the Espin swimming yet and all the montes swimming full of water out side.

— 15 —

Paid Pedro Lee $1.00 for stopping here two days while Alfred was away, and he went back to Walkers. Huntared all the cattle and put them on rodeo this morning. Found five horses on edge of monte near paso, which we had thought were also stolen:= alasan pasuko, blanco, sebruno, oscuro Bells, & gateado. so that now we only can can’t account of 4 horses. Skinned 2 thin cows this afternoon. It was a coldish sort of day.

— 16. —

Indians tried to open gate back of corral last night, got out 2 bars of the 8 in gate. Put cattle on rodeo this morning. 2 Correntinos from Santa Rosa passed on way to Reconquista wrote letter home giving account on indian raid. Skinned a thin cow, and another orechano calf dead of new cattle. Ewaldino brought down another horse (a colorado) the indians left near quebrachal. The little picasito Rubios horse which they had lanced was dead, also saino pata morro in quebrachal.

— 17 —

Ewaldino this morning in fog while looking for horses left out last night, saw an indian galloping in camp; we looked for him on our maiseros but he escaped. a sign that they are about yet. Repuntared cattle this morning. Skinned two cows and found another orechano calf dead of new cattle. Leave only the horses out that were ridden this afternoon, and those that will be ridden in morning. Heavy frost this morning.


Put all the cattle on rodeo this morning. Walker was here for breakfast and brought mail from home. Skinned two cows this afternoon flaco. It was a cold day. Butchered a novillo this afternoon.


Sunday. Put cattle on rodeo this afternoon. Skinned a cow and a torito ‘flaco’. Gaspar Duran was here this afternoon and Alfred went with him in monte towards Pajaro Blanco to show where there is nandubuy to chop. Waldino took Walkers tropillo of colorados back to Walkers this afternoon, to sleep there tonight. It was a cold day with a heavy frost; Put the old tropillo on other side of cañada tonight. A poor English man came this afternoon from Santa Fé on foot and stops the night.

— 20. —

Put cattle on rodeo. Skinned 4 animals today. Took castilla apart to fix it go to Reconquista, to be fixed. The Englishman (Botomsley) left on foot for Reconquista. Had an awful heavy frost, but it was a beautiful day. Put horses on other side of laguna again.

— 21 —

Robson was here this forenoon. The Sargento from San Pedro passed on way to Reconquista. Alfred badly wounded a tiger at laguna on Caraguata. Skinned one cow flaco. It was a pleasant day but had a clipping frost this morning.

July 22 » 26.

[No entries.]

July 27 1885.

Had not been able to write in the day book last 5 or 6 days. On the 22nd Alfred had gone with Waldino and looked for the wounded tigre, found him and killed him. In the evening the 2 Moores and 5 men came to mark our calves. Waldino went to San Martin sick on morning of 23d on alasan pasuko. Began marking on 23d. marked the catle from north side, putting them in both corrals. and on the 24th we marked the rest of the cattle. Butchered a fat cow and broke two calves, one of which we had to kill. Marked 765 calves but they are a great many left yet. Walker and Robson were over on 2nd day and also the 3 indians from over there. Ramayon also had sent 3 men to give us a hand. Paid Joe Moore 4.00. Geo Moore 3.00 Chapate 4.00 his boy 3.00 Sisto 4.00 Paraguayan 3.50 Correntino 3.00 Valentin 1.00 Pedro Lee. (staking tigre skin) 1.00. black indian 2.00 total 28.50 On the 25th Miguel Duran was here and in the evening Gaspar Duran came and stopped the night. Walker marked yesterday and we gave him a hand. A great many animals got estropeado in the marcacion thin cows etc. and we skinned in the last 7 days about 20 animals. Last night the encargado (Rodolfo Torres) of Gregorio Torres camp with two citified peones and a tropilla of horses  came and stopped the night, Gaspar Duran and Walker also having sleeping here. The Sargento passed from Reconquista to San Pedro this morning reports the Toba and Malabrigo very crecida yet. Valdinos brother is here and is helping Flores in the camp. It We have been having cold windy weather and a heavy frost this morning. Also had paid Waldino the $n10.00 for going after the indians. And Flores 1.00

— 28. —

Missing image

29 July '85

Skinned two cows today. Butchered a novillo. Herman was over at Walkers today. Waldino and wife came back from San Martin today. It was a cloudy day.

July 29 1885

Skinned 3 cows today and one lost with hide. Alfred and Waldino brought a load of fire wood from towards the paso. It was a warm pleasant day.

— 30 —

There was a very heavy fog all forenoon. Gaspar Duran came this morning and sold him a big black novillo cuero vuelto value $n13.00. Rodolfo Torres and companion came this morning from Malabrigo on way to Santa Fé; lent him two horses to go as far as San Pedro. Counter marked the hides and loaded the castilla to go to Reconquista but could not start as we could not find the oxen. Valentin and Pedro Lee were here today. go tomorrow to San Martin. It was a warm afternoon. Herman campiared the horses of Pajaro Blanco in monte but could not find them.

— 31 —

Campiared the oxen all day long but cold not find them. Skinned 7 cows today. cattle are a bit apestada. It was a hot day.

August, 1885

Missing image

Aug th 1

[Author: Herman – see note in glossary.]

This morning Herman skined two cows Alfred and Valdeno found the oxen. It was a fogey morning.

