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Frank Allyn Benitz
(Source: James Bell)

Frank Allyn Benitz
1893 - 1918

Ea. “La California” to RFC/RAF


Letter from Frank to sister Bernice – Denham, Bucks - 28 June, 1917

(Source: James Bell)

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Cadet FAB  83568  
Hut 34 Flight 9   
C Squadron    
7º 1 R.F.C. Cadet Wing
Denham, Bucks

My Dear Barmy,
    Ever so many thanks for your letter.  As you will see I have been a soldier for nearly a month, I was at Farnborough for two weeks waiting to come on here, as have to pass through a course of infantry training & pass as an officer in that before we have any thing to do with flying: It is only a two months course so you can imagine how they work us.  both in exams & drill, we are not left alone for five minutes, any spare time we have we are made to play games & write up our notes so we havent much chance of a week end leave to London which is only 15 miles from here, they look after us very well & am enjoying it very much,  I believe Nena & Graham are back in Tideworth, he got an extra months leave on account of his feet.  Baby is at Edgecombe & seems to be enjoying herself too,  She said [new page] she had met her fate in an American naval officer at the Tern Agars at a dance.  Tell Barry he is a silly ass about the rumour of my being engaged, wouldent think of such a thing!  Charlie & George Roberts are over on leave, they are coming down to see me in a day or two,  I had a letter from Mama yesterday, she seemed very cheerful & full of Willie’s new kid, my name sake [Frank Malcolm Benitz].

Jean must just be getting to an interesting age if she has two teeth & can stand up alone.  Is Jim getting any polo at Venado Tuerto, are any of the ponies he got from Willie any good?  Mama said they were playing at the California.  We live in wooden huts here, at 20 to a hut & sleep on real beds, the place looks quite like a village from a distance.  Last Post has just gone   so must stop-  Cheerio-

Love to all
  your brother

P.S. When you write send letter to Edgecombe.

Post-card from Frank to sister Bernice – Uxbridge - 31 July, 1917

(Source: James Bell)

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This BE4 (#204) crashed in 1914.

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Posted: 1 Aug. Arrived: 8 Sep.

Stamped: DENHAM – 9.30.AM – 1 AU 17 – UXBRIDGE

Mrs J. M. Bell
San Eduardo 
Prov de Cordoba.
Argentine Republic.

Dear Barmy, How are you all – How did the tournament come off in V.T. [Venado Tuerto]  I am getting on very well & like it very much - make us work like nigers[sic].  Hope to go on to Oxford next week if I pass my exams.  Wont start flying for another month or so
love from Frank

[left margin:] will write soon

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