At noon our new poen came and Alfred left for Reconquisto and he took Valdeno and brother a long with the cart. A poen came to get the strange horses frome Pajaro Blanca: Herman helped look for the horses

August the 2

This morning it was fogey

The new poen and wife comenced to work. the two poens skined a young bull. This afternoon skined a cow. Don Padro Virosoro came and clocked in his tropa of novillo in here and stoped the night here.

Augost th 3. 1885.

This morning It rained a little. Padro Virosoros tropa left for Reconquisto Roberson was here and stayed till the after noon [above line: Cheano puped six pupies…… one died.] poens skined one cow. This afternoon poens repositard the cattel.. Don Caspar came in the evening and spoted the night here and helped put our rifel to rights

Aug th 4

This morning We butchered an fat old cow. the boy took care of the horses. This after noon the poens skined a cow. Herman caught a deer with the dogs.

August th 5

This morning it was cold and A heavy sfrost Herman went to visit Caspar The two poens skined four three cows and one big bull colorado bull. This after noon the poens revisared the camp well the women let out the fat and made candels. Herman dug out putatoes.

Aug th. 6.

This morning it was fine weather Herman was fixing the garden fence the poens skined two cows and one bull. This after noon the poens skined 4 cows.

Aug th, 7.

This morning Herman repuntared the cattle. And Wigens poens came. The poens skined one novilo and three cows. This afternoon Gaspar passed the poens skined four cows. Speak puped in the poen house

August th. 8. .1885.

This morning it was a lear day and windy. Wigens poens took the mohons away. The poens skined 5 cows. This afternoon Herman stayed at home and was ill. The poens skined four cows Wigens poens came to get the wogens.

August th. 9.

This morning it was cloudy. the peons repuntared the cattel and skined one cow. at noon Padro Virosoro came and stoped here This afternoon it rained and lasted all the rest of the day so Pedro stayed the night here.

August th 10

This morning it cleared up and Pedro Virosoro left early. Flores repuntared the cattel and came back late in the afternoon Herman and Piecho Butchered a novilo. F Walker and Roberson were here at noon to dinner. This after noon Piecho and Herman skined two cows. Alfred came this evening late with cart.

— 11 —

[Author: Alfred resumes.]

Skinned 5 cows today. Unloaded cart this morning. and Waldino reglared garden this afternoon. Serapio of Ramayons stopped here the night on way from Reconquista. Spent in Reconquista by Alfred —— The bayo ox died on road, guess from snake bite.

— 12. —

Skinned 6 cows today. Waldino repunt spaded in garden. Alfred was up at Torres poblacion and recorrered the monte. Lorengo and Gaspar Duran were here this afternoon. It was a windy day.— Rec’d from Gaspar 12.00 for novillo cuero vuelta. and 3.36 for galletas.

Agosto 13. 1885.—

Skinned 5 cows today. Alfred recorrered the Espin and found the saino horse on other side, we had left cansado when the indians had stolen the horses. It was a pleasant day. Camp towards north and eastward all burnt by Lorengo Duran. Ewaldino spading in garden.

— 14 —

Skinned 3 animals. Brought cattle that go way up north closer towards south. A Brasilero chacrero from the Rabon stops the night. A north wind blew all day.

— 15. —

Skinned 6 animals. Sent Flores and Juan to Ramayons with ox cart with Ramayon’s oxen and a bag of sugar and yerba. Paid Flores $10.00 and Juan 2.00. It was a hot day.

· 16. ·

Skinned 4 today. Walker and Robson were here today; took away things brought him from Reconquista. He owes $n17.33 for what was paid out for him. Off the $n100 we owe him. Don Gregorio was also here today. Cart came back from San Pedro. It was a hot day. Brought cattle out of Quebrachal.

- 17. —

Skinned 6. Planted some sweet corn, melons, and matés. Butchered a novillo. Waldino spaded round in garden. It was a hot day.

- - 18. —

Alfred recorrered the alambrado on the outside of Levys and west of Larguias but found none of our cattle. Skinned two. A Correntino (Miguel) from Pajaro Blanco came this afternoon. Waldino brought a load of wood, and 3 fig trees from a tapera on the other side. It was a very hot day. and looks like a tormento.

— 19 —

Skinned 3 cows. Herman was over at Walkers. Waldino recorrered out at the Espin. It was a disagreeable day.

Agosto 20. 1885.

Skinned 3 today. Sent Flores and wife off today. Their month being up. Paid him $n1200. Don Gregorio and another basque were here at noon returned the farinha he owed us. Mr. Rhodes and Mercedes arrived today from down south with 11 horses. Gaspar Duran and some men stop the night to chop posts in the rinconada. Sent Waldino with Miguel the Correntino to campiar Don Esteban’s mares in monte but could not find them. It was a cool day.—

- 21 -

Picho and Waldino recorrered the Quebrachal this morning. Mercedes left again for down south today. Sent tiger skin down with him for Mrs. Heope. Rec’d 2.00 from Mr. Rhodes over from what spent on road. Alfred went with Miguel and found Estebans mares (5) in monte. Moores madrina was found dead, bitten by a snake. It was a windy day (north).

- 22 -

Rained nearly all day. A regular spring shower. Skinned none. Miguel left for Pajaro Blanco with Esteban’s mare, and the blanco of the negro.

- 23 -

Sunday. Skinned 4. Herman and Rhodes were over at Walkers. Robson and Rhodriguez were here today. It was a fine day. Marked 5 calves of the milk cows.

— 24 —

Butchered a little mocho novillo this morning. Alfred and Ewaldino dug out some fig and peach trees at the tapera at the other side. Skinned 1 cow. Rhodes shot a gama. Alfred was over at Walkrs and repuntared the cattle from the Espin. Tonight a Teniente Bartolome Facio with 9 soldiers came and stop the night. Come to take away the horses we took away from the indians but which we already had sent to Pajaro Blanco It was a hot day.

Agust 25 / 85

Soldiers left again this morning for Las Chilcas via La Wampita. Gave soldiers about ½ the meat and some yerba. Walker was here this morning. Sent Picho and Ewaldino in Quebrachal to reccorrer. Skinned 2 cows. It was a very pleasant day. Burning off camps. Herman and Rhodes began plowing today for maiz.

- 26 —

Skinned one cow. Caught 5 gamas with the dogs. Tied up two vaquillonas to tame as milch cows. Herman plowed this morning; could not find the oxen this afternoon. It was a pleasant day. Planted about 30 fig trees.

— 27. —

Skinned one. Herman plowed this morning. Alfred, Rhodes and Patricio recorrered the Toba the fence, southwards and brought some cattle out of the monte. It was hot day.


Put cattle that go westward on rodeo – first time since marcacion. (very matrero) Skinned two cows today. It was a warm day with a strong north wind. Rodriguez with wife were here today returning from medico. gave him two cocks.

— 29 —

Skinned one. Herman plowed all day. Butchered an old cow. There was a strong north wind all day very hot and I guess will have a tormento soon.

— 30. —

Santa Rosa. Sunday. Herman and Rhodes were hunting in Quebrachal and Piecho and Waldino also recorred the monte. A basque from Don Gregorio was here today. gave him one of Spikes pups. A tropa of 136 novillos and cows for Reconquista lock in tonight. very poor. It was an awful hot day. and looks like a tormento. Paid Waldino 16.00 for his overo horses——

Agosto 31. 1885.

Put cattle of west side on rodeo this morning. Skinned cows vaquillona – mancha. Herman plowed all day. Walker was here for breakfast. Rodriguez has left him today. It was a very hot day.

September, 1885

Missing image

September .1 —

Began raining hard at day break and rained all day hard. Whole country under water.

· 2. ·

It was a cloudy misty day and looks as if we are going to have more rain. Skinned 2 cows. Waldino killed an ant bear,

— 3. —

It was another cloudy misty day. Skinned two cows. guess struck by lightning. Herman and Rhodes chopped fire wood in monte today. Caught 2 gamas with dogs

— 4 —

Skinned one old cow today. Had an indian alarm last night, some horses we had loose cleared around in the camp. we went out en pelo, but could find nothing, and this morning we found the horses towards the monte. Rhodes and Herman chopped wood again in monte. Alfred was over at Walkers and Caspar Durans carpa. It was a hot day. Butchered a novillo.

— 5 —

It was a drizzly forenoon. This afternoon repuntared cattle from way up north. The troperas of Virasoro stop the night on way from Reconquista.

— 6 —

Skinned one cow. Alfred recorrered the Quebrachal. The Sargento of San Pedro stops the night on way from Reconquista. It was a pleasant day. Camp looks like a green carpet.—

September 7. —

Monday. We thought today was Sunday. It was a very pleasant day. Don Gregorio and young Torres were here this afternoon, they are marking post holes for fence on line.

== 8 ==

Put cattle from west side on rodeo, and brought 2 vaquillonas to tame. Herman and Waldino brought a load of fire wood. Walker was here today. It was a cool day.—

· 9 ·

Put new cattle from east side on rodeo for first time. they are looking much better. Don Gregorio was here this morning early. Robson was here this afternoon. This afternoon we went up the Quebrachal repuntando, and also looked for a tiger. It was a pleasant day.

- 10 —

Alfred and Waldino went beyond the Espin looking for the picaso ox missing for the last 15 days. It was a stormy day, but it did not rain but a few drops. Walkers mares were found here this evening.

— 11 —

Herman finished harrowing this morning. He and Rhodes took Walkers mares back this afternoon. It was a cool pleasant day. —

. 12 .

Put cattle on west side on rodeo and butchered a novillo. Robson was here and took an arroba of meat. Herman went to San Pedro this afternoon. It was a very pleasant cool day.

— 13 —

Sunday. Lorengo Duran was here this morning; wants to buy the hides. Walker, Pedro Racine and Francisco (his capataz) were here for breakfast. Gave Racine one of Spekes pups. It was a pleasant day. Cattle give little work now.

September 14. 1885

Alfred was recorreriendo in monte on Caraguata saw where the cyclone of the 10th made a road through the monte, and was also at Gregorios. Walkers peon Rodriguez and children stops the night on way from Malabrigo (his wife died.) Rhodes left this morning for a paseo for Malabrigo and Reconquista. Herman came back from Reconquista. San Pedro. It was a warm day. An old man on foot northwards stops the night.

— 15 —

Alfred and Waldino left this afternoon to recorrer the camp on other side of the Espin.


Herman began plowing cross in field for corn etc. It was a hot day. Cattle give little work now


Gaspar Duran took a novillo to butcher this morning. Rhodes came back from Malabrigo today. Alfred and Waldino also came back from the outside this evening, where they had gone with Robson and Rodriguez. They killed a bagual caught a tame horse, and a young aguaras. It was a hot day.


Herman and Rhodes plowing. Walker was here today. Planted zaballos, swett corn and sandias. Mr. R. Torres and companion came this evening from Santa Fe and stop the night. It was a very pleasant day.

— 19. —

Butchered an old cow. Herman and Rhodes plowed this afternoon. Gaspar Duran was here this afternoon looking for some strayed horses. It was a hot sultry day and looks like rain.—

— 20 — Sunday.

Walker came in the middle of the night looking for his mares, guess mosquitos drove them off. Mosquitos awful tormento now. It drizzled some this morning, and it was very hot. Rhodes left this afternoon to work with Don Gregorio at fencing.

— 21 —

It was another cloudy drizzly day. Cattle don’t give any work now. Worked in garden.

— 22 —

Herman finished plowing today. Alfred was up at the new poblacion. Walker was here with his mares, and marked some potrillas. Herman went over to Walkers, to stop there while Walker goes to San Pedro. It was a very pleasant day.


Alfred was up at Levy’s place this morning and got our trowel and some seeds. Robson was here at noon to take away their mares. Lorengo Duran and R. Torres were here this afternoon and bought our hides and Walkers. He paid 118 $n4.50 for ours 118 $278.34 and for 21 of Walkers $54.64. The surveyor and his men (12) came this evening to survey Torres camp.

— 24. —

The young aguaras got away last night. I sold the surveyor a novillo this morning. This afternoon sowed some pumpkin and maiz. The surveyor went to west mojon of Espin and came back here again tonight. Robson was here at noon with cart. It was a windy dry day.

— 25 —

It was a very windy dry day. Torres was here today — sold him an osko novillo $n18.00, and helped him take it up there. The surveyor here yet (Martineac). surveying the line of Espin north — Began raining tonight.


Waldino left at noon to work with the cart men in quebrachal. Paid him $17.25. Found two horses on edge of monte eastwards, and overo  and a pangare. Alfred and Rhodes built a bake oven today which fell together again. The surveyor left westwards. Torres sent hide back of novillo he butchered.

September 27. —

Sunday— Rained a bit this forenoon. Alfred caught 3 deer with dogs. Walker, young Racine Francisco and a boy stop the night to part tomorrow. Milk cow calf died  bit by a snake.


Put both rodeos on this morning, Walkers with ours, and Racines’ parted 67 animals. At noon old Levy, Salvador Leiva, with two carts came. also Setut and another man. Setut brought a galgo bitch to be covered. It was a windy day. Torres and brother also passed on way to Santa Fé


Setuts’ left again this morning. Butcherd a cow fat. Don Gregorio was here with cart with Torres peon brought 1 bag flour 1 bag farina I had encargared Torres from Santa Fe, and also about on arrobba of maiz. Lent Gregorio 1 costillar and 1 pecho of meat. It was a very pleasant day. The Sargento of San Pedro and an indian family stop the night.

— 30 —

Put some cattle of west side on rodeo, and Don Gregorio came and butchered a bayo novillo corneto for Levy; 20 nac which he paid. Lent Don Gregorio 40 nacionales. Recorrered the Espin this afternoon. It was a very pleasant day.

1885 - QUARTER 4

October, 1885

Missing image

Oct. 1

Herman was hunting on the Toba and Alfred and Peicho recorred the bañado. It was a warm day.

— 2. —

Planted sandias, maiz, zaballos and melons today. Also tried cutting alfalfa. Don Gregorio was here at noon. It was a very pleasant day.

— 3. —

Herman Alfred and Rhodes cut alfalfa all day. The surveyor Martiñac came back from the out side he only done the south line of Torres camp.

— 4. —

Sunday. Alfred was over at Walkers and brought over a couple of ostrich eggs. Walker was here this afternoon, and altogether we made a ride up to Caraguata and fished and shot a carpincho. It was a warm day.

— 5 —

Put some cattle of west side on rodeo, and the surveyor butchered a fat oldish cow (cuero vuelto 17.00) and also the Paraguayo that hauls posts ( ”  ”  [cuero vuelto] 14.00) butchered a novillo. Peicho had a rodado and hurt his leg. The surveyor left this forenoon for the monte near the bañado. Cut alfalfa rest of the day. It was a very windy day. north and looks stormy.

—.6 —

Cut alfa again today. Herman ground his scythe over at Walkers and brought over two more ostrich eggs. A Correntino peon of Iriondos passed last night up to Levys and stoped the night again on way back. It was another hot sultry day.

— 7 —

Cut alfalfa again today. Alfred repuntared up north and was also at Torres puesto. Robson was here for breakfast. It was an awful hot day, and looks stormy.

8. —

Cut alfalfa this forenoon. Broke Walkers scythe. Alfred went to part with Walker at Iriondas and Racine’s and stops away several days.


An indian chasqui from Reconquista to San Pedro stops the night.

— 9 —

The surveyor came back from the bañado and stops the night. Also Don Gregorio is here and stops the night. Very hot day and looks like rain.

— 10. —

Butchered a big fat novillo this morning ½ for the Surveyor. ¼ for Don Gregorio, ¼ for us. Alfred came back from parting at noon. Parted out 8 animals at Iriondas. Also brought 15 milch cows from Racines to use. This evening Don Benito, Chapue, Don Luis (capataz of Irionda) and Jose Molino tropero and two peones came and stop the night. It was an awful hot day.

Octobre 11

Sunday. Sold 50 novillos to Jose Molino today He parted 46 of ours and 4 of Walkers at 16 nacionales. Irionda goes security. and I sent an order on him to Jobson for the $800.00 Tonight stop here Ramayon, Racine, Chapue, Don Luis, Torres, Walker, Molino, 2 peones, Jose Gomez, and two paisanos who come to cut paija. It rained some last night, and it was a nice fresh day. Ramayon and Chapue were up at Torres to see the surveyor.

— 12 —

Alfred went with Ramayon, Chapue, Don Luis two paisanos and Jose Gomez to west mojon of Espin camp, and chased some boguals. Setut and son passed on way to Reconquista. It was a very pleasant day.—

—13 —

Butchered an ugly black novillo this morning, and charquiared the meat. Made a trata with the two paisanos who have come with families to cut paija. I pay them $m/n3.00 (50 only cut.) per 100 massas de cuenta and give them 3 lbs. yerba per week. It was a very pleasant day.— Busy in garden planting onions etc.

— 14 —

Alfred recorrered the quebrachal this forenoon. Torres and peon were here at noon. It was a very pleasant day. Two animals died, hide spoilt. looks like grano.

— 15 —

Put cattle from east side on rodeo this morning and parted out all the orechano calves of last years, and some bulls to capar. The two pajeros helped; also Walker and Robson and his peon. This afternoon we marked the calves 37. 2 of which Walker had to countermark and capared the bulls 40. It was a very pleasant day.

October 16 – 1885

Put cattle from west side on rodeo this morning, and parted out all the orechano calves and some bulls. Marked the calves this forenoon, - 65 – and capared the bulls this afternoon 31. Walker, Robson, Bienavidas & boy. Santos and peon, and the two pajeras helped. It was a pleasant day. Sent Torres part of a shoulder of meat.

— 17. —

It was a cloudy dark day. The two paisanos who were cutting paja, left today to work for Torres. Paid them $n3.00 for helping rodeo work. The left about 50 bundles of paja cut besides some not tied. Cut some alfalfa this afternoon.

— 18 —

Sunday. In chasing deer with the dogs, Alfreds horse (overo acheno) cleared away into the monte, and could not find him (although looked for him all afternoon with Peicho. It was a cloudy misty day.


Put cattle from east side on rodeo, and parted out all the bulls that were left and 3 orechano calves. Capared them in horse corral 60 bulls, and 3 calves. Alfred found his horse in monte near the Espin with saddle all right. Alfred was badly golpeared by a bull in the coral. Torres bought a novillo from Walker $17.00. Walker, Robson, Bienavidas and boy, Telmo Racine, and peon. and Santos helped. It was a very cool day, nice to work

— 20. —

Put cattle from other side on rodeo, and parted out some more bulls and capared them in big corral. 41 of ours. Broke every lasso (5) as the bulls were big and fat. 2 peones of the surveyor Martiñac came back after provisions. Torres went out with them. Walker and Racine and their jente left this evening. Alfred disabled yet. It was a coldish windy day.— Making so far bulls capared 172, marked 105 calves but their lot of bulls left yet.

— October 21 —

Robson was here this morning. A little bull fell down a well in a tapera on other side. Don Gregorio was here this morning, and sleeps here tonight. He brought me a bag of galletas, 1 arroba of sugar, and two bottles of ginebra. He also left some things here, as he begins fencing on the line in the monte. It was a pleasant day.

— 22 —

Took a novillo down to Gregorios carpa at edge of monte for him. 16. pats he owes for him. We took a hind quarter and show ribs; so we owe him altogther about ½ rez of meat. It was a pleasant day. Robson was here this morning, took meat

— 23 —

Alfred, Peicho and the paisano that is stopping here went over to Walkers to capar bulls. Capared 8 of of ours and about 20 of Walkers. Herman went with Don Gregorio up to Larguia’s this morning. It was a very pleasant day.

— 24. —

Robson was here this morning. The surveyor and Rhodes came this afternoon, and stop over Sunday. Brought the oxen back that we lent them. Herman also came back from Larguias and brought Gaspar and Don Gregorio along. It was a hot day.

Sunday 25.

Butchered a vaquillona ‘carne con cuero’ for the surveyor this morning and Torres, Don Gregorio. Gaspar etc were here. had a regular fiesta. Rec’d $n12.00 from Gaspar for novillo cuero vuelta. Went up to Torres place in his carriage with the surveyor. Walker was here this afternoon in his cart 4 in hand, and took all his thing away and some 48 lbs. meat. It was a very pleasant day.

— 26 —

Surveyor left today to begin measuring Torres camp to the west of Espin. Gave him some meat. Torres went along. Herman cut some alfalfa. It was a windy dry day.

October 27 1885

One bull died of the ones we capared. Alfred recorrered on other side of the Espin. Cut alfa again this afternoon. There was a strong north wind and looks as if we are going to have a tormento. Chasqui passed from San Pedro to Reconquista.  Ramayon sent Picaso JDoscía [jumbled letters].

— 28. —

We had a heavy tormento last night but did not rain very much. Robson was here for breakfast. Herman and Peicho hunted up in quebrachal this afternoon. A Correntino is cutting paja at the arroyo for Pedro Virasoro. It was a cool day with strong south wind.

— 29 —

Alfred paid $2.00 to indian for boleadores, and lent Robson $5.10·/ . Sent the paisano with the gama skins over to Walker (127) as the latter takes them down to Benjamins. Herman and Alfred cut alfa all day. Gaspar Duran stops the night. It was a pleasant day.

— 30. —

Butchered a novillo this morning. Robson took 58 lbs. Herman and Alfred cut alfa again. Torres and peon passed on way back from outside from the surveyor. It was a windy ugly hot day.

— 31 —

Put all the cattle on rodeo on other side of the cañada. and capared the bulls. Walker and Bienavidas, Celydonia, the Correntino who is cutting paja, and a peon of Torres helped. Capared 28 of ours and about 16 of Walkers and Racines. making about 209 of ours. Lent a milch cow to Torres. Robson stops the night in order to go hunting tomorrow with Herman. It was a hot close day. Cut some alfalfa this evening.

November, 1885

Missing image

November 1 1885

Sunday. Herman Robson and Peicho went hunting in bañado and caught a macho and brought home some charybonas. It was a very hot close day.

— 2 —

Herman and Alfred cut alfalfa today. Wiggins the surveyor came this evening with his men (5) to go on a survey of Arruffas 18 leagues. He stops the night. Don Gregorio also came this evening. It was a hot day.

— 3 —

Wiggins left at noon for westward. Lent him our pack saddle, and he leaves two horses here. Don Gregorio moved his carpa back of the corral near the laguna, to fence on the line here. Cut alfa again this afternoon. It was a very hot day, with a strong north wind.

— 4 —

Torres came this morning and took away a novillo to butcher 14 pats ‘cuero vuelto’. Alfred was up at his poblacion. Hot day. Cut some alfa this afternoon.

— 5 —

It rained a little toward morning. Got don Gregorio to make bake oven today. The two indians and families came back from Torres today, & helped Don Gregorio with bricks. Also a Correntino with Italian wife came looking for work. It was a cool day.—

— 6 —

The capataz and two peons of Wiggins came from Santa Fe last, on their way out to Wiggins It rained nearly all forenoon. This afternoon we butchered a small fat novillo, as Wiggins capataz wants the Charqui of half a res. I gave Don Gregorio a hind quarter, and still owe him ¼ of a rez.  Ramayon and family came this evening and stop the night, also their ox cart.


[No entry.]

— 8 —

{sent him with Ramayon

{Pallynario began work at 12.00

Sunday. Walker came in his cart and started with Ramayon for Reconquista. Don Gregorio finished bake-oven this forenoon. Chapue was here today, also Torres. Gaspar Duran and 4 or 5 fellows came this evening so as to go out running tomorrow. It was a warm day. Also 2 boys of Wasser came to look for Wiggins.

— 9 —

Alfred, Gaspar Duran, Pedro el tigre, Peicho, and 3 peones of Don Gregorio and the 2 paisanos went on a wild horse chase this morning. Butchered a novillo for Don Gregorio, and kept a hind quarter for ourselves. It was a pleasant day. Jose Moore and Richard Morgan came this afternoon, and stop the night.

— 10 —

Robson was here today, lent him our Winchester. Moore and Morgan here yet.

— 11 —

Moore and Morgan left here for Pajaro Blanco, took Whisky and one of her pups along. Looks stormy.

— 12 —

Torres was here today. Herman chased an aguaras which bit tigre badly and escaped.

— 13 —

Had some rain last night. 2 peones of the surveyors came this evening for meat (last night) Wiggins & Martiñac. Alfred came back from from the corrida this evening. horse lamed, killed a cierbo macho at the arroya this evening.

— 14. —

Missing image

Steer sales &
Don Gregorio’s

15 Nov.

The men of the surveyors butchered a novillo this morning cuero vuelto. Wiggins 7.00 Martiñac 7.00. Also sent Martinac 20 lbs farinha and 14 lbs. yerba. The men from the corrida came back at noon; caught a mare and portilla. Arreglared with Don Gregorio. He paid me $69.20 all settled now. Also the Paraguay Ñato paid me $12.00 for novillo cuero vuelto. It was a very pleasant day, coldish. This evening butchered a novillo and gave Don Gregorio ½ for what we had owed him.—— Robson took 30 lb. meat.

— 15 —

Sunday. Lent Don Gregorio $n25.00. Herman went on a hunt on the Caraguata. Walker came back from Reconquista today. Bro’t me 4 pr. Bombachos 8.00 . 4 pr Calzonzillas 2.40.  2 scythes 3.00  2 baldes 1.40   3 pr. cubiertos .90 . 1 tarro polvoro .80 . 4 ar. arroz 8.00   4 tassas .60    ½ ar. tab colorado 5.00  . papel fumar .40    6 lb. tab colorado 2.40    4 ar. sugar 14.00 .  1 bbl. caña (½  for Don Gregorio) 10.00 .   2 fuentes 1.00    2 bolsas vacios .40    4 pr. alpagatos 2.20    1/5 gross fosfores 1.25     2 camisas (boy) 1.40   3 varas brin 1.50    2 pr. bombachos Peicho 4.00     2 varas lienzo Desidorio .16.    1 hat Peicho 3.00    50 cartuchos revolver 2.50    4 lb. tob Peicho 1.60     1 lb. tob negro Peicho .80     2 pr. alpergatas Peicho 1.10 .    9 varas saraza Peicho 1.80    3 varas Bramante .45    Piolo blanca Gregorio 1.20    1 paqueta cartuchos Rem. for Miguel 1.15   total $82.41.   I had given him $100, along so he owes me $17.60. Ramayon also sent me 2 gin bottles of glycerin. We now owe Walker $65.07. Walker stops the night, also Henrique son of José of San Pedro. Pollynario also came from Reconquista. It was a splendid day.

— 16 —

Put cattle from north side on rodeo, and disembechared 26 calves. Polly and the indian went after wood this afternoon. Herman and Alfred cutting alfa. Videla and 3 peones came this evening on way to see Savallas camp, and stop the night. It was a warm day.

Missing image

Alejandro E. Videla
Nov 16/85 - Asustado por las indias

— 17 —

Butchered a fat red novillo and butchered charquiared it for Wiggins, — Lorengo Duran was here today. Herman and Alfred cut alfa nearly all day. The capataz and a peon came this evening of Wiggins. Videla went on to Savallas camp—


November 18/ 85.

Put cattle on rodeo and disembechared about a dozen calves, and marked 9 calves of last years. Herman left with Wiggins peons for the Calchaqui on a hunt. Walker took the bones of a shoulder (2/3. Gaspar came this evening at sun down in a great hurry with the noticia that 14 indians chased them out side of Levys fence. Alfred (2 horses) and Celedania (1 horse) immediately went to follow them up.

— 19 —

Peicho and Polinario in charge. huntared the alfa that was cut.

— 20 —

Alfred came back this afternoon from the indian hunt. They over took the 13 indians yesterday some wheres near the laguna Perro and took their horses (13) and every thing else away from them (9 lances) Jose Petizo was there also. Alfred picked out a morro mare as his share. The 3 Durans, Pedro el tigre, Santos, Celedonio, and Alfred went. A vaguillona died, descuadrillado. Cattle humbugged on account of the water as they are fencing near the laguna.

21.     [some doodles]

Put cattle from north side on rodeo, and disembechared some calves, and then drove them down to the laguna. Robson was here for breakfast, and Alfred went over to Walkers this afternoon. Juan Cruz cut the rest of the alfa this forenoon. It was a very hot day.

— 22 —

Sunday.— It was an awful hot day, with a strong north wind. The surveyor Martingnac came back from the surveys, finished, Rhodes also, and stops the night. Gaspar Duran, Don Gregorio, and Pedro el tigre also here. Had a storm tonight but did not rain much.

November 23.

The surveyor left for Santa Fe this afternoon. Arreglared with him for 2 novillos — $28  1 cow 17.00   $45.00. He gave me 2 axes. I gave him a vale also on Don Benjamin for $18.60, He owes Rhodes 30.00 and Don Gregorio $16.70. Making in all he has to send me from Santa Fé $110.00. Lent Pedro el tigre horse to look for his own. It was a pleasant day. Robson here this morning looking for his mares—

— 24. —

Alfred and Polynario helped Pedro el tigre find his horse in bañado. Leivas capataz and three peons were here on way back from Reconquista. It began raining at noon and looks as if going to continue. Robson looking for his mares today.

— 25 —

Went out runing with dogs this morning unsuccessfully. Robson here again looking for mares. Peicho and Polynario helped Gaspar take a novillo of Don Gregorios down to his camp and borrowed a hind quarter. It was a very close hot day.

— 26 —

Finished the bake oven, and cleared the place up a bit. Also hoed the lumps or clod in the alfa patch. Sent Polynario and the paisano after the paja that the two paisanos cut some time ago. It was a very hot close day. Walker here this forenoon. The mares had came back by them selves.

— 27. —

Put cattle from north side on rodeo and disembechared about a dozen calves. Polynario and Torres peon brought the 50 bundles of paja the latter had cut at the arroyo some time ago. Robson and Alfred went on a hunt at the dispunta of the Espin and stop out the night. Found a cow dead in camp, skin spoiled. It was a very hot sultry day and looks like rain.

November 28 1885.

We had a very heavy tormento last night, and rained nearly all night and forenoon. Alfred came back from the hunt wet and unsuccessful. Don Gregorio came from Malabrigo and stops the night. Brought me the a bag of flour $m/n11.00.  1 ar. soap 2.50   1 botle oil 60¢   4 ar 15 lb salt 2.30  — $m/n16.40 which I owe Romang. also 3 ar. galletas for which I owe him $m/n4.80    Gaspar also stops the night.

— 29 —  ??

Sunday. Robson came this morning with cart and stops the night. Don Gregorio moved his camp from monte eastwards where there is too much monte to alambrar, towards the Espin. It was a very pleasant cool day. Peicho found Ricardo Morgans dordillo in monte.

— 30. —

Put cattle from north side on rodeo, and Walker came over and butchered a fat cow and gave us 7 ar. 5 lb. of meat on a/c of what he owes us. Lent a shoulder of meat to Celedonio. Peicho and Poly cut some sticks in monte to fix cavalleta of house. It was a warm day.—

December, 1885

Missing image

December 1.

Herman and Wiggins came back from outside at noon finished measuring. Sent the overo asulejo ajeno Missing image up to Winterbotham with one of Wiggins peones. It was an awful hot day. Peicho and Poly cut canes to make a ramada for the horses.

— 2 —

Brought up a load of canes for the ramada this morning. Espin swimming. 4 carts full of wire for Levy at the pass. Wiggin and Alfred at Walkers this afternoon. Herman and Poly dug out some orkonas at tapera for ramada. It was a pleasant day. Don Gregorio killed an ox and we borrowed a shoulder and ribs. Walker stops the night.

— 3 —

Put cattle on rodeo and cured about 25 calves and animals imbechared. also capared some ajeno bulls. Poly and Herman brought over some orkonas and tijeras in cart from tapera on other side. It looked very rainy this afternoon. Armando Leiva came this evening with some (3) carts on way to Levy’s.

— 4 —

Butchered a novillo this morning and charquiared all the meat this morning. Fixed lassoes this afternoon. It was a pleasant day.— Robson was here this afternoon, went with him with Wiggin to look for ostrich eggs near monte.

— 5 —

Went over to Walker and helped disembechar calves and capar a lot of Racine’s bulls this morning. Alfred Wiggin, Poly and Peicho went. Made ramada for horses this afternoon. Wiggins peones came from outside this afternoon. Carts of Armando Leiva also came on way from Levys to Santa. Sent 19 cow hides to Richards to sell for me in Santa Fé. It was a pleasant day.—

Sunday. — 6 —

Wiggins left after breakfast for Santa Fe. Paid me $15.50 for 2 animals   1 ar. yerba   1 ar farinha, deducting what I owed him from before about $14.00. Don Gregorio was here, and Celedonio with his wood choppers who change camp and stop the night. It was a warm day.

— 7 —

Put cattle on rodeo and disembechared about 30 calves and animals. Saw a large fire to the north tonight. thought it was Torres house on fire, went up to look. Walker stops the night in order to go with Alfred to Pajaro Blanco tomorrow. Rhodes plowed a bit of ground in field. Paid 2.00 to Celedonio for a big cierbo skin. It was a very pleasant day.— Don Gregorio stops the night.


[Likely author: Herman – see note in glossary.]

This morning Alfred and Walker went over to Pajaro Blanco. It was cloudy. Old man Satus and son came and stoped here till the after noon.

This after noon Joe and George Moor came over to see Alfred about some land or to put a puesto over here. did not go for wood. poens repuntared the cattle


This morning it all day long. Jose and George more went back to Pajaro Blancia. This afternoon Gregorio came and stoped here the night. Leivas poens came and stoped here the night poens repuntared the cattle.


This morning it stoped raining Sciladonia and Santos came and stoped here. This afternoon Lavas Capatas came and stoped the night here. Celedonio took novillo 16.00   also took an arroba farinha


This morning we put the cattle on rodayo and cured calves that were imbechado. Lavar capatas helped to laso. Roberson and John were here and helped put on rodayo. Virnos Conor came with a cart loaded with provions for his poens. he left his things here in my charge. he butchered a novillo on halves with us.  Robson took hind quarter and side of ribs


This morning it was fine weather we went over to Walkers place to cure calves. Herman stoped over there to acompania Robson till after noon Pedro Virosoro stoped here last night a stage man came and some other man were. This afternoon Herman came home and found 50 tame Indians from Sangaver came to run bagulas. Alfred and Walker came back from Pajaro Blanco.

[Author: Alfred resumes.]

Alfred paid out in Pajaro Blanco: what Herman owed for horse etc $n18.50.  pipes .75¢   4 sinch rings .60   twine .40   hankerchief and genero for woman 1.90   Etceteras 3.00   Walker 1.40   Rhodes 1.10   total $27.65. Paid Rhodes 10.00 what Herman owed him for poncho bought. Walker stops the night.

— 13. —

Sunday. Rhodes left today seeking his fortunes north wards. The indians left for running on other side of the Espin today about 80 in all. Marianno, Valentin, Walter, Jose Lorenzo etc. Herman, Robson, Peicho, Chengo Duran also went. It looked rainy nearly all day.

— 14. —

Rained nearly all day in a slow manner. Sent Polenario up to see a sick novillo near Torres. Nothing going on. Alfred alone


Polenario left this morning. arreglared with him paid him $11.00 —— Miguel Duran was here today. Herman, Peicho and Torres peon came back from the corrida today. caught nothing but an aguaras. It was a pleasant day.

December 16/ 86

Put cattle from north side of fence on rodeo and disembechared about a dozen animals. Don Gregorio was here for breakfast on way from Malabrigo. Gave Don Gregorio $5.50 on a/c Paid 2.00 for lion skin bought some time ago. It was a hot day.—


[Likely author: Herman – see note in glossary.]

This morning it was lightening up north. Alfred went home on a visit. We Put cattle from south side on rodeo and disembechared 6 calves. Gregorio came with his cart he this patched his cart for provisions. Herman wrote out a certificat for his two novillo hides.

This afternoon Robson and Chengo came back. this evening Padro Virosoros poens came back from Reconquisto and brought Padros cart back it is cloudy and a heavy south wind is a blowing


This morning it was cloudy and a north east wind. A poen of Gregorios was here looking for a hors. Picho repuntared down south side and went over to Walkers place to tell Walker to come over tomorrow to help cure calves. Received a letter from Alfred saying that there is some of our cattle down at Laguna Blancia. This afternoon it cleared up  Picho went at Gregorios to see the poen if he is going to come.


Missing image

(last scribbles)

This morning put cattle on rodeo and cured [above line: 12 small ] calves  Walker and Robson and John came and helped scultry [above line: weather ] it is lighting down south. it is very warm and cur. afternoon Gregorio and a poen came to stop the night here. two carts passed with wier.

Dec. 20 » 31

[Entries blank in day book.]

~~~~~ ~~~ ~~~~~

[From Alfred's biography]

[Note: We do not know the source of the quote for it is not from the Laguna Yacaré day book of 1885.  Also, the biographer ‘improved’ Herman’s grammar.]

“Dec. 25: in celebration of Christmas we had an ‘asado’ of ‘carne con cuero.’ Jobson, Don Gregorio Torres and his men, and Santos came over for the dinner. Don Gregorio put a barrel of wine on the table. It was a very warm and close day.

“Dec. 27: today was a lovely day and Herman went hunting along the river. He took the dogs with him and lost them, except for Tigre and Petal. As they did not return, we went to look for them but found only Spea, dead in a wood. She had died of a snake bite on her side.”

~~~~~ ~~~ ~~~~~

[Notes found inserted within back-cover.]

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Horses (list 1)
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Horses (list-2)
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Year-End debts

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